Sobha Developers is all set to launch their new project likely to be called Sobha Silicon Oasis located on Hosa Road near BOSCH campus in Electronic City. The project currently in pre-launch stage is expected to be officially launched by 1st February 2014. Sobha Silicon Oasis is spread across 15 acres will offer about 918 apartments in 2 & 3 BHK configurations.

Sobha Silicon Oasis, Sobha Electronic City, Sobha Hosa Road Project

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On Hosa Road.

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Sobha Silicon Oasis Price

Pre-launch pricing in the range of Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 5700/- per sft

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  1. Delay in Sobha Silicon Oasis apartments Handover
    dear all
    Seems the delivery of the SSO apartments 1st phase is delayed.The status of the buildings in 1st phase is same since last couple of are not allowed to see your flat even though hardly any cosnstruction activity is going on there.
    I do not know the reason for this. Phase 2 construction is going on but there is a lull in phase 1 which should have been offered for possession by now.Blocks are there but internal things zero…should take lot lot of time.
    can any one explain what is going on.

  2. Hello All,
    I am selling my 2 BHK 1369 sqft. It should be handed over for interiors by this year end.

    +91 9986612551

  3. Hi, I am looking to sell my 1535 sq ft 3 bhk apartment in Sobha silicon oasis. Anybody interested can contact me on Benefits: Currently builder is selling apartments in 2nd phase which is delivered in 2019 June but mine is in 1st phase which will be ready by dec 2017. I have taken no loan so buyer can choose loan from the bank per his wish. Little extra discount for phase 1 apartment than the current selling price by builder for phase 2 apartment. That is less price and 1 and half year early delivery. Thank you, Aashish….

  4. Guys…
    What do you think abut the area outside the township. Not really an upmarket place for a quick walk et al.
    Also… how about booking at 19 floor 2bhk

  5. I have a ready to move-in 3BHK apartment for sale in Sobha Eternia. Project is complete in all aspects including amenities and clubhouse. Please contact me for more details. Ph:9845539842

    1. Hi, I am looking to sell my 1535 sq ft 3 bhk apartment in Sobha silicon oasis. Anybody interested can contact me on Benefits: Currently builder is selling apartments in 2nd phase which is delivered in 2019 June but mine is in 1st phase which will be ready by dec 2017. I have taken no loan so buyer can choose loan from the bank per his wish. Little extra discount for phase 1 apartment than the current selling price by builder for phase 2 apartment. That is less price and 1 and half year early delivery. Thank you, Aashish

  6. Sorry guys I am trying to book a flat in sobha but not convinced with the pricing…is it overrated and overpriced…WHats the ideal price around this place. anyone?

    1. construction work has taken a hit in some of other premium projects in the surroundings due to land litigation issues. sobha oasis bought land from standard fireworks company in clear title, urban resort theme of project super luxury category from tier-A developer, proximity to sarjapura rd 5.6km, ecity ph1,ph2, 16km to varthur offers ideal connectivity to IT parks in town. sobha would have premium.

    2. Hello sir, we have good land lord share in good project near by, and we are selling in surprising and challenging price, v good opportunity for investment. if you would like to visit the site.
      send me your mail id so that i can send you the complete details of the project and i can get in touch.

  7. Selling my 3 BHK 3 bath flat in MJ amadeus (1600 sft) pool/amenities/clubhouse facing corner flat for an attractive price. Brick work completed, electrical work is about to start. possession is planned in dec 2015. dial double 8 six 72 nine 8 six 5 four, if interested.

    1. pls refrain from joining this googlegroups..all these are run by brokers to hype the property price..
      so any honest opinion pls post it in this forum..

  8. All of us were saying that the price of 5150 was expensive. I saw the list of unbooked apartments recently and was surprised to see that the price is at 5625 with 70% of aparments booked.
    Dont know whom to beleive and whom not to.
    One good thing which i did was, did not invest till Feb 2014 and paid them the money only march end but still got the apartment which I was looking for. They promtly got the approval of removing the electical substation and that money was reduced from final cost. Hope it will grow further

    1. Sobha Silicon Oasis is the best super luxury urban resort style project in and around electronic city. its conveniently located between two IT major IT hubs and walkable distance from Metro station. I’m planning to sell my 3BHK, amenities facing flat at sobha oasis originally taken for self use. pls revert if interested.

  9. Planning to sell (selling as an investor) my 3 bhk 3 bath flat in MJ Infrastructure Amadeus, at an attractive price. It is Pool Facing, Garden/Landscape facing. Interested dial nine eight eight six three four one eight three nine. Amadeus is just 2 kms away from Sobha Silicon Oasis. All their issues have been resolved and the court has dismissed the case if you are worried about it since it was a frivolous case. Proof is available with the builder.

  10. Dear Ashwin,
    Thanks for the update. I have booked a 2 BHK there. I suggest we should form a group to be updated on the latest developments as and when we have some new info.


        1. Shubh,

          You can log on to wth your google credentials and search for “sobha silicon oasis owners”. after selcting the link, click on “apply for membership”. I will authorise the same.

          If you know of anyone else who has purchased, please ask them to join the group.


          1. Recently booked at SSO. Wish to share concerns with group about agreement, and get feedback. Pls add me to the group. Thanks. Himanshu.

            1. if you are a real buyer do not join the google groups..those are created by investors..they are not going to help..

              pls publish the concerns and feedback in this open forum…so that people understand all the tricks done by sobha developers..their agreement is always one sided you can file a case in consumer court now itself..instead of waiting till the project is completed.

          1. Mansoor,

            Are these groups for people who have booked or is it open to all?

            If its for those who have booked..will be happy to join..

  11. Has anyone noticed a a couple of litigation boards on the wall of the proposed sobha site . which says ” This property is under litigation “

  12. I would better go for Prestige Casabella in resale which is happening at 4300 per sq ft. than Shoba silicon oasis, Almost same location but on the opposite side of Hosa junction.

  13. Hi, Sobha Silicon is charging 4.5 L for Electric substation. Does a project of this size need a substation? What value does this bring to flat owners? Since i have not noticed this with other builders, this by itself adds 330 rs/sqf when considering a 1365 – 2 BHK apt. Charging 4.5L per flat owner and assuming they will charge this to all flat owners is a circa 41 Cr . Does a substation cost so much? Would a substation mean higher maintenance charge? What appreciation can be expected over a 5 year period?..Apologies for many questions, but this substation has put a spanner in the wheels on a option i have been thinking very seriously.

    1. I guess this is strategy by Shobha sales person to increase the rates indirectly. As they are not showing car parking charges and other stuff in basic cost somehow they are getting it adjusted through electrical sub station charges.
      I had the same question with Shobha office at outer ring road that other buiders are not quoting it in the sq feet cost. I got reply that if the project is sizable enough than this is requirement and somebody had to bear it either in starting or later on by means of association paying for it. I WAS NOT CONVINCED WITH THE ANSWER. One more thing initially they told that the other cost would come around 15% of sq feet cost and now they have incresed it to approx 25% of sq feet cost.
      Because of this i pulled out of the project as this was goinf beyond by budget, 3 bhk was costing 1 Cr 7 lakhs. Really disappointed with their sales pricing, they should own atleast the substation cost to give customer a chance.

      1. Hi Anurag

        I totally agree with your comments. I also gave the EOI for a 2BHK and i was told that it would be between 82-86L. When I saw the price-sheet today, the average price for 2BHK was much more than that. I also noticed that they have just opened booking for 3 towers, which are near the entrance gate (i.e. near HT Wires). I have also cancelled it because it doesn’t make any sense to pay 90L+ for a 2BHK which is next to HT wire and at a place 18Km away from M.G.Road. So much for an “A-Class builder”.

        1. I second Anshul’s opinion. A 2 BHK average cost in more than 90L and is not value for money. I had given EOI last week when the sales guy said it will cost around 82-85L but with the latest price information, I have decided to pull it back.

          1. If lot of people will pull out of project and give constructive feedback to Shobha people about their pricing than it may be possible that Shobha can rethink about their pricing model on this project.
            This is just a thought as I feel that in that area even branded builder like Shobha the 3 bhk cost should not exceed 85 L.

            1. @Anurag Gupta, it seems that sobha is selling this project with a new pricing strategy (in layman’s language, ‘discount’). approx 5150 inclusive of clubhouse and parking. I read it in more than one channel partner website. Can anybody confirm..?
              So, PLH still at Rs4890, Brigade Cosmopolis @ 6300 and many more if you see general trend.. signs of price stabilization? or signs of crackdown..:-)

              Also what I have observed is builders are following similar to book building process with price-band and collect non-binding EOIs. More the applications, higher the increase in price and kick-off many applicants and some Martians enter in the list of ‘all booked customers’. I think Purva Plam Beach is going be disaster and I am sure they will tentatively lunch at lower end of price range ~4200, which in my view is ridiculous! for a project which is not so practical place for day to day living. Live Holiday Every Day, what crappy idea? and btw when is the procession date of project with beach out of nowhere. God also must be guessing πŸ™‚

              Secondly, pre-launches continue forever, and launch takes even longer, like until they realize the pricing is hell wrong..!

              Either ways ‘interim’ relief for buyers!

              1. Please take the price sheet from Shobha to know if it is really 5150 per sq ft. They have added the sub electrical station cost to every appt which will come ard 4-5 L per appt, another 350 Rs increase in basic price so final basic price will become 5500 per sq ft. When i checked with other people they said that it is govt responsilibility to set up electrical sub station so i don’t understand why shobha is charging this to customers. This might be a strategy to increase the price indirectly. Anyways i have pulled out of it and booked in Krishna Mystiq which is at other side of Hosa Road.

                1. When Shobha and Krishna mist.. will complete then we can see the difference.
                  And if anybody want to sale krishna mist.. apartment then it will be 500% tougher then the shobha.
                  Reason after completion, all the defects start visible which won’t be at the time of booking.

                  I am seeing the security of the investment.


                  1. Hi Vishal,

                    I agree with you that Shobha is better quality builder than Krishna and appreciation would be slightly better for Shobha as comparision to Krishna. Actually it depends on our apetite and paying capacity as per our future commitments to choose any one.
                    Some facts to consider-
                    1) Selling a 1 cr 10 L(Shobha) project is easier or selling a 59 L(Krishna) project is easier for 3 bhk appt? Please think if down the line after 4 years we have to sell Shobha @1.6 CR and to sell Krishna @86 L with asuumption of 10% appreciation.
                    2) Shobha is doing it through joint venture as the land belongs to Standard Cracker factory, i may be wrong but this info i got from some reliable sources. krishna owns the land.
                    3) Shobha is doing the landscaping through some body they have hired from Dubai so it would be world class, they have their internal staffing for mason and non-skilled worker so the quality will be good. But when it comes to Krishna they are decent builder as they have done Vila project in North bangalore and I spoken to the residents and they didn’t complain about the quality. So Should we pay for little bit of more quality with the double prize?
                    4) Aminities wise both are same , Shobha is giving cricket pitch extra along with man made stream
                    5) Shobha is claiming that maintenance cost will be ~1 k per appt after association formation, which i doubt considering 900+ appt. But can be possible considering huge amount of corpus funds taken by appt owners in advance. For krishna maintenance cost would be ard 2 rs per sq ft.
                    6) We might get more open space in shobha but again this is high rise building, Krishna is g+3 hence less open space.
                    7) Both the projects are near to Hosa road junction, Shobha is around 1 km and Krishna is ard .5 km and as per today’s announcement Union ministry has given the nod for metro phase 2 and Hosa road junction will have one metro station in phase 2.

                    I may be wrong on certain points but what i feel that it is pur personal decision to go with certain builder based on his apetite and budget and his strategy for investment.
                    Even i love to book in Shobha if they price it rightly, at this point i feel they have given premium++ price for the location.

                2. I just got a call from Sobha that they are waiving off the Electric sub-station charges. Do you think it makes any sense to go for the appartment now?

                  1. Hi Honda,

                    Can you please check the new price including registration for 2 bhk and 3 bhk with area for shobha and post it here? It is good news that after cancelling they are not charging the sub station charges to customer.
                    If the price is good than you can look for it, Even I can give a second thought on the project.

                  2. I just called Sobha and they are saying they may be doing the partial roll off in the substation charges. Has anybody booked the apartment without the sub station charges ?

                  3. Hi,

                    I have booked a 3BHK here. I checked with Sobha Sales on the electricity infrastructure and substation charges. They are suggesting that 8KW substation is requied as per goverment norms. However, based on feedback from people, they have sent a revised proposal to Goverment authorities. If its accepted they will remove this charge. If not, it will remain. So its not confirmed as yet.


                  4. buy a 2bhk in 90 L with loan it will be 1.5 crore and then how many indians will buy a 2bhk in 2crore ? that too from where if they r going to even kormagla and back it is going towaste the whole day. forget visitng other part of the city from tat part

                  5. @Anurag: i am there with you buddy on this. But if you want to entertain yourself a bit, read up the forum on PLH. People on that forum have already calculated their profits which they will get when Prestige will hand over the apt to them in 2018 and after that when they sell it. πŸ™‚

        2. My dear Friends,

          If you are buying a flat for your residence then think twice now a day there are so many resale option is open for sale and I am dam sure you can get a A++ builder resale or going to be ready flat in the same price which builders are quoting at present in pre launch.


      1. Dear Palash,
        What is the source of this info. I called up the sales guys of Sobha and they are saying there is no reduction being made on the substation charges.


    1. What rate you have booked? What is total cost they are quoting for 2bhk/2 bhk inclusive of everything.
      Today i came to know that there is additional burden of 4-5 L per person because of having electric sub station inside. They are quoting 1.25*(sq feet cost) as approx the total price of apartment.
      I guess samething is communicated to you as well. Please clarify.

  14. I really feel sad that such lovely trees are going to be cut down for yet another apartment project. Its really sad that Bangalore’s greenery is being replaced by concrete. And these builders, put some piddly desert trees, in the name of landscaping. Especially Salarpuria and Prestige gourps. They put these palm trees and some short trees (which seem like they have been imported from the gulf) whereas Bangalore has such beautiful lust green flowering trees which can be found in many BDA layouts. They can also plant Gulmohar trees.

    1. Just called the Shobha employee to confirm the price.. it is 5250 per sq ft and they are going to revise it to 5350 post 21st Jan.. Marketting channels might be giving the false rates to tempt and attract the customers.

        1. I agree with you. I guess they are not able to attract the buyers with high rates so they might have decided to give with slightly lower rates. I persoanlly feel that in that area for buider like shobha the right price should be <= 4.5 K

  15. To give an example of how much power/corrupt Sobha are, they are constructing Palladian within 200 meters from the runway and within sighting distance of the HAL LCA hangar. Either they are powerful or coverup everything with money..And they are quoting 9500 for that trashland near Yemlur…And surprisingly Indraprastha is only 10500…And we still dream about Real Estate correction. Even if it comes it will as good as LOKPAL – Useless to the comman man.

  16. Real estate correction??? LOL.. Keep dreaming…has the petrol price, gold price or land price have gone down these years?? They never will..Adolf Hitler rightly said, “Fortunate are those governments whose people dont think” ..

    1. If brand name is not very high priority for you then Check out MJ Infrastructure Amadeus. It is going to be launched on 11.Jan

    2. We have a land lord share in “sjr parkway homes” apartment. its really good opportunity to buy a flat in whole Bangalore including outskirts of city great price if you are interested drop your mail id.

  17. jacky, do you have faith in all these regulations ?
    All these bills will not help common people.They are mere show pieces.
    Political parties and big builders are hand in glove with each other.
    Babudom works on bribes.
    A large part of what you pay goes into the pockets of officials and politicians and that is why such high prices are quoted.
    Do you get any info on project approvals on the websites of BBMP OR BMICAPA despite RTI act ?
    Rules are meant for common people to obey and for influential ones to flout ,

    1. just wait and see..things are not going good for Indian economy..the biggest corrupted industry is the real estate..this will be regulated soon and you can see only genuine players in the field..
      in Bangalore if you visit any street you can find one builder. Are they qualified to construct ..god only knows..

      Mostly what happened in US is going to repeat in india soon..can a normal family buy a house for less than 30 lacks.Real estate business is all about holding the inventory without selling and creating artificial demand..who can hold ? only builders who has got black money..that is why i am saying RER will change the business model soon. No need to jump into the artificial demand.

  18. All the credai members have been deliberately quoting high prices to keep the real estate steady.Hence you find all such shocking quotes.When people become desperate they may book at any price.All bookings are often not genuine but only by henchmen of builders and they off-load when there is an opportune time.Do you think all flats are booked at such prices ?

    1. friends ,
      wait for the real estate regulator bill to come..The RER is applicable only for the new projects. so builders are trying to launch the project ahead of the bill.

      Once RER is there..there will not be any more pre-lauch. So there cannot be any appreciation..builder will be forced to sell the projects to fund his project..the prices will come down by 30-40 %. I can give you an example of Mobile phone charges..are we charging 15 rs/ sec for an STD call ? think about this and wait..better keep your money in FD and have peace of mind.

  19. I want to book for a two bhk flat. Price of Rs 5000 per sft for pre launch is too high even if one considers the brand name of Sobha

    1. I feel it is expensive, i don’t know how Shobha is quoting such a high rate in that area considering other premium builder quotes in the range of 4-4.5 K per sq ft.
      Even i had shown interest initially later booked in Krishna Mystiq(lesser known builder) with price as 50% less and work in progress at Hosa Road junction.

        1. I agree. All the builders have black money they are not trying to reduce the price.
          Most of the apartment blocks will become like ghost towns.

          Do not buy this year..No single party will get majority as per the that case realty will crash.
          if anyone gets majority also it will have to crash. No doubt about it..realtors keep saying bangalore is only end user driven..its not also investors are there. who ever invested could not exit now..that is the real story.

          i agree with the article share.

          1. Yes, though the article says that Mumbai/Delhi have the most stressed realty assets, still it will have a cascading effect on all other cities. If there is a meltdown or even a small correction in real estate prices in Mumbai/Delhi, cities like Bangalore, Pune etc cannot remain insulated. The prices will correct in these cities also, maybe to a lesser extent. But for sure there would be a correction.

            1. To be frank , I am hearing the price correction from long time but it didn’t happen in last 11 years in Bangalore. Every time i had checked myself that price will go south then only i will invest it had always deceited me by going north.
              So i don’t think that correction will overcome the gain in the price at that time as compare to current time price.
              As a middle class person it is always one’s dream to own a house to avoid the high rent in Bangalore.
              I feel instead of waiting for correction and relying on premium builder which is out of reach of common public we should opt for mid seg builder with good track record and book there. Again this is my personal opinion and i do appreciate if price correction will happen by next year.

              1. :-). Waiting for price correction is indeed a tricky situation. However, there was a correction in 2009 in Bangalore. After that the prices have almost doubled till 2013. But in 2009, the NPA’s were not high. This time the situation looks different. If the EBI cracks the whip and starts recovering the loans, the the builders would be forced to lower prices. When or if that will happen is anyone’s guess! The big builders are literally looting the public.

              2. Property never falls/ fallen. during last downturn period in blr, they just stay as is and again starts their uptrend. last time happened around 2009-2010 where the prices stayed as is for almost 6-8 months. builders even made offers to make any sales. am skeptic of bullishness on 1 Cr tag which started bit early before 2014 .. this has already became norm in another regions . For Blr, it may need some more time to overcome this psychological level of 50-70 lac. but with rupee depreciation hitting hard on us, and govt not doing anything on it… there is no relief expected. What is expected now in blr, is to have more housing options in lower area ranges .

                  1. Bangalore is on the way of Mumbai. It is a business city and increasing every where. If you compare the BLR to MUM, realty price is 50% so I believe if you are needed then go ahead and get your home ASAP. Till the time Bangalore will do the progress price will also up.
                    Take example –
                    5 years back masalla dosa – 15 rs
                    Now masalla dosa – 30-35rs
                    5year back 2bhk(a class builder) – 35Lacs
                    Now 2bhk(a class builder) – 75Lacs

                    So lets make Bangalore to another Mumbai (in terms of progress but has its own cost)

      1. anurag gupta, you said that you have booked in krishna but check whether they have completed their previous project.Price should not be the only criterion.Of course shobha is high but you should be careful in booking flats from some small builders.

        1. Hi xyz,

          Krishna done with one villa project near hebbal and now going to start one more in electronic city premises apart from Mystiq (currently in progress).
          They are relatively new in the field so some risk has to be taken for price appreciation.

          1. Are you the same Anurag who had booked Oleander just down the road ? If so, did you cancel the oleander booking ? And any reason for cancelling that ?

    1. ~2 bhk@81 Lakhs (1350 sq ft)
      ~3 bhk@90 Lakhs (1500 sq ft)
      Looks likes price is slightly at higher end considering the cost around the area.
      What is your suggestion/opinion guys?

    2. i had reached out to them they have quoted me 6150 per sqft for 3 BHK
      between how much do these guys negotiate? – they have sent me whole lot of funny charges of + 8 lacs πŸ™‚ just ridiculous pricing.

  20. It does carry the brand value of Shobha and proximity with Bosh/e-city will have added advantage.
    But Price is too high, i guess with price 4.5 K i should have thought about this. You can get the apartment in similar range in Greenage near Bommanahalli circle(pretty much inside city).

  21. The location wise the project is excellent for the proximity of the E-city and access to Outer Ring Road. While 5250 p/sqft is on higher side. You can get ready to occupy flat in the same rate in Harlur Road. Expensive launch but with brand name Sobha things will move. My personal opinion Sobha properties has good built qualities but their land titles are not clean. There will be some or other way problems will their which can only encounter once you start living in apartment.


    1. An eyeopener for one enamoured of brand value especially today when court cases are dime a dozen and make life miserable.

  22. Price scared me away.Metro is the word to jack up prices.Around 4000 would have been good for the brand name.The brand does not give wings for us to fly to metro which is one km away.Any one working in ITPL or whitefied or manyata will find it hard to travel daily.For 4000 I could have gone for it as that would have saved some money for vehicles.Some other projects along that road appear attractive now.

  23. Guys pls share your opinion on this.
    Is it going to develop as good residential area? Proximity to Metro is a definite plus but prelaunch of 5k looks expensive.

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