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We have planned to purchase a property at Vajram Essenza or Vajram Elina located on Thanisandra manin Road, Bangalore. For Elina they are quoting a pre launch price at 3400 per sq ft for a 3 bhk flat of 1600 sq ft on the 7th floor. The approvals are not yet in place but thats the risk v take on a pre launch. I would like to know more about the builder and these properties. V see so many scams happening around us. Also I would like to know if they delay projects. The possession they claim will be given around Dec 2015, (plus we can expect a agrace period of 3-4 months plus).We invest our life’s savings into a property. Help us make the right decision.


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asked May 8, 2014

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Hi Rashdev,

There are two ways of looking at it.  If you want to play very very safe, go in for a builder like Sobha or Prestige or any of the big ones that you are comfortable with. And yes, you will be paying a premium for those properties. I booked my apartment with Vajram Essenza because they sounded very professional and after one year of being with them, they have been very responsive to every document that I have asked from them and every receipt. Touch wood, so far, they haven’t given me cause for concern and I have found them to be extremely professional in their dealings. Yes, they are new, but every builder is new at a certain point in time. It all depends on your risk appetite.





Hi HarshaSagar,

I am interested to buy Vajra Elina project Flat, can anyone share me feedbacks about the price per sqft? did anyone booked already the flat? and any other feedbacks?




Hi Rashdev,

Even with Sobha and Prestige also, 100’s of issues and problems are there. what matters here is that, whether the builder is professional or not? Whether they are serious in doing their business and grow over the long run? I think Sobha and Prestige has proved this point to some extent and that’s why today they charge Premium. That’s why they call it hassle-free buying, Of course with a premium price.

The same risk I had 2 yrs back when I looked into their Essenza project, but till now, I was never returned dissatisfied from their services. their work ethics and customer relationship reflected their previous background of being an IT company.  every small to big questions has been answered carefully, professionally and on time. they send us the monthly report of the amount of work completed, project progress report, which brings lot of transparency and built the trust over the time.

At the time of booking, they had mentioned the expected date of delivery will be Dec’14 to Mar’15. And they really seems to be on track. A significant amount of work has already been completed (building structure, plastering, electrical work, plumbing work, STP etc). so I think they are on schedule considering Dec’14 is still 7 months away.


I also wanted to mention, last Saturday I decided to go ahead with their Elina project.  it is for the investment purpose considering the growth drivers on Thanisandra main road and the project is being only 300 meters inside the main road. (Elina site is situated parallel to the Row houses of Sobha City).

Elina, I found is a good value for money project, all the specification are  mostly similar to Essenza. carpet ratio I calculated for my apartment is 75.5%, which I think is good. since It is in pre-launch stage, I think it will fetch good returns over the period of 3-4 yrs. This Saturday I finalized my 2bhk (1245 sft) for 3650 psf.

you can call me at 8951628651 if you have any questions.

Regards, Prit


Hello All,

Sounds like really good discussion on this forum. Thank you Harsha sagar for this platfrom.

I heard alot about Elina and it sound project is not yet started and many approvals are pending.

Can someone please confirm and email me on






is there any owners group for this that you are aware of?






I have also booked a 2 BHK at Elina. Lets form a group so as to effectively share info. Mail me at mob: 9449828587. Hyginus

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