Nikoo homes phase 2


Hi All,

I am planing to book in Nikoo homes phase 2. I personally liked the loft in 31 and 32nd floor due to the fact that it is in the top most floor , has a duplex configuration and large decks. My family(Mom and wife) too liked the duplex and large decks. But we all are having some sort of fear since it is the top most floors(eg in case of fire emergencies, medical emergencies,  fear of heights, loneliness & climate (hot and cold winds) ,etcc which i dont know) . Any ideas how it feels to live in top most floor of the apartment. Please suggest about the pros and cons. ( Since buying a home is a very big decision , I dont want to miss a best one and regret later for buying or ignoring .. i tried asking this to many friends , none of them seem to have experience in this) .

Category: Tags: asked December 21, 2016

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