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Mahaveer Rhyolite

Mahaveer Rhyolite @ Vijaya Bank Colony, Off Bannerghatta Road

Mahaveer Rhyolite  is located at Vijaya Bank Colony, off the Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore and is being developed in a land area of 3.5 Acres and consists of 256 units spread across 24 Blocks on Ground + 6 floors. Mahaveer Rhyolite is a Joint Venture developed by NSL Infratech and Mahaveer Group.

Mahaveer Rhyolite


Mahaveer Rhyolite Options

  • 2 BHK – 1088 sft to 1169 sft
  • 3 BHK – 1355 sft to 1378 sft

Mahaveer Rhyolite Location

Mahaveer Rhyolite Location

Mahaveer Rhyolite Price

Type of unit Size (Sq. ft) Rate/Sq.ft (Rs.) Booking amount (Rs.) Approx. All Inc. Estimated property Value (Rs. Lacs)
2 BHK + 2 Toi 1088 2,850 1 Lac 38 Lacs – 40.6 Lacs
2 BHK + 2 Toi 1127 2,850 1 Lac 39.2 Lacs – 42 Lacs
2 BHK + 2 Toi 1136 2,850 1 Lac 39.5 Lacs – 42.3 Lacs
2 BHK + 2 Toi 1169 2,850 1 Lac 40.5 Lacs -43.5 Lacs
3 BHK + 2 Toi 1355 2,850 1 Lac 46.6 Lacs – 50 Lacs
3 BHK + 2 Toi 1364 2,850 1 Lac 46.9 Lacs – 50.3 Lacs
3 BHK + 2 Toi 1378 2,850 1 Lac 47.3 Lacs – 50.8 Lacs


Premium Flats Rs.100/Sq.ft- Extra

Floor Rise Charges:

Fourth Floor Rs.50/Sq.ft- Extra

Fifth Floor Rs.75/Sq.ft- Extra

Sixth Floor Rs.150/Sq.ft- Extra

Mahaveer Rhyolite Concerns

  • One of the reader has raised quality concerns in their previous project called Mahaveer Ridge. Please check other projects and other owners opinion

Mahaveer Rhyolite Investment Plus Points

  • Mahaveer claims this project as their Eco – Friendly venture with approximately 80% of open space
  • Close to prominent residential Localities like Koramangala, BTM Layout, J P Nagar, and Jayanagar
  • Access to Electronics City
  • Accessibility to Educational Institutions, Hospitals
  • Near to NICE Road

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  5 Responses to “Mahaveer Rhyolite – Location, Price, Review, Concerns, Public Opinion & More”

  1. yeah and you believe senior manager more than the people reviews

    • boss if a guy has done his research and bought the flat then i dont think you should reply like this…. also mahaveer as a builder has evolved a lot and just tell one thing dont u find -ve comments for all the builders? just let me know one builder who has all positve comment

    • There is no good opinion about Mahaveer in the market. I visited there project near Bannergatta road and sales person declined to provide occupancy certificate (OC). Never buy any flat without assurance of getting OC mentioned in sale agreement

  2. Hi,

    I have booked a 3 bed room flat in Mahaveer Laurel near Vijaya Bank Colony.
    Positive points:
    Location is too good, Well developed and residential area
    School, colleges, hospitals, malls nearby
    Access to Electronic city
    Project is approved by BBMP and loans approved by SBI, LIC etc banks

    Lots of negative feedback found on web about this builder but before booking a flat, i personally met the senior manager of this builder, he assured me about quality and also suggested to visit site often to know about progress.

    If anyone has booked flat in Mahaveer Laurel then please be in touch with me on nitish.verma2002@gmail.com


    • The concerns about quality are not baseless. It is quite naive to believe the words of a Sales Manager. I have seen the quality of Mahaveer Calyx – hardly few hundred meters opposite to Rhyolite. Calyx is about 5 years old – and it already looks ancient. I got an offer of a resale 3BHK – what I saw inside is an eye-opener. Horrible seepage and fungus on the walls of the master bedroom. So much that the wardrobe has caught fungus – last shelf is totally useless. I think the bathroom plumbing was leaking badly. I saw from the duct side – dried moss and leakage stains on the walls near the pipe-joints tells the state of the plumbing. Cracks all over the walls and beams.
      Read on the net about mahaveer. every where negative reviews.
      I am searching for a 3BHK for the last 3 months in the same area. I had striked out Rhyolite on day one.

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