Oct 292011

Orchid Wood @ Hennur Road

Orchid Wood is a new apartment project by Goyal Co. the company behind Galaxy Orchid Enclave & Galaxy Orchid Park on Whitefield road. The project off Hennur Road and right next to Biozeen and opposite to Salarpuria Gold Summit will consist of 392 apartments across a 3 acre plot. Galaxy Orchid Wood will have 7 blocks with 14 floors each. Though the company claims that the project is already launched, the ad in the papers say that the project is soon to be launched.

Expected completion of the project is June/July 2014.

Orchid Wood Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK

In the range of 1200 to 1500 sft

Orchid Wood Location

On Hennur Main Road, Opp. Salarpuria Gold Summit. Approximately 5 km from the Hennur Signal on Outer Ring Road

Orchid Wood Price

As of October 4th week, the price is Rs. 3400/- per sft. However as an inaugural offer there is a discount for bookings upto mid November.

Orchid Wood Concerns

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Orchid Wood Investment Plus Points

  • Hennur Road is fast developing with large layouts being developed, in the recent past a lot of apartments are being launched on either side of the road
  • The peripheral ring road (when it becomes a reality) is expected to be approximately between 1 to 2 kms from this project
  • Manyata tech park is about 6 kms
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  184 Responses to “Orchid Wood by Galaxy/Goyal Developers”

  1. I need 3 bhk in this project. Please anyone is willing to sell then please contact me 9986399369.
    Thank you

  2. Hi, I am interested to buy 3 bhk in orchid woods. Let me know if any one wants to sell.

    Is any aware about below points.
    - Road widening issue.
    - Water and electricity issue( as I went three times there all the times power was not there in that area)
    - Construction quality of the project.

  3. I have purchased a 3bhk at orchid woods and would like to join the owners group.


    Peter Blake.

  4. I am interested in 2 bhk. Any Resale please let me know. patil.svrec@gmail.com

  5. Dear All,
    When you buy a property it is all about “Location, Location and Location”. This road is the 2nd parrellel road to nh7 going to the airport. It has many educational institutions and is close to Manyata Tech Park. It is also a nice green stretch and about 14 kms from MG Road and currently 28 kms from airport which can change to 16 kms if they connect sh104 to airport.
    Keeping this in mind I booked a flat in Orchid Woods and secondly considered the project, builder etc. too.
    Another important point there a lot of christian institutions and churches in this locality and if you study the poshest areas in india you will find the same features because there is no redevelopment on such properties which remain green forever.

  6. I am looking to buy a 2bhk flat in Orchid woods. What is the current price in resale ?

    • Hi

      Even i am planning to buy a 3 BHK. Is it worth spending base price of 4650 in this project?

      The tiles used are off poor quality, do you think we can request for a change when buying this>?



      • No chance buddy.

        They won’t allow for any of these kind of changes.

        Btw how doyou say its of poor quality? i mean the company wise ?

        • Tiles used are of very poor quality and tasteless – more over they are using different tiles then showed in the mock-up flat.

  7. Hi,

    I am looking to Buy 2 BHK apartment at Orchid Wood. If anyone is interested in selling then please contact me on my mail id sahuvarun@gmail.com. I can also consider 3 BHK if the price is reasonable.

  8. Hi..is right to invest in this property @ 4250rs/sqft ? and is anyone having owners group of this apartment ?

  9. how is the construction quality of the project? builder is in which category a/b/c/d/e?
    Dec’14 possession is not looking realistic. opinions are welcome

    • How do you say that dec 14 is not realisitic ?

      • @santhosh, they have lots of work pending
        – structure is not yet completed, still its going on
        - they have not yest started the plastering work for any of the blocks
        - they have not started the tile , work, grill work, window work etc
        - all these should be done for 400, lot of work is pending, all these small things will make a big delay.
        how it is possible in 9 months, please tell me ?

        by the way how is there construction quality, the tiles they have shown in there model apartment was good, but the actauls is very diffrenet from the one shown in model apartment. any one having same concerns pls share

        • Hey Rajender,

          - Structure work is almost completed .. D E F G blocks it totally finished .
          A B C blocks only 2 more floors are left. which should be done in 3 months ..

          - Outer plastering is happening for most of the blocks ….

          - internal plastering and one layer of putty is also done for some blocks.

          I agree with you that small things takes times … May be it will be done by march 2015

          • I agree with Santosh. I am quite happy with the quality and progress. The sample space they have created in A block are awesome. The progress in my flat in E block is also quite good. I feel they should be able to give the possession march if not earlier.

            • I have just booked a flat in Tower D and went to check the construction yesterday. They are done with plastering and were putting on the tiles. If you contact Raghu and go, they can let you in between 2-4 on Sundays when the workers are off. But they aren’t allowing any modifications so the seem like they’ll meet the deadline.

              Can anyone tell me about the public transport scene around the area? I hardly saw any autos around each time I have visited.

              • what is the sqft price ?

                • Hi,

                  Hi Bjain,
                  I shortlisted this apartment and discussed with someone whom already purchased flats here. Kindly beware of the following points,
                  - dont look on there price per sq.feet. if they are telling 4350 price per sq.ft, the additional charges is very huge for this builder.
                  - i visited various projects in that locality and saw that these people are taking almost 16-18 lacs apprx for a small 2 bhk apartment, where others are taking 10-12 lacs only
                  - so if they are telling 4350 the actual price is 4350 + 500 = 4850 near to 5000
                  - the carpet area i felt is very less
                  - i took a look at the apartments in backside, seeing lot cracks, little annoying, i am not satisfied with the construction quality
                  - they have done more things in front side , simply to attract consumers. check in the back side and quality is worse there

                  Please check the above points. visit there site and have a look, if you have not visited there site yet.

                  I FELT BUYING THIS = MORE PRICE + LESS QUALITY . I don’t feel like putting my hard earned money here.

                  • Its not even completed. I mean plastering work is still going one.
                    Did you see crack on any of the concrete columns or beams.

                    As per i know http://www.gannondunkerley.com/ is doing the skeleton and walls.

                  • Observations when I went with my friend who was interested in the property. The only not so good aspect was the finishing/construction was of poor quality. I could see some cracks even in the show apartment.

              • I wen there yesterday. I have booked in tower D myself.

                There is an auto rickshaw stand next to the row of shops opp. Biozeen. Also spotted quite a few buses plying and found that they go upto Shivajinagar.

            • Hi,
              I have seen a flat in the first floor facing Salarpuria Gold Summit. Want opinion whether there will be traffic noise disturbing the property on the lower floors.

        • Hi Rajendra,

          The tiles being fitted in the flat are of low quality and a very old design too. I have raised this with the Customer Care Team. I need to get this resolved too.

      • Now it is proven as we crossed December 2014

    • Guys, How is the construction coming along. ? Is Dec14 possession date realistic?

  10. Does any one knows the current pace of work? Is there any impact due to current sand strike? I stay quite far from the place so not been to the site for a while. Does the dec’2014 possession look realistic?


  11. Is there a locking period on selling the bought property? Are any of existing owners planning to sell? I am looking for a lower floor 2 BHK – 1179, 1182 sqft.

  12. My feeling is that this project is not worth for 4250.

  13. They are charging 3990 which is too high. I feel they are just going with the rates which others are charging. Any comments on this.

  14. Hi

    I have booked apartment in Orchid wood.
    Did any one enquired about Water level and water management for the apartment.

    • Hi,

      I also have few queries regarding the orchid wood project
      - how the are providing the water facility, in the brouchure they have not mentioned anything about this
      - also what about the clubhouse, indoor games, gym, party call etc. in brouchure they have not mentioned anything regarding this

    • Heyy ..

      What is the present rate?

      I heard they hiked the price ??

      – Santhosh

  15. Has anybody checked whether the builder had given Occupancy Certificate (OC) and Khata Certifcate and Khata Extract (‘A’ Khata) to the buyers of Orchid Enclave, Whitefield at the time of registration ?

    These certificates are of major concern these days for under construction property in Bangalore. Please go through this article for more information.


  16. Is there anyone who has sold his flat in Orchid Woods? Can you advice how much is the transfer charge and what is the process ? We have made part payment and balance is now being paid by bank (just started) . But we have a financial emergency and need the money ASAP.

  17. This comment has been removed on request of the comment author

  18. Did any one verify the agreement documents and other legal clearance?

  19. Hi All,

    I got a mail from the Orchid Woods CRM team in Sep, regarding the 1% TDS deduction. They are referring to the “introduction of T.D.S in this year Budget”. The CRM team also called me a few times for the update.

    I was wondering whether its a thing to be paid asap(which the crm says) or later during the time of registration

    Wanted to know the your opinion on the same and how all are planning to pay the tax


    • Tax is already paid by us to the builder and they are paying 1% from that. We have an option to not to pay this to the vendor but pay to govt directly. I cannot comment about the time of payment.


    • For the payment of TDS, if you wish the builder to pay on your behalf and then you pay it to the builder, the 1% would be paid to the Govt by the builder from the total amount we have paid to the builder.
      For eg; you have paid Goyal & Co 12lacs till date and suppose the TDS to be paid is 60k, 60 k would be taken out of the 12 lacs you have already remitted to the builder and during the final registration the amount that you have already paid to the govt as TDS would be deducted from the total taxes, IF & ONLY IF you show them the original payment reciept of the 1% TDS.
      The govt should ideally pay interest on the amount collected as TDS since the registration not necessarily happens when the TDS is paid. In our case we would be paying almost a year in advance! Though the interest may be meager, it still remains “our” money.

      • TDS of 1% of the sale deed amount inclusive ammeneties is responsiblity of buyer to deduct from the sale deed amount and pay the tds to govt against seller PAN number and should give the chalan to builder.
        Tds must be paid to govt immediately after payment to builder i.e., before 7th of next month. Failure in payment on time will incur penalty with interest to the buyer.
        Get clarified with seller and accordingly. If any builder/seller is not agree, it means its a fraud andyou will be in trouble.

    • Guys i have also created an account in CommonFloor. Any body interested can join and post your comments.


      • Hi Arun
        Thanks for the post.
        I am from B 704.

        • Hi Sendhil,
          Good to know you. By any chance did you get the property documents got verified or do you know if some one has done so? I haven’t done it so far, but when I was going through the legal CD Raghu has provided me do not have the approved plan. When I enquirer with him he acted as if he is unaware of. He said he will post me the hard copy. This is something felt weird to me. Also after the foundation work is done, they should have acquired the commencements certificate from BBMP and I didn’t see any such doc in the legal CD. I have just booked the flat but want to ensure everything is in place before doing the agreement.


          • Hi Arun,

            It is better you get the Legal CD checked from some legal expert, if he points out some thing get it from the builder, we have also done it like that and got ourselves satisfied and signed the agreements, you should also do the same way, as the platforms like these you can not say who is genuine and who is not. So my suggestion to you is to visit a lawyer and get is verified we have done so.


        • Hi Senthil

          I’m looking at purchasing flat on 13th floor… can you let me know if floorise is applicable to psqft area of the land cost also? The builder is adding 250/- floorise to the psqft landcost while calculating the total landcost

      • i booked a 3bhk flat in orchidwood .kindly add me in your group.(dileepvasudev@gmail.com)

      • Hi Senthil,

        I have sent request in commonfloor to approve the access to Orchid woods group, kindly approve.


  20. Hi All,
    I recently booked a flat in F block. When I was reading the draft agreement, I felt the undivided share of land is very low. Did anyone felt the same?

    Also I am looking for a bank loan. Any suggestions please?


    • Hi Arun,

      My suggestion would be to try SBI , but thier paper work is slow . My papers have been submitted and it is 2 months not sure why are they taking so long.

      Also their home loan rate till now is the lowest .


    • Hi Arun,
      Can you please let me know the per sqft cost ?

  21. Hi All,

    I am interested in buying a flat in orchid woods could some of you good people, who have already booked a flat here, mark an email to me at sumit.iitb@yahoo.com. I’d like to discuss some concerns I have regarding pricing.


    • Hi Sumit, yes I have booked a flat here along with two of my friends. For prices you need to discuss with the sales people, they would be the right persons to answer your queries all who have bought have been satisfied and only then did the booking, don’t shy and discuss with them, you should visit them on the site some day. They are very clear on the calculations, and if you are really interested you should visit them as early as possible and don’t waste time in discussions here talk to them.

      • Hi Rohit,

        Thanks for your response, I visited the property and I have their quotes. I thought it is a little over-priced for flat size and location, having said that this still looks like a much better deal than any others around this area.

  22. Hi
    I wanted to chk with all how much are they charging for electrical modifications.I was told 4000 but now they say it’s 8000.

  23. I highly appreciate those who are helping out with the information , Thanks Pavan for that update you have provided. I stay in mumbai and also have purchased a flat in Orchid Woods . These details you have taken to provide it in the forum is commendable.

    Thank you for your support.
    Vijay Dcosta. A-704

  24. hi pranab,

    regarding the rights of the builder in the parking and garden area, i just spoke to the marketing team.
    they are telling this is usually the case with all the builders in Bangalore.
    lets check that out.
    if needed we can raise the concern with the developer.


    • Hi Kishore — Thanks for checking. I have made a questionnaire on a few of the key things regarding the project. I hope to get a reply soon. Meanwhile, I inquired with a couple other people who have booked high rise flats in the city. they all say that its not uncommon to keep the terrace rights with the builder, in case they get TDR from the govt for some diff location. I am OK with this. But definitely not OK with the garden area and exclusive parking lots. No builder/developer has exclusive rights to common park area or parking lots. I am waiting for a response. Will update shortly.
      Does anyone have a directive on calculating taxes ? any link that gives instructions on calculating VAT and service tax ?


      • Hi.
        Any updates from the builder? I have already booked the flat. But i would like to know more abt this aspect. When Checkd with the builder, he did say that its to safegaurd their stake from future expansion which an associationmight consider. Though His reply was not convincing, they claim that Shoba and one more builder does the same in their documents.


        Jacob K
        F 603

        • Hi All,
          I went to the site office yesterday and had a detailed discussion with Raghu the marketing lead. Following are some of the points to be noted:
          a) The earmarked terrace areas are for the owners of 14th floor. If you see the plans for the 14th floor, they are providing a terrace area. The vendor wants to provide exclusive rights to the owners of 14th floors for their part of the terrace area. I don’t think that should be an issue and is justified.
          b) The earmarked garden space is to safeguard the area in the interest of the owners of all the apartments. No individual owner will have exclusive rights to the garden space – seems reasonable.
          c) Vitrified tiles in Utility area as well. Raghu to confirm on this

          I would like to appreciate the patience with which Raghu answered all my queries. He has complete knowledge about the project. The developer is a candid and honest person. Some of the positive points about the project that I realized yesterday:
          a) Seismic tests done to ensure the structure is strong
          b) Solid cement blocks unlike most other builders who use hollow blocks for const.
          c) Taxes/BWSSB/STP charges being charged only at the end, thus allowing individuals to save on interest.

          • Real estate market is going for a crash…all are in the verge of collapsing.. would suggest everyone to take a look at the below link from RBI


            say no to pre-launch and 80:20 scheme for another 2 years

          • This comment has been removed on request of the comment author

            • Hi Arun,

              I do not agree to this comment on corpus funds and Raghu. Raghu is an employee of Orchid woods who is playing the script given to him by his employer and he cannot have any vested interest by hiding facts on his own. Every builder even the small guys do charge corpus. This money is to run the day to day maintenance of the costs of the premise until majority of residents occupy the flat and an association is created. Basically the builder mentions the corpus fund is for an year or 2 and then the balance gets transferred to the association. However how each builder do this I am not sure. In Shoba Crysanthemum 2 lakh for 500 flats has been kept by the builder along with the cost for club house for the last 2 years since possession by buyers. Club house is just being completed. I wrote this to tell you there are worst things happening around.

              I agree that every thing else you mentioned on the mail are true and are costlier compared to other builders near by.

              Sunil G-501

            • Hi Arun,

              The corpus fund is now a common thing among most of the builders now. They say that it will be transferred to the association after 1 year, but yes they have the advantage of interest.

              The VAT and ST Orchid Woods is charging is definitely very high. Its more than almost all the ‘A’ category builders. The reason been while calculating VAT & ST, they take a percentage on a lot of parameters starting from construction cost to STP.

              As far as Raghu is concerned, he is doing what he is best at :)

              • Arun,
                I think VAT/ST% is on higher, they should consider only construction cost.

                Also please let me know, whether any of you got the government tax receipt on the payments which Orachid woods make on our flats?


            • Hi Arun,

              I don’t know why have you got problem with Raghu, he is a nice guy and always tried to help his customers with all the matters, I wonder you seem to be suspicious why I dont know, we have also bought the flat and same procedures followed to us also, we are happy, when he has given me flexibilities for payments and other things, why should I bother what is written in the agreement, when I my self is not following the conditions of the agreement, I am 100% sure that most of us are not on time for payments and have they charged any interest on any one, or they should charge.
              Mr Arun suspicion has no cure,

      • If builder is having rights, esp exclusive rights on any area, that area should not be counted as a part of the super built up area. Just saying from fairness point of view.

    • Hi,

      I have booked a flat in the F block of Orchid Woods and I too have similar queries on the agreement write up sent to me. Firstly, the builder having the rights to the garden area, the purchaser having to pay usage charges for the club house even in the first year of occupation and that if the corpus fund is to be transferred to the association’s account, the user could be allowed to pay the same in the course of the first year after OC is given.
      If any of you have signed the agreement, it would be helpful if you can advise on the above points.

      Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi all,
    I am planning to buy a 2BHK in A Block in this project. Everything seems good as per the documentation and reputation of the builder. What’s not seeming reasonable to me is the fact that in the agreement document there are clauses at multiple places where the Vendor claims sole ownership of terrace rights and earmarked garden area & earmarked parking lots. Not sure why the Vendor should have rights to the garden area which is common to all and should be owned by the association after handover. Did someone talk to the sales person or developer regarding this?
    Also the calculation of Taxes and Levies doesn’t seem right to me. I would appreciate if someone could share their views if they have already looked into these points.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Folks,

    I have booked a 3 BHK flat here. Loan has been approved and 50% of payments done. I see the pace of the building reducing as well as the time taken by the builder to respond to queries as against how it used to be, prior to entering in to an agreement. Is there a common forum or a group on the net where Orchid woods flat buyers are enrolled in.

    • Hello Dimple,

      Can you mark an email to gaurav.dhingra@gmail.com..so that we can discuss more on this topic.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Dimple

      Yes you are right..I have booked a 2 bhk flat. The pace of the building is really reduced.. and now cant see much speed how it was earlier.. the reason wht they tell is , now they are doing more internal work, which also hardly visible.. More than that, now they are resisting to take even minor modifications .
      Pls let me also know the forum id ..


      • Rahul, Can you please inform me which 2 BHK Flat you have booked in Orchid Woods???

        I will request to the administrator of this group to please take care of fake identity and the names should be such that they can be uniquely identified.

        I have created a Group and wrote my name, but unfortunately somebody is misusing my name here and writing wrong comments.

    • hi dimple

      i am looking to buy a 2 bhk in this orchid wood projects,can plz share which flat u have purchased


    • I want to sell my 2bhk flat in orchid woods with no profit. The flat is 7th floor east facing.Anyone interested to buy can contact me at 9972882936

    • Hi everyone,

      I have booked a flat in the 6th Floor of Orchid woods, A Wing. I have been in constant touch with the builder. They have been concentrating more on the model flat for the 3BHK in A Wing.
      I too had few changes/ modifications to be done to the flat. Fortunately for me, the model flat that is coming up is the same as that of the flat I have booked. I will be requesting for changes if any, only after seeing the model flat. But I guess not much changes will be allowed to be made. My gut feeling is they have stopped taking internal changes due to delay in the Whitefield project by about 3 months, due to only internal changes to suit customer requirements.

      These guys are also coming under the same league as many developers in terms of modifications even before construction. Most of the big builders do not allow changes until possession, after which it gets even more tedious, get permission from the society! That is the plan of these builders.

      I had seen Mantri Webcity before I could book this, Mantri may have some good space and no much congestion. But Orchid Woods is definitely congested if one tries comparing to Webcity/aura.

      Daine DSouza

      • Hi Daine,

        I have a quick question for you , I am from Mumbai and unable to travel frequently to banglore , I have booked a flat on the 7th Floor A-Wing which is a 2BHK.

        Regarding the modification I wanted to know and understand if you have suggested a open to the open kitchen concept or a closed kitchen as in the brochure.

        Kind Regards,
        Vijay D’costa

        • Hi Vijay,

          I have not requested as yet with them formally, but in a casual conversation with Raghu, he told the changes to the kitchen can be done; PROVIDED no electrical/plumbing or other major changes are involved as a result of the changes.

          One of the walls in the kitchen towards the dining/hall does not have a electrical point, that wall need not be constructed. Also, the wash basin etc etc will not be shifted if you plan on having an island kitchen.

          I am not responsible if none of the changes mentioned above are not allowed. Since I have not proposed any changes as of today. As in my previous posts, I will waiting for the model flat to be completed, after which I shall request for changes and only then I will know their proper reply.

          Daine DSouza

  27. I’m planning to buy an apt in Galaxy Orchid woods Hennur Road, would like to know which bank is best for the Loan? and what is the repayment structure ..As per my discussion with AXIS they either have Pre-emi option where until possession i will have to pay interest on the amount as an when disbersal will happen by Bank to Builder and later after posession actual EMI will start (the amt which will be paid until posession will not be considered/adjusted in the future installment after possession.

    Second option: Bank will pay the amount to builder as per construction however Bank expect me to pay installment on the full loan amount .

    Can i please get your views/feedback on above plans.


    • I think SBI is the best and the cheapest. They have the pre-EMI option as well

    • I have booked a flat here. Loan is approved and 50% of the payments have been released to the builder. I recently noticed the pace of construction to be slowing down. The responses which used to be very timely from the builder in the past, slowing down as well. I would suggest all of you to consider all options and clarify all questions with the builder prior to committing. Check out SMR Vinay Galaxy from the same builder to see a fiasco from Galaxy builders. Something I got to now post committing here.

  28. Is there any Yahoo group formed by owners of Orchid woods.. ? Apart from the face book page Orhcid woods

  29. Orchid woods is a good buy. Its a thumbs-up project by NDTV Profit realty expert team. Watch this video from time bar of 12:05 to 16:15.


    • Hi Salil , I saw the video. Thanks for posting the link. Not denying the fact that orchid wood is a good project . How ever i am not trusting the media and the reason is , the other project which they are highlighting is ‘Keerthi chalet’ is one of the worst project which i have seen from Keerthi group. I met with the buyers association and came to know that few buyers are freezed the payaments b’se of damn slow progress. The accessability is very bad and its almost 2kms inside nd narrow roads. The Project is located very near to railway line which is a common thing, but the project stands much below than railway line which is very bad. The proejct started almost 2 yrs back but few units are still leftout. Not sure how ndtv can promote such a project where we looses the trust on media. Especially galaxy developers is rooted in mumbai and ahmbad can they influence media?

      • Hi. Thanks for your feedback on ‘Keerthi chalet’. Honestly, i’m not sure of that project and wasn’t even considering that as one of the option. They usually give 2 more options with your selected project. As regards to this show, I have been watching it from a long time now and they look genuine in most of their evaluations. At least their data points are very logical. Like you said, It is possible in some cases that they might favour one builder over another (by the way, they are sponsored by Purvankara!)

        On my query, their inhouse expert team has called me before live call for more clarifications on my budget/location preference etc and said that they will research and then come back to take the call for recording. It was the first time they were analysing Galaxy’s project. In my opinion, Galaxy developer can’t manage NDTV as there are many big builder projects which they have rejected on show after data analysis.

        As regards to paperwork, price & location, Galaxy developer looks good. I have seen many projects in the same area and this one looked best out of all. However, this is my personal opinion which is based on the little research I did.

        • salil not denying galaxy is good….but ndtv is biased to builders who pay them money.

          I have seen this many times over last 1 yr and they are endorsing lot of projects of developers who give them money(sponsorship)…see there are no free lunches and why wld they promte keerthi chalet…i completely agree with thankamani on what he said.

          it wld be wise to make ur own informed decision rather then going by these shows who are kind of paid advertisements.

          FYI,I have seen so many projects they recommend which doen not even make sense to the question you asked and are as far as 10-15 kms from the location you picked

        • Hi Salil

          Thanks for your comments. I totally agree with you.Infact i have done somuch of analysis nearby area and comparitively this is one the best option, if you are satisfied with 392 flats in 3 acre and the carpet area what builder is offerring.. Of course none of the projects can give 100 % satisfaction to customers..


  30. Hello everyone,

    I am planning to book a 3BHK apartment here at orchid woods. For those who have already booked, does this project comply with all legalities. N are the documents proper???
    Considering the progress at site, i assume everything to be in order.. but just wanted to have some assurance in this respect.

    • hi archana
      i am also interested in orchid woods
      can u please contact me
      my no is 9986673943

      • Hi,

        We have invested in this property. All the documents have been verified by a lawyer. Also a good things about it is that, the developer gave us the documents before hand and a CD containing all the papers for verification.

        They have all the approvals, I have seen it, also received a copy of the blue-prints for the flat and property.


        • Vivek/Archana/,

          Which wing & config. you are considering?


          • We booked a 3bhk in the A block…
            Everything is in place for this property n our loan has been sanctioned by SBI. N even the pace of progress is quite good!!

  31. Thanks Aarvind for the number , Just my 2 cents about the conversation, we have calculated as per the floor plan and roughly we get about 1167 sqf. I think he is quoting at 1.44 % some what like what mumbai builders do. In the same line what is the calculation generally in Bangalore i’m not sure. I see someone mention 78% , but here the builder is stating clearly that he is giving you on the basis of super built up area. which against a rough calulation of carper area is approx 830 sqf comes to arond 7135 which is good compared to Salapuria Gold summuit , Skyline construction beverly park, Shree ram and Mantri aura. which are all above Rs.4000

    I agree 3600 is on the higher side . I’m being positive as compared to mumbai , if you look at the remaining facts like
    a) approvals , bank survey no (number of banks approvals etc)which are present
    b) financial status of the builder
    c) Reputation
    d) Location – much of its surrounding wedo not have any high rise other than the gold summit.

    In my sense I think the option seems a good one. but yes 392 flats definitey looks congested.

    Its good to consider if your going to stay here, but if it is for invesment purpose,its good.

  32. I have seen the site , looks promising , since i’m from out of town ( Mumbai) . Wanted to know if there some one can help me with the Sales contact, person named Ragu. I’m very much interested in the property. Since mumbai is exhorbidently expensive to purchase.

    Kind Regards,

  33. Which is better mantri aura or orchid

  34. I visited Orchid project overall cost is coming around 71Lakh for 3BHK – 1518 Sq feet flat
    I know this build since 2008, when he was doing the project in whitefield, he is promising builder known for his quality with no compromise. Owner is multi millionare, no financial dependencies.

    Can’t evaluate much on carpet area, but I searched more than 10 builders in that area, and not getting a good and spacious 3BHK in this cost.

    ameneties is surely less, but rent value and return would be high for sure

    • I will not buy it just by hearing that sales man’s exaggerated words about his project.
      Please know that project is not listed under “credai” and they are not even for it.
      Believe only “credai” listed project and then select from it.
      Only such projects will have quality not of this type.

      Check out mantri aura/ Stone arch ,they seems be OK .I checked them today.

      please let me know for any other projects

      • Correct . Aura project is very good.I am going to make the payment.

      • Hi,

        Am not sure why the planning is so pathetic..
        They could have made units more vaastu compliant.
        If I look at the 2BHK, there is no cross ventilation.
        Other worst thing is they have Lift ducts just attached to the door. Looks like such a thing is not
        required. The hall is so conjusted. The loading is 70%… Horrible when u pay such premium price. Cant buy just based on location..
        And above all the Loading factor is high and the builder has kept the rights for the garden and terrace. Another point where customers loose…


  35. We have booked 2 BHK on Dec 2012 for 3600 Rs. We have visited the Orchid park white field just to check the construction quality. It is very good. Other thing that attracted us is the location. There will not be any high rise construction on both left and right side, right side Biozeen and left side individual houses.
    Many of my friends and colleagues have told me it a next to a chemical factory biozeen. As I know BioZeen is not producing any chemicals. They are manufacturing equipment for Bio processes.

    Overall for us nice deal except waiting time.

    • I would like to book an appartment here. if you dont mind, can you pls provide your number so that i can get few more details . I have already visited the project multiple times and major concern regards to carpet area..

  36. If you consider PRE-EMI offer from Mantri Aura then I think Mantri Aura will come out to be cheaper than Orchid Woods

  37. Hi,
    Planning to book a 3bhk in orchid woods. Its 3600/sqf. The project looks decent, but price seems to on the higher side.
    Talked to their sales team, who are not much flexible on the price and they say that almost 175 units have been sold out.
    Pls share your thoughts, are there any other projects with similar or less sq ft price.

  38. Any information about Biozeen Company??Any impact of that.i.e. like chemical waste or bad smell.

  39. Anybody has got Orchid Woods document verified??

  40. Hi,

    I am planning to book a 3bhk flat in orchid woods, I am also considering a 2bhk flat in DSR wood winds Sarjapur road. I am having a tough time narrowing down to either of these, Can you guys suggest which would be a better investment?


  41. hii all,

    I am planning to book a 2BHK apt in Orchid woods. I have visited few of the projects in this area (hennur main road) and have short listed this one. As i recently shifted to bangalore and not well known about the city, can someone please guide me the future prospect of this locality / property.
    Is there any other project (in 50-60L) budget to consider in East/North Bangalore which has better growth prospects.

    Many thanks in Advance for your suggestions :-)

  42. Hi,

    Could anybody please share your reviews about this project. I am basically looking for 2BHK.
    Today I visited Mantri Aura, SJR Gold Summit as well as Galaxy Orchid woods. Mantri is offering the price of Rs.4090/sft for the area of 1055 sft with carpet area of 78%. SJR gold summit is offering 3BHK which is out of scope.Orchid wood is offering at Rs. 3600/sft, but carpet area is abt 68%. I am confused which one to go? also this project is launched last year I guess near sept/oct, 11 then what is the reason behind it being unsold?

    • anyday mantri aura…look at the overall design and layout …bigger projects appreciate the most

    • Sudeep… while i have booked an apartment at orchid after narrowing down on mantri and orchid… i would suggest that you look at total cost and other plus and minus from your perspective…. they still haven’t launched it formally.. should happen this month….

    • Mantri aura is no doubt good, but it has its own drawbacks (ex. timeline is a big issue, also this is the first phase of their bigger planned layout). Sudeep by any chance did you consider Vajram Essena? I am also looking for 2/3 BHK in that area. mail me you contacts please.

      • Hi Vik,

        I was not aware of Vajram Essena earlier, but after ur post I checked the price as well as the floor plan and found it as good propect. Even I am now starting considering about this project. Please mail me ur contact details at gskinra@gmail.com

        • Hi Sandeep,
          I am an existing investor in vajram u can chk my existing comments on the area ( in provident harmony thread) and if u want more info on the project can write to me at gauravjeet AT gmail .com.

  43. First things first for the benefit of all : the Carpet area is ONLY 69.50 % of the total SBUA.
    so the ” INR per carpet area sq feet” becomes close to 6500 INR that i think is toooo expensive given the profile of the property and the type of amenities / apartments.
    U could get a sobha city at around 7800 / carpet area sq feet !

    dont forget guys the norm in bangalore is 78% so u are getting lesser for your money for a given same per sq feet price !
    10 % LOSS as compared to anyother project. Pls evaluate closely and then decide.

    • by INR / carpet sqfeet i mean … Total price inc all / Carpet area in sqfeet

      • For 1534 3 bhk apartment, basic cost comes around 55 lakhs , but including tax and vat , sale values is coming around 73 lakhs. Difference of 18 lakhs, Thanks Gaurav. I think we have to remove the concept of basic price , better to divide the overall cost of the project by carpet area

        • yes the is a huge difference is the basic price and total value….galaxy developers is asking to much for other charges which comes upto 40 % above the base price…usual norm with big builders is 20-21 %.

          also apart from this he is building 390 odd apartments on 3 acre of land which seems to be to much crowded.

    • Carpet area is not 70%, Its much less. First of all they are considering wall thickness also. For example utility is shown as 8*5 in brochure, but if you see that in model apt its 8*4 (close). Another example is planter. Which is claimed to be 2 feet wide, the truth is its just 1-1/2 feet wide. They take six inches of wall into account. Other wise project is good.

  44. Hello Dear Friends,
    I personally do not see any draw backs in his plan, 3 acres and 392 flats is convenient. If you look at his floor plan, the flat is very spacious. Compared to the others coming next to it. He is a reputated builder i belive but not in South India. Website details http://www.goyalco.com/

    • that’s correct kumar. On closer look one would realise that the size and shape ( rectangular) of the plot & apartment plan is very good… also.. land area is about 3.5 acres. not sure if many people have noticed by the finish, quality, fixtures is infact on par with any other premium builder. i have met the builder directly as well and found him quite upfront & forthcoming… they are not trying to justify the price which does seem a bit high…. however the apartments are well designed and build quality is premium… they have also assured that landscaping, pool etc will be as per what’s on their brochure…. not to mention, this is the project they are planning to use a showcase their ability & quality in b’lore market…………

      i also checked and was told that they are a very well known and respected builder in Ahemdabad..they do have all the approvals and they are willing to share any documents required. i also understand that they have enough funds which is why they are going ahead with construction at full pace instead of waiting for huge amount of bookings to happen etc. they intend to do a formal launch in 1st week of oct

  45. First of all my dear friends check whether it has all approval ?
    Second my personal suggestion to go for the brand which is known for there quality ..I really wonder how he is making 392 flats in 3acres land if he is good builder and smart he should better change his plan for good results.
    The way he is quoting the price is too much…….SJR is better as it’s well known company end of the day it matter as we are paying hard earn money so watch before you take a step


  46. Yes your right I was also wondering how he can make in 3 acre land 392 flats , they does not even have proper website how can we decide. price wise they are charging to much It’s better to choose sir gold summit.


  47. Quick views on this property.

    This is launched only few months back , priced @ 3600/sqft. bang opposite Salarpuria Gold summit. possession is 2015

    Two drawbacks i see:
    1. Too overpriced considering that you can buy Salarpuria gold summit , which has possession in June 2013 @ 3990/Sqft

    2. 392 apartments across a 3 acre plot, where as Salarpuria opposite has 180 units in 2.7 acre plot.

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