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Mar 302013

Mantri Developers has announced the launch of their new apartment project called Mantri WebCity designed as a Web Themed township. The project located on Hennur Main Road will offer aparments in 2/3 BHK configurations.

Mantri WebCity Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
Area spanning 1155 1740 sft.

Mantri WebCity Location

Hennur Main Road

Mantri WebCity Price

Basic price starts at Rs. 54.74 lakhs as of March 30th 2013.

Please refer to review article for Mantri Aura for more details and discussions


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  1. Mantri Webcity is a project worth investment. I had booked a flat in parcel 1 and got it registered as well. Till date all the EMI’s were paid on time and i do not have any EMI due from Mantri.

  2. Hi,
    Anyone booked apartment in Manti WebCity in 20/80 scheme? Mantri seems to be defaulting on monthly EMI payment past few months. We are a group of few buyer who are stuck with this project. Please reply if you or someone you know are also facing similar issues.


    • Hello,

      We’re sorry to know you’re not happy with our service. Though we try our best to ensure our customers are always satisfied with us, but still at times customers’ expectations are not met.

      In order to bridge this gap we have a platform called Mantri Connect where we manage and resolve customers’ concerns at the quickest possible time.

      Please submit your concern at this link and allow us to resolve your concern.

      Thank you for being so patient with us all this while.

      Mantri Developers

  3. Mantri Webcity Parcel 2 all the phases constituting Blocks F, G, H, J, K, L, M are in very bad shape. The Parcel-2 possession is delayed to Nov-17 as per the current schedule while even the Plinth is not yet done. The original Possession commitment was July-16, delay of 1.5 years even before the actual work started and there is no proper information, no commitment.

    If any of you belong to Parcel-2 Mantri Webcity, pls share your details, or subscribe to the Facebook group “Mantri Webcity”, or write to or subscribe to the Mantri Webcity group in the online portal “apartment adda”

    We are planning to meet Mantri decvelopers management team jointly and let them know that this project needs to be pulled back to the original schedule, or pay fitting compensation.

    • Hi Mr. Hari,

      Sorry to know that you’re not happy with the current development pace of the project. Despite of our sincere efforts to keep our commitments, still at times these commitments are not met.

      That is we urge you to come and connect with us in our platform where you can submit your concern and we’d get back to you with a satisfactory solution at the earliest.

      Thank you for being so patient with us all this while.

      Mantri Developers

  4. For Immediate Sale :- Mantri Astra 2 bhk flat(1260 sqft) fully furnished for Sale @ Hennur road, Bangalore
    if interested pls. call 9880048076


      Please hold on to all Real estate investments..CBI is going to start the investigation and all Real estate companies in bangalore are going to be in trouble soon..

      its not only prices..but also peoples confidence is going to be affected.

      • Government To Act Tough On Black Money; Would Property Prices Fall?

        f you don’t have unaccounted cash, it might be difficult for you to buy a property in India. It might sound very harsh and unreasonable but it’s a bitter truth. While we often talk about black money stashed in foreign banks; we must also pay attention to the quantum of unaccounted money that is in circulation within India. Land deals, property deals and purchase of gold bullion and jewellery often involve unrestrained use of black money. Recently union cabinet approved a bill which aims to deal with cases pertaining to black money hoarded in foreign countries. Moreover, the finance minister also hinted at introducing a more comprehensive Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Bill to fight against black money that exists within Indian economy. It is said that, stringent laws dealing with black money may affect India’s real estate market in a substantial way. PersonalFN tells you what may change for Indian real estate market.

        As reported by Business Standard, dated March 20, 2015, based on the observations made by Mumbai-based Liases Foras Real Estate Rating & Research Pvt Ltd; 30% of transactions in real estate are performed with black money. According to a KPMG report, real estate sector accounts for nearly 6% of India’s USD 1.88-trillion economy.

        How new law may clamp down the use of black money?

        Before we discuss how the bill would help discourage use of black money; it is important to understand how benami transactions are carried out in property deals. In benami transactions, a person who is the official owner of the property is not the actual beneficiary. In other words, a person holding black money wouldn’t buy property in his own name but in someone else’s name yet (unofficially) enjoy all rights regarding ownership of the property. In such deals the real owner is masked. The new bill may make it possible for the Government to attach benami properties or those which are registered in the name of fictitious persons.

        If the Government successfully clears the comprehensive bill dealing with benami property transactions, property prices would be affected. At present, many major cities have huge unsold inventory; despite of which property prices have not corrected significantly. This is because black money could be supporting prices. If government cracks down heavily on benamidars and attaches benami properties; real estate prices might come under severe pressure. It is also observed that, more than residential properties, pure land deals involve more use of unaccounted money.

        The finance minister has also clarified that, the Government is looking at linking up real estate transactions with Addhar. This may help curbing transactions that are carried out using fake and multiple PAN numbers. Adhar would make it possible to reach out to the transactions done by an individual and monitor them meticulously.

        PersonalFN is of the view that, tough laws discouraging the use of black money would bring in much needed transparency in property deals. Black money makes it possible for the buyer to get the properties registered at lower values; which significantly reduces the revenue of the Government. But more transparency might translate into more revenues for the Government.

        Property prices in many real estate pockets have been so high that the genuine buyers are unable to buy their dream home. Black money dampens the dream of the Government to make housing more affordable to Indian masses. If black money is flushed out of property deals; prices may witness a much needed healthy correction. Having said this, you must also be watchful while buying a property. You shouldn’t fall for fall for false promises made by builders.

  5. So far so good. If you see my comments dating back to more than a year now, i have been suggesting people to avoid this cloud connected trash. There were some people with vested interests who even got personal as they couldn’t face the truth or didn’t want it to come out. In the end I feel little sad for people who would have put in their hard earned money and face so much uncertainty. At the same time I wonder where are those brokers/pimps of mantri who were praising this project as if this was the greatest thing to have happened to mankind ! I particularly remember one such broker/agent who even posted web city ads on other forums too. Come out of the hiding dude, if you have b*ll*. will you?

    • Hi Sachin,

      Looking for 3BHK end use and short listed below projects …

      1. Brigade Lakefront – Possession Jan 2016 (Expecting by June 2016)
      2. Prestige Ivy Terrace – Possession Jan 2017 (Expecting by June 2017)
      3. Prestige Jade Pavillon – Possession Jan 2017

      Rejected below projects:

      1. Assetz East Point – Small Room Size and project already delayed by 1+ year … also heard builder not using stuff which was shown in sample flat…
      2. Salarpuria Senorita – Was almost convinced with project phase 2 before i found a graveyard and sewer water cleaning plant behind project sharing a common wall … dropped the plan …

      Still considering Divyasree élan, rmz marq …

      Looking for project where i can get possession within 1.5 years …in and around sarjapur/ORR/Whitefield (Near brookefield…and not very inside whitefield).

      • Why not Prestige SunnySide?? You should be getting it in 6 months.

        My order of preference among the ones you listed

        1. Brigade LakeFront
        2. Prestige Jade Pavilion
        3. Prestige Ivy Terraces

      • Hi Prateek,
        I have always maintained that I dont recommend projects to people. In your case though you have asked about 3 specific projects. Honestly, I have not yet seen BLF so can’t comment on that. But let me give you some pointers. The RE market is in deep shit. Most of the builders are struggling with cash and hoarding whatever money they have in the hope that they can ride the downtrend. Nobody is keen to finish the project. So i suggest, go for a ready to move in project. At least you can verify with your eyes what you are getting rather than hoping that your apartment turns out similar to the one shown in the brochure. Also, with ready to move in, you will have better negotiating power. Also, be firm in your negotiations. Be ready to walk out if the deal doesn’t suit you. Remember, millions of people aren’t going to get millions or rupees overnight so no way these overpriced apts are selling anytime soon. Cheers and good luck buddy.

    • I agree sachin..mantri apartments are overpriced and will soon crash

    • New price has been announced at 5490 per sq!!! almost 1000/- plus in last 10 months!!!

      • Treat yourself to a pizza then!! For that matter if in the next 1 year if price touches 7k psft, treat yourself again. You’ve earned it!

        • but why it has increased so much
          Is market is picking again ???

          1000/- seems to me great appreciation!

          • @Sharma-Ji

            >>>>>>>>>but why it has increased so much

            Wait for this new price to settle in buyer’s mind first. Everybody is waiting. Because:

            Rs 1000/- increase is probably part of the preparation for a FLAT 30% OFF full page ad. in a TOI SPECIAL edition about to be published in 2 weeks from now..!!!

            How otherwise that full page ad. can justify the “offer”?

            >>>>>>Is market is picking again ???

            Certainly not.

            • Why don’t the builder put up a full page ad. now informing investors about this Rs 1000/- increase.

              Ideally, they should put up a front page ad. thanking and congratulating investors, who are by now “richer” by few more lakhs. At the same time, they can express how “sorry” they are about the investors who missed out on this “Opportunity”.

              No. They won’t do that. Otherwise, everyone will notice that first price was increased and then a FLAT 30% OFF “offer” was dished out to new investors.

      • Completion is not announced, they keep putting it back, maybe when they handover phase 1, it will be 10K, in another 5 years, hopefully……

        • Dear experts/sachin/manjusree

          Why sudden spurt on prices for this particular project,

          Is the really missed opportunity or still right time to invest in this project!

          Please help i am sitting on a fence and thinking to invest in this project now.

        • Is it good or bad to have 1000 INR appreciation?

          Expert? Sachin/manjusree/Bholaji

          • guys.. use common sense… appreciation on paper is as good as the money’s worth Mr Raju had in Satytam.. its hasn’t got any meaning or relevance… tomm mantri can increase the price to even 10k… question is who is buying at that price and why??

            test it yourself and ask Mantri folks to give you strong, realistic and true market driven reasons to explain the price increase and you won’t get any…

            • Such price hike is usually done to give a window for investors to sell it by advertising that they(investors) are giving it for a lower price compared to the builder. Investors are the primary customers for such builders, because they are the ones who invest again and again in their projects. They are the resellers for the builders.

            • @SS, buddy, do not write any meaningful answers here. Investors and mantri marketing team will call us FAKE.
              It doesnt matter who will buy, investors became rich by one more thousand per sft. That is all matters, money on papers is more valuable than real money in hand.
              This is how bubble forms and finally bursts and swallows all greed in one single gulp.

              • No worries…those jokers can call us what they want but they need to know that many customers are far more intelligent than them and we value our hard earned money more than their forever under construction not so great projects..

            • Watch the restaurant scene at the beginning of ‘the wolf of wall street’ where Matthew McConaughey gives some advice to DiCaprio. He explains how stock markets work & all appreciation in stocks is virtual and that is how the brokers make money through investors. Some investors are smart, but not all of them make a killing in the stock market.

              Real estate works in the same way.Some win(including the builder), majority lose.
              Don’t take it to the heart, but it is just the way the world functions.

            • offer price 3200 rs/sq.ft ..I would be intersted to book if mantri is ready to offer at this price..i do not mind waiting for 2 years

              Pls mantri reps..pls respond.

            • Dear sir,
              I am quite agree with your point 1000inr is steep increase.
              But as the sales guy told me the nearby developments(I am sure you are aware about it) its not too much. They have stopped offering 10% discount too.
              I myself went ahead in the vicinity all the development which saleguy told me seems to be true.
              It is still a good option if you are looking to invest in Hennur road.

          • all in paper..its not worth the price.they are cheating customers and trying to support investors who are in pain now..else they will not invest in their other projects..

            It will take atleast 1 decade to complete the whole project.

        • Hi Mr. KSR,

          Customer satisfaction is very important for us and despite of our sincere efforts customers’ expectations are not met at times. In order to better manage and resolve customer concerns, we have a platform called Mantri Connect.

          Just submit your concern at our this link and allow us to resolve your concern at the earliest.

          Thank you for being so patient with us all this while.

          Mantri Developers

      • Hi Yamini,

        If you would like, we can arrange a call back from one of our representatives answering all your queries.

        Please do write us an email at along with your contact details and a convenient time and date to call.

        Mantri Developers

  6. Mantri Astra 2 bhk flat(1260 sqft) fully furnished for Sale @ Hennur road, Bangalore
    if interested pls. call 9880048076

  7. Hello fellow investors,
    Has anyone else got an email from Mantri saying there will be no more site visits until completion? I don’t understand why they would say such a thing. All leading builders do allow/encourage site visits.
    I thought its ridiculous, how else will we know the progress of construction activity? What have Mantri got to hide?

    • if the builder is saying then lets say without seeing the apartments we will not hand over the cheque ..Bangalore needs a regulator..Its better we approach AAP party to highlight the GOI incompetence in addressing peoples issues..

      • Here is the email I got from Mantri. They blame it on safety but I think there are other reasons. If it’s safety that they are concerned about why do they allow site visits in their other projects that are running smoothly and on schedule.
        So disappointing coming from a reputed builder like Mantri.

        Dear Sir / Madam,

        We wish to bring to your kind notice that we will not be allowing site visit to under construction projects henceforth.

        This decision has been taken considering the safety aspect in under construction projects.

        We will intimate you, once the project is ready for handover. Post that we will glad to assist you with site visits.

        We thank you for your continuous support.

        With Best Regards,


        Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd.
        Mantri Web City, Near South Asian Bible College
        Nagenahalli, Kothanur Post, Hennur Main Road
        Bengaluru 560 077

        Did all of you in this forum get this?
        @Priya : Can we really do that? And what’s GOI?

        • Its better to ask for refund..all projects are going to get delayed because of lots of unsold inventory..
          Developers need real cash to run the better request refund and avoid falling in the trap..

  8. I have booked in Mantri Webcity under Parcel 2 and got to know that they are giving Possession date of Mid 2018 for new Customers which is Mid 2016 for Parcel 2 for me. Has anybody booked with Possession date as Mid 2018 in Parcel 2? Construction for Parcel 2 was not started when I visited last time on 14-Dec-2014. Does any body know when they are planning to start work for parcel 2 since it is already very much delayed.

    • Has the Court case against Mantri Developers related to Blasting is resolved?

      • Issue related to blasting is not resolved and neighbouring are fighting legal fight with Mantri Developers.

        • If Mantri is doing cost cutting by implementing cheap methods of rock blasting then what is the guarantee that they will not implement cheap materials and construction in the name of cost cutting in the structure that they are going to come up with. A brand name not employing safety standards inside and outside irrespective of people paying a high price for buying this property is a shame on Mantri. The buyers of the property should form an association and question MANTRI on why a cheap method is being implemented for blasting the rocks and why should the buyers pay the penalty resulting in project delay due to this act of Mantri.



        • Guys,
          I have written an email to our prime minister of india.
          Expecting some positive response
          .will urge everyone to write to prime minister as well

        • I visited the site rcently. even though parcel 2 possession is delay a sight of releif that work is already started.
          There is no challenge I saw in terms of work.

    • And what date they are quoting for parcel – 3?

      Anybody has any idea on handover plan for this P3

    • Seems this project will be a disaster for the people like me who have booked flat in Parcel 2 in k block under the 20-80 scheme where it was assured that the customer doesn’t have to pay any thing for 3 years but now they have started defaulting on the EMI to the customers(we took 80 % loan,EMI deduction has started by the bank from our account but the builder has started defaulting on EMIs ….its a big question mark on the brand as well….i really worried on the outcome of the project.

      • Totally agree with you sachin.Mantri Webcity is a disaster on all stands. From delays after delays, defaultig emi, construction status, court cases etc.Do you know if they have any plans to extend pre emi till mid 2018 for exsisting buyers which is still 3 and half years from now and when they gonna commence work for parcel 2? When I bought i tbought it would be delivered in 2016 but now not sure if they will give in 2018 also because when they delayed to 2017 they promised it wont be delay more but now i cant belive them.

        • Hi Monty,
          you have seen your comments on this project.
          I recently invested in this project now after looking at your comments it seems i have done mistake.
          may i know you own an apartment in which block.

  9. I visited my falt at Webcity – Parcel 01.
    Good to see work in full swing exterior plaster work till 10th floor, inside flooring almost done.
    Branded material used.

    Other parcels they are working without blasting, but lot many workers (back after diwali vacation).

    For sure possession will not be in Q1 2015, Looks like Q2 2015.


    • @Suru : Did you check on Parcel 2 ?

      • agree..just run away from this project

        • though it’s construction is going on slow but I firmly believe it’s best in north Bangalore
          Mark my work it would be most saught property in coming years

          Run run to book the property
          Cheers !

        • Hi Ram

          We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.

          Mantri Developers

      • Hi,

        I visited Mantri webcity on saturday.As I seen no progress in construction and now they are saying possession date will 2018 insteed of 2017.

        • Dear Sir

          We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.

          Mantri Developers

          • WOW ! Response from Mantri – have not seen that before…looks like they have started listening to customer concerns – probably, current market conditions drive such drastic change in behavior – really hope the current slowdown continues another several years – at least, the customers would be treated well !

            • bikram – mantri do not want to discuss their problems in public..that is the reason they started mantri connect !

              its another way of running away from the core issue

              • Ya right Ravi. Even I was about to tell the same. They want to avoid any problems or negative things to be discussed in public forums. But people please discuss any issues about any builders in public forums only like harshasagar so people will become aware about the actual things around, and not even in the separate Google groups or other groups which are only for the buyers.

            • @Bikram

              Mantr-connect is actually Harsha Sagar DISCONNECT

              Attempt to hijack any further discussions about Mantri projects and their pitfalls from this public forum.

    • I visited Mantri webcity today. I own a flat in Parcel-1. It’s official now that the project is delayed by “only” 8 months and new possession date is Sept-2014. No worries, you will get INR 3/sft /month delay payment.

      • 3 rs/sqft ..that is peanuts ? Builders should pay 18 % for the delay in handing over the apartment.

        When we delay they charge 18 % ..and when they delay it is only 3 rs/sqft ?

        • Hi Ram

          We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.

          Mantri Developers

      • My dear friend, we are already in Nov-2014 and you are talking about possession in Sep-2014. Come out of your dreams and see the world around you.

        • Com’on Mr.Ram.. it’s understood he meant 2015… Human Beings .. a huge margin of error is permissible boss…

          live & let live…

        • Thanks for pointing that out. I was indeed in my dreams and expecting that Mantri will give the possession by Jan-2015 or couple of months delay. New official possession date is Sept – 2015. (Correction)

  10. Visited Mantri webcity today for status check-point on Parcel-2.

    However very disappointed to see there is no activity going on, and it’s at the same state as it was 4 months back.

    I guess time to exit of the Project.

    • did u see any activity work at parcel 3?

    • Never invest in properties till there is a clarity on the real estate regulator..

      real estate players are going to struggle

      • Visted Mantri webcity site this weekend. Construction is in full speed. Not sure which site Hari has visited :)

        • Hi Jitendra, I guess you missed to see parcel-2 (Block-H) that I mentioned in my comment. The construction is going on for parcel-3, however NO activity on parcel-2 (Block-H) and it’s at the same state as 4 months back.

        • Hi Jitendra, I guess you missed to see parcel-2 (Block-H) that I mentioned in my comment. The construction is going on for parcel-3, however NO activity on parcel-2 (Block-H) and it’s at the same state as 4 months back.

          I am more worried about parcel-2 since that’s where is the H-block for my apartment is.
          (I din’t even look at parcel-3) ;)

          • @hari don’t mind but we expect complete information from member who post here????

            It should not for self information only!

            • @Yamini
              Didn’t get exactly what you mean by complete information??

              I am talking about the parcel-2 delay and expecting the inputs/thoughts from the members on further course of action which could help.

              If you are just confined to parcel-3 information then it seems you have a samller objective of just looking for the limited information on parcel-3, although Jitendra has already commented on parcel-3 info regarding construction in full swing which may be useful for you. If you want to hear it again,then I say “yes…it is true”…cheers!!!!

              I still need inputs/thoughts from members who have a booking on parcel-2 and if they would like to share the next steps due to delay on it.


              • @Yamini, ….however, rather than just waiting for information from would be great if you also could participate in sharing information rather than just receiving it…i hope you understand…cheers again for parcel-3 full-swing construction!!!

                • I wish i could not in india currently.
                  BTW your earlier comment was misleading! You said no construction activity at site whereas someone has updated that constructions are on full swing for P1 – P3

                  • Hi Yamini..its all from the builders itselft..just trying to inform that everything is alright. This place was bought by mantri few years ago for a a very cheap price..any price above 2500 rs/sqft is profit for the company..
                    it is going to take years to get completed..since it is not on the IT corridor getting rental may not be possible. buy only if you plan to live.

                    Also go thru the agreements by mantri before you sign..people can ask for some collateral of mantri property in case of delay in the project.

                    else wait for the real estate regulation bill which should come this year by the modi government..once it comes all projects will have to follow the same..better wait ..

                    there are close to million homes avialable for sale ..better beware

                  • This is what I commented on Oct-11 & It’s very specific on parcel-2. Misleading, oh really..?

                    “…..Visited Mantri webcity today for status check-point on Parcel-2. However very disappointed to see there is no activity going on, and it’s at the same state as it was 4 months back. I guess time to exit of the Project….”

                    Now, without going into any further probe on other parcels, my specific query is on parcel-2 (block-H), where even now no work is started. Any member having booked in parcel-2, can suggest further course of action.” Thx

                  • Thanks ramcharan for inputs.

                    The mistake has already been done in this case :-)

                    BTW i don’t think its wrong investment! Seriously’ in fact given the choice we would invest once again in this project if I am looking at north side of Bangalore!

                    I am not expert but very much sure on future appreciations this project!

                  • @yamini
                    hello i’ve recently booked in parcel 3 Q block just wanted to know in which block did you book? i’m in very confused state after reading many negative reviews about webcity.anyways hope its not a wrong investment as u think.

                  • @manju
                    V block 10th floor , opposite club house ????

            • @Yamini?

              I am talking about the parcel-2 delay and expecting the inputs/thoughts from the members on further course of action which could help.

              If you are just confined to parcel-3 information then it seems YOU may have a smaller objective of just looking for the limited information on parcel-3, although Jitendra has already commented on parcel-3 info regarding construction in full swing which may be useful for you. If you want to hear it again, I say “ is true”…cheers!!!!, ….however, rather than just waiting for information from would be great if you also could also participate in sharing your thoughts and information rather than just asking questions…that will be great…cheers again for parcel-3 full-swing construction!!!??

              I still need inputs/thoughts from members who have a booking on parcel-2 and if they would like to share the next steps due to delay on it.


              • Will there be any appreciation after some years? Recently I have seen an ad that Mantri Webcity is offering discounts on booking. What about the people already booked the flat?

                • Dear rajashekhar,

                  Do not worry about bought it so that you can live be happy..

                  the reason why it is available on discount is more investors wanted to make quick buck without there is not much happening on the revival

                  it is going to take atleast 7 years for market to come investors are trying to exit

                  • Hi Ram!
                    Thanks for your comments. I think it is basically the people who cannot keep the excess money (though it is hard earned) in the bank due to tax issues and others that has been exploited by builders. In spite of such exploitation, investors will have a gain over the years because around 2100 people are settling down in Bangaluru everyday out of 50,000 and odd visiting daily. That approximates roughly 700 to 800 families requiring new shelters every day in Bangalore (This is as per recent survey). Jai expanding Bangaluru!!

                    Please comment on this if I am wrong.


          • Hari,

            Please check this news and make sure webcity doesn’t have any such issues.


        • Thanks Jitendra for updating.
          SO no impact of litigation which was there from high court. could you specify which parcel they are constructing as parcel one anyways do not have any issue!

          Is it parcel two or three where you have seen the full swing activity?

    • I visited my falt at Webcity – Parcel 01.
      Good to see work in full swing exterior plaster work till 10th floor, inside flooring almost done.
      Branded material used.

      Other parcels they are working without blasting, but lot many workers (back after diwali vacation).

      For sure possession will not be in Q1 2015, Looks like Q2 2015.


    • Hi

      We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.

      Mantri Developers

  11. Below was the prelaunch price in the 20:80 scheme in september 2012 for Aura renamed as webcity for 3990/sqft. Those who availed this scheme then should be finishing the 24 months of payment from Mantri. what is the status of these apartments today and when do you guys think it will be ready for possession. You will be paying full EMI starting very shortly.

    Mail received from Mantri on 5th september 2012.

    Located on Hennur Main Road, Mantri Aura can be accessed from Outer Ring Road.
    Hennur Main Road joins BIAL towards the north and joins Bangalore city towards the south

    Total units: 426
    Type: 2 BR, 3 BR
    Sizes: 965 sq ft – 1305 sq ft
    38.5 Lacs – 52.8 Lacs
    3990 per SFT. [PRE-LAUNCH PRICE]

    Mantri Astra –5 kms
    Mantri Splendor -2.85 kms away
    Manyata Embassy Business Park -8 kms away
    South Asian Bible College is located 150 mts away
    Shri Vidya Nikethan School & College -2.10 kms away


  12. I can see lot of “investors” getting jittery now as some of them are not able to come to terms that this cloud connected trash is indeed a dud. My “biased” review of this project – (1) extremely expensive – pay above 1 CR for a location that is far from civilization and hope to find a fool who will do the same (2) not even a single joker/investor so far understood about the cloud connected trash, sales guy likewise. On probing the sales guy i was told that they will name their children play areas as facebook park, twitter park as this is web themed project and most of the guys who have purchased here spend lot of time on social media. i almost fell off my chair laughing. (3) mantri is not interested in selling it without pre-emi scheme (regular price is 5000 psft, in pre-emi price is 5500 psft). Essentially builder is taking all money from you upfront and then paying you back over a period of time. A number of fools are not even able to figure this out. (4) the pre-emi itself is eyewash. builder is not paying emi on your behalf directly to the bank. you pay your emi to the bank first and then the builder will pay you back after a month. (5) the pre-emi is only for 24 months, so even in case builder doesnt complete/give you possession in 24 months, he will stop reimbursing your pre-emi. And as i hear its already getting delayed.(6) recent issue of blasting that is in the court now.

    Its just the beginning. More pain is coming your way.

    • @sachin federer and san

      Dude get your facts right on webcity before posting old info .Possession for my apartment is mar 2017 so is my pre emi scheme not two years from 2012. For phase1 possession is early 2015 and likewise pre emi. In desert of hennur and thanisandra all A grade builders like mantri, sobha, brigade, salarpuria , bhartiya, nitesh, sriram etc are fooling and you only have wisdom. Difference in pre emi scheme which i paid for normal scheme is of rs 300 not of 500 which you inflated so i will be paying around 5 lakh more for my 3bhk and till 2017 i am getting back 23 lakh back as discount from mantri.

      This is theme based project like plh or sobha city which is only theme but i doubt you rejected plh as though it is disney theme but you were expecting disneyland in it and sobha city a mediterranean theme but no provision of providing citizenships of those countries

      • @Jo
        Dude, wake up, its already September 2014. Whatever facts i have put up are correct as of September 2014. Difference in prices for pre-emi and regular payment schedule are 500 Rs psft. And pre-emi scheme is also for 2 years. Call up Mantri Web City sales guys and confirm. I dont know what price you paid and what was the difference between regular and pre-emi prices whenever you booked. And dont try and portray a picture that there is no delay.

      • Received the below mail. 10% discount!!

        “We have following Scheme for this festive season :
        Scheme : 10-80-key scheme (Lithos and Webcity)

        1. 10% Payment for Booking and agreement

        2. 80% Payment as per the construction schedule (Customer can take loan or opt for self funding)

        3. 10% balance payment as a credit note (Discount to customer)

        Hurry up to make the most of this limited period scheme!”


        • Ha ha. That clearly shows the state of real-estate in Bangalore. Builders are offering all kinds of discounts (on the already hiked up prices) to fool investors. Investors are now-a-days smart enough to understand these offers and that is the reason, no new investors are putting any money in the real-estate. Already trapped investors are bleeding.

          • @Vinay

            >>>>Already trapped investors are bleeding.

            Very true Vinay. Bangalore real estate market was very healthy post 2008 recession. Investors were confident of making handsome returns, and they certainly made good money during the years that followed. In fact, looking at those returns, investors from all over the world thronged Bangalore RE market in droves.

            But … Alas ….excessive greed by builder’s cartel has taken it’s toll. Instead of maintaining a sustainable market for investors, they decided to kill “the golden goose” and extract all the “gold” at once. They have, in fact, executed the golden goose (read investors) with a HALAL CUT. The result is in front of us. Investors are down on the floor, bleeding profusely and no one to rescue them.

            My guess is, the “divine” ones (read, institutional investors) will somehow use their “divine” powers and be able to save themselves. But unfortunately, most of the “spring chicken” variety (read, retail investors) will BLEED to death.

            • So what is your recommendation for end users? To buy now or later? If later, when?

              If later, how far will the RE rates go down?

            • If all investors in this city are bleeding then why apartments prices are still sky high.
              Not a single investor is selling at low price ? or is it something that they are selling it to only you.

            • Manju – Do you even think before you write :) …Real estate investment in Bangalore didn’t beat inflation if you consider last 3-4 years as a whole. Bangalore is still at lower end in price/growth ratio. Real growth is yet to begin. Do some real investing/research then writing negative on these forums to misguide real buyers. Mantri webcity is one of the best project at current price and location.

              • Jitendra – Pls do not show your hard feelings on Manju..I second manjus thought..
                Real estate is going to crash..can u explain me why you are charging 5000 Rs/sqft/ .

                Please give me valid reasons.

                • Ram, manjushree….can I ask what data, evidence or real expert opinion suggests that RE is going to crash in Bangalore….honestly I hope it happens but don’t think its wise to live in hope and rather be practical.

                  • raj..the date is today..please look at the Times of India paper..
                    How many ads and discount..what it means ? You cannot hold the inventory for a long time assuming things will change drastically..

                    Builders needs money to run the business as well.. If the builder charges as per the carpet area then there is a possiblity of revival else only investors will have to invest and day dream..

                    I know that webcity land parcel was bought in 2008 i guess the price of the land is very cheap at that time..and do not understand why you want to charge 5k for the apartment

                    and you did not respond to my question..tell me some compelling reason why you are charging 5k for this project..

                  • Ram

                    Guess you are confusing me with someone else…im nit invested in this project and don’t think its worth 5k anyday.let alone today……i know what you are saying w.r.t discount which is anyway on inflated rates and isn’t something new…..from my perspective, have been watching the market for at least 5yrs…have never seen it crash n hence wondering what’s the compelling reason now….the pace at which launches are still happening doesn’t really indicate that either…

          • I was very interested to buy a 3 bhk property..everyone is asking for more than a crore..
            I currenlty live in a rental flat ..paying 25000 rs.I can buy a property for a crore..but considering the development in bangalore ..its not going to become a new-york or london in 5 years down the line..can they provide 24*7 water ..?

            I calculated to invest my EMI Say 75 thousand in Equity fund for another 10 years and earn minimum 15 % which will fetch me more than a crore..If i invest in the apartment i am not sure when i will get the apartment and unless the city develops there cannot be any appreciation in the apartment.

            I would suggest people to make some informed decision..before getting into realestate..Its a sinking ship..there are close to 1 million apartment unsold and not beware of this and take decison.

  13. Hi

    Mantri web-city H-Block/Parcel-2 plinth completion that was to be completed by Jun’end is already delayed to Oct’end i.e 4 months delay already, however even Oct’end is not on the papers and only verbal assurance.

    Is the project worth anymore? looking at the lax planning, attitude, indiscipline and no seriousness on the committed schedule.

    Any inputs?

    • Hi Hari,

      I was also interested in Webcity 3BHK and decided to go ahead for parcel 2 but sales guy was not interested to give proper details about UDI and other details and no care attitude. I dropped my plan and eventually booked in Salarpuria Aspire. During my last month visit to Webcity along with my friend who was looking for apartment in Hennur and had site visit ,realized NO CONSTRUCTION status for parcel2 from last 5-6 months and wondering how they are going to complete on time. I am glad that I missed opportunity in Webcity and booked in Aspire where construction going on at nice pace though launched much later to webcity.

      • Hi Ashish
        Thanks for the feedback.

        Dears, anyone who has booked the apartment in Parcel-2 and cannot afford such delay (now I am hearing the overall possession of Parcel-2 apartments would probably be delayed by one year to Mar’17).

        Now I am considering switching to 80:20 PNB scheme, else it would be difficult to pay the bank interest under construction linked plan for next 2.5 years.

        Can you please let me know if the payments from Mantri under 80:20 scheme are regular and without and delay. Will be helpful.

      • Pls also let me know by what date the amount is credited in the account. Is there any tax implications on this.

        Pls help elaborate, thx

        • After reading reviews on various websites and ignoring negative comments, recently visited webcity for inquiry. I was very much disappointed after seeing construction Status for parcel 1, 2, 3. I found hardly any work was going with minimal workers in parcel 1 and in parcel 3 few columns were laid and no work was started in parcel 2. Out of curiosity I asked why parcel 2 and parcel 3 no work is going currently they had no answers but they keep on telling that they will be handed on time and construction will start in full swing by next month and and parcel 1 is completely sold out and insisted me to book at 5k+ price in parcel 2 or 3 before they also get sold out. They think all people are fool and they can sell all apartments in pre emi scheme and get all amount from bank in advance and then no hurry to start work and can charge exorbitant price from customers who get trap in pre emi offers. Thankfully i read reviews on this project on various sites and comments and found from last one year they are not paying emi regularly and delaying for months and those who booked are also now worried for no progress from last one year and looking like not going to start for next 6-12 months also.

          • Hi,
            I am one of the owner of Mantri Web city.
            In short..I have got ALL my pre EMI payments, not even one pending now. (Some were delay of few weeks, but overall no prob).

            I inspected construction my self (Parcel 01), good material used and quality process.

            Biggest advantage is LOCATION…Bang on Hennur mail road. Area has good potential, all the well known builders jumping to this area. Double wide road all the way.

            I propose as good investment and even for residing…

            Good luck

            • If you are in the pre emi scheme your rate /sqft is INR 500 higher than that of the construction linked .They are just returning back that excess per sqft charges collected in advance back to you in 24 months

              If the work progress is good then you gain else you lose. remember the bank has paid the whole amount on behalf of you and your full EMI will start after 24 months even if the construction is not started or slow.


            • Hi Sure, can you pls share your contact number. thx

            • Suru,
              You are happy that your emi you receive on time but did you check if the handover is also on time i.e mar 2015. Soon you will realize when builder will stop paying you after your 2 year completion of scheme and still possession is not given and you have to pay complete emi to bank.
              Even in below you can find one posts of jayesh where he mentioned possession date of phase 2 and phase 3 as june 2016 which looks they committed to those who bought earlier in phase 2 and 3. But as per my knowledge it is revised to march 2017 so already they have delyed 9 months without start of work and quite possible it will delay by one more year as still no work started. So around 2 years delay is minimum which I can forsee from now.

              • Awesome. Thats good new for investors. At least the price is increasing. I have never seen a product where the price of the products keeps increasing without the product being produced. rejoice investors. may the price soon touch 10K and it gets delivered after 10 years !

                • This is a new kind of project where mantri will not start construction until all apatments are not booked so that builder will not have a single rupee loss although those who bought bear heavy loses. God save them.

              • Deccan Herald_20-Sep-14:

                Assess damage caused by builder: HC
                Bangalore, Sep 19, 2014, DHNS:

                The High Court on Friday directed the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to assess the damage caused to residents of Narageshwara Nagenhalli, off Hennur Main Road, where Mantri Developers is coming up with its mega project ‘Mantri Web City.’

                Hearing a petition by the residents of Narageshwara Nagenhalli, a division bench comprising Chief Justice D H Waghela and Justice Ashok B Hinchigeri directed the BBMP to submit a report within a week. The petitioners had moved the High Court stating the realty firm was resorting to excessive use of explosives damaging the residential structures in the vicinity.

                The petitioners claimed the developers, in the process of removing the solid soil rock bed on the project site, were altering the area’s landscape. “They are using explosives to blast rocks.This is damaging the properties of the people who have constructed their houses with great difficulty. This is also causing noise and air pollution.

                The pollution is so severe that many have been admitted to hospital due to various ailments,” Mary Susheela, counsel for the petitioners submitted.

              • Indian Express_20-Sep-14:

                Report on Mantri Project Sought By Express News Service
                Published: 20th September 2014 06:18 AM

                BANGALORE: The High Court on Friday asked BBMP to assess damage caused to residents of Nagareshwara Nagenahalli due to construction of Mantri Webcity.

                The residents had approached the court alleging that blasting works carried out by the builder were damaging residential structures in the locality. Their petition states that the 24 acres of the project area is rockbed and in the process of removing the rocks, the developers were causing noise pollution as well as altering the landscape.

                They urged the court to direct the BBMP and the developer to assess the project’s impact on the environment and sought restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks. A division bench comprising Chief Justice D H Waghela and Justice Ashok B Hinchigeri directed the BBMP to submit a report within a week.

                • If the news indeed true than what are the plan of action of Mantri???
                  I have invested in this property in May 2013 and already seeing delay for over a year with this litigation it will delay further more!

                  I know mantri dev follow this group.. hey Mantri webcity whats up????
                  Would you bother to update over 200 people who have booked their flat in your this project?I know you are reading it! show courage and reply us here!

                  Do we have Google closed group for this project?

                  • I have checked with mantri people on this issue they replied me back that work is going on but they are not doing rock blasting but some other way they are doing. Infact I visited site last weekend and found foundation going on for parcel two and rock removals for three and saw boards of Tata constructionon site so it looks like now work is actually started at full speed.

                  • This news is indeed true.

                    Mantri Webcity sits on rock bed, which needs to be cleared before starting the foundation work.

                    Full report by Indian Express at:


                    There is already a stay order issued by the court. This project is going to leave “investors” BLEEDING for quite some time …

                  • @Manjushree : From last few days you are selectively posting and filtering negative news about bangalore realty. You are just giving links of negative news but at the same time there are many articles about healthy blore market in comparison to rest.
                    Here also you are trying to modify facts. Agreed that neighbors of webcity filed petition on impacts of rock blasting on their house. But no where in the news mentioned that stay order has issued by high court. It is only mentioning that petitioners requested that blasting related activities should be stopped. Even petitioner did not requested for stop complete construction activity. For which Court has asked BBMP to assess the damage caused to residents. Don’t distort the facts as per your convenience. First go and check by yourself before writing anything and don’t manipulate news.

                  • There were some agents/channel partners of Mantri Web City on these forums. why they are silent now? I remember one such agent/broker who was even promoting web city on other forums (PLH, RoW and few more). Looks like even he has gone into hiding. High Court Order, huge delays, insane pricing. Good luck investors ! But worry not, even if the project is not getting completed in 10 years, the prices are increasing. Imagine the price that you can quote after 10-15 years when all these issues are settled and apartments are nearing completion. who knows by that time hennur road may become sunset boulevard (at least the quoted price of the apartments will be similar :P )

                  • Manjushree , lol I would not be surprised if next time you will write that high court has asked to demolish all projects of mantri and in support you will add some depressing anlysis which keep your depression high..

                  • Sachin_federer, finished reading arguments of that person and others with you on this thread and I must say you were thrashed badly by him and others because of which you went into hibernation for six months and after knowing news of delay you came back as frogs come out in rains as opportunistic. Anyway did you given your precious opportunity to any project or waiting for next 10 years to finalize so that you can settle their after 20 years.

                  • @Manipulated Info

                    I am sorry, if the reports I cite hurt you. My intentions have never been to hurt someone with my posts.

                    I am just trying to hold a mirror in front of Bangalore RE investors to see the reality for themselves and take an informed decision. Builders should not be pulling the wool over their eyes. I will be more than happy if they gain.

                    However, you must have noticed by now, I don’t MANUFACTURE those reports; they are out there for everyone to see. And in addition to my comments, I ALWAYS make sure to post the direct links to those reports, so that investors can verify the FACTS for themselves and assess my comments in proper light.

                    If you have reports on the healthy state of Bangalore real estate, you are free to post them on the forum. No one stops you, dear Manipulated_Info. Investors are actually dying to see them for a long time.

                    About Webcity: Quote from the news report at:


                    >>>> Their petition states that the 24 acres of the project area is rockbed ….

                    >>>> They ….. sought restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks.

                    What do you make out of that? Is the builder allowed to blast the rocks till the final court order comes in? Is this not a stay? Can foundation be laid without removing the rock bed? How much penalty the builder has to pay for the ecological damage that’s been already done so far? Who will ACTUALLY pay for it? And how much?

                    As I understand, you are more informed about the ongoing. Please update us; it will be helpful, especially to those awestruck investors in this particular project.

                    I will be grateful for your updates and happy to be wrong.

                  • Manjushree :

                    Again you are distorting statements from the news. Its actually stating

                    “They urged the court to direct the BBMP and the developer to assess the project’s impact on the environment and sought restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks”

                    which means Petitioner requested to Court to direct Builder to restrict (which does not stop) blasting related activities.

                    But your version stating

                    “>>>> They ….. sought restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks.”

                    which gives indication court has given direction to stop activities which is different from news.

                    How much will be penalty ?Let the court to decide instead of giving own version on this.

                    Rock Bed needs to be removed.There will be many places in bengaluru where rock is beneath and some or other way foundation is done.

                    Phase 1 will be completed by by 2015.( You can visit or check webcity official website for status)

                    For other parcels please check post from Jo which states :-

                    “I have checked with mantri people on this issue they replied me back that work is going on but they are not doing rock blasting but some other way they are doing. Infact I visited site last weekend and found foundation going on for parcel two and rock removals for three and saw boards of Tata constructionon site so it looks like now work is actually started at full speed.”

                  • AaaHa…got it!!

                    restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks, of an under construction project, where even some of the foundation is not laid,

                    is different from

                    direction to stop activities

                    Probably, you are referring to SALEs, which can continue as usual, as it does not cause any ecological damage ….

                  • @Manjushree : Complete statement is

                    “They urged the court to direct the BBMP and the developer to assess the project’s impact on the environment and sought restrictions on further construction activities including blasting of rocks ”

                    which no where means court ordered stay on construction activity but only a request from petitioners to court to stop construction activities related to blast

                    but you are only bothered about a part of statement i.e.”sought restrictions on further construction activities” which is according to your nature and you are adding you are version of story in it.

                  • Folks

                    personally visited the site and could see construction was on full swing

                    guys don’t believe on people like MJSRE or SD they are here to just spread the negatives. I have my flat in V1204 mantri webcity.
                    These guys can only dream in their life to owe project like this that’s why they spread rumors

                    Rumors spreaders please have life! don’t scare people with your comments! I know you pervert will not understand this as you have not invested and will never be able to invest. Its fact!

                    Guys relax!
                    BTW mantri has not paid any thing to me to write positive! I have invested in their project and they will finish it by 2016! These rumor spreaders will see that!

                  • Raj sharma,

                    It will be height of foolishness if still somebody even as invester is interested in in webcity after knowing about delay, high court case issue etc.

          • i too visited the site looks the are trying to get the money and run careful do not invest in mantri or in any real estate

          • They don’t pay pre-EMI to bank on time, construction not going as per schedule. Aren’t they supposed to buy back your apartment at 120% of the purchase amount?

            ASSURED return, double your money in 3 years is their logo….

            How low can Mantri builders stoop to milk those gullible “investors”?

            • Most builders in India cheat the gullible . banks are also involved in such scams. How the hell will bank pay all the amount including bwssb, bescom , maintenenace fees upfront to the builder even before the foundation work is started. God save the people . Most banks including PSU’s needs to be investigated.

    • The structure in phase 1 is complete so even in the construction linked plan you would be paying full emi. Do the maths – so far owners have benefitted from the pre emi scheme as they have not had to pay any interest till now.

    • Hi

      We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.

      Mantri Developers

  14. From Deccan Herald: For the residents of the two blocks comprising about 400 flats at Mantri Tranquil Apartments in Gubbalala near Uttarahalli, it is tranquility lost for the last ten days as the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) has cut the power supply. The Bescom initiated the action following a letter from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) stating that Block-C and Block-D of Mantri Tranquil have encroached upon the natural canal, known as Rajakaluve in Kannada.Read here

    • Did SBI approve the loan on Mantri Tranquil Project.

    • My sincere suggestion to all buyers..please insist that builders mention clearly in the agreement that they will provide Occupancy Certificate (OC) and add appropriate penalty clause including full money back if delay is beyond a particular point. OC seems to be a good mechanism to ensure that buyer is protected in case builders take any major deviations or does any encroachments. If a buyer is not insisting and is proceeding without an OC in agreement, one can fairly assume that buyer is either ignorant or too desperate and is willing to take risk. In such case, one may not get relief even legally. Pls study Campa Cola case, Mumbai and learn. News of alleged encroachment/deviations in newspapers even from big builders show that buyers may suffer even with big builders. OC responsibility on builders might protect the buyers in such cases.

  15. Hi All, I have a specific query on Mantri Webcity UDS. I have heard multiple versions regarding UDS:

    1. Because Phase 2 design is not ready, it will be mentioned specifically in sale agreement and exact UDS will be given only at the time of delivery.

    2. One of my friend who has purchased in web city updated me that UDS will be constituted only of Plinth area and Common are, not common amenity area

    3. The UDS will be approx. 30% of salable area (say, 30% of 1450 sq feet for a 1450 sq feet 3 bhk flat).

    I had a discussion with one of Mantri sales guys. Updates are:

    1. As per him, in all previous Mantri projects, UDS has been calculated on the basis of only plinth and common area

    2. This is common with all Mantri phase wise projects.

    He has not yet replied to following questions of mine and has told to come back with right answers :

    1. UDS % of some of the previous Mantri projects, specially, if there was a phase wise project
    2. Confirmation that there is no difference in UDS calculation approach though it will be done in future.

    Now, my question to all you guys:

    1. What is the general method of UDS calculation ? Does no one include amenity area while calculating UDS and its only plinth+common area divided by flat sqfeet area?

    2. What is approx range for UDS (like for carpet area , its 65-78%) ?

    3. Any one know approx range of UDS for manrti?

    4. Is it with all builders who execute phase wise project project that they do not disclose UDS till all phases are executed?

    5. Whats the general trend with multiple phase projects on UDS handling?
    6. How much UDS is important from buyer’s perspective (like during redevelopment)?

    7. If some of you who own a flat can enlighten on % of UDS u hold compared to your flat size?

    Note : I am neither an agent nor a doomsayer for webcity project. So, all those who want to guide me on how good or how bad this project is , please refrain from replying specifically to me.

  16. Please dont get fooled. I had booked an apartment K-306 , tehy gave a detailed finacial plan. I paid 1 lakh and later they said the plan was different and I opted out. till now they have not reapid that amount. Imagine after three years saying they will pay 100% more on Initial deposit.

    mantri has bad reputation when it comes to dealings. Be acreful friends take everything in writing before you make payments.

    • Dear Abraham

      We totally understand how disappointing it is when expectations are not met. But this is definitely not what Mantri Developers stands for. Our customers satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
      We request you to send in your details to us at and we will look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest.
      Give us a chance and let us prove to you that Mantri is a name you can surely trust.

      Mantri Developers

    • I really don’t understand when you say that mantri has a bad reputation when it comes to dealings! How many deals have you had? How many people have told you so? You see, from my one single deal and many of my friends who have had dealings with Mantri I can say that I have not had any major problems. I have always been addressed to properly and also my minor issues. Please don’t create doubt and panic in genuine buyers, go to Mantri and sort out your issues as they have asked you to.

      • Hi,
        I agree to the fact that don’t take ONE DEAL OF YOURS and generalize that MANTRI has bad reputation.
        I have been dealing with Mantri reference to Web city project (Which i booked after going around Bhartiya/ Shoba and many others). My Personal experience with Mantri is very good.
        People at site including manager (I don’t hesitate to praise him Mr. Muali) are good to deal with. More over i an in the scheme of 80:20 (Except few months, which was delay of some days) all the interest payments to owner are fairly on time.

        My personal views…only

        Good luck in your home search

        Br/ Surender

        • i also spoke with mantri..and not happy the way they told me..They will not pay any penalty for the delay and agreement will be one sided only.

          The first block do not have enough exit think before you book

          • Hi

            We understand your disappointment and regret the inconvenience. To help resolve your concerns faster and provide you a better experience, we request you to submit your concern on our newly launched platform, Mantri Connect and we will get back to you at the earliest. Below is the link for the same.


            Mantri Developers

      • How many deals peopel have does not matter, I had a single deal and it was bad. For those who had good experience please carry on. This is just a warning to people not to get fooled the way I had. One does not have to get fooled many times to arrive at an opinion like this. Till date my money is not refunded.

  17. Hello Market Experts,

    Today I visited the project Mantri Webcity and on the first appearance I think that it is a well planned project. I liked all the tech and security features but I am looking to purchase purely from residential purpose and NOT from investment. I have shortlisted 1445 and 1740 3BHK apartments in R block in Parcel 3.

    The on-spot rate they have started is 4990 and during the initial discussion he came down to 4690 ( giving a discount of 300/sqft) plus floor rise charges. Possession quoted for this R block is August 2016.

    The Pre-EMI schedule is closed and I am considering it to buy in 10-80-10 scheme.

    My question to all the market experts and existing buyer is -

    1) Is it worth to spend on this project @ 4690/sqft rate?
    2) If the project is good, what is the best rate I should negotiate for?
    3) What are the future prospects for area development in terms of public transport, water etc

    Looking forward for your comments and valuable advise so that I can take the right decision.

    Thanks in advance


    • I would suggest to wait for another 6 months..nothing is going to get changed. Since the new government has taken place..there is a higher chances of Real Estate regulator coming in place..
      dont believe the promises made by the builders..i can say all builders will let people to knock the
      court..they have all one sided agreement…they sell the car parking space and there is no possession date gaurantee..

      So wait once RER comes in place.. i am sure there will be only few players who are big..the prices are not going to rising 30-40% annually..better wait and watch.

    • Had a look at the project and went to see the site, the location of R block is good. as you are looking for residence please do watch the distance that you would have to travel to the main raid

      1) Is it worth to spend on this project @ 4690/sqft rate?
      the project is opening up on the main road and the way this area has come, looks to be a good price.

      2) If the project is good, what is the best rate I should negotiate for?

      The project is good as compared to other projects in that area, but do look at few of the projects details which looks to be the grey areas, the marketing is telling in a sugar coated way

      a. the project has a couple of drains passing through it (whether they are storm water drains is not clear)
      b. the inner road connecting the project to hennur road looks to be public road

      some people might take the above in negative some in positive but it’s always good to know before going for it

      c. amenities as they are going to sprung across the project with roads criss-crossing it. as you are looking for R block it is probably the best location within this project to buy in

      3) What are the future prospects for area development in terms of public transport, water etc

      Public transport is going to be good, as told in point 2 above the inner road might turn out to be public road, water it’s seems like has come at the outer ring road junction only. doesn’t know about borewells

      other things please check with the marketing before buying- didn’t got clear answer
      a. UDS – that they are going to offer, as this project is residential + commercial project
      b. construction of blocks is at snail pace – though they have been developing the main entrance and roads at good speed

      marketing is not clear of grey areas so please do seek for the answers before buying and update us too

      • Yesterday personally visited Poorvankara Hannur project along with Sobha city, RAGA, Nikoo home and Mantri webcity!

        Let me tell you all considering the location advantage, price aspect along with WOW factors no one can beat Mantri webcity

        Being an investor I liked this project and now I am going to book a Flat in V block 1445 3BHK at 4690 base price


    • Hi Gaurav,

      Did you book R Block flat.


    • did u book?

  18. Hey,
    I am planning to buy an apartment in Webcity in pre-EMI and assured return scheme. Wanted to know from existing buyers about their experience.
    What are the documents provided by Mantri for the scheme?

    • Hi Sid,
      Experience of buying totally depends on the sales rep who you get to deal with. He/she can make your experience a pleasant one/nightmare. They are your only window to Mantri. In my experience after dealing with a few of them there are some ok ones and some terrible ones for this project. It’s absolutely vital that the sales rep responds to your questions quickly because you definitely will ask a lot of questions in the process.
      You can get in touch with me on
      Best of luck.

    • I have booked apartment in webcity under pre emi scheme last year. I agree that they have delayed to pay pre emi intetest for around month but never came across situation that they denied to pay at all.

      • @josh: just the beginning. They are yet to fool enough people to purchase this cloud connected trash (which in itself is an enigma as nobody knows what it is) . Once they have a substantial mass of fools then they will do the same. Would love to see the reaction when that comes. Amen !

        • @sahin, this is what shows ur thoughts. U r just a pessimistic person and want to always hear about negativity . When i have taken a house i have done all the analysis and i am confident to have invested in a good ptoject and good location . Only thing i can say is u need to wait n watch the area grow into a place which wud become anothr jp nagar or indranagar n evn better than those as thr r no it sector there unlike hebbal/yelahanka. Then prices wud b unaffordable. N i have understood one point that u alwys say crap or thrash for cloud service n all. If i explain wat is the use of all that, definitely u wud bring up a negative theory there as well. So if u r genuiely interested to know, get the brochure n read. I have also not taken contract to spoon feed u. I dont think there is ny place in world which can satisfy us if we r just bothered about negativity. We should try looking for a place which best suits our interest n limits. Then wecsurely can get a good deal or otherwise we need to continue complaining of al things in world n never get anything out of it.

          I know u wil again reply on this with some points of ur own which wud nt lead anyone to anywhr. I tell to all tht its un necessary to write to u as u can find one or the other thing n argue on it. Better people shud not reply unless u improve to hav a healthy conversation instead of blaming people who express their views. A fool can ask more questions than a wise can answer. So i wud better nt answwr u n waste my time. I m not bothered to please u or prove to u.

          P.S. when u can call people who discuss their views as morons, it gives us the right to call u fool as you dont have any respect to other people which is all the more essential in today’s world of globalisation where integrity n respect to indivifual r a key forbetter world which ofcourse begin at forums/societies. Good bye!

          • Good Shot at sachin_federer.. he just goes around shooting his you know what, off. Totally negative. Needs help. At the most he will finally get only a 6*3, seeing he says Amen. Your Amen too ( since this is in Karnataka and kannada is the language), s_f.

          • @josh : wow. joke of the decade. Hennur Road/Thanisandra Road becoming better than Indira Nagar. hilarious. and you crib when people call you moron !

        • Hello Dude/Sir/Uncle/Man, whatever you are?

          I see that on almost every project, you have one or the other NEGATIVE review.
          On PLH review, I was trying to understand your thought process.

          Seems like you are troubled by the state of Real estate altogether and have cumulated an animosity towards all builders.

          Whenever I make my mind positive for a project, I see a sachin_federer complaining about it. I am frustrated.

          I am requesting you therefore, to please reveal where have you have invested. I will close my eyes and invest there.

          Or at least suggest me a good project for investment returns.

          My budget for a 2 BHK flat, at least 1200 sq ft area, is 75 Lacs – for a top builder.


          And PS: Real estate will evolve the way it wants to, irrespective of whether its wrong or unjust, or demand more than supply, or how you feel about it.

          I was in Mumbai for 20+ yrs, so I have seen people getting disturbed by unjust behavior of builders. But it became what it is.

          • @Om : so your life in Mumbai has mentally scarred you. go and see a psychiatrist. you need medical help my friend if reading a negative review frustrates you !

            • Hmm. Its not “a” negative review. Its “the negative reviews” you have been posting everywhere.

              And I asked you a positive suggestion at the end, but you could only see the intended negativity in my comment, lol, which was obvious.

              • @om shankar, josh and others who are unable to digest negative comments from sachin_federer; why are you so pissed off when you see negative comments?
                You are also saying that all are equally junk projects and builders and hence you are investing in the best of the bad ones; all the best to you guys! But agree that whatever sachin_federer saying is true; that all projects are negatives these days.
                Mumbai has land scarcity and hence the prices have zoomed; don’t bring Bangalore into same basket. Use some sense and search for information before falling for these builders’ reasonings.

                • Everyone’s pissed off because sachin is negative on every builder.
                  That’s why I have asked him to suggest a few projects which he thinks is better.

                  Most are already aware of the fact Mumbai/Bangalore space thing. But if a person wants to live in Bangalore, and wants to invest in a project, this sachin throws a bomb immediately on that road.

                  People already know that there are some probs with each builder. Top builders like Sobha, Prestige, also have some prob.

                  So what? I want to live in Bangalore. I will pay money for that.

                  Sachin says he is trying to save hard-earned money of ours to go into wrong projects.
                  What is the right project then?

                  Where has he invested, or is living?

                  • @Om : you speak about yourself and dont pretend to be people’s representative. Its a forum and not a political rally. For “everyone” that you claim to be pissed, there are more people who are thankful. Read the forum. Yes its in English.
                    Senseless to compare Mumbai and Bangalore as far as RE is concerned. Mumbai – space is an issue as its surrounded by water. Bangalore – no such issues. An Airport created 40Kms away from city center and bingo- a huge land bank became available. Extend the city beyond Hoskote and you have another huge area to develop.
                    And please dont spread lies – i never said I am trying to save people’s hard earned money. not my job. you want to throw your money in gutter please do that by all means. I have no interest in saving your money. thanks and dont respond back as i can clearly see you are an ignorant tool who cant even read a forum properly !

                  • “Senseless to compare Mumbai and Bangalore as far as RE is concerned. Mumbai – space is an issue as its surrounded by water. Bangalore – no such issues. ”

                    Absurd Logic Sachin. Like to hear your reasoning for Delhi’s RE prices?

                  • I can continue argueing with another absurd logic – with global warming, 25 to 50n years down the line, mumbai and chennai will be under the water. so shouldn’t investors be flying out of these cities making the RE dead cheap sooner if not today?

                  • @sachin_federer: I am not ignorant and I clearly know the difference between Blr, and Mumbai. So do not change the topic (if at all you understood it)

                    The topic at hand is 2-fold.

                    1. There is huge fire at your back, for the state of RE in Bangalore. Please try to extinguish it.
                    Since you cannot change how the state of RE is, or is going to be, at least do not spread fumes of your ruckus.

                    2. People are, if not super intelligent like you, at least sensible to know that every builder has a problem or two. Instead of pointing out that, you can suggest a good project. One guy even wanted you to spoon feed him.

                    Everyone reads -ve comments, and no one is pissed off. But it is frustrating to see a guy commenting only -ves on every property. Such people have a word for them – Cynic.

                    And yes, I clearly remember you giving the excuse that you are trying to save the hard earned money of people, when you were screwed on another post by people who were frustrated by ur arse-fumes.

                    So not lying.

                    And admin, please approve my comment, as sachin is using harsher words, yet getting his comments immediately. Let him taste his own medicine.

      • Hi Josh,
        Could you please let me know if your payments are on time now… You had mentioned that you had issues(delays). Have they been sorted out?

      • Hi josh
        I want to know about your interest payments back from builder. Are you getting payments fine. Woukd u recommend this scheme. Do u mknd sharing ur number.

      • need to discuss on EMI, ps share your number..

    • I have bought under pre-emi scheme – tower B. Mantri has been delaying pre-emi payouts for the past 6 months. Luckly they have paid all the emi-pay outs so far. However considering that 9 more payouts pending – its making me a little nervous :-( (approx 4.5 lakhs!)

      • Hi Me,
        Please do let me know if u r getting your payment regularly or not?
        I am in the process of purchasing an apartment there.

  19. Hi, I am looking to book a flat at Mantri Webcity. heard that there is a price escalation clause in the agreement. Has anyone looked at this. Comments pls

    • @ssunny : could you please provide some more details about this clause? Could some of you guys who have purchased in web city share some details for the benefit of all of us?

    • @ssunny,

      I hv booked in webcity and read entire agreement but could not find any such clause. Please let me know from where you heard of this and clause number.

  20. This is about the ongoing verbal spat between sachin and others.I don’t find much to complain about in this exchange because all are right in a way.I will use an analogy used by some one here.
    Looking at girls and saying pretty is different from looking at them with a view to marrying.
    When you just look everyone looks pretty in a way but if you think of marrying you begin looking in a different in a way and begin to weigh.
    So for investors most properties are good but for end-users it is a different thing.Those who neglect the glaring problems are only looking to exit after making some decent profit.Such people oppose any negative comment.
    I have nothing against investors or builders because it is their profession and they keep the market alive to some extent.The only grouse is against the builders making 200% profit or short-changing the innocent buyers.Why can’t they be satisfied with 100% profit ?

    • My only question which is evaded by Sachin is to name the projects he found it to be good. If he wants to truly help end user, he must name at least couple of good projects across various categories (budget, mid-segment, high-end) based on his experience. He cant evade by saying i cannot spoon feed you…. if he cannot spoon feed the good projects, why is he spoon feeding bad projects…a clever end user can will find that too by himself. AFAIK, he has almost criticized all A grade builders. If not project, at least let him name one A grade builder whom he find to be genuine and honest. At least let me say “I dont see any A grade builder to be genuine and honest” and stop there till he find one.

      • @ kayaar,

        I have always found you participating in healthy manner on this blog and I dont think you require any spoon feed. Infact nobody require any spoon feed either its good or bad in taste. But if still you are asking for some one opinion when actually you can take your own decision it shows your courtesy.

        I am not sure what good work one should keep continue as your friend when was getting his own medicine from last few days, he replied to one something ,’ for my single negative comment ppl become defensive n persnnl ‘ and for other he replied, ‘don’t know me personally’.Is it not same applicable to him when he called me agent when he dont know me personally and when I never replied to his posts until not addressed to me.

        Secondly I bought apt for self use and want it to appreciate its price to which can prove my decision is correct but that will not make some one investor. I think most who read and comment on this kind of blog also belong to same category. Actual investors who buy here and there, buy n sell today n tomorrow may not be bothered about these sites n comments. And marriage girl example can be concluded in many ways its up to you which way you want.

      • @kaayar : how am i spoon feeding bad projects? do us a favour – pick up a dictionary and check the meaning of word “spoon feed”.

      • @s_f: Since December 2013 u have been negative and not just on Webcirty but on other projects too. At least we have bought a flat here, and when I was browsing on other projects…u cropped up with your same negativity. Why don’t you buy a flat and stop crapping or leave others to their fate. You think you are a great do gooder? by giving your misguided opinions…your hatred of those who can afford to buy is coming through in waves.. Get Help. See a psychiatrist or analyst.

    • Any sensible person will find out who is misleading people here be it end users or investors. I have bought a 2BHK in H Block and i am definitely a end user and i found the project to be a very good value compared to most of the other projects in Hennur and most of the projects in Thanisandra in 4000-5000Rs per sq ft range.
      1.The Parcel 1 is well on track with 10th floor slab already being laid down for all 5 blocks and Parcel 2 is also progressing well.So that is good thing.
      2. Block P has also opened up for booking which was not the case a month back so project is selling at a decent pace.
      3. Value has appreciated by 100 from February to March , so that should keep investors happy.

    • Moreover if something is negative then its always negative and you should only debate on whether its negative or not.There is no point in asking where do you find some thing positive..From a buyer perspective i always wanted to get to know the negative points, since all the positive points are there in the brochure already..@Sachin: Keep up your good work

      • @sarveshwar,

        Not only negative…Positive in broucher also can be debated if that is true or both negative n positive are speculated.. all broucher shows positively about project with lush green surroundings but at the same time if someone commenting negative with no background on that project also not make sense.

      • @sarvesh : thanks buddy. people with vested interests are worried. when you point out the obvious negative facts these kind of people cant take it and become all the more jittery. The only way then they can respond it by being personal or asking another question in return. For example : Initially Mantri positioned this project as hi-tech by providing cloud services etc. I even asked Mantri sales guys (and even here on this forum) as to what am i going to get with the cloud connectivity? how is it going to benefit me as a user? I never got an answer. And typical response was “tell me who else is providing you cloud connectivity”. Now most of the morons dont even know what exactly Mantri means by cloud connectivity, i even can say with 100% confidence that even Mantri sales guys dont know. So it was just the marketing gimmick. And when that cloud connected trash did not sell, they came up with some other gimmick to con people – 100% return. My basic argument still is that for a project that is far off from every possible place of interest in Bangalore, with obvious water shortage and no proper public transport to speak of – the price being asked in the name of cloud, mantri brand etc is way too high. Rather than discussing that, people here typically respond by saying – then please tell me something that is cheaper. And yes i repeat again (whether guys like BR and Kaayar like it or not) its not my job to spoon feed you and give you a list of projects. Go and search for yourself.

        • @Sachin: you are not getting one point that Tier A apartment prices have gone up. 5000 rate with good payment plan is cheap, if this project is on main ring road then same would cost minimum 10-15% high and that too without any 80:20 plan. This is the reason you are also not getting any project.

          you think people are not searching for other good cheap projects and booking here b/c mantri is providing cloud facility ?

          People are interested b/c this project is good (if not best ). if your budget is 3500 – 4000 then 5000 would definitely look costly.

        • @sachin_federer: U hv raised many concerns over this project but hv u really visited hennur or thanisandra road? From ur analysis its not look like .Wanted to enlight ur some concenrs:-
          1) Now most of the morons dont even know what exactly Mantri means by cloud connectivity :-
          Most buyers (not morons) are not worried about cloud computing. If they give its fine otw there are many other basic ameneties.
          2)obvious water shortage – Water supply problem is same in many parts of bangalore, exceptions south bangalore and some part of central bangalore. But undergroung water table and then tankers can be used till bwssb supply starts.
          3)no proper public transport to speak of :- Below public transport available with good frequency
          G-11 – MG Road to Henur Road
          293 K, 293 J, 293 l, 293-M – KR Market to hennur road
          292-D shivaji Nagar to Hennur Road
          4) far off from every possible place of interest in Bangalore :- Elements mall on thanisandra road will start in a month or two is 5.6 Kms ,Esteem Mall on Hebbal is 6.5 kms,MG Road mall are 10-15 kms. This Project itself will be having commercial space in future extension and Bhartiya city commercial on PRR construction started. IT parks like Manyata, Kirloaskar is nearby and consturction for Karle Town, BCIT , Hinduja others started
          5)the price being asked in the name of cloud, mantri brand etc is way too high :- When you say price is too high then you are comparing with other project and that only Kayaar is asking from you.
          One can get 2bhk in 60-70 lakhs and pre emi will futher reduce total cost.

          I hope you reply on these data points with valid answers not hypothetical.

          • Super Buddy…Buying a apartment in web city and not bothered about cloud services but ready to pay the money for that!!!!..everyone knows about bus routes and bwssb water supply etc..One buying an apartment in web based project and not worried on what it offers to you…great

            • @Sarvesh : spare him buddy, he is also one of those who couldn’t figure out (exactly as I had mentioned in my post). :)

            • @Sarvesh,Super duper buddy, i have also purchased flat in web city for end use. And i am neither worried nor bothered about cloud services they promised to give. Because i dont have any doubt over it that mantri will not give this. Rather i feel it joke when u or sachin; as he mentioned in other posts; say its mantri is promising cloud computing as joke as being in IT hub of world , bangalore, and doubt that this isnt possible for mantri, i feel you people need to rethink as whole world would not doubt over this. When you wer in countries like US would doubt over it? Then why in bangalore? ?Introducing such a nice concept in everyday life by Mantri is appreciable. So do not simply criticize just for the point to spread negativity. I wonder in which era people are living when they say its crap project. Cloud services are not something un realisable… every small companies in Uk or Us use it and when something like this comes up in India, people say it crap !! I think i am very happy being part of webcity which has introduced technology in common peoples’ lives. Its unique concept to make evry1 lvng here previous n new generation to get introduced to technologies which r used world wide. I am surprised how people criticize this new trend. I really tell to people we should not under estimate talent in cloud services indian cities that too bangalore :) Congrats to Mantri for starting this trend!!

              Its seems u r bothered about hypothetical negative theories . First u appreciate who claim themselved reality expert n dont know buses , water, etc in the area. At the same time if people answer for the same questions, u say anybody can provide it. I dont understand when u r nt interested to buy any apartmnt, y u r commenting every now n then on this thread n trying to spread negativity n ur false concerns. When anyine buys, they can decide what is best for them. Harsha sagar is platform where people can exchange their thougths. Unlike u people who try to force
              Their views on people.

              • @josh aka enduser : you are again one of those who couldnt understand what mantri is providing in the name of cloud services and its obvious from your long and meaningless mumbo jumbo. you have visited upto UK and US and companies in those countries in your post but still couldnt answer the basic questions that i have been asking – what is the natures of these cloud services? What are the use cases? How is an end user or investor going to benefit from them?

                • I can help you guys,,

                  Elevator media – Sharing information on clubhouse activities, news, and other important info 24/7.

                  Robotics/cloud computing/nano technology – Lot of schools in bangalore dont conduct such programs at school level -so this is conducted in house for knowledge sharing. kind of guest lectures from various organisations.. (If any one interested for more high end knowlge enhancement there is a vendor who can assist you)

                  They have few web themed museums that consist of sculptors, Web wall (than mentions all the companies like facebook,google etc how they contributed and changed our social life)

                  Music wall is something like kiosks that will have either motion sensored or wallmounted kiosks for music lovers are clubhouse – Interactive

                  Also they provide free wi-fi hotspots

                  Basically they have made a webthemed promoting social life in the project – Feel unique and good initiative.

              • @ Josh..Could you read my post again..Have i challenged/criticized the capabilities of cloud services or the capability of Mantri to implement the same.Its common sense to explore before you invest on some thing and that’s what i meant..It would be useful for the readers to give some useful input on what Mantri offers as part of cloud services in webcity rather than giving lengthy stories that would not make much sense in this blog

          • @Enduser : Wow what a location. Just 6.5 KM away from the crappiest mall in Bangalore ! nobody in their sane mind would go to Esteem Mall. And in the name of IT park the best you could come up with Kirloskar? Do you even know how many companies are there in that IT park and how many people work there. Such tiny winy IT parks are scattered all across the Bangalore and may possibly outnumber the dogs in the city. btw, that is also easily 5-6 KMs away. And please dont even mention bhartiya city etc as they are yet to come up. So basically after tying such a long post you couldnt come up with any proper place of interest in the vicinity of Web City and thats what I have also been saying. Compare it with projects like East Point, DNR Atmosphere, Vaswani Reserve, PLH, Divyasree RoW. These projects are all in the same price range but way better locations – near to good schools, very close to “Real” IT parks, very well connected (yes i agree PLH may not be that well connected yet). And some of these are within 10 KMs of Koramangala, Indira Nagar, Whitefiled/Marathahalli, Sarjapur Road – obviously much more happening places than your thanisandra/hennur/bagalur kind of deserted locations.

            • @sachin federer aka reality expert

              I would be oblised if you help (spoon feed) me in buying 2 or 3 bhk in your recommended projects at similar total cost, carpet area and pre emi offer of webcity.

              You mentiioned about tiny kirloskar but cleverly skipped monster manyata (bigger than 2-3 biggest it park in whitefield togather).

              Spoonfeed my post if you are able to help me in gettoig at same price otherwise keep your expertize with you.

              • “I would be oblised if you help (spoon feed) me in buying 2 or 3 bhk in your recommended projects at similar total cost, carpet area and pre emi offer of webcity.”

                @josh : thats the problem. The moment you mention some comparable projects people expect you to help them in buying too. buddy thats the job of a real estate agent. Reach out to them, they will help you. In case of web city, BR is the right person. Other projects, I am sorry i dont know but read the threads here on, you will find good information about those projects too. Good luck.

                • I asked your help as i already checked your recommended prokects where prices are high in compare to webcity. You claimed that prices are similar so thought you would be real estate agent or channel partner and having special discounted prices. But again you proved that you dont know about projects of marathalli n whitefield n their prices also.

                  • @Josh: Hope you know the project G CORP ICON which has a very good amenities and very good location advantage as well.Quoted price price is 5250 and can negotiate for 5100.Hardly difference of Rs.300 .When you say webcity is near to Manyata(6.5 kms) then i can say this project is inside Manyata(1 km).Also you have Arvind Sporcia at a decent price and location compared to webcity.Having said this, I am sure that i will get some replies asking whether I am marketing those projects
                    I quoted the above examples, since i can always see a huge cry from some guys on comparable projects with Web city
                    I personally feel that the approach of Sachin is perfect, on not to spoon feed about projects
                    @Sachin: Keep going with your good work

                  • @Vinoth : Do u really know at what minimum total price one can buy 3 BHK in G-Corp ? More than 1.3 crores whereas one can get in 80-90 lks with similar CA in Webcity.
                    Do u buy apartment only on Base Price?Carpet area of G-Corp and Arvind Sporcia are lesser than 70% (Webcity 78%) and premium charges , amemeties charges extra. Now-a-days builder increase SBA and reduce CA and keep prices in check and people think prices are comparable

                    @ Josh : I feel u hv asked fair question on ‘Total Cost’ . I can see many who got trapped on Base Price but not seeing ‘Total Amount’ need to pay.

                  • @Vinoth : G-Corp location is definitely much appealing but one has to pay charges also.

                    For your reference compare ‘Total CA and Total cost’ for ground floor for below SBA :-

                    1) 3bhk 1445 sft TC-88 lks (Webcity) and 1795 sft TC-1.35 cr (Icon)
                    2) 3bhk 1740 sft TC-1.1 cr (Webcity) and 2050 sft TC-1.65 cr (Icon)
                    3) 2bhk 1005 sft TC-62 lks (Webcity) and 1044 sft TC-61 lks (Sporcia)
                    4) 3BHK 1240 sft TC-76 lks (Webcity) and 1426 sft TC-76 lks (Sporcia)

                    PS: I hv compared lesser SBA of Webcity with higher SBA of Icon or Sprocia but CA is almost same, you can decide which one is really cheap. If I would had more money, definitely bought in G-Corp bcoz of its location. Arvind Sporcia first time into Construction have approval pending and in pre-launch phase.

                    Question is not here which projects are comparable to Webcity. Saching_Federer has been claiming that better projects are available at similar price at better location with similar builder.

                  • @vinoth,

                    I hope next time u will calculate total cost as well before comparing same price range projects as explained by Enduser.Arvind is not tier 1 builder. You can compare any tier 1 builder project with nearby smaller one, prices will be lesser.
                    Agreed with you on sachin n want to thanks him for not spoon feeding good projects otw few would had suffered financial troubles assuming basic price r comparable n booked n afterwards realizing more total cost to pay.

                  • @Enduser: Don’t give false information for the sake of argument.

                    Where from you got the price of 1.35 cr for 1795 sq.ft. in GCORP ICON Can you prove this? Just we have booked an 1895 sq.ft apartment for 1.18 cr(excluding registration) in 10th floor(including floor rise charges). Anyone can check the price directly with the builder.
                    You ask for comparable projects and if some gives any information then you will come up with these sort of false information.I really don’t want to continue this discussion with you and bye…..

                  • @Vinoth :If you have bought at this price then u are lucky one to get 1895 sft in 1.18 but check their website which clearly highlight price starts from 1.18 cr for 3 bhk.


                    Adding registartion VAT, ST , floor rise will increase price by 15%. So 1.35 cr is no false. I have also called them to get Total Price before commenting it here.

                  • @Vinoth : Have you really booked in G-Corp at Total Cost of 1.18 cr for 1899 3 BHK ? 5300 is base price offered for you or all inclusive price?
                    1899*5300 itself is 1.06 cr. Do you got car parking, Floor Rise Charge , Bescom and Bwssb, Maintainence, Ameneties, VAT, Service Tax (Excluding Registration) in remaining 12 lakhs?

                  • G-Corp price breakup details are as below

                    Base Price 5300 ,Infrastructure 200 psft,PLC – 150 sqft , Floor rise Charges 25 sft,Maintenance 5 psft, Car Parking-3lks,Club House-1.75 lks,Reticulated Gas-50k,VAT+ST+ Registration (10%)

                    So if you calculate all this for min 1795 3 bhk ‘Total Cost’ will be coming around 1.35 cr

                  • @Enduser…

                    Hope the below data is sufficient.

                    Basic cost is 5250 and got it negotiated to 5100.
                    Including floor rise (10th floorI) it is 5325.

                    Apartment Area 1,875
                    Price (Base Price + Flr Rise + PLC Charges) 5,325
                    To Apartment and one covered carpark 10,284,375

                    Club membership 175,000
                    Infrastructure cost – Power & Water 375,000
                    Reticulated Gas Connection 50,000
                    Total A : Sale consideration 10,884,375

                    Other Charges – Taxes 793,850
                    Agreement E-Stamping Charges 12,230
                    Maintenance Deposit @Rs 5 persft 112,500

                    Total B: 918,580

                    A + B = 11,802,955

                  • @Enduser: First understand one thing…I am not saying Mantri is bad and G CORP is good or vice versa…Again its one’s own choice and requirement..
                    You asked for comparable projects and just throwed some light..But please don’t go by your imagination and do the cost calculation and mislead..
                    If you are not convinced please speak to any one of the marketing guys from GCorp and then post your comments genuinely.
                    I think we shall keep a full stop for this debate…

                  • @Vinod, Location is very good. When is the expected date of completion?

                  • @vinoth :-

                    I have calculated on offered price i.e. 5300 but you got on discounted price 5100 (200 rs disc) and have included PLC (150 rs charges) so if I add 200 + 150 = 350 this will be more price for

                    So total sale price would be 10,884,375 + 656250 =11540625
                    VAT + ST = 9.5% of 11540625 = 1096359.375
                    And Stamp Duty + Registration would be 6.6% of 11540625 = 718368
                    So Adding VAT+ST+Reg charges ( 1096359.375 + 718368=1814727) to sale price 11540625 so Total Cost will be around 1.35 cr.

                  • @EndUser, Are you trying to explain how you came up with the all inclusive price of 1.35cr ? Why are you including floor rise charges again? Its already in vinod’s calculation.

                  • @KayAar: I have not included again floor rise. Floor rise charge is 25 so at 10th floor its 225 which Vinoth has added (5100 +225 = 5325) but he has not added PLC charges which is 150 but my caculation include that and at base price 5300. (5300 + 225 floor rise + PLC 150 )

            • Schools.. you mean to say ryan, gurukul, gear, vibgyor, global indian etc of marthalli, whitefield,sarjapur are top schools of blore… get a reality check mr realty expert
              .. best schools in blr r in CBD (google can help u find ) then comes in north blr in hebbal yelahanka dasarahalli jalhalli sahakar nagar hennur n thanisandra.
              Most happening place : according to u outskirts of marathallli n whitefield sarjapur r happening places.. but most of us believe MG road frazer town n commercial street r most happening places.

              And y u r bothered about education wen u dont believe latest technologies cannot b implemented n evry such attempts seem crap to u.

            • @Sachin_Federer : Do you really know prices of East Point, DNR Atmosphere, Vaswani Reserve, PLH, Divyasree RoW ?. Prices are way higher in these. I would had taken these if I was getting at similar price but all are atleast 10-25 lks more from webcity for 2 bhk. And your good schools are not even comparable to schools in hebbal and yelhanka which are among best in city.
              Hennur/Thanisandra are far better place than Gunjur (PLH) or Hosa /Harlur (Sarjapur) with wider roads.
              I am in bangalore from last 13 years and people were not used to come to places like whitefield,marathalli in nights (completely deserted) and sarjapur was completely forest and farms. But proximity to old airport (HAL) and IT parks developed these areas. But you would had said same that its crap to invest in these areas at that time. Now same is witnessing in these areas as proximity to new airport and new huge(not tiny viny) IT parks are coming up after Manyata. Just go and visit market in Kamanhalli or Kalyan Nagar on Hennur Cross which is expanding towards Hennur Road and you will get answer of your deserted location.

            • Agree with Sachin. Whitefield, Sarjapur, ORR has much better already established infrastructure. Its stupid to even argue on the job options available in these areas with any other area in bangalore. There are schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls and best social events which happen in Whitefield and these areas. Its not nobody is living in Hennur or North bangalore – it may come up too after 10-12 years but its not comparable right now. Also, its a matter of social scene as well. See the quality of crowd and social fabric existing in Whitefield. Hence, i feel PLH, Divyasree or any other ready to move in options in these areas are any day better.


              • @vidhesh,

                Agreed that social infra in north blr is not comparable as of now with whitefield but very fastly is changing with triggering of many govt n private projects.

                Similarly prices of hennur r nt comparable to whitefield marathalli projecrs of similar builders. Prices are lesser in hennur.

                Plh is anyway not on good location and no future plans of govt for road widening for varthur market with small shops on both side. It wont be a nice idea to stay there with such higher prices.

              • @Vishesh : Luxurious residential projects of RMZ, Embassy Hiranandani, Godrej, Prestige, Sobha,G-Corp,Century, Brigade, Beary, Equinox, Mantri are in Hebbal n will help u in judging quality of people who will be living in them. For these people social events are also in queue and you would find turnaround in next 2-4 years when people will start living.

        • who are you? A realty expert? Get a reality check. You should first understand the meaning of sharing your opinion to spoon feeding. People will not run and buy the property you suggest. Instead of hammering a project you are not interested in or you personally feel the price to be too high, search projects that suits your budget or keep hammering till the price reaches 7000 and you see the area develop. There are smart investors and end users who will continue to invest earn their share of profit or stay in their home. Now , don’t bother replying as I don’t want your spoon feeding on my comment.

          • @Bradman : I can see you are a copy cat and your nick is just a cheap imitation of my nick. Of course I am a reality expert. Check out most of the threads where people ask me my opinions. And a larger number of them write to me everyday asking for my views !

            • @sachin-haha…. A self proclaimed realty expert who has no expertise…wow, You’ve given enough proof of your expertise in this forum that I don’t want to waste my time looking at your comments in other projects, at least I’m mature enough to judge your immaturity, looks like you’ve just lost out on opporutnities and are desperate to get a good deal which you are not able to. Experts don’t bad mouth projects or other people in a forum. Look at Harsha for example and learn, if not invested better get expert advise and invest soon… BTW you couldn’t even understand that I’m mocking you by creating a similar Nick.. Hah the ego…People who match your opinions are buddies, and those who don’t you think are stupid…. Come down , you are on a virtual cloud nine and facing an “expert syndrome”… Get well soon

              • @Bradman : I really like your spirit and the effort you have taken to mock me. but did you notice that i have used first name and last name of two famous sportsmen whereas you ended up using just the last names. As they say in Hindi “nakal ke liye akal ki zarurat hoti hai”. but sure i laud your spirit as without “akal” this is the best you could have done.

                • @sachin, Swamiji, can you spoon feed me on how to nakal? At least that way i will get to know what you are referring to as Akal? Is it something that you have abundance shortage of? You remind me of Mr Bharath Bhushan of movie Bheja fry…you perfectly fit in that role..

            • @sachin, when did questioning your comments translate to asking for your views

    • @xyz : thanks mate. Appreciate.

    • Well, these ‘innocent’ end users are killing us ….always getting ‘innocently’ duped by buying properties worth >1 Cr…driving up the prices and making real estate unaffordable for non-innocent guys like me ! Looks like I have to settle for a live in relationship(rent) instead of marriage (buy)…When will this age of innocence end in Bangalore?

    • Totally agree. Sachin’s comments highlight the practical issues which most them tend to ignore. He tries to bring out the hard reality amidst ongoing hype.

      • @SG,

        Hv u read his entire posts on this project n reply on those.? he is giving his hypothetical spoon feed expertize when he don’t know about buses schools water and suggesting projects east point , plh, row which have much higher prices and less carpet area n no pre emi. He is trying to create hype that no selling in hapening in blore so that like him few others also stop buying but the fact is people r buying, prices are not coming down.

      • @SG : thank you :) . Appreciate the kind words.

    • Hi, I am looking at booking a flat at Mantri webcity. I heard that there is a price escalation clause in the agreement. Has anyone looked at this. Comments pls

  21. Recently Booked Mantri Webcity 2.5 BHK via the 80:20 scheme. They are just quoting a value for the Undivided Land Share and not a square ft, is that common <50% constructed project. In any case, they mentioned the sqft UDS will be given before registration.

    Also, Want to understand the tax implications for the money Mantri will give under pre-EMI scheme.

    • Hi Sen,

      I am planning to do the booking tomorrow under 20:80 scheme. Can you please share you contact details ?


  22. I am really not convinced if this scheme will work.

    If corporate loans for builders are @ 20% then also the arithmetic is against the 80:20 scheme.

    The pre-EMI on 12 lacs @ 10.5% works out more than 13.5L and add the additional 12L that they promise to give to the customer after 3 years will add additional 10%

    So overall Mantri will be paying in excess of 20% for 3 years… I think they should be having good enough relations with banks to get money for much less… why would they want to do this?

    • @ rks,

      Buddy not sure if you calculation is correct. 12 lakhs of 60 lakhs in 3 years is only 6-7 percent annually. Plus if builder will pay emi again 13 lakhs is somwhere 7- 9 percent annually of 60 lakhs. So sum of both is still lesser than corporate loan rate you assumed . And I am not advocating its good scheme or not but definitely builder is not fool enough to make loss of himself by giving such scheme which is more expensive

    • @RKS : only logical reason i can think of is that they are desperate to see some sales happening. With the really lax legal structure, what if they dont honor the commitment to pay twice the booking amount? Every builder mentions about penalty clause in case of delays but show me one builder who has paid a single penny to the customer for delays !

      • Thanks BR and sachin_federer.

        At a rate of 4890 per sq ft, this is defintely not cheap even though it is pretty far from the city.
        Also there would be tax implications of capital gains at the end and also for the interest flowing into your account from Mantri.

        If you pay tax on the interest component coming from Mantri then the deal suddenly becomes unattractive.

        • @rks,

          If you think prices are high and location is far its better not go for this . For me I was able to book at lesser than 62 lakhs all inclusive for 2 bhk with decent carpet ratio (78%) at similar price (not found any project giving me at this gross price for similar base rate) and found this suburb to be more near to city areas like MG Road, Malleshwaram, Shivaji Nagar etc and was convinced with the development happening in and around surrounding areas.

          • @BR,

            Thanks. My primary concern is about whether it makes sense to go for this 80:20 scheme based on 100% returns? Will Mantri pay the pre EMI and double the money in three years.

            • For Pre EMI, I know there are many infact majoity who have booked through Pre-Emi and getting pay out back from Mantri. For assured returns not sure ,you can better check with Mantri and your legal adivsor if that is realistic or not. You can contact me on if you need any contact number of who booked through pre-emi for queries on Pre Emi.

              • @BR : do you work for mantri or are you a broker?

                • Hi sachin_federer,
                  I am neither a broker nor fom mantri.. but a buyer j 405. The source of info for wc i is from other buyers with whom I am in contact through social groups like whatsapp .

                  • The scheme if PNB will deduct EMI from our account and Mantri will pay it back to us every month. Does the money paid to us by Mantri every month attract tax??

                  • @ Sarath,

                    I think they are giving Discount Certificate which you can show as a discount given by Mantri on flat price to avoid Tax. You can better check with your legal advisor on that.

                  • @ Sachin_Federer,

                    I was knowing your intentions when second time you blamed me Broker or Agent (last time in PLH thread). Though it was not required for me to reply but still i replied so atleast others who were reading the reply can think who is what. And dont think you are only person who have seen projects. I have checked almost each and every small and big builders project in bangalore east where i was getting 2bhk in 50-70 lakhs but not went for either pricing or location or some other reason and not found neccessary to give negative reviews on them and to demotivate others.
                    And I was always knowing your knowledge on Real Estate and Stock Market when you were relating Stock price of Real Estate Companies with price of apartment. And about Hennur Road when you were asking about nearby schools, colleges and civilization in WC thread.

                  • @BR : your regular attempts to promote mantri web city even on Prestige and Divyasree threads + you try hard to talk about web city in glorious terms clearly shows you have vested interest. You may be a buyer but looks like you are worried about your decision to purchase in web city and hence are hell bent on convincing people to invest/purchase in web city.

                    @KayAar : I have told you in the past that dont expect me to spoonfeed you. So stop asking me for project recommendations. People like BR are already doing that.

                    @josh : never saw a post from you before on any of the threads and dont remember interacting with you either. Read my comments again and you will see i provide all kind of inputs. I provide inputs based on my research on ground. If you expect people to repeat the points that are mentioned in the builder’s brochures, people like BR are already doing that for you. Nobody is asking you to go by one’s comments. Use your brain and stop crying about negative comments.

                • Just look at BR’s messages in the past. He did a good amount of investigation on multiple projects and finally booked Mantri WebCity. I am believing that he is an end user and has done his homework and trying to put his view based on it. Let’s not worry about his profession.

                  • Agreed. I am following this blog from long and observed sachin give all negative reviews for all projects. He believe ,he can only decide which is good project and selling is happening or not .If anyone else book into any apartment and share views which are viable he used term like broker, agent, fools, jokers, nonsense etc.

                  • all except sachin_federer,

                    Please check my previous posts and let me know where I suggest anybody to go n buy wc only.. infact if somebody who hss not liked I already told then not to go for it. I never replied on where some ppl were proving mantri is struggling to sell but rather replied on where ppl were intentionally or unintentionally giving speculated/ wrong info on 2020 , cdp, near by schools, mixing stock investor with real estate investor, pre emi etc and may be for unconvince the ppl as they themself are not buying and waiting for price to come down and real estate bangalore to crash

                  • @Sachin_federer,

                    And I never regularly posted in.plh or row thread.. just done it once since by the time I checked all three and found wc to be cost effective. But found you regularly tryIng to unconvince all the ppl.

            • >> 100% returns. Will Mantri pay the pre EMI and double the money in three years.

              what if you don’t find any buyer?

              there seems to be so many apartment complexes in different parts of the city + lot of vacant land in some areas such as Hennur, elec city, north bangalore etc.

              if i am a builder (which i am not) and am 100% sure about 100% returns in 3 years, i will sell most of the apartments after 3 years only.

              • @ buyer,

                Its looks like you have not checked previous posts in this thread where I already explained what is 100% returns scheme which Mantri if offering.
                If builder is assuring 100% retruns its not on entire flat. Ex if flat cost 60 lakhs, he is not committing that flat will become 1.2 cr in 3 years but rather promising to double what you have given to him i.e. 12 lakhs (20%) will be double (24 lakhs) and if you want to opt out after 3 years builder will buy back from you at 72 lakhs (6-7% appreciation) and may sell at higher price (average 10-12% appreciation) and builder is also getting upfront 80% disbursement of money from PNB so lesser construction loan required which is generally higher than home loan. So I dont think he is fool enough to start his selling only after 3 years at 72 lakhs.
                And as you have info on lots of vacant land, can you please suggest me any residential plot with clear title and A khatha on Hennur Main Road/Hebbal at similar price ( or +1000 psqft) of Anekal (Near to electronic city) or Doddaballpur/Devanahalli

                • I also agree that there is lot of vacant land in some parts of Bangalore. One can see that while driving in these areas.

                  Of course, rates will vary depending on the area. That is always the case.

                  Hennur road: have heard about some BIAPPA approved layouts near a proposed tech park. Close to where Shel is coming up.

                  There are also some BDA approved private layouts on Hennur road (part of the road that is closer to ORR)

                  If i take names, someone will say that i am promoting someone else (which i am not)! So, i don’t take names but one can find that on BIAPPA/BDA site or just by driving around in that area.

              • >> 100% returns.

                Maybe they are not saying that cost of apartment will double. They may be only saying that your investment may double (i.e. assuming many buyers are available)

                e.g. you invest 10 L for a 50 L one-bed room apartment.

                Maybe you get 20 L after 3 years. Profit may be 20 L – 10 L (initial investment) – 30% (or higher) tax – Brokerage = approx Rs 5 L

        • @RKS

          The prices are further up by Rs. 50/-. The per sqft price that stands today is 4940/-

          Mantri people have increased the price by Rs. 100/- in past 1 month, this surely means that the project is selling well in the market.

          And considering all the other project that are coming up in that area, this is by far the best located as it is bang on the main road. If you think the price is high here u can try for Goel Orchid Woods, its on the same road and is in the price range of around 4400/-.

          • @jayesh: if project were selling well, mantri wouldnt be promising/fooling people that their money will double in 3 years ! A base price of almst 5K psft in a location that is not even part of the main city is ridiculous to say the least.

            • sachin_federer, It will be helpful if you can share the price of grade A builders within main city which is < 5K.

              • @sachin_Federer

                Dude i think u should understand the scheme first before commenting. Br has explained the scheme in a very simple way in few of his posts. I suggest you read the same and understand the concept. The builder is crystal clear what it is offering and in no way fooling the people. Its you who is not understanding what is being offered, I will give u a very simple example that will help u understand whats on the platter.
                Suppose the cost of the house is Rs. 10, then as per the scheme Rs. 2 your be paid by you and Rs. 8 would be paid by PNB. Post 3 years if you dont want the flat, Mantri will buy the flat from you for Rs.12. As Mantri is paying your Pre-EMI on Rs. 8 hence your investment is only Rs, 2 and you will get Rs 4 back (8+4=12), here is how your money would be doubled.

                I hope you understand the whole concept now and think before posting.


                Dude if you get the details from Mr. Sachin_Federer, please forward me the same. Will for sure buy one in the so called “Main City”.

                • @Jayesh : Dude i suggest first you develop basic comprehension skills.

                  • @Sachin_federer

                    The thread isn’t about who has a better comprehension skills. So whether my comprehension skills are good or bad is irrelevant under this thread.

                    I further remind you that the thread is w.r.t Mantri Webcity and you should limit your comments to that only. #basicmanners

              • @KayAar : for the last time for you, dont expect me to spoonfeed you !

                • @sachin

                  No need to spoon feed me. So you will go and talk ill about all projects but will not reveal the project that you say is great. If you can name several projects and say what is bad about them, why dont you name the projects which you find is great, is value for money, comes with good quality??

                  BTW, I have booked a 3BHK apartment in Prestige Sunnyside 2 months back after due diligence. So no need for spoon feeding. Hope you at least book in the great projects which is in sub 5K range within main city. Or are you waiting for it to touch 3K or 2K based on analysis?

                  • Gentlemen, please stop responding to sachin_federer, totally negative , must be from some other builder group. Else since December he is continuously -ve. Must be some guy who can’t buy any prop. so just venting anger on those who can afford. Clear case of Haves and Have-nots!! Poor Guy!

                  • Sachin_federer reminds me of the Mr.Ravikanth of Indian real estate forum. A good critic of some of the RE projects best known to him, but with poor social skills and attitude.

                  • Totally agree with you. I too have seen Mr. Depressed and Suppressed sachin_federer bashing all project in Bangalore left right and center and only interested in being negative.
                    Boss if you have so much of insight along with bashing and cribbing why don’t you come with your recommendation and evaluate your recommendation on the same data points for which you bash each project.
                    Lets see which builder and which project Mr Federer choose which satisfies him on all fronts and still dirt cheap :-)
                    Sachin did you got married? or did you met 200+ girls and found some problem in each of them and then decided to stay bachelor :-) kidding.. seeing your pessimistic and fault finding nature without giving solution or even adding value to discussion you are bound to get such comments from across the forum. Keep on the enthusiasm Federer!!

                  • Dear Chandra,
                    Everyone is this world is a poor have-not. Its an illusion if you think otherwise. Also, if a dog sits in a BMW, it still remains a dog while a saint staying under a tree remains a saint. The externals have nothing to do with the internals.

                  • @rkaish : one more descendant of Freud who can judge a person’s attitude and social skills without even knowing him.

                  • @kunal : i dont need to share with anyone which projects/builders i have selected and why? I dont go asking people for recommendations. I make my own decisions. unlike folks here who want to be spoonfed and the moment you tell them a single negative about a project they become defensive and personal.

                  • @Chandra : yeah too bad for me. Cant afford. would you mind loaning some of your black money to me?

                  • ravikanth has statred his blog and nowdays wants money for everything..he will give some stupid details and will ask people to call him and pay him and get details.

                    when i talked with him on his blog he deleted the messages not favoring him :-)

    • Hi,

      I am looking to purchase a 2BHK in webcity under ‘Pre EMI + Buy Back’ scheme. Can you please help me with the email id/ contact number of someone who has purchased under same scheme recently. Also, has any one verified the papers and details of this ‘Pre EMI + Buy Back’ ?

      Quick replies will help in making the decision as this offer is going to end in next few days.

      Much Thanks!

  23. The buy-back is only a ploy to show that the project is sold out.If all the investors opt for buy-back scheme, how will the builders repay all the money?
    Even banks can’t withstand a run on their deposits and shut down.
    They are hoping that many will stick to the flats after 3 years. [pray god if have invested with this in mind and think that you will make a quick killing ].
    Such schemes are indicative of RE slow down.
    Better bargain for lower prices than falling for such traps.

  24. Another benefit for Mantri is, they are getting the complete amount for the apartment upfront at the time of booking from the customer than construction linked plan, where customer pays over the next 30 months.

  25. Hi. I liked the Mantri Webcity Project and almost booked it but have put the plan on hold as they are accepting booking only through 80.20 scheme. I have come across complaints regarding such schemes…including rbi ban on banks providing these schemes specifically. Usually builders tend to do this incase of a cash crunch and to top it mantri has made it mandatory for March. Does that mean they are having a huge cash crunch.Can anyone share their perspective on the same…cause the project is good but i am not sure about the scheme? Thanks.

    • @UH,

      I have booked in month of Feb 2014 and they told me about these schemes like 80:20 from PNB where builder will payout emi till 2017 march and 10 80 10 form HDFC/ICICI. However I was interested to go for SBI only and my loan is in processing status. I am not sure if for this month they are aksing only for 80:20 scheme. However this scheme is from PNB which is a second biggest nationalised govt bank so i dont think PNB will be trying to do any thing which out of the box as per norms of RBI.

      • Hi BR,

        Thanks for your revert. You are right about PNB. It is their housing division offering the scheme which is as per govt regulations. Only banks are banned from offering the same. My concern was regarding the risk factor especially when an institution Like RBI is against it. However i am sure there are many benefiting from this scheme. But i have decided to stay away.mantri should have atleast given the option of slabwise along with the scheme.


    • Hi All,

      They have now come up with 100% assured return offer. 20% has to be paid on booking. Remaining 80% will be financed by PNBHFL. At then end of 30 months, you have to inform mantri on whether you want to retain the apartment or sell it back to them. If you want to sell it back to them, then mantri will pay you 2x of the booking amount at the end of 36 months. Also till 36 months mantri will pay the pre-EMI.

      No other investment gives assured return of 100% in 3 years. So, what is the catch here?

      • key is to catch the customers here..there is none other that that…

      • Even i was a bit surprised when heard their ad on FM that you can double your investment in 3 years. So if they are not buying back from you after 3 years, how is this guaranteed? What are the other clauses? The moment I see RE being sold as guaranteed investment, i say run away guys its a bubble about to be burst ! Logically, if the builder is so sure that price will double after 3 years, why sell now. why dont sell it after 3 years when the price would have doubled. If its such a great deal for a buyer, the logically either the builder is a dumb fool or he is fooling buyers. Take your pick !

      • @sandmap

        Catch here is that builder will get 80% upfront and then he may not require for extra construction loan which actually cost more than home loan but eventually it will benefit buyers as well and there are many i know in webcity who has opted for this (not me for my persnaol choice of SBI). For this scheme mantri is not giving any discount so one has to pay 300 more who is opting for this.And builder if is assuring 100% retruns its not on entire flat. Ex if flat cost 60 lakhs he is not committing that flat will become 1.2 cr in 3 years rather telling that what you given to him i.e. 12 lakhs (20%) will be double (24 lakhs) if you want to opt out at possesion so flat will cost around 72 lakhs at which builder will buy back from you, which is very much possbile and below the price appreciation trend of Hennur and infact even bangalore. And if the real estate in bangalore is very bad shape can any body tell me any good builder project where prices slashed in compare to their pre-launch or launch prices like it happened in Mumbai, Delhi, gurgaon which are majorly investor driven markets and prices already touching 10k-15k for normal projects. Bangalore is end user market where inventory over hang is much lesser with unsold inventory and all experts still bullish on bangalore market with thanks to IT .Prices are not sky high like mumbai, delhi, gurgaon ,so builder rather hold the prices/flats rather than decreasing it down. So I dont think it will make sense to wait for prices to come down. Anyway all the trends are suggesting NDA govt may form with some possible allies with regional parties post election so new forms can come to boost Real Estate industry which eventually leads to price increase.

        Its better to be informed than speculate.

        • Any euphoria over NDA will be short-lived. Within six months the position will be the same stagnation or deflation in RE market.No one can work miracles.The entire world is struggling and India is no exception. NDA will not grow wealth on trees.It will have to come through good fundamentals in economy and that will take a long time to come.For the RE to boom it will take another 10 years and by then many builders will have shut shop and taken to heels with the investors money.

          • corruption is one of the fundamental problem. Has been around for few decades.
            it doesn’t get solved easily.

            if corruption increases, real-estate prices will automatically go up

          • @xyz,

            Firstly this scheme is good or not depends on buyer. I already mentioned that 300rs base price is more for this scheme. There were some people who were questioning how flat value can be double so just replying that is not the case.
            About NDA regime, nobody expects that money will start growing on tree but all economic experts ,stock bokers or real estates inviduals are hopeful that condition will be better than current .
            Again I will say , ‘Its better to be informed than speculate’.

            • @BR: Hilarious. Your sources of bullishness are stock brokers and real estate players. And you keep preaching about being informed and not to speculate !

              • Sachin federer,

                Thanks for the laugh ( expected from you). People like me who invest in stocks depends on are dependent on big shots stock brokers for bullishness and investors in reality on real estate players and stock brokers. Anyway global markets are such bad all leading stock markets are trading near to their life time high either its dowjones nasdaq cac or dax

                • Pro 2008 recession do you know prices of dlf , unitech, jaypee ifra others. Prices are not even one fourtj but does that mean flat prices also decreases to one fourth or even decrease. Share price only reflects valuation of comapny not prices of land, labor cost, raw materials which increased multiple times in same tenure

          • @xyz : I can see that is happening. Investors frenzy have also died down as you can see in lot of new pre launches. Middle class/an average IT/software engineer cant afford these 1 CR+ apts. And foolish to assume that the very few IT guys who could afford, havent bought any yet. And look around, job cuts/slowdown in corporate earnings are still happening (e.g. IBM). Infy already lowered guidance. And another point that most of the people dont understand is, if investors were so hot on RE, why the stocks of these RE players are down in dumps? So NDA or no NDA, business climate is not going to change overnight. Check out the stock market, it has barely crossed the highs it touched in 2008 (that is almost 6 years back).

  26. Hi All,

    I had visited Mantri web city as well as Purva Palm beach few days ago. I found the mantri sales rep to be a bit disinterested and looked as if he didn’t care. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that the construction will happen in phases. Apparently, the complete project will be live only by 2020. So, in my view, the flats wouldn’t be ideal for occupation until 2020.

    On the other hand, I was quite impressed by Purva palm beach after speaking to the sales rep at their site. Price quoted in the pre launch offer (4260 – 4660) is less than what Mantri (around 4800) quotes for webcity. Additionally, the whole project will be live by 2017.

    I went through the comments on this site for both the projects. I see good reviews about Mantri while people have raised quite a few concerns with respect to Water availability, location etc in case of Purva Palm beach. Can someone please provide me an unbiased view on which project is better and why?

    Appreciate the help!

    • holy the time 2020 will come around even the twenty twenty format will be obsolete. good luck to those who are booking in this. but yes on the positive note, you may just about be connected to civilization after 2020 (if you stay in web city). And i dont mean connected by the cloud services that these jokers are promising !

    • @SS,

      Can you please share name pf sale rep which told you that entire project will be completerd in 2920. As per my info they told me that for the parcel 3 and 4 they will start taking booking in next few months. So how its possible that for parcel 3 and 4 will complete in 2020 whereas 1 and 2 possession they are promising in 2015 and 2016. Anway if somebody who has actually visited the site will observe that parcel 1 and 2 are in completely different side from 3 and 4. And I think its better to live in Hennur area till 2020 or more where many daily needs stores, schools and colleges are there and roads are already good , many other projects have started and in reality development is happening than some projects in east which are in the neighbours of village and some people are expecting that other big projects will come, roads will become wide and entire village will be tranformed into modern city till 2020

      • @SS

        Plus hennur road is more near to city.but yes far from majority current it parks so prices are also atleast 7-9 lesser than 2bhk in east of similar builders or similar configuration. Construction of Flyover will also get completed in next 2-3 months from lingarajpuram towards hennur road . And you will hardly find any slum on hennur road but that doesnt mean its deserted area. I am sure people who will actually visit hennur road will also feel the same.

      • @BR,

        Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the sales person. When I said the project is going to complete by 2020, I didn’t refer to any specific tower. Of course, they are building the project in phases and you will be able to move in earlier. I believe they are also planning to have a mall within the web city and from what I remember, this would be the last to come up. Please check with mantri on the date of completion of the mall.

    • @SS: I too am confused between Purva Palm Beach & Mantri Webcity for similar reasons you mentioned above. Further, I am told that CDP roads pass through the project, while the Mantri sales people claim it to be private roads. I am not sure what is true. Anyone has information about this ? But if we consider that CDP roads do pass through the entire project, would it affect the appreciation of the property ?

      I also heard that Mantri is having a tough time selling the apartments, does anyone know about this ? Any comments comparing these two properties will greatly help me in arriving at a decision…

      • @deepak
        Can you also share source of info for cdp road? Can you share link of govt website which mention proposed future cdp road. So you mean to say cdpbroad will enter this project fr9m hennur road side but can you tell from where it will exit as one side it has bible science college other side sobha city compound and third side some residential colony and fourth side hennur main road. And have you not checed any railway track or some highway will come in between project?.. and if you have decided that they are struggling to sell very badly then its up to you to go for it Whats your source that project will be completing in 2020 since as per what they told me and i saw that they have already started for phase1 and phase2 and soon they will start taking bookings for 3 or not and you dont require any suggestions from others as you and Ss have given those info which neither any other buyer knows or sales rep knows.

        • And third side where residential colony exist its opening is from thanisandra road side as its back side is towards webcity..

          • Hi BR,
            As per Sobha city master plan there is a CDP road passing through their project, along with a village road and cart road. you can refer to their brochure. Therefore it is possible for a cdp to run in webicty as well. However mantri has provided individual gate for each unit…so shouldnt be too much of problem.


            • @ UH,

              I discussed with them that the public road from Hennur Main Road which eventually ends at Parchel 1 (A,B,C,D,E) with a Main Gate at Entrance so as Jayesh already posted that ‘that road will lead you to no where except PARCEL 1 of Mantri Webcity.’

      • Hi..

        Bangalore in general is going through a relatively flat appreciation trend in all micro markets if you follow the markets now days. Places like Noida have shown negative trends over the last 1 year .
        Areas like Whitefield ,Electronic City and Kanakpura Road have shown considerable increase in Inventory Hangover (which is a sign of slowdown) as well as price appreciation is not much . This trend is to continue for 2 more quarters wherein the builders are reducing supply to be at tandem with demand. (Builders like Brigade are offering Free Car Parkings + Modular Kitchens which is unusual right ? )

        As far as Hennur goes i already pointed Webcity , Sattva Aspire , Satva Gold , Arge Helios , Orchid Woods and Purva Palm Beach are the big projects around that area. Out of these Mantri , Salarpuriya and Purva are Tier A and rest are relatively new or fall under Tier 2 . Now if you have a good budget and want a super luxurious apartment Sattva and Purva can be in your radar. Sattva is on Hennur road and 900m from the proposed PRR. Purva is 2.1 kms from Hennur Main road and really expensive (Total Cost including VAT and other services ).

        So considering the location advantage + 2bhk cost(59-68lakhs) Mantri Webcity makes a strong point . Purva and Satva both will make you pay 80 lakhs for a 2BHK .

        So its your call . Progress of Webcity as per my last visit is doing good.10 floors of the Parcel 1 are complete . Parcel 3 which is a bit away from Parcel1 and Parcel2 which is scheduled to complete in 2018 are super luxury apartments and compete with Satva and Palm Beach.That phase will have a commercial space as well . This parcel will have separate facilities and amenities and is at some distance from the Parcel 2 , let alone Parcel 1 which is even far.

        Let me know for any other details you want to . I am open to discussions.


    • @ SS

      The project is in 5 phases.

      Phase 1: Block A,B,C,D & E ( possession is expected early 2015 )

      Phase 2: Block U,V,X,Y, Z ( possession is expected Jan 2016)

      Phase 3: Block F, G, H, J, & K (Possession is expected June 2016)

      These are blocks already launched.

      Phase 4 & 5 are Super Luxury apartments and both the phases would be launched by early April – May 2014.

      The are expecting to complete the entire project by last quarter of 2017 or early 2018.

      • Thanks jayesh for giving concrete info unlike others who are saying that i heard or expect that project will complete in 2020 or cdp road will transact with no proof or base

        • @ All

          Guys i saw so much fuss about this CDP road, but one point is crystal clear that even if u have a CDP road inside the project, that road will lead you to no where except PARCEL 1 of Mantri Webcity.

          The road is CDP road because previously Parcel 1 was a separate project named MANTRI AURA, hence there is this CDP road, now as the entire area is taken by Mantri for developing Webcity, hence that CDP road becomes useless as the end point of the road is Parcel 1 of Webcity only.

    • As per latest stats and data hennur is heading to around 6000-6500 per sq ft by 2017. So its your call whether to choose a Mantri , Sattva or Purva. All projects have different configurations , themes and location as well.
      I still believe Mantri will finish before Purva’s project since most of the Pre Launches in Bangalore delay quite a bit (my observation ) and Purva’s track record in multiple forums is not good of late.

    • hi.
      purvankara representatives may be optimistic but they have a history for delays, sky wood had to be given on march 2013 with 6 month time specified by sep-2013 it had to be given still painting is going on I do not thing by dec-2014 any thing will happen all are the chip of the same old lot

  27. Booked a 2BHK in the H block 2 days back. My options were in the 60-65lakhs range and i had shortlisted the following projects –

    Kolte Patil Mirabilis Horamavu
    Skylark Ithaca Whitefield
    Mantri Webcity Hennur
    HRC Ibbani Jakkur
    MJR Pearl Whitefield
    Shriram Suhana Yelhanka

    My first choice was HRC Ibbani considering their Area 1200 sq ft and quality of construction but great location (Jakkur double Road-2km from Bellary road near Columbia Asia hospital). But their payment like any other normal builder required 20% to pe paid within a month which i didn’t have so had to stay away from this.

    Rest all the properties seemed decent buys in their own locations. Chose Hennur over the rest after some research and the Mantri’s 10 80 10 scheme in which i need to pay only 10% of total value in the first month made my decision tilt in their favour.

    Overall all these projects are good with pros and cons which i can discuss if anyone wants me to.


    • I also booked previous weekend. I found it better deal than rest other projects which I saw in whitefield, kadugodi, hoodi signal,sadarmangla ,thanisandra,hennur

      • Congrats ! Which floor and block ? I chose H Block,5th floor . Not sure at what pace is the absorption happening in Web City . Any idea about that ?

        I had one more question if anyone could answer . Can we get an additional parking after some time , Of course after paying some extra money :) ?

        Also how many units are there in total in Parcel 1 and 2 which will have a common clubhouse and amenities ? I saw parcel 3 will have a separate one.

        • Hi All,

          I also booked flat in mantri webcity :) Just want to know, is there any facebook group of owners :) .


        • Hi All,

          I also booked a flat in mantri webcity.
          Cheers to all who booked home in mantri web city :)


          • Hi Everyone..

            For those who booked.. Did anyone get a clarification on how they are they willing to tackle the water issue in Hennur area ?

            Any idea on how are the water facilities in their nearby projects like Astra and Splendor.

            • Hi anshul,

              I have checked with them for water and they told me that they have already applied for connection and expecting to get in next 1-2 years. Meanwhile they have bores. If you have obsereved there is a bwssb 40 mld water treatment plant near to railway over bridge on hennur road. Anyway water is problem in entire bangalore and situation is no better wether its bangalore east or bangalore north.

        • Hi Anshul,
          Looks like we are neighbours. I have also booked on Tower-H 5th Floor. Apartment number 506. Kindly share me your email id: dev(dot)nithin(at)gmail(dot)com. We can get in touch.

        • Hey,

          I too have booked in H block on 2nd floor.

          Yes, they will provide extra car park if we want. I spoke about this to their sales guy.

          • Hi Jayesh,
            Did you get a chance to look at the BBMP approved plan and legal papers? I am trying to get one from the sales rep. But its taking lot of time.

            • Hi Nithin,

              Being a lawyer i have checked all the papers and and approvals before booking my flat. The good part is that the entire 43 acres of land is not with Mantri and there are no third party owned land in the entire project. This is very important as land acquisition from third party owners become difficult due to rigidness of the owner, which ultimately delays the project. Same has happened to many project in Bangalore. All the papers are clear and the title of the land at present rests with Mantri only. I even spoke to their Manager about the transfer of Khata after possession, to which he assured me that within 2 months from possession the Khata will be transferred in owners name and we will be receiving all the Electricity Bills and water bills in our own name. This is also very important as it stands a major proof that the flat has been completely transferred in your name.

              So when it comes to paper and approvals Mantri Web City is all clear. Being a Lawyer I made myself doubly sure on all this before finalizing.

              • “Not”in previous post is Type error.

                The line should be read as follows:

                “The good part is that the entire 43 acres of land is with Mantri and there are no third party owned land in the entire project.”

                • Hi Jayesh,
                  The sales rep told me the project is being developed under a Joint development agreement. Hence I had this question. Did you find any such thing? Also if you can send me an email with your contact details at It will be great.

                  • @ Nitin,

                    I dont know about the joint development thing, but yes Mantri has many sister concerns who help Mantri in developing projects, and same is happening in Webcity as well. These sister concerns are a way to play with taxes authorities and segregate profits. Hence i don’t see any issue if the project is being developed jointly as the other company will surely be a sister concern of Mantri only.

        • At what price did you book the 5th floor . please mention your base price + floor rising cost

    • Hi All,

      I had visited Mantri web city as well as Purva Palm beach few days ago. I found the mantri sales rep to be a bit disinterested and looked as if he didn’t care. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that the construction will happen in phases. Apparently, the complete project will be live only by 2020. So, in my view, the flats wouldn’t be ideal for occupation until 2020.

      On the other hand, I was quite impressed by Purva palm beach after speaking to the sales rep at their site. Price quoted in the pre launch offer (4260 – 4660) is less than what Mantri (around 4800) quotes for webcity. Additionally, the whole project will be live by 2017.

      I went through the comments on this site for both the projects. I see good reviews about Mantri while people have raised quite a few concerns with respect to Water availability, location etc in case of Purva Palm beach. Can someone please provide me an unbiased view on which project is better and why?

      Appreciate the help!

      • Purva has a better project configuration but looking at their current projects in Bangalore , Purva would be last on my list of elite builders . Most of their projects are either stuck in legal issues or delayed by miles. So as this Brigade , Pride and Prestige are the ones to bet on over Purva. If you have more budget then Salapuriya and Sobha make better sense.There are 2 Salapuriya projects on the same road.

        Second , location wise and price wise Webcity wins over Palm Beach . A 2BHK in webcity will cost around 60-70 lakhs based on level and floor plan. In Palm Beach the minimum you will have to pay is 78-80 lakhs for 2BHK ( They are charging 4.5 lakhs for parking itself :) )

        Thirdly , Mantri will negotiate and let me assure you there is a good scope to reduce the price from 4800 if you are interested and proceed with the booking.

        Fourthly , Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Mantri will be ready by 2016 end or 2017 early(Considering their is any delay). Agree third phase will be complete a bit later but then its a bit further from Parcel 1 and 2 so not sure if that will be an issue.
        Of all that i have seen a project like Palm Beach which is still in Pre Launch can never ever be ready before 2018 !

        Palm Beach is good no doubt , if you have budget and patience to wait a year or two longer than 2016 and believe that in a water starved region coming up with something like that will make a good decision. Please do check all Purva project reviews and then make the final decision. And I still believe that even Palm Beach will appreciate but then rest of the factors tilt the needle towards Webcity , Sattva Aspire etc. Heard that a Shriram project is also comming in next 2-3 months alongside Aspire.

      • @SS,

        Hey, it all depends on your requirements as both Mantri and Purvankara are amongst the top builders in Bangalore. Their would be come positives and some negatives of both the projects for instance, a 3BHK in purvankara Palm beach will cost u near 85 Lakhs while in Mantri Web City it will cost u near 75. Yes but its true that Purvankara 3 BHK is some 150 sqft bigger than Mantri 3BHK.

        I also visited both the projects, but one big drop back i found with Purvankara PB is that the project is not on the main road, its some 1KM inside. That was one big reason I opted for Mantri WC because the property which is bang on the main road will have better appreciation in near future. The other factor for me choosing Mantri was the Carpeted to Super Buildup ratio. Mantri is providing 78% carpeted area, which is highest amongst the good builders. Yes, however there are some drawbacks with Mantri WB, like if u go for a 3 BHK of 1250 Sqft u will get only one Small Balcony attached to the Master Bedroom however in PPB u ll get a decent balcony attached to the living area. PPB is expecting a Rs. 6-7 per Sqft as maintenance cost, hence for a 1400 3BHK your maintenance would be close to 8000 per month, in Mantri the maintenance cost is expected to be near 4-5.

        Therefore i would say it will depend on your budget and your requirements. Both the projects will have some pros and cons.

      • Price of webcity is 4840 on which they are giving 200-250 discount so prive becomes 4600 plus its on hennur main road not off road. They are not charging any premium view like palm beach where lagoon view premium is 400-450. Webcity offering 78% carpet area. So better cost effective. So 2 bhk or 3 bhk of webcity is lesser than palm beach. Total project is in four parcels. As of now selling only parcel 1 and 2 for which possession is in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Its you who have to decide which is better for you.

  28. Hi went and saw the site and was impressed by what mantri is coming up. As i am looking the flat for own stay purpose, I am a bit confused that a 3BHK in 1250 SFT would be good or not. As in my budget i can afford a 1250 SFT size house. Can anyone please help me out in deciding whether a 3BHK in 1250 SFt would be sufficient as I am very much impressed with the society’s approach. As compared to other properties in that area, the approach of webcity is by far the best. Please help. Thanks

    • 3 bhk in 1250 ? Its not worth a place..what they have shown in the super built up area ..The carpet area will be very less finally u get 3 bhk in 900-1000 sq.ft..which will be very difficult for a family..

      Minimum area for 3bhk should be 1500 sq.ft

    • I wouldn’t comment on whether you should consider mantri web city as thats your personal choice. But for sure, a 3 BHK in 1250 sqft area is not a livable house. Smaller builders (or some mid size builders in the past) have delivered decent/good 3 BHKs in 1500 sqft area – by giving carpet area of more than 80-85%. Nowadays most of the builders, especially the big builders are giving less than 70% carpet area. In that case you will have very very small rooms/kitchen/living & dining space. so you can either think of increasing your budget or go for a spacious 2 BHK.

      • Sachin, thanks for replying, I checked their floor plan and their carpeted area is 78%, which is most when i compare with other big builders like Prestige, Purvankara and Brigade. However w.r.t size even i am bit skeptical but when i saw their floor plan, the room sizes are preety decent. Like the MB is 13.5 X 12.5, and other two rooms are also more than 121 SFT in area. Mantri webcity doesnt have a 2BHK in this size.

    • Their floor plans seem quite practical. Room sizes are fairly big. The only compromise is a slightly smaller balcony and 1 bathroom less.

      • I came to know that if we buy the flat from the investor company then we get the flat at a cheaper rate. Can anyone please confirm this and if yes, then please can anyone tell me the name of the Company thats investing in Mantri projects so that I can get in touch with them. Thanks

    • Hi,

      Today I visited Mantri Webcity Project on Hennur Main Road and found the project is more impressive and cheaper then Divyasree ROW or Prestige LakeSide Habitat in terms of Future Development, prices and Appreciation. Surrounding to this Project all big other builders projects are coming like Salarpuria Gold Summit, Aspire, Bhartiya City , Purvankara Palm Beeach, Nitesh , Goyal Orchid. Hennur Main Road is developing in all aspects as all the big builders projects are coming there. Prices are also very much in check if I consider the brand name of Mantri . For 2BHK of 965 sqft they are quoting all inclusive 55-56 lks (Floor rices extra 30rs) and for 2 bhk of 1005 its around 62 lks (floor prices extra). Their Carpet area is 78% which is biggest by any tier A builder. So Carpet area is more than 2bhk of Divyasree (1047 sqft) pr PLH (1100 sqft)
      Many International Schools , Colleges and Hospitals are surrounding this projects. Manyata is 5 kms. and Upcoming Nagavara Metro Station is near by. Roads are also very wide. I want to clear one more thing that I am not any sales guy of Mantri. I just wanted to tell as I liked the project which ivs ery much under my budget with all the best ameneties and future prospect of the area. I checked the Upcoming IT Parkes as well many of them are coming on on Airport road or Thanisnadra road which is adjacent road to Hennur Road. Proposed Peripheral Ring Road is 900 Meters from here. MG Road is 12 Kms from here with Bangalore East Railway station around 10 Kms. Bangalore Fast Rail Link which will connect Airport to city is also on the future list of Hennur Road. Tomorrow I am plannig to go book a 2BHK as I am convinced overall with Area, Builder, Carpet Area and other prospects.

      • You seem to have done a good analysis. If you are working in manyata tech park, this is a good choice. If you are ok with the floor plan, just go for it.

        • pls check the sale agreement before you decide. check for the penalty clause and the compensation amount that builder will pay..when he will pay.

          all these are important..if the election verdict is hung..only god only will save..all builders will stop building and go be careful.. you can wait till elections and book to be on the safer side.

          even all analysts are saying the same thing..wait till elections and then proceed

          • Thanks Kamal for your suggestions. I have alredy discusse on these issue before booking and I am satisfied with their Terms and Condtions. However still I would say at the end it is builder who is in benefit on delay of projects not the consumer and its applicable for all the builders.
            I got 200 rs discount so now I am saving aroun 7-9 lakhs more than PLH and Divyasree,Plh takes 5 years to complete whereas Mantri is promosing in next 2.5 years . Saving 9 Lakhs and time for possesion is a big deal and amount for me

            • BR, What is the expected date of completion?

              • @KayAar,

                Possession of Flats in Mantri Webicty is depending on Phases. For Phase1 possession will be on Jan 2015 and June 2015 (Only 3 BHK available). For Phase2 , possession will be on Jan 2016 and June 2016.The Flat I booked (2BHK 1005 sqft )will be completed in June 2016. This is a big project with around 2000 apartments spreaded across 40 acres.

            • Hi BR, At what price are you buying from Mantri webcity? give the total cost excluding registeration, i am also looking for a 2bhk.

              • @ETIOS,

                Basic Cost for me is around 50 laksh (including Car Park) . excluding VAT,ST,Registration and maintainence and other charges. My advice would be you go and visit Henur Road as there are more than 10 big projects coming on the road like Purvankara Palm Beach, Bhartiya City, Goyal, Salarpuria Aspir, Gold Summit, Nitesh. Go and have discussion about prices and also analyze the area and its potential and then take decision as per your requirement and budget and also please do check the roads quality and traffic congestion.

                • Hi BR..

                  I went to Webcity today and i am interested in booking the 2BHK (1015sqft) in F/G tower which is available . What was the final per sq price they gave you ? The brochure mentions 4840 but the sales team said they can offer some discount. I plan to make the booking in 2 days if the price fits my budget. I can invest 65 lakhs total including all .So i can negotiate if i know what you paid ?

                  Currently i am confused between Mantri Webcity and HRC Ibbani . The plus points of IBBANI are that it is right next to Jakkur double road and 2km from Bellary road +1200 sqft area costing around 65.

                  The cons of Mantri are that they are not even giving slabs in kitchen :( . Not sure whether they will provide wash basin shelves as well ? Any idea on this. Otherwise Mantri is a better brand and i may choose that over Ibbani if budget is met.

                  • @Anshul

                    Yes Slab and sink are not providing in Kitchen,but wash basin and mirrors are providing in Toilets. They are told that it could be provided and fixed at the extra cost during possession. I will decide at that time wether to take from them or during fitting of modular kitchen externally.
                    I booked flat @4600 + floor rise charge which costed me lesser than 62 lakhs all inclusive.

                  • Hi BR,

                    Can you please tell me that is this 4600 per sqft is inclusive of all other charges like registration, VAT etc. or its the base price that they offered you. I am interested in their 3 BHK and planning to Buy in J Block by this weekend. A prompt reply would be appreciated. Thanks

                  • @Jayesh..

                    Its 4600+Floor Rise Charges .. This is exclusive of other charges as any other builder/property. So if you buy a 1200 sq ft ground floor it will be 4600*1200 + Other Charges . If you want 5th floor which is chargeable as 30sq ft per floor .. it will be 4720*1200 + Original Other Charges+Some Additional cost (30sqft additional charges)

                  • Hi jayesh
                    I booked at 4600 base price + 30 rs per floor rise .registration, maintenance, vat,st are extra. It costed me few lesser than 62 lakhs all inclusive for 2 bhk of 1010 sqft

                  • @BR and Anshul Mahajan,

                    Thanks for the info guys and for the quick response. I am very much satisfied with what Mantri is offering and will surely book by this weekend.

                  • @ BR and Anshul

                    Thanks Guys for all the help and the info, I booked the flat yesterday at Mantri Webcity.

            • Can u plz mention per sqft rate they offered.

      • North is like bangalore south, big big residential buildings but not much IT offices. All IT offices-tech park are on paper. No one has even filed construction approvals to bbmp office. Nearest tech park is 6km away from webcity :)

        Bangalore east or whitefield where most of the big buildings are big IT parks and almost same number of under construction buildings are also IT company office, project which is in walking distance is not impressive (i must say you have done very good analysis).

        You have mentioned connectivity to MG road, can you please mention connectivity to whitefield too…distance/time etc.

        • @Satish,

          I agree many of the IT parks are still on papers at least there are more than 3 projects on Hebbal Road where work has been already started since last one year.
          And as far as distance from Whitefield is considered it would be around 20 kms (40-50 mins) but still it will take lesser time than if somebody who is coming from Marathalli (10 kms) but because of dead traffic it take more than an hour.

      • Hi BR

        I am interested in booking apartment in Mantri Webcity, need clarifications. Can you share your email/contact??

      • Hi,

        Definitely a good and unbiased analysis. A better ROI can be expected from this project as prices are not skying high. Planning to go coming weekend if everything fits in my resources and requirement, may go for booking. By the way, I checked Mantri webcity website and looks like a decent project.

        • Hi BR,

          I liked this project and planning to book in the next week. Please provide any suggestions if you have.


          • My suggestion is that you take your decision after calculating all the pros and cons of area and builder. You can also check with other builders as well since there are many projects on this road. For me pros were more than cons so booked here.if you have any doubt you can mail me on email which I mention on one of the threads

  29. We had gone to their site and looked at a generic agreement copy. The scariest thing i felt was that it said that the owners of the land will be the original land owners. Currently Mantri owns about 51% of the land (as per the sales person). They (Mantri) will be purchasing the rest of the land from the remaining owners. Nowhere is it mentioned that the purchaser will own the land. In most apartments the society owns the land and then the apartment owners get a UDS. In Webcity, it looks like the purchaser will only own the “plinth” as per the agreement that I saw. In that case the psf should be much much lower since the cost of construction (per apartment) is much lower than the land cost. I am still undecided whether to go for this project or not. Pls advise.

    • Hi Vaish
      Would like to know more about this before buying a house in this society
      Can you pls provide your contact number

      Hari Pandey

      • Hi Vaish/Hari,

        I heard that Mantri is a developer and land is owned by original owners and will be transferred to the purchasers via the Undisputed share (UDS) without any issues.

        Can you please ack if you heard/read something else.

        Also what about water issue here, is it borewell ? Any chance of cauvery ?


        • Hi
          I have asked for their papers to seek legal opinion.

          On the water arrangement, their feedback is that they have the approval in place from BWSSB for Cauvery water at the time of project completion.

  30. Admin Note: Comment removed on request of comment author

  31. Any thoughts on the location of this project? this seem far off from every place, more like in the middle of nowhere. No school/hospital/mall of note anywhere near. Nearest tech park is Manyata, which could again be 7-8 Kms away. i am no looking for investment (in my view anything above 1 Cr in the name of investment is money down the drain). Any idea when can this location become part of civilization? ;)

    • Dear Mr Sachin,

      We would like to highlight that Mantri Webcity is the first techno residential project inspired by new age technologies like Nano technology, robotics, cloud computing etc. It’s a project with perfect blend of technology & comfort.

      Please refer to the below link for a detailed description about various other benefits.

      We would be more than happy to help you. If you would like we can arrange a call back for you from one of our representatives answering all your queries.

      Please drop us an email at with your contact details and a convenient time to call.

      Please do mention reference number HS-102 in your email.


      Mantri Developers

    • Hennur Main Road has many schools, International Schools, Colleges,Hospitals, Petrol Pumps, Daily needs stores. Please google it or check by yourselfy by going there, you would not be disappointed with Hennur Main Road.

  32. Can anyone please share agreement copy , if already booked at Mantri Webcity

    • Dear Mr. Pratyush,

      We would be more than happy to help you. If you would like we can arrange a call back for you from one of our representatives answering all your queries.

      Please drop us an email at with your contact details and a convenient time to call.

      Please do mention reference number HS-101 in your email.


      Mantri Developers

      • pls share the draft copy of the sale and construction of the apartment. Since most of the agreement is one sided..we wuld like to take a look and then discuss..

        • Dear Mr Kamal,

          We would be more than happy to help you. We would appreciate if you can drop us a email at

          Please do mention your contact details along with a convenient date and time to call you. Please mention reference number HNS-105 in your email.

          Mantri Developers

  33. I think the flat of 1740 eq ft. looks very small…flats of other builders with lower SBA looks bigger than the Mantri flats. what is your opinion

  34. Just visited Mantri Webcity.Its an utter waste of time visiting the projectNo model flat ready as of date.The only thing spl is that all the spl features and robotics elements will be incorporated in its club house alone ,which is in its 2nd phase.Also in the area in between the 1st and 2nd phase there are pvt structures as well.So ppl who have booked in phase 1 will have to come to phase 2 for enjoing these.When asked about automation to individual flats the rep said it will be done by a third party for an additional amount of 1-2 lakhs.So all in all WEBCITY its just a gimmick by the Mantri group.

  35. Hi, I created a group for the owners to join this FB group whoever have purchased a flat in Mantri Webcity, previously Mantri Aura.

  36. Visited the site yesterday. The location is a full 6 Kms from ORR. Apart from Manyata tech park which is also 8 kms from there there is no other development there. And there is not much proposed development in that area. Rental value in that area for 2bhk is also 15-18k. I am wary of investing in such a property. Spending 60-65 for a 2 bhk, I hope someone will come for rent there? Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a good investment?

    • I think this is a good place for living in, there are schools around and there would not be too much of small shops etc coming up around this locality. Mantri they say has plans for 3rd , 4th phase and Commercial area. Its not too far from City or the airport. I hear that this is the upcoming area(Hennur Road) so I’m fine with it.

    • hi,

      What is the current price they are quoting ? How much a typical 2 BHK and 3BHK costs all inclusive.


    • As Ksr rightly put it, there are schools all around so it would be quiet after school hours and chances of small restaurants, liquor shops etc would not be allowed within the range of schools. I have heard that Commercial area is also in the pipeline. So I guess its going to be ok.

    • @abhijeet – i have exactly the same questions. and when i asked this question to mantri sales guys (at one of the expo) they were acting very rude. saying that their project is selling like a hot cake because of the location.

  37. I visited the sample flat and it was a let down. Just one small balcony in the drawing room and small windows in the bedrooms. I prefer more airy, open and natural light in rooms, so this was a let down.
    I liked Sobha City flats in comparison, but then again those are beyond my budget.

  38. Hi Friends,
    Have booked a flat in Aura (now Webcity). Spoke to CRM manager and he confirmed that all aminities mentioned for webcity holds good for Aura users also. But when asked will it be available at additional cost or its all included for the price we payed. He said not sure as they are still awaiting cost details from management. He will update me once he has more details.

    Thanks & Regards
    Srinivas V

    • Hi Srinivas,
      At what price and size you booked?

    • As Aura is now Webcity all amenities have to be common. They cannot put additional costs now, as they have not made full disclosure at time of selling Aura flats. Sounds illegal.
      As for the Samsung Tab, would they stoop to that level of not giving it to Aura owners who supported them initially by investing? Not that the tab would make a diff when you are investing over 65Lakhs!! It’s the principle of the thing.

    • Hi Srinivas,
      Even i am planning to book a flat in mantri webcity.They are saying everything @extra cost.For generator they are saying @extra cost and kitchen platform also @extra cost.They also told still they need confirmation on this.Whether you got any idea on what all they will be providing.


  39. Dear All, Web City – Is a name (Meaning – Web – What you find in internet (information, knowledge, education, social life etc) City.. How you are glued to internet on IPADs, Laptops etc.. You can sync those aspects at physical aspects created by few intelligent guys, I think they have hired some international consultants and its their brain child.

    I had a same question about Aura and Mantri Web City – Entire 46 Acres (Indian Definition of Land Space) is considered to be of Web City. Its a perk for Aura users they are getting all Web city amenities in a package. The say is still more tech aspects will be introduced, so one can really expect an high rise of price, which is good for initial investors.

    There is a Samsung Pad being gifted to start knowing about the status of the construction and to sync with buyers and exchange thoughts. (I liked that)

    I am not sure about other properties of Mantri if they can give these kind of features.

    • Dear Mahesh,

      You have understood the project in totality. This first of its kind project launched by Mantri and basis the success of this project, we might replicate the similar facility/amenities in other projects.

      Any specific queries and question pertaining to any of our projects, please do write us at

      With Regards,

      Mantri Developers

      • I love the comment from mantri now, if you have cared only a little when I came for inquiry earlier I would have booked in Aura. The tone of sales guys are like if you don’t buy today, than by tomorrow mantri will be sold out :)

        • It’s true. Arrogant in nature the sales girl. If we ask question to understand better, she doesnt answer but asks another question. anyway it’s not her property at stake but Mantri’s.

      • I heard that Mantri has to pay compensation for late completion of their Sarjapur Road project but they keep postponing saying next month, next month. I heard Mrs Mantri does not want to part with the compensation money and is taking the customers for a ride.

      • can someone explain how ppr (proposed ring road) affects project

        • Dear Ms. Payal,

          If you would like one of our representatives could call you at your convenient date and time to clarify all your doubts.

          Please drop us a email at with your contact details. Please do mention reference number HNS-106 in your email communication.

          Mantri Developers

  40. Dear Ram/Vikas,

    Need some correction here, I dont know about your past experience with Mantri. i had been with my family last week, Its not about technology only.. Its more of social elements. Ps dont ignore the fact that living space/community is very important for people like me who has kids studying & I traveling abroad very frequently. what’s in a package of amenities is very wonderful. I never heard or seen any where in america, africa, europe, singapore or in India. Its not Ipad or Kindles – guys grow up look at the thinking.. Elevator Media, Guest lectures, Robotics, and Complete property is for Social Web Companies that changed our life style. I am not a critic to comment on pricing., because I feel it will be nice on price reduction but I see/get real value for investment. Lets encourage such projects and not create opinion. I personally can guarantee you all.. Its a simplified wonderful living at affordable cost. I don’t encourage consumers to assume. Ps get experienced. I also urge lot of IT folks can be part of the community, we can really make use of the infrastructure to create more opportunities for better life. ps feel free to comment or reach me at Cheers.

    • Dear MM, thank you very much for your “personal gurantee”. Never seen such a positive review before :)

    • Elevator Media??? Seriously??? How long does an elevator ride last, to give importance to it?

      No other country has this because they know it is a ridiculous idea or a desperate idea to sell flats by rebranding a property which did not sell well.

      • Anon – If that’s your name – Its education at Elevators is what I meant. I think we need to respect innovation and some one’s ideology. Ps see to believe it and it actually works. Other questions like re-branding – I cant comment.

        Why don’t you share your details, so some one can really understand/assist you in a better way. Lets use this forum in a better way and for a better discussion.

        • Mahesh – If that’s really your name, I have been an active investor and own few Mantri apartments as well. I bought my first Mantri flat in Mantri Gardens in Jayanagar for Rs. 21 lakhs and have got my investment back by renting it out alone and the property has appreciated 4 times. I also work in the IT industry and am well aware of all the tech gimmicks being given there.

          Now you are saying education in elevators! If on an average an elevator ride lasts 60 seconds, I would love to get another MBA in the elevator.

      • Brigade gateway World Trade tower has elevator media. Yes correct you don’t spend a lot of time in elevators but still it feels good. I have seen new channel tuned in while scaling up a 25 story tower which is engaging. Again personal view and choices…

      • I think you have valid points anon.

  41. Saturday Morning I saw the ad for Web City in the newspaper and trust me it was impressive .I immediately checked their web page and also called for inquiry .As I clicked on every feature and wanted to inquire about it the representative on the call helped me in understanding every bit of it.Though it was a long call but it was fruitful.Web City after knowing all the amenities and features and that too being at such a strategic location is an intelligent concept.Water screens,music walls were some which really excited me .Its definitely not a concept which anyone could have ever thought of being integrated in day to day life.I have two kids and they loved the robots thing.Now I don’t have to send my kids outside to make them learn all this .Phew what a relief.!! Yes its ONE OF ITS KIND. They are also giving Samsung tabs which is like icing on the cake.!! Its just not some social elements rather its all the elements blended in some or the other amenity.Its awesome.

    • Dear Divya, we are so glad that you have found a solution for all your problems!

      • Looks like apart for adverstisement…build is hiring folks to promote project on blogs and social media, obiously, it is “Mantri Web City” …..;) Thanks for such a strong feedback Mahesh and Divya. Cheers!

        • Gotcha !!

        • All of this is paid blogging. It just shows that companies think marketing is everything. Fool anybody with paid reviewers, paid ads, paid billboards. Once the real problems creep in, who cares as every flat will have been sold due to marketing gimmicks. One can easily make out the hires who write glowing comments. Somehow, no matter how genuine they try to portray, they can clearly be made out as fake.

          Mantris of the world: Two hoots to your paid marketing.

    • Yours kids will be grown up when you get possession, I suppose your are referring to your grandchildren.
      Samsung Tab on booking or on delivery of the apartment. Technology moves faster, the tabs will be phased out when the apartment is ready!

    • sorry to say but “divya” clearly you sound marketing person

    • Lol!!! Though I have already purchased a webcity and naturally would love to hear good things about it, this post goes over the top!!
      Marketing guys: just some good advice from a person who has already purchased your project. Pls be genuine as it goes a long way in creating trust and pls avoid over the top marketing comments as it really sounds fake!

  42. Hi All,
    I had a word with the Mantri people today on the WebCity project.

    This is what I got:
    1. On Saturday (30-Mar), they launched 4 blocks of 3 BHK apartments (Block U,V,W,X?). These are priced at 4600-4700 per sqft
    2. This is in addition to the 4 blocks of 2BHK apartments that were launched earlier (Blocks: A,B,C,D?), which is priced at Rs 4300/ Sqft
    3. When asked why there is such a price difference between the blocks, proximity to the club was stated as the reason

    Webcity vs. Aura
    1. I asked the customer service lady questions on web-city concepts and got a lot of ‘pfaff’ in return. Aura has been relaunched as Webcity (owing to lacklustre demand?)
    2. In short they are incorporating lot of web/ social elements in the design of the place. (e.g. Kindles and iPads in reading rooms, some app where you could share your pics with all the other residents :O) and there were other things that I do not remember)
    3. My personal take: I think that the additional expenditure incurred on web/social elements is wasteful

    I am a novice this business of apartment buying and would like to hear from all of you on the fundamentals of this project:
    * on Area (and the pricing),
    * Track record of Mantri developers

    Thanks Guys

  43. hi , Any ides what is the webcity USP is all about . I could not understand the tech terminolgy at all. can any one help me out.

  44. Folks,

    It can not be same project. Sound me something wrong

    • If you the project masterplan, blocks A,B,C,D,E are from mantri aura.

    • Mantri is holding a big chunk of land in that area, so Aura was always meant to be the first phase of a bigger project. Now they have decided on a theme “web” and hence aura becomes a part of this large complex- webcity.

      It is also true that 5 blocks of aura will be a bit isolated- but this was again expected since the price paid is lower compared to the new blocks.
      Regardless, I think that it is unfair to Aura owners- they should have been informed about the complete plans, in order to make the right buying decision.

      • Thats True…. Phase 1 flat owners seems to be isolated without knowing the total plan before… We knew the initial plans before but all technologies which they have added with web city is near by other phases. If they were thinking to upgrade the project then they should have think abt phase 1 as well but unfortunately they dint even thot abt it!!! May be because all other phase flats are yet be sold out and Phase 1 is already sold out… As a flat owner they should have atleast call the phase owners before launching the phases but they dint. I like the whole plan but I am not liking their attitude any more toward previous buyers!!!


  45. From the plan it looks like mantri aura is a set of isolated blocks with minimal amenities. All amenities are near the new blocks of webcity. No idea why mantri hid this from owners of aura

  46. Any idea why Mantri is relaunching Aura as WebCity? Must add that the new name sounds tacky. What next ?

  47. It is not a new project. It is Mantri Aura renamed or rebranded as Webcity.

  48. Hey, any idea about the location?

    • This is at same place where they have mantra aura, about 6km from ORR, I have enquirer this morning they are quoting 4500 per sq ft and 25% of total including registration is advance.. I am still waiting for details but they are as rude as they were during aura launch :D

    • This is same as Mantri Aura. They are launching with different name

      • Just hold on to your investments till RER comes in. Do not jump into any prelaunh offer gimmick.

        Always negotiate for 30 % less than the price they are quoting..The construction cost is only 1500 rs / sq ft..

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