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Prestige Park View

Prestige Park View Bangalore

Prestige Park View Bangalore is a new project being launched in Whitefield by Prestige Group. The project is located very close to Hope Farm Junction and ITPB.

Prestige Park View offers 2 & 3 BHK apartments ranging from 1220 sft to 2023 sft. 2BHK has two options 1215 sft and 1267 sft, 3BHKs are available in 3 configurations 1698 sft, 1836sft and 2023 sft. The pre-launch pricing is Rs.3500/- valid till 3rd week of July whereas the official launch price is expected to be Rs.3650/-

Prestige Park View Location

1 Km to the left of Hope Farm junction when coming from ITPB, right next to Ujwal/Ujval Vidyala School

Prestige Park View Master Plan

Prestige Parkview Masterplan

Prestige Parkview Masterplan



Prestige Park View Floor Plans

Prestige Parkview 2 BHK - 1215 sft

Prestige Parkview 2 BHK - 1215 sft

Prestige Parkview 2 BHK - 1267 sft

Prestige Parkview 2 BHK - 1267 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 1698 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 1698 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 1836 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 1836 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 2023 sft

Prestige Parkview 3 BHK - 2023 sft


Prestige Park View Locality

Prestige Parkview provides easy access to all BMTC Vayu Vajra / Volvo bus services ending/starting at Kadugodi. The metro phase 2 project will run right in front of it boosting connectivity. Check out the exclusive article on future prospects of Hope Farm Junction – Kadugodi – NH4 stretch

Proximity to ITPB (2km), Forum Value Mall (3km), Forum Mall in Prestige Shantiniketan (3km), EPIP (5km) , Park Square Mall (2km) are a plus.

With a good location and an attractive pricing Prestige Parkview could turn out to be an excellent choice.

Other projects that may interest you

Prestige Tranquility – New launch on Budigere Road

Skylark Esta – Near Hoody Circle

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Prestige Park View Buyers Group

Are you really serious about buying a villa/apartment in this project, then why not join the Buyer’s Group. It’s a well known fact that approaching a builder as a group has its benefits, who knows you may get a good discount. Of course you are only planning or undecided then you should leave a comment here or check out the forum.

Prestige Park View Forum Feed

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  101 Responses to “Prestige ParkView / Park View – Location, Pricing, Review & Opinions”

  1. Any idea what would be the distance between two blocks? Will there be a proper ventilation and sunlight for 2 BHKs?

  2. Urgently required 2/3bhk flat for purchase in prestige park view budget market rate

    If you have any direct owners plz send mail arora7812@yahoo.com

  3. If anyone interested to sell a 2 bhk in this project please send details on email:bipin.kmcse@gmail.com

  4. Hi – I am interested in buying a 2/3 bhk here. If someone has one available to sell, please let me know alongwith your contact details.

  5. Is anyone ready to sell a 2 bhk in this project? I checked with prestige and came to know that this project is completely sold out. Can anyone update me on the current pricing as well?


  6. Hi , i am interested in purchasing a 2 BHK . Please contact me 9769268663

  7. Am looking to buy a 3 bhk in this project. If anyone has one to sell, please let me know.

  8. I’m looking for 3bhk flat – 1839 sq.ft option in Prestige Park View.

    Please let me know the best pricing and is it a good option if I think of settling in Whitefield within 6 months (I heard the construction will complete by Dec’14 – not sure this is on-target).

  9. Is there some problem with the project? I have been going to that area for the last 4 months … Can’t see any progress…sobha habitech which started about 6 months later seems to have overtaken this project.

  10. I’m interested in 3BHK with 1839 sq.ft. Please contact me if somebody plans to sell.

  11. Hi everyone

    I have a question for Prestige Park View owners; can I ask the builder to increase the size of windows ? What all alterations can the builder do for us without extra charges ?

  12. I m looking for a 3bhk in prestige park view. If anybody interested in selling, please let me know.


  13. Am interested in buying a 2BHK here. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in selling.

  14. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing a 3BHK 1836 sqft in Prestige Park View resale. Please contact me at 8884719024.

    Also, Owners – what is the progress of the apartment, will it get delivered in Dec 2014 as promised?


  15. One of my closed friend is looking to buy 2 BHK of 1272 sqft area in tower 1 and/or 4 . please contact me if anyone is interested to sell.

  16. looking for 3bhk 1800 r 2023 ..anyone selling thn pls mail bharatmbsingh@gmail.com

  17. Looking to buy 2/3 bhk flat in Prestige Park View. Please contact vasanthan13@ymail.com. Thank you.

  18. Hi,
    I am interested in buying a 3 BHK in Prestige Parkview (around 1700 – 1800 sq ft.) . Please let me know if anyone is interested in selling

  19. Interested in buying 1698 sqft 3 bhk in prestiege park view. Do let us know the price

    • I have a 3 BHK in sobha amethyst in case it would be an interest to you, pls call me at 9886110751, 6 PM afterwards preferably.

  20. Am interested in buying 2 BHK flat is Prestige Park View. Pls contact on my mobile no 8105173344

  21. Am looking for 2 / 3 BHK apartment. If anyone is intrested in selling kindly let me know. I would also appreciate any information on tenetative completion date.

  22. Interested in buying 2BHK/3BHK at Parkview. Please contact if anybody interseted to sell.

  23. What is the current price going in prestige park view?
    Also, any idea what is on the empty plot besides PPV. I checked the location it said, ‘private property’. Just wondering if any other future developments (other builders) may come up here??

  24. Hi looking for 2 /3 BHK anyone selling provide details

    • I have 2 BHK available,which i want to sell. Please reach out to me @ 9 9 1 6 6 6 5 1 1 6 . Base rate is 5500 Rs/Sqf.

  25. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing 3BHK.if anyone interested to sell.pls mail us


  26. Is anyone ready to sell a 2 bhk in this project? I checked with prestige and came to know that this project is completely sold out. Can anyone update me on the current pricing as well?


  27. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any flat 1704 Sq.ft available for booking . I’m interested, please contact me immediately. Inner facing above 10th floor is preferred.


    • I am interested in a 3 BHK at Prestige ParkView. Is there any unit available?

    • I have a 1704 flat , please let me know if you are interetsted , Price 5500/sft

      • Hi,

        I am interested in this property. Please get back to me with ALL the below details at the earliest:
        1. Is this price negotiable?
        2. What are all charges included in this price?
        3. Tower number, floor number and flat number


  28. I am interested in this project. Please share the current rate psf. & other charges.

  29. I am interested in Prestige Park View project.Would like to approach in a group.

    Has anybody gone to the builder as a group ?
    If yes, can you pls update us ony discounts that were offered.


  30. The price seems to have been revised from 1st November . The current price is 4050 psft. Anyone got a better deal recently ?

  31. Count me too.. How many people booked ? How much is current running rate ? Why this is costlier than Other projects around the place ?

  32. You can count me as well. I am interested in buying this..


  33. Hi Harsha,

    Any idea why Prestige Tranquility has a proposed completion date of 2013 whereas Park View has a proposed completion date of 2014? Park View is a smaller project and much easier to sell because of it’s location.


  34. please count me in as well. shree.das@gmail.com

  35. I am interested in buying an apartment in this project. Please count me in.


  36. I am interested in this property. Would like to join this group

  37. I am interested in this project. Please share the current rate psf.

  38. Hi, I have booked a flat in Prestige Park View project and created a Yahoo group for people who have booked the flat in this project. Please join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Prestige_Park_View_Owners/ after booking your flat for stay connected. If anybody has any update on surrounding development, please share. Thank you.

  39. Pls let me know the current rate and booking details. You can reach me at sudipa11@yahoo.com

  40. Count us, Sudipa(97403—–) or Milind (99453——). Thanks

  41. I am intersted in this property (Prestige Parkeview). what is best buying price.is it worth to invest now or wait a bit due recent update of US -recession & bank interest rate hike.Please advise & update.

  42. I am interested ; please contact me ASAP. We are looking for 3 BHK, also looking to know schools in that area

    • Hi Aparna,

      This is a review only site, in the Buyers group (http://harshasagar.com/forum/?vasthtmlaction=viewtopic&t=12.0) there are about 10 people interested in the project. You can get in touch with them and plan for a site visit or a visit to the builder.

      There are a couple of schools nearby – Ujwal Vidyalaya (100 metres) and Whitefield Global School (500 metres). Else Gopalan School (5 km) and Ryan Internation School (9 km) are other options you have. Distances mentioned are approximates.


  43. I am interested in this project where can I get more details

  44. Did anyone got a chance to see the project details?.

    • Hi!
      I went through some of the details of this project when we went to check out Prestige Tranquility.
      I really liked the location & the project itself.
      1) Its not a very big project like others from Prestige (shantiniketan or Tranquility). This one would have around 240 flats. Not a concrete jungle.
      2) very close to the main road, with proper public transportation
      3) Quite close to ITPL & Whitefield
      4) Price: it all depends. A tier 2 builder around whitefield will charge around 3000+. (Check out Keerthi Gardenia, Sterling Shalom & others). I woon’t call it too pricey at 3650/ sq ft
      Architecture: I really liked the design of each flat. I basically look for proper ventilation & lighting. All the rooms in each flat will get it. Even the room which would be on the inside, will have a sideways to an open window.

      My views. Pls feel free to comment.

  45. Hi,

    Thank you for the detailed information about this project. I feel the price per sft (Rs.3500/-) is bit high for that area. This is because you will get at 2600 per sft in Golden Blossom. I feel if the price is some where 2800/- , that would be good price for the buyers.

    Just to let you know that there is one big hospital(like Manipal) is planned (Planned by Chaitanya Group) just opposite to this project, next to Ittina Aprtments. Some people may not be liking a very big hosptial next to their residence, so I am sharing this information.

    Please feel to comment on the price and other developments in this area.


    • Hi Sri,

      Thank you for sharing your views. I could not get more details about the Hospital by Chaitanya Group, a good Hospital in this area is very much a necessity, but if it is too close to the project then it may be a concern.


    • Do you know anyone who is selling apartment at 2600 /sqft at golden blossom?? Pls let me know at pchirag@gmail.com

  46. call me urgent

  47. the project looks good and excellent location-when is the expected completion date for this project? I am unable to join the buyers group as the link does not work. If more people are interested and want to go to Prestige as a group, then post a reply here and we can get together.

  48. property prices is expected to correct…watch out..

  49. Is this project on the land allotted to joy ice cream for setting up a software technology park? If so, there may be legal issues as joy ice cream did not have the rights to sell the land..

    • No I don’t think so. The Joy Ice Creams factory is located next to the Prestige White Meadows project, which comes between Hope Farm and Forum Value Mall.

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