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  • Dreamz Saravor @ Silkboard
  • Dreamz Siddhi @ E-City
  • Dreamz Suvidha @ Sarjapur Road
  • Dreamz Sneh @ Marathahalli
  • Dreamz Saakar @ Horamavu
  • Dreamz Shashwat @ Hebbal
  • Dreamz Suprabhata @ Vidyaranyapura
  • Dreamz Sahithya @ Jalahalli



All across Bangalore


As of May 5th 2012.

12 Lacs to 42 lacs. Keeps changing every month !!!




Dreamz GK Infrastructure

Dreamz Infra Fraud?

Example: Comment 1

Example: Comment 2


Update: I received a mail from Dreamz Infra on 21st July 2012 from Disha Choudhari (MD, Dreamz Infra). The email shared the phone numbers of Disha and Sachin with me and I had a long talk with both of them on phone, where they summarized most of what is also mentioned in the mail that I include in this article. Understanding the concerns they had, I requested them to send me an official email as a response to some of the comments that were posted by some members. The mail contents are pasted below.

Regardless of which company or which project you should always seek professional advice and make an informed choice.

Note: The following content was not received from an email address ending with the dreamzinfra domain. Exercise caution until confirmed.

Hi Harshasagar

Well myself Disha choudhari MD Dreamz infra
Nice to see your social project here , It was quite painful to read false comments on my Dreamz “user kiran” had posted my employee no and said dreamz is good and next comment is Dreamz is fraud 9538799277
You can easily make out there is somebody who is trying to spoil my company image!
You can come and visit my office, my home and I will also call my 50 happy satisfied customers there who will come with proof they are corporate employees of Accenture Mahindra cisco hp and they are happy and satisfied with all documents even their loan is approved few of them registered their lands on their names, and happy with our construction quality,
Anyone having doubt on our Credential and genuinely can visit our office I will share 100 plus satisfied clients contact nos who are working with HP, oracle, Accenture, and so many other corportes, I can even give you opportunity to meet them, Will you like to believe on Face to face talk or videos or telephonic talk of 100 plus buyers who are satisfied with Dreamz infra or nonsense comment posted by handful unidentified persons ?

Forum Says our prices keep changing every month !!!
Changing prices is nature of healthy business and healthy market conditions,
Gold, Shares, Dollors every prices changes whats wrong if our prices changes, thats economics !

We have real aim of fulfilling comman man dream in economic price ! people on your forum says we will shut down our company and run away, then why we have registered lands of our 5 projects which cost is around 19 crore and agreements mou done with 37 lands for which more than 20 crore advance is paid , can we pack these lands in our baggage and run away ?
Even if anybody cancel flat we refund their payment through cheque n proudly saying you i can show our all account bank statements not even single cheque issue is bounced !
we have additional separate legal, aftersales and relationship devision, who takes care of after sales services !
About one comment of non kannadiga s presence in company Dreamz, only company in bangalore having policy to have 40% karnataka employees, and me being non kanadiga i speak kannada, my both kids Gouri and Krishna Speks kannada proudly ! Dreamz director board 3 out of 5 are Born in Karnataka !
We are going to distribute 1 lac cds of kannada talking in august 1st week, and going to create android application for the same which will enable outsiders to talk kannada easily even i welcome any technical participation from your end!
We are building SAI temple almost 80% completed on kanakpura road where we are planning to adopt 100 kids from road signals and give them better education, if we have intention to cheat n run away why should we have such project ? we dont publish our social works as we fill its our duty to do do without taking credit or publicity !
Well I will like to appeal you to remove this fake reviews from forum ASAP after you clarify from our end as it is spoiling interest of 100 plus other buyers who believed on us ! if you say send us your address I can take my 500 buyers to your office and clarify everything about Dreamz gk !
I want to warn all those who are posting false bad comments on harshasagar that don’t become a hassle for people with good aim ! god is there to see, apart from this its high time that I personally wants to spend whole next week on such elements and take strict legal action in best possible way ! We are going to approach Bangalore police as well as cyber crime team to find out such element and we will appeal police to file appropriate cases on such people !
Hope you will have nutral and positive approach on this ! and take better decision !

Chaiman and Managing Director
DREAMZ Infra india pvt ltd.



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