Fortuna White Wings – Do you recommend it?


Has anyone heard good or bad reviews about Fortuna White Wings in Basavanagar? I am interested in buying a flat from them that is currently under construction and am wondering what factors to take into consideration before buying.


asked August 25, 2013

3 Answers


I visited the property. It looks more of a hostel with a long hallway and apartments on both side. Also, the floor plans are weird such that one’s bathroom is next to other’s living room. Felt it isnt worth the money.


Mr Chattz , you said correctly. Inside it will look like hostel  and ventilation is very poor. Between neighbors the privacy is very less. Poor Architect design and structural design





Fortuna white wing, Basavanagar is a disputed apartment. Owners do not have the OC (occupancy certificate) yet.

The owners tell some different stories or even they will deny regarding this fact. They all are trying to sale their flat. Initially they will quote 65 lakhs for 2 bhk and if you bargain you will definitely win the deal around 50 lakhs.

This apartment is near lake side and against the BBMP rule.

I’ll suggest not to invest your precious saving in this apartment. You will definitely regret.

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