Uber Verdant is a residential apartment project by Mana Projects. Uber Verdant launched on 25th October 2013 is currently under construction and is spread across 3.5 acres of land offers a total of 305 apartments across 6 blocks. As per marketing team, USP of the project is a landscaped balcony with irrigation system in place.
Uber Verdant Balcony

Uber Verdant Options

Uber Verdant Location

Near Wipro Office, Sarjapur road.

uber verdant location map

Uber Verdant Price

As of October 30th 2014, priced at Rs. 4750/- per sft

Uber Verdant Investment Plus Points

This article was requested by Mana Projects. For further details and booking reach out to Mana Projects at 7676 555 0000, email: , website: www.uberin.in

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  1. Hi, I am planning to buy a 1837 sq.ft. 3bhk flat in Uber verdant 2. Builder quoted 6200/-per sq. ft, after negotiation it came down to 5700/-persqft. Also their maintenance charges look way high to me as they are charging 5Rs per sq ft so for a 3bhk it will cost around 9k+ for monthly maintenance. I want to know is it a good price for this project and location.

    1. Hi Vinita,
      Even we are looking out their, have concern about the high maintenance and sqft price, what is the final deal they provided for you if you don’t mind. We had a deal with the property could you please help me out with your finding.

      1. Hi Deepu – Did you finalise the apartment. I am also in conversation with Sales guys but not finalised anything yet. Let me know if we can connect.

    2. Hi Vinita, Deepu,

      I am also in middle of negotiation and were able to get an offer price of 5750 per sqft. Let me know if you were able to negotiate lower than 5700 per sqft. Also, happy to connect if you can help please!

  2. Hi All,
    I am planning to book an apartment here. Its ready to move in so I am interested in this and also seems to be very near to the Sarjapur road. However, those who have booked (and moved in) got OC? Is the builder providing OC? Also the sale guy sent me the price sheet quoting INR5700 per sq. ft. Is this too high or OK considering this to be a ready to move in project? Should I go for this or Confident Leo which is in the same area but is slightly low priced?

    Please advice.

    1. Hi Ritam,

      Please go for Confident Leo. Its highly priced just because its on main road. Amenities wise, build quality and Mana management are just like any C grade builders out there in Bangalore so nothing so premium about this as they advertise.

  3. Hi, I am looking for a 2BHK flat in Uber Verdant, specifically with the landscape balcony on even floors (higher floors except top floor) and in Wing (02 or 03)

    Is anybody having for sale or knows anyone who is willing to sale ?

  4. Hi, I visited this uber verdant property last week,
    1) They are quoting 4475/- (after discount). Is this a good deal?
    2) I visited the actual flats, and found the ventilation / lighting too low for the inner side of the house (for all most all the 2 bhk houses). will the lighting part improve post completion of the project, once they remove all the construction materials?
    3) Also i was hearing a loud machine running noise from near by factory. any clue about what factory is that?
    4) actual flat dimensions (carpet area) are far lesser than 70% carpet area promise they are promising
    5) NO – OC. That means – No resale value after 5 – 10 years?
    I’m not looking for investment, I’m buying it for my own purpose though.
    6) I’m looking at Wing 3. Is there any negatives on that wing? which i fail to notice?
    7) Where are the electrical transformers / power-backup generators going to be placed for this project?

    1. Please see my opinion inline
      1) They are quoting 4475/- (after discount). Is this a good deal?
      Yes, if you donot consider taxes and other charges part, Mana’s taxes and other charges are very high, please compare it with big builders. if you see closely, you end up paying 8 lacs extra.
      2) I visited the actual flats, and found the ventilation / lighting too low for the inner side of the house (for all most all the 2 bhk houses). will the lighting part improve post completion of the project, once they remove all the construction materials?
      There is no way lighting being improved after construction, use your senses, after construction, windows and doors add more abstacles for light and air flow
      3) Also i was hearing a loud machine running noise from near by factory. any clue about what factory is that?
      you might want to learn to live with that sound. there is notthing much you can do about it.
      4) actual flat dimensions (carpet area) are far lesser than 70% carpet area promise they are promising
      You should get min 75%. 75 is also a rip-off but as per bangalore norms, atleast you should get 75%
      5) NO – OC. That means – No resale value after 5 – 10 years?
      I’m not looking for investment, I’m buying it for my own purpose though.
      yes, very difficult to sell without OC, will you buy a flat without OC?
      6) I’m looking at Wing 3. Is there any negatives on that wing? which i fail to notice?
      Sorry no clue
      7) Where are the electrical transformers / power-backup generators going to be placed for this project?
      Sorry no clue

    2. Akshu,
      1. It seems to me like a really good deal. The price quoted is quite less than what it was offered.
      2. My cousin who booked a flat had a similar query – when asked, Mana customer service team assured that lighting will improve once the construction finishes.
      3. Yes, there was a factory but it has been closed down (don’t know the reasons) so yes no more sounds of machines.
      4. I think you wrong at this Akshu. They promised 75% carpet area which they are delivering.
      5. My cousin purchased it for investment purpose and we often go there to celebrate holidays over weekends. To answer your question, Mana has provided OC & CC for all its projects irrespective of the size of and price within 6 months once the project has been handed over to all its customers.
      6. I don’t know why you’ve raised this question. I don’t find much of the difference in any of the wings. There isn’t anything to worry about.
      7. Electrical transformers are placed in the corner of the project (far away from the reach of people) and power backup generators are placed in the basement.

  5. What is the current latest status of Uber Verdant?…I have few concerns, somebody already booked please do help me as I’m planning one…
    – Are they providing any OC certificate
    – EHT lines?
    – Actual price per sq ft now?

    1. Dear Raju,
      – Mana has provided OC & CC for all its projects irrespective of the size of and price within 6 months once the project has been handed over.
      – As per BBMP & BESCOM, two competitive authorities which determine the distance to be maintained while building residential apartments has laid out guidelines which clearly states that 45 feet distance has to be maintained from the edge of the apartment. Mana has maintained over 100 feet distance.
      – Price per sq ft is Rs. 5600/-

  6. Hello all,

    I was very much interested in this project so wanted to gain all the possible details before buying. I got to know about the high tension wires going above few of amenities I spent more time inquiring about it. On KPTCL wesite they have given a map of high tension wires going through Karnataka. you can follow below link to access the map:

    In sarjapur location, a 220 kV line is shown as existing line. Which I suspect is the EHT line passing through Uber verdant (correct me if this is not the case). And according to google 220kV transmission line clearance is varying between 5-10 meters. In some links its shown upto to 35 meters which is definitely not the case with this project.

    So before you decide to invest in this project you must be very clear on following factors:
    1. Voltage these lines are carrying. (according to my understanding its 220kV)
    2. Electrical safety distance.
    3. What are the safety measures provided by the builder in case of any mishap.

    * The best way to be sure about #1 and #2 above is through KPTCL office.

    1. High (some say it is low) tension wire is definitely a concern to further explore.

      Another important aspect is ‘almost a guarantee’ that OC will NOT be provided – you can ask builder to show OC of any of the recent Sarjapur (or off) Road projects completed in last 4 years — they have 4 or 5 – where they provided OC.

      Other than these 2 aspects, I find the project very lucrative – builder is otherwise decent and has now gone big.

    2. Transmission line is a very big concern as it is pretty low as well in terms of height and eye sore, spoiling the beauty of the project and right over the open amenities like children play area, lawn etc. Layout of the apartments is not great either. No wonder they were offering discount of 450 1-2 weeks back. They shouldn’t be charging more than 4000 per sq ft for this project. Sales are moving very slow for this project. In today’s market, there are plenty of options as most of the builders are sitting with huge pile of “Ready to move in” inventory. One can easily buy the apartment at high price but resale is always an issue. Just imagine, one pays 3-4 lacs on the registration and if you want to sell, you would like to recover this cost as well and for the second buyer, cost goes up. Rent is a better option as there is hardly any appreciation happening in real estate. from last 2 years or so, returns have been 5-6% per year. Prices should further come down as builders have been inflating prices. Most of the builders are funded by private equity where builders has assured returns of 20% upwards to these investors. Builders essentially generate 40% plus from any sale.

  7. I am planning to book an apartment in Uber Verdant next week. The only concern for me is the OC and the Sales Tax/VAT. they are charging 4750 psft, but the Senior Manager confirmed me that he can give it at 4500 psft by keeping my booking in bulk booking. Just to make a point, My wife’s colleague has booked a flat in the project. His suggestion is to go ahead with the project(He also cleared my concerns). Please give me your views – looking for multiple views

    My questions are:

    1. Can I bargain more – say around 4000-4250 psft.
    2. Will ROI be good enough
    3. about possession – multiple persons multiple answers.

    1. I considered but dropped it due to 2-3 reasons.

      Yes must negotiate and am sure 4300-4400 is surely possible. Got this deal-1 month back however did not book,

      It is selling at a very high discount rate (compare to other projects- must be some reason so growth will also be less). Reason unsure but high tension wire is a concern and it will pass over few amenities. Please cross check but i think tennis court and kids play area for sure. and they are not looking at its removal. It will not be easier to resell if putting in money for investment.

      If I had to stay, would have still thought over the high tension wire point but not for for investment as buyers may have this concern.

    2. Answers
      1) No, they may not comedown to 4000 but 4100 seems decent number for both parties given the realty slowdown. This is just a guess.
      2) No, there wont be any ROI for MANA, as mana isnt like prestige or shobha. You have to count tax savings and rental income. And in long run, Mana properties lose charm very easily. Visit any 5-10 yr old mana project and decide by yourself. Mana jardin seems good because it is brand new.
      3) Mana has track record of delivering on time or + 6 months. Check past projects.

      And they charge very high VAT and other taxes, you will not get any definite answer for the question “why?” See prestige or any CAT A builder’s price list and compare.

      See rplusg comments before making decision, he covered important points for buyer.

  8. Guys,

    I was planning to buy an apartment in Uber.

    But, when i see the VAT rates, they are not in accordance with the govt norms. They are quoting 14.5% of 70% of total value. Although, it should have been 14.5% of 70% of construction cost(since VAT is value added service) or a simple calculation of 5.5% of total value. Anything beyond that is flouting norms. I wanted to write this here so that everyone who decides to invest in this project or are already invested should take a calculated decision and raise the concerns on the taxes and not just accept it because they are saying it. They say it is a JV project and what they have done is they are making us pay the tax share of the landlord. It is also true if you do the calculations as per the floor plan that the carpet area is close to 68%. But, I did measurements at their site and room size was coming short by 1-2″ then the quoted range. Now, it is quite possible that it is within norms. I may go with the project eventually but not before i make them rectify the taxes part. Hopefully my comment and feedback helps for potential buyers. Also, lot of ppl in this form are marketing ppl from Uber so do verify every bit of information before deciding on anything.

    1. Hello Sir,
      It is very useful post you have here. Did you eventually buy an apartment in this project? If so, where you satisfied with the VAT and Carpet area issues? Some boarders have here have concerns about OC, HT cable and noise from surrounding area, possibly from some industry near by. Did you have a chance to check on these things? I am thinking of buying a unit in this porject. Your feedback will be of great help. I request you to share your experience with all the above concerns and dealing of this group if you have bought a nit here. Thanking you in advance.

  9. Hi All,
    I am planning to buy a flat in Uber & thinking about HT wires(EMF-Electro Magnetic Fields radiation) which are just 60 ft away from flats.
    Does anyone enquired/analyzed about the effect of this HT-EMF?
    I have checked many articles about the EMF whether it is avoidable or too dangerous to health?
    Can you please let me know your inputs on this? Your inputs are highly appreciated.

    1. According to the BBMP & BESCOM guidelines, HT lines over any project should have a minimum of 45 feet distance maintained from the edge of the apartment. With reference to Uber Verdant, the builders have maintained more than 100 feet distance.

  10. Hi Guys,

    I was about to finalizing flat in Uber verdant, but everytime sales person says different about OC. Last time he said, there will be some extra money I will have to pay for OC and this time he said “OC can be given anytime between 0 – 5 ys after possession of flat and that too will be applied by association formed. How much is truth in that. Nobody else told this and I havent read this anywhere on internet. Also there this time I heard some continuous irritating sound from the factory nearby. Sales person said its generator sound which is very rare only happens when there is no power. Has anybody experience that sound ?

    1. 100% truth.
      “OC can be given anytime between 0 – 5 ys after possession of flat and that too will be applied by association formed” === Uber will not give you any OC.

      At best, they will apply for OC (meaning submit a letter to BBMP on A4 sheet paper requesting for OC).
      How it happens with builder who provide OC – Well, they provide OC and Association does not have to do anything!

      1. This is not correct and complete non-sense.

        OC is the responsibility of the builder and he has to get it from the BBMP before he can allow owners to occupy the apartments. OC means that builder constructed as per the approved plan and there was no deviation and other safety measures were taken care of and building is safe to occupy.

    2. Hi Sun
      did you buy flat in Uber verdant ? or do you know if any body bought it ? i am also planning to buy one there. can you give me your inputs.

      1. So Verdant still has stock left — even when it almost ready to move in and right on Sarjapur Main Road (in a very traffic congested zone) !!!
        What’s the catch guys – why are units still left over in a small / medium size complex that appears to tick almost all boxes?

        1. Guys,

          Below are the reasons as per my view point:-

          Property is overpriced when seen as “all inclusive package”. Rentals are more affordable and no EMI headache when someone loses job.
          More apartments per acre. Poor lighting as the design is poor. Inside apartments will not get light at all.
          Slowdown in IT sector.
          84000 unsold apartments in Bangalore. Better options of “Ready to move in” where builders are negotiating as much as 1000 per sq ft.
          Overhead transmission cable right in the middle of children play area/open area, complete eye sore.
          Big correction expected in the prices as sales are hardly moving and Builders need to service their loans and payback to PE funds with the returns of 20-25% or so.

  11. Hi All,

    I am planning to book flat in Uber Verdant this week. Has anyone else planning to book flat or has anyone booked flat recently in Uber verdant ? Can you guys share your experiences those who have booked flat recently ?

    Has this builder given OC for his other completed projects ?

    Sales person said he is going to provide CD of document to get verified ? Should he give set of documents instead of CD ?

    Are there any other things which i should pay special attention to ?

    1. In general, prices are too high, there is no way you can justify.
      Carpet area seems to very less for this project, around 65%. Normally it falls 75-80%. Though one should be paying as per the carpet area. Builders charge for the crap called super built up area. Real estate bill pending in the parliament should address this concern.

      Bangalore is flush with excess capacity of apartments. Till last month, some 60000 apartments were unsold which will take 4 years to clear off assuming no new projects are launched. Correction is expected as the current prices are unsustainable as people dont want to pay high exorbitant prices where you commit yourself to 15-20 years of EMIs and your job guarantee is only two months.

    2. Hi Vish,

      I have booked an apartment with Uber Verdant last year. I got the documents verified from a lawyer at that time and everything was fine. Regarding the OC, the sales team has told me that they will provide OC on possession of the apartment. As of last 1 year, I had good experience with the Mana team. At the time of booking this apartment, I was checking with two other properties as well. Their sales team were also very persuasive and talking very sweetly. But their construction status for last 1 year has not changed a lot (one informed me that they will deliver the apartment in Dec 2015, but have not started the basement yet). If you consider this point, Mana’s construction progress is very good. That is a very important point as in India lots of projects get delayed and they don’t handover the apt in time. The price of an apartment definitely varies based on the type of project. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment, then you should compare the price of other luxirious apartments (which are very high). These are my suggestion and it depends how the new buyers take it.

      1. Thank you Guys.


        What is your experience about buildup area? Dimensions they have mentioned in plan are not clear. Have they mentioned builtup area (carpet area) in agreement ? May I know what sqft flat did you buy and what was builtup area (in sqft) ? Did they ask for extra money for OC saying they have to pay some bribe and all ?

  12. Did anyone book an apartment in Uber Verdant ? I am looking at this actively. This for my personal use. Do you’ll have any suggestions?

    1. Hi i m Rajesh, I have booked flat in verdant. Happy with progress of work as of today and quality of construction. Its high raise premium apartments. I would recommend Uber verdant.

  13. Uber Verdant is a good brand. My friend has booked a flat in Uber Verdant which is located in sarjapur road, i found it nice but i felt price is high. I liked the nearby areas because it matters for me. Apart from the flat i like the greenery around the locality and there is some sense of peace and calm as it is not found in other localities. So if anyone is looking for flat in sarjapur road i will suggest them Uber Verdant.

  14. I am Kalpana, I have bought a 2bHK flat from Uber Verdant recently in Sarjapur road. I personally happy to say that I got quality of flat which is extremely good and the amenities, the doors, windows, the electrical sockets, the tile, the construction materials, the comfortable place for vehicle parking almost all good. Within my budget I got my flat with the quality of materials I’m very much happy with this builder. If anyone is searching home to buy just go to Manaproejcts office with that aim but without having second thought in your mind.

    1. I sense some marketing stuff here. Without even getting possession, how one can say everything is good?? This is beyond ridiculous. Uber Verdant is ~2 years away from possession and you are saying “I got quality of flat which is extremely good and the amenities, the doors, windows, the electrical sockets, the tile, the construction materials,” 🙂

      Did you confuse your flat with model flat?

  15. We (my family) have purchased an apartment in Mana Jardin. It has been a pleasant experience for us. Right from the letter Go – they have been extremely helpful. Their interactions with us show integrity. The services of Sony and Sandra from the office end and Umesh and Akhilesh are to be appreciated. The sell – but with a ‘human touch’. So far, they have delivered what they promised. If we could afford to and plan to buy another apartment – it will from Mana projects.

  16. Good for you Kapil and thanks for taking a divergent view (else only the disguntled seem to voice their experiences!

    2 quick Qs:
    (1) Did you get OC?
    (2) Did you get electrical drawing + STP / lift related documents?

  17. I found Mana projects a very good option.
    I bought Mana Placido around 3 years back, and totally satisfied with everything for quality of construction, documents handover and on time delivery.
    +1 for Mana Projects.


    Their sales team is very rude and humiliating..

    1. One gets trapped easily by looking at their model apartment.
    2. They increase per sqft price once in two weeks during the pre-launch and fool the customer to pay more. No justice to customers and no value for money.
    3. When I inquired about one of their upcoming projects a couple of times, the sales guy was very rude to me asking me if I work for any other builder and if I were extracting the project details for their competitors.

    We as investors or buyers have the right to information as we put in our hard earned money.
    If their sales team is so proud for nothing, then there is no point in giving a thought about this builder.

    Due to the reality boom in Bangalore, we find a paradox of choices and it becomes difficult to take time out of our busy schedules and find the best place to move in.
    It is important for all of us to evaluate deeply “the give and take process” between the builder and the customer.
    Being a customer, we become the public opinion(or voice) for any project. And if organizations like “MANA”, don’t respect their customers we should not give them a place to grow.

    1. I visited Mana (Uber Verdant Project) couple of times in the search of a 2 BHK, initial look and amenities looks good… but when I checked closely it raised quite a few questions than answers.

      1. High tension wire through the project is quite dangerous.
      2. The construction quality is okay nothing great about it.
      3. Apart from the balconies the design pattern is pretty olden type, though we need privacy but entry to the kitchen and rooms are narrow and not modern, gives a feeling of closeness.
      4. There is big land parcel in the front of the project so any commercial or big project may come in front.
      5. The flat area that was shown to me as saleable area was different than what was shown to my friend, his was bigger area for the same flat, not sure how mana realized now after constructing 8+ floors and 1 + years post the construction started.
      6. Some of the older project on / off the sarjapur road are shabby though some might have got awards.
      7. There are other projects on this road which are better when compared.
      8. The VAT and sales tax is very very high. Shoba aspiration homes just a few kms away and behind the 3 big IT parks with 1200 sft are more competitively priced.

      Keeping all the above in mind please take an informed decision.

    2. The best part about this builder most of “real” people agree they are very rude in dealing with the customer. You cannot ask sales person your query also I felt. More importantly i found most of the answer as LIE. Though I liked the apartment concept wise, I got negative vibes dealing there. and also they are not transparent in dealing.
      Moreover above points about Tax, measurement, quality I felt, so I did not bought my “DREAM HOUSE” with landscape balcony 😉

  19. I brought an apartment constructed by Mana Projects and would like to recommend this builder as my apartment was completed so in time and with all the amenities and tings mentioned. The builder is easily approachable and constructs with high quality standards. He accommodated small change requests quickly making to choose this builder for my next apartment. I am very happy that I chose Mana Builders and also planing to go with them again for my next apartment. You can rely on this builder for quality and on time delivery of apartments. You will never get dissatisfied as Mana projects is very focussed on Customer Satisfaction and Quality. Good Luck with your apt search and you can go with Mana Project Builders if you want quality along with customer service.

    1. Can you tell me when did you buy this apartments. and Whats the current Price.. Heard they stick to their price, You dont have much of negociation power. ALso came to know They are coming with Premium Villa project at Sarjapur, whats its price, if launched. Whats so unique about this Villa project etc. .

      1. When I met them last, they told villa project is getting dropped and they will announce apartment there.
        I liked the project :

        1. was not clear on dimensions yet. they have sent detailed layout of few flats chosen. Still it looks a bit cramped. Any idea what is carpet/super build up area ratio. Confuded as they told 70% but am reading 65% at a lot of places.

        2. What is the potential to grow. Price is more or less 4750 for last 1 yr. Will it appreciate. I mean how credible is Mana Builders. Very little info available on internet.

    2. Dear Bhaskar,
      Atleast disguise your real intent when you post since its blatantly obvious that you are from Mana marketing team! Next time throw in some questions, as about the area and then advertise about Mana projects. Then your post would be more credible.

      1. Bhaskar Kulkarni is my neighbor in Mana Placido I am not sure why some one claiming he is from marketing team, Come and visit Mana Placido his apartment number is S13

  20. I did my third visit at Uber Verdant Site to make sure that i take right decision. Found project very good, esply floor plan, amenities provided, landscaped balcony, construction quality etc.Checked with few residents of other Mana projects also, feedback from them also have been good. Need you people suggetions

  21. One last suggestion from my side, if you are going to buy in mana properties.

    Donot get fooled by their model flat, when i enquired about interiors details of model flat, marketing guys didn’t tell much about how much they spend on interiors decoration or which designer did for model flat. As i liked interiors, i took my cousin(who does interiors to small size software companies in bangalore), he confirmed that those interiors was worth more than 30-40 lacs, for a 3bhk, i was shocked to know that they spent that many lacs to make sure customer falls in love with model flat and increase positive thoughts towards buying from Mana. This might not be a very bad idea, but for sure will divert your thoughts from important issues like “Not giving OC, hi tension wires…etc”

    Just remember, it is next to impossible to get such interiors to your flat(unless you want to spend 30 lacs for interiors), even if you do, it will be much difficult to maintain, if you have kids 🙂

    1. I’m very much happy with this builder in terms of their constructing strategies and style of developing projects. Is it right that they will not compromise with the qualities of materials, suppose if they are going to invest little more money for interiors compare to other don’t feel sad or shock, they can provide quality of homes with the extra power amenities. You can get positive feedbacks from their existing customers as well as from the outers; I’m going to book my dream flat by next week end…

      1. Im quite impressed with the excellent quality measures the builder had taken and the pace at which the construction is progressing.
        You dont need to worry about OC which will be provided by the builder and the same has been clearly mentioned even in their Sales Agreement.
        Yes, there is high tension wire which is in fact is quite far from the building /wing 1
        No builder will get permission to build any permanent structure under high tension wire.
        It is always prudent to check on these technicalities with expert to ensure that you take right decision. As far as Uber Verdent is concerned no one need to worry about OC. As for High tension wire, it will not course any effect as the building has maintained more than required norms prescribed by the govt.

        You should go have look at development and model flat to take an informed decision

        1. @everyone, please ignore above two comments. It is pretty evident that, above two comments are from UBER’s marketing team.
          Nice try marketing team.

      2. Dear Praneeth, Rosina,
        Please disguise your real intent (of marketing the project) when you post since its blatantly obvious that you are from Mana marketing team! Next time throw in some questions, ask about the area/locality, connectivity, compare with nearby projects and then advertise about Mana projects.

        1. Hi Rajesh – The reason is that if Verdant gets an OC then it will be first for Mana (who I believe have approx 10 completed projects).

          I did hear whispers that Mana Placido OC has come, but nobody has seen that OC till date.

          PS – applying for an OC and getting an OC are two fundamentally different things.

  22. Hi, If anyone purchasing/booked a flat in Uber Verdant, please let me know. I need to discuss on the same. It will be helpful for everyone.

    1. Hi,

      For the past 2 days, I have been collecting details on the project as we had planned to book one 3 BHK apt facing the lawn.

      On close observation of the floor plan, I found that the kitchen of our apt shares a COMMON WALL with the master bedroom of the adj apt. When I called the sales person and enquired abt this, he cooly says “Yes mam it is technical flaw in the design. WHy shld u be worried only the other one with MB shld be concerned” .

      Following this conv, I am not getting proper responses for my calls/ messages. Looks like they really do not care for customers. All they want is saome scape goats who readily pays them the booking amt wihout any questions.

      I have already dropped my plans. So do not get cheated by their fancy videos/ amenities/ model flats. Please pay more details for the basic aspects that pay vital role in day to day life.

      1. I think you can check for the construction quality of UBER apartments. Construction industry is VERY different in bangalore, but I tend to look at the quality of the materials used to build the wall structures, thickness of the wall and the time frame during which the wall is built. I heard UBER apartments construction in sarjapur road is tending to be thick, sturdy, slowly-constructing (and thus with more attention). I also got a feedback from their other projects that SOUNDPROOFING is fantastic.

      2. I have visited quite good number of apartments which are under construction and ready to occupy as a part of my search to identify the one that fits my requirements and budget.

        Uber Verdant was one of them, i have seen few of their flats both 2 and 3 BHKs, The specific one you are talking about , somehow I missed it. But, the fact of the matter is I was extremely impressed with their floor plan and design which provides maximum sun light and ventilation .and also with green concept employed. Uber Verdant’s total design, amenities, high-end features, kind of brands used etc and in fact over all quality standard they have maintained as of today seems nothing short of best in this category. There is no denying in that. whether we liked their sales staff or not, this is one of the best project I have seen.
        Construction completed sofar clearly shows that it has done even as per or better than the “fancy video”.
        Better admit if anyone wants to pay more details on basic aspects and even more, this is the right project if this comes within your budget. Frankly budget was only my constrain..

  23. Please try to visit and see the issues people facing in earlier projects of MANA:
    1. Outside structure looks fantastic
    2. Timing of completion of project is good
    3. Location of projects are good

    1. No OC given for any project
    2. Extra amount asked by builder to give OC
    3. Tiles quality used is not good
    4. Water leakage in bathroom
    5. Cracks in basement wall
    6. Electric circuit diagram not proper
    7. Carpet area is very less

    I wanted to buy flat @Uber Verdant new project. But I came to know later that this is the first project by the construction company “UBER” and doing this in hand to hand with “MANA”.
    When i tried to get clear information from sales team, they have not provided any clear picture instead they seems to be lying a lot. They were rude too. Also there is no transparency for the project. There are HT wires too.
    As i did not got any clear input and they want to sell their flat just on pressurizing the customer, i didnt went ahead with them.

    1. I too had a bad experience with this project.
      I had done my booking and given the booking amount check. But due to unethical behavior and non clear response I had to cancel the booking and took back my check.
      There was very rude and unethical dealing from them.
      Please clarify all your points before booking and read the points mentioned clearly. Don’t believe on verbal communication or you will have no chance later except loosing your money.

      1. Dear Bangalore Citizen,

        Can you please share your experience? Not heard much negative about their customer service report so far…

    2. I was looking to buy a flat in sarjapur road and landed at UBER Verdant. I enquired more about this builder and their previous completed projects. I enquired from their pre-existing customers about commencement certificate, occupancy certificate, copies of land registration,Encumbrance certificate, tax paid receipts, etc they produced and they’ve been given all. But they said there was little delay for getting all documents and they got it eventually.

      However for under construction apartments OC Certificate will be given only after the construction is completed. I am planning to book a flat in UBER..

  24. Vat rate seems to be too high in uber verdant compared to any other builders in Bangalore. Please guide me on that .

    1. Hi Meera,

      I have got quote from major developers in sarjapur road to book a flat and compared them. It seemed like Uber Verdant has charged high VAT, initially. But later when I checked for the construction costs it is pretty much low as compared to other builders.

      As per my SWOT analysis, all builders charge less VAT to impress the buyers and they will increase the construction cost. But I found uber charging less construction price and more VAT which is good.

    2. Yes the VAT and the Service tax is too high. If you ask any sales person their about it they will say after booking you can check with our finance team, but first do the booking. Its just a game that builder is playing by reducing the base amount and increasing the taxes. There are 2 companies involved Uber and Mana so their would be some number played at backend. The more interesting thing is according to a Supreme Court ruling of 2010, builders cannot charge for parking space, yet most of them continue to do so.
      Buying a home is need for human and to take advantage of need (being inhuman) is what we see.

  25. My experience with Mana Builders:

    I was interested in Ground floor flat in Mana Jardin, after reading all reviews, i choose an auspicious day to go to Mana Office with a check, as negotiations were already done couple of days before.
    Before i go to their office, one last time i want to visit the site, as the salesman said, in ground floor, some work is already done, i can see the flat surroundings etc. After seeing the flat, i got suspicious about measurements, so i asked him to bring a tape and measure across pillars.

    On papers, bedroom was 12X14 = 168 sft. in reality it is just 10X12=120 i.e. 48 sft. ~ Rs 2,00,000/-
    And then i realized it’s not just bedroom, everything is too small, compared to plan on papers.

    We know that if we pay money to 2000sft, we get only 70-80% of SBA, ie 1400-1600 sft, effectively your flat’s carpet area. This varies from builder to builder.
    Mana promises 75% but in reality that is not even 63%, including walls.

    I asked salesman and his manager, where is the mistake, i didn’t get any definite answer, but I and them want to proceed ahead with booking. They said, by the time of possession, everything will be alright. I asked, if there is any measurement mismatch happens by the time to possession, who will bear the loss. Again there is no definite answer. It was a long discussion but finally i couldn’t proceed ahead because they are not ready mention about this difference(loss) in agreement. Finally they said that they will comeback to me in one week but i’ve to pay after one week price, rather what we decided earlier, i said yes to that, because i liked property very much.

    Later i got email from them, saying that they sold the flat to someone else. Not sure i should feel happy about it or not.

    1. You should feel happy about it… & more over you should through a party to your friends ….

      most of them in n around anywhere in India ( real estate) are making fool of bholi-bhali janta… what can be more non-sense .. 14*12 size comes out to be 12*10… what the feel.. & 14*12 should have been excluding the walls…

      1. Already Chennai,Mumbai,Gurgaon are in real slow down. Here prices are hugely inflated. TN Govt is facing short revenue downfall as housing registrations slowed big time.I feel price will crash, if Jaitley dont continue PCs madness.But he can do something to delay the fall.The earlier the better its for all.

        1. I agree bala..just inform your friends not to book any apartment or give a call to builder for few months..all builders will close shop..

          Since india does not have any real estate regulatory mechanism..its better not be buy any apartment. All builders are going to cheat the public’s hard earned money.

          We will wait for BUY 1 GET 1 Offer.Already super tech has started in Noida..this will continue in other cities soon.

          1. Hi Ram, i really wish that could happen but it won’t. Because, consider a project has 200 flats, builder will get back his money even if he is able to sell 30% of flats. Remaining 70% is his profit and use it to start few more projects. Builder can wait till the end, coz he is not losing any money.

            If you consider any above middle class person like me, i ended up paying 5 lacs of rent from last 2 years, for a tiny 1100 sft flat, that doesn’t even has active water source. 🙂
            What im saying is, it is very difficult to continue living in a rented place for long time.

            Good part is, atleast now people aren’t blindly investing in real estate for 2nd and 3rd flat. Hence the slow down, i guess. Apart from inflated prices, this could be one more reason.

            1. @R+G == And there is a section of middle class people, such as myself, who have lived their (working) lives in rented apartments 🙂

              Just by financial maths, not taking into account the discomfort / limitations of rented acco – rightly or wrongly, renting may come out to be cheaper. According to a recent report, for Bengaluru ====== Individuals earning up to Rs 15 Lakhs are are better off renting whereas Individuals with income of 15 – 19 Lakhs are in “buy or rent” category. Individuals earning more than 10 lakhs are better off buying a home ======

              Keeping research & maths aside, I love the flexibility offerred by rented homes (in terms of location, amenities, carpet area, design, direction facing and so on so forth).

            2. @rplug – There are million homes available in Bangalore..i.e 10 lakhs boss..this does not include under construction property as per the Hindu newspaper..

              Rent is always cheaper then buying…You have life to live else we all will live to pay EMI only..My sugggestion is to wait till there is real estate regulatory in place..since we cannot trust the builders words at this moment.. before you give the money you can be the king..AFTER THAT BUILDER WILL THE KING..that is all..

              If you do not have a property then i would suggest u to go and buy at any time..the problem is one person is not enough to pay the amount for completion of project..Anyway wish you gud luck for your decision

              1. Many people who bought flats in past few years are selling flats, just to cover the costs they spent on. When buyers buy this, they think its an intelligent decision as its below market price they buy.But its really so?

                Say a flat that gives 2 lak rent per annum. If I can stretch PE till 25 , the max price should be 50Lak . If somebody has already paid 1 cr, it doesnt mean buyer also make same mistake of paying 1 cr,just because builder tries to sell for 1.2 cr. So do your valuation.If its premium builder, increase some amount in construction cost, not to land and overall cost. Again , Its not mobile spec where one can claim APPLE is premium phone . Unitech ,DLF were premium builders just 7 years ago.What happened to them?No agency has to say and rate, this is what spec premium builders use and what spec average builders use based on some measurable stuffs.So lot of room for speculations. Hold you speculative instinct.

              2. @bhairav rented property is always my first choice, provided owner is sensible and not greedy. Which is difficult but not impossible.

                @ram i already purchased flat, sometime back. Now I’m looking for 2nd one, with more money(~1cr) and this time i’m willing to wait till regulatory bill is in place. But as you know, this govt is always in favor of builders.

                just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKQrehyJ6ko

                You will realize how builder gets upper hand, always.

              3. Mr. Ram,

                Neither i am buyer neither a seller at this point in time, but i have already invested in couple of properties, i feel u r one among those ppl who just demotivate people , if u r words would had been ryt then no body is this world would had made money out of investment in properties, i own 6 flats i bought everthing in pre-launch stage i have got good appreciation and also rental values(average) and i keep buying and selling but thank god i have never lost any money it all depends on your way of thinking , project delay is very common upto 6 months and i should be acceptable, i personally request you not to guide ppl with your non-sense ideas, bangalore and noida are two different markets, every year their is migration of 3% population in the city thats increasing the life in bangalore and evenutaully they will need homes , if you dont have accurate knowledge about market then please stop being a half knowledged ad visor. and mark my words untill nd unless u change ur thought u will never buy a home.

                I acknowledge i have no relation with any seller or buyer, but i have seen this persons comment on most of blogs… request you all to ignore his words and go ahead with what you ppl feel is ryt..



                1. @sameer, I donot know why you personally targeting Mr Ram. He is just expressing his understanding, People who are worth advising, would never do any such personal attacks. Anyways, its upto you, have a nice day !

            3. @rplusg

              i ended up paying 5 lacs of rent from last 2 years, for a tiny 1100 sft flat

              Ever calculated, how much you would have paid to the bank had you owned that flat?

              To begin with, the down payment itself, of say 20L, for that flat, when put in an FD can easily fetch you 13k per month (post tax), i.e. more than 3Laks in 2 years. If invested in a business, you can earn much more than 5 Lakhs.

              And if you thought, increase in the price of that flat will offset the EMI outgo and FD income loss (opportunity cost), do you really think, you are ever going to sell your HOME to realize that VIRTUAL “profit”?

              Importantly, apartment prices are stagnant at this moment, and will be so for a LONG LONG time, before crashing to some extent. So, effectively, you are not going to make any profit on selling your HOME bought at the current prices, if you chose to do so. Nor do you need to worry about paying high if you decide to buy later.

              However, if owning a HOME is more of an emotional issue, go ahead. Make sure, it’s affordable to you. Don’t stretch yourself to get into a debt trap. Try to keep EMI outgo 35-37% of your income.

    2. @rplusg

      Feel Happy about it. You saved yourself from a lot of pain and future agony. The builder is CHEATING people. What else do you call it?

      Now, here is one thing that I find common among most of the buyers:

      The compulsion to buy, overlooking well-known traps and compromising on major issues, at the time of finalizing the deal

      Why so much hurry? I understand that Sales and Marketing guys play a lot of psychological games to rope you. They tell you how prices are going to increase tomorrow and why you should seal-the-deal TODAY. You also—after spending a lot of time and energy searching—want to close the deal and go back to work and relax. And then, there is a broader psychology in our society that Real Estate prices are perennially increasing, and you are losing out every day by not closing a RE deal soon.

      I suggest, you go through the posts on this forum. You will soon realize that: RE prices are NOT going up anytime soon. They are, at best, stagnant at this moment and will continue to remain so for a long long time. So no hurry. Don’t fall into a trap and repent later. Continue your search and settle only when you feel you got the best value for your hard earned money.

      Moreover, if it’s for self use, assure yourself that everything you wanted is in place, and that there are no future surprises or shocks waiting for you. Still better, go for a ready-to-move-in project, where you can measure each and very inch of your flat and get a feel of it before buying. It may cost more, but in current scenario, that’s what makes more sense. Even premium builders are delaying projects by years.

      There is just too much of risk in going for a under construction project. Builders are going to delay projects as they are deep in debt. For them, it makes more sense to route incoming money in repayment than in completing the project. Delays also give them enough time to sell while they hold on to high prices.

      Read my related post here:


      Good Luck.

      1. I agree with you Manjusree. All i can see is fake inflation, and news papers supporting fake hike in prices.
        All buyers should be little patient for 6 months or an year to see real potential.

      2. nice article ..well said. congrats for that

        All builders are struggling to finish project..take a look at mantri webcity..its delayed by 8 months..but now they have launched another project in manyata..

        they will collect the money from this proejct and route this to webcity for starting..its a cascading effect..that is the reason for new launch. All launches are in papers only.

        so do not get into RE till govt implements a regulators..till now builders are not worried about COURT or any govt agency..so lets all pray

        1. All negative things I am reading here appears negative propaganda by competitors.
          I am a buyer in Man’s another project and I can vouch for:
          [1] You will never get OC – in Mana scheme of things, OC does not exist.
          [2] The electrical diagram was never drawn – they themselves do not know which wire originates where and terminates where … couple of years later, you would realize the mess.
          [3] Fittings may go bad and even if you figure it our very early (when builder is supporting for 1 year), the non functional item will suddenly go out of market (so no replacement).
          [4] If you thought the final finishing should be done properly – whether of the apartment or for the complex, then please add 1 year from whenever you take possession and get used to bad finishing in that 1 year.
          [5] Get used to this remark / answer / response for all discussions you later have with builder – “See, how much profit you have already earned. You purchased at a very low rate”.
          [6] Sometimes only – seepage / tile chip or crack / STP issues etc – but only sometimes.

          Now, where in your agreement has Mana said they 100% will provide all of the above?
          And when did they claim to be a top builder?
          Or did they say that they will honor their promise?

          NO – to all of the above 3 questions!
          Hence, it is proved that all negative observations in this thread do not have much basis.

          1. I am a resident of mana placido at whitefield. I can see a very responsive maintenance team. Great manager. Beautiful interiors. Dog friendly environment. Wonderful neighborhood within walking distance to bars and restaurants. Would recommend to those to want to live in an urban, artistic environment.

            I suggested a premium flat in uber verdant ( mana projects) for my cousin as he was looking in sarjapur road. I hope Uber verdant will definitely comes well as they have successfully completed many projects in bangalore.

      3. I have also bitter story to share…feel like cheated both by Mgmt and Land Owner of Uber…I was trying to book a 3 BHK currently builder wants to sell only the ones which are not on popular location and later they will sell the prime flats at premium rate..though i dont disagree their marketing strategy….anyone would want to get the best of their investment..anyway..i thought of going for one flat on 9th floor… i met marketing guys and wanted to check for few things…however in a day or 2 the guy say the flat is booked by someone else which he was not aware of initially…and offered for some other flat…when i said no i would go for same apt ..then after 2 days they came back it is still available…but you need to hurry…meanwhile i got contact from Marketing agent who are dealing with owner share…they offered a better apt location wise and Rs 50 /sqft discount. I went ahead and did the booking….a day before going for agreement..he called me that owner had to give that apartment to one of their relative as its family matter…hence deal didnt go through…Finally I have to drop plan for buying a property in Uber

    3. My experience in searching a flat

      I was looking to buy a flat in sarjapur road and was curious to visit some projects in sarjapur road. I was impressed and felt very genuine when I visited mana projects atlast.

      I asked for the customer testimonials of their previous projects and they referred many customers numbers with details. I contacted them and got all positive response from them that they got what they’ve paid for.

      All the dimensions are proper as mentioned and the construction quality is also comparatively good.

    4. HI Rplusg,
      They didn’t sell flat anybody, just what you ask they can’t do so indirectly they want to give impression they have lot’s of customer which is not true.

  26. Has anybody booked a flat here? I don’t see any owner group yet. Do you know if SBI is approved for this project?

    1. Hi Ramesh,

      Builder has informed that SBI has approved for this project. You can check with the builder also. They can provide you the SBI approval copy.

    2. Anyone planning to book flat in verdant…if yes we can try for grp booking for best price..vaibhav.cari@ gmail.com

  27. I feel this building turns amazing and when it comes to amenities and quality of fixtures, finishes, etc. Plus the apartments are looking spacious. Location-wise, you can’t do much better. I mean, it’s Sarjapur Road, one of the wealthiest areas in the Bangalore city.

      1. I see lot of advertisement on this project….but has anyone booked flat in Uber Verdant, because I don’t find any Owner’s group where I can get real feedback..Also High Tension wires are passing over amenities area…is it safe?

      2. Hi Vaibhav,
        I haven’t booked a flat in Uber Verdant but I visited the site sometime back. There are a few flats available. The current price should be Rs. 5600/- per sq. ft

    1. Hi, has anyone booked a flat here? What is the VAT they are charging? I m planning to book a flat there but VAT seems quite high.


    1. I am owner of a flat in Mana placido in Whitefield. Please note you ask for OC before possession since these guys may not give you OC so easily. In Placido, even after one year of possession builder not providing the OC probably since they have some deviations. After Mumbai’s ‘Campa Cola’ incident there has been lot of awareness regarding OC (Occupancy certificate) so make sure you ask them about it today.

  28. Dear Neha,

    You can confidently go ahead with this project. as said by a Ninja they have initiated an irrigation project. more over they have Rain water Harvester

    1. Rain water harvesting is compulsory for all apartments in Bangalore. There is nothing special in this project. It is similar to any C grade builder project.

      1. Vinay, Centralized Automated Irrigation System is something which is unique speciality in the project. Please do not generalise things unnecessarily.

  29. Rumour says that the HT wiring is a concern.Also,they are asking 20% payment without bank appovals,which is risky,
    But it has a four star rating.

    1. Hi,

      What do you mean by your comment (they are asking 20% without bank approvals)? Please clarify. It would be helpful.

    2. According to the Govt norms, HT lines over any project should be 5-6 meters away but the builders have left around 15-16 meters distance for the same. They developers will show you the clearance certificate too issued by the Govt.
      It is a norm from RBI to pay 20%. Rest can be paid through bank loans

  30. Hi Abhishek,

    It is indeed advisable to invest in this property.If you look at its website you will changed your opinion on Uber Verdant instantly.And for the water problem,they have initiated an irrigation project.So no worries there.
    I hope this was helpful.

      1. This is just a trash to sell their project. People are not going to do agriculture in their apartment that they need irrigation system. Builders are coming with all sorts of new marketing strategy to sell their inventory.

        1. Vinay,
          I would request you to visit the property once and have a chat with the people residing there for better understanding. It is not always about selling or marketing, it’s about providing something unique than others.

      2. Every balcony is a landscaped one with a small garden inclined with automation irrigation system technology for worry-free maintenance. This was what Ninja Assasin was talking about. Nevertheless, you can always see the property and check the features before buying it.

      3. Every balcony is a landscaped one with a small garden inclined with automation irrigation system technology for worry-free maintenance.

  31. Hi Harsha,

    There are high tension lines over this project.
    Do you think it is advisable to invest in this property?
    I am looking for a property for self stay.
    Also what is your outlook on water problem in Sarjapur road.
    Is it worth to invest and live in this area?
    Looking forward to your fruitful suggestion.


    1. Hi Team,

      Please share your reviews on the projects in terms of above queries(water & HTW)
      Would also like to know about the builder

      1. I have also concern on the HT wire. Based on my research on internet I have not found any proven disclaimer. The HT wire seems to be 30-40 ft away from the boundary where they are providing tennis court and children play area. I am not sure of the height of the wire but i feel that most dangerous would be if that falls down due to some unforeseen circumstances…God forbid…

        1. Your concern is right. If you are paying so much money why to take risk, however small it is. There are so many alternatives in the market.

          1. Big NO to anywhere near to HT wires… listen to this

            “one of my friend is from Odissa, Gopalpur — where last years cyclone made a landfall… he had a pakka makan.. wasnt that worried … next day he receives call from home that Entire 3 Story “Ghar” has developed cracks leading to gaps … ”

            when i asked what really happened was the cyclone so bad & media – gov. nexus made a low reporting … ? he said no there was a HT wire which snapped & then it made circus @ its radial distance … making a lot of them on verge of fall.

            — So you might say.. it was 200KMph Speed of cyclone wind which would have engaged the wire to snap & bangalore wont see that day… True… but the point is “Risk kaiko lene ka” ( what take the risk) … buy something which is not next to HT wires… Simple… 🙂

          2. I agree with Vinay that risks shouldn’t be taken where a lot of money is involved. But with this project, there doesn’t seem to be such a concern. The Developers have clearance certificate issued by Govt once they have supervised the HT wire issue. So, investing in this property is not at all risky, that what I think

        2. Hi Prav,
          I have visited this property and surprised to find a lot of people having the same doubts of the HT Wires. It seems to me that some negative branding has been done from the end of the competitors against the Mana Developers.
          As per BBMP & BESCOM, two competitive authorities which determine the distance to be maintained while building residential apartments has laid out guidelines which clearly says that 45 feet distance has to be maintained from the edge of the apartment. With regards to Uber Verdant, they distance is more than 100 feet distance. So, they are ensuring full safety

    2. Hi Abhishek, one of my friend has booked an apartment at Uber Verdant. Having a keen interest in real estate properties, I have visited this property and can help you with few of your doubts.

      According to the Govt norms, HT lines over any project should be 5-6 meters away but the builders have left around 15-16 meters distance for the same. They developers will show you the clearance certificate too issued by the Govt. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the water issue at Sarjapur Road. So I would just say, if you’re looking to buy this property, go ahead

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