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I have visited Sobha Dream Acres today. Price is aroun 5400 per sq ft. My budget is around 70 -75 lacs.will this propeety worth to buy. I am particularly concerned about the belegere road. Will this toad be widened in near future


Saunak Basu

Category: asked June 17, 2018

1 Answer


If you want to spend 1.5 hours at 7 am and 1 hour all over the week to reach just 3km away ORR road then you can goahead. The road widing cannot happen in next 10 years as people leaving after bridge ….the narrow road are not ready to give up. They are demanding 5cr for each house , our govt can pay 15lakhs max as per govt rates. Sobha claims to open road near chrome…. now its jamp packed in service road for oneway traffic…imagine if its made will be worst than crossing the bridge. I am daily traveller in that road planning to get of the location

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