Lendee Sentosa Project – Is It Safe


I am planning to book in Lendee Sentosa Projects, Kaikondarahalli, Bangalore. Its near RMZ Eco World Bellandur, next to Saroj Dynasty and Vars Parkwood apartements. Builder is new and its their first project. And he is not doing any advertisement online. Its bit surprising for me. There is one online ad with the same name on internet points to Whitefield. Seems bit fishy. Please provide info, whether can I go ahead with this or not.

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Hi Shiva. I have also recently visited the project and it has also surprised me that there was no proper advertisement done .

I feel that the area is a developing one and am planning to invest there, though not negotiated in terms of price. They say it is OC/CC certified and A Khata. Marketing ppl were quoting somewhere 4500K/sq ft. Have you done any negotiate on price up-front ? By when is he committing to handover?

You can connect to me at saivenkat101a@gmail.com.


Guys, did any of you book it here ??

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