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  • Dreamz Saravor @ Silkboard
  • Dreamz Siddhi @ E-City
  • Dreamz Suvidha @ Sarjapur Road
  • Dreamz Sneh @ Marathahalli
  • Dreamz Saakar @ Horamavu
  • Dreamz Shashwat @ Hebbal
  • Dreamz Suprabhata @ Vidyaranyapura
  • Dreamz Sahithya @ Jalahalli



All across Bangalore


As of May 5th 2012.

12 Lacs to 42 lacs. Keeps changing every month !!!




Dreamz GK Infrastructure

Dreamz Infra Fraud?

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Example: Comment 2


Update: I received a mail from Dreamz Infra on 21st July 2012 from Disha Choudhari (MD, Dreamz Infra). The email shared the phone numbers of Disha and Sachin with me and I had a long talk with both of them on phone, where they summarized most of what is also mentioned in the mail that I include in this article. Understanding the concerns they had, I requested them to send me an official email as a response to some of the comments that were posted by some members. The mail contents are pasted below.

Regardless of which company or which project you should always seek professional advice and make an informed choice.

Note: The following content was not received from an email address ending with the dreamzinfra domain. Exercise caution until confirmed.

Hi Harshasagar

Well myself Disha choudhari MD Dreamz infra
Nice to see your social project here , It was quite painful to read false comments on my Dreamz “user kiran” had posted my employee no and said dreamz is good and next comment is Dreamz is fraud 9538799277
You can easily make out there is somebody who is trying to spoil my company image!
You can come and visit my office, my home and I will also call my 50 happy satisfied customers there who will come with proof they are corporate employees of Accenture Mahindra cisco hp and they are happy and satisfied with all documents even their loan is approved few of them registered their lands on their names, and happy with our construction quality,
Anyone having doubt on our Credential and genuinely can visit our office I will share 100 plus satisfied clients contact nos who are working with HP, oracle, Accenture, and so many other corportes, I can even give you opportunity to meet them, Will you like to believe on Face to face talk or videos or telephonic talk of 100 plus buyers who are satisfied with Dreamz infra or nonsense comment posted by handful unidentified persons ?

Forum Says our prices keep changing every month !!!
Changing prices is nature of healthy business and healthy market conditions,
Gold, Shares, Dollors every prices changes whats wrong if our prices changes, thats economics !

We have real aim of fulfilling comman man dream in economic price ! people on your forum says we will shut down our company and run away, then why we have registered lands of our 5 projects which cost is around 19 crore and agreements mou done with 37 lands for which more than 20 crore advance is paid , can we pack these lands in our baggage and run away ?
Even if anybody cancel flat we refund their payment through cheque n proudly saying you i can show our all account bank statements not even single cheque issue is bounced !
we have additional separate legal, aftersales and relationship devision, who takes care of after sales services !
About one comment of non kannadiga s presence in company Dreamz, only company in bangalore having policy to have 40% karnataka employees, and me being non kanadiga i speak kannada, my both kids Gouri and Krishna Speks kannada proudly ! Dreamz director board 3 out of 5 are Born in Karnataka !
We are going to distribute 1 lac cds of kannada talking in august 1st week, and going to create android application for the same which will enable outsiders to talk kannada easily even i welcome any technical participation from your end!
We are building SAI temple almost 80% completed on kanakpura road where we are planning to adopt 100 kids from road signals and give them better education, if we have intention to cheat n run away why should we have such project ? we dont publish our social works as we fill its our duty to do do without taking credit or publicity !
Well I will like to appeal you to remove this fake reviews from forum ASAP after you clarify from our end as it is spoiling interest of 100 plus other buyers who believed on us ! if you say send us your address I can take my 500 buyers to your office and clarify everything about Dreamz gk !
I want to warn all those who are posting false bad comments on harshasagar that don’t become a hassle for people with good aim ! god is there to see, apart from this its high time that I personally wants to spend whole next week on such elements and take strict legal action in best possible way ! We are going to approach Bangalore police as well as cyber crime team to find out such element and we will appeal police to file appropriate cases on such people !
Hope you will have nutral and positive approach on this ! and take better decision !

Chaiman and Managing Director
DREAMZ Infra india pvt ltd.



  478 Responses to “iDiscuss – Dreamz GK Infrastructure Projects”

  1. Hi Guyz.

    I had booked Dream Sarovar, Silkboard. And i gave token money Rs 1,00,000.00 and I realize they are making customers crazy and i got cancelled booking. They gave me 90 working days post dated cheque (So 126 days post dated including non working days). I have submited chaque on 29 May 2014 and got bounced. I have called the person, who gave me cheque. Now he is saying that please return the bounce cheque and he will replace the new cheque. Please advice me that do i need to go for leagal action against this? or do i need to replace the cheque with new?. The bounced cheque bank is sending via postal. Now i am waiting to receive the same. Any valuable reply is to be appreciated .

    Thanks and regards
    Ashraf K C

    • Hi ,

      As a Dreemz sneha customer I will advice not to buy any flats from Dreemz . They are not going to finish any property . Its just a show off . I paid huge amount booked 2 flats in Dreemz Sneha , with all arrogance they themselves cancelled the flats and after almost 2 and half years they still not paid my full amount for which I am still struggling and have spent endless nights thinking about it . Please if possible then we should start a community to restrict people like me to go to dreemz.

    • Hi Ashraf,

      I too booked a flat in Dreamz Sarovar and havent heard about anything on the project update , I too am planning to cancel.

      can we connect with each other to share more details pleas.

    • take a photocopy of bounced check and get the new check but I am sure it will also get reject. Because I experienced twice and still waiting to clear the amount i paid. 266800. I am a keralite and working in Bangalore and booked a flat at Begur Road Shavaz Project. They are real frauds.

  2. Would like to Thank all as Above comments here has truly saved me from falling into their trap.
    Today i was about to pay 20% of money for project Sai Sagar in JP nagar which they said for sure it will get BBMP approved in next 4 months. Now after reading all comments I better not dare invest here.

    Thank you all :) Wonderful forum of awarness

  3. Any reviews on Dreamz Sidhi Electronic city?

    • which siddhi project u r talking about siddhi 1 or siddhi 2 siddhi one is almost finished wil be handover in 5 months and siddhi 2 is not even land registered it wil take more than 30months as told by dreamz people

  4. Did anyone book flat in shloka and shloka 2 do contact if somebody has any status update you guys can drop me mail at

    • Hi I have booked for shloka1for me they quoted 40 for 1300 sq ft. I have given pdc for tomorrow’s so need to decide today only. Pls share I m in fix that location does not have a single banner also.

  5. I am looking for a ready to move (or to be completed in next 6 months) property within budget of 25 lakh or lower. I came across Dreamz GK Projects in the various parts of Bangalore – attractive price and negative review about the un-ethical practice by this builder.
    They have various projects around below 25 lakh. I inquired with them about their completed (or soon to be completed) projects – since (as per this blog) they have habit of taking money from customer for the new projects and use them as interest free loan. I got the reply from them that they don’t have any unsold completed (or within 6 months) project. So my question is what this builder is doing with so many projects they launched in last few years (except if everything is sold out)?
    Just shared my view and experience. Also will appreciate if someone recommend me with good project for investment purpose- ready to move within 6 months within budget of 25 lakh

    • First of all… Do not waste your time and money with Dreamz Infra. They can take your money and nothing you will get. They do not have any completed projects (do not consider Silk board modal flat) and they do not have any in-progress projects. Budget of 25 lakh is good but always remember, you have to do lots of homework before you invest in real estate. Risk is at very high level at real estate any where.

      • Thanks Ramesh for your feedback. It’s strange that this kind of cheat are openly doing business/cheating.
        Do you have any idea of DS-Max group? They also seems to have number of projects across Bangalore costing 20 lakh and above.

  6. Hi Guys,

    Please provide me MD (Dreamz GK) email id if somebody have.Its very difficulty to get senior management no.or email id’s if I asked CRM also she is not ready to give any mobile no or emai id but in other builders we can get easily.I am not getting proper updation from CRM from last 15 months.

    CRM is the boss in Dreamz GK.and No complaints escalation if you have a complaints on CRM see as a Dreamz GK customer how much we are facing difficulties.

    Helo Managing Director,Dreamz GK answer to my questions,If you want,you can contact me,below is the details,

    Project Name – Samhith ,JP Nagara,Bangalore.
    Flat No – 217
    Email id –

  7. Hi Guys,

    Beware of Dreamz GK ( Dreamz Infra India PVT LTD)
    I have booked in “Dreamz Samhita project,JP Nagara” on 2012 by paying 30% advance + tax 1,25,000.00.and my flat no.217.

    They told at time of booking They will start the work within 2 months but till Now no progress on the work more ever no updates from CRM (Excutive Name Swathi) she is not picking up the call also,she is very arrogant & she dont know how to talk with customer and she is required proper training and totaly worst service from Dreamz and last week I visited Dreamz office for meet Mr.Harish (Director) but he is not ready to meet but finally I succeeded and I lodged complaint against Swathi (CRM) with Mr Harish (Director) but no use he is also supporting their employee only and no possitive response from him also then I decided I made a wrong selection by choosing Dreamz GK

    Who all Booked in ” Samhita project” Need to form one group and collectively we can discuss each other.

    Contact me on or 9945917750

    • No use of raising complaints…… all are the same. once they got money they will make you dance on thier finger tips. CRM are actually the Boss and i too had to cancel post waiting for about 2 years. 2 years they utilized my money and then CRM becomes boss and forced yout o cancel your flat. Thats the scenario. CEO never comes in picture inspite of so many requests.

  8. Hi Guys,
    Beware of Dreamz GK ( Dreamz Infra India PVT LTD)
    I have booked in “Saakar project” paying 30% advance,
    They told They will get BBMP approval by Mid of Feb-2014. But till Now no approval. I hope they are simply bluffing.
    Who all Booked in ” Saakar project” Need to form one group and collectively we can Legal action on them.
    There Terms and condtion in MOU and Sale agreement not in favour of us.
    Contact me on or 8884095445

  9. We have booked a flat in Dreamz Swadhayay, is there anyone who also booked in the Swadhyay.?

    • Yes, i have also booked a 2 bhk swadhya near safal market.

      • I have just given token money and next part of downpayment is due is 7 days. Got some negative feedback from blogs ( mouthshut) does anybody have more information on this?

        • Hello Tanmay, What more information you need? It’s your money and your decision. I would only advice that in case of doubt, don’t go ahead – if Rs. 30 lakh is significant amount for you, if this is your 1/2/3/4 or 5th property then you can take the risk. Any way there is no shortage of properties to decide about the best risk-reward combination. Going by review in this blog, certainly this builder is not advisable. I too checked with them about any completed project (since it seems, they are infamous for taking booking amount and delaying the project for ever), but they have not anything getting completed in next 6 month despite having so many projects

    • please write to

    • Yes, i have also booked a 3 BHK flat in Swadhya near Safal market.

  10. Harsh Sagar, You are doing a tremendous job. Thanks.

    I have booked a flat in SADAN and really in a confused state since, they already have LP number issued but delaying commencement of construction unnecessarily. It’s been one year since I invested in Dreamz Sadan. is there a possibility of Legal action that I can initiate?

    • I too have booked at Sadan, how can I get intouch with you, please add me to the group.

      • I have also booked a 3 BHK in Sadan project. Please include me in the group as well

        • Hello Sadan Mates,
          Can you pls send ur details / or mail either Suchin’s id thts given abv or to my mail id
          We need to discuss about lot of things, discussing individually isnt yielding anything.
          Lets talk and take this ahead together.


    • Hi I also booked a flat in Sadan, Phone No 9893155969. Can others who have booked contact me please.

    • Hi guys I have also paid 50% advance for 3BHK at Sad an can we share mobile Now please my emailid is

    • Hi Friends,

      I have also booked a flat in SADAN. I made a 30% payment and now the CRM is telling me different stories every time i call her. I am in a fix and unable to find a way out. please provide your contact details so that we together can decide on some steps further.

      I recently visited the site. there was a board displaying project name, now that has been removed. I am not sure if the project is still in existence.

      my contact number is 8105599048.


    • Hi,

      I have also booked a flat in SADAN. I am getting a new statement every time i called them. Earlier they were saying that only road approval is pending and now they say that the land approval is still pending. I am nervous and want to discuss with other members. Let me know how to connect with all of you. Is there any group created. if yes please add me to the group.


      • Please don’t book any apartment in Dreamz. Really a fraud company. We around 20 members Booked apartments in between july- sep 2012 (HSR Layout extn. Sloka apartment). As per the agreement it was suppose to completed by 2013 Dec. The construction was not started in dec-2012. Then we started follow up every time we were getting different reasons . Even now also the construction is not started.

  11. Hello Friends,

    I am part of SADAN group originally created by Monirul. This is not my real email. If you are a SADAN customer and want to join our group, please send me your email ID. I will add you there.


    • i am too member of sadan group

    • Not sure if the grp started by Monirul is still active, I was part of that group, but off late no activity.

      Do we have list of customers? Now they are asking for VAT and sales tax amount.
      The lady “Asha” was very rude as well… I am in a shock after the conversation. She was not ready to answer any questions, infact she was not ready to listen!
      Rohit/Osiris/Vikas: Can you send me your mobile number to the email id above?

      • Hello Sadan Mates,
        Can you pls send ur details / or mail either Suchin’s id thts given abv or to my mail id
        We need to discuss about lot of things, discussing individually isnt yielding anything.
        Lets talk and take this ahead together.


    • Hello Sadan Mates,
      Can you pls send ur details / or mail either Suchin’s id thts given abv or to my mail id
      We need to discuss about lot of things, discussing individually isnt yielding anything.
      Lets talk and take this ahead together.


  12. Dreamz GK … A simple logic followed by management…. Just enjoy the interest money of customer’s capital and customer’s tensions till it can. Sooperb customer care till you pay 30 or 50% capital. Then they r masters and u r slave .. Just a big junk. Never ever see about that.

  13. Hi Anyone,

    I booked a flat in Dreamz Susthapit in Electronic City. Recently thay got approval for Construction plan and said they are going to share in 3-4 working days. Is there any other informnation that u would like to share with me?…Please

    • Hi roy sir dis s kiran kumar I also book 2bhk flat in susthapit by feb 2014 plz update any details my mail id s and mob no s 9085765853

      Kiran kumar

      • Hi Kiran/Roy,

        Am planning to buy a 3BHK flat from either Sushtapit or Sampoorna(both are nearby each other). I heard a lot of negative reviews about Dreamz GK. Is it advisable to buy a flat in Sushtapit or Sampoorna and have they started the construction? In case they got BBMP approval and have started the construction, then it’s safe to buy the flat right?

  14. Please don’t fall in trap with Dreamz. They are big time liars. They will use your money to host the lavish parties for them , to pay their employees and do lot of show offs. They will show hardly one or two project’s progress and keep of delaying other projects with some silly reasons. MD never want to meet anybody. whenever there is concern by clients they will throw some party to the people to make them happy. There are so many directors there, i don’t know how promotion works there. I have spoken to couple of directors that they don’t deserve to be executive with any reputed builder. If you have lot of patience(till infinity), you can invest with them thinking that they will complete some day. I struggled for almost 1 year and after no progress i got the money back. There is no professionalism at all. two refund cheques got bounced and i have to bear the fine from my pocket. Everyday you have to call them to know that next cheque should not bounce again. No sync between civil,marketting and sales deptt. If you have lot of free time and patience to wait then u can go with them. My recommendation to my friends is BIG NO.

    • I totally agree with Anurag. Even i booked an apartment more than one year back. They are simply making false commitments. I got the money around 2 months back. I booked the apartment in dreamz Shloka.

      • hi anurag/Ramesh, isn’t it unfair that you get only the base aount afte such a longtime? they rae in the win-win situation, wherein they utilized the money for over an year and now giv you back only the base amount. Disha – MD Dreamz if you are reading this, I need to have a conversation woth you, please provide your contact details.

        • Dear Hanumantha,

          I will say that it is not completely unfair from their part as we are the one who cancelled the flats.
          Rather i will say it is my foolishness to go with them even after so many warnings from my friends and family members. We had real tough time to get our base amount itself. Take from me that MD is not going to talk to you anytime. They will keep rotating your money without paying you interest and they will frustrate you to the level that automatically you will cancel the flat in some time(it might go to some months). They will replace you with new customer hence they are getting the interest free money from public instead from the Banks. I guess they are smart in using different-2 tactics at different point of time.

          • But this is a really unfair game they are playing in which they utilizing money of customers for 1-2 years and then cancelling. Then they will sell this to others. So basically they are in WIN WIN situation in all ways. Hats off and all the best to dreamz.Loss is for those who like a fool blocked money for 1-2 years and now they cancell thier flats due to frustation. I would say they have hired some childish people around with no maturity and too much of excitement and passion to cancel.

          • Dear Anurag,

            I am fully agree with you,

            For example in my case also they are doing like that only but I never cancell my flat at any conditions becouse my brother himself advocate I know how to handle Dreamz GK as a local person.

            • Hello Nagaraj,

              Good morning.

              Can you help me also? How can you handle them as you mentioned above? I was also victim of them but got back my money and they told me that they will give some interest. Now they are not responding properly.

              Few people should come together to face them and expose them. I am ready to part of your team to expose them by media. Can some one take initiative?


              • Dear Srikanth,

                Still I am part of Dreamz GK and you can take this issue with Samaya news 0804536000 or TV9 & definetely they will help you.

            • Hello Nagaraj,

              could you please share your details?

            • If you need any documents or inputs to trap this people i am ready to help you.

      • Want to understand Drea mz and their projects. How do I get in toch with you?

        • Hi Prem

          Don’t try to understand the Dreamz projects, better be away from them.
          If u try to understand, u might fall in trap.
          We can discuss here, public is also watching here.

    • Anurag, would you please advise on the refund cheque bounce issue? My cheques were bounced too and they ask me to hand over the bounced cheques and collect fresh cheques after 40 days! Did you send a notice to get your money back or were you using the original cheques by presenting multiple times? I am highly frustrated to have fallen into the trap!

      Thanks in advace for your response!

      • Actually i used to call them before depositing any cheque to make sure that it should not bounce. There was one instance when it got bounced, than i escalated to CRM/Account deptt. They have asked me to submit the same cheque within 2-3 days time and it got cleared.
        You should be careful with them for refund in money. 40 days is long time, might be they are having money crunch now. Please take your money back asap, we don’t know till what time they will exist in market. They can run away one fine day when they stopped getting customers and they are not left with any money in their account.

        • Thanks Anurag. Hoping to recover my money soon.However, there are no proper contacts. Would you mind sharing their contacts if possible if I could not get my money in the next attempt too?

          Thanks again!

          • If the check got bounced then you have a strong case of getting cheated by the builder. Hire a lawyer and sue them on the bounced check. You will get your money + penalty back very soon.

  15. hi any updates for dreamz peoject siddhi2 they are telling that some e khata is required .. do any one knows what is this e khata …………….. and any updates for siddhi2 electronic city

  16. Hi all,

    I am planning to book a flat in Dreamz Sadan. Please let me know if anyone already booked a flat in this project.

  17. Hi Guys,

    My manager booked a flat with them 1.5 yrs back and had to cancel it as construction never started.
    GK has complete 1-2 projects with all money collected till date in 2 yrs. They are just trying to engage their luck in real state with hard earned money of people by selling them a dream flat….

    I will not call them bad words but their commitment towards custmers is very weak and my manager had to follow up many times to get his 2-3 lacs back.
    I observed he was very stressed during this time. I would strongly recommend to stay away from them. They are concentrating more on different projects in areas and collecting money rather sticking to limited 2-3 projects at a time and complete them for customers on time. Even reputed rich builders in Bangalore are not offering so many project choices.

  18. Hello

    I just booked Yesterday…

    Please suggest me how to cancel..

  19. Can anyone please update on whats happening on teh Dreamz Sneh project

    • Anybody booked flat in Sneh (Dreamz GK)..? I am planning to book here and would like to get your currect feedback aout this builder and project. This will be very much helpful for me. Please priovide your inputs.

      • Hi..I am Biplob Banerjee and have booked a flat in Dreamz Sneh Project. I am really pleased with the services provided by Dreamz till now. It’s an BBMP approved project and the construction has already started. I would suggest please go ahead with your own decision and do not wait back yourself with some negative emotions of others. The planned completion date is 20 months from now.

        Wish you best of luck for your Dreamz !!

        For any further information you can reach me @ 9591991767 or Email me @

        Best Regards,

        • Hi Biplob ,

          Are u a new or recent customer to dreamz? From what duration are u interacting with them?

        • hello sir ji…. why you did not mentioned the project name which “construction has already started” ?? There is only one case. You are trying to cheat us or you are not aware that, you have been already cheated by Dreamz. Check your project status if you really invest for your dream house. There are no project is “in-progress” with dreamz Infra.


  20. hi all,
    anyone booked in Sahavas-begur? any inputs please.

  21. Hi Everyone,

    I thought of buying a flat near Whitefiled, Bangalore.
    In the newspaper, I saw an advertisement of Dreamz GK quoting very low prices for the flats in the whitefield area…
    20 Lakhs for a 3BHK (1350 sft) in the DreamzGK Swadhya project near Safal Market close to NH4.

    I thought of going to their office to verify that.
    Before going, I searched for the reviews about the builder. I found some very Bad reviews as well as some Good reviews also.
    I thought that every builder will get some Bad reviews which is a common thing, So I went to the DreamzGK office in the Outer Ring Road near Silk Board with my family.

    The office was decent and as soon as we entered, they provided Snacks and Drinks !! (which is one of the good things about them).
    A lady came and noted our whereabouts and arranged for a meeting with a Relationship Manager (Ravi Pandey)….
    He explained about the projects Swadhya (Whitefield) and Sneh (Marathahalli, near Vrindavan Tech Village, ORR) and also told about a model flat near silk board.
    Then he arranged a site visit in an Innova…

    When we reached the site at Whitefield, I neither see even a small board of DreamzGK nor any compound wall….
    The guy who came along with us told that the site belongs to someone else and an MOU was made between that someone and DreamzGK…
    He also told that DreamzGK will buy that site with the customer’s money and then start the process of the BBMP/BDA approval afterwards….

    Then we started from there and went to Marathahalli site behind VTV.
    In that site also, there is no compound wall constructed…I could see a board of DreamzGK which was in a very bad shape…
    The guy told that this site also belongs to someone else and DreamzGK will buy that soon and make the BDA/BBMP approval….

    After this, we started to the model flat of DreamzGK near Silk Board. The building was constructed and he showed us some flats in that building
    and he told that work is still in progress and it will be soon given for posession.

    We came back to the office of DreamzGK…
    The Relationship Manager took us to his cabin and started the discussion… Here the real story starts…

    He showed us the project plan papers of Swadhya and Sneh…
    Believe me there are no brochures of the projects !! When we asked where is the brochure, he told that it is not possible to print brochures of each project
    as they have lots of flats of varying sizes…..What kind of an answer is this !! Any reputed builder will have a brochure of the project they work on..

    After seeing the project plan papers for a long time (because the font size of the dimensions of the flats was not properly visible), we finally decided
    upon a flat in the Sneh (Marathahalli) project. Most of the flats in the project are of improper vaastu…

    We asked that RM that we want a change in the position of the Front Door…He told that it is possible to change…(Remember any reputed builder won’t change the position
    of the Front Door)…We also asked him that we want a 2BHK of same area…He told that he can modify that 3BHK to a 2BHK as per our wish (Is it possible ??)

    Then we asked him about the price..He brought another guy and introduced him as the Vice President (VP) and told that he will discuss the price.
    We started discussing about the price. The price quoted by them is 33 Lakhs for a 1250 sft 3BHK…We asked him to reduce the price…
    He immediately told, that the last price he can give is 29 Lakhs….(How can one reduce from 33 Lakhs to 29 Lakhs in the first bargain only !!)
    Then we asked for 26 Lakhs…He told that he cannot reduce lesser than 28 Lakhs and 28 Lakhs is the last price….(Remember again 1 Lakh reduction immediately !!)
    He went away telling the RM that the last price is 28 Lakhs….

    As the price quoted was too good for that area, we blocked that flat for my sister. Now, we started discussing about the Flat in Whitefield for me !!
    We did not find many flats with proper vaastu in that plan of Swadhya…As we were going through the plan, we told that RM we want east/north facing flat
    with proper vaastu….He told that there are three 1BHK flats of 450sft each and he can merge them to form one 3BHK flat of 1350sft (How ridiculous !!)

    I asked him if that is possible as there might be an obstruction to the elevator position, then he told that can merge two 700sft 2BHK flats to one 1400sft 3BHK flat…
    (Does that guy has sense ??)

    Finally we found one 3 BHK flat of 1350 sft which has some better vaastu….We told to reduce the price….He again brought that VP to discuss the price…
    Before we started the bargain, that VP told that the last price he could give is for 17 Lakhs (See there is a reduction of 3 Lakhs before bargain !!)

    We asked for 15 Lakhs…then he told that he can give it for 16 Lakhs (again a 1 Lakh reduce !!)
    We suspected something phishy !! (that guy is reducing the prices like that of a vegetables purchase, now-a-days even vegetable vendors are not reducing prices so drastically)

    Then finally we thought of blocking the flat and so informed that VP…That VP told to the RM to finalize both the flats..One for 28L and other for 16L….
    The RM went out for getting the Booking applications…After sometime he came back and told that there is a bad news and the Marathahalli flat was already booked…..
    He told that it was booked just 5 mins back for a price of 31 Lakhs !!

    We asked how he could tell that as we blocked it 30 mins back…..He told that he cannot help and asked us to see for another flat in the plan paper….
    We argued that we want that flat only….Then he went out for sometime and told that there is exactly similar flat and he will give it for us….
    Sometime back this RM only told that there are no flats available of that type….
    We asked how is it possible to give other flat if it was already booked….Then he told that the guy who booked that flat has a bounced a cheque, and for this reason
    he cancelled that flat for him and now he is giving it to us…..(Is it believable ??)

    Then we said it was ok for us….The RM got 2 booking applications and asked us to fill them up….
    He told that if we give cheque for 10% of the flat amount immediately (2.8 Lakhs and 1.6 Lakhs) , we will get a furniture coupon worth of 2 lakhs (again something phishy !!)
    We told that we did not get cheques as we came just to see…He told that he will send a representative along with us to collect the cheques…..
    (Observe how desperate they are for the money !!!)

    He also told that if we pay them 50% of the flat amount within 7 days, we will get a 5% reduction in the price…
    (again sounds phishy !!, see they want to get as much money from the customer as possible, that too very soon…)

    We believed all these junk stuff and then finished filling those booking forms and started to home….A guy came with us to collect the cheques….
    After reaching home, we gave 2 cheques of 2.8 Lakhs and 1.6 Lakhs to that guy who came with us….

    Then starts another story !!
    After that guy went away, we started discussing about all the things that happened !!
    1. The way the RM told that he can merge 2 flats to 1 flat, 3 flats to 1 flat and also change the position of the lift for the purpose of a single flat,
    2. The way the VP reduced the prices of the flats like vegetables,(Remember no reputed builder will reduce the prices so drastically)
    3. The way the RM told that he can change the position of front door, and converting a 3BHK to a 2BHK,
    4. Free furniture of 2 Lakhs worth for just one day…(The offer will expire that night !!)
    5. Reduction of 5% on flat price if we pay 50% in 7 days
    6. Desperate for getting as much money as they could and that too very soon

    All these factors made us think that there is something phishy in their behavior…So we started researching about DreamzGK…
    We found a lot of reviews which were very very bad and also explaining about similar experiences…..

    So we thought of cancelling our deal…The next day morning, we called upon the bank and asked them to stop payment for the cheques that we gave DreamzGK…
    Thank God…He saved us in the last minute !!
    Otherwise we would have lost our hard earned money in the hands of DreamzGK….
    We strongly suspected their behavior because of the over-action and the over-promises they did…

    This is my mind blowing experience with DreamzGK…..
    I wrote this review so that it could be an eye-opener for those who buy flats from DreamzGK….

    Best Wishes,
    A Lucky Guy saved from DreamzGK

  22. hi
    i would like to know is there any one whom money they have not returned after cancilation .

  23. My Experience with Dreamzk Bangalore very hectic and panic

    I saw the advertise in June 2012 for Ekdant then visited to office and Venture location(Near Bellandur Junction, IAS Officers Colony,) and they offered 2BHK flat 25% down payment @27 lakhs without any documents and I came without accepting.

    After two months again I saw the advertise in august 1st week and they offering flat 3 lakh down payment, once again I went to office but the land registration is not happened.

    Executive Manish, Anwar, Harish, Rajesh assured me that its going to happen within 2 weeks. so I decided to go ahead with risk and evaluate business pattern.

    After 11 months is nothing moved and with Madiwala Police Interference I got money back with 15% interest immediately.

    Conclusion here is ” 50% cancellation will be happen in inital deal – smart people”
    30% cancellation will be happen after 5-6 months – Realized mistake ”
    19% cancellation will be happen after 10-12months – Fool people like me”
    1% will not cancel or swap to other project – “Nothing to say about excellent SOFT people”

    Interesting thing is – They are settling amount to everyone but they are getting @400% new customers for XYZ projects.

    If you struggling with economically to buy new flat or upset with more rental and sick with shifting house etc then you will be all always easily trap/influence by such Dreamzk offers and you will not listen to yourself, friends, lawyer opinion, social media – its happen with me.

    In market every one BUZZ is going that DreamZK will be soon shut down. let’s wait and see.


    • Hi KKR,

      You ar every lucky guy. Even I too had the same experience like you.

      In 2012 October, I saw an add in news paper and I also attracted the offers they providing.

      I went to their office located at HSR Lay out near Silk Board. As you said they offered snaks.

      Then executive girl asked about our details and shortly she took us to markating executive room. That guy showed all the projects in a common broucher book and he asked about our interest in projects.
      We decided to see HSR project as well as Silk Board Sarovar project. Then immediately they took us to site seeing in a posh car. First we went to HSR project. There is no Board. We asked for the same, that guy told it is under agreement process and shortly work also start. Then again we went to Silkboard lake side project.

      We return to office and then they pushed us for the opinion of which project choosen. we innocently said silk board. They they pressurised about the other proceedings. Then we asked for the price of Silk Board lake side project. Initially they said aroun 24 laks. We asked for negotiation and they reduced the price to 19 lakhs. We are very happy and for the price and again we asked for price negotation. They reduced to 1 lakh and final price is 18 lakhs. We are in heaven that time and happily given the check with post dated. Which I did the best(Post dated check). After that we did research in google and found lot of bad feed backs. So we decided to cancel the check and called to Bank for stop payment. Thank God finally we saved from the Dreamz trap.

      Few days back first week of July I went to Hsr and saw the site which was shoed the executive. There is no construction and not even Board also. We surprised and then went to Silk board lake site. It is also still in same position. No progress at all.

      Just want to share my experience so that other people like me should not trap in to their loop.


  24. I got saved from being cheated. Way back in August 2012, I was shown a land behind Ecospace (Off Outer Ring road). They just had a board of their company and there was no complete projects , since I wanted a flat in quick time and suspected that they wont complete the project on time I cancelled the booking and subsequently read many bad review online. the project name was “Dreamz Sairam” I have booked a flat in the same vicinity and I don’t see their board anymore , instead on the wall its written “this land belong to and not for sale ”

    Some testimonial mails interaction which I had with their marketing department. (all names are real)
    Choose wisely when you buy a FLAT don’t go by false promise. With in 1 year I got my flat from other builder but DREAMZ is yet to complete. Am not sure if they are for real and here to stay but they have launched many properties at the same time so I doubt if they be completing all of them (or some of them)Even big builders start one project at a time and upon completion start another.

    please check the mails which talks about my booking cancellation, feel free to drop me a mail:

    ========================Mail 1=============================
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: swarup prasad
    Date: Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 6:05 PM
    Subject: Booking cancellation
    Cc: swarup prasad

    Mr Pandey,
    Due to some person reasons, I would like to cancel the booking of Flat No 006 of your Dreamz Sairam Project. (Booking Form No : 3133
    I have written to my bank to stop payment for the PDCs.( 532631/32) so kindly do not use the same.
    I would return the original MOU (yet to be signed and the PhotoStat of the Sale Agreement that was handed over to me along with the booking form photostat.


    ===============Mail 2===============================
    My reply to them when they asked for service tax.
    When I had not paid the money , where from they calculated the service tax??????
    Read it and believe it, am not sure if these empleoyees are working with them:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Lavanya D
    Date: Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 6:30 PM
    Subject: Service TAX & VAT payable towards your flat

    Dear Dreamz family Members,

    Greetings and warm wishes from DREAMZ INFRA INDIA PVT LTD.

    Thank you for having faith & trust in Dreamz, we will stick on to our commitments as committed.

    Here by we will inform you that, we have received a notice from service tax & commercial tax (vat/sales tax) to remit the tax on every individual buyer ASAP. We already paid part of it on your behalf and we are yet to remit total payable by 17th Sep 2012. Here by the tax applicable for your flat as follows 5% as service tax on your flat value and 2.5% as vat on your flat value,

    We are collecting gross tax amount from you for convenience and whatever difference will be saved will be refunded to you and will also show you the proof of paid amount before our final settlement.. For every payment made towards tax we will be issuing receipts as payment towards tax.

    Please treat it as very important and unavoidable compulsion; non-payment of tax will put us in to defaulter. And also for your convenience we have arranged an executive to pick your cheques from your door step,

    We kindly request you to complete your payment by 16th Sep 2012 (Sunday), failing to which we cannot show the flat as sold.

    For any further assistant feel free to contact: Mr. Mukut: 9900078571 or Mr. Digvijay:9900078578

    Thanks & Regards

    Dreamz Infra India PVT LTD.

    =============My Response to this email===================
    Hi Lavanya,

    Which tax you are talking about? I never booked the flat, and i never paid the booking amount.

    Please delist my e-mail id from you mailing list. If you have further queries please call me or drop in your contact number.


    On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 6:30 PM, Lavanya D wrote:

    Dear Dreamz family Members,

    Greetings and warm wishes from DREAMZ INFRA INDIA PVT LTD.

    Thank you for having faith & trust in Dreamz, we will stick on to our commitments as committed.

    Here by we will inform you that, we have received a notice from service tax & commercial tax (vat/sales tax) to remit the tax on every individual buyer ASAP. We already paid part of it on your behalf and we are yet to remit total payable by 17th Sep 2012. Here by the tax applicable for your flat as follows 5% as service tax on your flat value and 2.5% as vat on your flat value,

    We are collecting gross tax amount from you for convenience and whatever difference will be saved will be refunded to you and will also show you the proof of paid amount before our final settlement.. For every payment made towards tax we will be issuing receipts as payment towards tax.

    Please treat it as very important and unavoidable compulsion; non-payment of tax will put us in to defaulter. And also for your convenience we have arranged an executive to pick your cheques from your door step,

    We kindly request you to complete your payment by 16th Sep 2012 (Sunday), failing to which we cannot show the flat as sold.

    For any further assistant feel free to contact: Mr. Mukut: 9900078571 or Mr. Digvijay:9900078578

    Thanks & Regards

    Dreamz Infra India PVT LTD.

  25. I was searching for a flat to buy in bangalore. Basically I am little lazy so I was not ready to roam around and spend too much efforts in searching. Somehow I got to know about this Dreamz company and went to thier office on May day. 1st May 2013. I will tell you, their Lobby with a big TV showing interview with some people(claimed to be customers) across south India(in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and English). They all say they are so happy and thankful to Dreamz. They have a really well trained beautiful staffs, smart sales team, have cabs for site visits, etc. If you are a beginner in searching flats, be ready to fall in it. Me too being a beginner has almost fallen in their trap. Gave a post dated cheque as well. Only then I came to know about all these bad reviews. I have immediately stopped the cheque payment and called them to cancel it. I dont know how far it is true about Dreamz(fake or real). Customers like me who are from middle class will not prefer these kinds of companies when the risk is very high.

    But, if you want free unlimitted Fruity and Lays, go to thier office on weekends. They keep all these in their lobby for potential customers…:-)

    • Hello All,

      Please go-through this below link to get more real stories:

      • Hi Srikant,

        I am following this link and also looking to invest in Dreamz infra.
        I have seen your reviews.
        Few thing I am observing that you are really keen to impact their business.
        Tell me is it correct !
        May be you had a bad experience with them but its for you and not common to all.
        Didn’t u get your money back !
        u are telling that you are providing your reviews so that others people shall not suffer.
        if this is your point why dont you become an analyst for all real state projects in bangalore.
        Instead don’t you think instead of providing ur reviews u must fight hard for yourself, go to press,media etc.
        Let Dreamz infra grow as an organisation as its business strategy is different and focus
        on middle class.
        Think once and deep.

        • Hello Rohan,

          Yes, I am a business analyst but not in real estate sector and ready to take this profession ? in near future also. I do have small business in my home town.

          For your other questions:

          I am not stopping you or anybody to book flats there by paying hard earned money. I am sharing my experience with others those really need but not with you only.

          Don’t think I am the only victim of them. I have some other people (around 10) details (most of them are my close friends or friends’ friend) and ready to share with you personally.

          Yes, they have given my money back to me but after utilizing around one year for their business. I didn’t give them my money to take back after 1 year without any benefit and I didn’t take back my money voluntarily. This is their business strategy to cheat innocent people as per my business analysis skills.


          • A good slap to Rohan and Dreamz Infra . If i get my money after 1 or 2 years, Dreamz done a good favour for me ?? I really dont know, how reviews impact Dreamz business ?? It seems they are dependent on only on “good reviews” insted of providing homes to their customers as commited with them. Check “mouth shut” once. It contain lots of FAKE reviews posted by Dreamz Infra. But, unfortunately lot many people are trapped by Dreamz !!

  26. Hi
    Do any one booked in Dreamz newly launched project of silk board Dreamz Sangam which is opposit to Madivala lake.

    Kindly let us know

    • That project called Dreamz Sangam was earlier from Samrat builders and now after closing that company, now they have merged in Dreamz and showing like, Dreamz has acquired Samrat builders. Lolz…They have not completed any single project and thinking themselves like any big incorporation to acquire and merge. It looks wholly funny.

      • When I had the site visit to this place, a customer who already booked the flat here has come there and enquired the marketing guy ( who came along with us to show the site) that there is a small building in the site and company said they will remove it once they start levelling the ground and it belongs to the land owner etc.. and its still not removed even after 4 months.!! our guy said, “you better go and check with our office”. Does this land really belong to company? you better check that first.

  27. Hey you Sriknat and others,

    if you people got cheated with your so called hard earn money why dont youll create a scene going to Dreamz office and stopping people from doing the bookings?

    if i got cheated i would definetly do this. in order to save peoples money rather than sitting and sending out hidden messages like you people are doing.

    this shows that you people are posting all bull shit comments against Dreamz. which i dont believe. So stop doing all this crap. never spoil others business who want to come up in life.

    what a character you are ? and such a fraud you are ? i belive in dreamz and i will propose others to trust in this project.

    • Hello Beena,

      Very good.
      If you want go and check their register my flat no. Then you can find whether my comment is fraud or real. If you believe them, that’s fine. Go and book your flat. But I request you not to propose others to trust them blindly. You have not got your flat as of now even they have not started construction yet. How can you believe them if you are real customer? No one will believe any builder/real estate agent without any ground work. Don’t think I am the only victim here; there are other 5 of my closed friends who suffered. If you want I can show our MoU and allotment letters. Later they cancelled our flats without any proper legal reason.

      If you are real customer, not the employee/business partner of them then specify your project name and flat no here. I can check their register and confirm the same. I know some of their employee who is providing information to me. In fact they are my close friends/known persons. I don’t want to specify their name here and don’t want them to lose their jobs.

      Don’t get angry. Go ahead and book your flat. But don’t forget to comment here if something happen negative or against their commitments.

      that’s fine. Go and book your flat.

      • Srikant telling true… its not good builder… they have not finished a single project… but they are showing projects through out bangalore.. what a grt co yar? 1st thing they are not paying salary their employees… their employees only telling its a fraud co…

      • mr srikant if you are such a nice person better you suggest your friend first to leave the job rather than suggesting the people who needs a home in bangalore…..

        if i am not wrong, i feel you are some other builder follower, employee or may be business partner.

        • Please ask Mr Nisar or Mr Shashi (President in DreamZ) about me. I can say you are their follower, employee or may be business partner not I. Yes, my friends left that company except one.

          As I can’t give them job why should I ask them to leave their job.

    • Look at the comments here. EVERY review has been posted within a few minutes of each other. How is that possible? Clearly indicates someone has done it intentionally write good reviews

      • I don’t know why people even comments here you can read all the comments and if any one has any common sense then you can find what type of company is DreamZ and to be sure you can even search in the internet about this company. You put your money here and will be doomed don’t complain afterwards.


    • Beena Ji, I do agree with you, If people got really cheated, why do not they do something against Dreamz. Dreamz is offering Flats at almost 60-70% cost than other builders, so they will have to take some time to build it. I have booked three flats in dreamz sneh and I am getting good response from Dreamz.

      • Hello Shamsher,

        If you are real customer of them then please let me know. I am ready to buy a flat from you if you will re-sell any one of your three booked flat of SNEH project as they forcible cancelled my booked flat without any legal points but not from them directly. I can believe you but not them.

        I would request you to explain what are the good responses are you getting from them of SNEH project? Have you seen the site recently? What is the current status of that after 1 and half years of your booking?

        • Hi,

          I am the real customer of Dreamz Sneh, Project is under construction now..(From last 40 days), Let me know if you have any questions, My number is 9972079604

          • Very good.

            At least you said truth. They committed to finish it before Feb,2014 in my MoU. Can you tell me the exact status now? I just bought one flat near to that Sneh project location. I know very well the progress of that. Dear friend wait another 5 years to get your flat. Then reply again……

          • am running behind to get my money back from more than 64 days now. cheques bounce, rtgs fails and what not.this is what you get by booking a flat way back in april 2012 and then cancelling it in december 2013 and still dont get my money back. they assure each time this time you will get but nothing happens till the end. i feel very bad for some old senior people whom i see standing at dreamz ofice to book a flat with thier hard earned money for life.

          • hi venkatesh,

            what is the status now? any thoughts ?

      • What are your flat No.s and in which block ?

    • Hi ,

      I have to buy a flat …and dreamz offers are satisfying my considerations to buy a Flat , BUT Looking into so many negitive comments …..I am thinking otherwise now …


      Thanks everyone for posting your feedbacks ….


    • have u put your money in dreamz

    • Be cool don’t get tense … if u not done anything why there tension.. why Mr. Srikanth is commenting only on you when there ere n number builders are there in the market.. you will feel bad after investing some much hard earned money you people should think from the common man side also … don’t work out from your side only…. i read the statement from MD she is warning and threatening… what this (website ) people can do with this …. looks funny ….

  28. Hello Friends,

    Please read our experience and go back to ask them to clarify why did they cancelled our flats. I can say that they are cheating all of us by different ways. Even email to “Harshasagar” from Disha and Sachin is fake. That is their other strategy to cheat us. Please note down my flat # and project which will help you to raise your voice in front of them. If they have courage and they are not cheating innocent customers then ask them to explain here on which legal points they have cancelled our flat after 1 year and after getting full advantages of our hard earned money.

    Project : SNEH, Marathahalli, Flat #: 103

    After visited to their office and discussion with their Vice President Mr. Nisar, we booked 2 flats on 16th April 2012 which is a prelaunch offer.

    At the time of booking the vice president agreed to our below points after taking approval from the senior management.
    1. 20 % of the total booking amount shall be paid before 15 days from the date of booking
    2. Remaining amount will be paid after the bank loan sanctioned from the concerned bank

    These points they have mentioned in our booking form dated 16th April 2012. Also these ware mentioned in the MoU prepared by them with Notary registration dated 14th May 2012.

    Hence we paid 20% of the total booking amount in two installments with below dates:
    • 16th April 2012: INR.1,00,000 /- (One lac) for each flat by bank cheque
    • 03rd May 2012: INR. 4,60,000 /- (Four lacs sixty thousand) for each flat by bank cheque.

    After the land registration and bhoomi puja on 6th Sept 2012 they started asking for the service tax and VAT for the paid amount.

    Then we went to their office and after the discussion with the CRM (Mr. Ashis) and the Director (Mr.Pankaj), they said if we fail to pay the service tax at this moment they will cancel our flats.

    Hence we agreed to pay the 2.5% service tax of the paid amount. On 26th September 2012 we paid the service tax of INR. 14,000/- (Fourteen thousand) to the builder for each flat.

    Till 7th March 2013, the builder has neither started the construction nor received the BBMP approval and the possession date as per the MoU is February-2014.

    But they started demanding of more money INR.1,00,000/- (One Lac) for each flat since 10th November 2012 by sending SMS and phone calls. Every time we updated the executives to go through the MoU and booking form, if any doubt please contact Vice president but all in vain.
    Finally we both decided and went to their office to discuss this with CRM (Mr.Ashish). But he strongly demanded the money and threatens to cancel our flats.

    On first week of December -2012, we again went to their office to Met the Director (Mr.Pankaj) but he was not interested to listen our queries and ran away from his cabin. After waiting more that 1-2 Hrs we came back without any answer. At the mean time we updated all the calling executives to go through our MoU and booking form.

    On 20th December 2012, the builder sent a legal notice to my friend but I did not receive any notice. My friend received and accepted the notice.

    In the notice they have stated that “as you have failed to pay the further funds to my client, they are put to a great hardship and loss, hence they are constrained to cancel the booking made by you.”

    On 26th December 2012, after consulting with advocate my friend replied to the legal notice both to the advocate and builder with all the above points and requested if they have any concern to the points mention in the replied notice they can reply within 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice.

    Builder received the replied notice on 28th December 2012 and the advocate received it on 31st December 2012. But none of them have replied so far.

    We continued our communication to the new CRM (Ms. Neela) over the phone and by email. But she did not response to our email but continue to give false promise over the phone.
    On 24th Feb 2013, we went to their office again to meet the President (Mr. Nisar) at 14 Hrs after taking an appointment over the phone from him. But due to not feeling well Mr. Nisar left for the day.

    Hence we met the CRM (Ms. Neela) and after the conversation she introduced us to another President (Mr. Shashi). After putting all our concerned in front of him, he inquired the flats status in front of us and confirmed that the flats are not cancelled and requested two days of time to discuss our concern with the senior management and Mr. Nisar.

    We sent a reminder email in 27th Feb 2013, but as usual no one has replied to it.
    On 3rd March 2013, we again went to their office and Met both the president (Mr. Nisar & Mr. Shashi) but they updated us that the flats have been cancelled and resold to other customers.
    When we asked why the flats are canceled without replying to our legal notice and without any communication and we want these flats back, they said they will discuss this in HOD meeting and update the status by 5th March 2013.

    On 4th March 2013, we called Mr. Nisar and he said please come to office on 5th March 2013.
    On 5th March 2013, we met Mr. Shashi and he said the HOD meeting is not happened and it is reschedule to 5th March 2013.He asked us to call him in the next day morning.

    We have handed over the following docs to him to discuss in the HOD meeting.
    • Photo copy of booking form
    • Photo copy of MoU
    • Photo copy of replied Legal Notice of my friend
    • Photo copy of both the acknowledgement receipt of the registered post
    • Print out of all the email communication to CRM (as he asked why we have not communicate this to them earlier)

    On 6th March 2013, we called him again and he updated us that the HOD meeting is not happened again and the final decision is that they have canceled our booked flats.
    We have sent an email to both the presidents and informed them over the phone to reply to our email with the reason for the cancellation. But no one has replied so far.

    On 5th March 2013, Their New CRM (Ms. Dewanshi) called and updated us that the cancellation cheques are ready and collect the same by submitting the original documents given by the builder.

    On 08th Mar we went their office and asked the final decission. Mr Shashi told your flats have been cancelled and there is no way to continue and gave our cancellation amount of Rs 5,74,000/- (Including Ser Tax). We requested them many times to continue our booked flats as per agreed conditions and finally requested them to pay at least some interest as this was not the legal way to cancel our flats after one year and they didn’t keep their promise according to prior agreement. Then Mr Shashi told us to inform after their management discussion regarding this cancellation as this was not legal cancellation.

    We got back our money after so many struggles as their given cheques have been bounced initially due to insufficient balance. Now they are not ready to respond us and denying giving interest. They have utilized our money for their business around one year and cancelled our flats without any legal reason. That means they cheated us and took advantages of our money without any interest. We have not signed on cancellation form and not returned any original documents to them as the cancellation happened from their end and which is illegal.

    I am taking legal opinion to file complaint against them to recovery my loss. But my choice is GUJARAT’s option first :) before legal option which is to express my opinion in front of peoples rather than fight against them silently.

    I don’t want to be happened same thing for all of us and for new innocent customers.

    Bye and be careful.

    • You are the one who gave all positive feedback in youtube.?

      • Can you forward some links to me? I never given any feedback in youtube. Might be someone else has given using my name or similar name. Don’t confuse my dear. Even I show my friend’s name among those in where you can find only positive comments.

        When I asked my friend, he told “Are you mad?”

        So, be careful. That might be another fake feedback from same group.

    • Hi Harsha sagar,
      see this link u wil come to know hw dreamz gk business model is working

    • Some small tips if u are planning to bok flat or already booked flat
      1) be prepared for a delay in completing of the project if u are in a hurry u will hurt ur self but u will get flat that’s sure
      2) Be prepared to pay money every time they ask .. These guys have a prob they ask money every time they to anything and if u don’t pay they will cancel the project.
      3) Dreamz project is an investment means if u have some extra money and u wan to invest in real estate then only u invest in dreams because one their project will complete only then u will get some appreciation.
      4) Quality is so-so not very good and not very bad its just ok.

      • fake statement dont belive . they are going to be in trouble . many cheque bounced. bank not going 2 provide loan.

      • Dear Friend,

        On 10th Dec, 2012, you told the below. Now you are saying something different. What happened? Are you OK?

        December 10, 2012 at 8:32 am .Hi Shamsher
        very true they are doing this but i asked one of the seniour employ in friendly way about this he told me its just a threat they cant cancel and if any one who dont have funds to give they can tel clearly they cant thewy will not force for more money.

        I know They are asking their Silk-board and E-City customers to give as many as positive comments and try to convince their friends/relatives to book flats from different projects. So that they can complete the ongoing projects ASAP. They are facing some financial problem because of no of cancellations recently.

  29. A Group created in Facebook: Dreamz-SiddhiVinayak
    Request all Siddhi Vinayak customers to join this group for all updates.

    • Hi Rahul,

      I was thinking to book a flat in Dreamz Siddhi Vinayak. Bit worried after reading negative feedback. Could you please share the Facebook page link to my mail id.


    • Hi Rahul,

      I was thinking to book a flat in Dreamz Siddhi Vinayak, Bit worried after reading these negative feedbacks. Could you please share the facebook pagelink.


  30. Hi,

    Did anybody booked any flat in Dreamz Satsang in HSR..?
    Please let me know.

  31. Hi,

    Went to Dreamz GK office today after reading these comments. Asked my CRM about the registration date of Siddhi Vinayak. She says its on 16th March, ’13 i.e. day after tomorrow. Went to the Silk board project as well to see how much they have progressed since they show me that flat at the time of booking. Not much of progress! Surprisingly!
    Talked with sight officer Patil. He too tried to convince me and tried to justify the slow progress.

  32. Hi Harsha
    Thx a lot .When i told a friend i am planning to book in Dreamz.he told his friend ,them i came to know they r fake . Peoples hard earned money will be utilesed by these junk elements in society .Silk board apartment they r showing form more than a year , they have fooled many ppl . Guys who r working there dont know watz happening there itself .Times of India no accountability ,Hope Arnab knows

    • u believed what ur friends friend told u … it could be better if u could have gone directly and analgised by ur self …. .regarding silk board project as u told that u r showing from one year … my dear friend for any project construction minimum one year required and regarding silk board project there is a problem they don’t have any open space to keep their raw material they have to prepare all iron structure in some other place and bring here and fix it they cannot do the construction in fast pace I that area . if u want to see the speed better go to siddhi project .
      I agree these people are delaying all project they should do look into this matter for customer satisfaction
      Like ever one I am also a customer and crossing finger that they give flats soon

  33. Dear Reader,

    I’m also looking for a flat in Bangalore at affordable price of my range to fulfill my DREAM.
    I had taken a site visit of few places and except at Bomanahalli (Silkboard) location none of there said places they had started construction.

    Here I would like to conclude few things after reading the blog and my individual thought

    I’m waiting to get its any 1 project completed and then making my individual decision to go with this builder based on said and actual happy customer, meeting them personally. It took me years to save few money for booking purpose and it will take almost 2 decades to become owner.

    Dear middle class family please get document checked before you plan for anything, its your very hard earned money. At shopping mall we check price and expiry date of any goods that we purchase, here its matter of lakhs, do think twice, thrice…


    • Dear Rajesh

      u believed what ur friend’s friend works … it could be better if u could have gone directly and analgised by ur self …. .about dreamz infra… Regarding silk board project as u told that u r showing from one year … my dear friend for any project construction minimum one year required and regarding silk board project there is a problem they don’t have any open space to keep their raw material they have to prepare all iron structure in some other place and bring here and fix it they cannot do the construction in fast pace I that area . if u want to see the speed better go to siddhi project .
      I agree these people are delaying all project they should do look into this matter for customer satisfaction
      Like ever one I am also a customer and crossing finger that they give flats soon

  34. Hi people,

    Do not fall for these guys..These people are marketers. They were originally operating under the name of Square foot properties 2 years back. It is very difficult to get documents from them. The quality of building and the legal background of th eproperty depends on the builder who actually builds these projects. WHat dreams does is market their properties and take commission. and you end up losing lakhs of rupees and also delayed delivery..If the quality of the building is good, then you must be lucky… I know these guys in and out. Dont fall for rich looking business men and peacock eyed ladies..They can tell anythhing…but you end up losing peace..

    Buying a property is not a joke in blr. Go, roam around, look for good quality buildings…good quality buildings wwould have been approved by govt banks, HDFC, SBI and LIC. Believe only what you see…Do not believe what you hear from the representatives. I have bought 2 flats in bangalore so far and all these comes from those experiences…

    In short, you will lose, if you fall for marketing gimmicks.

    • Dreams projects are approved by icici ,lic,hdfc and india bulls

      • mr. manish, tell me which property is approved by all these banks? and share me ur number also, i want a meeting with you. if you are genuine person, you will share ur information as well as all those bank approval papers.

    • Hi MK,

      Who said LIC had not approved Dreamz project. i am one of the customer who got LIC loan for Rs.18,85,000.

      with out proof please dont comment anything.

      • Mr. Manish, you wholly look like the most faithful and dedicated employee of Dreamz Infra. First of all you tell me for Siddhi project. When it was launched and after how many months it’s approved now, and what happened with Dreamz Sankalp? My friend Mr. Guruprasad booked in Siddhi in February 2012 and now you are telling story with fake and shameless proud that Siddhi is approved. What is an amazing thing in that if they have got approval after so long time and after making so many people fool. Dreamz completely used their money for years and now if you talk about interest of that money as per time value of money. How those guys who have invested with Dreamz, what will they do? Lots of people have taken even personal loan. Gold loan and broken their Fixed deposit also. They are complete in loss and have been made fool by you guys.

        • Mr srinivas
          dont talk like dumm person first of all i m not a employe of dreamz i m a customer of dreamz and i have boked 3 flats is siddhi 2 project I am not bother when this project is launched and waht was the status that time not stuation is the construction s started for siddhi one and loan process is going on for me releaf is that siddhi one is started hopefully siddhi 2 wil also start soon … by the way ur friend has booked not you he should be worried not u uu are behacing as ( begani shaadi me abduallah divana ) concentrate on ur thing not others why u r worried for other people .. how they have arranged or took loan or broke fd bla bal…
          boss in bangalore if people are doing this for just one or 2 lakhs lakhs for this cant beleave and if they donthave that money then why they are taking risk with dreams infra
          so better keep quite and do ur job

          • Very good Manish…..

            Why are you making fool to others? You may or may not be their customer of three flats, I am not worry. One thing sure that you have booked three flats that means you are not a simple customer but supper customer……

            Don’t try to proof what your are saying here. Basically we came to know by booking flats and now got back our money after so much strugles. Still some of my friends are struggling to get back their money. If you want I can show all the proof. Other wise you can ask them (Nisar/Shashi/Rajesh/Sehanawaz/Ashish/Pankaj….many more) about me. If I was not a customer then how could I interact with all those people.

            Hello Friend: if you are going to get all of your flats that is gr8. But the same time don’t give positive comments here. Because they are cheating inocent peoples.

        • Siddhi or any project bank is not going to approve any loan becareful abt dreams .

  35. One question from Dreamz guys, tell me exact who is the owner of company, as you guys tell that Disha Choudhary is the MD but somebody tell that Sachin Nayak is the MD. If I am right, in any company you will be getting only one MD, but in your company why two people. And one more thing, in sneha project in april-may month you was writing 18 months for completion, but after one year also you have written in one of my friend MOU that 20 months. Why the hell you guys cheat like this? If you were giving MOU with 18 months duration in last year april, then now it should be 7-8 months duration MOU. So stop cheating people please, and Lokesh, arif and Ganesh you also should learn some ethics, because whatever you guys are doing, will you be happy? As people are putting their hard earned money of many years and you guys are simply using and for some months and after sometime customer feels frustrated because of much delay and you cancell the flat again you take 90 days time for returning. You think, they take personal loan and all, and you utilize their money. It’s complete cheating and you guys will face lots of problem in future.

    • Mr Gupta
      they have written in their mou that if they dont compleet the project in time written in mou they wil start paying rent so people who are buying flat wont be much in loss

      • but dude, you guys take back mou after providing sale agreement, so do not try to make fool and stop these stupidity.

        • Mr Gupta u asked my no i have given u can cal me i am wating for ur cal there is a facebook dreamz customer group please add ur self to get better updated with development photos relax and chill

        • Sir,
          Please let me know about the status of dreamz saraswathi a project in chandapura. i booked the plot but they are not preparing sale agreetment after givng 25% of the amount.

  36. Pls update on Dreamz Suprabhat in Vidyaranyapura

    • Don’t worry Mr. Prasanth, you will not be getting any update because nothing is going to happen as this property is more than 10 months old as they are telling it will be registered. So please stop hoping.

      • I too agree with Basant… You should be very patience.. You will be surprise one day if the board is removed from the site location.. pity u man..sry to say this.

    • hi

      i have booked in suprabhath in march 2013 but registration is still not done .i am thinking of cancelling teh can reach me at 9242609138

      • Hi Manju,
        You have taken very good choice. But I doubt at this moment it is that much easy to get back your money. My friend is struggling as they are saying that they don’t have sufficient balance in their A/C. No new customer is coming to book that’s why they are not able to pay.

      • Dear Manju
        if u are planning for invesment then u can wait some more time and if u are planning to live then ur worry is correct . i wil tel u my experience i booked 2 flats in siddhi2 electronic city in sept 28 2012 @19L that is 217 and 115 and one of a customer bot 116 that time in same price and he lose pacience and canceled the falt and same flat they have sold next day to Dr manjula @29 . and for ur info land is til now not registered its may .. u decide what u want to do bec u r the better person to decide ur self .. and Mr Srikant request you to not force people to cancel .. what they have done with u i also know and now ur friend is not getting money . bec he has to wait 90 days so please dont spread negitive

        • Dear Manish,

          You are not right at all. I am not spreading negative but telling my real experience. They might do same with others like Manju and etc. My friend got cheques after 60 days of cancellation and got back 50% of his money. Now for other 50% they are asking to wait some more time. He has another two/three cheques to deposit.

          One more thing I would like to say very politely that you are trying to get your flats ASAP. That doesn’t mean you want others to book flats in DreamZ. So that they can use our money to complete few projects but not all. Again I doubt they can complete any more flats except Silk board and Ecity (those are their sample flats only).

          Good luck.

  37. can any builder can issue flat allotment letter without registration of land

  38. Hi Praneeth,

    Yes u can send me ur cell nu. on and i will call u and then v can have a personal chat on this.

    Tejas & Ahmed – Appreciate if u guys can also post ur email addresses so that we can succesfully form a group as suggested by Tejas.


  39. I’ll only highlight a couple of things:
    Here is an excerpt from Dreamz GK website (
    “Since, its inception in 8th March 2011, as Dreamz Infra India Pvt. Ltd. it has always strived for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, which have contributed in making it a desirable real estate brand in Bangalore…”

    Do a Google search for the text “benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research” and what do you find??

    1. Sobha group website ( that says:
    “Sobha stands and strives for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, which have all contributed to making it a brand trusted for excellence.
    Sobha is an organization where quality meets excellence, technology meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection.”

    2. Prateek Group website ( that says:
    ” Since inception Prateek’s reputation is built on benchmark quality standards, rock solid values, uncompromising business ethos, customer centric approach, robust engineering and above all transparency in all spheres of conducting business which contributed in making Prateek Group as one of the most preferred real-estate name in North India.”

    3. Prospect Group website ( which again says:
    “Since inception the company has always strived for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, which have contributed in making it a preferred real estate brand in India.”

    There are quite a few more. You get the idea…
    Not only is Dreamz GK a fake, it is one of the many fakes. Hope Sobha is not one of them!

  40. i have booked a flat with Dreamz, after reading this comment will get it cancelled tomorrow.

    Can’t take any chances, i have put so much of efforts to earn money.

    this post is valuable, can save lot of people……….

  41. Thanks alot for valuable informatin. I have dropped my plan of buying flat in Sadan

  42. Hi All,

    I am very confused looking at all your comments. They recently posted an add in all papers regarding their pre launch offers on various projects across many locations in B’lore. I was interested on one such project (Dreams Suprabhata) in Vidyaranyapura (North B’lore) which they claimed that the last day for booking was 30th Dec and they were giving it at a price of 16 lakhs.

    I checked with a lawyer friend of mine who does property verification. The lawyer asked me to check for the legal documents first before we make the down payment. But Dreamz, says that as per company rules until we make the initial booking payment of 1 lakh, they cannot hand over the papers to us for verification.

    They claim to start the project in Feb’12 and mentioned that it will take 20 months to complete it.
    Also they keep telling that they have only one completed project in Silkboard.

    We are from a middle class family and am really confused regarding what to do.

    Please help!


    • Guys,

      I dont know whether Dreamz Org is good or bad, however, I had booked flat for the Dreamz Sarovar in the Month of May and then i saw wrong feedback and thus decided to cancel my booking, I got the Money back in 2 months, Also i would like to highlight here that i didnot struggle to get the Money back, they gave me PD cheques and those got cleared on the given dates.

      Not sure now what is the Progress on Sarovar, Anyone booked in sarovar? Has the construction started ? I was told at that time that the construction would start by July 2012.


      • Hi

        i have booked Dremz Sarovar and paid 5 Lacks till now, but contraction not yet started again they are saying it will start in July 2013.

        are they real fake?

        • Dear Macsoft,

          After going through all of our real comments; if you still booked then that is very very true builder for you. That may be real fake builder for us but that is very good builder for them those booked and eager to get their flats ASAP.

          Please share your experience after few months of your booking.


          • Hi Srikant

            i had booked flat very long back…

            now i am getting what to do…


            • I would suggest you that take strong decision and get back your money ASAP. If you are still believe them like few customers then wait till July 2013 and then take this decision. I know some customers or fake commenters here don’t believe me as I was a real customer of them and got back my money after they cheated with us. Please go through my comment carefully and then I am sure it won’t be that much difficult for you to take correct decision.

              Thanks friend. Please don’t forget to comment here after your final decision. If you still continue then we need your positive comment also and let us know after getting your flat (may be after 5 or 6 years).

      • Hi Avinash,

        I have booked in Sarovar in December 2013 and no construction has started. They have still not purchased couple of lands to even get the project approved. So its in a very bad phase , Good that you cancelled i met number of other customers in Dreamz and we shared our phone numbers and most of them have called to let us know that they have also cancelled the project. I am also planning to cancel as the CRM Divya HS is really rude and she doesnt respond to most the queries.

    • You proceed only when you meet to some existing customers of Suprabhat, who have already taken legal verification for that property.

      • Hi

        I am manju amd i had booked a flat in vidyaranyapura suprabath in the month of march 2013.I was told that the registration of property will be finallised by april however till date no response.
        Kindly request people to call me at 9242609138 who ever has booked flats in suprabath vidyaranyapura to discuss further.i am thinking of cancelling the flat and want to know the procedure.

    • Hi shikha,
      Dreamz keep on launching new projects, some 40 projects they have launched and they have hardly completed any project. So please be careful with your hard earned money. Don’t get attracted by low pricing.

      • HI Vinay
        there is a phase called construction phase let it gets over then only u can decide anu project is over or not have pacience every project will be over

    • Hi Shikha,
      My daughter Renuka attended the customer meet yesterday and was about to book a flat at Singapore Layout. But seeing all these adverse reviews I have put a stop ti her buying the flat. it is better to play safe and buy from a reputed builder even if we have to spend a little more.

  43. Guy’s

    I do have some horrible experience with **** Dreamz ***** please understand the business tactics.

    1) I did not understand how they have 1000 of customers. If if they have not deliver a single flat till now. They only successful project in silk board what they are showing to every one . What ever they are offering juice , chips , cab to saw the land and advertisement that is from public money / customer money what they are always commit to do the land registration will be done with in next month. every time they change the land reg. date to another month…. (my personal exp. with dream SADAN)

    2) Ask about their failure projects . They might have lunched so many projects and more than half of them got can celled and collected my from different people and pushed them to some unknown / dislike locations.

    3) Collect money from market and use that for running projects and keep the others customers on hold. like their current project Dreamz Sadan.

    4) They claim that, currently they have 40+ Projects and 20+ Project they have completed land reg. Than where is their resources to complete that 20 projects with in 12 or 15 month time ?

    5) Please be careful , They never meet with their committed dates. ** Important **

    6) Agreement : all case will go to civil court , means it will take more than 20 years for a small case.

    7) Ask about their cancellation customer list.

    8) They will collect money from you by saying next month they will do the registration and that next month may come after 7 months or may not also. they will use your fund for some other running project and get benefited out of that. They will lv you 2 options. 1) withdraw your money wit 0 interest with installment basis or change some other unsold stupid project.

    9) In this type of business always customer will always be risk. they will use our fun and will enjoy with that . Success is for all loss is for customers.

    10) I am suspecting they might have some understanding with the land owners to put their board for 6 months and collect money from market , later they will say land is having some legal issue.

    Note: This information is not to hamper any body’s business , I am just sharing my horrible experience with Dreamz to social media. *** Please think and take your own decision ***

  44. hi
    1)what is the standard percentage of superbuiltup area is carpet area for all other builders and how much is dreamz are offering
    2) is car parking also comes in supperbuilt up area.
    can some one help me to understand

  45. Hi All, everything is good with Dreamz infra people,etc. but only issue right now is they keep asking money at short intervals.Multiple times asked to provide us slot of payment. Dreamz Sneh construction postponed i suppose.Can i request any Dreamz Sneh customers to kindly share thier mail ID’s and/or Phone number. Thanks.

    • Yes, delay may be OK, but there should be clear picture that when they are going to start. Because all the builders do delay. So i will tell one thing that if they are telling that we will complete within 2.5 years, that is also OK. But at lease there should be proper co-ordination among them first of all. If you ask one person, he will tell any other period and again of you ask any other they will tell you different story. That is why in this case, we feel scare that what is going to be happened. May be all people of DREAMZ are there only for selling the flats, getting money and again asking for remaining amount within deadline. Sometimes they also threat us for not making payment on time, if any delay of 2-3days is there, then also they threat us. One lady is there in DREAMZ her name is Nur Jaha, she is also one of the unprofessional material among them. Whenever she called us regarding payment, her tone was so much irritating like anything. Sometimes we feel that this lady is expert and superior than the MD of this company. On the phone conversation I thought she may be any big designated lady among them, but when me and my father met to her face to face, then we came to know that she is not deserving more than any call center or any front office lady. :) we felt very big comedy when somebody introduced to us with her that she is our VP. Lolz.
      I also talked to some of other person also there, like Prateek, Hareesh, Iqbal Rizwan. So I thought that why DREAMZ has given this big post to this lady who is really very very talented in terms of making customers scared and doubtful if they are already having some other good people. By the way, at last i suggest Dreamz people that take your time and communicate properly, if you want some more time, we are OK and i myself will talk to some other customer of SNEH if you want, because we all know that i this reasonable price if you are providing the flat, obviously there is lot more to work and manage. So all the best DREAMZ guys and be professional in terms of treating customers also and managing your people also. I do not have any personal problem with you guys, fulfill your commitment and we are here to give more customers because if you are delivering all the commitments on time with better result, then we are here to recommend you. One day you do not have to do any marketing, we will recommend and give reference to you all. And all the best to you also Pankaj ji, panday ji, hareesh ji and ramasankar ji. Thanks.

      • Very interesting thing you are telling Mr. Basant, I can guess that you are genuine customer. Otherwise whatever comment I have seen till now, it appears that it’s written by Dream employees. Yes, that Noor Jaha, is one of the horrible lady in Dreamz. I can not forget how she was talking to my mother regarding sale agreement money. It feels too much disgusting that we already spent more than 7 lakhs initial payment and she was talking very rudely to my mother and elder brother. Again I contacted to one more person of Dreamz, to whom we were interacted at the time of booking flat, he was also shrugging off, was telling that I do not know about this, you need to talk to that lady only in terms of sale agreement payment. So at last we had to pay 1 lakh as we are already in trap of Dreamz as we have paid 7 lakhs. :(

  46. Friends.. anyone have booked flats in Dreamz Sadan Project.. you can contact me on my mail ID
    We are building up a forum for Dreamz Sadan customers and already 10 people are part of it. Yesterday, we all went to the Dreamz Office and spoke to thier director. They have promised the Registration to be done by December 25th without Fail. If anyone intersted ONLY Sadan Customers, please reply to me.

    • Yes Monirul sir, I agree with, same situation heppened with me and my 15 known persons also.
      They are asking more money before bank loan, whereas we hv already paid 25% in advance in Apr 2012, rest of amount to be paid through bank loan only.
      But now they are threatining us to cancel the flat after using our money almost 8 months.
      It is just like they are playing with people’s emotions and money. How people can bear thus unjustice. Toady I am going to their office on this matter, let us see what heppens.

      shamsher singh

      • Hi Shamsher
        very true they are doing this but i asked one of the seniour employ in friendly way about this he told me its just a threat they cant cancel and if any one who dont have funds to give they can tel clearly they cant thewy will not force for more money.

        • Hi Sadan Users… yesterday the land owners of Sadan Project land removed the board from the site…We were shoked..and 8 of Sadan Customers went to thier office and ask them to call the land lord and put him on speaker… The land lord has give Dreamz time till 10th Jan 2013 to make the registration.. they even gave us a written letter stating that if they dont complete the registration by 15th jan they will give us 18% PA interest refund..and gave a 200% guarantee that the land will get registred by 15th jan 2013…. Lets wait and see,,.. Do send me a mail in my ID to to be part of the Sadan customer group ….

  47. For me, the biggest con appears to be the ready availability of “satisfied” customers.
    1. How can a customer be satisfied when they don’t have a single project completed?
    2. How is it that people working in cico, hp, accenture, are ready to take calls any time? Or come rushing with documents to prove to YOU (who they don’t know) how good a builder is even before they have completed a single project? Doesn’t accenture, hp, cisco, etc have work for people? If not, these guys should be really worried about their future and you should also ignore their opinions. Who cares for opinions of people you don’t know and people who are going to lose their jobs?

    • Well said Kaushik,

      I have good experience with them from the date I booked the flat (5 months)& after seeing their project progress (3 months), I decided to cancelled the booking……….after chasing for 2 months at last I got my money back………..but I ended up with high BP problem (u know why-most of the time in their bank account no cash available or MD signature not matching or double signature on checks…………ext…….. and they least bother to collect the MOU…………

      My suggestion to all the people, whenever you’re dealing with dreams team, please check all the documents/project site details properly before booking. As most of the DREAMZINFRA TEAM are crooked minded people……..

      As per my knowledge they only focusing only silk board project (all the booking amount gets from customer on Saturday/Sunday & investing on this project).

      Most of their projects are not going happen, whoever booked be careful or cancel your booking.

      One of the victim from dreamz team & helping to other citizens……..



      • Hello Guys,

        THIS IS MY TRUE EXPIRIENCE …….I am not speaking against anyone nor i am favoring anyone. I myself Shashi Kumar have booked a Flat in Dreamz Sarovar FLAT NO.310, on July 2012, i was very much happy to get the price for this flat and i was dreaming and dreaming that the project may start but nothing happen and finally i cancelled my FLAT and returned the MOU, PAY RECIPT AND TOOK THE PDC which was broken in 4 checks (for safer side i had scanned all the copies before handing over all the documents.)

        As promised by Dreamz I got all my money back (thanking god )without a penny was charged. But this is what I wanted it all I wanted was the FLAT for which I gave my money.
        Even today Dreamz sarovar is registered 5000SQ ft out of 60,000sq ft.
        September they have made a tax collection some wrote don’t worry its only for the completed project, but that was not true, my project was not even registered and they gave all kind of gyan on the service tax and rules and regulation etc.
        When we visited the office and spoke to the senior management and shocked to hear the same from his mouth.
        Now my dream of owning flat is just a Dream only, BUT THANK YOU FOR RETURNING THE MONEY DEAR DREAMZ………………..

      • Dear Das,

        I had gone through your comeents from few months. you are telling everyone not to purchase or cancel your flats.

        Can you tell me which project you had purchased and when did you cancelled it.

        Do you have any copy of booking or cancelation letter.. if you have purchased for how much did you purchased. if you had given token advance how much money you had paid for it and and do you have any copy of it if not dont make a fool of yourself. every one have their maturity level to judged which is correct and which is wrong. If you have the proof get your documents to Dreamz Project in Silkboard where construction is happening on thursday i.e on 06th December,2012 @ 7 Pm. I will be available in the site. This is not only for DAS any one who have doubt on the customer reviews or doubt on the builder you can meet me on thursday on the above said venue and time. To all I am a customer of Dreamz who already flat got registered in my name. Regards, Sunil.

        • ok but why at 7Pm when it is dark and you can’t see much of the construction or documents? why not earlier? what will you do to prove you are genuine?

          • Dear Odd Reader,

            I am not doing Time pass to come in my office working hour. You go and see in the morning only and be there till 7 pm and see each brick they have constructed.

            You are asking weather i am genuine.. but you are only not disclosing your name Mr.Odd reader.

            Now its 7.23PM still i am in Near site.. no one who had commented negative on Dreamz have not turned out.. it shows who is genuine…

        • @Sunil
          Don’t bullshit the comapny paying ypu to post false comments as kaushik said evn i bought the property and i’m satisfied, i dont have all the time in the world to go wherever dreamz call me just to procve somebody that they are genuine..why should I?

          plz. answer this question and lemme decide whether i’m wrong..

          • Dear Dips,

            I stay in next road to the project.. so i am available at the project. Its indivisual wish to support them are not. yes i want to share my free time for Dreamz becoz Dreamz had fullfilled my dream to purchase my own house with less cost.

            So i am thankful to them and tell the public what is correct or Fraud.

            • Dream comes true only when you get the possession. otherwise neither you can sleep nor dreams. i think in last one year none of the project has even started.

              just my 2 cents.

              • aryan
                4 project started check in facebook

                • Manish, did you get a chance to visit any of those projects? at what stage of construction those are?

                  • ya aryan i am closly watching my project mail me ur id i wil send u photos of progress

                  • Hi Any one book the flat in dreams sagar ? (whitefield area)
                    came to know that there is land registration issue and the project got cancelled . any one book give me his contact info .

                    Dreams Guys any chance to get land in whitefield area or we have to return back our money ?

                  • Any one booked in dreams sagar whitefield location ? its stoped now no plan at all.

              • Hello Aryan,

                Recently I came to know another truth of these positive comments. They are asking their Silk-board and E-City customers to give as many as positive comments and try to convince their friends/relatives to book flats from different projects. So that they can complete these two projects ASAP. They are facing some financial problem now because of more no of cancellations recently. Even they are putting positive comments on behalf of their customers those already cancelled flats inside their premises.

                Someone said the above truth who is waiting for his flat from Silk-board project. He is now getting anger due to delay of his flat.

                Many thanks and cheers….

        • Hello,

          Can you ask them regarding the below flat status? Why did they cancell this?

          Project : SNEH, Marathahalli, Flat #: 103

          Thanks in advance.


      .For me, the biggest con appears to be the ready availability of “satisfied” customers.

      Sattisfaction dosent mean that people who got flat is only satisfied people who got hope that they wil get their flat with the offered rate . i have also booked flat in dreamz siddhi i have one fear (ie builder should not run away ) but then also i have hope that every thing wil good at the end .

      1. How can a customer be satisfied when they don’t have a single project completed?

      for your info they have finished one project where people already started living i personaly went and checked and any company when starts it starts with zero only

      2. How is it that people working in cico, hp, accenture, are ready to take calls any time? Or come rushing with documents to prove to YOU (who they don’t know) how good a builder is even before they have completed a single project? Doesn’t accenture, hp, cisco, etc have work for people? If not, these guys should be really worried about their future and you should also ignore their opinions. Who cares for opinions of people you don’t know and people who are going to lose their jobs?
      I also work in such company and i got hape and i am passing the same . and any good builder like mantri or sobha one day when they start would be the same people trusted them and they peoved it. we have to trust these people also hope they come out clean .
      no risk no gain …..actually people who booked flat like me are taking risk in shot .

      • Hi Amit or Manish woops (please refer the below comments)

        If u book the flat on risk that’s your problem or your choice go with DREAMZ. We can’t do anything for that………………. By the by which company your work…….my friend I know your employee of DREAMZ TEAM, your job is only to replay for negative comments…..

        Hope people will understand (what I mean) & will take the correct decision to save their hard earn money.


        ? amit says:
        November 9, 2012 at 10:24 am
        hi raj
        what is your bad experience can you shere with us

        • Mr Das
          I work in Conceptia software technologies and you can freely cal me @9945713031
          i will love to talk to you and understand your bad experience which will surly help me to understand and to take right decision
          some of my important observations in this blog
          1) you are the only person who reply to the all the post and talk so much about this company why so much love about this builder ( for your info i had booked 3 flats with this company and i canceled one project and i got refund with the time and without any prob)
          2) there is so many succession happens for various builder i have never seen so much anxiety or eager to reply and force to believe bad about the builder

          may be you had bad experience with this builder but its not necessary that every one will have the same

          I Respect your feelings but please don’t misguide or force your decision to others

          I can proudly say to every one that I m satisfied customer and I have full trust and hope that they wil full fill their commitment


          • Hi Amit/Manish,

            I m still not confident about your work, for Conceptia software technologies or Dreamzinfra………..

            1-If you booked 3 flats (please mention the project names where u have booked) & cancelled one & your satisfied customer with Dreamz…………is good for you.
            2-your name also confused Amit or Manish (Ur using different names)? Which makes me—- very suspicious on your comments…….
            3-I don’t know how much booking amount your given to them, they returned immediately when u have cancelled? Just go through the older discussion u’ll come to know about ur Dreamz.
            4-I have tried your number, but it says switched off……….

            Now u tell me……….how I can trust Ur replies………….ur genuine customer or not? How I can share my experience with u?



            • Looks like someone is exposed.

            • Mr Das
              it doesn’t make any difference to us if u are confident or not where i work and for ur info my no is always on ………. it clearly proves that you are not a geneiun person
              and for god sake please stop your comments/suggestions now u have canceled your booking its good for u and from here after stop commenting / advising to others
              for every ones information this forum is to share the good builder and project related information

              and Mr Das please read my below post it is clearly mentioned that i have booked flat in Dreamz Siddhi2 flat no 217 and 115 and i canceled sarover
              can you please share your no let me cal you .

              • Hi Amit or Manish,

                FYI, People will identified you by your below comments itself………..Ur customer or employee…………….



                • ur right das, why is he so much hell-bent on supporting this company..why I care to write comments for them or against somebody..where is the time?
                  If somebody is posting negative comments why are you hurt, are they paying you to counter the people comments here?

              • @ Amit / Manish

                “and Mr Das please read my below post it is clearly mentioned that i have booked flat in Dreamz Siddhi2 flat no 217 and 115 and i canceled sarover”

                Dreamz Siddhi – do u mean the one that is on off sarjapura Road? next to Dreamz Suvidha? Near Radha Reddy layout?

          • hi guys
            for all the dreamz siddhi customer we have created a foram in face book i request all siddhi customers to add themself in below link
            you can also mail me at

        • Mr. Das, talk to me! I am not the employee of Dreamz, but will tell you one thing that you do not have any right to bark on internet against any company. And completely you are only spoiling the image of any company. It looks that you are the employee of any other builder who is zealous of grow of Dreamz.

      • Hello AMIT,

        May I know where is the location of the completed project of DREAMZ????
        Even I can get some confidence if i personally visit it once. I am also a customer of DREAMZ SADAN project for which registration has not been done yet.. I am still waiting since 5 months…. Please tel me the complete address of the completed project of dreamz.

        • Hi ABHINAV
          that is my worry also i have booked 2 flats in siddhi 2 217 and 115 til now there is no project compleeted. my hope is little bit increased bec last week they got approval for siddhi1

        • Hi ABHINAV,

          I am planning to book a flat in DREAMZ SADAN.
          But i see that your post is on 23-nov-2012 and the project site is still empty.
          Please help me regarding this project. Is it ok to invest on this or not.
          As per the information from DREAMZ . construction will be starting from nov 2013.
          Can we believe this can i go ahead and invest in this project or not
          Please let me know.

  48. if any dreamz suvidha customer, please let me know.

  49. Hi,

    Even we have also booked flat Dreamz Siddhi Vinayak on Sarjapur. For any feedback about this let me know.

    • I am also planning to book falt in Jalahalli project. Pl guide me..Can i go ahead?..

      • Hi Raj,

        My advice is just check with other builders, even if u pay little more at least u can trust them, as i have good experience with them………..please don’t become victim of dreamz……..



      • hi raj
        please check with them is that peoject is still there if it is there first get it checked with lawer and if its ok please go for it do negiotation to max

    • hi
      all any one booked falt in dreamz siddhi 2 i have booked flat in siddhi 2 well like to know any one has booked in siddhi 2 my mail id

      • guys
        i have booked flat in siddhi electronic city
        i just checked with hdfc bank is this company got any approval from bank they replied me that til now one project is approved form bank and they have approval request for other project i vil recomand cal hdfcbank loan department i got one no 7********* rekha from hdfc i wil recomand every one you also cross check once for sattisfaction

        Admin Note: Please do not share contact details of persons not part of this discussion

      • Yaar amit, where are u. they people don’t have money to buy the plot and build the apartment. they are just using public money for 6 to 8 months and then returned the money without interest after 6 round of talking(fighting). I booked a plot in dreams saraswati. they tortured me for 6 months. saying election is there, my MD went to foreign and sometimes directors are not available. even they returned the money of SBI Cheque and cheque bounced. again i fighted then they gave yes bank cheque and i get the money. thanks god. Are sinha saheb just take out your money otherwise wait for torture.

        siddhartha karn

    • hi
      is any one booked flat in siddhi1 or in siddhi2 i have booked in siddhi 2 i wold like to getin touch with the people in siddhi 2 mail id is

      • thanks Sandeep for sheering information and adding me in siddhi group in face book
        i request all siddhi customers to join the group created by Mr Sandeep for all latest updates
        thanks avanish for updates about siddhi

    • Hi KK,
      Could you please send me your contact no as I know 4 person whon booked flat in Sidhi Vinayak. Builder said that they are going to register on 20th Feb but not yet happen. What is the status now?

      • Please let me know if any one booked for Sathsang in HSR layout please contact me email id is

        I booked flat in sathsang in HSR last week and got confused by reading all this…

        please post some more experience .. it will help lot of people

    • I have booked in Deramz Siddhi Vinayaka, little off Sharjapura Main Road. Call me over 9845939868. Any one in Dreamz Siddhi Vinayaka @ off Sharjapura Main Road? Plz contact. Need to get together. Reading lots of bad things about Dreamz.. Little worried…. :(

      • Hi ,
        As per my knowledge, we 3 are booked @ Sidhi Vinayak. You can reach me @9590 546 446.

        • hi Kumar,
          I’ve booked a flat in Siddhi Vinayak project and bit worried about the progress of getting registration, khatha conversion and BBMP/BDA approvals.
          Please post if you have any update about this project.


          • Hi Raju,
            We are nearly 20 to 30 people, my close friends booked in Sidhi vinayak Project. Don’t worry on all those feed backs. As you know some one gave feed back that Dreamz customer are not getting home loan. But my friend just got the flat key from Dreamz, Silk board project and he got the loan from SBI. Those who are providing wrong feed back as it didn’t click for them or some competitive builder or employee fired by Dreamz infra as they didn’t meet their target. Many builders got bad feed back still they are running their business and Dreamz also running their business. You can have a touch with CRM or you can call me @7829221221.

            • Hi,
              i have booked in Dreamz Siddhi Vinayak near wipro at sarjapur.
              Can you tell me what possession date they told you.

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