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Oct 252012

Bhartiya City @ Thanisandra Road

Bhartiya City an integrated township spread across 125 acres has opened the booking for their residential apartments called NIKOO homes. The integrated township will host a high end hotel, hospital, school, entertainment & shopping facilities apart from offices.

Bhartiya city

Bhartiya City Options

  • 1 BHK
  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK

Bhartiya City Location

On Thanisandra Main Road, near Sobha City.

Bhartiya City Location Map

Key Distances

  • MANYATA Tech park – 4 km
  • Hebbal Fly Over – 8 km
  • MG Road – 13.5 km
  • City Railway station – 18 km
  • International Airport – 23 km

Bhartiya City Price

  • 1 BHK – 29 Lakh
  • 2 BHK – 39 Lakh to 47 Lakh
  • 3 BHK – 64 Lakh

Bhartiya City Investment Plus Points

  • Thanisandra Road is fast developing with a large number of residential projects being launched in that area.
  • Integrated townships are a good investment, the township will also host an SEZ offering about 3.7 million sft office space
  • Basic Price looks good

Bhartiya City Concerns

  • The project is in planning for about 2 years now
  • Being a large project the project execution would be a challenge and one can expect delays in completion of the residential units

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  1. Hi I have 1.5 bhk 934 sft in tower 9, 3rd floor, if interested call me on 9611686565.

  2. I am interested in selling my 1.5 BHK(934 Sq ft). Genuine buyers please call @9663376706

    • amar – there are no genuine buyer..unless you quote a price which is less than 20 % than the pre-launch price..there can be takers..this type of profit making is no more possible in this sector..

      with regulation coming in place soon..this sectors survival is going to be very difficult. if the builder cheats then criminal proceedings can be filed and you know how many yrs it is going to take in india..

      • Sorry, I desperately want to buy so making such statements and trying my luck.

        • That’s so lame…if u want to buy talk to people and offer a reasonable price instead of making comments like some other people on this forum …..

          • reasonable price differs from persons to persons. It is his reasonable price that he is offering. Reasonable prices does not mean you have to offer in crores.

            • Friends..pls look at all the property websites for the available ready to move in inventory..before you offer a price..investors are only trying to exit..but could not..
              if you can take a 5 to 10 % loss then u shld still go ahead and sell..prices will come down once real estate regulator comes in place..

            • look at what ur saying.. who spoke about crores? not sure whats ur intent here but all i said was talk to people and offer a reasonable price.. i never told him what a reasonable price was… if he thinks 20% below pre launch is reasonable then so be it but he shouldn’t at least say that he is saying so out of desperation n apologize for it… no body is stopping you from offering him 20 % or lower price if u have an apartment…grow up !

      • Everyone is now quoting premium, I wish I had booked when prices were lower :(

    • Hi People,

      I am looking for a 3.5 bhk 1917 sq ft apt in Bhartiya city. Please contact me on 9845901834.

  3. I am interested in 2/2.5 BHK apartment at Bhartiya city. Please contact me on 9880418103 if interested in selling.

  4. Hello,

    We own 3bhk in 24th floor. Planning to swap for lower floor within 10 floors.

    Interested please reply.

  5. Any news on Leela Residences project take off. I heard that it will be much better than Prestige Leela Residences as Bhartiya City people claim that they will teach and show Bangalore builders how to build. Looks like there is a lot to learn from these Delhi Builders.

    • Hi Siddarth,
      Yes Leela residence is opened for sale, but only large size one, smaller one sold out,
      Prestige Leela residence is an apartment designed with the theme of Leela hotel.

      Bhartiya Leela residence is a large development with the Leela hotel attached to it, and it is joint development/ maintenance of Leela & Bhartiya, wherein bhartiya & Leela will maintain the project with its current theme and management. this is what they say and claim.

      Lets wait and watch what gyan can we get from them.

  6. Hi,

    I have a highly demanded 2.5 BHK DUPLEX Apartment at Bhartiya City Phase – I in Tower 9 at 11th Floor of 27th Floor. If anyone is interested please feel free to call me at 9902766644 or email me at BC have completed 15th floor of Tower 9. There are no flats available with Bhartiya City from Phase – I. The progress of construction is in rapid pace and expected to be completed the Tower 9 by mid of 2016. Once Leela Palace and its service apartments get ready (just opposite to the apartment) the value of this apartment is expected to touch 1.3 Cr.

    • If you are expecting the price to touch 1.3 crore by mid 2016 then why are you selling your apartment now ? Better wait another year and sell :-)

    • LOL @ highly demanded ! by who? desperate much dude ?

      • @Tapas

        “Highly demanded” and “1.3Cr for a 2.5 BHK “ made the day for everyone on this forum. Thanks.

    • pls get out of our dreams and come to realty… no doubt BC is a great project but fact is 2.5BHK duplex is not really a good design and is located in inner part of the building so wouldn’t get much light etc….secondly.. u probably are the only person to even think of a price of 1.3 crores and making fool out of urself by writing what ur writing…there are quite a few people who have 2.5BHK that are willing to sell but the pricing hasnt been much higher than 5 – 5.2k at this time… however if ur so sure, please get me customers for 90 lacs today ( over 40% lower than what ur saying it would be 1 yr from now) and i will sell my flat right now…..

    • Hi Tapas,

      Let people think what they want to think. I myself have booked a flat in BC and would recommend you to hold as long as it is possible for you. And if possible hold it for ever :) .

      From long term perspective, it will surely give good returns.Interest rates are coming down, banks will soon start reflecting the new rates and the trend for next few years is decrease in interest rates. With office spaces like Karle coming up in the area, Manyata still expanding and Bhartiya city’s own BCIT, and traffic problems that get worse will propel demand for rented place or purchase near work.

      I work in Manyata and most of my colleagues in below 35 age group do not have a home, all are looking forward to buy one in next few years. With some soon going to marry and earn double income, home is the first thing on their mind. With money in bank giving less interest going forward and loan EMI’s coming down along with tax benefit, I expect a change in sentiments in just about time when Bhartiya City is ready.

      Not to mention all the development that’s going to happen within Bhartiya city and around the area. When I came to bangalore in 2004, my friends from bangalore used to say Koramangala was outskirts in 1994. In 2004 for me Hebbal was outskirts. Positive and negative cycles will come and go,10 years from now, anybody who sells bhartiya city will only regret their decision.

      • The consumer sentiment seems to be turning against the real estate investments. Recently a buyer sentiment survey was carried out by IIM Bangalore and Magicbricks. A report on the survey in The Economic Times said that: “[The survey] forecasts that the home buyers expect real estate prices to drop over the next six months. In fact, the aggregate Housing Sentiment Index (HSI), measured across the 10 cities, dropped sharply by 29% in the 3rd quarter of 2014-15 to 81. (An HSI score of 100 suggests the prices would remain static).”


        >>>> 10 years from now, anybody who sells bhartiya city will only regret their decision.

        If prices double in 10 years, that’s a LOSS. Your money would have more than doubled if put in FD, without taking any risk. Moreover, if you account for borrowing cost (interest part of the EMI), you would have at least paid 80% of the cost of the flat as interest by then. Now, do your math. You will realize how BIG a LOSS it is if you are planning to sell after 10 years, even if you find a customer to pay more than double for your investment.

        • I understand where you are coming from, my dad said the same to me 10 years ago and put all his money in FD. I wish he hadn’t. Today most home prices are at least 2.5 times the rates in 2004 (most are even more), those homes also generated steady rents for 10 years apart from appreciation and also note that the rents are now about 3 times more than 10 years back. In any case past need not indicate future, but I would like to consider all of the below:

          1) At current interest rates it will take 7-8 years to double your money in FD. In my opinion most homes would too.

          2) This is with the assumption that you do not spend any of the FD interest.

          3) This is also with the assumption that interest rates wont come down, in reality all analyst predict interest rates coming down.

          4) Without a flat I have to pay rent and rent in most places grows at rate of 5-10% per annum. If you were to buy a house in BC today, from 2016-17 you can expect to save 3-4% on your current “house value” in rent annually (note: it is not on your investment value, its on your current house value). This will keep growing every year.

          5) As an area develops so does the value of house, and there is lot of development planned in this area. Even if you feel no development will happen, Karle will not be able to add office space etc construction projects need raw materials and wages which are impacted by inflation. you can expect inflation alone to move up the prices significantly in 10 years.

          With all this being said, the percentage of loan taken on property does impact which is better – renting or buying.For individual analysis below calculator is very helpful it accounts for several factors:

          • Waiting for any further price fall may not be wise.Prices have not gone up much during the last two years.Adjusted against inflation it is a fall in price.With the inflation inching up don’t expect any crash.Rents will go up with inflation and interest rates on FD are poised to fall.In such a scenario not buying for end use is foolishness.RE or gold gives huge gains only in short periods of time.During long periods RE will hold its own and gives better gains in the event of sale.Anyway don’t think of sale for sometime.If you want pure investment buy plot but it is risky in big cities because you can’t make out whether you have been duped or whether some thug is lurking round the corner to fleece you over ownership rights or some other reasons.

          • ye sure , you can’t compare real estate with FD.
            This is not for BC, it’s valid for nay property.

          • 10 years later if you are benchmarking your property to double, why would anyone not buy in a new building at those rates? There is also something called depreciation! Also capital gains tax that you will need to pay if you sell – in case you buy another property to avoid paying the tax in that case it is only paper profit – worthless – Please remember the more developed a country gets the more stagnant its markets get – whether it is GDP or property prices. Also you can be rest assured that the next 10 years returns from real estate are not going to be anywhere near the past 2 decades and there is nothing wrong if your dad had put the money in FD 10 years ago – he played it safe – it is you who are being greedy and wishing he hadnt….

            • Well said my friend

              • Thanks Rochester!
                It amazes me that there are over a billion people in India and of them 95% (at least) are just herd followers who bank on rumours and past performance. If A is doing something so should B. Yes, a few investors over the last 2 decades made stunning profits and increased wealth by leaps and bounds, but that doesn’t mean it will continue to happen. Anyway good luck to all!

            • 100 % agree

  7. There is an CDP road and PRR planned to pass through the property. The city concept does not hold true if public roads pass through it. Does anyone have view on this. Is it good or bad?

    • If PRR pass through the property it will be great positive for Bhartiya City. Please note that porposed PRR is about 1 km away from Nikoo homes.

    • Deepak,
      As i got to know, there are 2 phases, and this PRR should pass through between phase 1 and phase 2, currently phase 1 is being developed and phase 2 is planned for later.


    • The PRR proposed road will be great for this project. This road is already shown on their master plan drawings. This will be great for connectivity to Whitefield and other areas in the east. The road is more than 1 km from the Nikoo homes being built. Phase 1 of the project is completely sold out. Phase 2 is slated to open any time in March close to the festival season. Construction if phase 1 and the IT complex is going on at good speed.

  8. The pace of construction has picked up in Bhartiya city and looks like they will be able to finish the project by July to Sep 2016. It is great news. I conclude this because 9 th floor is ready in block 9 and now the lag is only 3 months.

  9. If one sees the google map – there is a huge quarry radially at a distance of around 1 km from the Nikoo homes area (Hosur bande quarry). Won’t there be a concern due to the blasting work carried out in this quarry ? This might affect the building foundations. This quarry is operating illegally with nexus between the quarry mafia and the politicians because as per supreme court quarrying in a residential area is illegal. Kolte patil raaga apartment is already bearing a brunt due to blasting work carried out on a daily basis. Anyone who is booking in Nikoo homes must force the builder as a good-will gesture to enforce stopping of the quarrying nearby. I hope Bhartiya city management can do the same due to there connections and influence. I would also suggest to all the builders doing development in the nearby area – like Brigade, Kolte Patil, Supertech, Bhartiya City to join hands and enforce stopping of the quarrying.

    • The distance as measured in google maps is more like 2 km from BC. I don’t think this is an issue. Hotel Leela is investing something like 300 crores to build hotel and residences not to mention thousands of crores by Bhartiya group. I am sure these guys have looked at this before investing so much.
      If you have not read the details, after construction BC still plans to own all the commercial building and spaces and lease it to the companies. So unlike other construction projects BC will still have a big financial stake in the success and maintenance of this whole area.
      Also note that the prject will be complete only in 2018 or so by which time this quary might be completely fleeced.
      In my opinion this is one of the best projects in B’lore right now. If BC sticks to it’s plans and delivers on it this will be the area everyone will be envious of. It is very similar to Brigade Gardens project in Rajaji Nagar. Just look at those homes now. There is nothing less than 2 Crores even for 2 BHK.

      Please note that these are my opinions based on detailed research I did and I am not Agent or BC management person.


  10. We are interested in a 2 or 2.5 bhk at Nikoo homes. If anyone is interested in selling, please contact me at or 9620722200

    • Hello Raj,

      Have seen your post showing your interest for 2- 2.5 BHK at Bhartiya City.
      I have 2.5 BHK Duplex Apartment in Tower 9 at 11th Floor. If you are interested to buy please call me for the discussion. I am available at 9902766644.

  11. Hi,
    I am selling my 1 BHK,area 760 sft tower 8, 19 floor @ 5000/- per sft basic all other charges as per builders list. Genuine buyers mail @

  12. I am interested in buying a 3 BHK preferably above 8th floor. Please contact me if anyone is interested to sell. Email :

  13. Looks like Leela Residences is coming up in Bhartiya City. Harsha can you please put some light on this?

    I just received below email from a sales person and its on pre-launch

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Bhartiya City!!

    We bring you ‘Leela Residences’ – branded residences on the 126 acres of experience called the Bhartiya City.
    An exclusive community of premium luxury residences, adjacent to the 256 keys Leela Hotel set amidst the effervescent ‘City Centre’ of Bhartiya City.
    The branded residential block is maintained and serviced by the Leela Hotel and will come with premium specifications as standard.
    The Leela Residences at Bhartiya City will be spread across 3 towers, soaring up to 24 levels with a clear view of the Central park, landscaped terraces, the boulevard or all of them. The unified 6th level of the 3 towers will hold the ‘Residents only’ club, which will be manned and managed by the Leela Hotel. The club house spill out on the landscaped terrace which also hold the heated swimming pool along with more amenities.

    Good living made effortless!!

    Bhartiya City is a mixed use development city comprising of residences of various formats, IT park, luxury hotel, convention centre, retail, Cineplex, schools, hospital, Centre of Performing Art and plenty of green public realms.
    The city is ideally located in the North of Bangalore halfway between the International Airport and MG Road.
    Bhartiya City is easily accessible by one of the many good roads like Outer Ring Road (ORR), Bellary Road (Elevated Express High way), etc. In future, the planned Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) adjacent to Bhartiya City will connect different parts of Bangalore.

    Leela Residences – where luxury is a way of life……………. Only for the discerning few.


  14. Please find the below link for Investor / Resale stock

  15. We are interested in a 2.5 bhk at Nikoo homes. If anyone is interested in selling, please contact me at

  16. Do let us know if anyone here is interested in a 2BHK at Bhartiya City. Please provide your contact details/mail address in reply to this post, and we’ll get in touch with you.

  17. Visited the site yesterday, all 2 and 2+ bhk are sold out, only loft and some large 3 bhk are available, interested in 2+ or smaller 3 bhk let me know if any is available for resale. The marketing guy also told be about another phase launch in a few months (2-3).

  18. Is Bharatiya city also having any issues with flats facing graveyard, crematorium like Shoba city, can anyone help on this point

    • No it doesnt have any such issues, however the construction is little slower compared to expectations.

      • GIM Groups is telling lie.

        BC has graveyard behind the Block no. 9 /8 and 7.

        so pls be careful , looks GIM Groups has personal interest so providing wrong information.

        • We have no personal interest in this project.

          Behind tower 9/8/7 its not a graveyard, its couple of graves which might be old landlord family. It is not an operational graveyard as the case behind Sobha City.
          Hope this clarifies!

        • That graveyard is not used now, it has few very old graves. One can hardly recognize it.
          Nothing like Shobha city graveyard which is still used.

  19. I want to buy 2bhk.If anybody interested to sell contact me

  20. I am looking for 2bhk apt, if any 1 selling please mail to

    • I suggest you to wait as progress is very slow.

      I am not sure if builder can complete the project as per plan and price is already 5000+ so wait for 6 months. Atleast you can save interest :)

      • Guru – What is your source for the price? The base price is 4720psqft.

        • Ant can run after than the construction speed. I am sure get the procession in 2020.

          Vision 2020 :)

          Joke apart, Bhartiya city is launching one more project in same campus so don’t expect much hike in price.

          Already base price is 4720+ and BC got only few 3+ servant qtr apartments. 50% are investors so get large no of apartments for sale. Wait for 2 months and check the price.

          I posted this 3 months before and no change in price. Are you expecting change in price :)

          • If you have more investors compared to end users, any project will surely get delayed
            But can someone from civil engineering line confirm what happens to the beams and structure if the delay is more than 10 yrs or so, will it still have the same structural strength, as plastering is not done, wont erosion take place

    • Hi,
      Iam intersted in buying a 3 BK let me know if anyone available at ur end.


    • I am looking for

  21. What is the current quoted price?

  22. One of the member mentioned that BC is using Mivan technology in construction. Below are limitations I came across in Google below limitations about this technology:

    1) Because of few small sizes finishing lines are seen on the concrete surfaces Services after completing become slightly difficult due to the small width of components
    2) It requires uniform planning as well as uniform elevations to be cost effective
    3) The formwork requires number of spacer, wall ties etc. which are placed @ 2ft c/c; these produce problems such as seepage, leakages during monsoon
    4) Due to box-type construction, contraction cracks are likely to appear
    5) Heat of hydration is high due to shear walls It is rigid in design once placed, as any alteration becomes tough later.

    • Any completed project used this MIVAN technology. I read somewhere that Prestige Shantiniketan also used this tech for Residential blocks.
      Is this some kind of efficient and latest technology.
      Is it confirmed that BC is using this technology.
      As per my understanding, from 1st floor onwards there will not be any pillars or beams. Walls are formed with RCC in pre-cast frames. The walls are going to bear the load of building.

      • Hi Baasu,

        It’s a more strong, fast and proven technology across the world and most of the new highrise in Bangalore also are made using this. Don’t now about PSN but Purvrva highlands was built with this tech.

  23. There is one common wall in 2.5B inner facing… other configurations doesnt seem to have… consider this if you are going for this .

  24. Hello,

    I am interested in 3 BHK ( anything between 1- 4 floor) . If anyone interested in selling your apartment please email me the details –


  25. Are two sets of agreements (sale and construction) needed to be signed? The advocate advises to sign and send only one set. Please suggest the process

  26. Hi,

    Can someone tell me how much will be VAT and service tax % for a 3 bhk flat which is costing around 90L now ? Any inputs are appreciated.

  27. Hi All,

    If any one willing to sale sell their unit please contact me. I am interested to buy 3 or 2.5 or 2 bhk apartment on in BC Nikoo homes. If you bought earlier for investment and willing to sale now please call or mail me


  28. I am about to book a flat and I need the draft copy of the sale agreement. If anybody has the latest please share.

    • Did they offered you any discount and at what rate are you booking unit? Thanks.

    • No discount was given to me I just booked 1bed study flat.

    • Pl think twice before booking.
      some of the points which made me cancel are.
      1. there is no proper mention of lifts- 3 lifts for 250 houses
      2. there is no proper fire prevention mechanism or escape mechanism
      3. project completion time is 3years from 2014, so ROI will take more time
      4. I had to lose 50,000 for cancelling after booking and if you cancel after agreement may 5,00,000 (think twice). and will return the money after 60 working days Bhartiya city can enjoy my 2Lakh without interest good for corporates isnt it.,(,it says in the booking form. any signature take your time to read it)
      5. Selling methodology is they will say there is no flats available now, can pay a cheque for 2.5 L and will inform you when any apartment of your interest is available are opened as you are now preferential customer. and will suddenly call and ask you to reply within 5 minute half hour and then if you say yes, you got stuck!!!
      6. New builder from leather and fashion business
      7. more than 2500 houses in 17acres
      8. project with more than 2000 around that area- webcity, shoba city, purvankara beach..
      1. Peripheral ring road
      2. integrated township
      3. access to KIA

      • Hi, bad luck you had to loose 50K, but yes you are lucky to save few lakhs.

        1. there is no proper mention of lifts- 3 lifts for 250 houses : they have started construction by now they have completed 4 slabs, lift well and duct will be visible
        2. there is no proper fire prevention mechanism or escape mechanism : without fire clearance they will not get O.C
        3. project completion time is 3years from 2014, so ROI will take more time : every builder is talking 3.5 to 4 years only
        4. I had to lose 50,000 for cancelling after booking and if you cancel after agreement may 5,00,000 (think twice). and will return the money after 60 working days Bhartiya city can enjoy my 2Lakh without interest good for corporates isnt it.,(,it says in the booking form. any signature take your time to read it)
        5. Selling methodology is they will say there is no flats available now, can pay a cheque for 2.5 L and will inform you when any apartment of your interest is available are opened as you are now preferential customer. and will suddenly call and ask you to reply within 5 minute half hour and then if you say yes, you got stuck!!! every builder use the same marketing skills
        6. New builder from leather and fashion business : every second development is from new player, if you go to old player he will suck the last drop of your blood
        7. more than 2500 houses in 17acres : need to check and authenticate this point
        8. project with more than 2000 around that area- webcity, shoba city, purvankara beach.. all in the same lines
        1. Peripheral ring road
        2. integrated township
        3. access to KIA ;

  29. What is the discount bhartiya city is offering on current price ?

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