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Hello Mr Harsha Sagar and Group,

I am looking to buy a flat in Elegant Altis on Hennur Main road near bible society, LGCL beautiful world etc. Is this a good project? Has the builder delivered his projects on time? Is price 3650 worth it?
asked November 25, 2011

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Honestly, I haven’t heard of Elegant Altis. Hennur Road is no doubt a good place and the price of Rs. 3650/- looks good, the price is a factor of Brand Name, Amenities, Quality of Construction and most importantly the location. Hennur Road has big names such as Salarpuria and Mantri in the luxury segment offering apartments in range of Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 6500/- sft, LGCL offerring villas at over 7200/- per sft. Lesser known builders too are offering in the range of 3600/- to 4200/-. Plama Heights for example is offerring at Rs. 4100/-, Galaxy Orchid Woods a pre-launch project near Biozeen is priced at Rs. 3400/-. Price and Location does look good, hope somebody else can give feedback on the Builder and the project itself…


This is a good project just 600 mts away from Salarpuria Gold summit. Price is also good since 3650 includes everything except registration. Compare to Orchid which is selling 3400/- as base price plus amenties +registration which will bring it to 4300 /-.

I have also booked here after visiting their office in 1 coles road. Elevation of building is awesome. Have a look.

Elegant builders are one of the best , they have built many apartments in Frazer town and HRBR which are commendable. You can enquire that. Work will commence in Dec- Jan 2011.

Sorry work will commence in dec- jan 2012 i mean :).. finish date they have given is dec 2013


Elegant Properties are true to their name elegant in every sense right from their elevations, construction to the finished product they meet their commitment. My immediate family has been to their office couple of times enquiring to purchase but to our surprise all their projects are SOLD OUT even before launch but have offered us at Altis (elevations, plan& pricing are very approachable). They have another project on Hennur Road named Elegant Aster which has 60flats & was sold at Rs. 2350/-per sft and they have even completed this project and families moved in another project in the same vicinity called Mount Sinai has also been sold it has about 84flats totally. You can visit their website to get info on the number of projects they have completed and under launch too…It seems only at Elegant the MD-Rajashekar is present for the casting of RMCs personally which I have never heard before, they have the best of architects, structural consultants and moreover as informed is a company having all departments in house (plumbers/carpenters/painters/tile layers etc..)…… Elegant is the place to BUY…Cheers Kadambari


Elegant properties now has become worst in quality. They made a mess for  Elegant ASTER in Hennur Road and got to know that the current residents lead a worst life there and the building abandoned by Elegant Aster.


I completely agree… I am one of the many unfortunate customers of Elegant Properties… The Elegant Aster at Hennur road is the first large scale project that this builder has undertaken (60 units).. until this time their largest project was not more than 20 units…

The way in which they handled shows that they are just not capable…

1) The project was delayed… original scheduled time was 15 months… it is already 3 years and 6 months and still not 100% complete (lift and power backup not installed)

2) The floor plan was altered. From what I paid at the time of advance to book, it completely changed and the floor area was visibly reduced though they din’t agree and I couldn’t prove anything.

3) Approval… most part was not with 100% approval, ofcoarse most of the 2nd and 3rd grade builders don’t follow all the rules… but, I thought Elegant properties was better than that

4) Poor quality of construction… horrible quality of construction… leaking walls, broken tiles, poor electrical, plumbing and sewege work, broken tiles, sub-standard bathroom ware, low quality wood for doors, fibre windows…. and the list continues

5) No accountability…. there is absolutely no one who takes accountability for the job done… they dont pickup phones, u go to their office, there is no one to meet… the promoter one Mr. Rajashekar is not reachable anytime of the day all through the year…

My sincere advise is please avoid this builder…


With reference to your review posted under the name ELEGANT ASTER we wish to clarify:

Firstly you are such a coward to post a review without giving your identity, contact number, email ID (Which Block & Flat)

What do you mean by capacity or being capable of constructing 60flats when we have about 40-50 projects in what way will a project of 60flats come in our way. You should also clarify if you purchased the flat from Elegant Properties or the Land Owners, if you have purchased from the Land Owners then you have no right to talk/discuss about Elegant Properties, if you have purchased from Elegant Properties when & how did you make the payment? If you were amongst the earlier booking you must have bought the flat at Rs. 2350/-per sft have you made payments as per schedule or off schedule.

If you are on the working class then you must have availed bank loan , bank releases payment as per work progress, you have mentioned that the project has not been completed even after 3years 6months if you made complete payment then are you a fool to do so before completion of project.

When you talk about capacity/capability of Elegant Properties be aware that we have a project coming up on Hennur raod Mount Sinai, where in we commenced the work with ground plus four floors & having necessary sanctions for ground plus fourteen due to government issuing a 2nd notice for road widening which we agreed and today we are on the 9th level but not demanded for payment after the initial payment when this is the fact what capacity are you talking about? We are proud to say that we have not availed any project loan/ bank loan entire funds being raised by our company Elegant Properties.

Though you have not revealed your identity in a course of time we will get to know. You have mentioned that we have used sub standard materials for your info though we sold the flats at Rs. 2350/-per sft we have used the best of materials for e.g. steel used from tulsyan/bhuwalka/ vijayanagar , RMC Ready mix concrete (all reports available) cement internal & external plastering ACC & Zuari, bathrooms parryware commodes & washbasins, jaguar continental fittings hot & cold taps/mixers, Nippon paints, pipes from prince system with ISI mark, switched from Havells world famous, Schindler touch screen lifts when facts are so how can you say we have used substandard material. You are most welcome to take your people and show them the same

You have mentioned that no one from the office is accountable even today our supervisor Venugopal, Engineer Deepak & Project Manager Manjunath are present at the site since shameless people like you not cleared payment and have not taken position , while Elegant Properties maintained none of them including you paid even one rupee toward maintenance . (Attached pictures of the pool while elegant properties maintained & now while the Owners Association is maintaining) The entire road has been beautified because of Elegant Aster.

You have mentioned about approvals: we are the first to have paid betterment charges, BWSSB deposits, BESCOM deposits (all attached FYI) what more approvals do you require. We hope you must have collected one set of documents when you purchased the flat and same you must have provided for bank loan approval also when so many of the banks have approved the project and disbursed loan will they do so without proper sanctions, you should analyze and pass a statement. Definitely we know that you have lot of leisurely time and what kind of work you would be doing at your esteemed organization

You have mentioned that Rajashekar is not reachable at any time if the day through the year FYI his number has been mentioned on all the banners since we are having soo many projects when he is accessible to so many of them how is that you are not able to get through to him our office operates from 10am-11pm and people walk in without appointment too he makes it a point to meet everyone when facts are so how can you mention he is not reachable. Even now anytime, any weekday Rajashekar is willing to meet you as per your convenience if you are not a coward either come in person or share your mail/contact number/sms we will get back in 5minutes.

Recently COL. Vinod Kumar of flat B-104 approached us for registration to be done on first week of May 2013 and confirmed date as 15/05/2013 since it was an auspicious day for them but in the last minute on 14/05/2013 postponed the registration but subsequently rang up our GM Priyadarshini at 8am on 15/05/2013 and requested to arrange for the registration which very promptly she arranged for and the registration was concluded at 3.00pm 15/05/2013 COL. Vinod Kumar was very happy When these are the facts where’s the question of not office not accountable and Rajashekar not reachable?

Another instance where Mr. Ravi Tiwari had purchased a flat from Land Owner Mr. Hassan Fazal, he approached our office in the month of December 2012 to commence his interiors & some minor changes and final coat of painting to be done once the interior was completed to which our GM Priyadarshini agreed. By end of April 2013 he sent a mail stating that he wanted the flat to be ready on a Sunday as he was having his house warming ceremony our Project Manager Manjunath Rao took initiative sent the plumber Shiva and got the work done on Saturday & Sunday, We changed the entire frame as the glass had a crack subsequently he was annoyed as some minor work was not attended to upon receiving his mail I called him personally and got the work completed the next day . Mr. Ravi Tiwari was under the impression that a sales person had spoken to him on learning that it was Rajashekar he was surprised on how a builder can personally come online and get the work completed in no time & he even sent an apology letter when these are the facts how can you mention that we have no capacity and poor workman.

Recently our client Mr. C.Srinivas Vittal and Mrs.C.Lakshmi Kumari of Unit No. D-004 have sold their flat for a fantastic price around 87lakhs , Mr. VIJAY MENON & Mrs. REKHA MENON-D-201 have sold their flat too and we even reduced their value as their flat area had reduced.



When our people are present at the site everyday Venugopal, Deepak & Manjunath Rao why haven’t you approached them? Even now provide your contact details or contact us whatever grievance you have. We are also going to call for all Owners meeting at Elegant Aster. Next time don’t talk about capability/capacity if any builder is offering you a flat at Rs. 2350/-per sft Elegant Properties will buy back the flat by paying Rs. 1000/-per sft extra you can handover the flat to us.

Hopefully you would come out and reveal your identity and have guts to reveal yourself in the same manner as we have provided clarifications

Check this link :




Above is one of the worst reply I have ever seen from a vendor to a customer. Its funny to read someone calling his customers as cowards and shameless. Obviously must be very new into the business. Mr builder by above reply you are telling your prospective clients that you MUST be AVOIDED at all cost.

Someone recently recommended me Elegant Properties. I googled and found above thread. Thanks but I will not take chance. But a free of cost advice to Elegant Builders – fix your PR and learn how to address customer complaints.

Astonished at the response from Elegant properties.   I have never come across a worse way of doing business, when the customer is cursed and called names by a builder!!!
I live in the US and am a realtor who deals with new construction and local as well as national builders.   Not once have I come across anyone who replied to a customer with such a vicious and nasty response.  If that is the kind of behavior we see online, it really shows the sort of people a prospective buyer would be dealing with if they decided to go with this builder.
But aside from that, I have personal experience with this builder that is pretty awful.   My husband’s family lives in Bangalore and have been working with Elegant properties for the past 5 years.   This means that Elegant has been building a small 16 unit multiple residential building in the heart of Bangalore for my husband’s family for the past 5 years!
During these 5 years, the family has been incredibly patient with mr. rajashekhar.  He has given them the runaround innumerable times, promised them timelines and finishing dates that he has not honored, put in wrong tiles and options for the units, and in general kept them waiting forever for this construction to be over.   (It is still not done, by the way!)
My father-in-law and mother-in-law are really ill now, and it was their wish that they could move into their unit and live there before they passed away.   It doesn’t look like that will ever happen.  Last November, my fil had a heart attack and almost died.  This February, it was my mil who had a heart attack and almost died.   They wanted to see this property construction done but I have no idea when it will be finished.  I see these emails from prior months where mr. rajashekhar’s secretary or whoever – a woman called Priya –keeps making excuses for him.  There’s always a tentative date where they think they’ll finish, but it inevitably gets postponed.
As an experience with residential builders in India, dealing with Elegant properties has been one of the worst, with terrible customer service.   My own parents had a home built in India several years ago, but that was finished within a year and it was done well, with a builder who gave attention to what they required of him.
Maybe mr rajashekhar has other properties that take his attention, but that does not mean it is okay for him to put aside the projects he has on hand, and it is not okay that there is no follow-up, no notifications on status updates (that we requested, forget about them providing them just as a matter of good business ethics and practice), no information about the building process, and no courtesy towards us as clients.   This is not just us, we have been hearing complaints from other buyers who bought his homes as well.   I also found reviews online on google and elsewhere, both from people who were buyers and renters who have had bad experiences with Elegant.
If Elegant needs positive reviews, it doesn’t help by abusing your customers.   That shows really bad business ethics.     You need to address valid customer issues and build trust by offering good customer service.  ( Excellent customer service would be better, but hey, you can start with good and work your way up!)
Part of that good customer service is treating your clients with respect.  They deserve to know what’s happening with the properties they have entrusted to you.   They need timely status updates, and advance notices of unavoidable delays.  When you finish a larger property nearby in one year while this one is pending for 5 years, it is really disrespectful, and constitutes the worst way of practicing business.    (That really happened, an elegant property sprung up a few blocks away from the property that belongs to my husband’s family, it was right next to my aunt’s place, and it was finished in a little over a year).
And most of all, a customer is a customer.  They have the right to give an anonymous review if they choose. You don’t have the right to insult and abuse them for it.   As it is, your reputation is pretty bad, and its not going to improve if you respond to people with a bad attitude.    You’re making money and profits off of your clients, have the grace to be ashamed of your faults and fix them, instead of writing rude messages online.

Dear Sir,

I completely agree that the language used by this builder in reply to his customer’s complaint is totally unprofessional and unethical, customers have right to complain and even get angry on something, at times customer may or may not be right but this is not the way to handle the customers!

We also have a personal experience with this builder, where we booked a 2-bed flat in their project called “Elegant Altis (T02-BI-202)” total 1,302.26 Sq. Ft. area in June / July 2010. At the time of booking we were told that this project will be completed in two years of time, but leave aside the completion of project in two years time they manage to dig only a hole in the ground.

Since then its been more than four years and we still do not have a completion date. This is not it, they gave us just one night to decide on the investment and also never gave us any contract even never acknowledge the receipt of any payment we have made till date (we have paid more than 60% of the total cost) and by doing this they made sure that 100% risk is shifted to the customer and they dont have to be held responsible by any means in case of anything goes wrong with project etc. therefore I have a doubt on their intension that they do care about their customers and their hard earned money.

I understand that in absence of a clear law / regulation in India, the real estate sector has an upper hand, thus projects getting delayed is common, but what is the problem in signing a contract! and acknowledging the payments they receive from customers. On top of it when we visited their office, we had to pay 80,000 rupees to their people, to date I am not able to understand what did we pay for?

We are NRI and can not always be behind them, most of the time we depend in the e-mail information they send to us time to time but for past six months that information has also stopped coming!!!

Hope things get better and we get our property completed soonest possible.

Best Regards,



What a character this builder is! ,(Mr.B.Rajashekar).He avoids the pertinent queries saying the land owner Mr.Nagaraj has locked up the place and he’s helpless. This is only a recent development for around 1 to 2 years. What happened to him from 2012 when most of buyers paid him 60 to 75% of their life savings? He’s facing numerous court cases, Police FIR’s but still walks free, since the interpretation of law protects the guilty apparently in the real estate markets Hope God will help us ultimately.



Is there any way i can get the contact number of Mr Rajasekhar. I am from Kerala. We had bought a flat jointly with another person at Elegant Aspire, Frazer town. And the sale agreement letter was made out in both the persons names. But while we were out of station, he registered the flat in the co owner’s name. We have no idea how can any builder do this to their clients. We have even filed a complaint in the Pulikeshi nagar( frazer town) police station. This happened in 2017. But as yet no action has been taken against him.

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