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 Posted by on January 3, 2013
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87 Villas on 8 acres

  • 3 BHK
  • 4 BHK
  • 5 BHK


Near Gunjur Vilage, Varthur – Sarjapur Road


Starts from 1.8 crores onwards




KRK Venture formerly Aishwarya Properties


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  1. My review of KRK Urban Ville

    Disclaimer: These are my own views and you have the right to agree/disagree.

    Location : its surrounded by few bastis/villages. Approach roads are pathetic. I tried all the 3 major approach roads – via Varthur to Gunjur, via Sarjapur Road to Gunjur and via ORR-Panathur Road. The roads leading to the property are narrow and pass through villages/basti. It may/may not become livable. But to pay over the top (1.8 CR+) for such a place is insane.

    Builder and brand : why should i pay close to 2 CR and still go for an unnamed, unbranded villa in the middle of a village. for your information, builder is not even a CREDAI member. Also, i asked why did they chance their name from Aishwarya to KRK and the sales guy did not seem to have a palatable answer.

    Villas : Ok. Doesnt give you the feel that they are high class. In fact they appear cheap.

    Progress : Builder is struggling big time to sell them. Phase 1 was launched in 2012 (as per the sales guy) – which has 15 villas and out of which just 10 are sold despite all the ads and promotion. So you can see the run rate – 5 villas per year. At this run rate, you can extrapolate that it will take him close to 20 years to sell about 100 villas.

    Over and out !

  2. Villa s gud looking ,, we stay in gunjur and planning to buy, but price s too high comparing to other

  3. Folks,

    Talked to the builder -they mentioned it’s BBMP-Khata A .

    Since Gunjur comes under proposed BDA layout (Nijalingappa Layout -which itself being dragged for 4years now), would the propose layout impact the Khata A properties like KRK urban Villae and others.

    Sorry bit confused on BDA approval, BBMP Khata A and the impact on proposed layout

    • Please can you elaborate more on what this is about regarding the impact of proposed BDA layout. I am also looking at this property.

      Price also seems to be on the higher side compared to Prestige Lake Habitat.

      • Some parts of Gunjur are part of proposed Nijalingappa layout. But, then again, BDA not actively promoting new layout in this area due to their own issues.

        So question is whether these part of Gunjur fall under proposed Nijalingappa layout.

        Shoudl we expect builder have BDA approval and NOC….not sure…that was the questions.

        There are many many villa properties coming around…so logically shouldn’t be issue.

        Checked BDA ..they asked to bring plans -and they can tell if there would be issue or not.


  4. For all those who have bought please register at for all the latest updates, questions, answers etc.

  5. I have bought a unit in the completed phase and expect to move in shortly. Please drop me an email at if you have any specific questions.

  6. I have bought here and did my homework w.r.t price and is on the lower side amongst this area, check out ND around the mango prices and Prestige Lake side habitat and you will know. This is KRK’s first villa project, no loans, single owner so easy to ask for changes w/o hassle. I did several changes. since it’s their first time, construction quality is very good. Drop me a note at my email address…should you want more information and will be happy to call you if you send me your phone number or email…

  7. No one here who has bought or booked one ? Price seems to be on higher side and timelines delayed. Have visited this twice in 15 month span :) / 9845981714

  8. Hi, If someone has bought in this project, drop me a note/mail, i am interested and would like to discuss.

    • Hi,

      I am also interested to buy a villa here. But the rates seem to be on a higher side given the builder is not a well known one.

  9. Hi, even i am interested please put your email or phone number i will contact.

  10. Hi,

    We checked on KRK Urban Ville. The surrounding is pretty serene and the build quality seems to be pretty decent. Does anyone have feedback on this builder. I was told that they were earlier called as Aiswarya builders. The quality of fixtures they use is pretty good.


    • Hi Dilip,

      Have visited the project twice, and felt its decent. but price wise i have concern, if you already brought it, than please share your thoughts

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