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Brigade Golden Triangle

Brigade group has announced the pre-launch of their new project called Brigade Golden Triangle. The project will be located about 2 kms from Budigere Cross. Brigade already has a luxury apartment project called Brigade Exotica close to Budigere Cross. The location has come into focus from early 2011 with a projects such as Pruksa Silvana, Prestige Tranquility & GR Sun Villas being launched.

Update: Expected Pre-launch by Jan 15th. Officially launched.

BGT Getting Ready for Launch - Photo taken on 24 Jan 2013

BGT - Hoarding Latest, Sent by Ashish

Brigade is currently asking for expression of interest for the project. Please read all terms and condition in the registration form.

You can fill the registration form and handover the same to an agent representative.


Brigade Golden Triangle – Registration Form

BRIGADE GOLDEN TRIANGLE , located at Old Madras Road, Bangalore. The project is planned on 10 acres (residential) with 690 apartments across 7 blocks on a Basement+ Ground + 12 floor structure.  BRIGADE GOLDEN TRIANGLE  comprises a combination of 2,3 & 4 bedroom apartments measuring from 1125 sft to 2000 sft in the range of approximately 30 to 55 Lakhs (basic cost, exclusive of Car Park , club fee and all additional governmental levies)

Official launch as per Brigade sales team is expected to be September 2012/End of this year.

Amenities at BRIGADE GOLDEN TRIANGLE  include a Club House , Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Indoor Games, Children’s Play Area and Multi-purpose hall. The project also has a proposed retail/mall space of 3 lakhs sft and proposed 7 lakhs sft of office space.


Brigade Golden Triangle

Brigade Golden Triangle Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
  • 4 BHK
With area ranging from 1100 sft to 2000 sft.

Brigade Golden Triangle Location

2 kms from Budigere Cross. Right at the junction of NH4 – Whitefield – Kadugodi Road. Excellent location, with access to Whitefield, EPIP and the city via NH4.

Key distances in kms:

o   KR Puram Bridge- 10 kms

o   MG Road  – 19 kms

o   Airport – 41 kms

o   Byappanahalli Metro Station- 12 kms


View Brigade Golden triangle in a larger map

Brigade Golden Triangle Price

As of Jan 25, 2013

Official launch of the project is expected soon, registrations remain closed and the launch price is not yet finalized

As of Feb 10, 2012

The pre-launch price will work out to be approximately Rs. 2800/- per sft. (30 lacs for 1125 sft apartment + car park). Other Amenities, Legal Charges, VAT + ST + Registration Charges extra.

The project is at its pre-launch stage and awaiting plan sanction and approvals. Brigade proposes to  launch by Sep 2012. Currently you can register your interest in BRIGADE GOLDEN TRIANGLE with a financial commitment of Rs. 5 lakhs only (2 BHK) & Rs. 10 lakhs (3 BHK). This deposit will accrue interest @ 9.25 % pa upto launch date.


Note: Prestige Tranquility was launched at 2620/- per sft and now increased to 2900/-. However PT cannot be compared with BGT in terms of location and price.

Brigade Golden Triangle Investment Plus Points

  • Location advantage, Whitefield – Kadugodi road is developing at a fast pace, easy connectivity to EPIP Zone, ITPB a plus
  • Mixed use property with Office and Malls will assure definite rental income
  • Brigade brand advantage
  • Short distance to proposed Metro phase 2 station at Kadugodi

Brigade Golden Triangle Concerns

  • Water is a concern, Budigere – Hoskote stretch is completely dependent on borewells and even the lakes in the surroundings are dry. With no option for cauvery water this will become a major concern
  • Allotment process is not clear, since approvals are pending Brigade would not prefer to share the exact floor plans (even if shared they are subject to change) or commit on a specific unit number, however you can specify a preference list

Take the poll – Is Brigade Golden Triangle a good  investment?

Brigade Golden Triangle Owners Group

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  569 Responses to “Brigade Golden Triangle – Budigere Cross, Old Madras Road – Review, Concerns, Price & Public Opinion”

  1. If some other builders offer the same area even at a discount all would scoff at the idea saying it is a god forsaken place, but some blue eyed boys command any price and offer even a hovel and people would lap it up as teertha.They post gloatingly that they have a classic thatch hut at 80 lakh rupees and it has antique value.It pays to be a builder these days instead of slogging it out in our offices.

  2. BGT Yahoo Group Owner/s,

    Can you please add me to the yahoo group. I have booked A-402.
    My yahoo email-id is rajataparia@yahoo.com


    • What price you booked sunny ? are they negotiating – we were also planning to book.

      • Hi Rahul,

        They are quoting base price of 4390. If you book directly with them (no agents, referal) then they are offering Rs 50 discount.


        • If the Rs50/- discount is true, the it means price has actually DECREASED compared to 2 months back! Now, this is some good news!

          • Hi,

            It’s not decrease in price they are just gaining on 2% which they pay for referrals / agents.,.:-)

            These guys dont leave even a penny. I guess PT (prestige tranquility) and some other big builders in that area can be a good advantage for all those who work in whitefield. Anyway this place has no huge advantage for coming 7-8yrs.


        • ghosht town in the making..beware that there will not be any life for 10 -15 yrs..and our golden period will go..

          never buy the project from this area

          • Kiran, could you please explain this

            “ghosht town in the making..beware that there will not be any life for 10 -15 yrs..and our golden period will go..

            never buy the project from this area”

            a little more in detail – your information will be quite valuable to potential buyers!

    • What are the current rates going on in bgt

  3. Hi Harsha.

    Could you please suggest me whether the sale agreement and construction agreement signed by both parties ie builder and purchaser be registered in sub registrar office.

    If yes, who is responsible for doing registration. Also can purchaser check this online.

    Thank you in adavnce.

    • Hi Kumar,

      Yes the agreement of sale/construction needs to be registered. The amount paid can be reduced during the actual registration of the sale deed post construction. The registration can be carried out by the builder and the buyer need not be present at the registration office. However the buyer has to pay the charges incurred on the same.
      I am not aware if there is a way to check the status online.


  4. There many a issues and not only betterment charges.
    - Time linked payments instead of construction linked and no fixed construction schedule.
    - They are paying only 3rs/ sq. ft. as delay post 6 months which is peanuts compared what the EMI will come to
    - Metropolis had a delay of some 3 years and they issued OC to owners when construction was still going on – completely inhabitable place. Same will happen here

    And Brigade is being very arrogant. The sales executives talk rudely and will make comments like, you should trust Brigade if you don’t like what’s in agreement you can forfeit your booking amount and withdraw, Brigade will not change anything.

  5. Brigade is asking individual owner to pay betterment charges to BBMP! Is this common practice?
    But why are there betterment charges in first place? Any idea?

    • No man!

      Betterment charges always paid by builder…

      Look like Brigade is milking/squeezing its customer…


      • Well, maybe its time for all of us to send a message to the Buider community that the milk has turned sour !

      • According to them, Brigade will pay for land conversion and other charges but any betterment charge related to getting khata from BBMP will have to borne by the individual.

      • Please file a case in consumer court and ask for compensation of 1 cr. You need not be present everyday for the case..you should teach the builders a leason.

    • Yes, this is for the betterment of Brigade(& other BBMP employees, who might in turn be booking a Brigade apartment with this(read your) money). In return, we should ask them for detoriation charges !
      In case this news is true, Brigade can probably claim the (notorious) distinction of being the first builder in Bangalore to have asked these charges. Another first !

      • Any expense (mainly BRIBE and a small govt fee) for getting Khatha is to be borne by the owner. This is there with most/every builder. However, BETTERMENT charges have to be paid by the Builder. There is no question of the customer paying these charges. Tomorrow, Usually, betterment charges are asked for revenue layouts or apartment built on such layouts. Since, Golden Triangle is BDA approved, I dont understand why betterment charges are these in first place. Please clarify with the marketing person.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I am interested in this project.

    Can someone let me know current the /sqft price and is the builder charging on Super- built up or as per regulatory bill on carpet area ?

    also what are the other charges being asked by builder and current status on construction ?
    thanks in advance,rajat

  7. Hi Folks….

    We’ve been to brigade exotica to check brigade triangle… For 2 bhk.
    The sales guy informed… There is no availability.. D,E,F… Only 2 flats… Top floor (11th) at B block.

    Thats sounds pretty wierd …. Although not impossible…
    The guy said… A & C… Would be launched soon at ofcourse higher price….

    Any one aware of ground reality…. Is really all sold out…. .?

    • old tricks to sell top floor first…I got the same response on launch and then did not buy and they called back next day and offered lower floor.

      • Yes, these are old tricks buillders usually follow. But if you see from other angle quiet surprising too, as they might be refusing a potential buyer at the time when project is hyped in the market. Or they are confident that they can sell lower floors later at better prices.

        • No more 2bhk’s left I believe.

          • I enquired yesterday and I was told that only one 2bhk is left in tower B on 14th floor. They have not launched bookings in C. It appears they want to launch it later at a higher price. I also understand from the discussion with the sales rep that the land owner is calling some of the shots. Correct me if I am wrong.

        • never get into these tricks..all developers are asking for inflated price..its not the reality.
          all builders will be forced to go for distressed sale soon..as the economy and the credibility of the builders are at stake

    • we drive thru brigade exotica everyday..there are no activities for the last 6 month.It seems they did not
      get a good response from the customers..they are charging customer more than a crore ..dont understand why ?

      Its better to stop purchasing flats till new RER comes in place ..wait till elections..prices should come by 40 %

  8. Do anyone has information about TDS to be paid on purchased property as per recent government law.

    1. Will it increase cost burden on customer.
    2. Will it be paid by builder on customer behalf or is there also a way to pay it by customer directly.
    3. Do builder issue any certificate of payment.

    Please suggest.

    • 1. No, the buyer is withholding the TDS amount and crediting the same against the PAN of the Seller
      2. You as buyer can pay it online or in any of the banks
      3. No, the acknowledgement is given by the bank or generated online. A copy of the same needs to be provided to the seller.

      See more details here

      • Thanks Harsha!
        This however sounds not so very easy to me; guess will end up taking professional help or following somebody who has actually done TDS withholding and crediting against seller’s PAN.

      • Hi Harsha. Thanks for this information and the link.

        I came to know that cost of the apartment already include TDS (no extra cost for buyer) and it will be kept with the builder and at the time of registration of the apartment it is to be paid to government tax authority by builder or might be paid with each payment as well.

        In this case if the builder is taking an undertaking from customer to pay it on customer behalf, i hope its ok. Please suggest.

  9. Brigade not able to sale BGT on new price.. No taker @4240

  10. I am planning to invest in this property. However, I am not sure if there are any land owners of this property OR has Brigade allotted a high volume of flats to a particular person/company/family. Just want to avoid if this is the case. As per my opinion most of the times such owners not let association work freely and restrict the rental growth. Appreciate if someone can throw some lights here.

  11. I am planning to cancel my booking.

    If anybody cancelled your booking, please tell the process, and howmuch brigade will change for cancellation.


  12. Hi,
    Please let me know if any one got the details of UDS ( Un divided share ) for BGT.

    • Hi,

      If we were to compare Brigate GT with Prestige Tranquility in terms of project aminities, floor plans, price, location, approval status, transparency, booking & construction status etc… dont we think PT is overall ahead of BGT.

      The only plus i can think of for BGT is that its on the main road while PT is 2 km off OMR, on Budigere road. However even that could be a potential plus point, given the road widening approval is received & IT parks are expected on that stretch.

      Your thoughts ?

      • how much price PT people are quoting?

        • PT i guess is quoting about 3700 base, plus 15 Rs per floor & car park.

          • Given its already 20 months of construction with >8 floors done across each of 17 towers & handover date of Dec 2015, this price is very compelling .
            Not many units may be available though, with the exception of Signature tower that is yet to be launched.

            • FMK are you a prestige( broker or employee) or did brigade did not pay you any commission after you sold their units in BGT :-) .

              • What are the extra project amenities that are provided by PT which are not part of BGT?

              • Unfortunately neither of these :)
                Am just a blogger & giving independent views. This is not to influence anyone nor was it intended to attract sarcastic reactions from select readers

                Let me know your views btw. Why you think BGT is superior at current pre launch rates when compared with similar ongoing rates for PT which is already 40% done.

                • brigade already cheated a lot on behalf of pre launch offer , who booked(as filled shown interest form with booking amount) in starting thinking about 2800 per sqfeet and max 3000 but now they r paying much more extra, hope I (i am one of them) booked on that time in PT then i will be in much more profit and at least got 30-40% completed project till now… it’s my (and others) mistake to believed on brigade and not recommended to any one to go brigade in any case specially in pre launch offer type of thing….

                  • not able to understand why Mr. Raj over reacted on the opinion given by Mr. FMK. I also agree with the opinion of FMK, Because there is no bias in his comment.
                    This is a open forum & I think people should desist from making harsh & personal comments.

                  • Am still not able to figure out why people will not go for PT at 3800/- with > 9 floors constructed, as against 4000/- for BGT which is still in prelaunch ? Can some one give me some logic on pricing mismatch?

                    Both builders hold equal credibility & with Brigade prelaunch price at par with Prestige current price which is after 20 months of launch, what makes BGT investment friendly ??

                  • Mr. FMK, first of all BGT is not in the prelaunch phase the project is officially launced. People might be interested in it due to the mixed use of the property including residential apartments, retail space and office space. Once constructed the project has higher valuation than PT due to its location also.

                    Do not you think PT was launch 1.5 years back with 2600 per sqft now around 3800 also benefitted by the launch of BGT?

                    Also what I feel PT will be bit more crowded with 2300 apartments..hence you have better advantage to use amenities in BGT than in PT. People might be having different view.

                  • I second GT’s view

                  • hi GT, i didn’t understand, how u r comparing and saying PT is overcrowded where 85 % open space, and 38.5 acers(35.5 acers+3 acers kharab land) project while BGT is 10 acers giving 690 flat, u multiply by 3, 690*3=2070 in even 30 acers, still PT is less crowded,
                    yea about location u can say BGT is better at now, but god knows what can happen in couple of year as hebbal road fully turn around due to airport,
                    as his road will take time but this location also have a full chances to come on premier location…..

                  • Hi Sapana,I think you have booked one apartment in PT, thats why quoting precise number but I am talking about using the amenities as in PT 1 swimming pool, 1 gym, 1 basket ball court etc etc for 2300 apartment. But for BGT the same amenities for 690 apartments….
                    Isn’t it crowded in PT as compared to BGT….

                    Open space is for sure greater in PT but you cannot overlook mall and office space.. better for rental purpose……..

                  • Hi GT, u r absolutely right that i booked a flat in PT, and i’m very happy also as that time only i can fill the form BGT also(even thinking also) bt i took right decision else my condition will be same as mr . kishore, who is thinking about 2800(even i booked on 2728, and getting 3400-3500), it’s a big loss not really.

                    yea mix use of property can give big advantage on return(on rental only, as for living purpose no any effect), but mr GT what will happen if big mall will come near by PT in this road only(which is quite possible, as it’s a big volume project , who don’t want to grab it) and will tech park also, as areospace tach park, hardware tech park is lready sectioned which is much near by this location only. thn what’s say???
                    ha ha ha yea u can say day dreaming, but i will say no i just want to say every thing is possible in future and that is not as impossible in bangalore specially if u see past in bangalore in such promising location..
                    even i say mix use of property have a another problem specially to families. every one want it will be near by not an own campus as other security issue will arise , as brigade metropolies.
                    ok leave it everything,…. i assume only thing will develope on brigade metopolies only or around then even PT will get benefit as it’s not too much far, an even quite accessable by main road as well as internal road. and value will be not so different. and maintaining approx same value…. just my point with the personal experience.

                  • yea about ammenities, what i have experience from DLF project in Delhi side and from mumbai, more people means ur club house and poject maintainace cost will come down, yea if any other day all flat member will come out and ask for same thing in same day at approx same period of time then definately it’s a problem but it;s a case of rare chance.

                    any way it’s a mined game, one want to find a -ve point only and one want to find a +ve point, as i am not lying that i don’t have a problem with BGT,why should to?? even if that time only they(brigade) launched or fixed the price of pre launch offer atleast then definately now i would be the part of BGT familey but i think i rescued as after that what brigade it did then after surely atleast I have to be go to one option only, to opt out as i can not afford to pay 8-10 lakh extra atleast this point of time as my responsibilities and priorities are changed.

                  • Hi Sapana.

                    Congratulations for deciding PT which you think a value of money. But you cannot compare two project with different maturity for the cost estimation or benefit i.e. for one construction already started and for other its just the token of interest (prelaunch). If you invest early in a good project at reasonable rate than your returns will be higher no doubt …
                    But with the maturity of the project -PT launched around 2700 now you say 3500, delta- 800 over an year time.
                    BGT prelaunch- 3640 but around 4200 for new blocks, delta 560 within 2-3 months of its launch.

                    At the time of pre-launch BGT Rs 3000 was the price at the then market condition but at official launch Rs 3640 (for pre launch customer) though its on the higher side I agree but with time value increases.
                    If it might be the case the PT will be sell its apartment at 2800 now but not at 3500(as you said)
                    Its individual decision which project suits him/her and consider the value of money. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction remains as in case of Mr.Kishore
                    As far as maintenance cost is concerned it a very big project to be maintained it will not be a big different but yes more people bring more problems usage of water, sanitary issue etc….

                  • hi GT, u r comparing in how much price increased and all those technical suff, as any how PT help to BGT to set base price and any builder set higher price as he know construction cost increasing day by day and at last he has to pay more,
                    yea in any way again BGT helping to PT also to increase the price ,if i will say correctly it’s benefiting to PT investors (not buyers as they want to live) as 2-3 bhk all sold, only very top flower are left and it’s going costly as current rate is 3800/rs when i asked to on sight 15 days before approx, and for prestige, BGT is giving very good base price , when they will launch signature tower,so they r helping each other to looting o customer,
                    any way whatever is it,it’s really matter for me??? as u said price increased because due to time value will increase but my income is not increasing as price is increasing , yea responsibilities are increasing so,
                    sapana took very right decision that point of time, as BGT will out of reach now, if she will wait for BGT, surely PT also.
                    u don’t go just on base price now if i want to purchase then my base price will be 3800+15*18(floor)=4070 so she can not purchase this also(even me too stuck), as mr kishore is feeling, sure other also feeling, me too if i will be in this situation.
                    yea about location i agree with smarty thinking, if brigade is asking more also(though i m not thinking brigade is asking more then PT, if u think correctly and timely then can understand),then due to this thinking only, whatever u r saying it’s with commercial space , position etc, but in future can happen any thing , even some villa project and some small builder are also taking benefit from what will brigade will launch commercial etc , so all will share the benefit… even in all aspect.who knows some big will come on budigere road and near PT the BGT will also get benefited surely, i think smarty will invest on future which is definitely should look possible.

                    about other point any body can say any thing, and any thing can happen in future (even vice versa also)

                  • hey GT, i will tell u frankly ur comparison will work (about delta and all those thing ) until builder is selling when u and me go to the market and want to sell na then our effort, our contacts and our luck is only working and this thing i seen with my two friends. one is actually siting on higher rate and another on less but at last he is able to much higher rate in comparison to first one…. it’s all depen upon ur situation and correct and SERIOUS buyer….
                    just jump to the market and see it’s very difficult to get a buyer for individual seller….

      • Dear FMK,
        I visited both the properties to understand the differences and here are my findings (personal opinions so no need to trash them I guess :-) )
        1. I found the BGT floor plan a little better, if not far better.
        a. There is more shoulder space compared to PT
        b. The utility in kitchen at PT is big. This space could be used better.
        c. The bedrooms look smaller
        d. Balcony feels weird and awkwardly boxy
        2. There is a chicken farm right opposite to the property which emanates stench and there is some industry behind the property.
        3. Although both are premium I found that Brigade is using contemporary designs whereas Prestige is still using old style designs. (Should not lead to price differences)

        There are concerns for BGT as well:
        1. Some people have mentioned that the land owner is calling shots and will do so in the future also
        2. The water problems in this area which Harsha has already mentioned
        3. They are not releasing some of the flats due to some reasons. Customers are leaving because of the lack of choice.


        • Hi, yes i agree that locationally BGT has an edge over PT, plus it proposes to include retail as well. However the factory near PT is expected to go away before handover as there are already a few villa projects around & place is become habitable.
          Lets remember that BGT comes at a 15% higher price & construction is yet to start. PT construction on the other hand is more than 50% done & just 12-15 months away from possession. Also there is less ambiguity in PT project wrt approvals etc
          Cannot comment on room sizes. I think the design is quite decent at PT, In fact i have heard Brigade bedrooms are very small comapred to the living room. Metropolis is one live example where owners are not happy with small bedrooms.

        • VOR “Some people have mentioned that the land owner is calling shots and will do so in the future also

          Can you eloborate and what is the source of this info ? – I am a owner in BGT

  13. Check video from (34:40 – 35:30 ) for recommendation for Brigade Golden Triangle on NDTV Property show.


  14. Buyers please share your Pricing (all inclusive) for 1480 sqft 3BHK.

  15. Is booking for BGT Still on?

    What is current rate? any idea

    • Now they are asking a rate of 4000 but it is negotiable to 3890. If you just call them they will say bookings closed but if you visit office with agent then you will be able to book it.

      i personally feel that 3890 for this location is high because there is nothing at this location…for office/shopping you will have to travel 12-15km…try whitefield projects…lot of upcoming projects@ ~4000 price tag.

      • Inside Whitefield A grade builders are already above 5500/ sqft. nothing available below 4k, yes other builders are available which is an individual choice based on the affordability.
        2 years back this area was affordable and 2 years hence this area will also be unaffordable. Prices are usually affordable in places where there is nothing today in the location, Increase will happen based on what will happen there after a few years. On the Budigere Cross on NH 4 (Old Madras Road), you can access the International Airport and also, this will become the Access route for all in whitefield area to go to the Airport and the IT/ AERO Park designated to come up before the Airport. This apart from the development going to happen around this project location.
        check the details in the below link.



        • My friend, i think you are not getting the point or too excited with your booking. this location is around 15KM from whitefield, from hebbal (Manyata) its 25KM, airport (35KM). I am not getting where i am wrong if i say price is too high for this location. why not Altamont@hennur road 4400.

          • where in Whitefield is 15 kms ?

          • Raja babu, I have seen this location and can say that you are partially right…distance from whitefield would be less than 15 km and since it is highway so travel time would be less…I agree this location has nothing major and thats why best suited for middle class…thats the reason both Prestige and Brigade are selling at atleast 30% cheaper rate…..Brigade is going to open some commercial unit in the same plot (hopefully big bazaar!).

            Only problem is if in future more residential units comes up before this location(since you are going away from whitefield) than Price appreciation may not be good and it will be very difficult to sell at good margin.

          • I am getting your point and I am not excited too. The distance from the project to Beary’s research Triangle is 2 km, upcoming East Lalbagh is 2.7km, Whitefield railway station is 6.3 km, ITPL is 9.2 km, KR Puram bridge/ Railway station is 10.5 km, Manyatha Tech park is 19.5 km.

            The pricing in North Bangalore is 4800 and above, Manyatha Tech park to Airport is 28 km, only IT Park in the area at present.

      • raja babu one of my frnd is looking and don’t know how you put a comment upto 3890 negotiable ?

        can you confirm the sales person contact you were dealing with ?

  16. Intresting this they are given Badminton court in open space…Probably Kids will play…Ha ha ha.
    They are saying Lauxary appartment,But no where mention for safty point of view as a big builder giving Video call from security gate.

    • Sorry to hear that people living in luxurious apartment will have to play badminton in open…and that too with kids…understood your concern Shanker.
      If they give ipad then apartment will become super luxury ?

      • Yes, that’s correct. Also, it would become super luxury, if the elevator goes from 1st to 12th floor in less than 60 secs…there was a age when sports was played in the open..but I guess not anymore..times are changing..

  17. Any idea? Is booking open for A, B and C block? What is rate?

    • Yes,Checked with sales folks at BE office.A,B,C booking is closed for time being it will open in Aug with price more than 4500 PSFT.

      If any one intrested pls book now…Otherwise you will regrate…

  18. Visited the site today… it’s too far… Took >20 mins from KR puram on a weekend…

    Too costly for such a far distance project

  19. Hello Friends,

    Those who have bought in BGT subscribe to the group email

    To Subscribe: Send email to Brigade_Golden_Triangle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
    To Unsubscribe: Send email to Brigade_Golden_Triangle-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

    Mahtab Syed

  20. And what with time based payments…. is this a norm now with reputed builders? Many top builders have delayed the construction in past, this is bit worrying for me. Experts please advise.

    • i also have same concern …what is the penalty clause if the construction is delayed ? anyone aware of that

      • Not sure about the penalty clause. As I hear all the agreements usually are pro builders in this market. If the project takes 3 yrs instead of 2, then those paying rents will have additional emi burden.
        I liked the master plan though, wish I could also book without worrying about water availability, time based payment plans and the cost factor (60L for 1200 sqft at this location). Never know it might be a costly miss but as a first time buyer i’m undecided yet. Experts please share your views.

        • I booked a 3 bhk here, trust me i have been searching for a home for the last many years, every time I am about to book a home these similar thoughts prevented me not to invest and the property prices kept on rising from 2600 to 4000 in three years. So lesson learnt is never think too much about the price if builder is good and master plan is as per your liking , trust it would never fit into your budget ;-) water is a common problem in Bangalore and most of the big apartments depend on the tankers today including Brigade Metropolis,Shantiniketan etc . However choice is yours I just shared my experience with you.

          • The most wise statement I have read in this forum yet…
            Choice is ours. :-)

          • Hello,

            I personally feel that you have taken the right decision. If one likes the apartment & the location, there is no point in delaying the decision. Reality prices would never come down..they might remain stable (if the economic condition is not good), but it would not be reduced from current levels.

            E,g Do we seriously believe that Sobha/Brigade or Prestige would sell their apartments at Rs 3500-4000 per sqft levels in good locations after 4-5 years? Even individual sellers would not sell at that price after 5 years. However, we might still get apartments at Rs 3500-4000 after 5 years, but it would be far off from good locations.

          • Thanks Rahul, fair point.
            I might give this project a miss @ the present rates (4000 psft) but agree that we can’t have ticks in all the boxes. Someone had written that Real Estate Regulator may ease the life of first time buyers but with powerful lobby against it, RER may never become a law.
            Guess we all have to undergo few yrs of research and waiting for prices correction and eventually forced to take the deep dive at much higher prices ;)
            Another option i’m evaluating is Resale market….

          • Hi Rahul,

            I also booked an apt in BGT, however I am yet to recieve any documentation from Brigade.Could you let me know if you have recieved the sale agreement or allotment letter.


            • I have been to their office on Friday and Kiran mentioned that, allotment letters preparation is in process and they might release them for D-Block customers very soon followed by other blocks and Sale Agreements will be completed only by end of June.

          • Please share your pricing with us, we booked 1480 sq ft but the over expenses are many. so it is becoming too costly, they revealed after booking.

            • I booked my 1640 sft in F block 10th floor total it is costing me 87 lakhs..In which floor and in which block you booked?

  21. I visited the site today. Price quoted was 3890/- per sq ft. 1630 sq ft 3BHK in the 6th floor is working to 80 lakh.

    Is this really worth an investment? I mean, EIGHTY LAKHS? To get a good ROI, the cost should be at least 1.2 crore by 2015 end. Will it really appreciate?

    Thoughts please?

    On the appreciation confusion, returned home without booking it :(

    • It will not . The market is not so good to get such a quick appreciation.

    • Its virtual reality hype from Brigade and Proptiger . it’s not strategic location or investment .

    • Hello,

      Don’t worry, all the Builders would already have a long queue of prospective buyers (with check book in hand) who might have already booked the apartment at that price. From whatever I have read in media, if one is looking to buy a house for own personal use, then the right time to buy is NOW, there is no point in waiting. Prices in reality (that too in Bangalore) would not come down in the near future. If anything, it would go up even more. So, if one likes an apartment & the location, the decision should not be delayed. Now, the apartment might feel out of reach, but after a couple of years, it would definately be out of reach. Take your pick.

    • Yes,I guess it will be 1.2 Cr but,pepole should able to buy .If you see office and Mall in coming to same campus and location no doubt about that.Only pray that so many office or big company will start operation with huge workfoce….
      Shoping point of view id mall like Orbit,Fourm etc kind of its makes fruitful…

      • My 2 cents – project affordability is a relative term What appeared unaffordable yesterday, same when quoted today will appear affordable. Irony of the matter however is, that will never happen :) . For eg. Prestige Tranquility when pre-launched at 2600/- about 2 years back,seemed high, however now at 4000 + psft quotes flying around for anything in that area, PT appears to be a steal. Same will go with BGT as well, when this gets discussed 2 years from now. Price is a function of builder & location and these 2 variables will always command premium, If you believe that builder & location is good and you can afford it, then go for it. Too much of speculation will always add to cost.

    • I will not comment that the market is not good. I booked my appartment with mantri in Kanakapura Road in 2011 and got possession for their last block in 2012 May. The metro is passing through the main road which is 400 mtrs from our main gate.

      We took this at 3500 / sq ft all incl. and now people are selling at 5500-6000/ sq ft. After the metro is completed taking an additional appreciation of 30% + additional 10% appreciation (this is a meagre apprec rate I have taken into account) which is close to a good 70-80% appreciation in just 3 years. What do you want now?

      I feel your money should be ball parked correctly. Quality, the builder and the location. Forget the amenities when you are looking for an appreciation. They come on the house – so look out for the builder , their master plan and the locations prospects – rest they say is history.

      Likewise if one took up a plot in devanahalli – the appreciation is a good 10x of the actual price today. As I said park your hard earned money carefully real careful. Dont mess it up :)

      • Well without sounding too negative, guess you are over speculative with your appreciation ;)
        While Metro may be on, Kanakpura road will take years to attract retail, IT & stuff that can attract general habitation. If people are quoting 5500-6000/- for that area, then its only baseless speculation that will get them resale buyers. Why would not one buy near Hebbal, Manyata or Whitefield at that kind of rate ??

    • Sobha Amethyst resale @ 95 lakhs plus registration opposite Safal in the inside road. Was 60 lakhs in 2011.In another 2 years, we will not get a flat on the main road for less than 1 cr.


  22. Brigade has launched the project website. Its on the brigade main page at

    and the dedicated site is at

    brigadegoldentriangle dot com

  23. It is a Trap.

  24. I was interested in this project. After I saw the price close to 4000/sq ft, I feel it is now worth spending that much in this area. Pre-booked customer & discount for first 50 customer is a very tricky method for Brigade to fool the customer. I rather feel Prestige is much more reliable/customer friendly (seeing the project Tranquility). 3000-3200 could have been right price for pre-launch. Not fall into the trap

  25. Agressive Pricing !!! Take it or leave it attitude :)
    Whatever appreciation one can expect 1-2 year down the line , Brigade has already factored in their pricing…..l

    • Lucky me. Dropped this and booked Pashmina WF. Was a risk, but paid off I guess :)

    • Hi All,
      Today I visited the site.Nw price is 3890 psqft….They told carpet area comes around 75-76%.I am in double mind because Im not too sure abt location.Any idea on public transport available there guys?

      • Today I contacted IndiaHomes guy and he said Phase 1 sold out…A few 12-14 floors might be available.. and Phase 2 Block B ..few flats already sold out. at price of 4050 per sft..But they will hold for a while before launching Phase 2( A,B,C ) completely.

  26. ITs launched today.

    Price – 3790/- + floor rise+ PLC

    Almost ~4000/- pfs

    Is it worth investing? What will be rate at time of possession i.e. Dec 15

    • Also their carpet area ratio looks really bad… Just around 68%… Is this the case in bangalore with other builders???? Kindly advice…

  27. whether we will get 1 month time for the 20 % payment after booking !

  28. Can someone please tell me how the floor rise charges are generally applied in Bangalore – does it apply after certain number of floor or right from the 1st floor ?
    Generally in Mumbai, the floor rise is applied for apts above 5th floor. Is it the same here?

  29. Hello Friends,

    Those you wish to unsubscribe from BGT mailing list send email to Brigade_Golden_Triangle-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

    Those who want to join please send email to Brigade_Golden_Triangle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

    Mahtab Syed

    • Got the allotment confirmation letter today for the pre-registered users. For me it was under SPAM folder. Please check your SPAM folder if you are a pre-registered user.
      Email received from “goldentriangle@brigadegroup.com”

  30. Folks,

    Is booking open for non- pre register customer?

    I am nt sure what is meaning of D E F block prelaunch as mentioned in picture above!!!!

    • Booking is not open for non-pre registered customers yet.
      From what I understand, the folks who payed for registration have been asked to give their preference in D E F blocks. Once they are allotted apts, then they will launch the project and take bookings from other non-pre registered customers.

    • People who have register for prelauch can choose only from D E and F block. Non pre register customer can book after launch .

    • I heard that April 27th onwards booking will be open for everyone including non-registered users.
      Check with Brigade office..

      • I had a visit 2 hours back and got to know that launch is tomorrow morning. first 50 bookings will get at Rs 3790/sqft, Rs 20/floor rise, Rs 90 Premium location charges….etc…

        • What is UDF and lockin period.

          Any idea what is the price after 50 bookings.

        • After thinking so much..I booked a 2 BHK FLAT in the 7th floor D block yesterday at 3790 price and they have given date wise payment. But not sure whether construction starts according to the dates?

          • Hi Akash,

            I don’t have Payment schedule, can you pls fwd me on my email id “roshanworldwide@gmail.com”

          • I too have booked 2BKH at 3790 price and looks like payment is date wise. First installment is in June end.

            not sure about approval but able to see SBI in Brigade Golden Triangle. Let’s hope get all the required approval before agreement.

            I am assuming price will touch Rs 4500 in 1 year and can expect 5500 when project is completed.

  31. Has anyone, who had submitted the preferences for apartments, got any reply to their mails?

    • no… not yet possibly after20th april

      • is there any model flat there? Planning to visit tomorrow.

        • Model flat not ready, still work in progress. My guess is it will take at least a couple of weeks. They should have a miniature model of the entire project there. I saw it at Exotica and they were moving it to the BGT site in the afternoon.

  32. Hi,
    Yes folks the rate is higher than what we expected a year ago but personally I dont think its too high considering the current bangalore market and that’s why I have sent them m preferences and am continuing with the project.
    The amenities have improved and are better than many other projects now. The floor plans are descent with no south facing flats.

    I don’t know how to upload pics here but if you could provide me an email ifd or email me I can send you the new master plan and floor plans.

  33. Hi All,

    1.the swimming pool is inside the club house as communicated by the sales person,
    2.the commercial building is at the entrance and a mall space is located at the left of the entrance, the map was shown to me by the sales person at Brigade Exotica, but he refused to give me a copy of the same as he said it will be announced during the launch time. If you have doubt regarding the same please go to exotica and meet Gaurav as he had shown me the map

  34. Every stupid builder build Swimming pool….no big deal.

    I agree with nixy ….brigade make mockery of pre-registered user….Generally, people get what they deserve….

    How can you book a property without knowing a price / Rate……No one do this in property business….

    Then people should have opted pvt equity way….

  35. What a pity, even after paying 3700 psqft, prelaunch customer dont have the option of choice. this is height of arrogance. Mark my words, most of the prelaunch customer would end up getting flats which they find difficult to sell, forget vastu, east facing, garden view, all gone for toss.
    What a smart move from builder, they easily sold off there less attractive units and has all the premium units up for sale at launch rate.
    prelaunch customers have become a laughing stock.
    Guys either get the apt of your choice or drag them to consumer court.

    • consumer court also can’t help us… because then didn’t give anything in written.
      i’m going to cancel my booking,,,, and every one do this if other have little bit self respect.

      i wouldn’t recommend any brigade project to any one.
      but at last we r proved fool big fool, we can’t deny that in any condition.
      any way hope it’s learning experience for all who invest and more for them who didn’t invest….

      • Hi Kishore

        I didn’t want to comment any further to avoid salt rubbing situation.
        However I want to convey that dont make your decision emotionally. Consider some other factors
        1) Location of Brigade is prime as compared to Prestige tranquility, hence the present price looks gud.
        2) Days of affordable prelaunches are gone by. It will never come back, so even if you want to buy a
        new one you will have to pay similar to what BGT is charging.
        3) Its a matter of 6 to 7 lacs extra than what you would have initially planned, I think it can be managed.
        4) Just work with Brigade to get a better options.
        5) Cancellation should be your last option. If you think cancelling the unit will force brigade to change their mind,
        you are mistaken. In the whole process you will stand looser even today, Its unfortunate but true.
        6) Just think all over bangalore, all top builder’s are charging 4k+. In long run you will gain only.
        Brigade projects just like prestige have there own standard.
        Think before you call quit


      • also i think the floor plans showed by brigade at the time of EOI were having SBA much less with same size of flat then what the plans they are showing now.so making money by increasing SBA and not the flat size

  36. There is no swimming pool mentioned in the list of amenities. Don’t know if this will be provided inside the club house. It was told by Brigade rep that the commercial development is separate and will face the Main Road. Residential is behind the commercial with only entry from the main road.

  37. Just got back from a visit to the site. Work seems to be in full swing. They are constructing the site office and a model flat. Also digging for the residential building is in progress. One concern I have is about the highway (NH4) being so close to the project. Whenever you go to the site, you can hear blaring sound of horns from the highway, particularly due to the junction. Although the commercial building will be the between the highway and the residential, I wonder if it will be too noisy. They have left out a nice patch of land with trees in the middle which will form the landscaped area.

  38. Folks,

    Is booking open for non registered user?


  39. I am very happy that Brigade launched at this price, Thankfully I didn’t get trapped in there pre-launch tactics. I believe ppl deserve this shock.

    How on earth ppl just went into this project without knowing the pre-launch rate. if the sales team were telling that the rate will be 2800-3000 psqft then why didnt they publish it.
    No other builders does any prelaunch without the pre-launch rate. Just going by brand name!!! Fools, wow.
    Now accept the fact and be ready to pay 3700 psqft. It would have been more wiser had ppl invested in Prestige tranquility, atleast the prices that time wouldnot have been so high. Today Brigade is reaping the dividend of foolishness of ppl and the premium commanded by Prestige tranquility project.
    Once cannot blame brigade for this. they did it because it was getting gud response. Had ppl ignored this Brigade project, they would had been forced to pre-launch this project with some rate.
    Hats off to the stratgic and marketing team of Brigade!!! they know how to hit the chord of ppl desparation.

    Sorry guys!!! I am pissed off of these scenarios, we always blame builder for everything which is true but we tend to ignore our part

  40. I thought there would be commercial buildings in the front and residential units behind the commercial area. But in the plans that Brigade has shared, they have not shown any commercial development. Is it going to be only residential units in this project?

  41. For other buyers , it is 3640+150/- INR
    For 4BHK , they gave only 14 units in one block for prelaunch selection..No choice on the blocks too

  42. the prelaunch price is 3640

    • The prelaunch price is 3490 and launch price is 3790 for the ground floor. PLC 90/ and floor rise is 20 per floor. The allotment will be announced after the 20th of April on first come first serve basis based on the options provided. Launch will be only after the allotment of the prelaunch units are completed.

  43. Recieved the prelaunch mail today…price is WAY TOO HIGH…i am going to withdraw and will never suggest Brigade name to any of my friends during any project’s prelaunch stage…terrible marketing communication just hate it but whatever happens happens for good hoping God has something better for people like me…wish all best of luck!!

    • Could you let us know the price pls. Thanks

      • price=3800-160=3640/sq ft

        floor rise-Rs 20
        18% extra

      • The base rate is 3790 before any pre launch discount. For pre-launch customers the discount is 150 per sq ft…too less in my opinion! The floor rise premium is 20 per floor, and the landscape facing flats have a premium of 90 per sq ft.

        • ———————————————————————————————————————–
          Kris says:
          February 20, 2013 at 9:26 pm

          Confirmed news from Brigade officials (no name here), the launch price will be 3700/- and prelaunch price will be 3500/-. There wont be any preferences even if you had booked a year back.Brigade guys are saying that based on the prevailaing market rates and demand and supply, they will determine the prices, expression of interest (EOI) is only to raise the funds that carry interest @ 9.25%.

          Since there are too many enquies/interest from investors/end users alike on this project, Brigade is confident that they could launch it on higher side of the price ticket. Even a month back they had plans to lauch it 3500 (and prelauch 3300), it seems it has changed now.

          This was inline with the prices I quoted couple of months back! But the prices are way too high as commented by others….its not worth for that money; big builders (so called Grade A builders) are just exploiting the investors appetite for prelaunches and en-cashing their weakness with market timing.

          • People, this is a lesson. Hence, let’s not waste our money investing in this stupid pre-launches unless we have clarity on the prices. This is the only Class A builder who started with this Cheating activities. Hopefully, Sobha, Prestige and Salarpuria doesn’t follow this?

    • How much is it ?

    • Could you please let us know the price?

    • How much is the pre-launch price?

    • What is the price, if you can reveal it? Is that for guys who opted for prelaunch or open for new buyers also?

    • Can you please share the mail? It will help everyone.

    • Please let us know what is the pre-launch price you received.
      I have not received the information in my mail yet.

    • Initially I too was interested in this project…. but lost interest subsequently when I see lots of hype and so many desperate buyer and talk about the high price. And Finally after seeing the location I decided it’s not worth more than 3000 /sqf (whatever be the so called market rate in this area).

    • Totally agree.

      Felt cheated, never expected such shady dealing with group like Brigade.

      Last year in Feb 2012 they mentioned pre-launch to be between 2800-3000 per sq ft. If instead they had mentioned then that they will give 4-5% discount on the launch price then I would have not opted at all. Anyway there is always something to learn, will never recommend Brigade to anyone from now on wards, of course will withdraw the registration amount. I still believe customer is king, such bad dealings will eventually hit them if not in this project may be in their future pre-launches.

      • I had also called up Brigade in March 2012. Since they were not agreeable to fixing the pre-launch price of Rs 2800-3000/- on paper, I did not go for it. Verbal commitments are useless. Another point was that since they are/were paying interest on the deposit amount, there is no compulsion for them to give it around 3k. This scheme is an easy way to raise money at 8% interest since banks would charge around 13-15% interest. Pre-launch means that the customer pays the blocking amount and the per sqft price is fixed (of course no interest would be paid on the deposit amount). Brigade obviously hid the details about the pricing part but some people had voiced their concerns. Also, in my opinion, the construction for this project would be quite slow since the money for this project would come from some other pre-launch project :-) .

    • Hi,

      Could you please mail us project details.

  44. Hi, I got some update…..Prelaunch Customers can get the project details mail in this week.

    I have created the Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/355854401197641/) for all BGT customers, for tracking in the future pls join.

  45. I visited BGT Today. Some work undeway to build mkt ofc etc. No one was there. So, no idea when they are launching for pre-Registered user and aam public.

    BGT launch story is never ending – March is almost gone…..


  46. Hi,

    Just wanted to know people who have withdrawn their money from this project, have they recieved it yet? How many days does it take for the whole process to happen?

    • I withdrew during January, got it back within 15 days.

      • Hi BVS,
        Why did you withdraw money in Jan? Is it because they had promised to launch during Nov-Dec 2012 but did not,so you could not wait any more. or you found some other negative things which made you to withdraw the money.
        You input will help us to think in cancellation point of view.


        • Hi,

          I am sure my reasoning is nothing new to other investors.

          Basically I was frustrated at brigade not been able to keep their word. I had lost many other investment opportunities waiting for the launch (not only in budigere cross but across bangalore). I also realized with tentative launch price discussed & hinted by them along with their additional charges like car park, building maintenance etc, it will cross way beyond my budget & simply not worth the investment.

          When i spoke to brigade about it, there was no firm stand from them on the launch date. I couldn’t wait further.

          Thank god, atleast their cancellation process was convenient. Don’t expect big amount from interest component as TDS & cancellation charges will eat in to most of it.

    • That’s news! What makes you think people are withdrawing money! and more importantly, if true, why are they withdrawing?

  47. This is another trap like BGT !!

    Brigade not keeping words wth customer. Be careful on pre registration concept. Its a total trap like BGT

  48. March is almost done and no news from Brigade Yet ..Did any of you hear anything about this project?

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