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Need your advice on Ahad Opus project located on Sarjapur road. How would you rate the project at the given price?


I would like to know the value on the current market.


Please help



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I found ahad opus very good project in this budget. next to new Wipro campus, and this part of sarjapur road is developing. Good investment. we have a whatsapp group. Please get in touch with 9743644999 to join whatsapp group.



We have a residents whatsapp group for AHAD Opus. Please whatsapp me on 9743644999 to become part of this group.



AHAD Opus review

1. Price
Yes current price quoted is 5700 per sqft, with all amenities facing flats available. This project got launched with 4500 rate. But that time pool-facing, amenities facing flats were not available for sale(locked down by builder). Later they revised price to 5100-5200 per sqft. at this rate also, not many pool facing flats were available. at 4500 and 5100, not much negotiation was done by builder. (max rs 50-100 discount). Now they revised price to Rs5700 with all good and pool-facing flats available. Price is too aggressive for B category builder.

2. location
Yes its premium location just 50 mtrs from main sarjapur road next to Decathelon.
New Wipro campus is just next to OPUS. (one side of road OPUS main gate and other side of road Wipro campus). Next to Opus, AHAD Euphoria project is location. AHAD Euphoria is another project by Ahad builder, around 2 years old. Feedback for AHAD euphoria is quite good. rental and resale value of ahad euphoria was good.

3. Overall development
Area is good. location is new, so no encroached roads, good prospects for future development.

4. RGA IT park
Nice to have this nearby Opus.

5. Wipro SEZ
Nice to have this nearby Opus.

6. Builder existing projects
AHAD Euphoria got completed 2 years back. Overall review of Euphoria was good at this price point. Good rental value and good resale value is there for Euphoria.


1. Railway track
Reply: Yes Railway track is an issue. but OPUS is bit far away from railway line. (around 200 -300 meters, and other bit land is between OPUS and railway line, so OPUS is isolated from railway line. but some train noise is expected.

2. Delivery year of project
Delivery date is aug 2021. But build said, they plan to complete by aug 2020. by seeing the pace of current work, its very much feasible. Payment schedule from buyer is too aggressive. Payment linked with status of floor slab completion. for example 2nd floor roof completion 40% total disbursal of payment is expected. 6th floor roof completion 50% payment is expected, 16th floor roof completion 80% payment is expected. (roof completion does not necessarily reflect total progress, expect some waiver from builder.). Builder said something can be worked out on this. Keeping fingers crossed.

3. GST of 12% is there for OPUS. from April 2019, two GST slabs are there. 5% and 12%. both are allowed by government. with 12% GST builder can take benefit of raw material GST. with 5% GST raw material GST benefit can not be taken. Hence builder is keeping 12%. yes its a hit for customer.
In the payment receipt if builder is mentioning that XX amount is received on GST
then I don’t think builder can cheat that way.internal audit and all the proofs of GST receipt they are giving to us.

Final verdict: For 4500-5100 point, it was a good investment. but at 5700 its on higher side. other point to consider, at AHAD Opus, other charges like car park, club house, BESCOM expense etc is lesser compared with other builder. (in general base rate X size of flat plus 15-25% extra is charge by all builder, this extra expense is lower for OPUS.)

Please join whatsapp group 9743644999 if you have already booked.

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