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Mar 302013

Mantri Developers has announced the launch of their new apartment project called Mantri WebCity designed as a Web Themed township. The project located on Hennur Main Road will offer aparments in 2/3 BHK configurations.

Mantri WebCity Options

  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
Area spanning 1155 1740 sft.

Mantri WebCity Location

Hennur Main Road

Mantri WebCity Price

Basic price starts at Rs. 54.74 lakhs as of March 30th 2013.

Please refer to review article for Mantri Aura for more details and discussions


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  1. Hi – I have bought in Parcel 1. With very organized push from the buyers (multiple meeting with Mrs.Mantri etc) – now, it “appears” that Parcel 1 will be handed over by end of September (note – handover does not mean livable condition, I would think we will be able to live in Jan/Feb 2016). The owners are meeting the site manager, CRM, Mrs.Mantri etc on a regular basis. In my opinion,

    To be honest, I am not really very happy with the way the project was sold and executed (it appeared that the “sales” and “execution” were two different companies). However, having made the commitment (read – signed the dotted line, without reading the print (note – not fine print) clearly, and going mainly with the brand name), I am very sure that I have burnt the fingers. Although i can be happy that the price “appreciated” by over 30% on paper, I am well aware that this is bull shit! Also, looking at the grand plan for Webcity, I am pretty sure that the entire community will be ready only by 2022 (at the earliest!).

    My view
    - those who booked in parcel one : You will get the apartment (that’s it. no amenities, will have to live through underconstruction community for at least 7 more years).
    - those who booked in parcel three: Keep fighting (not sure of the outcome)
    - those who booked in parcel two: Good luck (at least 4 year delay – imho)

    And as far as brand Mantri is concerned: I am now equating the brand to that of DS Max/Dreamz GK (which are almost at the bottom in my view).

    Re CRM/Mantri approach to customers : CRM is not empowered. They just pay lip service. The organization simply does not care! Remember, they have gotten the entire cost of apartment from you/me (using 80/20 rule). Now that they stopped pre emi as well (for parcel 1 – they have already stopped,but not handed over; parcel 2 and 3 – same issue will follow), they have got interest free money. They are using that to initiate new projects elsewhere.

    • Raj;

      For Parcel1 can you please tell me what was the commuted pay back schedule from Mantri? I am assuming it was 3 years. Were you signed up for that and did they keep up the promise for 3 years at least.

      Also, do you know if customers who surrendered theiir units got 2X of the money as was originally promised?

      Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi-

    Parcel 2 owners are meeting folks from Mantri (EA to Snehal Mantri, CRM and Engineering teams) today @4pm @the webcity office (Hennur).

    Agenda of the meetings is to discuss the 2 month default of pre-emi payouts(April & May 2015), blatant delay of starting phase 2 among various/multiple other issues we are facing with Mantri.

    we have an active community on Telegram and phase 2 owners are requested to join. Install the app on your phone and ping me on 9880108502 or write to me on

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