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Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility is a new project coming up on Budigere Road, Bangalore – also known as the access road to the International Airport Bangalore, from NH4/Old Madras Road.

Spread across 38 acres of land, the project is set to house a total of 2330 apartments.

Currently Prestige is running a pre-launch campaign with a pricing of Rs.2628/- per sft, with car parking charges extra. Approvals are in progress and are expected by end of July. Official launch of the project is expected to be on 25th July, there is also a hint that the price will be revised upwards by Rs.100 per sft.


On July 25th Prestige officially launched the Prestige Tranquility project, Ads were placed in several leading news papers announcing the much awaited launch. As expected there was a revision in the price and the official launch price ir Rs.2728, exactly Rs.100/- more.

Scheduled completion of the project is June 2014 Dec 2014 with a grace period of 6 months.

There would be about a total of 17 towers with the tallest being G+27 floors.

With Prestige Shantiniketan on ITPL road becoming a landmark project by Prestige Estates, this project on a similar scale with attractive pricing will be well received.

Public Opinion – Is Prestige Tranquility a right investment?

  • June 22 - With about 160 poll votes, we have a decent sample size to examine what most people think about this project, 47% think that Prestige Tranquility is a good investment, 23% don’t think so and  30% are not sure. 30% Not Sure – is a huge figure, the number one reason for this could be the location of the project
  • July 24 – With over 270 votes now and a lot more people being aware of the project and as well as people actually visiting the project site the results are getting realistic with 46% – saying YES, 27 % NO and 28% NOT SURE on whether Prestige Tranquility is a right choice. Compared to the last time when we examined the results the percentage saying YES remains almost the same but there is a 4% increase in NO

Check the latest results in Page 2.

Prestige Tranquility Location

With projects like “Pruksa Silvana”, “GR Sun Villas”, “Brigade Exotica”, “Signature Dreams” and “Signature Tulips” in the surrounding Budigere road may see some positive developments in the future.

Prestige Tranquility Options

  • 1 BHK – 653 sft and 712 sft
  • 2 BHK – 1073 sft to 1130 sft
  • 3 BHK – 1628 sft, 1797 sft and 2019 sft

Call 9980808080 to book the last few units in Phase 2 (ad)

Prestige Tranquility Pricing

  • 1 BHK from 20 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 2 lacs)
  • 2 BHK from 31 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 3 lacs)
  • 3 BHK from 45 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 4 lacs)

The pre-launch offer is Rs. 2628/- per sq.ft (base price). The official launch price is Rs.2728/- per sft (base price)

  • Car park Rs. 250,000/-
  • Floor rise Rs. 15/- psft for each floor
  • Rs. 50/- Rs 75/- psft for premium units
  • Approximate additional charges
    • Bescom/ BWSSB- Rs. 100/ Sft
    • Adv. Maintenance – Rs. 42/ Sft
    • 1st year Sinking fund Rs. 42/ Sft
    • Generator for 2 BHK- 75000/- and 3 BHK Rs. 120,000/-
    • Exact charges of the above will be available in the next few weeks.
    • Service tax, VAT, stamp duty, registration charges payable at possession.

Prestige Tranquility Locality Review

Budigere Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch between KR Puram cable bridge and Budigere Road has very few large apartment/commercial projects. Pashmina Waterfront (8km) & Mahaveer Chalet (9 km) to name, and the stretch between Budigere Road junction (2 km) and the Prestige Tranquility project, is industrial and mostly barren, with the nearest shopping center easily 5 kms away. Baldwin International School would be the nearest school about 2 km away. Nearest Hospital would be in Whitefield/Marathahalli  (12 – 15 kms) or KR Puram (10 km)

Hebron Mall  is the biggest commercial project underway located right opposite to Mahaveer Chalet and about 9 km from Prestige Tranquility.

Beary’s Global Research Triangle (tech park) is located about 4.5 kms away. ITPL about 13 km.

The widening of NH4 to 6 lanes with 2 service lanes has reduced the travel time from KR Puram Cable bridge to Budigere Road to 15 minutes. Budigere Road also has easy access to Whitefield Road which is developing rapidly. As per the CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan) Budigere Road will be widened to 300 ft and is part of the ITRR (Individual Town Ring Road)

Large residential projects can trigger developments in the immediate neighborhood however this seems easily to be 3 to 5 years from now.

Prestige Tranquility Concerns / Issues raised by readers

  • Lack of facilities (shopping, medical etc) in Budigere Road
  • Industrial Animal Feed Factory right adjacent to the project, close to towers T17 & T1
  • Agro Food Factory close to towers T16, T15, T14
  • Other Industries close to T3, T4
  • Situated in the midst of an Industrial Belt
  • Premium flats are not being included in the pre-launch
  • Payment schedule not linked to construction progress – however representatives from Citi Bank and Axis Bank at the project site confirm that before a disbursal a construction status/valuation report will be requested

It’s best to choose an apartment facing the clubhouse / landscaping area, outer facing apartments would only overlook industries. For outer facing apartments its better to choose one facing GR Sunvillas or Pruksa Silvana in towers T6, T7, T8 & T9

Prestige Tranquility in Media
Ahead of the launch on 25th July, hoardings are coming up all over the city.

Here is one at Hope Farm junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad - Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad - Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad

Prestige Tranquility Official Launch Ad

Prestige Tranquility Videos

Prestige Tranquility Entrance

Prestige Tranquility 360 degree view

Prestige Tranquility – Adjacent Industry


Take the poll


Do you think Prestige Tranquility is a good investment? What is your opinion on Budigere Road? Take the poll.

Other Projects that might interest you

Pruksa Silvana Villas/Row Houses – Behind Prestige Tranquility

GR Sun Villas – Behind Prestige Tranquility

Abhudaya Lotus Garden – Plots (review coming soon)

What do you think is a better choice?

Prestige Tranquility Buyers Group

Are you really serious about buying a villa/apartment in this project, then why not join the Buyer’s Group. It’s a well known fact that approaching a builder as a group has its benefits, who knows you may get a good discount. Of course you are only planning or undecided then you should leave a comment here or check out the forum.

Update: 12 Aug – With Prestige Developers the buyers group has not had any effect especially with Prestige being a large player in the market and the high demand seen for this project. However the Buyer’s Group does have some interesting discussions that you may want to check out.

If you already own an apartment in Prestige Tranquility then there is a google group dedicated to it which you might want to join.


Latest Pictures including Prestige Tranquility Floor Plans


Check out the whats going on in the Prestige Tranquility Forum

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan


Share your views and concerns about this project with your comments!!


  790 Responses to “Prestige Tranquility – Review Location, Price, Masterplan, Floor Plan”

  1. Hi,

    I am reading the posts here since few days, and developed interest in this project. I have visited the site this morning, and found it fairly OK for living purpose 2-3 yrs down the line.
    Now… I am willing to buy a 2BHK apt (preferably inside facing & D-D1 type), if someone is willing to sell at reasonable price, pls contact me(No brokers please).

    thank you.

    • Hi I have a 2BHK. 1162 SQ FT. 10 th floor, in Tower 7. Please provide your email id so that I can send the price breakup. I want to sell this as I hv booked in shapoorji pallonji..chamrajpet which is close to my office.

    • Hi I have a 2 bhk type F, 1162 Sq ft on 10th Floor. Please let me know if you are interested. Post your email id so that I can email the price break up and then you can see if you want to proceed with it.

    • Please send me your offers (to sell) @ superb0009 at the rate yahoo dot com,
      I expect to receive some realistic offers which can be converted into deal.

    • Guys Dont buy this Property. Its really a waste of Money. There is Garbage dumping done in the Backyard that is nothing but Mandur which just 1 Km from this property. Still the Govt of Karnatka is not cleared the Dumping which is from all parts of Bangalore. SO THINK BEFORE INVESTING

  2. I am back with some more insider information – Bhola

    Within 2 days there were 6 ads from owners of PT selling their apartments. PT owners are desperately want to exit the project but they are not finding any buyers. Obvious reason looks like the stinking factory just next to the project.
    I am selling my apartment in PT. Complete details are given below:

    Size 1636 sq ft – 3 BHK
    12th Floor, Level 13, Tower 3, Unit number xxxx
    Inside pool/garden facing
    Not on Bank loan
    Expected Base Price Rs. 3900/- (Non negotiable)
    Premium View, Floor rise & Parking additional as per original plan (Parking 2.5 lakh)
    I will bear the transfer charges.


    I am looking forward to sell my 2 BHK which is 1139 Sqft and in Tower 2. It is on 13th floor.

    The expected base price is Rs. 4000/- per sqft.

    You can reach me at ——— or at ——— in case interested.


    Would like to sell my apartment in 15th tower 6th floor. Inside facing with swimming pool and club house view.

    Please send a mail if interested to —–@gmail.com. Or call me at —


    I wish to sell my 2 bhk apartment (1153sqft), in Tower 9 for 3950/sqft, facing towards sun villas.
    Looking forward to make an immediate settlement. Interested parties may respond soon.


    I am planning to sell my two bed room apartment, please let me know if any of you or your friends to buy.

    My Apartment is Tower 1, 4th floor,


    We are planning to sell our 3 BHK Flat in PT. Flat no : 13163, Clubhouse/pool facing, 15th floor.

    If interested, please call us at : xxxxxxxx for details.

    • Great compilation of 6 examples Mr Bhola. Get another 4 & make it 10

      Would you want to review a similar list of >1900 examples @ PT who are NOT selling ?

      Not sure what are you trying to prove in this forum by giving so called ‘insider ‘ information? You are just proving yourself to be a desperate outsider, I guess !

      No offence intended in case am sounding blunt…. I am just making my point.

      • Mr FMK, prestige has sold just 850 apartments in PT and they are strugling to sell the remaining inventory. 1900 is just jacked up number by marketing people like you. Good luck in achieving your target for this month. Do you think people of bangalore are fool to buy at current price near disease causing factories. You cannot make others fool beyond a certain point.

        • Dearest Mr Bhola, as an owner I’m struggling to discover your real intent for entering this forum & making unsubstantiated remarks. I cannot even refer you as a broker from Brigade, as they also keep polished guys

          If units sold were really 850 ie 30% of total inventory, then the sales team would not have been supporting resale at a Rs 100 transfer fees.
          No sales guy would be stupid enough to refuse all prospective buyers, unless he’s genuinely run out of units.

          Please remember we are dealing with Prestige here & not Bhola group of contructions

          On a lighter note (hope you won’t mind) …please meet any of the sales guy, offer them 3,900/- psft and ask for an available unit & you’ll get bhola ji ka thullu ! ;)

          • Prestige is supporting resale with Rs 100 as transfer fee if one has completed 6 months after purchase. They are doing it even from day 1.

            Prestige is now selling at 4000/- psft. If you want, go to their main office in Infantry road and find it out for yourself. Please remember, people of Bangalore are more smarter than you think. The days are gone when people used to buy properties based on sales people words. Now with easy access of internet, people are doing due diligence even before buying a mobile phone.

        • Dear Mr. Bhola,
          Prestige has already closed sales office at the site. Do you think any builder can close sales office before even half of the flats are sold. Except signature tower, whole project is sold out. Whatever is available is in resale only.

          • Come on why do you waste your time arguing with people who have got not better work in life :-)

            Just ignore them !

          • Tell me one thing, if you open a shop employing 4 people and in the last 6 months you did not have even a single customer visiting your shop, will you keep your shop open paying salaries to 4 people?

            • Bhola,

              Looks like you will have to shut your shop now. You are struggling for more than last six months and you have made best of your attempts ; -). No hard feel Bhola, but you are making this forum so alive, nothing less than comic show.

              - Andy.

              • Mr Andy, I don’t care what you and others feel about me. My task is to bring out the truth and let the potential end users know both sides of the coin. I am just helping people to take informed decision. I have nothing against Prestige or owners of PT. Since the negatives of a project are never spoken by the sales people, neither by the owners, the innocent end-users are taken for a ride. I am just bringing out the truth and nothing else. The problem is that when you start speaking negative, the owners of the project start tagging you as broker of competitors. Every project has positives and negatives. Why no one should speak the negatives of the project. Whatever I have said is not rumors or assumptions but facts.

                • Dear Bhola,
                  We got your point. Appreciate your concerns and thanks for sharing the details. Now can you please move on in life..

                  Good luck.

                  • Andy, Bhola,

                    I dont know about PT. But an investor, who invests on prestige properties across bangalore, was saying that his investment in Prestige Glenwood is a dead investment. He made the mistake of investing in it without even visiting the site as he was abroad. He said its too faar from the city and will take at least 5+ years . Someone else said that there is some legal issues too…Just curious to know if there are any other issues with glenwood project other than that what I came to know?

    • Well you could have put in the names, phone numbers and email addresses as well. It would helped us prospective buyers to contact the sellers.

      • This place is not for marketing your project but to bring out truths, pros and cons of the project. Satyamev jayate.

        • when they have people who have bought it and people who are willing to buy it what is ur problem? I am thinking of buying one because it has long term prospects like peripheral ring road, aerospace park etc. That is why I requested you to put the phone numbers.

          • Friends,
            I have checked with Prestige senior management and confirmed that chicken factory is running through lease and getting closed end of this year.
            During the hand over time the factory will be closed.


            • The bigger issue is not the chicken feed factory. Its that massive BBMP dump yard which has absolutely ruined the ground water in that entire area. I have looked this up, and unfortunately confirmed it to be true. The ground water is not potable.

              I don’t think that the BBMP dump yard is going to go anywhere in the near future. It is just too huge (close to 30 acres at least if I am not mistaken). There are 50 garbage trucks that visit that dump yard every night and dump Bangalore’s garbage. The villagers of Mandur recently did a protest march raising these very concerns: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Give-us-clean-air-not-tax-sop-Mandur-villagers/articleshow/31072152.cms

              And even if it does, you just cannot clean up the ground water infestation. Terrible but true.

              • I am staying in whitefield and in our apartment we do not use ground water. Very few apartments in Whitefield have sufficient ground water. So even if ground water is not good who cares. We buy water!!

            • Nice try Mr. Sudhakar to make others fool. Sales people of PT made all of you fool and now you are trying to make others fool so that you can exit the project comfortably. Good keep it up.

              • Bhola, what exactly are you trying to do? Highlight the little flaws in PT and make a mountain of fabricated stories out of it? You are spoiling what ever little respect you have and anger the true owners. Things that we discuss freely are not to be shared in public. Atleast that the basic trust between the public and private forums. You have taken this to a whole new level and far from the real truth. Your credibility to be integral part of the association will be highly questinable. Wonder how your family treats you … and how much respect your give your family. Going by the looks of it, it should be a disaster. Pity you!

              • From your comments on this forum I feel your are really ill-informed. You will have to educate yourself more before commenting on topics . Whatever you seem to be posting seems to be what you are assuming. If so, please for the benefit of other readers state that u are assuming .:-)

    • Dear Mr Bhola,
      Only six out of more than 2200 flats. Search Brigade Metropolis on commonfloor, there are 134 properties on sale. Does that make Brigade Metropolis a bad option. In a big project like PT, there will always be people who would like to exit any given point of time.

      PS: Except one, all other seller in PT are now selling their properties for around 3900 psf increase of Rs 400 in last six month.

      • and the one who is supposedly selling at 3,600 or so is perhaps an acquaintance of Mr Bhola .. or who knows if he himself is drafting mails from a different Id ? Do we have the name & tower/flat number of the gentleman selling at 3,600 psft ?

    • This is not insider information, this is information available on every Real estate Site like common floor or Magic bricks.Please can you clarify on your status, are you an investor, Prospective buyer or agent and what is your reason for posting negative information about this project. Ofcourse there will be investors in every project who wish to sell. There is no reason of smell or anything. Its purely business. I was thinking of Selling as well and I was getting buyers up till 3950 per Sq feet within 3 weeks of looking to sell, but I decided to hold my investment for more time. There are sellers and buyers out there. As the Completion dates get closer there will be many flats for sale in PT just like any project.

      • People are not able to sell even at 3600 and you are talking about 3950. Who the fool will buy there at 3950? Come out of your dream and see the reality.

        • For your information I know several of my colleagues who bought apartments second sale at prestige tranquility @ 3800 recently. And there are several early birds who bought at 2600.
          The property is a hit among many who want tranquility in their lives :-) )))

    • Dear Mr Bhola,
      CFF near Prestige is a fact. Brigade metorpolis still has glass factories around. What will you get by creating PANIC.

      How do you want, owner, buyers and sellers to react. Owners are aware of CFF and will take appropriate step/action at appropriate time but with so much negativity, you might miss the bus who knows, the CFF might not be there when possession starts.


      • You did not miss the bus but got into the wrong bus. You can’t even take a u turn now. Good look if you find a buyer for your flat.

        • Dear Mr Bhola,
          come out of your dark world. See the sunlight. Search on common floor, there are only 180 property on sale in Prestige Tranquility. In Brigade Metropolis there are 135. Similar number in similar sized completed project.

          And this is after so much negativity spread by you day and night. I will really wonder, if so much negativity (in you) is not affecting your own social/family/personal life.


      • 2007-8 time frame, I was looking for property in Jaya Nagar/JP nagar area. I visited Elita Prominade and Brigade Millenium. Approach road and locality was shitty. I dropped investing in that project. Happened to visit the same area again recently and the whole area has got transformed. Same is true for ORR/Whitefiled/Marathahalli. These used to be godforsaken places one time. I would like to mention new airport road from Hebbal to BIAL – it used to be totally deserted place. Look at the development now.

        So any new project on the outskirts will have some issue or other which gets resolved in due course of time. People who can – they buy – others keep criticizing while the prices appreciate out of reach.

        Coming to the point of dump yard polluting ground water – FYI there is no groundwater left in most parts of Bangalore. People survive on tanker supplies – and you wouldn’t like to know where do they fill in the water from. I have seen a few borewells dug up right next to Bellandur lake, which stinks from miles. Forget about all that – Shobha projects next to ORR are built right next to Bellandur lake. It stinks so bad at times – you can’t even stand there for 2 minutes. Go and check the rates of those flats in resale.

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