Did Any one Booked flat in LAKEDEW, i visited twice

Below are the details

3 Blocks

C Block Possession : Nov,2014

Total 116 Flats

Prelaunch : 2600, only for some flats after that current price is 3000

Please lets us know if any one done all formalities

asked December 11, 2013

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Dear Sir,

The splendid group is fraud builder in bangalore, what promised is not delivered,
1) Occupancy Certificate NOT Given
2) VAT and ST not given
3) cheap materials
4) Malpractice
5) Harassment for payments, notices
6) Free Legal Issues to customer ( Elite is fake project)
7) Builder takes bribe from customers
8) No Khata “A” for a single flat in all project– Shame of you buggers
Fraud Builder, we (customer) paid entire money but still not get possession in elite








Please take action against builder

With Deep Frustration from,
Customers from royale, skyline, lakedews, eternity & elite










pretty Bad experience dealing with Splendid Group…we would have been happy if they have delivered 50% of what they have committed…Execution has been pathetic….Little knowledge of people in construction Industry….My experience rating is 2/10 dealing with Splendid Group




Thanks!! Exactly..i am surprised…i went to splendid eternety, as my office was closer dont see any issues and some of the customer are doing wooden work, interior works…

ravi can you share your mobile number,…i am going for sales and cont agreement this saturday…will update you

Regards, Chaitu





Go for SBI, you dont have much issues like hidden charges,  harrassment…but very long process of documentation, waiting infront of the managers

All the best


Hi Ravi,

Thanks for the infrm..nd nice talking to you over phone…we have booked 2 flats in splendid lakedews, thanks you so much, i have visited this weekend on same day booked…there is one more slab the builder completed and there is last slab as per employees…the brick work is started at ground floor

what ever you said that is exctly in place, thanks you so much for your information

nice, we can meet some day at site once you back…

Thanks you so much..it was my dream that i have to buy lakeside..completed!!



Hi sadhana ,

very good experience with splendid group, while visiting site onwards(arranged site visit for us) until booking its was very good experience and yesterday we visited the site seems the last slab will complete in next 10 days…very good, i was doing negotation from last 35 days , the work progress was too good…over all rating…9/10…

Thanks sadhana for given the reference..

Thanks you so much,..

BR,Ananth Vasista


My uncle recently bought a 2 bhk apartment here so I am going to give Splendid lake dew Bangalore review. When he started showing lake dew apartment, I  immediately realized that it is a very luxury apartment. The first thing I saw was the quality of the place and it was the same thing noticed by a lot of people who came to the place. They have many luxury amenities like swimming pool, Gym and very spacious car parking. They also showed us different kinds of flats in order to assist us to choose any available flats that we needed according to our requirements and needs.


My flat is packed with all amenities such as swimming pool, lift, play house, park and most important security which has provided by splendid group, it’s been 1 and a half years and we haven’t faced a single problem till now not only me but all the apartment owners have also not faced a single problem till date, this is the reason why we always find good Splendid group Bangalore review on the internet. The design of the apartment is top class its worth paying for a 3bhk flat in Bangalore for splendid group.


Lake dew apartment is located in Begur is one of the most loved and successful projects of splendid. For me and my family we got everything we want, the surroundings are clean and well maintain by the staff, our children have nearby school for me I have access to public transport, we have 24/7 power backup and the interior is of A grade and splendid lake dew Bangalore review don’t charge much unlike other builders in Bangalore. Splendid project are always good in terms of customer satisfaction.


I have recently shifted to Bangalore from Mumbai and was keen on purchasing my first property here. In the process of buying a property I read a lot of blogs and reviews Splendid group Bangalore review happen to be the best from all, I started visiting the estates of prominent builders in Bangalore. While doing so I happened to drop into a friend’s house at Splendid lake dew. I was delighted to see that the quality of construction, finishes and the layout of the estate was very good compared to any other I had seen.



I visited site last week,


you can reach me on



Hi Harsha,

Could you please share more details if possible on Splendid Lake Dew, Begur Road

Could you please let me know the booking price?



I have visited site today, i am booking flat on C block, please let me know if any one booked over weekend

Regards, Chaitu



Never ever rely on this builder. They will employ people just out of some college(no civil engineering) and project them as Project Managers. Literally created a mess at Splendid Eternity. Committed lot of things when booking was done.Here are issues:

– Still no body has occupied the flats, there is seepage issue everywhere

– The height of the ceiling varies from apartment to apartment, because of which there is 4 inch space between the floor and door for many apartments

– they will put broken tiles and will never replace

– GYM is so small, that only kids can go there and do exercise

– party hall is like store room

– cracks have been developed at many places

– electrical work is a mess

– there is leakages at many water points

My suggestion. Never book any flats with these guys. I should have put in extra 10 lakh, could have got superior product.








i have done booking dec last week in lakedews and we have completed the sales and construting agrment..15% amount paid and we have submittted to bank…hope this helps

last week i visited the apartment, surrounding wall base ment completed and three slabs completed…

if any one approached bank, can you share the bank intrest detils….





We had an horrible experience with Splendid Group ….All the best and gob bless for people who still feel its a right decision…You will come back to this forum after 2 or 3 years with your experience


Hi All,

last week my friend surendran  visited splendid Royale apartments, which is near robin factory, discussed with maintenance team and couple  of customers



all the best




Hi Mr. Ravi

Can you please help us to provide answers to following things FYI this is not for fun and Iam not a marketing executive, Iam one among the persons who has put life long savings in a dream house and dreams got shattered.

Planned Deviation 1-Did you check there are 2 illegal pent houses( Planned well before ) on top, which are not part of the plan… when enquired initially the response was it will be transferred to the society, last week we met and the answer was rude and the response from the builder is that it belongs to Splendid Group( I can share the email which came from their complaint cell )-Next time when you visit please make a walk to the top of both blocks

Planned Deviation2-The set backs have been pulled 2 feet inside, which has affected every ones UDS ,can you prove this is wrong… you can do the survey and publish that this is according to the plan they presented when purchased

Planned Deviation3-Where is STP? This was there in the original plan, but not constructed… Can you show us the STP

Planned Deviation4-Mandatory to have Rain Water Harvesting, never implemented ..Now we have to face fine and have to pay from our pockets

Electrical Rewiring for Generator Back up. Some flats even do not have Generator Back up connection.the wiring is done for complete house, but the generator doesnt have the capacity..it trips… so whats the point of having a back up

Never ending water leakages, rainy season its a mess,Water leakage inside B block electrical room

water seepage from bathroom/kitchen outlet pipes….Few areas painting have been done with out plastering…Please look at any bathroom pipe outlet

Water seepage from toilet pipe between the common area of B-Block Also overflown water from overhead tank getting logged between these flat common area, the leakage is clearly visible from carparking

Severe water seapage from walls on the terrace which is creating fungus inside the flats and damaging the structure…Please walk to 3rd floor steps towards terrace and touch the wall

Basements plastering is horrific… water stagnants and we suffered from viral infections and Most of our kids had rashes

Initailly promised water softners, but now they have audacity to say its not their responsibility, We residents got Kaveri water on our own…

Please go and stand outside any balcony and show me one which is straight or show me which is not slant

For some of the flats even the ceiling is slant,its not sensible to publish flat numbers here

Intercom wiring quality is too bad, wire is becoming ashes when touched and thansk to the quality , we never know when it goes off

Granite skirting not completed in common areas…

Many of us have cracks and most of us have done crack filling with our own expenditure.
Lift-Local lifts have been installed ( Abhay Elevators …their customer service is pathetic  )-Initially they promised branded lifts( Kone or Johnson ), It strucks always and no phones inside to reach out… did you look at the quality of those lifts, please think about kids and parents in left in the lift… did you use those lifts..We had a guy where he was struck in the lift for couple of hours with little help

Electric transformers ground level -Fire department already mentioned that if anything happens they will not do anything as ground level clearing is not there…thats how bad planning-Please walk back  of Block B

Party hall without a bathroom …So in reality party hall is a private party hall for one of their site engineer who is staying in the pent house.Please go and see on top of A-Block

Paints-Initially promised Asian paints, later as usual gave us a low cost paint,Please see the exterior colors promised ( you can google it and see what they promised  ) can you tell me if it is same colour what they have delivered

Exterior walls painting near 3BHK apartments is in complete

Alluminiun Work-Bathroom window panels are given a provision in such a way that you will not get any exhaust fan fitted into it… again a rework

Tank-Iron doors are placed properly doors can not be closed since water pipes are running in between iron door and slab,complete water proofing was not done on the overhead tank already broken because of lack of water curing. same situation is there at underground sumps as well. Any water [Rain/Balcony cleaning/acid cleaning water] can directly get into underground sumps. Plastering is not done in the water tanks

Exhaust holes in Kitchen were missing, again residents have to do out of their pocket

Appreciate if you could check and let us know the OC status and update here please, We asked in writing…They cant commit…

You said disturbances from land owner-yes because builder never delivered what he has committed and he is fighting for it, we are lucky because of his pressure this is in some shape or else god knows what would have been our fate.

The kind of rukus created to issue an NOC-one of the buyer planned house warming and all their relatives were there , these guys didnt even allow till they gave a posted dated cheque ( very minimal amount ),Is that the trust you have on your customers

Every new apartment will have starting niggles, but these are beyond anyone’s imagination

Its not frustration…Its pain in heart



Giving 9/10 rating during initial marketing period is surprising….The real test comes when the hand over and 100% of your money is paid …We are the only guys who experienced…None of the projects are completed…

There is nothing we are loosing here just sharing the experience…

All the best….



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