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Hello Everyone.

I’m a frustrated individual, yet-to-buy a home where I can duck my head peacefully, since 7-8yrs in Bangalore.
95% of the properties I’ve visited in Marathahalli, Back side Manyata, Bellandur, Panatur, RamrthyNagar, Horamavu – all are deviated(one project builder had got permission for 4 flats in 3000sqft, hes built 14 flats with his artistic design). The current rented place in RamrthyNagar, seems the builder promised OC and CC but put an additional floor at the end where hes put up a spacious 5bhk for himself(just the walls), which he plans to finish after 2-3 yrs. Right now if he stays, owners will eat him for not providing the amenities promised over 3yrs(party hall, gym, play area, STP, jogging track, solar).
Remaining 5% are near Devanhalli or Hoskote or after EC where there is acres of land and builders might get an OC and CC – not commutable to office at least without 1.5-2hrs one way.
Issue is at the time of booking the flat, I’m not sure if builder would put up another floor…. also apartments with OC, CC are ~20lakhs more expensive 🙁 that means additional 20l loan and 40l loan on me 🙁
If there is borewells, they are dried up, no cauvery at all for apartments, owners buy tankers as builders use up the borewells for construction. 🙁

1. Looking at a resale project in a B-khata land(launch price was 4.3k/sqft and owner quoting 5.3k), should I go with it without the amenities yet builder promised and OCCC ?
2. Is there a website which only displays the legal projects ? I am looking for at least water and some open space where kids can play somewhere like I did in my childhood.
3. Given builder has put an additional floor – how much would be the deviation ? I’ve seen some online sites that suggest to check with local civil expert, but roughly for an illegal floor ? Would it be >50% where BBMP might demolish it ?
4. With that extra floor deviation, when Akrama act comes to action, should the legal flat owners(up to 4th floor) pay penalty or is it only the illegal floor flat owners ?
5. Can I buy a legal property and stay happily and resale it if not at higher price or at least at the bought price 10yrs later ? I read on kaanoon that around 2010 real estate was in boom in Blr, where ppl used to buy and sell for appreciation. But can I sell off a flat which is a B khata hassle free ?

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