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staying in rent is better or buying the property ?, I stay in a rented propety in JPN 2nd phase 3 BHK around 1200 sqft carpet area, i pay 20K rent. is it better to continue staying in rent or buy a property in JPN 2nd phse? if i buy i would be taking a loan with 20% downpayment  and i guessing prop value in this area is around 7K per sq ft



asked February 25, 2013

2 Answers


staying in own house is much better than staying in rented house


I am revisiting this page after 4 years, evaluating my position. Looks like i took a good decision of not buying the property and the property price has not increased since 2013 and Seller quoting similar price.

***Disclaimer: Position taken in 2013 has so far proved to be good till Dec 2017, will revisit after few more years to evaluate again***

Thanks – Investo

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