Artha Grihastha – Is it Worth an Investment (Urgent)


Hi Harsha

I request your feedback on this Particular project of Artha => Artha Grihastha

Is it worth an investment. Will there be some appreciation in the long term.

I had been for a visit yesterday at the location. I was OK with the project developments but lots of queries

creating hesitation in taking a final call

=> Firstly the distance. It tooo far from the city. & it nearly in the border (Both TN & Andhra).

It near to Malur & Bagalur. But i assume distance shouldn’t play a major role in long run if the property

has good appreciation values.

=> The Builders. Earlier promised for 100 Acre development, but now only 40 Acres.

Is this some sign of issues?

=> I dont assume the Infoysys SEZ will be started in long run. Will this effect the development around this area.?

Kindly advice as i need to take some call by this week on investments.

I have seen type C1 wherin the plot is 30×50, with 3 BHK built up area of 1447 Sq Ft. It costs 42 with Reg.

Is it worth it?


Await some response on this


Thanks in advance



asked October 15, 2012

4 Answers

Personally I have an investment I made after Chandapura (on Hosur Road) about 7 years back, the project though close to NH has seen very nominal appreciation. When the distance is too far its very hard to get decent rental income and over a period of time the value of the house itself depreciates. Keeping this in mind I would not bet on anything beyond Sarjapur village. As an investor I would surely avoid and instead pick up an apartment within city limits from a small developer for assured rental income. If you really have to invest on the outskirts then its better to buy a plot in a BMRDA approved project and hold it long term for appreciation.

October 15, 2012
I have booked to Villas in Grahista last year, currently both are almost in completion with interior to be done. I Dont see distance as a issue if teh rodas are good , 22 KM to Whitefield and 14 KM to Sarjapur is not far away. I think it is good for both investment and living purpose, I visisted the protery last week, i saw many Brand builders  coming up near the 5 KM range , Confident group, Nirvana, and  few more. I can see devlepment in coming years, Please call me in case you need further details 9008901100

June 28, 2013
The price is too good. I personally feel that individuals who are actually working nearby buy a plot here. Its like getting all the needs and requirements within the small amount of money. Hurry up this is one of the best opportunity where you could make a proper and better investments

June 12, 2014
The project is good and i feel that the ones who are working close by to that specific area can invest in this property without even making any sort of a delay. Investing in all these properties would help get all that you need with just this small amount of money. I could see a major development in this area and for further details of the property you could connect with the customer success team of artha properties at 9972931341 (Mr. Balaji) or 080-46000 000

October 27, 2014

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