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Has anyone booked a villa/apartment on the RBD Stillwaters property? Looking for reviews about the builder and property

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Hi, I am planning to visit the site. Any info or opinions about this project? I can contacted at leilaferns@gmail.com.


hi, I am also interested is in this project. Location looks good. But I am not able to find any reviews online about this project or builder? any idea, how much they are quoting?


How is the accessibility? The Harlur road route from Sarjapur rd side loooks very narrow and is bound to have blocks.


I heard from a colleague that land is formed by filling adjacent lake (could be government land).


There is a HT wire running close to the villa site. Do you see risks with that?


What are the positives and negatives about this project?

Looks like good property to buy.



I had visited this site. The project plan seems to be good. It consists of both independent villas and apartments spread over 15 acres. There are two access routes — from the Haralur road via the Lake View Residency Layout and the other via Hosa Road. The Haralur road is ridden with speed bumps every 100mtr and driving along this is tiresome. The Hosa road access is better. Right now, the location is interior but the surrounding areas may increase considering that Mantri , Shobha, Oceanus , DSR projects are coming up nearby.

They plan  to start construction by July 2013 and complete it by Dec 2015. The rate per sqft starts at 3800/- and it increases by 20/- from the 5th floor.The size of the apartments ranges from 1485 to 2176 sqft.


I have booked a flat here, I did a background check on the builder and they seems solid. The company is part of the ferns builders. A friend of mine stays in one of their gated communities. They have been building for more than 18 years but mostly have done gated communities. I met mithun, the engineering head. he told me that he has been working with this company since they built park plaza hotel which is in Marathalli. The project seems good and the specifications they are promising also look good. The sales guy has been very responsive. hope they deliver on their promise. BTW… the apartments are on 7 acres land the  remaining 17 acres are independent villas.


saw the property this week, they are saying the price is 3900 per sqft… anyone know what the price they are selling at?


The launch price was 3800/sft  and now they are quoting 3900/sft .The appartments far from

both the entrances in harlur road and lakedew road ,i guess approx 1k from both the entrance

I was also planning for this project and after visiting the project i have few comments

It will be a pain to commute from main gate to appartment without vehicle from both side of the entrance.If the kids are small and  school bus does not come in to the appartment complex then it will be a real pain for parents to pick and drops the kids

From both the Entrance to the appartment, we need to take lot of left right left circus to reach the appartment complex. we will be slowly used to that

There is a HT lines in the project ,which i guess should not be a problem but still it is  inside the project .

There are other 2 proposed  appartment complexes next to each other and not sure when he plans to start .The bookings are open for started for 1st appartment complex .If he starts after the completion of 1st appartment then it will be a big disturbance living there

The positive side is appartment plans looks good

I am totally confused whether to opt for this project or not



agree with the concerns raj mentioned “The apartments far from both the entrances in harlur road and lakedew road ” and HT wires are also a concern.Also the builder seems to be new and price seems to be on higher side with very high charges for club house,generator etc..

Also clause saying you have to pay annul club fees and builder can make anyone the member(even outsiders) of that club house which he is building with apartment owners money so not going ahead with his.


Hi. I booked a flat in RBD Stillwaters in E block. The builder looks good and they have a very cordial marketing staff. The project has lots of open area. With what builder is promising now, it seems there would be 500 + families staying in this project(including both villas/apartments) in overall area of 24 acres(7 acre for apartments/rest for villas). Please join my facebook community(for all buyers) to stay in touch and share relevant information about progress of RBD. The link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/359934270773327/


Hey Abhinav, Thanks for creating FB page for the society…I have also booked a flat here last week. Lets stay connected on the FB page for more updates. Request all people who have made bookings at RBD to share information/updates/details/alerts at the FB Page .

Posting the link again for wider audience:



Hi Abhinav/Sandy

I have also booked apartment in RBD Stillwater sent the request to join the group for update.

Will post pictures of progress as and when visit site.




Even I hv booked a flat.. Sent request to b added in d group


Hi all I visited the site today.I noticed couple of points , I am also confused but I liked the plan etc, They are coating 4100 at present , I am thinking to book in D BLOCK:

1. 25 % initial down payment, when every else asks for 20 %

2. Apartments are far from both entrances.

3. Too much of additional charges

positive :

1. Heard good feedback about the builder and heard that this builder is a land mafia 🙂

2. surroundings will be good due to (prestige Shoba , Purva, Sjr Etc)

3. Roads will widen for sure in future

4. This will be called HSR ext in future

5. They are honest to right every piece of information on paper (like tits and bits about taxes and etc in details) & Exit Clause etc.(atleast no hidden charges)

Can any one in this forum tell me about the price negotiation front , and when they were selling at 38 k etc


Hi Everyone,

i’m planning to book a 2.5 bhk in stillwaters. have you guys verified the documents and are they ok? What is your recommendation based on your experience? Does any one know if SBI has approved the project for home loan? Please let me know


All – Some of the RBD stillwaters Villas land is disputed and has court stay order.
For details refer court order/OS number: 252362013 (dated 7-June-2013).


One of our customers pointed us to this site in relation with court order/OS number: 252362013 (dated 7-June-2013).
This order has been vacated by the court. which means that the case is no longer in court. If anyone is interested in looking at the documentation in regard to this case please feel free to call and drop in to our office between 10 am and 6 pm any week day. You can also reach us on 08042452399 and talk to Marshal (head-Sales and Marketing)
The title of the property is clear and anyone interested is welcome to verify the papers and clarify any doubts that they might have.



I am also planning to book villa here. one of my frien d booked here. he says the builder is genuine & he met CEO, mr gavin, he seems to be cooperative an all matters. My friend booked about 6 months back. I too felt the layout is planned well too peacefu, no traffic & croud is less in 25 acr. they also have apartment in tha same prop. the response from the sales is good.very professional. I met William over there. He seems to be very informative. I was looking at their 30×50 plan.it costing around 1.68 cr, my friend they launched at 1.50 cr, nw they are quoting 1.76 cr. I am negotiating for 1.60. Its worth in RBD since the land documents are clear ,A khata & belongs to MD only, no Joint venture or external person involved.My friend did legal verification from law firm & they said title is clear, no pending cases or any litigations on these survey no. So i am waiting for better prices from them to initiate booking. The builder has huge land bank, since 20 years back old real estate firm. My friend says its isa Fens Bulileders & developers. I also read abou them

They have developed 30+ properties in Blr, in sarjapur Rainbow drive, rainbow residency, lakeshore homes.

RBD they satred newly,3-4 years back, the Park plaza & ferns icon r previus projects under RBD shelters….Austin Roach is MD…names looks like Firangi, but they said Kannadiga from Mangalorean.

I suggests this prop after all my calculations & approach to different propereties in Harlur road.The price s also competitive since they register land as well.

check out here:

Apartments: http://www.rbdshelters.com/stillwaters-brochure-Apartment.pdf

Private Residences: http://www.rbdshelters.com/stillwaters-brochure-Villa.pdf

all the best

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