concorde royal sunnyvale


Hi Guys, I am planning to buy villa in concorde royal sunnyvale in annekal road.

Whats the credibikty of the builder and is it fine, i just want to do know willl they deliver projects on time.

asked September 12, 2012

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I have booked a villa as well (with a post dated cheque) and asking builder to provide few details…do you have feedback from any of the existing owner from concorde projects? The delivery timeline will always delay by few months for any builder…we need to be prepared for that…

what did the builder say about the approval(bank) timeline, property ready for signing construction agreement etc., wanted to double check to see whether they are consistently giving the same answer to all prospective buyers…


Hi, I have booked a villa there as well. Delivery will be one and a half years from now. SBI, HDFC, ICICI banks have approved the project (I am planning to confirm from SBI). I beleive that property registration is getting delayed. Will get answer from them and post here.


I have also booked a villa in the same society. Could you guys share you guys share your experience with the Concorde group and thoughts about the project so far?

As now I have booked means I found it interesting and appreciable.

It would be great you can share your phone number (any) to discuss more about the project.


Any prospective buyers and people  who have bought lets form a group. pr ad eep dot ga ne at googles mail dot com. (remove spaces and replace dot with . plz) 🙂


HI, I have booked a villa at Sunnyvale. And yes, forming a google group is a good idea. I have create a group with the name:

SunnyvaleOwners2012 at googlegroups dot com

Please join the group…


hi, we have also booked 40×60 unreleased far our experience with concorde group is fine.infact we did lot of cross checks about the pricing,builders etc.,the feed back is good.we got our legal opinion from a reputed lawyer who has given a green we r pleased with the happenings.yes,its a good idea to have group of our own,so atleast we can stand together if required in future. my ID is

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