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  • Dreamz Saravor @ Silkboard
  • Dreamz Siddhi @ E-City
  • Dreamz Suvidha @ Sarjapur Road
  • Dreamz Sneh @ Marathahalli
  • Dreamz Saakar @ Horamavu
  • Dreamz Shashwat @ Hebbal
  • Dreamz Suprabhata @ Vidyaranyapura
  • Dreamz Sahithya @ Jalahalli



All across Bangalore


As of May 5th 2012.

12 Lacs to 42 lacs. Keeps changing every month !!!




Dreamz GK Infrastructure

Dreamz Infra Fraud?

Example: Comment 1

Example: Comment 2


Update: I received a mail from Dreamz Infra on 21st July 2012 from Disha Choudhari (MD, Dreamz Infra). The email shared the phone numbers of Disha and Sachin with me and I had a long talk with both of them on phone, where they summarized most of what is also mentioned in the mail that I include in this article. Understanding the concerns they had, I requested them to send me an official email as a response to some of the comments that were posted by some members. The mail contents are pasted below.

Regardless of which company or which project you should always seek professional advice and make an informed choice.

Note: The following content was not received from an email address ending with the dreamzinfra domain. Exercise caution until confirmed.

Hi Harshasagar

Well myself Disha choudhari MD Dreamz infra
Nice to see your social project here , It was quite painful to read false comments on my Dreamz “user kiran” had posted my employee no and said dreamz is good and next comment is Dreamz is fraud 9538799277
You can easily make out there is somebody who is trying to spoil my company image!
You can come and visit my office, my home and I will also call my 50 happy satisfied customers there who will come with proof they are corporate employees of Accenture Mahindra cisco hp and they are happy and satisfied with all documents even their loan is approved few of them registered their lands on their names, and happy with our construction quality,
Anyone having doubt on our Credential and genuinely can visit our office I will share 100 plus satisfied clients contact nos who are working with HP, oracle, Accenture, and so many other corportes, I can even give you opportunity to meet them, Will you like to believe on Face to face talk or videos or telephonic talk of 100 plus buyers who are satisfied with Dreamz infra or nonsense comment posted by handful unidentified persons ?

Forum Says our prices keep changing every month !!!
Changing prices is nature of healthy business and healthy market conditions,
Gold, Shares, Dollors every prices changes whats wrong if our prices changes, thats economics !

We have real aim of fulfilling comman man dream in economic price ! people on your forum says we will shut down our company and run away, then why we have registered lands of our 5 projects which cost is around 19 crore and agreements mou done with 37 lands for which more than 20 crore advance is paid , can we pack these lands in our baggage and run away ?
Even if anybody cancel flat we refund their payment through cheque n proudly saying you i can show our all account bank statements not even single cheque issue is bounced !
we have additional separate legal, aftersales and relationship devision, who takes care of after sales services !
About one comment of non kannadiga s presence in company Dreamz, only company in bangalore having policy to have 40% karnataka employees, and me being non kanadiga i speak kannada, my both kids Gouri and Krishna Speks kannada proudly ! Dreamz director board 3 out of 5 are Born in Karnataka !
We are going to distribute 1 lac cds of kannada talking in august 1st week, and going to create android application for the same which will enable outsiders to talk kannada easily even i welcome any technical participation from your end!
We are building SAI temple almost 80% completed on kanakpura road where we are planning to adopt 100 kids from road signals and give them better education, if we have intention to cheat n run away why should we have such project ? we dont publish our social works as we fill its our duty to do do without taking credit or publicity !
Well I will like to appeal you to remove this fake reviews from forum ASAP after you clarify from our end as it is spoiling interest of 100 plus other buyers who believed on us ! if you say send us your address I can take my 500 buyers to your office and clarify everything about Dreamz gk !
I want to warn all those who are posting false bad comments on harshasagar that don’t become a hassle for people with good aim ! god is there to see, apart from this its high time that I personally wants to spend whole next week on such elements and take strict legal action in best possible way ! We are going to approach Bangalore police as well as cyber crime team to find out such element and we will appeal police to file appropriate cases on such people !
Hope you will have nutral and positive approach on this ! and take better decision !

Chaiman and Managing Director
DREAMZ Infra india pvt ltd.



  602 Responses to “iDiscuss – Dreamz GK Infrastructure Projects”

  1. This builder does not have a single project in SBI approved list.

    Check yourself here.

  2. anybody booked flat in dreamz sai sagar j p nagar. I paid 11.7 lakh. I want to cancel the booking.

    • I have booked in Sai sagar

    • Can u advise y you want to cancel as I was planning to invest here.



      • OK cool. If you confident enough that you get an apartment from these people after reading all the above comments from this website and also from all other sites commented against Dreamzzz..then you can go ahead and invest. If you want to save your money then stay away from them. Nothing is proper with them. I have made tremendous effort in getting my 3 lakhs rupees back invested with them for the project Dreamz sahavaz at Begur raod, Bommanahalli.

      • No, I will not cancel. I will wait. Now pre construction work has been started. I donot want to cancel as getting the money back from them is difficult. hence I prefer to wait and take the possession.

        • u want to continue because u wont get back ur money is not it. have u checked dreamz sai sagar documents. can u share ur contact no

      • No I donot want to cancel. Pre construction work has already been started. Hence I would like to wait.


  3. Sir,
    I booked 2bhk @ 13.5 lakhs in dreamz Sankalp in 2010 through their executive Ms Sushma and Naresh. for some reasons they didnot develop it. In 2013 I swapped to Dreamz Swagat. . There was no development in swagat. then and then they changed the sankalp project in new name Susthapit without informing me. I withdrawal my name from the project and refunded full amount on SBI Dharwad. When I submitted the cheque in SBI Dharwad. there is no balance. cheque bounced in the month of Aug 2014 . I took police assistance and come to court. Till case is going on. so beware from the builder. I need panalty and 24% interest of booking amount of Rs 5 lakhs.

    Ansuman jana, Mob 9164474125. Dharwad

    • Well done! Appreciate you took the case to the court , normally people in bangalore is afraid to do that. I got back my fund , however only legal notice worked for me. Luckily I need not go to the court.

      • Hello …. Can you tell me the lawyer details,so that even we can send a legal notice to them .we are struggling a lot to get our 3lacs for the past 6mts and 6 chques have bounced already.please help anyone .

  4. All Comments Above are From Frustrated people who Failed to Make their own house due to their personal problems. I request people not believe.
    I request to people who sees these reviews to first understand the frustration of these people. All people aborted from the Project in between and all want thier money back next day. Anyhow all people will get money back. No Harms to Dreamz though. People who have given bad reviews(If its not Fake review) only talks about returning of their money. No Customer who got thier aparment is complaining about quality of construction, Handover of Homes, END product basically., only these people are Failed People. I Pitty them.

    i’m not from dreamz, but a client to Dreamz. i’m happy with them. I have interacted with Lot of clients and they are too happy.

    • Hmmm….Mr Murthy. You are like a diamond in a coal mine. The only satisfied customer amongst thousand of cheated customers!
      I feel that people who are cheated by Dreamz WANTED to be cheated. If someone says I will give you Gold at Rs 100/gm and someone falls for it that means the person wants to be cheated since how can someone give Gold @ Rs 100/gm when Gold price is Rs 2500/gm. Similarly, if Dreamz is promising an apartment for Rs 15 lac when actual price is 30 lacs, it means they are outright cheating/lying. If still someone falls for it, then they are responsible.

      • Hi Rajesh,

        Example not suited. What about goldmine itself is owned by one.he can sell gold at lesser price…
        Just want to say if u have been cheated file a case and fight hard to get ur money.,but the generic statements about any company/peoples is not correct.

    • Why many people are frustrated only with Dreamz?
      How can people talk about quality of construction, when it’s not handed over.
      Can you list how many apartment s, Dreamz had completed.
      Can you tell us your flat/ apartment details.

    • Looks like you are frustrated Mr. Murthi. All people who fall into a pit will complain and do anything and everything to get out of the pit that they have fallen into by their ignorance. Do you want them to glorify those Pits! Don’t know what you found interesting in these pits unless you are one of the contractor of these Pits that have been dug up as a trap for the common people to fall into. You are worried of the exposure of all the pits that you have got dug all around.


    • Guys,

      They all r cleaver people & employees of Dreamz. and they paid to write a positive comments. be careful don’t invest your money on Dreams. I know the pain of getting my money back.



  5. I did advance booking of Dreamz Ekadant flat on a Sunday(28th Dec) given them a Post dated cheque(dated 31st Dec) worth 2 lacs.

    Next day 2 ladies came from Dreamz to my office to exchange to me the land documents and the MoU which I happily collected.While I was already surprised and was ready to cancel the booking due to the umpteen negative reviews about the company, The 2 executives told me that further discount will be provided if I provide the 50% down payment within 4 days(that was it..i cancelled my booking)

    I immediately stopped payment of my cheque.The cheque that I had given them was a non CTC cheque too. :-)

    So guys Play safe.It is your hard earned money !!

  6. Hi All,
    My name is Abhishek
    Dreamz Infra is not good.
    from Start:
    1. Sanjay Yadav was sales person who deal my case.
    he was asking for cash/check on that day only.
    I provided 2 checks one of 1 lakh and 2nd of 2.75 lakhs
    2. after 2 days we get computerized receipt .He told us that due to heavy sale he was not able to provide the receipt.

    3. I checked the document with lawyer and found that whole document is fake,
    MOU was for some other developer and already ended in DEC 2011. there was not document after 2011 .

    4. Next days we stop our 2.75 lakhs check. and ask for refund . they mentioned that you will get money after 90 days . Satparni was support person who told me so and mention that this was rule and I signed on that document . I am OK with that .
    waited for 3 monre months for my 1 lakh .
    5. Got post dated check from Dreamz infa . Check is of SBI Kormangala branch

    6. Check got bounced . we visited their office and after 3 days of visit I got Sri nivas who assure me to give money

    7. again after 6-7 days they gave me only 50K and they even do not inform me that they are going to give me 50K.

    8. went to their office at 8pm in night and there they assure that I will get money on next day

    9. I got my money . but I suffered from lot of mention tension and nothing was certain.

    I will not suggest anyone to go with Dreamz infra
    But if some one want to go then provide Post Dated check and verify document before that
    If they get you money then it will be very hard for you to get that money back

    Targeting Middle class people is very bad idea. :(


  7. Hi,

    This is santosh. I had booked flat in dreamz samparpit and given a token amount of 2L. After 3 days they gave me the sale deed and MOU document. Got the document cheked my lawyer and i was shocked to know the proposed land which is opposite hanging garden appartment vayalikaval layout opposite manyata tech park is in litigation. Also the MOU is totally fake document, if carefully see the MOU the signature of the land owner (Nithya) has only thumb impression and no signature and if cross check with sale deed there is signature (Nithya). I cancelled the booking after 15 days and after 10 days they gave me posted dated cheque of 2L booking amount. When I presented the cheque in bank it got bounced saying insufficient fund. I am going to send them notice and keeping fingure crossed.


    • Hi,

      This is santosh. I received few calls regarding my post and they said they have booked in dreamz and they have checked the documents with lawyers for the projects they have booked and seemed to be ok. So I dont want to create any panic among the dreamz customers who have already booked. So ignore my post and if the documents are fine why bother about the post.


  8. Hi Singham,

    I have sent them a notice but the addresses for the directors are incorrect. Please contact me at

    • Hi Rock,

      That’s their trick because if they accept the notice then they have to return the money and case will go to court so they will not accept your notice. Please talk to your lawyer as he would have dealt with such cases. Go to the post office in that area find out who is the postman who will deliver that notice for you.. Give him something as an encouragement to do his job if possible you go with him when he is delivering the notice .. And take a video of they not accepting the notice.

      I have also started my legal process and now I will not be calling them any more let my lawyer deal with them. They have been using our money and trapping more customers. If you want they have organised a exhibition on 24 & 25 Dec in the ground near their office. You can go their and let other prospective customer know about the situation which will affect their business directly . You have to do a lot of work if you really want your money and teach them a lesson.

      Please mail me if you need any details.

      • you guys deserve to be treated like this by GK. you were blinded by your greed to invest and make quick buck and now you have been taken for a ride ! loving it !

        • Sachin, don’t ridicule innocent people.They were ignorant of this builder’s tricks.They deserve sympathy and moral support at the least.

      • Hi all,

        I have got a call from Samaya news channel who are starting a campaign against Dreamz infra. I am going to give interview to them about how they cheated with me and till now its been 5 months that I cancelled but they haven’t returned my money. Moreover they are not responding to my calls as well. I have already initiated legal work against them and soon they will receive notice under section 138 and then file a case for cheating under 420.

        If anyone interested to really get their money back on time and teach them a lesson and ready to give interviews to Samaya news please mail me with your contact details and we can get the media involved and shut down the business of Dreamz infra.

        • I have mobile nos of 6 people who are cheated by dreamz very badly.Please share your mobile no or email ID.

        • Hi,
          Please give some ideas to suite TGS e -commerce people as i am ready to come to news channels also.

          please come close to do something on these people who are tricked the middle class people and playing with there money.

        • Dreamz Infra India Ltd.. Swarga project of Sarjapur they also cheated me for 12 lacs, they have issued cheque post dated 120 days from the cancellation and now the account of SBI has been closed.. Please help me with legal adviser or anyone want to group and take action against them.. please call me on + 91 7259144499 or e-mail me on i need to take action under section Section 138/141 of the NI Act – Thanks

          • With reference to my earlier review, futher Dreamz India pvt. ltd. has re-issued cheques of 12 lacs again post dated will be paid after one more month, also they given 30% interest for one month. i hope that this time they will clear my cheques without any issue and proove the real customer relationship. I will post my review again once my cheques get realized.. builder look like good, if they honner the promisses than I will be interested more if they comes up with luxerious flat this time i will be interested only for ready to move option. – thanks

        • Hi vrinda
          My cheque got bounced yesterday. I am planning to file a case against dreamz.
          How to proceed?

        • Hi I am also facing same issue.. they gave cheque and its bounce becoz of insufficient money. Pls add me in this campaign . my email:, mob no: +917097914855

      • Hi Vrinda

        Can you please share your email id.

        • Hi,
          Please give some ideas to suite TGS e -commerce people as i am ready to come to news channels also.

          please come close to do something on these people who are tricked the middle class people and playing with there money.

      • Hi, we too had booked a flat in Dreamz Sadan in November 2013 for which we paid Rs. 11 lakhs but when there was no sign of the construction we cancelled the booking in October 2014. We were give 5 PDCs for January 2015 but just before the due date we were requested not to deposit the cheques. In January end we were issued new replacement cheques for February 2015 from Axis Bank but all the cheques have bounced. I will be sending a demand letter next week and will take criminal action against them if they do not refund the amount within 15 days. I think all the victims of the company should file criminal cases against them and force them to refund all the outstanding amounts. The larger the number of cases against them the more they will be under pressure to refund.
        Mousumi Majumder

      • Hi Vrinda,
        Please let me know the progress of your case against Dreamz. My cheques against cancellation have also bounced and I am planning to go for legal action against the company.
        Mousumi Majumder

        • Hi Mousumi,
          My case is exactly the same as yours. Can we unite and fight against this builder? Can u call me on 9742147844?

  9. guys why don’t we all join and go to his office.we need 20 people and more.mail me
    we will take them down. mail me people its our right i am will to fight till my money comes back. I don’t need my money back i want to teach them a lesson.


    Now Pits are being auctioned as management quotas inviting applications with payments. This is another way of collecting funds. Out of the ten Applications only one will get the big Pit. Rest are by default going to pay for the investment of those pits. Interviews are being held to find the best scapegoat amongst the ten scapegoat applying for allotment of the pits.

    Don’t fall prey and then cry. They are not selling ready made apartment. See what they have completed so far in almost 4 years of their existence.

    See the complaints against them in the below link from those who did that jump into the pits that they were offered.


  11. Please find the below link for Investor / Resale stock

  12. Hi anyone booked flat in suprabath ???

    • I want to book a flat in Dreamz Suprabath Vidyaranyapura. pls give suggestion on priority

      • Do some work, You need to browse down and read for suggestions. If not, take my suggestion,
        Their projects are like pits which you don’t see. but when you fall into them you get hurt and that depends on how big a pit you have fallen into. you will know this only when you fall. All pits are dark, some big and some small, and some have successfully come out of the pit they have fallen into after some hard efforts and have shared their adventurous experience. They are the certified ones who have learned their lessons the hard way. There are some who are still in those pits struggling to see the light. may be those pits are big. You can take your decision!


        • LOL. what a fantastic reply, in your terms I am a survivor from one of the pit i have fallen. Great initiative guys….to make everyone aware of their fraud practices.

  13. If you tell some one that their is a pit ahead and be careful since there are many who have fallen in that Pit. There will still be people who will go ahead and after they fall, they call for help.

    I pity those who have fallen in these pits. and those who are waiting to fall.
    Do not buy under valued properties. 50% discount and so on!!!, These guys play with your mind and your desperation to own a home.


  14. i booked in sankalp,,so far experince is good . but huge follow up is needed. just do not leave as if you have extra money.. just a suggestion

    • i suggest think and plan your goal of buying flat..then again and talk and talk with builder ..share your questions and concenrs ..then wait ..if buying opinion comes to your mind again in some morning then go sit and book..means your mind is

  15. Hi,

    I have booked a flat in Dream Sadan this year with 1 lac booking. After few days i have cancelled the flat due to not proper documents.

    They have given me cheque of 2 Sep 2014 which was the 90 working days of cancellation.

    When i have deposited the cheque on 2 Sep 2014 which was bounced due to insufficient balance.

    When i went to his office on 05 Sep 2014 at 5:30 PM. They told they will give the cheque again.

    I think, we have to call Press Conference in his office on Saturday so that other person in future should not trap.

    If any one agree on that please post the comment here or mail me.


    • Surya,

      I have also booked a Flat in Sadan, can you please tell me what documents where incorrect? Did you get the document booklet checked by Lawyer they gave you after the booking?


      • Hi,

        I got the mail from my Advocate about the list of missing documents which i have forwarded to Dreamz Legal Department through CRM. But they have provided only 2 docs.


    • Hi,

      Please give me ur mobile number.
      I have approached media and they are ready to expose them.
      I have all video recording of my booking.
      Fraud companies cannot survive here.


    • hello surya

      I have cancelled my dreamz samarpith project and looking for a refund of 5.7lakhs …Did u get your refund after 90 days.Please advise who to contact if the refund is not processed properly. Thank You.

      • theire business model is like that..get 1 lakh from 100 people and then invest somewhwere else..

        beware of the builder..

      • Debjani, once the cheque is bounced… go directly to their office and ask for refund. if u depend on a particular person, they vl play around with you. Personal Experience.

    • Good, i can join with you. Looks like this co. is fraud. I have booked the flat and i am not getting any proper update and everytime they say the project is going to delay. After 1.5 years they are saying to take the money… where is the interest part.

    • Please share your email id.

    • Hi, even I have booked in Dreamz Sadan. Are the documents fake? When are they going to start the construction?

      • I have paid 10 lakhs till now. They are saying the land is registered but yet to get BBMP approval which will happen next month. Should I believe them?

        • @Anu

          >>>> Should I believe them?

          Are you still in Dreams? It’s time to Go and Kick them ( Dreamz G K)

        • you shld forget abou 10 laks now..

          I dont understand inspite of people being educated why people do not even think twice before paying money..all the forums call this builder as not trustworthy..only god can change you anu.

  16. Dreamz Samarpit project they have launched. I have booked it by paying 1L.Anybody who booked flat there, please share contact number? Is there anybody whos project completed, please share contact number pls. After seeing the blog i am totally confused

    • Please cancel as early as possible and keep following up. Otherwise you will never get back your money.

    • hi Venkat,

      the same thing happened to me, I paid 1L for booking and cancelled booking within 2days.
      they said they will give the pdc within 15 days. till now i did not get anything.
      my number is 9538276276

    • evene same here,even i also booked

    • Hi i have booked flat in Samaarpit, and after reading i am cancelling the booking

    • Hi Venkat, My no. is 7026711061. I am also planning to book flat in Samarpit. Can u pl share ur contact no. or call me.Thanks.

    • Hello

      I have booked a flat in dreamz samarpith… but I have cancelled the booking after paying like 5.7lakhs .. I am really scared about the refund after reading the reviews. Does anyone knows who to contact if the refund is not processed properly.Any higher authority as we do not have money to take any legal action. Please help

  17. Hi Vrinda Singh,

    I cancelled my booking within 20 days and fortunately because I was skilled enough to talk them through got my 1 lakh amt after 95 days.
    Unfortunately people in our country like to slumber and let things happen the it to fate like idiots(taught from our childhood).If everyone who has invested or been cheated join to take action against such filthy developers ,something might happen.

    God will help people ,who can first help themselves.People of our country have only learnt to keep quite and be ruled by b******* like people and hence we have such politicians ruling us today.

    PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    • Agreed!!
      Exactly same thing happened to me. I booked with token money of 1 lakh and realized that it is not at all going to be good investment and cancelled within a month and got the money back in 90 days post cancellation.
      I send an email reminder just before the the cheque due date so that I became a case of willful omission if the cheque is bounced and will not only attract sec 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act but also section 420 (cheating) of IPC.

      Unfortunately people are afraid of going into legal proceedings and these guys are taking advantage of that.

    • Hi Basu and Aparna,
      Request you to share the email ids and the contact persons that you used to get your refund amount back.

  18. Me and my 4 frnds have booked flat in dreamz sahvaas in Dec 2012.
    people who have booked sahvaas project, please drop me email at
    Lets work out together and be on same page with or against them.

    • Hi I have booked DreamZ SWADHYA whitefiled.

      Hi Rocky,

      Have u got your flat??Its been so many days after u booked??

      I am not able to decide to whether continue or cancel???

      Thank you.

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