SJR Trillium @ Electronic City

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Oct 012011

SJR Trillium

SJR Group launches yet another project with SJR Trillium coming up at Electronic City. SJR Group is taking the pre-launch route for this project too. SJR Trillium is spread across 5 acres with 340 apartments. SJR Trillium will consist of 11 Blocks with G + 4 Floors

SJR Trillium Options

  • 2bhk size of 1258 sft
  • 3BHK sizes of 1565 sqft, 1650 sqft

SJR Trillium Location

Close to Electronic City Phase 2. Off Hosa Road

SJR Trillium Price

Pre-launch offer of Rs. 2590/-.

  • 2 BHK from 32.5 lacs
  • 3 BHK from 40.5 lacs to 43 lacs

SJR Trillium Concerns

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SJR Trillium Investment Plus Points

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SJR Trillium – Buyers Group

Are you really serious about buying a apartment in this project, then why not join the Buyer’s Group. It’s a well known fact that approaching a builder as a group has its benefits, who knows you may get a good discount. Of course if you are only planning or undecided then you should leave a comment here or check out the forum.


  75 Responses to “SJR Trillium @ Electronic City”

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am planning to buy a flat in this project. can any one tell me what is the best rate I can get now? they are quoting 3990 psf for the ground floor.


    • Dear All buyers of SJR TRilllium,

      Is there a group for all of you which I can join.

      I want to discuss regarding final payment of BREn.THey hve done a lot of cheating and shown all the false information.Never expected this from Bren.Please add me to the group so that we can discuss.

  2. Hi ,

    Any one has raised the concern to pay the amount to block work now ? Since we have the time to possesion till april 2014 ( Though Block work completed for Block A , need to wait other blocks and amenities completion ) , I feel that we are paying the 90 percent of amount before getting posession .

    Share your thoughts on this .

  3. Hi,

    I have purchased a 2 BHK apartment at SJR Trillium. It is in C Block. When is the project going to be completed ?

  4. Hi All I purchased a flat at SJR Trillium very recently. I wanted to know is property verification from a lawyer necessary from our end? They say that it is not needed since the construction has already started. I am still not sure to get it verified or not. Can anyone suggest me on this? Quick reply is highly appreciated.

    • could you pls share at wat price u hav booked…as i m also interested in this project and they r quoating now 3490psf..

    • Dear Sashi!

      Even I had booked a flat in SJR Trillium and got verified by a Lawyer. Verification is not necessary. Since one of relative was a lawyer, I got verified through him!
      Trillium is already approved project and has liasonng with HDFC, LIC and ICICI for home loans so its not necessary! Hope my answer helps!

  5. Any body interested in buying this as a group . PM me on

  6. I am considering a 3bhk flat on this project. I want to know why the approval is only for G+4. Is it because of the smaller road? If there is an expansion plan for the road, why not G+9. Does anybody know the answer?

    • Dear Kannan,

      Even I had the same question. Yes, its because of single road, the project is approved only for G+4 (As per my lawyer). Fire Brigade vehicles need double road if its G+5 onwards…

  7. I was thinking about a property in SJR trillium and now the bulider is quoting Rs.2990/sft. What is the best price that I can get now? Anybody who has bought at this price?

    • Hi Rahul,

      I have bought at the price you have quoted, the entire stretch of road towards Mahindra Satyam, has a lot of vacant space which means that the sooner or later properties are going to come up, from a long term investment/residential angle i think it makes sense. But if you are looking at a short term period i presume you will find better deals on Sarjapura Road

  8. Hi Guys,

    Join the SJR trillium Google to group to get in touch with each other and share information related to SJR Trillium project.


  9. Hi Guys,

    I’m planning to buy a 3BHK here. Now they are saying it is Rs.2690/sq.ft. Only few apartments left in Block A,B,C and D. What do you think ? Will they reduce the price if I bargain ? If any one is planning to buy, we can form a group so that we may get discount. Please mail me

    • Visited yesterday .They are yet to finish the Model house .But the rate now is 2790 /sqft..

      • I booked 3BHK last month on Rs 2690/- rate. The rate may increase further if they get BBMP approval.

        • Hi Vijay ,

          It will be nice if you could share your mail id so that we can add you to a group .i also know another guy who has booked in that and we are in that group .


      • Request you to Plase share your contact details on my email id, as i need some suggetions from your side as i am looking to book a flat here

      • I went today and they are now quotng 2990/sft. Do you think it is reasonable or they can come down? I am looking to buy.

        • Hi Rahul,

          I’m raj and I’ve booked a flat at 3090/- today (15th Apr) 2012. The prices in Sarjapura/ ORR are hitting sky rockets n its good if you book one soon!

          • How Much amount did you pay for booking ?
            What is the price being qouted now – when inquired I got a price of 3500 ? Is this good?

  10. i also read somewhere that they are using porotherm blocks instead of concrete ones for construction in their other project. ANy updates on that herE?

    • I confirmed with SJR.They dont use porotherm blocks but the sister concern SJR Primecorp does. So SJR Fiesta home would be using porotherm which is also mentioned in their website

  11. Hi,
    Has anyone booked recently? whats the price that they are quoting now? what is the best rate i can get now? plannin to book a 2bhk

  12. Hi ,
    I have booked a flat in SJR Trillium 1 month back .Any idea when the project is going to start ?Also i came to know yesterday that teh 3BHK plan which was earlier 1650 is changed to 1615 ,same has happened with 2 BHK and 1550 sqft ..
    Any body has any more update ?

    • Hi Khirod,

      As i already dropped a mail to you that i also have recently booked flat in SJR trillium.
      They are going to launch in month of Jan 2012 and they are also increasing the prices for new towers.
      Yes area of flat is changed for 2bhk as well as 3bhk.

    • Now they have changed 1615 to 1634. Wonder if they do same thing after booking the flat, and ask the extra money. I read it in few reviews, SJR will change the super built-up area during construction. Now it seems to be true.

      • This is the problem with all pre-launch projects. You need to check, are they changing sba even after bda/bbmp approval

    • Hi Khirod ,

      Can you add me in SJR trillium group . I am also planing to buy apartment in in SJR trillium ?

      email .

  13. Dear All users,



  14. Hi,

    I am planning to buy in SJR trillium this weekend, but first they launch Block A & B @2590 with Rs25 floor rise and they have very less availability in these two towers.
    And they are launching tower C @2640 and i called to broker they are ready to give 1% cash back but SJR people are not ready to give any discount. If anyone is interested then we can go in a group and make a good deal with them. Who ever interetesed just mail me at


  15. Hi..

    I am also interested in SJR Fiesta however bit afraid after seeing that they are using Porotherm blocks in construction. I did research on the same but could not locate any pros or cons of same.
    Got a blog also .. abt complaining for porotherm bricks being used by SJR primecorp.

    Does someone has any idea of porotherm blocks regarding durability or reliability of same?

    Please let me know.

  16. I have booked an apartment in SJR Trillium. I found the location good and the brand name impressive, though I found many negative reviews for SJR. Any comments on this??

    • I booked in SJR Fiesta homes by primecorp.. what i feel fiesta is better than Trillium..there location is good , floor plan amenities ,75 % open space and all indoor and out door amenities, access to electronic city phase1 & 2 , getting direct access to housur road , nice road connectivity near fiesta .
      i compared both the project and finaly i booked in fiestahomes

  17. Hi Harsha,

    Can you give your suggestions about SJR trillium and SJRPrimecorp Fiesta projects, which one is better? Location wise i feel SJR Trillium is better..

    • Has anyone booked the apartment in SJR trillium? I have below questions-
      1. Is there any impact due to Mico Bosch industry next to this project?
      2. What are the growth potential in this area?
      3. Is there any offer given by the builder for this project?


      • I too have the same concerns. Can some one give expert opinion on this.


        • Hi Rahul,

          I’m raj and I’ve booked a flat at 3090/- today (15th Apr) 2012. The prices in Sarjapura/ ORR are hitting sky rockets. The right lane farms are going to be commercial apartments n SJR is a good one from my lawyer.

  18. Hi Param,

    I am interested in SJR Trillium and planning to book next month when i come to india. I felt that this is better than SJRPrimecorp Fiesta as it has better connectivity to Sarjapur Road via Hosa Road as well as Hosur Road.. Only thing what i have to analyse is about SJR who has a good name but lot of remarks in their celestia project.. Another thing is about water problem in this area .. Share your views on this project as i am also interested … SJRPrimecorp Fiesta buyers also please give your valuable suggestions

    • Builders do provide sufficient borewell.. So will not be an issue i believe. I dont think cauvery water has reached any where in these areas. but hopefully it should also be available by the time of possession.

  19. I am planning to buy property here. What are the prospects. please share your ideas? Is it a safe place to invest and stay?

    • Can some one help me with valuable reviews on this. Any one who is shortlisting this property? I think this area looks ok.

      • Between SJR trillium and SJRPrimecorp Fiesta projects, which one is better? Both are different companies i believe

        • HI Param,

          SJR Primecorp is part of SJR Group with additional investors/partners and they are catering to only luxury segment.

          I would feel SJR Prime Fiesta is better choice, pls check the same on SJr Prime Fiesta webpage (Harshasagar) for more details. Please reach me for more details we are trying to form as Group if interested.


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