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Prestige Ferns Residency @ Harlur Road, Off Sarjapur Road

Prestige group has announced that they will very soon run a pre-launch offer for their new upcoming apartment project at Harlur Road, Off Sarjapur Road. The name of the project is not yet announced however Prestige Group had planned to launch Prestige Misty Waters and Prestige Ferns Residency in August 2012, at the time of writing its not clear if this project is indeed one of them. Sources confirm that the project is called Prestige Ferns Residency.

As per available information, the project will offer about 1300 apartments  and will span across 25 acres and will consist of multiple high rise towers. Project is planned to be completed by 2015.

Bookings are expected to be open from Monday 16th June

Prestige Ferns Residency Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
  • 4 BHK
Apartments area range : 1200sft to 2550sft approx

Prestige Ferns Residency Price

Expected pre-launch price is around Rs.4250/- per sft.

Prestige Ferns Residency Location

Harlur Road, about 1.8 km from Sarjapur Road, 6.3 km from Koramangala and 3 km from Wipro Corporate Office. Close to Sobha Classic

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  346 Responses to “Prestige Ferns Residency Review”

  1. Guys
    need help with a Info. I’m abt. to book a 3 BHK with PFR builder and was wondering if i can process a home loan though SBI. I see it has not been pre-approved. Anyone had luck getting approval from SBI for this project ?

    • yes you are right SBI has not approved the project and many of them tried individually but no luck, currently i think SBM has approved.

  2. Looking for a 3 BHK ..1749/1755 sq ft.. Lemme know pls.

    • I am also looking for 3bhk (type g/f), please let me know if there are any resale options.

      • HI Ravi
        I heard the builder has some 3 BHK’s left and are quoting 5800 / SFT. A 1749 comes up to 1.18 i guess. Did u check with them recenlty ? Not sure if it’s woroth that price. But per builder there r only a few left ( cud be sales pitch).

        • Hi Anand,

          Available flats are on which tower and floor.
          Also pl comment on the view from back side of the towers.


  3. Hi,

    Looking for 2.5 bhk in PFR. Let me know if it is available, you can mail at rhr.jmu@yahoo.co.in.


  4. Hi,

    I am looking for 2.5 bhk in PFR. Please let me know if there is any available. You can send the details to rhr.jmu@rediffmail.com.


  5. Hi,

    I am looking for a 2 BHK in Prestige Ferns Residency. Please let me know if someone is looking to sell their flat. You can reach me at +91-9632111997.


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  7. I’m looking for a 3BHK on resale. Let me know the tower/floor and expected price.

  8. Looking for 2bhk or 2.5bhk in prestige ferns – preferably lower floors 2-6. Any one planning to sell please contact on 9902070498 or through email.

    • Dear Krishna

      As per your requirement through, we would like to share the details of our flat :
      Tower : 5th
      Floor : 11th
      Area 1174 sft
      Price : 5400/- this includes the floor rize and transfer fee to builder
      Car-parking : 3 lakhs

      Additional cost on possession:
      Bescom / Bwssb Charges : 1,17,400/-
      Generator Deposit : 75000/-
      Sinking Fund : 49308/-
      Maintenance deposit : 49308/-
      Khatta Charges : 15000/-
      Vat / Service Tax / registration extra.

      If this suites you and the requirement please call or write me to discuss further.

    • Hi Krishna

      I have a 2 BHK on the 7th floor. Please contact me on s.rajive1@gmail.com if you are interested.

  9. I am planning to buy a 2/2.5 bhk flat in Prestige fern residency.We have visited the site and looks like the work is progressed very well.Please let me know if any 2bhk flat is available.

  10. I was interested in buying a flat here but as i seen the Graveyard, i lost my interest. Graveyard is just outside the boundary wall. It is a active Graveyard (Kabaristan), if anyone want to see it, just before Fern Residency Gate a narrow road goes towards Govt Primary School just go straight on that road. At the end of road Graveyard is there.

  11. Own 2.5 BHK in tower no. 17, higher floor. Interested buyer can reach me on deepak.maheshwari@dexlerholdings.com

    - deepak

  12. Have a premium 4BHK for sale in T21 if interested contact mvidhya@hotmail.com

  13. Hello, I am looking for a 3BHK. if anyone is looking for buyer, let me know


  14. I am looking for 2.5/3 BHK in prestige frens preferably lower floor. Please contact me@8722485004 m the direct buyer


  15. Hi, I am looking for 2.5 BHK in PFR. Let me know if there is any available. Prefer to deal directly with owner. Pls revert at nd.nrji@yahoo.co.in.

  16. My Email Id : rupadhoot@gmail.com. I am looking to buy 2.5 BHK in Fern residency on Lower floors [ Floor number 2, 3, 4 etc ]. Contact : 9731561074

  17. I want to sell my 2.5 BHK apartment in 14th Tower and 11th floor. Price Rs 5200/- PSF, including floor rise and Transfer charge. Interested person can call me @ 9916822934

    • Just one q for ppl occupying high floors. How one can get down in case of emergency?Is high floors not meant for old ppl?
      Are our fire services equipped to handle emergencies at such high floors?How r they giving NOCs?These qs r for all ppl in India going for high floors

    • I’m interested in buying 2/2.5bhk. Im ready for immediate closure for properties below rs4900psft

    • I am interested in 2.5 BHK Could you please send me the details like door facing,flat number to my mail id balachandra.m.v

  18. I have booked a flat in Block No 10 today. I see there are two google groups. Please let me know which one is the Active/Correct Google group.

  19. Hi,

    I am looking for a 2.5 BHK at Ferns Residency. I am open for all the 3 configurations in 2.5 BHKs but the apartment has to be between 2′nd – 8′th floor. I am looking for immediate closure, interested parties please contact me on 9611044228. I would prefer dealing directly with owners.

  20. I intend to sell my 2 BHK of area 1174 sqft in Tower 6 (8th floor). Expected price: 5,500 per sqft.


  21. Hi
    i am planning to sell my 2 bhk in tower 5 floor 15 flat no 2, looking at immediate closure, if anyone who is genuinely and seriously interested mail me @ ibrahimsait@hotmail.com

  22. Hi,

    We have 3bhk ( 1616sft – East Facing & semi furnished flat in Sobha Hibiscus and 3bhk Villament in Vaishnavi Orchids, which is 3300 sft Build Up Area and it is the best unit in the entire complex which facing pool and club house with private terrace. property located opposite to Wipro Corporate Office on Sarjapur road. Interested buyer please contact at 9686669174 / dorairaj@gcglobal.in

  23. Hi, i have a doubt.
    My flat number is 4012. Is it ground or 1st floor.

  24. I want to sell 2.5 bhk in prestige ferns residency. Total build up area is 1290 sqft. Price 5200 per sqft. For more details plz contact: 9916822934

  25. There is an active graveyard in the back side of prestige ferns residency. The builder is not ready to do anything about this mess, most of the towers on the north side of the property faces this. Innocent buyers are cheated.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Can you tell me exactly where the graveyard is? I have heard it from others also but when I went there I couldn’t find one. Can you tell me exactly where it is ?

      • The graveyard is located on the north-east part of the property. You won’t be able to see it from the ground floor, it is visible from the top floors of any of the blocks facing east.

  26. Hi i am planning to sell my 2 bhk in tower 5 floor 15 flat no 2, priced @ 5300/- including floor rise, transfer fee, if anyone genuine interested mail me your offers @ ibrahimsait@hotmail.com

  27. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a flat (max 1300 sqft size) for myself. I am willing to pay up to 5,000/sqft including floor rise and transfer charges.
    Any interested seller can reach out to me at shimanshu@live.com


  28. Hi All,
    I am looking to sell my 2bhk flat in prestige ferns residency.
    It is at 4th floor tower5.
    Interested buyer can contact me @09448041580
    My email id :prateek.batra85@gmail.com

  29. Hi,
    I am planing to sell my 2bhk, g floor, north facing door, unit in prestige ferns residency.
    Price i am looking for is 5100 base price.
    Please call me on +91-810-505-5441 or mail me at ahmed.abrar007@gmail.com

  30. Hi..I am interested in selling my 3 bhk flat in prestige fern residency,Interested buyers may call me on 9901739979.

  31. hi i am planning to sell my 2 bhk in tower 5 floor 15 flat no 2, priced @ 5300/- including floor rise, transfer fee, if anyone interested mail me @ ibrahimsait@hotmail.com

  32. There is one more tower in front of tower 20 which is shown in bird eye view but not shown in actual plan. When asked with Prestige folks they said it is owners share (Fern’s share). I was told that they had plans for tower first and later scrapped. However owner still has 3 acres of share at the same place where tower supposed to be (like in the middle of club house and towere 20,21) and he will construct a villa there. Looks odd to me.

    Any other PFR owners has more details on this ?.


  33. Hi,
    I am looking to buy a 4BHK corner unit in Prestige Ferns. If someone is willing to sell, pl. email me at s_rsharma@hotmail.com.


  34. Hi I am looking for 2.5/3BHK flat at Prestige Ferns Residency.Interested seller can call me at 9986991910

  35. I have one apartment in Prestige Ferns Residency..area 1290, 2.5 bhk , 11th floor north facing…price 5500 psqft including floor rise(165 psqft) and transfer charge 100psft…intrested person can call on 9916822934….no broker plz…Thanks..

  36. Hi,

    I own few 2.5 BHK flats in Prestige Ferns at different floors and looking to sell it.
    Interested person can reach me on deepak.maheshwari@dexlerholdings.com

    Deepak Maheshwari

  37. Hi.
    I have a 2.5 BHK. Area approx 1300 sqft. Lake facing. Under construction.
    I’m willing to sell at a discount to the builder’s price.

    If interested please leave a reply with your contact details.


  38. Hi, I am considering to buy a 3 bhk 2240 sqft apartment @ Prestige Fern Residency for end use…..Any genuine owners looking to sell May write to me at ritesh_personal@yahoo.com with their consideration price and contact number I wd then take it forward….

  39. Hi,
    I am looking to sell my 2.5 BHK in Ferns. Willing to look at a discount to the builder price.

  40. Hi, I am interested in buying a flat (Upto 1300 sqft size) for myself. Willing to pay up to 5,000/sqft including floor rise and transfer charges.
    Any interested seller can reach out to me at khushwant.bansal@gmail.com

  41. Last month I got a call from prestige informing me that SBI approval is not going to happen. SBM (state bank of mysore) has approved the project and I can go with them instead.

    • Hello,

      I am looking to buy a 2BHK [ 1174 or 1197 ] or 2.5 BHK flat at lower floors in Prestige Fern residency at Sarjapur Haralur Road. I am happy to go ahead with Resale flat if any one interested to sale. I am not the broker however want to use it for my own.

      Please call me at Ram : 9731561074 for any further discussion

      • Hello,

        I am looking to buy a 2.5 BHK or 3 BHK [ approx 1300 & above] at lower floors in Prestige Fern residency at Sarjapur Haralur Road. I am happy to go ahead with Resale flat if any one interested to sale. I am not the broker however want to use it for my own.

        Please call me at Ram : 9731561074 for any further discussion

    • Do you have any idea what is the reason?

  42. I am willing to sell my flat at PT for 3600. Had bought it for end use during pre launch. Now decided to live near my office in itpl. The flat is 1087 sq feet on 12th floor in tower 9, farthest from the chicken feed factory. Any body interested, pls let me know. I will bear the transfer charges for the same.

  43. Hi, I am interested in buying a flat (Upto 1300 sqft size) for myself. Willing to pay up to 5,000/sqft including floor rise and transfer charges.
    Any interested seller can reach out to me at 9900922000 or chetanyadav11@gmail.com

    • Hi

      I am planning to sell my 2 BHK (1174 sqft) on the 8th floor (Tower 6). Not looking at a price less than 5,620 per sqft (including the floor rise).

      Anyone interested, please get in touch on s.rajive1@gmail.com (Only serious buyers, please).


    • Hi Chetan/others,

      Please read this article (and more articles on this topic to get both sides of story and check with some experts if there is any risk based on distance from actual shooting location) before buying in this area which is just adjacent to Army Iblur Shooting Range. The shooting/firing range has been here since British times, so the contamination has been occurring since then.


      • Then you should buy only the projects from Total Environment because the paint used in this project has lead content and it can severely impact your health and can cause cancer. Also this project is close to graveyard and chances of you getting possessed is also high!

  44. So the project is not yet approved by SBI – anyone know why?
    I’m told the resale rate seems to be currently at 5300/sqft or lower if you bargain well whereas Prestige now quotes 5850/sqft…

    • Phase-1, Reluctant end users due to reckless prices
      Phase-2, Reluctant investors due to less liquid re-sale market
      Phase-3, Price Stagnation
      Phase-4, Construction delays (more aggravated for big (1000+units ) projects) due to less consumption
      Phase-5, Cool down in prices, pressure on inventory and price resistance causing bargain sell, higher NPAs on banks. (sounds stupid but looks possible!..?)

      I guess, for RE in Bangalore, we are between 2nd and 3rd Phase. Phase-4, I sense may be in year 2016..!

      With that happening we can see sensible prices prevailing in market (although not lower than current prices!). But for all those investor who expect next level of 10k for project configuration of 6k today, will be disappointed or speculation will vanish/ reduce to a greater extent from market.

      To just understand this, how may time you have got mail from channel partner about apartment launch as ‘HOME’, instead always it was good investment opportunity, higher rent so on so forth..
      So builder’s mindset was always, people buy commodity not home as people do not hesitate to give cheque of 5 lakhs in few mins(no floor pans, no surety of unit type etc), as it is not a home, but just a goods for few!

      Like, IPO is oversubscribed, secondary market fuc*d when it lists on stock exchange, as everyone wants to sell and no buyers of stock in exchange or kind of that..! There was once such euphoria for IPOs, but later when people stopped making money, it attracted less and less people.
      So we can’t blame investors alone. but when return are flat or negative, automatically it turn down investors. until that happen, (which is not a distant reality for real estate as it is just like any other asset class), investors keep flocking for pre-launches.

      Investors ideally can be expected to shift to equities on account of better return and clear direction to economy after general election, which was absent in last few years in India and absent globally(on account to economic depression) since 2008 market crash.
      Equities went out of fashion for many causing less participation/asset allocation. So all speculative money came to Real Estate and partially to Gold.
      Nevertheless, investor mindset and sentiments will change and will take time to that to happen. It happened with Real Estate, so it can happen back again to equities. Talks will again start about new stocks ‘Infosys’, ‘TCS’ and likes. End of the day, all that one wants is to make more of their investment :-)

      Lastly, one good thing about equities or bad thing about Real Estate is that, investors will get price quoted on exchange when u sell in equities, but for later, you can get little less than what’s quoted in the market, that too if you are lucky! :-)

  45. hi i am planning to sell my 2 bhk in tower 5 floor 15 flat no 2, priced @ 5300/- including floor rise, transfer fee, if anyone interested mail me the offers @ ibrahimsait@hotmail.com

  46. Hi…Prestige Ferns Residency is now approved by the SBI….I have got the mail from prestige with the details of SBI executive….

    I have one 2.5bhk apartment in Prestige ferns measuring 1290 sqft..11th floor ..north facing…if any body is interested to buy plz call…9916822934

  47. Hi All,

    Am planning to buy Sobha Eternia, which is nearly besides Prestige Ferns Residency. As both Sobha Eternia and Prestige Ferns Residency are at the same location, I would like to seek the view of this forum on the advantage and disadvantages between these two projects. I am looking for 2070 SFT 3BHK+Ser Room in Sobha. I was quoted around Rs.6000 per SFT. I assume, I may get a discount of Rs.200 on this price. Besides this project is approved by SBI, which is my criteria, as I would like to with SBI.
    Now, anybody can tell me what is the current running rate for 3BHK. I am looking for 2220 type of 3BHK. Is this yet approved by SBI? I saw some comments here in below. When this project will be completed?

    I was told the qualify construction of Sobha is good and their paper work is good.

    How is Prestige. Prestige is a big proect with 1000+ apartments. The Sobha Eternia is a small project with around 100 flats. Will it be an advantageous of investing in small property compared to a massive property. I am getting decent amenties in Sobha.

    Could somebody throw light on Prestige Vs Sobha. As this is my lifetime investment, I wanted to be absolutely sure that I am investing in the right property between Prestige Ferns Residency and Sobha Eternia.

    Any useful comments on the above points, would be highly helpful


    • Hi,

      Quality wise I would rate Sobha much higher than Prestige. If Sobha is 9/10, Prestige would be 7/10. Sobha provides a lot of details to ensure the quality of the product. I do not see such details in Prestige or any other big builders like Prestige, Brigade, Salarpuria, Purva, Rohan etc. I would say finishing work done by Sobha is much better than any other builders. If you feel, I am blowing a trumpet for Sobha, Just go to any completed projects of these builders and take time in comparing minute details in terms of quality.

      One basic example I can give which anyone of you can easily compare is “Rate per Square feet” they charge. When Sobha launches a project with 6000/sq.ft this includes car parking charges, amenities charges, club house charges, one year maintenance charges etc. They only charge extra for PLC, floor rise and a maintenance deposit which will go into your association kitty. Even general charges like Water, electricity etc I found to be much lesser compared to charges levied by other builders like Prestige, Brigade etc. But you see Prestige/Brigade would say rate per sq.ft is 5800 and you think it is little cheaper. Then comes 3 lakhs for car park, 1 lakh for clubhouse, thousands for maintenance of first year, then maintenance deposit, then flat numbering charges etc.. OMG. Even government charges like water, electricity, legal charges charged by these builders will be more. So finally if u see the actual rate per square feet should be increased by minimum Rs.400 to even Rs.1000 more based on builder’s tactics of charging customers.

      Just go to the ongoing projects of these builders (Sobha, Prestige, Brigade) and compare cost breakup sheets they provide. :)

      • Hi Rajesh

        Thanks for the detailed reply.Any idea how is the mosquitoes problem in this area.I am assuming that the lake view that both prestige ferns residency and sobha eternia might not be good. My gut feeling is that practically all these lakes are not maintained and may be grooming ground for mosquitoes. Any idea on this. Lakeside view are being sold at a huger price. Almost freezing on going for Sobha eterinia. You have any suggestion similar properties of class a builder that I can compare

        Appreciate your views



      • The fact that Larsen & Toubro are the contractors, speaks a lot for the quality of Prestige Ferns !

    • This project is near Kasavanahalli Lake. Is that clean? Can someone please send the latitude/longitude or google maps link to the graveyard?


  48. Hi

    I am willing to sell my 2BHK apartment in Prestige Ferns Residency Apartment.

    Interested people can call me @ +91 9886303180

    Best Regards

  49. There is a google group for this project prf_blr, you can post your queries there.


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