DSR Sunrise Towers

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Jan 042012

DSR Sunrise Towers @ Chennasandra, Whitefield

DSR Sunrise Towers is an apartment project that is soon to be launched on the Chennasandra Road. The project is located facing the main road running from Hope Farm Junction to Chennasandra Village. Other projects in the neighbor hood include White Acres Villas and Whitefield Bougainvillea.

DSR Sunrise Towers Elevation

DSR Sunrise Towers Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK

DSR Sunrise Towers Location

DSR Sunrise Towers Price

Further Details Awaited. DSR Greenfields located further inside had apartments starting from Rs. 32 lacs, however DSR Sunrise Towers location will definitely mean an increase the price

DSR Sunrise Towers Concerns

  • Chennasandra road sees a lot of heavy traffic mostly HTV’s in the form of Goods and Fuel carriers as the road is used to access Food Corporation of India and Fuel storage units located further on NH 207
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DSR Sunrise Towers Investment Plus Points

  • The last 1 year has seen widening of NH 207 and the project is located just off this road. Further developments in this route are expected after the widening
  • Proximity to office areas at ITPB, EPIP Zone
  • Access to school such as Whitefield Global School, Gopalan National School
  • Metro Phase 2 at Ujwal Vidyalaya being the closest Metro station
  • Access to Volvo Bus facilities from the Hope Farm junction

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  1. I have few questions regarding the projects and future prospect.
    1. What will be the appreciation given that the rates in that area are showing flat trends? Consider Sobha for example. The pre launch price is 5500 and its not getting sold much even though its much closer to Hope Farm junction. What will be rates for Sunrise 5 years down the line?
    2. What is going to be the final possession date? their office is saying May second week but I am just wondering if it will be delayed. There is a lot of work pending in different flats.
    3. Has somebody done the verification of the documents with a lawyer?
    4. What is the general rate going on with different sellers? Builder, land owner and investors?

    • @Shibha – If you are an investor then it is not a good time to buy…People are selling now less than the price they have bought…the worst part here is there are no buyers..

      If you want to live in the same home..then go ahead and buy..there could be some delay which should be ok..atleast 90 % is completed..you shld be happy..You will be paying for the actual product that you are seeing not as per the marketing brochure..

      • Hi,

        any idea why builder is not able to sale flats in DSR sunrise towers?

        they have almost 90 flats still available for sale.

        and on their website thet are onoly marketting 211 flats looks like 17 flats are of land owner.

        Please share any inputs on this project.


        • pls chk with the builder directly for better price..they are flexible..

          i hope its for your own use.

        • This is my feedback for DSR builder in general. This is purely my experience so far.

          1) Quality(build, wiring, pipes, tiles etc) is above average but not top notch.
          2) Delivers all amenities, may be not immediately but eventually.
          3) CC, OC, A khata, will be as per initial understanding. For sure he will not cheat you in any legal terms.
          4) Builder helps you will all paper work, while buying and even after you move in. For example, with Electricity bill name change. Etc.

          1) Even though build quality is good, finishing is not at all good. For ex: unwanted paint ?marks everywhere. Uneven wall finishing. scratch marks on doors.
          2) some tiles will be broken for sure in normal rooms and bath rooms. Builder will not fix any of these.
          3) Builder’s 1st year maintenance will be pathetic. This might frustrate you.
          4) Builder doesnt do a single dry-run to make sure wiring\plumbing is in good shape in your flat. You will end up following up with builder multiple times, and his response is poor. This might frustrate you but eventually he will fix, may be in 6-8 months.
          5) Common amenities are just for name sake, Builder makes sure everything is in good shape for 1st year. Thats it, everything will be broken or not working after 1yr ie once his maintenance period is over. None of these amenities comes with any warranty. Out of all common things only lifts are good brand make.
          6) common area build quality is very poor. For ex: lobby, jogging track, parking area etc.
          7) VAT and service is very high, in fact, highest among any builder in bangalore. You will not get any satisfactory answer when you ask him “why?”.
          Having said all these things, I’m not sure whether 85-90 lacs for a 3bhk will be justified in this area. DSR is not able to sell even 40% of flats in this project, do some research(not with DSR marketing) and figure out why. Im sure there is a strong reason.
          One last thing, unlike flats in tier-1, DSR flats doesnt carry much resale value. You might not find a buyer who can spend 1.1 crs for a DSR flat, after 4 years.(assuming current inflation)

          Only reason for people to buy is “price”, people compare with prestige and shobha near by and see DSR as feasible option, in reality they only get for what they pay. DSR prices may look cheap, but when you consider quality aspect, prices are not cheap and not justified at all.

        • Becuase developers are the owners for the major portion of the land and small extent is beloging to the so called land owner. I have verified the documents with my lawyer.

    • You will not see any direct appreciation in DSR properties. You can just count tax/rent saved. Also DSR properties looks good only first 1-2 years and after that building will look average. My relative tried to sell his 3bhk in DSR’s brookfield project in 90L but couldn’t get any buyer ready for that price. He got max offer of 73L (his purchase price is 62L which he paid 3 years ago + bank interest).
      Make sense because in 90lacs people will get new apartment (may be a bit far).
      Similarly if you spend 90lacs on this project don’t expect it will sell more than 1 crore.

      resale transactions of high value properties are in general difficult these days.
      Purva fountain square : 2bhk is priced around 80 – 85 lacs, i see lot of brokers coming everyday to show same apartment, many flats are available for sale but hardly 1-2 transaction in a qtr.

      • >>>>>>resale transactions of high value properties are in general difficult these days.

        >>>>>>>>>many flats are available for sale but hardly 1-2 transaction in a qtr.

        >>>>>>>>>>>Similarly if you spend 90lacs on this project don’t expect it will sell more than 1 crore.

        Aahaa!!! Some ground reports that vindicate what I have been saying all these while.

        Real Estate Cost Depends On Affordability of the Masses. At this moment, it’s stretched to the hilt.

        Thanks @Swati for all your inputs.

    • DSR does not have very good in-house architects, quality team. They mosttly give it to the contractors..from the company side we are not sure how much control they will have with the contractors.Most of the contractors do not do quality work.. they just try to save as much money as they could..so being a dsr owner myself we can see lots of water leakage issues after 1 year..

      so my suggestion is to get the details of the contractors from the DSR office and their experience..before you decide

  2. It seems like lot of intentional bashing for DSR in this forum! Guys, who ever is genuine should at least publish the name of the apartment they have purchased and express solid facts rather than blindly saying quality is bad etc! In that manner, anyone can put blame on any builder. We all understand that no builder is perfect and everyone is here for profit. But that should not be driven by brokers or people with some bad intentions.

    • Sorry Mahe..Its not intentional. All the points mentioned by the people are true and real.
      I would suggest not buy from this builder at any cost. Please ask the builder to take him to old/new completed projects and then take a decision. Then only they will see the different between colorful brochure and the reality..
      i hope everyone agrees to this..

      • @Kamal, Now you tell me the apartment name atleast! I personally have been to DSR sites and they were always asking to visit their previous projects. So your that point is invalid.

        • boss..just ask the dsr guys about their previous completed projects..they have the list.
          or check in the website and go and look at the apartments

          As i said..its all their properties..They do not provide A khata and OC for their properties….so be careful..i am just warning..its upto u to decide and then buy..

          • Hi! Mr Kamal,

            We do appreciate your concerned thoughts on DSR ST project ,rather it would have been more helpful if you would have been more specific in your comments regarding builder’s laxity . There is no denying to the fact that individually you havn’t
            liked any of the DSR projects which you may have seen, but you shouldn’t underestimate decisions and prudence of 115 flat owners owning DSR ST towers.

            You can’t consider them to be novice and naive to have committed their
            hard earned money for something which is as unfavorable as you are making
            it out to be . For your information we have 10 or more flat owners in ST, already
            owning flats with DSR in their various previous projects . So far it has been good with us and we all are reasonably satisfied with the way the project is panning out ..

            Being an owner ,I would really appreciate if you could be bit more specific and
            you share information with facts which would enable people to take constructive
            decisions..rather than just making vague passing comments or relying on just hearsay .

            Just for your knowledge ,we have been shared with OC and A khatha by DSR management for their current projects -Greenfields ,Rainbow Heights and Ultima/Woodwinds are under process .



          • @Kamal, boss answer to my question. Which DSR apartment do you own? Reply to questions and dont creat your own questions. Tell me which apartment of DSR doesn’t have OC and A Khata. I have seen OC for even for their greenfields project. If you don’t owe any of their property, why should i believe you. Remember, its not difficult to trace for false information.

            • Hence proved, Kamal is writing fake reviews. He might be from marketing team of competitor.
              Mahe, you relax. Everyone asked him many times about his flat and still he is not able to comprehend the question.

              • Pls do not market DSR flats..my sincere advise is talk to people and see what DSR has delivered as per the promise

                Quality is not great..that is what I heard.

              • Agree Rajesh, I knew his intentions. We should allow people to just put some rubbish comments. DSR may not be much interested in tracking such people who put fake reviews. But its beyond proportions now.

                • I mean we should not allow people to just put some rubbish comments.

                  • its not rubbish..please share the scan copy of the OC that you received..
                    anyone can say i have seen the OC..

                  • Kamal is asking OC copy from our side, but he is not willing to share his flat details. Looks like very very fair request from a fake guy :p

                  • @Kamal, pls check mouthshut.com DSR has put them online.

                  • Dear Mahe & Rajesh

                    I did not find the OC in mouth shut.com . Please share me the link

                    @Rajesh – What are you going to do with my flat number and details..
                    The fact is you do not have OC and Akhata for all the buildings that you have constructed so far ..why cant you publish OC status in your website ..so that all people will buy the apartment..instead of believing in my comments

                    Just go the below website and publish the OC and A-khata status for all your projects in one page..that will tell you about your honesty and integrity..pls do not cheat ..its all our hard earned money..


                    I am trying to save millions of people..that is all. Since i am a victim of dsr i am writing this blog..

                  • @Kamal, this is the link:


                    Can’t even a simple google search show this?

                    Now which other builder has put the OC in their website? The so called Tier 1 builders are looting so much money, are they putting them online?

                    You keep on telling DSR cheated you. Explain more with clear facts then atleast people who bought with them or willing to buy can help you out!

    • Hello All,

      I am owning one flat in DSR Green Vista and purchased another one in DSR Sunrise Towers.
      I am associated with DSR since last 6 years and What I found good about DSR is that they are very approachable for any sort of issue. it has been more than 4 years since we got handover for DSR Green Vista and today also if we face any big issue we still approach to DSR CEO and he responds properly and help us to solve our issue. Even though the builder has out from Green Vista 4 years before and the Green Vista society is running by its association but still the builder put their money, resources to solve our issue. Hence I would say they are very approachable and keeping that in mind I had purchased another flat in ST.

      As per Flat sale is concerned, I think every builder is having this issue ( like any big builder in nearby area)
      Coming to quality, DSR is at par and even I can say they matched(Sunrise Towers) equally with big builder (on the same road ). In fact the quality of DSR ST is better than any nearing project. Don’t want to take any name.

      DSR have kept their commitment in terms of delivery on time for ST.

      Above all, DSR is the better option amongst all mid size builder. I feel so.


      • Pls do not market here

        • @ram, how come above comment is marketing? Its from his experience. I am seeing so many bad comments out of the blue from people having no experience with DSR.

      • Mahe – Everyone has got right to voice their opinion..the best way to challenge is to check the delivered product on quality before going thru kamals view.

        If you are giving OC and A-Khata then customers need not worry..else there will be doubt in DSR

        • @Karthy, anybody can have their opinion, but it should be supported by facts. Just putting their opinion is not relevant and will be commented back.

          • hi,

            I am planning to buy falt in DSR Surise Towers, please let me know if any one has already purchases a flat in DSR Sunrise towers


            • Hi Pawan,
              I can give few inputs regarding DSR builder in general. This is purely my experience so far.
              1) Quality(build, wiring, pipes, tiles etc) is above average but not top notch.
              2) Delivers all amenities, may be not immediately but eventually.
              3) CC, OC, A khata, will be as per initial understanding. For sure he will not cheat you in any legal terms.
              4) Builder helps you will all paper work, while buying and even after you move in. For example, with Electricity bill name change. Etc.

              1) Even though build quality is good, finishing is not at all good. For ex: unwanted paint marks everywhere. Uneven wall finishing. scratch marks on doors.
              2) some tiles will be broken for sure in normal rooms and bath rooms. Builder will not fix any of these.
              3) Builder’s 1st year maintenance will be pathetic. This might frustrate you.
              4) Builder doesnt do a single dry-run to make sure wiring\plumbing is in good shape in your flat. You will end up following up with builder multiple times, and his response is poor. This might frustrate you but eventually he will fix, may be in 6-8 months.
              5) Common amenities are just for name sake, Builder makes sure everything is in good shape for 1st year. Thats it, everything will be broken or not working after 1yr ie once his maintenance period is over. None of these amenities comes with any warranty. Out of all common things only lifts are good brand make.
              6) common area build quality is very poor. For ex: lobby, jogging track, parking area etc.
              7) VAT and service is very high, in fact, highest among any builder in bangalore. You will not get any satisfactory answer when you ask him “why?”.
              Having said all these things, I’m not sure whether 85-90 lacs for a 3bhk will be justified in this area. DSR is not able to sell even 40% of flats in this project, do some research(not with DSR marketing) and figure out why. Im sure there is a strong reason.
              One last thing, unlike flats in tier-1, DSR flats doesnt carry much resale value. You might not find a buyer who can spend 1.1 crs for a DSR flat, after 4 years.(assuming current inflation)

              • Thanks Rajesh for your feedback.

                I have personally visited the DSR ST and it seems they have tried to build a proj at par with some of the big buliders. the floor layout is very good as compared to other big projects in neighbourhood. also the bathroom fittings and tiles are same as in model flat.

                Also I agree with you on some points but my take is that after proj is transfered to owners association it become their responsbility to maintain the facility.

                Investment in 3BHK units is only good if meant for self use. For invetsment for rental income purpose 2BHK is best option. The probable reason for slow sale of flats is becasue flat size is on higher side that is resulting into higher cost.

                can you please let me know which proj from DSR you have purchased a flat?


                • Hi Pawan, Im not completely comfortable in sharing my full details because, i already mentioned bunch of negatives i faced.

                  Btw, you look like completely happy with Sunrise Towers and almost made your mind to proceed ahead. If that is the case, i suggest you to go ahead, its not too bad decision. :-)

                  But would like to correct couple thought processes you shared.
                  “Also I agree with you on some points but my take is that after proj is transfered to owners association it become their responsibility to maintain the facility.” — This is true in general, but I was talking about builder’s maintenance period, which sucks, not after that.

                  “The probable reason for slow sale of flats is becasue flat size is on higher side that is resulting into higher cost.” — you need not get defensive here :-)
                  come out of defensive mode and figure out real reason.

                  And “tried” is a relative word, that helps nothing while you plan for resale after 3-4 years.

                  All the best.

                  • I had been to the site today as I was looking for an apartment in Whitefield and this project looked to be decent.

                    Had met a couple of owners on Saturday and found the following:

                    1. The project was slated to be delivered around November 2014 time lines with plus minus 3 months. So lets say feb 2015. It seems a few owners will be getting possession by April 2015 which is not bad as I have heard usually projects from good builders also get delayed by 6 months or so depanding on the size of project.

                    2. The owners seem to have a forum wherein they actively work with the builder and so far they have seen that the builder is accomodative and is open to discussions about changes which I guess is very rare with big builders.

                    3. The constructions seems to be good. Of course I am not an architect to understand the quality of things used.

                    4. The layout of some flats are very decent as they have accomodated for ventilation as well as privacy.

                    5. They are asking for around 4500 plus other charges. If I compare those with Sobha which is quoting around 7K the price of Sunrise seems to be decent. Heard there are plans for Metro and widening of roads which is good and also there are very good projects which are coming around like prestige, sobha etc. which may change the face of the place.

                    If there are some old customers of DSR who have stayed in their completed apartments and are also part of this forum looking for a flat in DSR, feedback from them would be good.

                  • For self use..you can go ahead..if it is for investment..just run away..

        • DSR’s last 3 delivered projects have OC. Copies of OC for some of the projects can be found on mouthshut if any one has an ounce of skill to look for it.

          • what do u mean my last 3 projects ? how about the other projects..instead of putting this in mouthshut..you can publish this in your website..

            this clearly shows that you are not genuine..you are only trying to mislead people..

            DSR Can simple put the status in their website – What do u think ? Don’t you think there will be lots of customers who will gain confidence before buying..

            Project Name – OC Status – Khata

            • I have to commend your commitment to wage war against DSR.

              Someone from DSR uploaded OCs on mouthshut in response to a similar smear campaign running there. Please share links to OCs of Prestige / Sobha / Brigade / Mantri projects. Not just the recent projects, mind you, all projects. I will then personally question DSR management as to why they do not publish OCs on their website. I must admit though that (IMHO) publishing OCs on website will rubbish a lot of false claims made here.

              OCs are usually issued almost 6 to 12 months after handover of flats. I assume that by this time the builder has sold most of his lot and so he doesnt have much to gain in terms of sales.

              As far as i know, DSR offices have not been raided by tax authorities or slapped notices by court for encroachment like some of the illustrious names that blind hordes of customers. From my dealings with them i have found them to be approachable, fair and transparent. How many other builders actually publish their availability on their website and not artificially inflate price citing high demand and low availability? I cant count too many.

              I fail to comprehend how you gauge my genuinity based on one single comment in a BLOG, but i care a hoot. If you or Mr. Kamal or someone else can’t share how you were wronged by DSR, how are we to believe any wrongdoing? A blanket warning amounts to nothing when i don’t know what i have to watch out for.

            • @customer Not even Tier-1 builder like prestige doesnt have OC in their site. You will get to know information only when you call them or talk to current customers.

              DSR started as small time builder, and DSR is doing bigger projects. DSR may not have OC for their initial projects(<100 flats per project). From last few years they are sticking with BBMP rules and OC has been issued.
              refer to this link: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Dsr-Infrastructure-Private-Limited-Bangalore-review-rnptqloums

            • @customer, I think the reason why DSR has put it in mouthshut is because of lots of intentional bashing there just like in this website. Also I dont know whether DSR has put it or some customer. On other hand, which builder has put these copies online, i mean including so called tier1 builders? Now DSR is very genuine is putting availability status online, which even Tier1 builder is not daring to do.

              • Great to know Mahe..Kudos to DSR then if you plan to put the availability status online..

                Transparency is the key..i know others are not doing it..but you will make a difference..

      • Hi Nitish,

        I am planning to buy a flat in DSR Sunrise towers.

        Could you please let me know your contact number @ pawan82india@gmail.com


      • any builder will support on petty items for the issues / mistakes made by them, not a big deal, important info that you need to share is have DSR given you OC & all other clear legal titles for your existing apartment ? & were you made aware in beginning of buying both these apartment in beginning that you will receive OC ?

  3. Hello All,

    Is DSR a really a good? I had inquired about sunrise in past and now again (last week). I noticed that they are now complete but still they are not able to sell out these flats.

    I also visited DSR’s Greenvista and Greenfields to see the quality. Looks like DSR is a basic builder but needs to still grow up.

    They did not provided OC and residents had tough time dealing with builder on small issues.

    Greenfields (nearest from sunrise):
    I have also seen in greenfields they have started phase2 (back side of main project), where residents are happy with DSR’s attitude. I talked to few residents and they all say it is ok builder not worth.
    – DSR has provided OC for this but with this new contruction he is changing the plan and residents are in big problem
    – Residents were sharing that DSR did not provide proper dranage in basement due to which they had lot of problems (mosquitos) and almost 15 cases of DENGU in last few months.
    – Residents are fed up and pushing a lot to builder for every single thing.

    Seeing and talking to residents looks like, DSR is better avoided.


    • Dear Abhishek,

      You cant blame the builder blindly, knowing nothing. They are cheap but that doesnt means that they are bad. they make affordable homes. I have one unit in DSR wood winds and my friend has taken in DSR Ultima. They are good, never created any problems till date. they have completed close to 30 projects in bangalore and may be more than that in hyderabad.

      In my opinion they are one group , who makes standard projects at affordable pricing.I don’t know why they have lot of availability now, probably because its a whole 3BHK unit kind of project.And i believe most of the people who is giving bad reviews about DSR are brokers because DSR is not broker friendly, if I m not wrong only Grihhpravesh.com is having sole marketing DSR projects. I got it through them and their service is really appreciable.
      DSR projects are a very good option for people who are looking for 3BHK with a budget of 90 to 1.20cr and all projects are in good location. Mine is just next to wipro corporate office on Sarjapra road.

      For more details about this project interested guys can be in touch with Mr Ashish Sharma from DSR at 9686670430.

      • i do not agree with you ..i am an owner of DSR project ..they do not have professional people..better to avoid.

        • @Karthy, which DSR project? Please be more specific in your answers.

          • Mahe..pls chek all the delivered projects and check the quality and speak to the secretary..you will come to know..i am not trying to spread rumors on dsr..i am only throwing facts and want you to be 100 % sure before you invest your hard earned money..

            • @Karthy, that doesn’t answer my question. Which flat of DSR do you own?

              • all flats..you can check the project in mahadevpura fyi..

                • Hi Mahe – How many DSR projects has got Occupancy certificate and A Khata ?

                  Can you pls ask the builder the same question ? I am also a victim of DSR..i would not go with DSR anyone..incase i have to buy one more.

                  People needs to be careful and be happy by staying in a rental accomodation,,

                • @Karthy! What man, are you not getting my question? Which flat of DSR do you own? What you mean by all flats? Project in Mahadevapura is DSR Elite which is villas!

                  • Karthy, you look like a sorry figure here. You are posting some crap in multiple names without any base. You can’t even answer which DSR property u own. Now answer this question – you are from the marketing division of which builder? That may be easier for you to answer

                • @Karthy, your defiance is reaching comical proportions. FYI I am an owner at DSR Wood Winds.

                  • Hi

                    Am staying in DSR Green fields we got the OC for our apartment. Actually we don’t have any major issue in our apartment. In fact we have purchased 2 flat in phase-2 as investment.

    • Dear Abhik ,

      On your question :Is DSR a really a good? – either you meant an option or a builder ; being a owner in DSR ST would say yes for it being one of the better options available in that area at such price points .would say decent builder with certainly certain pros and cons .. My personal experience with DSR ST project in last 2 years has been quite good and its good that they have learnt from their previous mistakes in certain projects and are ensuring not to repeat the same in ST . Our owners group has been keeping tab on their shortcomings and same have been looked into by the builder . They have met their commitment on handover period of Nov’14 for woodwork as was promised at the inception of the project. As you rightly said there is always a scope for betterment as it is true for all the builders ….

      On unsold stock , yes the uptake has been slow because of the uniqueness of this project in that area with all flats being 3 bhk only , and we are confident that builder would be able to develop the project as promised …… and we would be writing more positive reviews hopefully 6-8 months down the line .


  4. This is an update on the OC issue. We had a meeting with the DSR management yesterday and we have been told that they’ll be getting the OC in a week’s time for DSR Greenfields. They already had got the OC for Spring Beauty. For Sunrise, they’ll start the process on completion of the project and the expected date is mid-nov.

    • Small correction, the update was for DSR Rainbow Heights and not for Spring Beauty.

      • Hi Owners of Sunrise towers,

        I am also interested in buying in Sunrise towers, but have the following concerns:

        1) There has been quite a lot of bad comments on DSR. Mostly about Green fields project. I do understand that the architect of Sunrise towers are different. During the site visit, I found that they are providing most of the things same as in model flat and found the site quite nicely organized. Would like to get your comments on this.

        2) I read online that, Jan 2014 was supposed to be original possession? Is it true?

        3) A big concern is out of 228 apartments, only 90 has been sold so far. On the other hand, they are quite transparent so that end user knows what is the current situation.

        4) Carpet area is around 72%, which i think is quite common now a days!

        5) Anybody verified the legal documents of the project?

        • I do not have any direct information on DSR green fields so I would not comment on that. Here are the answers to your other questions.

          1. There are some changes in the overall plan which is there on the website, but the DSR team should be able to tell you about. For some of the changes, we are still under discussion with the DSR team and hope that there is a closure soon.

          2. That is not correct, the original possession date was oct 2014 only.

          3. DSR sales team had informed that this has been the general trend with many of their projects. The sales pick up towards the completion of the project.

          4. The comment itself shows that you have done enough research! It is indeed quite common these days.

          5. I personally didn’t, but I know that there are others who have. I booked the flat in Feb 2013. Some of those who booked earlier had got the documents verified.

          • Thanks Dharmendra, I have already booked the flat and have a comment to all those who are visiting this website. Please go and see DSR Sunrise towers and judge for yourselves and dont get biased by comments (particularly some intentional comments against DSR).

            • Hi Interested_guy,
              I would like to know if this property is legally clear or there are any issues?
              Have you got verified legal documents of this project?
              Which bank you have approached for loan?

              • @Garima, I have gone with SBI RACPC Whitefield. They have done separate legal verification and everything is fine. Please go to the site and verify for yourself about construction. I am sure you will be satisfied.

                • Hey Interested guy, is there any 2 bedroom apartment available in sunrise appartment. I am interested in buying one.

                • Hi,

                  Can you share your contact details with me? I am interested in owning a flat in SunRise soon. You experience would be of great help.

  5. Just saw that many of the comments are posted on a different site by people with different names on another site -> http://www.proptiger.com/bangalore/whitefield/dsr-infrastructures-sunrise-towers-511447. It cannot be a coincidence for sure.

    • Unfortunately the proptiger team has a habit of copying comments from this site to their site, though I have bought this to their notice few times no action has been taken :(

      • hmm .. What you are saying may be true Harsha for some cases, however in many cases they are posted first on the proptiger site. I feel some of the comments may be illegitimate. If we can provide a unified view for a user activity on the site then we may be able to reduce such cases.

        In any case, what you’ve provided us is already very helpful. There will be false positives always, but the end user can make use of one’s own judgement, combined with one’s own knowledge to make better use of the online resources.

    • Agree Dharmendra …it can’t be coincidence but we need to understand birds with same “feathers” will flock together :) . .. At this age of copying and paste individuality of genuine expressions are lost.. And as Harsha expressed we realise these as some of the ills of social forums .

      All said and done in spite of repeated bashing and with due respect to all people with their views and concerns about DSR Infra and builders – Sunrise project is proceeding atleast to our satisfaction and we are happy with response from DSR site engg , tech team, sales team and management. We have confidence that it will pan out the same way in future.

      ND. On behalf of Flat owners at Sunrise towers with no legions to DSR Infra .

  6. Also discovered this detailed review on one of their project: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Dsr-Infrastructure-Private-Limited-Bangalore-review-qtlompqmur#commentmsg

  7. Are the villas that are getting constructed behing DSR sunrise towers, from Prestige? Prestige Mayberry. Anyone aware of?

    • Yes that true

      • Please do not buy from DSR Builders..they do not have good engineers and architects..we bought an apartment from DSR and the water started leaking from the building..the quality is very pathetic..no planning..better pay some premium and be happy in the place where u live..would suggest everyone
        to check with the dsr apartment old owners before you book.

        • Hi Archana,

          Which apartment are you referring to? Can you share more details?


          • Thanks Archana,

            I was also checking about DSR and information is correct.

            If someone really want to see the situation/quality of work then try visiting DSR greenfield (near hopefarm circle). Residents are having big problems with construction quality …….. I visited the apartment today while visiting sunrise tower.

            I am thankful to Archana that I just thought of visiting completed projects of DSR.
            Now atleast I won’t consider DSR as one of the option and never recommend to anyone.

            Warm regards,

          • Even I was interested in DSR Sunrise but dropped the idea after speaking to my acquaintance in DSR Rainbow heights. They have lots of issues with the builders – quality of constructions, delays (2 years) and unexplained charges towards maintenance etc. I also heard similar feedback from a colleague who has purchased apartment in DSR Greenfields (delayed by close to year and still needs 6 month before it will get completed).

            • I had seen Greenfields sometime in February and almost all the work except i think one block was pending. They told me hat the possession is by June 2013 which looking at the progress i thought was feasible. So is Greenfields not yet occupied by residents?

              In Sunrise Towers I could see the structure work completed with some flats being painted and some plasterings on the outside of some block.

              • I had a long chat with my colleague and he mentioned that project is nowhere near completion, even after 10 months of delay – few of the block have been occupied as the owners were not able to bear burden of both rent & EMIs – bescom power supply is not there, none of the amenities work is complete, basic civil work, plumbing, electrical are being completed for few blocks. External plaster and painting is not complete, roads are not laid, parking area is being used as dumping ground, water treatment plant & STP are not … feeling very lucky that I decided against putting my money with these guys.

            • Hi
              Am staying in dsr rainbow heights since from beginning of project completion, neither the project was delayed even for 2 month, since am one of the association member of 266 flats apartment.
              All the facilities got handed over within given time and we all enjoying the facilities.
              Being am flat owner in dsr rainbow heights , I know the project was completed on time.

              • Hi Ravi,
                A couple of questions:
                1. When was DSR Rainbow heights delivered to residents for residing.
                2. Are there any construction issues like leakages.
                3. Were all the promised amenities delivered on time or were they delivered many months after the residents occupied the flats.
                4. Which flat do you own in DSR Rainbow heights.

                • Hi,
                  My flat red block, project delivered within given time, since Oct 2012
                  Till now no issues or leakages, all the amenities are ready from jan 2013. Builder have given everything as per the project specification.

        • Hi Archana’
          Could you tell more details on what issues you faced with them? I have DSR Sunrise shortlisted, but after reading the commets , I am having two thoughts about it

          • DSR price will be always less than the premium developers. So do not get attracted to this offer.
            Everyone should understand we get what we pay for. I am a owner of dsr apartment that is why I am

            The below things I did not like from the builder

            1. Water leakage from the top floor
            2. Vitrified tiles not laid properly and is of low quality
            3. No quality inspection done in the building..
            4. Delay in the possession
            5. Mostly check about the completion certificate or possession certificate.

            I would request you to go for a premium builders so that they themselves maintain some standards..you wont find these things in dsr builders.

            The best way to validate is ask the builder some references in the project
            they have completed and then decide.

            Check the old project and the new one..All are of the same issue.

            • I was invited by a relative who has moved into DSR Greenfields (G+4) last week and since I am looking for an apartment in Whitefield, I wanted to do more research on this builder as Sunrise was one of the projects I was keen on. As per the discussion and my observation, problems highlighted here are consistent:

              1) This person was given a handover commitment of January 2013 and in December 2013, the project has lots of unfinished taks.
              2) No Bescom power supply – residents using commercial supply for fan and lights
              3) Water treatment/supply is intermittent
              4) No amenities in place – except few broken rides in the play area & a pool with swarm of mosquitoes
              5) Major structural design flaws (balconies facing each other at space of 5 mts), diesel genset placed near sharp curve as you enter the apartment building…
              7) Noticed seepage /dampness in the living area and in the basement parking area too

              Not sure if anybody will trust them with big budget projects if they can’t get mid-sze project right.

              • Abhinav,

                Appreciate your observations and those are in-line with what I heard from my colleague. Unfortunately, he decided to go with DSR Infra and is fighting to get his due right.

                Happy house hunting.

              • I am keen in buying an apartment in the vicinity of Sarjapur-Marthahalli-Whitefield and had shortlisted DSR Woodwinds & DSR Sunrise before I savored some samples of of DSR Infrastructure.

                On Christmas, I visited their project by the name DSR Greenfields and was accompanied by a friend who is civil engineer as I had read a lots of negative comments about this builder. Here are some of the things that we noticed:

                1) Security is not present. We entered the project site without any checking or request for entry.

                2) Project is 3-4 month away from completion..if they work regularly on site. I did not notice any work being carried on even though it was not a holiday for them..most of the workers seems to have been shifted to other project sites.

                3) Swimming pool location was absurd…neighbouring flat owners will have a complete view while it has been kept away from the view of people purchasing the flats

                4) Play area was in shambles..poor rides/swings & rubble.

                5) Crooked walls were a common sight and really a question mark on the capability of the builder

                6) Apartments that we saw were pathetic,,poor floor plan, inconsistent layout, lack of privacy is not something I will expect even from a mediocre builder

                7) Basement was huge but again full of leaking pipes, without lighting, stray dogs too.

                8) There was only 1 good thing about this project on the brochure – landscaping /greenery – but my friend noticed lots of deviation in the plan and landscaping / greenery. When we asked the sales person, he feigned ignorance and said the property will be developed as per the elevation plan. On meeting some residents, the truth came out, the builder is trying to short-change the buyers by taking out the green area/landscaping and converting them into open car parking . If this happens, I will suggest the DSR Infrastructure and apartment owners to change the name of the project from DSR Greenfield to DSR CarPark.

                Hope this will help future buyers of DSR Sunrise, DSR Woodwinds, DSR Ultima, DSR Greenfields, DSR Eden Greens, DSR White Water, DSR Grandeur, DSR One in their decision process. My simple suggestion for apartment buyers is to visit the projects being completed by the builders (any builder) to understand the gap between what is being promised and what will be delivered.

            • Archana & others
              I live in Spring Beauty Apartments (one of the 1st few projects of DSR) for the past 7 years. I have booked another apartment with DSR Sunrise towers. For sure, I can tell you that if I had the issues that you are mentioning, I would not have gone to DSR Sunrise. But I dont think thats the case here. Sunrise Towers is already ahead of schedule till date. From my past experience with Spring Beauty Apartments, I can tell you that DSR has delivered all that were promised & on time. I have personally recommended many to DSR Greenvista near ITPL & from my understanding the referred ones are happy till date. Hence, I dont think / believe the information provided by you is correct.
              I am also seeing few posts targetting Pundaleek Pai. From whatever I have dealt with him so far, he has been very courteous & supportive. One thing that I can tell you that no builder is perfect, DSR is neither. But I can tell you that DSR does not shun / run away from issues & instead they fix them. I have been a happy DSR customer for the last 7 years & many more years to continue. I would only request those posting messages to post facts than false information.


              • the message looks like from the builder. i donot agree with you ..
                building lekages happen after 1 yr .better to be safe. dsr was never a professional company.They are involved in cheating and building apartments without any sancation.

                Have you got your completion certificate ?

                • Archana & Shankar,

                  You have hit the nail on it’s head. I surveyed DSR Greenfields as prospective buyer and found that the DSR Infrastructures is a sub standard builder. Quality of work is not at all good, there is hardly any amenities and builder has left the project in bad shape. I spoke with 3-4 owners in the apartment and all of them were disappointed with the builder.

                  My brother-in-law and I were initially looking to invest in DSR Sunrise but have now changed our minds.


            • Hi Archana,
              Appreciate your feedback. Which project are you referring to wherein you faced these issues as I have shortlisted one of DSR projects and as far Spring Beauty and Greenvista are concerned I received decent feedbacks.

          • Don’t ever touch DSR apartments from DSR Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., we had decided to invested in their DSR Ultima project and cancelled the plan after seeing the progress and quality of work at other projects – DSR Rainbow Heights, DSR Spring Beauty, DSR Greenfields.

            The common problem with this builder is deviations (you will not get NOC from authorities – please check with owners of DSR Rainbow Heights, completed 2 years back) even the owners of DSR Ultima and DSR Greenfields are frustrated withe the delays and planning to take legal action against the builder as he has changed the plan and giving them very few amenities. Instead they are saving money by cutting short on amenities promised, building parkings in the open space (originally planned for landscaping – this was also done at DSR Spring Beauty and residents had to initiate legal action against the builder.

            The quality of planning, execution and workmanship is pathetic..speak to some of their project engineers, supervisors and you will be able to judge their skills. They employ their relatives in key roles – project manager leading the DSR Sunrise project is the owners brother-in-law.
            They also sell the premium flats to their relatives and throw-away price and spoil the environment of the society.

            Plumbing and electrical work at their projects is a joke..please verify with the owners of DSR Ultima and DSR Greenfields on their sufferings. The contractors employed are again relatives of the builder and no action is taken against them for poor quality of work, exorbitant charges and gross indiscipline.

            The promised amenities always remain a promise and not delivered….any one of you can verify this by visiting DSR Ultima & DSR Greenfields

            DSR are not trustworthy – They don’t get you occupancy certificate, Khata, rain water harvesting systems. Their bores dry up within an year of operation.

            Visit the completed apartments of DSR and talk to people before making decision – DSR Ultima, Spring Beauty, Elegance, Green Vista, DSR Greenfields…

            Spring Beauty area was under litigation.. i guess now its solved

            Elegance – built on drains

            None of these have OC, Khata in place.

            Even if you have to spend a little more with a better builder, please do that and have a peaceful sleep

        • Please tell us which apartment you are staying. Otherwise, please stop commenting against any builder without solid proof.

  8. Hi,
    I enquired about an apartment in this project. I’ve got a quote 4450 (4325 + 125 floor price) for an 8th floor flat. Could you please suggest is it good from an investment point of view?

    If not, could you please suugest any similar/better projects in this locality?

  9. The rates are decent considering that many new projects such as UKn Belvista, DNR Atmosphere etc. which are getting completed in end of 2015 are quoting 1 crore plus for a 3 BHK. Once the metro construction starts, prices are expected to shoot up in this area. Hope farm has other premium builder properties such as Prestige and Sobha Habitech.
    Compared to DSR Ultima on Haralur Road (which comes out to almost same total cost), Sunrise Towers is a much better investment considering the location and the specifications of the fittings/amenities. Not sure about the timely completion aspects – only recently they have started big projects. DSR Woodwinds appears to be on time.

  10. The builder is not much willing to negotiate on the rates. The sales guy (some Pai) sitting at the sales office looks least interested to sell the apartments – he keeps telling you that he is selling the flats like hot cakes, but the reality is that the sales is dim. You can check the availability details in the site itself. With this being an exclusive 3 BHK property and with this kind of attitude from sales guys, DSR will take ages to fully sell these apartments. With slowdown in the IT sector with miniscule hikes and incentives, the builder might have to give deep discounts considering that the major buyer crowd are IT professionals in Bangalore.

    • pundaleek pai does not know how to talk to customers.

      when we asked for showing the construction site he asked us to come before 5PM as it was already 6PM.

      Next week we went at 3:30 PM and he again asked us to come before 5PM i asked is it 5 in morning :-) and got annoyed on him..then he gave excuses like it dim daylight and not safe after too much of reluctance he showed but no courtesy while giving a walk through all the time he was busy on phone rather then explaining anything.Rate negotiation he is very rude.

      • Even I experienced the same situation and even I was not allowed to visit the site at 4.30PM. What Pundaleek said was that it may take around an hour or so if you do a site visit and there could be issues seeing the property since the building is under construction. I was also mad at the moment and i was wondering why would i take an hour . But after a few days I again went back to give it a last try and believe me when I did the site visit it took me almost 1.5 hours to properly see the property. Also even during afternoon hours some places were dark probably due to the cement structures. So in that sense I feel what Mr. Pai said and did is not inappropriate.

        Also I also faced a similar thing during negotiations but then I experienced the same thing with A grade builders as well wherein they do not negotiate. What I have felt(and this is my thought as sometimes this comes true and on occasions it would turn to be wrong) is that if the seller is not willing to bargain to a big extent then probably its the correct value of the item and if he is willing to negotiate a lot then we would not be able to confirm what is the right price and for Sunrise all the new properties that are being built with similar amenities charge more or on similar rates.

        • for us it took probabaly 20 mins to visit the site and check the unit we were interested in.

          Not sure what we have to do for 1.5 hrs :-)

          • I have bought an apartment here and i also agree to the comment that it takes more time to visit the site.

            I have been regularly visiting the site and each time i approx. take around 2 hrs just o check everything.

            Our experience with Mr. Pai as well as all the support staff at site has been very good. They are courteous and always ready to support our requests.

            Mr. Pai has also helped us visit the site on Sunday morning even if it is a holiday. Mr. Swami – senior engineer at the site is also available for all discussions from morning 9 to evening 7 on all working days including Saturday. This has been very helpful to us.

          • 1 Rude during negotiation.

            It is universal truth that every salesman, come whatever product they are selling, will be rude if bargaining goes beyond benchmark. Test your negotiation skills in Madiwala vegetable market before thinking about buying a real estate property.

            Construction site visit

            First let me share my experience before anything. On 9th June, 2013 at 3PM, after handing over my payment and wanted to see my Flat#454, the response I got from the project site team was “Sir, it’s very windy hence we do not advise you to visit the flat”. They mentioned that due to strong wind was blowing, there is a possibility that some construction material may fall and could cause injuries either to me or my family. It was also told that, usage of crane was stopped because of the heavy wind which was a fact as I personally saw that the crane was not working at that time.
            I followed their advice because 1. There was heavy wind on that day 2. Crane was not working 3. Since family is important than visiting the flat at that moment. So judgment should be based on situation rather than a relationship of customer/salesmen. If we think on positive way then we realize what he told is in the interest of customer. If it is negative thinking then we feel that he does not know how to talk with customers. It is individual thinking approach.
            As a buyer, personally I prefer to visit the sites during day time. So that atleast we can judge how much sunlight will be in the apartment. This thought process applied by most people not only for buying even for rent also. So that surrounding areas also we can notice whereas in the dark time not possible. All these are buyer precautions otherwise we are the victims of our own decision makings.

            No courtesy while giving a walk through all the time he was busy on phone rather then explaining anything.

            Before finalizing this property, I would have made around 50 calls to different builders in Bangalore. Like me there are many people in Bangalore who wanted to purchase an apartment would be calling these sales guys. Further it is a well-known fact that everyone will do window shopping, come whatever product they want to buy. As a salesman, it is his obligation to answer all calls that come to his mobile otherwise he may be losing the potential buyer.

            Not sure what we have to do for 1.5 hours.
            If you are a genuine buyer it is your responsibility to find out the following at the site
            1. Outlook of the unit you wanted to buy. Dimensions would be available in broacher/internet, but it is individual interest to know more details of unit layout like ventilation, windows size and positioning etc.
            2. The difference between the selected unit and other units of the same block and also in other blocks.
            3. Should know the provisioning of amenities that are common and its accessibility to the unit individual proposing to buy.
            4. Car parking and its implications to individual driving skills
            5. Infrastructure at the property – both for constructing such high raise building as well as to safe-guarding measures.

            in addition to the above list of points there are many others to be verified, depending on inviduals, when we visit a prospective apartment buying site.

            Since Dec, 2012 i am a regular visitor to the site and i have not faced any kind of rudeness from any of site members leave alone pundaleek pai.

            • Its personal choice and I got these things from another builder which is more reputed then DSR and bought the same :-)

              Before you gave a big “GYAN” for others to look, a genuine buyer would look at his flat etc before handing over the cheque and not after :-)

              One more quick thing if you think attending phone calls was more important then the customer who is with you for a site second time visit and could buy so you may loose a much potential customer then the ones who are on phone with you :-)

              so be happy with your choice.

              • Glad to know that you got the things from another builder as per your personal choice.

                If you have read my response thoroughly you would have understood It was not my first payment as i have mentioned “Since Dec, 2012 i am a regular visitor to the site and i have not faced any kind of rudeness from any of the site members leave alone pundaleek pai”

                Ofcourse till date I am happy with my choice and also I believe in the philosophy of respecting others.

        • Has anyone booked recently ? What’s the best price we can expect ?

          • It depends on how the survey is done. I went through all the flats from Block A to Block D and looked at each and every flat on a single floor and also the entire surrounding of the property. I was looking at an end use property and not for investment. So spending a few hours was something that I felt was not a waste.

      • We have booked an apartment in DSR SUNRISE recently. We never felt Pundaleek was rude or not interested in showing/explaining the property. He has patiently answered all our questions.

        We liked the location of the flat and construction also looks good. We had a look at their other completed projects and looks like they have delivered the flats on time.

        • Hi Abhishek,

          At what price you book the project ? As the project is around 60% complete did the looking for 60 % money now ?

          • The rates are 4400+floor rise at the moment. Yes, they are looking at 60% of the money now.

            I was also told that I had to pay this amount within a month and they would charge interest above that. Was also told that disbursements should reach them within 10days of request (along with all bank processing) else they would charge interest.

            I am worried about these points since this does not instill confidence in the builder – I would imagine that the timelines would be a little more flexible with a good builder (or one who is not in need of money urgently).
            1 month for the entire due payment means banks like SBI are out of scope.
            10days is a little to tight – I would expect it to be 14-21days, again the time someone like an SBI might take.

            The guys who have signed the agreements – what are the clauses on payments like and how have payments been handled?

            • You can request builder for additional time.If you give genuine reason he will agree.
              I have taken loan from SBI and was quick once loan got disbursed (5 days).

      • I would beg to differ in my experience with DSR sales team ,that to specially with Mr Pai .I had booked my flat few months back after having weighed all other options /pros & cons of the near by upcoming projects . My interactions with Sales team specially Mr Pai has been very cordial over all these days . Though I did find him stubborn with price negotiation but I liked his frankness . I selected DSR because of the transparency in dealing with me and the added “Human Touch” which I felt is very Important . I have always been to the site at designated time and have found sales /project team ever eagerly ready to attend to our needs . I completely vouch Mr Vijay’s and Mr Viral’s comments , since we have taken these flats for end use and we stand invested -investing few extra time at site is much safer bet .

      • Hi…Pundaleek is a vey good person. We bought house in DSR Sunrise and we are completely happy with the service till now what DSR has provided to us. Might be because of bad light he asked you not to go the site during that time. I have visited the site many times and to be honest that place is a not a good place if you will go at dim light.

        This is a very good project and everybody should go for it.

        Thanks Pundaleek for your kind help.

  11. Hello Guys..

    I am planning to buy 3 BK in DSR Sunrise towers… is there anybody we had bought apartment recently can help me for current rate.


    • Hi have bought a 3 BHK at DSR Sunrise Towers last year. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • I’m planning to buy here. Wanted to check with existing owner, if there any any issues noticed?

        About the completion, builder mentioned October 2014 as the possession. Is it realistic?

    • I had booked here. Once metro work starts price will increase sharply. Waited for six months thinking price will decrease but now I think I should have booked earlier. Those who have booked here can Join DSR sunrise towers forum in apartmentadda.com

      • Hi nitin, i am planning to buy the flat in sunrise. Please let me know for which Rate you Buses the property . Please do the needful.

  12. Had visited the site today .. quoted base price from builder – 4300 psft a bit overpriced I think.. I think around 3900 -4000 would be a fair price .. on top of that all other cost components are on the higher side too.

    On the other side near Kadugodi on NH209 Ready to move in flats of comparable build and finish are up for sale in the same price ( 3BHK around 80 Lacs all inclusive). It looks like these builders have taken it for granted that they will keep on increasing the price continuously like that.

    Without considerable demand from the real buyers ( not the bulk investors) I think we are looking at a price bubble in Bangalore, especially when basics like water and other issues are not sorted out there is no point rushing to cater to the continuous price hike. It s going to burst.

    • Think the idea is to keep increasing the price to build an illusion of demand. He quoted me 4300 a month back, also other costs seemed high. 87.5L all incl. for a 1600 sqft 3BHK. At this price one can find a ready to move flat in better locality. However the question is what is the right price – is it 4000 or 3500 or xyz?, how do we know that. Wish the prices were regulated for buyers to feel safe and put their lifetimes of savings in any project.

      • Well the right price is always a function of demand and supply .. but here what we are looking at is a artificial jack up of price by the builder , Investor ( Black Money?) nexus.

        I was also apprehensive about finalizing something at the earliest , I have been looking for around 6-7 months.. but could not enter as the prices kept on increasing.

        If u look at Bangalore market there are couple of observations
        1. This is not a landlocked city like Mumbai.. its is expanding in all direction so geographically there is no constraint on the land availability
        2. The growth in IT & outsourcing is coming to a steady state now with the heady days of double digit growths probably over for good now. So the number of potential buyers migrating to Bangalore would perhaps be coming down to a steady level.
        3. right now there is definitely a oversupply in Bangalore and the real buyers who would be looking for end use are not able to enter because of artificially jacked up prices. So its a matter of how long the builder or investors can hold .. In all probability the correction in the property prices has started even though many developers would try to make you believe that they have long queues of buyers for their projects.

        So my view is wait and watch carefully before buying.. its very likely that there would be a good deal on your way.

        Personally I don t believe in jumping into this at this level . e.g 85 lacs for 3BHK under construction house from DSR . I am looking for a house for end use and hence would look into what is comfortable for my pocket rather than catering to the speculators in the market by pressing the panic button ( Prices are going to rise soon!!! — the favorite line always added at the bottom of a pricing sheet).
        Other aspects for the end users – are your incomes going to increase or remain the same?( Given the job scenario currently)
        If you keep relocating as a part of your job, what is the expected rental income ( vis a vis your investment – a future cash flow analysis will give you the NPV) is it really going to appreciate for a resale ( recently there are no buyers for resale property as there is always a new project available in the vicinity)

        In a nutshell this a right time to buy .. if your are looking at end use and the investment horizon is long ( 15 years may be??) but make sure you do a thorough research and negotiate on price. There are enough projects going on in Bangalore and in future after metro connectivity commuting will not be a problem for many localities which look far off from office locations at present. lets not get into the herd mentality and get into a debt burden beyond what is not justified by the supply and real demand situation.


        • I guess that’s right. If it’s for end use the resale flats might be more attractive in the present times. Only constraint again being the brokers quoting fabricated prices just for sake of it… and hoping even if they can hoodwink 1 out of 10, they’ll make more than enough for their living.

    • I agree.Bubble burst is not very far.Already builders have anticipated and offering choices like purvankara.

  13. Hi,
    I have created a facebook group for Home owner DSR Sunrise Towers Bangalore, please join the group at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458245420922738/.
    Thanks in advance.!

  14. Hello,

    Has any one taken recently in DSR Sun Rise?
    I am interested in this project and would like to know of any risks or issues associated with Builder or the land?

    Pls get in touch with me @ milantalks@yahoo.com


    • Hi,
      I am booked a flat in DSR Sunrise Tower. Personally I like the area and feel it is good from investment and living point of view. The proximity to schools, malls and market places makes it a really good project in Bangalore overall. I have created a group for those who booked flats in DSR Sunrise Towers to stay in touch and share.
      Please join if you book or have already booked: Home owner for DSR Sunrise Towers Bangalore, please join the group at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458245420922738/.
      Thanks in advance.!

  15. Has anyone , who has booked noticed the BESCOM/BWSSB charges here , its very high compared to other builder even top ones.Pls comment on this.

  16. For getting SBI home loan,it will take 3 weeks of time.can someone suggest me which will be the best alternative of SBI

  17. yes

  18. Visited the site today.Current rate 3950 per sq feet.This Friday this going to increase 70 rs per sq feet

  19. Those who had booked the flat in DSR Sunrise Towers can join the google group by placing request at dsr_sunrise_towers@googlegroups.com, So that we can track the progress and create a forum for any open discussion.

    • Milind,

      We already have one group on apartmentadda(dot)com where everybody joined in from owner community.If you have bought here please join in.


  20. Hi ,
    If you have already booked here please join owner’s forum at apartmentadda(dot)com.

  21. RS, PS and Nitish and Srinivas, please contact me at snl20465 AT gmail.com with your contact numbers. We have formed a group of 3 people and are planning to visit them tomorrow/day after to negotiate and finalize the deal. More the merrier.

    Please respond soon either over email or here and let us know if you are still interested.

    • Hi I am also interested. Kindly contact me at shahkinchit@gmail.com

    • Hi,

      I see that in Feb 3 they were quoting 3490/- , 3rd May 3800/- and now 3950/-.
      Is it justified?
      What would be the actual price, they are selling I am wondering.


    • I am also interested in buying 3 bhk apt but concerned about water availability in DSR Sunrise.If anybody visited their site then please share details.

    • Hi.Does anyone has idea about water availability in DSR Sunrise project?I am very much interesed in buying apt in Sunrise tower but i am concerned about water.

      • I am interested in this project but was not sure about the builder and water…Is DSR reliable and will they deliver in the promised timeframe?

        Any Idea on the water situation?

  22. Don’t see any more updates to the thread.
    Anyone booked a flat there? Whats the quote…
    When i enquired, they were saying ~3800 psft (to be revised soon)… Has anybody been able to negotiate to a better quote…Any other tips or concerns about this project?

    • We talked to sales executive yesterday and after long round of negotiation he is quoting 3700, a mere 100 rupees discount from original quote of 3800. Is this reasonable price for a project which is due to complete in Dec 2014? We are in a fix, any pointers would be appreciated!

      • Looks like to be a good project as Shobha project in vicinity selling at 5000 pqst..

        Its all surrounded by Villas in two sides..And proposed 120 feet road in front..

        Lots of big chunks of vacant land around will ensure lots of good big projects will come in this area..

  23. Hi I am also interested. Pls count me in.

  24. What about the approvals! I can not see any approval on its website. Is it BDA/BBMP approved

  25. Hi,
    I am interested in this project. Pls contact me through e mail(amarbkrishna@yahoo.co.in)


  26. We are planning to get a better deal with DSR on their upcoming project DSR sunrise towers if anyone intrestead to join our join our group please email your contact info to indian803@gmail.com, currently we are 2 expecting somemore to join us.

    • I am interested. You can count me in. Also let me know what is the expected price for gorup bookings

      • Punit,

        You can get in touch with me at snl20465 at gmail dot com. I will share my phone no and we can talk.

    • I am intrested to join the buyer group. Contact me at: skmish(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    • Hi,
      I am interested in this project and ready join you as part of group deal booking so that every one get benefited. please let me know your response asap.

    • Me too interested, let me know the price so far if at all you have negotiated as yet ?

  27. Is any planning to book a flat in this venture….what is the price they are qouting per sqft

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