Pre launch of Orchid Lakeview: Bellandur


Has anyone booked in Orchid Lakeview, bellandur. Any idea about approvals, builder reputation and current cost that they are charging? Builder is Goyal & Co.


asked August 28, 2013

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Hi…i came to know that….builder is quoting 4200 rite now….project is good…..Has anyone booked it yet


Atulastra – Last i heard, 120 flats are booked our of 336. But I see you make some genuine points. I visited the site and also booked a flat. There is a mosque, I wonder why you say it is a bad thing, I suppose it is a good thing (I’m not a muslim though), I wonder if it was a temple or a Gurudwara adjacent, what would have been your opinion.

I couldn’t find the cemetery though, but I guess it must be there is you are saying so. The point is, in Bangalore you find cemeteries in the homes as well. People bury their loved ones in their houses itself. I don’t how it is allowed but i have seen many.

Yes I have seen the stinking bellandur lake, however the houses are far away from it. There is no way the stinking is going to reach there. Also BBMP is working on to clean that lake and build a small park in front of this property (I am not sure how long it will take though).

About the bellandur village, This property hardly 400 meters from the ORR. There are two ways to access it, the novotel hotel or the bellandur village. I don’t see that is a big problem.

You know the rentals are so high in that area because of eco space and all other IT companies.


Look at the property prices of Sobha Oman Topaz (I assume this is the property you are talking about) compared to the locality and surrounding projects …people are not interested in living next to a cemetery .. the ready to occupy 3BHK (resale obviously) are much cheaper with this property being on main road, no stinking drain and other drawbacks of this particular project and good builder name (Sobha).. (again a comparative term)


Booked flat today, very transparent builder with good track record… Will book another for family friend in the coming week… Being civil engineer surveyed the site and surroundings thoroughly and could not find much of any issue.. On the contrary this is going to be a good investment..


Is it worth to invest there? They are telling the project completion date is dec 2015. Are they able to complete the project by then. There is lake near by, is the soil can support high rise building next to lake? There are stinking nala next to it. There is mosque and two cementries next to the appt. With considering all this is price of 4k-4.2k is really worth to invest there? What is the price going on in that area. Please suggest. Based on that i will make a call to invest in this project. Other side of outer ring road also has similar rates 4.2k. I have enquired in Krishi Dhavala behind cisco. What can be best rate to invest in this area?


Thanks atulastra,

Yeah i agree with you, now-a-days people are able to shell out 5+ K per sq ft also. I wonder why people have become so insane and want to put their hard earned money. On saturday i enquired in one project called Assets Home , he is selling it at 5.7 K per sqft. Common guys what happened to investers in so dry market to force their hard money to invest at such high price.


i am planning to book it. Any idea on the reputation of the builder and his previous projects.


What is the exact location of the proposed property?


Its on the right hand side of the start of bellandur lake


Has anyone booked it yet?


Where did my earlier comment go? The prices are too steep all inclusive 3BHK cost around 1 Cr. What The Hell 1Cr by a category c/d builder and in middle of no where.. Awesome Bangalore real estate…


Yes, I have booked three weeks ago. The builder is reputed in Gujarat Ahmedabad but not in Bangalore yet. they have a project completed and sold out in Whitefield.

This being a new builder in Bangalore is trying to make in roads in Bangalore real estate market. The price is reasonable, slightly less than big builders. Shoba nearby is askin 6500/sq/ft. Mantri around the same price.

The hand over is not going to happen earlier than 2017. The builder is also financially strong and will give you good options to help with finances.


Have you booked it already?


Some interesting facts about the location of the property:

— Its exactly in front of a stinking drain originating from the bellandur lake.. So, you have all the fresh air for yourself and family once you reach home to enjoy the proximity to the bellandur lake.

— In front of the property a big mosque is present.. I am not sure how many people want to own a property sharing wall with a mosque. (I am not for sure.. may be my personal preference)

— 25 mts from the property a Muslim cemetery is present again I am not sure how many people want to live next to buried people (I am not for sure ..may be my personal preference)

— Property can be accessed through bellandur village (primarily).. I better keep my mouth shut about the width of the road and quality of traffic..

For all this I just have to shell out 1CR for a 3BHK.

I am sure they are doing great charity for selling at throw away rates and they should straight away ask for 10K as base price plus vat plus service tax plus car park plus plus the actual REASONABLE price for the property.



1. Don’t trust my words visit the property and see for yourself.

2. Use your brain search for the land price in that area and cost of construction is no way more than 2k psf (yes carpet area not artificial super built up area).. What is every one is paying the difference for???


Hi Bhupinder I have a very small question for you.. are you planning to buy for self occupation or a investment purpose… Need not answer back .. genuine owners looking for self usage can understand the point, I am trying to drive here..

Your reply looks like idol sales pitch

— I don’t know if you were using air filters or might have visited during the rainy day.. Visit around 7-8 PM, the road itself makes uncomfortable to drive for couple of second leave apart living in the vicinity.

— I have not seen normal people sleeping near dead of others

— BBMP plans I better not speak about the govt plans .. all of us know about GOVT plans

I was sitting with one of big builders consultants.. about the non-genuine prices they are of the opinion “Plenty of SMART people in the market, we just have to find XXX (fill the number of flats) numbers in 3-4 years, is it really tough :)”

Any case congratulations for buying and best of luck for appreciation in the property


I have visited that property recently and could not find any issue with stinking.

Atulsatra, in all probablity you are confused with the exact location of the property.


Hi Atulastra,

I have done a good research before booking the flat. Stinking is real. I don’t deny that, but it isn’t spreading out that far. It’s just when you cross that bridge and a little distance from the bridge.

Being an atheist I personally don’t mind a cemetery outside of the Society’s compound. There is a big cemetery in HSR, a lot of big builders have built out homes along side.

I did it for investment. Can shift as well,  me and my wife’s office is close by from there.

I have lived in Bellandur for 4 long years earlier before the Bangalore Central was constructed.  I know that area is not all that bad.

I don’t know, may be your points are consider-worthy but I am giving it a pass as of now.


I believe there is no cementary next to Orchid lakeview. There is just a mosque but nowhere there is a burial ground adjacent to it.


Hi All,

I recently booked a flat in F block at Orchid Lakeview Project because the proximity from the ring road is very nearer. Even I had a discussion with the sales manager there and came to know that the concerned authority will clear the slush deposited near the exit of the lake very soon.

Even they told that they will plant the bamboo trees across the road and behind the project.



Hi Anurag, if post reading all the above comments you think it is worth investing be my guest. Best of luck.. coz of insane investors the realty prices in Bangalore are out of affordability for the normal home buyer looking for self usage 🙂

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