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This is regarding Candeur Carlisle apartment coming up on Whitefield/ITPL Main Road, Mahadevapura, Bangalore 500048.

Has anybody booked any flat there?

Thanks a lot


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Here is the builder link:

Any reviews or comments? Any bookings? What is the best price for this?




I am in existing Candeur customer in their other project Candeur Rise. Please do not go for this builder. They are unprofessional, manipulative and not trustworthy.

  1. The sales guy – Ramesh and Rajasekhar – Ramesh usually handles the initial interaction until you pay the booking amount. He is the enticer of the two and very customer friendly until the booking:). But once the payment is made and time for fulfilling builders commitment comes, ex: modifications etc. he will take a back seat and Rajasekhar comes to forefront. Rajasekhar is brash and disrespectful. Anydiscussion with him will be full of illogical reasons that will lead to builder commitment not being fulfilled.
  2. During the sales process and later, lot of commitments with respect to early finishing of the project, quality will be made, not to be fulfilled later
    1. In candeur rise, as late as April 2016, sales were made with commitment to complete the work by June, all amenities in next 60 days and handover the project by September with OC. Current status is – There is no mentioned of handover, No work is started on club house yet , OC tentative date now is Not before Mar 2017 (is it infinity!!!!!).
    2. Builder is so dishonest, they have removed the months to possession display from main gate once the sales was done
    3. They do coax owners to go for registration as early as possible – They work fast to complete all the floor slabs, show it to convince owners to go for registration as possession is in next 3 months :)….and once sales/registration is done, the work slows down to snail pace
    4. Candeur rise has 200 apartments and 136 covered parking. But every customer has been promised covered car parking and charged accordingly. Unless you read the fine print in plan documents, you would not know this and Sales people definitely don’t tell you about this.
    5. Quality issues – All the fixtures/accessories used – Tiles, door locks, plywood, electrical fittings, and wirings are of poor/local quality. Check it yourself before buying!!!!!!
    6. In Candeur rise, they promised Bravat washroom fittings. The actual models are ancient and no longer in fashion, perhaps bought cheap as they are no longer in demand

This is just the beginning of the write up. I will continue writing this document as i get time……

This is my effort to make aware other buyers not to get into the same trap as me with Candeur.


Thank you for your detailed answer. I too was looking at buying here and now certainly will not.


Thank Candeur Customer

Now I will not go with this Builder


Dear Candeur Customer

Can you provide your unit no, because the legations are not only on Candeur, it will be on BRAVAT, HONEYWELL, KEI and SCHINDLER.

Kindly provide you unit no. Because it seems little un- genuine username with huge legations.



I am existing customer of Candeur Rise in D – Block, 2nd Floor unit no: 202, my self and all the flat owners at Candeur Rise are very happy with quality , construction and with Candeur.

I was surprised to see some fake reviews with “Candeur Customer” name, I am reporting it as a spam, I spoken with lot of customers every one are happy with quality and service. Employees are very co-operative and friendly. When I booked I was informed handing over in April 2017, but actually they are handing over is happening before 7 months, which is a Great thing for a end user. And they upgrade the project specifications also.

They are using Wienerberger brick, Bravat (German Product) Bath fittings, Honey well switches, KEI wires, Astral Pipes, Schindler Lifts, and 800 * 800 tiles. Almost every thing is Branded one from Candeur. Almost 225+ car-parking spaces are getting ready in Rise project as per the parking design.

Don’t believe on FAKE people or Competitor Reviews. Any one want to know about Candeur, Can visit Candeur Rise, 183/1A, 183/1B, 183/10, Varthur Gunjur Main Road, Bangalore.

Best Wishes.


Candeur Construction,

Thanks for the response. I still need to get possession as well as might need to get any issues fixed prior to possession from you. Considering my experiences with you until now, i am sure letting you know my details will only make things more difficult for me. Once possession is complete, rest assured i will update my details in this forum.

Please do understand, i did not feel happy raising these issues (allegations as per you!!!) on a public forum. It harms me and my home. But have been forced to do so based on my experiences until now, specifically with your sales team. i hope these reviews help you understand importance of customer services and honesty in promises made.




Dear Karthick,

Your response just validates my point on professionalism, manipulation and trustworthiness – don’t you think your response  is just a little to obvious for any reader to identify you as part of Candeur construction/sales team:). You should be a little subtle going forward for better impact :).

You would agree the review i have written above, cannot be written by any FAKE but a CUSTOMER. A FAKE would not be able to share the intricate experiences and details.

Writing FAKE reviews will not help you. But a better customer experience will.


Hi All,

I am giving my personal opinion on Candeur Rise. And I am the owner of the Candeur Rise in D – Block.

Kindly refer the below link  for candeur owners review, with their phone numbers….. one the same flat form.


Candeur rise in Varthur


Thank you





Hi .

I have purchased a flat from Canduer construction in “Canduer Rise ” Project located in Varthur. This is the big mistake I did in my life. The following observation I found :-

  1. Quality of material is worst.
  2. Poor / worst representative of canduer rise. Never listen from owner.
  3. False and wrong information shared by canduer rise representative.
  4. It was told 200 parking and visitor parking extra available but total 160 parking is available and now owner is suffering.
  5. Tiles work is worst . I never seen like this. Big gap between two tiles . And canduer representative is telling this is as per  high rise standard . what a joke.. The don’t know the quality and finishing.
  6. On paper all amenities were shown . But onsite there is not sufficient place to provide amenities.
  7. Before possession itself rust are visible in bathroom work.
  8. Always forcing to do registration even without completion of work.
  9. Without informing they change the specification and use material as per their choice.

They make fool to all with their project location. They only choose good location ( main road) for project sothat customer come for purchasing and after booking the flat they start their own game .

Kindly don’t go to any project of canduer . False commitment , worst representative , wort quality .

I will keep updating the same .



I’m a existing customer of Candeur Rise Apartments, Varthur.

I also deeply regretted having purchased a flat from nameless and inexperience builder. Don’t believe those who say they are very happy and staff is customer friendly. He is surely a Candeur representative. I’ve been with project since the beginning. When it comes to my review:

  1. Initially, they started well but due to inexperience they couldn’t retain the trust and honesty
  2. Candeur staff are country men. So they don’t even know communication and maintaining good will with the customers.
  3. They make an issue for every small thing and question raised by customer. They never dared to speak with all customers.
  4. Quality: External looks quality but internal and reality is worst. Say Bravath fittings are standard but it’s an out dated model. Electrical equipment is very old models. Apartment design and color given in the broacher is different from actual. Now its kind of black n white.
  5. For all I know, no customer had a good experience and relationship with them. Almost all felt and expressed dissatisfaction with their randomness.
  6. No options given to customer to choose colors, tiles, doors, windows and etc. Fully autonomous behaviour with their worst Hitler decisions.
  7. Speaking about their “Build with Honesty” against agreement…
    1. Registration bribe – 40K
    2. Current charges for wood work for two weeks: 10K
    3. Current meter name change bribe – 10K
    4. Protham Bricks, though builder benefitted a lot additional charges – 10K
    5. Water softner additional charges – 22K. Quoted earlier 32K
    6. Promised Occupation since April’ 2016 for registrations – 7 months now…still waiting.
    7. OC promised before occupation. Now club-house is given only after OC due to deviation. So when is OC?…Nobody knows…..????
    8. Paint bubles, rust, gaps between tiles, stair cases broken, common areas are already ready for maintainance….all even before occupancy.
  8. Frustrated/unwanted mails from them……,
“Final Call on Maintenance has to be taken before handover itself, after considering lots of inputs/ suggestions from customers. We are providing two options from our end.
  • From day – 1 on wards Candeur Rise Owners Association will take a charge about maintenance
  • As a builder we are planing to provide some services like, Rectifying  Plumbing Leakages, Common Electrical Problems in Common area for 6 months from the date of handover
  • We will handover Lifts, Pump Rooms, FIR System, STP,Garden, Amenities which are ready by that time, Electrical Connection, Power Backup, Common Areas etc… to Owners Association its self
  • Security, Cleaning Staff, Other Technical Staff has to be recruited by Association from the date of Handover.
  • All the 200 units and Common Areas, and other things will be handed over to the Association
  • Candeur Constructions will collect the maintenance for 1 year in advance from each and every customer before handover.
  • There wont be an Team or Group representations, it will be Individual owner for that 1 year
  • The tentative expected price for maintenance for Candeur Rise is Rs: 5* /- per sqft per month”

You only find one in Bangalore who is quoting Rs. 5/- per sqft.

Average sqft each flat = 1300 * 5 * 200(total flats) = 13L/month … hahaha… You must be surprised…

But unfortunately only 42.5% of Registrations are done and more of the customers are not willing to take possession early. Which clearly says most of our team are towards December only. By this reason only we are also going with you all.

Unless 80% registrations are done we cant handover. We are towards with you and respecting your decisions”
You only find this kind of emails from this builder. It means Time of hand over never happens…Builder may not be that much bad but staff specially Rajashekhar spoils his reputation. Unfortunately builder never knows it. By the time he knows it, his business n future get spoiled.
….will add more serially….
conclusion: Never go for a new builder for thinking getting it low price 2 to 3 hundreds rs less comparatively others. But you’re investing for him to teach experience which is useless for you but for builder. It’s a life time commitment & affair. Don’t get tempted with their false promises.
Catch you later.


Im also an existing owner. I have bought the flat when the project was launched. I will give my frank review here

There are a few people rather I would say a bunch id*o*s out here who are trying to lash out on the builder for every damn reason. I’ve been part of the watsapp group where all these discussions happen, and I would say some people don’t have satisfaction for anything.

Some even have a problem when they say bathroom fittings from Bravat, lifts from schindler.

Some points I would like to mention,

  1. Some owners have personal problems with doing their registrations, but blame on the builder in public that they are not going for registration because builder may delay procession. Really?? Builder promised procession by April 2017, but is giving handover almost before 6 months.
  2. Some people are not ready to take early procession and create a lots of fuss in the group.
  3. I even know the other anonymous users who have written their comments here, but dont want to write your names here, do you people have any conscience? Please for god sake don’t spread lies here. You people will be not happy even if you get best apartment in the country, you will still try to find a reason to become famous and create fuss.
  4.  Sure, the builder is NO Shoba, Prestige, Brigade in terms of quality. But for the money we have paid, we are getting a pretty good deal. You cant expect putting Rs 100 and get Rs150 in return. If you guys check with any top builder, you cannot even get a brick moved from the plan and things they propose.
  5. The builder is trying to do his best. But each one of the 200 owners has a big wishlist. And above people are the ones whose wishlist was not honored.
  6. There are comments about rust. Im not pretty sure, but its probably due to Acid wash done before the procession. And any Science graduate would know how powerful is HCl/H2SO4. It can even melt down iron. The builder should have taken care of this part, he should have informed this in advance so that the owner could have taken precautions
  7. Some people have a lot of  grudge on a person called ra***s***r from management team. Of course there are a lot of things he manipulates, but surely everyone does that. You cannot expect a saint in that Role who agrees to every damn wish every owner asks.
  8. Regarding the amenities, I dont agree with above comments. Builder is providing whatever he mentioned in the agreement.
  9. Till now I dont see any deviation in the plan, and this would make the process of getting OC very easy.
  10. Its just that some people are not happy now after the project is almost done, and now they want to create a ruckus outside and defame the builder.
  11. There are a lot of people who talk all kinds of bu*s*t in the group, Vo karenge, ye karenge, but when time comes for an owners meet, no one shows up, and posts that, sorry guys, cannot make to the meeting and some b*s reason, and again the next day the drama starts cursing the builder.

Things I like with this project:

  1. Elevation, open space around project
  2. Perfect vasthu for almost all flats
  3. On time promise by builder
  4. Upcoming prime location, close to main road.
  5. Quality of some things like lifts, bathroom fittings, doors, upvc
  6. Protherm bricks. I have read reviews that they are very good for summers,
  7. Water softener was made mandatory. But good or bad Im happy builder took a great job by doing it so. Seeing the present state of minds of owners, they would have fought for years, but no one would care to take an initiative and do that water softterner.

Things I dont like

  1. Not much interaction between builder and owners. Builder gives hardly choice to owner and the management is not so friendly with some people. Which is causing a lot of problem with the customer. Dear CANDEUR. Please take this as an advice and try to be more patient and interactive with your customers. Also hire people who are more diplomatic. For larger projects if your staff dont change their behavior you are going to be screwed.
  2. Location of swimming pool
  3.  Amenties not yet completed fully, but there is still 4 months time for the promised date.
  4. Builder collected 100% amount much before procession, Im not sure if this happens outside too.
  5. Quality of some things are bad, like bathroom ceiling, balcony tiles,. Have to agree on that.

Lastly my ratings

Builder credibility: 7

Amenities: 6

Location: 8

Quality: 7

Overall Rating: 7 (But good for the amount I have put, less than 48L. Now that Im unhappy because of the real estate situation in bangalore and not much appreciation anywhere. Otherwise, the price would have crossed 60L by now).

Things to keep in mind

  • Few of my friends have bought flats for same price in whitefield, now they are crying because their builders have done lots of deviations and now not getting OC.
  • try to talk to atleast 3-4 owners before you take a decision. Not rely on comments here, not even mine. If really interested, go the site on a sunday afternoon, and talk to owners and get their opinion.
  • Lastly i can say you can go any of Candeur projects, provided, you get clarified on each and every thing. Its sure a value for money project

I am existing customer of canduer construction and I had very bad experience with the representative of canduer. They do not have any knowledge about construction and NIL experience in this filed. Specially Mr. Rajshekhar ( representative of candure) does not know how to talk to customer and he always force his decision to customer and always give fake promises. Surely Mr. Rajshekhar will spoil the name of candure . MD of canduer knows about this or not but surely he has to come forward and talk to owner of flat and get the feedback about his work and representative of candure specially about rajshekhar.   really very poor management and full negative feedback.

My personal advise pls don’t go for any canduer construction .

I will keep updating the same in future.


worst management. Poor representative. Fake promises. Poor construction quality. Making fool people by launching project in good location. No commitment.  Hitler attitude.

Slogan of canduer ” Build with honesty”  it  self is fully wrong.

Beaware from any candure construction project.


Hi, I am owner of Candeur Rise unit no B – 101.

Its a good project with excellent experience with the builder and his team. Though it is there first project got a good brand name in the market. As a owner and part of the Candeur Owners group. I personally interacted with most of the people. They are very happy and they even got the early possession also.

Now it is all the Candeur Rise Owners property, Lot of us are experiencing good things about Candeur Constructions. Unfortunately lots of Wanted Negative things are publishing by one or two for some reasons.

Candeur Constructions and team are very helpful towards Maintenance also. The above mentioned is not valid information. Property like Candeur Rise will get Rs: 3 to 3.5 per sqft as per my knowledge. We and our Representatives discussed with Mr. Srinivas and Mr. Rajahekar about pricing and in final discussion it came up to 2.75 for first six months ans 3.00 for next six months. Which was agreed by 99% of Customers too.

Kindly not to believe on this so called Reviews on line with our unit no and others. Those all are fake. People can come to Candeur Rise at Varthur Gunjur Road and Experience the real service of this company. Its 100% Value for Money.

My unit No is B : 101 at Candeur Rise



I am little bit surprised to see such a waste and misguiding  information published on this page. I am a owner of D – 1103. As this is my 3rd property in Bangalore, I have more experience about Bangalore real estate and about builders. The goodness of Candeur Constructions are:

  • Promised date : 2017 April + 6 months grace period :  Delivered in 2016 its self

This its self shows the commitment of candeur team towards customers and above mentioned information is lots of fake information towards in it. I have a property with some big names in Bangalore. When comparing with that candeur  is taking more responsibility towards customer service. People already shifted and almost 2 months free maintains  is provided by the builder and his team.  This shows there apathy towards customers.

  • 2.75 & 3 rupees for maintains is very reasonable price in now a days
  • Softener is requested by a group of customers and discussed with builder and price is finalized by the willing ness of all customers – No point to say on builder
  • The service from employees and sales team is appreciable from all

Best Wishes For Candeur Team !!

Thank you



Dear Sharma,

I am a customer of Candeur Carlisle, after seeing your fake reviews( After speaking with Mr. Nithin Candeur Rise Customer) I am confirming that nikku sharma or your friends group are fake people.

Rise customers are very happy with the Candeur Constructions and even they are very much connected with sales manager Mr. Rajashekar too. I have shown this reviews in my mobile to some of the rise owners they all confirmed that, there are no customer with name of Nicky Sharma , Hemanth and Nithin Sharma also.

The big surprise is Mr. Nithin doesn’t know that his name is miss used by some rouges.  They have shown the what’s app group discussion also. I was surprised after knowing that Mr. Rajashekar is also a owner in the same building and he is staying there along with all customers. This shows his relationship with customers and confidence about his service. There is lots of improvement in the project after purchasing also.

It’s a big thing about Candeur Constructions. People had told that they are happy with the service provided by Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Rajashekar. I am requesting this to So Called SHARMA group to stop spoiling Candeur name and it’s team name.  The project is handed over much more early than promised. It’s really great thing in Bangalore.

After verification I fell more Happy about my decision going with Candeur Constructions. . I feel Rise is a fantastic project with a super team.



Hi All,

As a existing customer of candeur rise, I will give my rating for candeur construction as 8.5 out of 10.

Rise is a beautiful project with more open space with good ventilation. More over the Brands used in the project are very good ones and highly recommended by the existing users.


The response & service from the candeur team is appreciable  by every one. They delivered project before promised  time and Most of the amenities are in placed. The response from Mr. Srinivas and Rajsekhar are appreciated by most of us.

Best Of Luck To Candeur For Future Projects.


Hi all,

My name is subbhu, iam holding a flat at candeur Rise, the project is located at vartur. Initially even i was unhappy because i asked for some modification and they did not accepted it, but they had some valid reason that if all the customers ask for modification it will affect there time frame for completing the project.Then we did not force them

Later they are very flexible with my payments part, i had some personal problem due to that we couldn’t arrange the fund i got 3 months time to make the payment with out any interest. like wise i delayed the payment twice. I saw peoples commenting on the employees and the company, they are also human being with certain responsibility to do for the company. So i can not comment on employees its all how you keep the relationship they will be flexible to you. If you go with any top builders they will not give you any flexibility directly they will charge interest .

As they are startup company they are doing there best i have even referred few of my friends and family members to Candeur Carlisle @ Mahadevpura and they are happy with the service so far. Now a days even the top builders are not delivering the projects on time at least this guys done there best.

Best price for carlisle- 4950 per sq ft my brother got as a existing customer reference

I recommencement Candeur Carlisle because of the location, 2 baloney for 2BHK with the minimum dimension of 1135 Sq.ft , no common wall and the expected area development.

Good luck Candeur


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