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Dear Sir/Madam
I am planning to buy a duplex villa in Chandapura. But the villa which I have finalized is on Odd site. 39 ft in length, 29 ft 11 inch width on front side, 27.5 ft width on backside.
As per the builder, the layout plan and villa building plan is approved by Anekal Planning Authority
Because of the odd site dimenstions, setback on North side doesn’t have constant width. Initial setback width is 4 ft in the beginning and setback gets narrower and reaches to 1.5 ft at the end. The setback on rear(back) side is planned as 3.3 ft and on South side is planned for 3 ft.

My question is
1. will the planning authority approve such building plan? Will it create any legal problems in future as the setback goes on decreasing on the northern side?

2. Do you think buying duplex villa built on Odd site will have good market value compared to regular site?
Thanking you in advance

Category: asked December 31, 2017

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