Oct 302011

Keerthi Royal Palms on Hosur Road

Keerthi Estates Pvt. Ltd has launched a new apartment project called Keerthi Royal Palms on Hosur Road, right next to the BMW Showroom. Oysters Real Assets the marketing company for most Keerthi Estate Projects had already announced this project in the CREDAI property show on 17th/18th september.

Keerthi Royal Palms Options

The project is spread across 7 acres of land and will offer 2 and 3 BHK options

Keerthi Royal Palms Location

Next to BMW showroom on Hosur Road

Key distances

  • Infosys – 1.8 km
  • PES school of Engineering – 0.3 km
  • 600 metres to Nice Road interchange
  • 7.5 km to Silk Board Junction

Keerthi Royal Palms Price

  • 2 BHK apartments at 46.6 lakhs (Basic Price)
  • 3 BHK apartments at 59.4 lakhs onwards (Basic Price)

Keerthi Royal Palms Concerns

  • Being adjacent to a National Highway – Noise levels during day/night can be an issue
Keerthi Builders Content Manipulation - Influencing buyers

Keerthi Builders Content Manipulation - Influencing buyers

Keerthi Royal Palms Investment Plus Points

  • Right on Hosur Road excellent access to E-City offices
  • Access to the proposed new Phase 2 metro line running through Jayanagar – Silkboard – Electronic city

Take the poll – Is Keerthi Royal Palms a good investment?

  105 Responses to “Keerthi Royal Palms on Hosur Road – Location, Price, Review & Public Opinion”

  1. We have a 3bhk in Keerthi C-Block 10 Floor and looking to sell as moving out of Bangalore. Total area is 1720+ Sqft with 2 car parking (at negotiated rates).
    If any one is interested can drop me an email at dhananjay99@gmail.com

  2. We have a resale flats in keerthi royal palms. Please contact me at 9964453532 this number if anyone interested.


  3. The project seems to be good.
    Is there a way we can book a flat from the land owner’s quota? heard that they offer some discount over what builder or the marketing arm offers. Any way we can contact them?

  4. hello friends, we are planning to book a 3BHK in keerthi royal palms. can anyone guide me about the rates, the litigation part and about the construction quality and all?

  5. I am a buyer in nkeerthi gardenia. Quality of construction is really bad. At the time of purchase they said the possession would be July 2013…. we are in April 2014.. still no clear indication of completion… engineers are sub sab standard quality ….. none of the work gets completed without a regular push from buyers …. quite frustated with the buillder over all …. would advise the buyers to avoid Keerthi Builders al together

  6. Hi all,

    For any issues faced interms of keerthi estates, we request you to send us an email to keerthiestatess@gmail.com and our marketing team at keerthi estates will get back to you about it.

  7. We can Call it beauty, call it elegance, pr call it sophistication …Keerthi estates are a rare combination of serene and lavish art of living awaits you with royal greeting.

  8. I booked a 3bhk in Keerthi A-Block, but now probably be moving out of bangalore. Looking to sell if any one interested can drop me a email. udit_as@yahoo.com.

  9. Hi,

    Any one tel me, what is the rate per sqft now? Is it good builder to buy?


    • No B grade builder in bangalore is good. whether it ozone, confident, concorde, nitesh, ajmera, GM etc. I can’t afford a project of A grade builder ilke Prestige, Sobha etc. I’ve seen some issues like in keerti flora but in general it is Okay. Book the project directly from Keerti builders and not from people at site Office (Oyster marketing team) might strike you a better deal. This is Keerthi’s 22 project so I decided to go for it.

    • Builder is quoting Rs 4100 pqsft, Yesterday we went to see the construction status and talked to them
      for more info mail me at amit.bhumca03@gmail.com

    • We took a 3BHK Flat through Owner’s share not through Keerthi builder. Since its a JD Agreement with 40% share belonging to owners and rest 60% share belongs to Keerthi Estates. We got the rate as Rs 3500 psqft and flexibility in selecting number of car parking(either 1 or two or more but each will cost 2.5L). Also there is a advantage that as per govt norms we only have to pay VAT but no ST at the time of possession.

      Current price Keerti is qouting is Rs 4200 psqft. and also on higher floors of Block A and B, Also they qoute different prices for East facing and West facing flats. Contact me at amit.bhumca03@gmail.com for more details regarding KRP Project.

      • Mr. Amit who are you? A real estate agent that u r sharing such information. I want a 2 Bhk 1300 sqft flat. What will be the total amount that I have to pay. How can I meet You.

        • Shruti, Pls mail me your queries at amit.bhumca03@gmail.com

          • Hi Amit,
            Today I have visited Keerthi Apartments, but I see an issue. there was a notice written on the front boundary falls saying “This property is under litigation DS no. 124/2014 is pend, before in the court of prl. senior civil judge bangalore rural district”.
            Can you please clarify on this?
            Ankit Sinha | 9591700633

            • Hi Ankit,

              It was under some lItigation, but they did some out of court settlement and now its clear. I think that notice also got removed from the front boundary wall. After that Keerthi has raised the price to Rs 4500 per sq ft. You can visit the site and clarify the things regarding the previous litigation.


      • Hi Amit,

        I am planning to book unit in E block. Can you please tell me how is the construction quality.


        • Hi

          Even i saw the project, its nice. But it will take more than 2 years. i think the speed of work is little slow. So quite doubtful really they wil handover it after 2 years. Anyways i am also look forward for E block, can u pls. tell me d price per sq.ft.

        • Hi,

          I booked a 3BHK, 1620 Sqft in B block 10th floor last weekend. Sales exec said that they will handover by Sept-14 end but i am ok with December since i don’t have any hurry in moving in. I found quality to be reasonable at this price point and list of amenities is quite good.

      • Hi
        How did u contact d owner?, where is he?, can u pls. provide me detail information related to this.

      • Hi Mr.Amit i would like to buy a an apartment in Keerthi Royal Palms, But price in Site office is 4200/- per sft but i read you posting where mentioned 3200/- i am bit confused please guide me in this matter 9916642489 or u can mail me the details

  10. Well, checked out this project; they have opened booking only for A, B, C blocks and A and B full structures are standing. After this, they will take up booking of D and then E and their construction; in-between there is a 5-6 storey commercial complex in the front to come. In their master plan, they have mentioned at 2 places as future development; one in the amenities area and the other next to the construction area. Now, if construction for this phase is happening in phases, then when will this project be completed completely I wonder. Moreover, pre-launch and launch prices of other projects in the vicinity are all going well above the price quoted by Keerthi, why is this so despite being right on the Hosur road; is it because of the builder and his reputation? Please share your views.

    • Hi,

      I have booked an apartment in block c. C block has been completed till 6th floor and I was told d is booked.about future development, I did ask the same question to the sales guy and the answer was that it’s a seperate piece of land that they r trying to acquire. The current plot if 4.5 acres (or so) within which the current approved plan falls. As far as rates are concerned, market is not that great right now and tier 2 builders will take some hit because people might prefer tier 1 builders. So that may be one reason but when I compared the price , he was on par with the price trend in that area…tier a builders were charging way above the market price…

      • Hi Vickraman, my only concern was that construction is happening in phases, there are no floor plans released for blocks C, D, or E. There is no floor plan for 4 BHK as they have claimed in their broucher. Moreover, simply do not know when the whole project will be completed. We do not know whether floor plan for block E is frozen yet. Since these questions had no satisfying answers, I dropped this project and went ahead and booked in some other project. The sales team simply do their job of giving answers and conning customers, but are they to our satisfaction should be looked into from our safely point of view. Undue delay with filmsy excuses or one gets possession (for blocks A and B) but still construction activity keeps on happening for years later without any specific deadline as such will not be a desired situation. Thanks.

      • Vikaram,

        We have received the floor plan for Block C already though I do not have details for Block D & E.


  11. Hi,

    Is there a facebook group available for KRP owners ? I could not find one on FB ..



  12. Hi all,
    I am also planning to buy an apartment in Keerthi Estates – Royal Palms. Please advice.

    Whether the documents of the property are perfect legally.?

    Could anyone help me who has already validated the documents of the property.

    Shankar Ram L

    • Shankar,

      Some people I have met who have booked the flat there, say that they have got it verified personally.
      Also, a scanned copy of legal report from a lawyer (who is also part of SBI panel) is available on the Yahoo Groups for Keerthi Royal Palms.


  13. I booked a flat recently and I am planning to approach SBI for loan. Had a few questions :
    1) Has anyone got the papers checked by a lawyer ?
    2) If so, is the lawyer in SBI panel of lawyers ?
    3) Has anyone availed home loan for this project from SBI ?

    Please reply / mail me on anand_ecsatsy@yahoo.co.in

  14. Hi,
    looking at these comments I am extermely worried as I have booked a flat in their new launch on Sarjapur Road named Keerthi Regalia.Please if someone has booked in Keerthi Regalia can tell me actually when there pre- launch started when they are talking to actually launch it.

    • Hello Paras

      I have booked one flat this morning. Is there any owners group for Regalia?

    • Paras

      I have booked one flat last week in Regalia.
      Did you go for legal opinion? Is there any Regalia owners group?

    • Hi Paras,

      Have you gone through the legal documents of Keerthi regalia. We have just booked a flat recently in regalia and just wanted to know your opinion and any other updates you have regarding this project. Thanks.

  15. All,

    To prospective buyers, owners & those who’ve considered Keerthi Royal Palms but dropped the project. I’m contemplating on making a purchase at Keerthi. However, before I do, I was seeking for opinion from this forum on what your finds were (the +ves & -ves). I’m aware one cant have it all without having to compromise on something. At the same time, each one of us have their priorities.

    Would be great if someone could take time off & share their perspectives.


    • Hi Aryan,

      I am also in the same boat. I am thinking of buying a flat in Royal Palms despite reading all about the Keerthi Flora issues due to location advantage and budget constraints. But after seeing their efforts to influence people by writing fake comments now I am a bit more worried that they could stoop down to such low levels.

      So specifically wanted to check the cons of this project with people who have dropped this project. I know it is irritating to look back and spend time on something you have obviously lost interest on. But the feedback would be of immense help to people like me who are in a dilemma to put their hard-earned money and make a decision that could be life-altering.

      PS: I am a first-time buyer looking to buy for own use and definitely not an investor with dead money.


  16. Hi Everyone,

    I booked flat in Keerthi Royal palms- B Block.

    • Hi Renu,

      What flat did you book and at what price? What were your findings before going ahead?

      • Hi Aryan,

        I have booked at 3220/- per sq ft.. B Block-501, First of all i like the Location and i found price very reasonable… apart from this schools, colleges and hospitals are very near to this place..and i also heard the proposed peripheral ring road got approval for hosur road…and most important thing, the Construction quality is very good as compare to Confident group and ozone evergreen…so with all these points i like the project…

        what abt you ? are u planning to buy ?

  17. Hello Everyone,

    The comments and reviews in this forum has really helped me a bit, but can anyone of you guide me with the legal stuff? Is is all clear for Royal Palms project?


  18. The way they treat the customers talks a lot about the builder appraoch to your investment. I had a very bad experience and I will not recommend any one investing in this project. They do not share information on cost break-ups and seems like they consider customer should pay whatever they charge irrespective of the quality they offer. As the project has just started I forsee lot of future problems.

    These thoughts are as per my experience, decision is upto a person.

  19. Hi,
    I am planing to book flat in Royal Palms they have give price for 3270/- per sqft, i feel it is little expensive. has any one checked the legal documents?
    plz reply asap.

  20. All,

    This is a good property to invest, I have booked a 3 BHK Appartment in block C. I have also verified all legal documents and its clean.


  21. Thanks Siva for your valuable time.Do you have any idea about any developments happening on the hosur main road?

    Also I do not see any shopping complex or mall near by.what is your view wrf to this?

  22. I went there today and noticed first floor slab work was going on for A block. According to the person in office, A & B block will be delivered by March 2014 whereas C&D block will be ready by March 2015. I like the location but I am not sure whether his paper are alright or not. Did anyone verified his papers? He said there is 40:60 sharing between Builder(Keerthi) and owner(some old guy in Canada), did anyone verified that?

    • Shashank – What I understand from the builder is the flat for A and B block would be ready by Mar 14 and C and D block by Aug 14.The amenties would be given latest by Mar 15.

      Can I have your contact details thru mail so that we can stay in touch..

      • You can contact me on ‘shri dot iitk at gmail dot com’. BTW did anyone negotiated about number of parkings? I am planning to buy 3 BHK but they are including 2 parking spaces(2.5L each) in the price even though I don’t want it. Moreover, their plan shows 5 blocks but they are not saying anything about fifth block.

  23. Hi,
    Can anyone give me contact details of the Keerti Flora Association.


  24. CAUGHT!!! This time its Keerthi Builders – Check the image in the post. Trying to influence people by writing fake comments with fake ids…

    • I appreciate your attempt to post the fake messages.

      Is it possible that posting such fake messages be totally avoided in your site ? (may be forcing people to register before posting or something in similar lines)

      • Unfortunately if I ask people to register before commenting this site will no longer be useful, you see a lot more interaction here because its very easy to post a comment. The quality control is achieved by moderating comments, if you notice the fake messages were never approved but I put it on the article to show that there were attempts made several times, its a concern as builders are employing such tactics to sell their projects.

  25. Has any one book a flat in Keerthi Royal Palms, Hosur Road ?

  26. I was also interested inititally in buying a flat there.But after seeing the middle of nowhere kind of location and slow development in the area from past few years, we have decided against it.But no doubt the floor plans and promised amenities look good.

    • I too dropped my plan for this project. It is good in terms of people working in e city….2BHK plans seems to be very limitted.3 BHK options are good…heavily priced on amenities…But of course if metro station comes nearby,then this will be a very good location

      • The USP of this project is the location. Once the metro work kicks in it’s poised to be one of the best connected residential complex on hosur road. In terms of amenities, I went there today and see the Metro cash n carry coming up right besides it. Slated for completion by December. Another purvankara mall seems to be coming up on Hosa road. I have made two site visits in July trying to ascertain if this a good project to get into. My only concerns are on the stature of the builder and their committment to quality/on time work. Although this is not a class A builder but what might matter is if the quality of the work is as promised.

        I’m very close to deciding on picking up a flat here but wanted to get some opinion from any folks who might have booked here already.

  27. Thier is a group for Keerthi Gardenia (keerthigardenia@yahoogroups.com). Do check that for some details as well.

  28. Are you planning to buy any Keerthi Estates or property marketed by OYSTERS Real estate.
    Hold ON for 5 min before spending your money. You may want to visit their well known project Keerthi Flora near CMR college on ITPL road . Don’t avoid this before spending your million bugs.
    Can’t afford to visit Keerthi flora .. No Issue just watch following video of the illegal methods used by Keerthi Estates.
    Don’t have application installed in your system to watch this or Did Keerthi Estates remove video somehow ? No problem. Read following detail about this incident “
    “This is about Keerthi Estates Pvt Ltd’s Keerthi Flora Property that was built in 2007 and 216 families are staying here. Today,18th Oct 2011, The new builder/new land owner who came along with 150 police persons along with the special officer from encroachment deptt. They demolished the boundary wall, almost house arrested 216 people by putting the iron barricades along all the five blocks exit stairs.

    Anil Reddy, the, developer did not come at all to the scene. Whereas he had an information around 19 hrs before about the action.
    The reason for all this is – as per new land owner he has encroached almost half of the land, built and sold the apartments and legally it does not belong to him. “

    Will you still go with Keerthi Esates or Oyster ?
    If you find time to visit Keerthi flora, try to get access to their basement . you will realize the leakge/seepage issue.

    Oh ! this issue seems to be common with all small builders. Just try to go to terrace and see the cracks in building and cabling done by different operators …
    This is also common ???
    Just ask any resident about basic facilities like water ..Kids play area anyway you might have seen in the youtube link

    Still like Keerthi Estates, go ahead with day dream of same apartment which OYSTER marketing will portrait as

    • Thanks malathi, for the detailed information about the builder. It really helped.


    • I checked with the Keerthi people and they told that builder is paying back to the land lord and the issue is resolved now. Any idea on this?

      • Don’t belieive on those guys.. Just try to visit Keerthi Flora and you will realize the fact from outside itself. Keerthi Estates is not just paying for land in fact they are doing a joint development with the new builder at the same location. The POOR Keerthi flora residents have NO OPTION except except this . Now they have to share amenities with new owners….Do you think that this was a justice to Keerthi residents ?

        • Siva,
          I have the same info.
          I think i had a detailed discussion with one of the Flora clients and he was very clear that all is sorted out.

    • Malathi,

      I have purchased an apt in Keerthi Gardenia and have done all my ground work before buying.I visited Keerthi Flora and Keerthi Harmony and people living there as well.
      The incident at Flora is not a fault of the builder but the neighbouring property. The residents of Flora themselves were very supportive of the builder.Flora clients told me “There may have been issues but The MD Mr. Anil Reddy has sorted out all the problems”. People in Harmony are very happy with the project. In a span of 6 months i have got a good appreciation on my apt in Gardeina. Overall i think their projects are good.

  29. Hi

    Can you please let me know if someone booked the flat in Roayl Palms, I feel the price seems to be high and approvals are underway, is it worth buying at 3150/sq.ft?



    • It is expensive.

      • Earlier i was thinking to buy a flat in their project on Hosur Road howevr no i have changed my mind.
        On the price side, the average price for that area should not be more than Rs. 2500 per sq/ft. there is no market, no option to buy daily need stuff…
        they don’t have approval for phase II… there plans are vauge… not sure if people should invest in their property…

        • Hi,Rahul here.I visited HDFC Expo last Feb,i visited Keerthi stall their,theyare coating 2975/- only in Expo.I think it is the right price for that location and amenities they are providing.i have decided to go for it.

  30. Has anyone booked a flat here?

  31. Hi,
    I am interested in this property. Can you please let me know @ 3150/ Sq ft is it worth investment. Also there is not much appreciation for property near E city.

    • No No No… the adequate price is not more than 2500 sq/ft..please please please don’t pay them anything more than that… their other building was not constructed up to the mark…..

    • Hi siva.rahul here.I booked a flat in royal palms.Earlier they were coating 3150/- but now they are giving at 2975/- and discount around 75 – 100 per sqt.i think now you can contact them

      • Anyone booked apartment in Royal plams ? Please give your feedback.

      • Hi Rahul.
        I have dropped the plan and bought it in some other project.
        However i liked this project and feel if legally it is a clear property then is a good investment. For my info how much the total price for a 2bhk coming?

        • Siva,

          Where did you invest?What do you think about the property?


          • Hi Krish,

            My views for the project:

            1) Location: If you are working in E city then location is superb. Else being on the main road and close to the flyover, connectivity wise location is good. If metro station coming near to E city, in next few years this location will be excellent.
            If you are depending on public mode of transport i feel you should give it a chance.
            If you are planning for renting also it will go well.

            2) Plan: 3BHK plans are good. 2BHK as per me is little clumsy as per ventilation/sunlight etc considered.

            3) Builder: I am not sure. They have few completed projects in very good location. Please check the documents properly and visit their completed projects before investing.

            4) Price: I feel it is high, but with my experience i feel price will never come down. So if you like the location and plan then you shouldn’t bother by little bit here and there.
            Wherever we buy, it will stretch the budget today but after 2/3 years we shouldn’t regret about our investment.

            • Hi Siva,

              As of 31st dec, the rate was 3325/- for a 10th floor 2bhk (Rs.50/ is mandatory for east/north facing).. Is it a gud buy? The guy told it will increase by Rs.200/- in Jan 1st week.


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