How to get my duplicate pan card at online?


My pan card is lost at 2 weeks before. I need to apply for duplicate pan card at online. What are the documents should require for submitting to collect the duplicate pan card online. I had search more website for that. But no use. My trouble is not open in my place for those websites. What can i do now? It is very essential for collect my LIC amount from agency. That amount needed for buying the car for my daughter. It is my dream and i have save money for that. I have chosen the best car for her. And it is suitable for drive and manages at easy way. Best color and good quality engine is needed for me. I am also collecting the reviews and thoughts about the customers for chosen the best car and recent days. My pan card is also needed for change my mobile number in bank.

I am not getting any type of OTP and remaining balance amount in that mobile number. So i need to change that. Duplicate pan card online application is available in online. But i cannot get chance for collect it. Did you have any website for download it? Or is any option is available for get with online? Please give me the choice for me. My brother is given some amount for buying that. Shall i use my brother pan card for collect my money? Is there any option to withdraw from that agency? If any mistakes or errors in my business means I have easily manage. But pan card related aspects are not correcting me. So I need your choice of option and way for manage that. So you can help me now. Please convey your tips and ideas for download duplicate pan card online. I am in here.

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