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I have gone through the site and looks very interesting for people who are planning to purchase Plot/Flat.

I have gone to Shriram Malhaar for site visit. Which is very close to Sarjapura Busstand(1.8km). In and around i don’t see any projects going on entire land looks to be a farm land. They are quoting 1200/- sq ft and are not willing to reduce the price. It took around 35-40 mins from Total Mall from Sarjapura Road and to Marathahalli Flyover.

My plan is to build a house after 3 years from now.

I am just wondering if you could suggest me whether we can go with this @ 1200/-sq ft.

asked November 27, 2011

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Based on your own feedback, if you just see farm land in the entire surroundings then the probability that this is going to be developed within 3 years is very less. Apart from the new Infosys campus and a few other projects the area is definitely remote but does have prospects for development. However 3 years is too short a timeframe. Also with a project that offers plots, most buyers remain as investors and sometimes you don’t see construction activity and this will deter your plans to build a house. Just take the example of Banashankari 6th stage Further Extension a BDA project from 2005, you still see huge number of vacant sites even today and people not able to go ahead with their construction plans.

Buying your own plot and constructing a house does offer flexibility and will be a cheaper option than buying a villa, but in that case pick a plot in a developed layout where you already see some construction activity.

Hi, I am about / decided  to buy a plot. Shriram is telling already they sold about 100+ plots.. and the price they are telling around 1350 – 1400 per sq feet….

Any comments ?


Harsha, I am not looking to immedeatelty to build a house here…may be after  5 – 10 years


What is the current price at shriram malhaar? Is there any development in that area?


Has anyone bought and build home n Sriram Malhar? Now the price that they quote is 2650/sq. ft. Is the price justified?

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