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Has anyone heard about SJR launching a Paddington Porject off sarjapur road near total mall next month?


I belive te rate would be above 4000 per sq ft which seems too high… can anyone share any info?

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SJR PADDINGTON” is our residential property located On Sarjapura Main Road, Behind Divyashree Elan Homes, Near Total Mall, 1 km from ORR junction.

Total Plot Area in Sft             – 3.5 Acres

No. Of Towers                      – 5 Towers

No. Of Floors                        – Ground + 5 Floors

No. Of Units                         – 264 units

2 BHK 1210 Sq.ft

3 BHK 1490 Sq.ft , 1520 Sq.ft , 1540 Sq.ft

Total cost for 2 BHK starts from 62.62 Lakhs (Inclusive Stamp Duty & Registration)

Total cost for 3 BHK starts from 76.11 Lakhs (Inclusive Stamp Duty & Registration)


Rate per Sqft 4190. Floor rise is INR 50. (4190-4440)




BTW, I copy pasted from the mail I got from SJR. I don’t work for SJR 🙂


Any one booked a flat in paddington?

Now the price is 65LK for 2 BHK

Is this rate reasonable?


Guys, join SJR-Paddington google group.

lets discuss there.


Any update on SJR Paddington. When I talked to them last week, they said the launch is expected around december. They have released only one block which is almost completely booked now. Anyone who has booked with them ?




What is the status of this project. This is in pre launch state or a long time now


Project is progressing very well.  Model apartment work is completed and looks like a premium one.


I am planning to buy a 2bhk (1178 sqft ) unit in bren paddington. can someon let me know the realistic cost of this . ( per sq feet rate as well as overall cost).


Appreciate this forum and inputs.


Guys, one suggestion you must follow, if you are starting any talks with any Bren\SJR property.
After starting initial talks, if SJR\Bren marketing team feels you are not potential buyer for them, they immediately distribute your mail id and phone number to local builders and you will end up with too many unwanted calls that confuse you alot.

Please think twice before sharing your contact info with Bren\SJR.

I was searching for a home in 80 lacs range and i though Celestia is in my range, apparently it is 1.2 crs range. They tried to convince me to buy trillium, which is absolutely in a shitty location. The moment they realized that they ran out of options, with in 2 days my mail box is exploding with too many emails from local builders. I’m not saying local builders are bad, but how did they come to know about my mail id and phone number?

I shared my contact info only with Bren\SJR till now. Hope this helps.


Anyone can share about the current status of SJR Paddington.What is the sq feet rate now?

I am looking for 2BHK in budget of 80L inclusive of everything.





This project looks quite interesting. Zippserv which is a real estate risk assessment firm has done the verification of the papers and put it out – you can read it here.


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