Smart Owner

With the general slow down in the Real Estate Market, builders were hopeful that there are better sales in the festive season, whereas the results of how the market was during Dasara – Diwali period is yet to be known, real estate is definitely an avenue for investment and profitable returns if planned correctly.

Today with increasing urbanization the primary pockets of a city have become so expensive that investing in such areas is now out of reach for the middle class and even the upper middle class in some cities, allowing only the wealthy to participate and gain from appreciation in premium projects, an option that suits middle class investors then would be in investing in properties in emerging areas of the city which show scope for future development in terms of tech parks, malls, roads and infrastructure projects that improve connectivity like the Metro.

However, finding a suitable property for investment requires a lot of research in terms of price point of entry, location, ability of the builder to deliver as promised, timely delivery and various other factors and with property developers ready to dole out freebies instead of reducing prices even during tough market conditions, a wise investment choice becomes much more difficult.

With the implementation of RERA by several states the concept of investing in pre-launch offers and exiting during possession which was another favorite investment strategy by many is also not an option anymore and also with the stock markets at the peak, investors looking to diversify their portfolio with investments in real estate could look into options like the SmartOwner concept which involves investing in premium pre-vetted properties in select cities. Each property has undergone extensive due diligence to ensure its legal and financial viability. Currently, SmartOwner is offering a unique investment model, where clients participate in a premium residential development and earn guaranteed returns on a quarterly basis, plus an appreciation based upside. Anyone looking to add Indian real estate to their portfolio would do well to start here.

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