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Apr 302012

Prestige Mayberry @ Whitefield

Prestige Mayberry is a soon to be launched Villa project in Whitefield Bangalore. This post will track the news on this project as it approaches a launch date. The project will have two phases. In Phase 1 a total of 1.21 lac sft will be developed and in Phase 2 a total of 3.87 lacs sft.

Expected official launch is mid July 2012.

Prestige Mayberry Options

Prestige Mayberry is a gated community spread on 20 acres of land and will consist of 166 villas of different sizes varying from 2483 Sq.ft. to 3589 Sq.ft.

3 & 4 BHK Villas in Mayberry Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Prestige Mayberry Location

The project is located at Whitefield, one of the fastest growing suburbs in Bangalore. Prestige Mayberry is located next to Prestige Glen Morgan layout and behind Prestige White Meadows.

Prestige Mayberry Price

Price range from 1.6 crores to 2.4 crores. Booking amount 10 lacs.

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  39 Responses to “Prestige Mayberry”

  1. Hello Every one.
    Since we are the land owners of Prestige Mayberry we have few units available for sale as landowner’s share.
    Let me know if any one interested.
    They can contact me at +919886009144

    • Can you provide some info – rate, plot area, built-up area, ….?

      • We have 4 BHK villa, Blueberry type available which has 2400 sqft of plot area and we have plots with extra land also which will be an extra lawn area with 3155 sqft built up area, duplex villa.
        We are selling at Rs. 8300/- and possession is scheduled for Aug 2015 onward.

        • I am interested in this property. Can we negotiate the cost for the same. I am looking for 3155 sft. Can you also let me know the total cost of the same including registration. You can reach me on my mobile number: 9900921390


          • Dear Mr. Arvind,
            I saw your message todays and when I called you u were out of country.
            However I will contact you on 23rd May 14′ to discuss further on this project.


          • Mr. Arvind,
            Also if you could share your mail id for me to share details about the project with available units for your reference.


            • Mansoor. Tried calling you.. Can you please let me know if units are available at your side, I am reachable on 9945225131

    • HI,
      Can you email me the info on my email?

  2. Regarding sterling villa grande.
    I see may advts these days from sterling for this property. Price is still 2.4 Cr. Is this now a good/ok buy? How much this can be negotiated in current scenario?

  3. Pros:
    1.Good location

    Cons: per CDP there is a road cutting through the property . However its taken care by the builders so that it doesnt cut through any villas,but it reduces the green space & the whole plan of gated community looks rather clumsy for the price tag.

    2. AS per the salesperson, they are yet to decide on individual KHATA or undivided share of land like apartments.Dont understand despite being a vilal aproject ,why they are even considering concept of undivided share of land .Strange!!

    • Hi, Can anyone please update if any cdb 2015 plan for the surrounding area?

    • Finally can someone share the info regarding the public road cutting the property.

    • The twin houses are in one plot and can be sold only as undivided share of land to the two owners as in the case of apartments. However if the whole project is being sold as undivided share of land, that would be strange.

  4. any updates on this project now? what is current price?

  5. Any further update on Mayberry project? Any latest discussion with Prestige…heard price has further gone up…any update on the Road that was going through the villa project…

  6. Very surprised svg is coming down to 1.85cr . Some folks who approached them now told me they are sticking to 2.41 for the lowest config.

  7. I am actually looking for a villa project in whitefield. The Prestige Mayberry looked like a good option to me. I had visted their office and collected all the information too but when I checked on it this week I was told by their exec that I need to wait for a few weeks to book it as there is some confusion on the bookings/allotments. They also told me that there is a possibility of a public road through the proposed site.

    Does anyone here know what the real issue is. This project is said to be a joint venture .. so I was wondering if they have got into some kind of an issue with the project itself. Any insight on this will be helpful.

    • Hi,

      I don’t think it would be true. This property is on road from 2 side and from 3′rd side another road goes which is hardly 20-30 mtr away. So no need of any public road through this property.

      Basically there is no need of any road through this. All area around this property has proper road access. peripheral ring road is also few km away and within 1 km whitefiled-varthur-sai-baba ashram road is there. What i have heard is that they have stopped pre-booking and working on model villa.

      • We are checking out this property too. When we met the sales lady @ prestige she did mention that City development plan(CDP) has a raod that goes thru this project and that is why they have a formed the layout in such a way no villa comes in that path. But thanks for sharing this info.

      • Thanks PSN.
        It is true that there is a road expected to cut through the project as per the BBMP 2015 plan. This was confirmed by the folks @Prestige. They say they have left a provision for it .. in case it happens.

        • guys.. you all looks correct. I was pursuing this property since may and had discussed with prestige office as well. They did’t mentioned this. But when i am looking at their plan again, could see possibility of a road provision already left in plan.
          Thanks for the info.. If you guys do plan to buy this property do provide your recommendation and price, if possible… As of now they are quoting 7000/sq ft…

          BTW, today’s article in TOI also mention one signal free road/corridor between mekhari circle and hope farm junction…

          • Couple of other cons is proximity to ambedkar nagar which is a slum. The glenmorgan which is gated plots by prestige are selling at 2100psqft as of today. Prestige keeps calling and telling all booked but not sure hopw much is the truth in there.
            We were at sterling villa grande and felt that they are in a sorry sitiuation. After talking for a bit they reduced the price from 2.4cr to 1.85cr. Prestige silver was sold at 2.4at launch and still after narly 2 yrs one can buy it at 2.4 to 2.5cr only.

          • Can you tell me the configuration of sterling villa for which they came down to 1.85cr? I would like to approach them

          • Also, I would hesitate to buy from a builder who gives such a high scope of negotiations. Whats the guarantee that whatever he is offering for 1.85 cr, he may not have sold it for a 1 cr to someone?

          • Prestige White meadows was launched at 6500 /sqft in 2010-11. Now this is 7000/sqft.

            PWM was a killing deal at that time.

            How much the price can appreciate from here for PMayberry and other villa Sgrande villa.

            What appreciation Adarsh Palm meadows has seen in last 10 yrs cannot be repeated in these villas. Also as there is lot of options available hence due to supply the price will not increase that much.

          • Whitefield and Meenal,
            it will be great if you can share some more details if you pursued SVG.
            was 1.85 their last price? or did you think they would further negotiate?

          • Meenal,
            When did sterling villa grande offer you a price of 1.85Cr? was it on upfront payment or regular payment schedule? do you think they will be able to come down further than 1.85Cr? i am currently looking to buy a villa in whitefield and Sterling is one of my choices. your feedback is greatly appreciated.

          • For those folks interested in sterling villa grande:

            We negotiated price from 2.4cr to 1.85cr which is the smallest model among they have. we have to follow their payment plan doesn;t matter loan or upfront from our pocket.
            We decided not go with them because,
            1. not sure about builder credibility.
            2. maintenance costs are huge because of artificial lake.
            3. even with 1.85cr basic cost, add on costs for registration+bwssb+club membership deposit came close to 30lakhs.

            I heard SVG is on a lakebed so during heavy rains it might become a problem.

  8. The location is available now. It is 1 KM down the unpaved road next to Whitefield Global School. The rate is 6500 psft which I guess is absolutely crazy given the connectivity and location.

  9. Please provide me the information about Prestige May Berry. When it’s going to be commenced. I am interested on this.

  10. Looking for villa plot round 4000-5000 sqft. Would like to know the price of presitge glenmorgan or other projects. Pls reply if price is reasonable. And the market is also down from 2009.

  11. Yes, its a hot area with lot of opportunity to appreciate. Prestige Glen Morgan is now 1500 rs. per sft governent price. Prestige glenmorgan is the best for value in the area now.

  12. Does anyone have any more information about this project? Where is the project located in Whitefield? What is the psft they are charging? When is the launch date?

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