Review needed – ECOLIFE Developer’s Elements of Nature project


1.Has anybody booked flat with ECOLIFE Developer’s Elements of Nature project. Looks good as the sales person Mr.Pinto has explained.

2. How is the builder & whether the property is approved or not, Is it a A khata property

3.CC is not received yet, whether it is a risky buy?

4. Anybody took any legal opinion?

5. I don’t find much reviews about this property in many real estate sites.

6. Is there any owner’s association or group where discussions are going on for the project.

7. when will they receive approval beyond 4th floor.

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We did a grouping booking of 11  members at one shot. We all verified with 3 lawyers point to point. So as our analysis no issues on the project wise.

Anybody can reach for more details


We have reviewed the project on

Have a look. Overall, the project specifications are good. Once the road widening is done, the property will appreciate to a good extent.


Hi Sasi,

Pranab here.I have booked a flat in Ecolife too.

Request you to pass on any google/FB group link of buyers of the project.

If it doesnt exist, I have created 2 groups which we can use for all discussions about the project,

Please join :!forum/ecolife-elements-of-nature



Great project.


Fast process. They handed over our apartment within a year. I really appreciate their hard work.


It was a fantastic buying experience. Ecolife team cooperated throughout by addressing my queries. In my prospective, it is a value for money.



I visited the project. Plans are very good and providing all amenities. Sales manager and operations manager supports very well

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