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Hi All,
I am blocking an apartment in E-City Town by GM Infinite builder; up front it looks like a steal.
Nothing is much said about them but there has been a buzz here and there about the builder. They could be intentionally posted by their direct/indirect competitors as well. Nothing very substantial on the net. Their project Springfields is running on delay of 3 years but it is the same dismal situation for all high rise apartment in Bangalore.
Request you to do some recce as well and do not forget to post your comments. Please advise and suggest on the quality of construction and credibility of builder. Please Help !!!

I am really not sure but I hope it is good. With Neo in the back drop it will definitely be a cheese cake provided they deliver in time and to what they had promised.
All the best to all of you and me.

And yes I am using an fake name.


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Really like the design and bungalow type apartments concept.Prelaunch price is tempting.Tow years down the line after neomall starts place will become gold as surroundings are awesomee,,thanks to neotown.If he could be able to deliver the product as he mentioned with decent quality GM will become one of the best builders.Already they have increased the price before launch itself.Letz see how the launch is going to happen.

FYI : I havent booked anything as of now as i have already booked a flat with signia few months back.


Yes it is really a very good property; very nice design and location BUT we need to do a good amount of verification before we pay even a single penny more. After a few readings I got to know that the rates are OK for a pre-launch in electronic city area. However, their KPTCL/KEB/BWSSB charges are bundled into one charge called SWS which includes VAT and other Service taxes as well. Now this is strangely very low as compared to others. I do not know how they are calculating it. Any idea anyone?
One good thing is that they are accredited to CREDAI Bengaluru. Its on their website. So feeling a little safe. Somebody is there to hear us.
Anybody has any idea on their other properties?
I am planning a visit to their other properties like Oak NS Green, Silver Manor.
Daffodils and Springfield are very far off and I don’t know that place either.
Can anyone visit that and let us know.
Please update us on anything you come to know and/or your findings.

All the best to all of us.


We can plan for group booking once we have all those  additional verification done.  Do let us know when someone visits the actual site. Or with some additional information.

Keep posted with updates please.

Thanks, Santosh


I did visit the surroundings and it looks Ok. In EC..there are so many new projects/new appartments r coming up. Only concern I have is EC behind area like doddathagur , velankini etc..will become like current Khaggadaspura in future??



We visited the site on Sunday and quite liked it. There were lots of people there who were interested in the project. To get best deals we need to go for group booking. If any one is interested, drop an email on geo_santosh @ Even the builder told us  individually its very hard to offer anything substantial, but if you have group we can offer you good deal.

Let me ASAP if anyone is interested.. Rgrds santosh


Hi, I visited the site last week, and it looks good and even blocked a flat there. I heard that their previous projects were delayed and now they say that there wont be any delay in this project and if it gets delayed, they we will pay monthly compensation for each month delay.. does anyone have idea on that? will they pay enough to compensate for the delay? ..Regards,Manish


GM Infinite Dwelling (India) Pvt. Ltd is there in the members list of CREDAI, where other big builders are there. like Sobha Developers Ltd,Puravankara Projects Ltd.,Salarpuria/ Sattva Group, Godrej Properties Ltd, Brigade Group …etc which at least proves the authenticity of the builder.



Hey guys,
This project got all the approvals 
Look into Ravikanth’s website. He really has insider information in Bangalore real estate. I follow his website regularly. Very useful and latest information. I have also spoken to him couple of times, he’s got good projects details even before prelaunch.Not sure if I could copy his website name here. However, am sure you can find it easily on google.


hi i am looking forward to buy flat in “GM Infinite ecity town”, Can anybody please share more details about the property


Dear Santhosh,

They have still not got the BDA Approval for the construction plan.

Please let me also know if you get any information about it and I will also join for the Group booking. We should book only when they get the bda approval and blue print of the construction plan. since there have been many instances where builders have collected money without plan and the project was not completed.

my id is karishmakarishma_2007 at



Did you get any information update on GM Infinity?

Pls share with me also.   karishmakarishma_2007 at rediffmail dot com


GM E-city Phase 2 is launched today @2650 per sqft.   I am planning to book flat in phase-2 , how much can i negotiate. Any pointers would be helpful.

If anybody is interested in group booking please call me at 9916133373.






Hello All Future GM residents,

This property is a big loot. Please see the terms and conditions at their offer.

In phase-2 they charge 2 lakh for car parking..! This is totally illegal.

The property transfer or resale attracts 4% of the total deal value..! This is absolutely illegal.

Who the heck are they to charge on my property business?

Club membership charges are 1 Lakh taken initially and there are monthly club access fee…! Big Big Loot. Residents run the community not the Republic of GMI.

Somebody done a good sales documentation and an attractive website for them.

They should know what is it meant by Pre-launch price. 40 Lakh commitment for non approved property? They think people of Bengaluru are thumb stampers. Somebody should file a case on such people.

Summary : Future GMI P2 residents will pay heavy monthly rentals on their own property.


Best regards,




I have visited the site twice.

Pros: Location v/s rate wise it is good. 2 of my friends have already booked. Designs are good.

Cons: Builder is not much experienced as I haven’t seen many projects of GM.


Hello folks,

I have visited the site yesterday and I am positive towards booking the flat.

As per payment schedule, 20% amount to be given in 15 days. This is something everyone do not wish to do for a property to be approved yet. Plz correct me if I am wrong here.

As per my discussion with sales guy, Rs. 30 is the current discount.

Has anyone got more discount ????

We can do group booking and can ask for max discount.

Interested people plz  ring me on 7259942485.

@ sanjuryan , I will give you ring soon and will take discussion further.







Hi Folks,

I got one response for GROUP BOOKING.

Thanks to Mr. Sumit for considering and responding.

We have planned to visit site office this Thursday, 27 Feb 2014.

Till then, you can join us and help us & yourself to have a chance of price negotiation and discuss several aspects.

Plz feel free to call me at 7259942485.

Your friend,






I visited the place yesterday..and the sales guy committed me a price for 3 bhk.Today i went to them with Cheque book to sign the cheque leaf…and to my utter surprise…they increased theprice by 4 lacs….in one day….utter far the “WORST” builder in terms of ethics…..i had read all -ve stuff about them before going to them, i still agreed to overlook that since price that they quoted was super tempting…good it was an eye openr much before i paid them a single penny…IF ANYONE OF YOU IS GETTING TEMPTED LOOKING AT THE LOW PRICE THEY ARE QUOTING…..think 100000 times…its your money….and if they treat customers like this today..before booking only…God save what will they do after taking away all ur money….i am a genuine end user like you…and just expressing my experience with this Pathetic builder…GM infinite….ecity


If this is not enuf…they are charging you 20% upfront..which the sales guy told  me is coz they need money to pay for BDA approval….BOSS, WHY  THE HELL DO YOU NEED MY MONEY FOR BDA APPROVAL…ARE U THAT EMPTY HANDED?????? how the hell will you promise delivery of 1500 flats (phase 1 and 2 put together) They simply would earn interest on our money and make profit out of that too…and poor end user will keep waiting as to when these ppl will get approval…cheap tactics….unethical…and liers……will never ever suggest anyone to go for this pathetic builder….there are many other reputed builders out there….please consider them….THIS GM INFINITE FOR SURE IS AN UNETHICAL…BIG CHEATER….WORST BUILDER I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. In the interest of helping you…”only in terms of this builder” if u  have any questions…pls feel free to drop’em here…



Definitely your case is worst than ever thinkable.

If you visit saturday/sunday, sales guys being pretty busy, won’t be able to give appropriate time to you.

What I suggest to you, is, having one more visit on week day and try to convince them that you have already visited site on particular date where PSF rate was X Rs. And yes, plz see if you can make site visit tomorrow itself coz this might be the last chance for you ( or anyone ) to get your best price. Cross verify yourself, if you have already discussed on price PSF in your last visit before you had such a terrible experience.

Do not consider me as a GM’s guy.

Coz, I have booked flat on Sunday at best rate with some additional discount (which is negligible but it is ). I have put all my effort to get a good deal. I have visited site 4 times and I was in descent contact with sales guy.

Moral : Its we people, who must, has to put effort to get the best deal. We should not expect smooth process, as per our expectation, until we reach to the highest level of our effort.

This might help anybody who looks for booking a flat with any project.

Best Luck Guys,






Hi Rajendra,

I visited the site today and the price per sft stands at Rs.2950. The location, pricing and possession time looks good. Since, the project has not yet got the BDA approval, I was told by the sales executive that once we book a flat, they sign a MoU that if the approval is not obtained within 6 months, the booking money will be returned with 10% interest on it. Have you got into a similar agreement with them as you have mentioned about having a flat booked?


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