Prestige Tranquility

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Jun 092011
Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility is a new project coming up on Budigere Road, Bangalore – also known as the access road to the International Airport Bangalore, from NH4/Old Madras Road.

Spread across 38 acres of land, the project is set to house a total of 2330 apartments.

Currently Prestige is running a pre-launch campaign with a pricing of Rs.2628/- per sft, with car parking charges extra. Approvals are in progress and are expected by end of July. Official launch of the project is expected to be on 25th July, there is also a hint that the price will be revised upwards by Rs.100 per sft.


On July 25th Prestige officially launched the Prestige Tranquility project, Ads were placed in several leading news papers announcing the much awaited launch. As expected there was a revision in the price and the official launch price ir Rs.2728, exactly Rs.100/- more.

Scheduled completion of the project is June 2014 Dec 2014 with a grace period of 6 months.

There would be about a total of 17 towers with the tallest being G+27 floors.

With Prestige Shantiniketan on ITPL road becoming a landmark project by Prestige Estates, this project on a similar scale with attractive pricing will be well received.

Public Opinion – Is Prestige Tranquility a right investment?

  • June 22 - With about 160 poll votes, we have a decent sample size to examine what most people think about this project, 47% think that Prestige Tranquility is a good investment, 23% don’t think so and  30% are not sure. 30% Not Sure – is a huge figure, the number one reason for this could be the location of the project
  • July 24 – With over 270 votes now and a lot more people being aware of the project and as well as people actually visiting the project site the results are getting realistic with 46% – saying YES, 27 % NO and 28% NOT SURE on whether Prestige Tranquility is a right choice. Compared to the last time when we examined the results the percentage saying YES remains almost the same but there is a 4% increase in NO

Check the latest results in Page 2.

Prestige Tranquility Location

With projects like “Pruksa Silvana”, “GR Sun Villas”, “Brigade Exotica”, “Signature Dreams” and “Signature Tulips” in the surrounding Budigere road may see some positive developments in the future.

Prestige Tranquility Options

  • 1 BHK – 653 sft and 712 sft
  • 2 BHK – 1073 sft to 1130 sft
  • 3 BHK – 1628 sft, 1797 sft and 2019 sft

Call 9980808080 to book the last few units in Phase 2 (ad)

Prestige Tranquility Pricing

  • 1 BHK from 20 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 2 lacs)
  • 2 BHK from 31 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 3 lacs)
  • 3 BHK from 45 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 4 lacs)

The pre-launch offer is Rs. 2628/- per sq.ft (base price). The official launch price is Rs.2728/- per sft (base price)

  • Car park Rs. 250,000/-
  • Floor rise Rs. 15/- psft for each floor
  • Rs. 50/- Rs 75/- psft for premium units
  • Approximate additional charges
    • Bescom/ BWSSB- Rs. 100/ Sft
    • Adv. Maintenance – Rs. 42/ Sft
    • 1st year Sinking fund Rs. 42/ Sft
    • Generator for 2 BHK- 75000/- and 3 BHK Rs. 120,000/-
    • Exact charges of the above will be available in the next few weeks.
    • Service tax, VAT, stamp duty, registration charges payable at possession.

Prestige Tranquility Locality Review

Budigere Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch between KR Puram cable bridge and Budigere Road has very few large apartment/commercial projects. Pashmina Waterfront (8km) & Mahaveer Chalet (9 km) to name, and the stretch between Budigere Road junction (2 km) and the Prestige Tranquility project, is industrial and mostly barren, with the nearest shopping center easily 5 kms away. Baldwin International School would be the nearest school about 2 km away. Nearest Hospital would be in Whitefield/Marathahalli  (12 – 15 kms) or KR Puram (10 km)

Hebron Mall  is the biggest commercial project underway located right opposite to Mahaveer Chalet and about 9 km from Prestige Tranquility.

Beary’s Global Research Triangle (tech park) is located about 4.5 kms away. ITPL about 13 km.

The widening of NH4 to 6 lanes with 2 service lanes has reduced the travel time from KR Puram Cable bridge to Budigere Road to 15 minutes. Budigere Road also has easy access to Whitefield Road which is developing rapidly. As per the CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan) Budigere Road will be widened to 300 ft and is part of the ITRR (Individual Town Ring Road)

Large residential projects can trigger developments in the immediate neighborhood however this seems easily to be 3 to 5 years from now.

Prestige Tranquility Concerns / Issues raised by readers

  • Lack of facilities (shopping, medical etc) in Budigere Road
  • Industrial Animal Feed Factory right adjacent to the project, close to towers T17 & T1
  • Agro Food Factory close to towers T16, T15, T14
  • Other Industries close to T3, T4
  • Situated in the midst of an Industrial Belt
  • Premium flats are not being included in the pre-launch
  • Payment schedule not linked to construction progress – however representatives from Citi Bank and Axis Bank at the project site confirm that before a disbursal a construction status/valuation report will be requested

It’s best to choose an apartment facing the clubhouse / landscaping area, outer facing apartments would only overlook industries. For outer facing apartments its better to choose one facing GR Sunvillas or Pruksa Silvana in towers T6, T7, T8 & T9

Prestige Tranquility in Media
Ahead of the launch on 25th July, hoardings are coming up all over the city.

Here is one at Hope Farm junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad - Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad – Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad

Prestige Tranquility Official Launch Ad

Prestige Tranquility Videos

Prestige Tranquility Entrance

Prestige Tranquility 360 degree view

Prestige Tranquility – Adjacent Industry


Take the poll


Do you think Prestige Tranquility is a good investment? What is your opinion on Budigere Road? Take the poll.

Other Projects that might interest you

Pruksa Silvana Villas/Row Houses – Behind Prestige Tranquility

GR Sun Villas – Behind Prestige Tranquility

Abhudaya Lotus Garden – Plots (review coming soon)

What do you think is a better choice?

Prestige Tranquility Buyers Group

Are you really serious about buying a villa/apartment in this project, then why not join the Buyer’s Group. It’s a well known fact that approaching a builder as a group has its benefits, who knows you may get a good discount. Of course you are only planning or undecided then you should leave a comment here or check out the forum.

Update: 12 Aug – With Prestige Developers the buyers group has not had any effect especially with Prestige being a large player in the market and the high demand seen for this project. However the Buyer’s Group does have some interesting discussions that you may want to check out.

If you already own an apartment in Prestige Tranquility then there is a google group dedicated to it which you might want to join.!forum/prestige-tranquility

Latest Pictures including Prestige Tranquility Floor Plans


Check out the whats going on in the Prestige Tranquility Forum

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan


Share your views and concerns about this project with your comments!!


  1,091 Responses to “Prestige Tranquility”

  1. New unit sales in Bangalore have slowed down 40% to 11,519 units in quarter ending June 2014 from 19,256 in quarter ending June 2013. This has led to increase in unsold inventory to 92,263 units which is nearly 24 months’ worth of unsold inventory

    Number of new unit launches has steadily come down in last few quarters in Bangalore registering only 9,746 units launched in quarter ending June 2014 compared to 26,469 units launched in quarter ending June 2013

    Full report at:

    • Ooooh!!! after I put six months of effort in east Bangalore, finally I have booked an apartment from one of investor, feeling proud of being PT’s owner club :-)

  2. Now here’s another set of data that does not justify the prices commanded by builders today.

    Amid affordability concerns, property prices are up 13-30 percent in key cities over the last two years but inventory (the time it takes to sell these flats) is almost at an all-time high. Data by PropEquity shows Mumbai has the highest inventory of 50 months, followed by Gurgaon at 30 months, Hyderabad at 27 months, Bangalore at 22 months, Chennai at 20 months and Pune at 21 months! Now add to this approval delays and cash flow constraints, which have further slowed construction progress. This in turn is putting pressure on the balance-sheets of builders and as such the net debt levels of most listed real estate players has risen. The data below shows how debt levels have risen for builders in the last one year.

    Full report at:


  3. Indian home prices fell most in 52 nations, IMF says

    NEW DELHI: Is India’s real estate bubble finally bursting? The International Monetary Fund’s recently-launched data series on global housing prices hints at that. Among 52 major markets for which IMF has collated house price data, India has witnessed the steepest fall.

    IMF’s calculation on the annual percentage change in property prices shows that prices in India fell by 9.1 per cent, the highest among major real estate markets. The fall is even worse than in countries struggling with the ongoing European Union’s financial crisis. Property prices in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal have all come down, but at a much slower rate. Ireland, on the other hand, registered a 4.3 per cent increase in housing prices.

    Prices came down by 7 per cent in Greece, 6.5 per cent in Italy, 4.9 per cent in Spain and 3.3 per cent in Portugal. The annual change is calculated for latest available data or prices for the last quarter of 2013.


  4. As of today, at Prestige Shantiniketan, 442 properties are up for Sale and 524 are available on rent.
    This tells the real story of Bangalore real estate: An Investors paradise, waiting to crash?

    Check the link below for the latest numbers:

    • Manjushree, great eye opener . And great way to use common floor
      Some houses might be repetitive different agents advertising same house ,but it wont be much

      Sobha Chrysanthemum also had plenty of inventory for resale and for rent in 2012, current status i dont know

      • Thanks Raul.

        Please read my latest post on how existing “investors” are already BLEEDING profusely and how the new ones are getting BUTCHERED in the name of investment by these wily builders cartel. Why investors MUST exit with whatever profit they are getting, and soon. How a stagnant market is cutting into their last remaining profits…….

        Find my write-up here:

        ( I use Prestige Shantiniketan for the case study and also similar to PT. We have 10 years of data for Prestige Shantiniketan, which makes it a good case study)

        • Got an offer from prestige @ 4000, planning to book this weekend. 17th floor.
          Very good project at decent rate. peaceful area

          • Really? Please share some more details.

          • Rajesh,

            Is this the signature tower? I thought had Prestige had sols out all the other towers and signature tower will be launched in mid-2015.

          • Wow!

            Now even builder is offering discounts. Show this report:


            Take a printout, and you may get an additional discount of 200/-. So, Hurry!!!

            • There are no doubts that builders are in debt all over india but same blog suggest bangalore real estate market is an exception. First they are comparing last year with first six months of current so in that case there is all good chances that y2y data will be exceed last year for bangalore. Bangalore has seen maximum launches in last one n half year than any other city and still inventory overhang is among lowest. One lakh inventory unsold does not mean only ready to move in but it includes pre launch, just launched, in construction phases as well. For zero inventory you cant expect that all will be sold as soon as launched. So considering launches bangalore saw in last one and a half year one lakh is not very alarming. Infact there is no price drop but a constant price increase in bangalore. This is my observation for bangalore .

              • I see unusually lot of pre-launches when the market is dull. I think its due to the impending introduction of the bill for a Real Estate Regulatory Authority on the lines of IRDA. Once the bill is introduced, then I think pre-launches will become a history and I dont think there will be a long period (at least a year) when new projects wont be announced as they developers need to get all their approvals before announcing the project. So all developers are in a hurry to pre-launch their projects.

          • @Rajesh lol peaceful area after reading all the comments in this site? Either you are too innocent or an investor! In either ways you are folling yourselves!

            • Actually if you follow comments on this site, almost all projects are bad. So i went myself to check reality. Liked the area because less traffic and this road has many villa projects.
              For everyday grocery definitely something will open up in next 1 year.
              By name mandur and CFF looks scary but in reality situation is not bad at all, it was nice fresh breeze.
              Only tier A project near itpl where i can get 3bhk in 80 lacs. And yes it looks like it will be beautiful society.
              Missed Shanitniketan and metropolis couple of years back due to same negative comments.
              Only -ve is that not much units lefts…will have to choose from only few available units. and most of them are on 17th floor.

          • I would be interested if they give in 3600 Rs per Sqft.


  5. City’s unsold residential, office spaces running to 1,05,359 units as of June 2014

    The significant build-up in unsold inventory and the availability of a large number of ready to move-in apartments in Bangalore have resulted in constricting price rise in the first half of 2014 in the city’s real estate market, according to Knight Frank India.

    The Global Property Consultant launched ‘India Real Estate Outlook’, its half-yearly analysis report of residential and office market in six metros (Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad) for January–June 2014.

    In what seems to be a noticeable fact in an otherwise “healthy market” is Bangalore’s unsold inventory running to 1,05,359 units as of June 2014.

    “The piled-up stock relates to unsold ready-units, unsold under-construction and unsold units that were launched for the last two years, which is expected to take nearly seven quarters for its absorption,” said Satish B.N., Executive Director, South, Knight Frank.


    • Crash is waiting..there are no real buyers in bangalore..all are investors only..that too black money

      government has to propose higher holding tax for all the builders and penalize the ivnestors for jacking up the price

      • Real state Crash in india is not possible. Because every year lakhs of people are moving to big cities and they need shelter. FYI Bangalore is now having 1crore+ population. What I expected that property price may “slowdown”(But as Modi has come in center it means more jobs and more income) which is again does not happening.

        Property rates in far off location like PT needs correction. As per the fact IT parks are very far (whitefield is 15Kms+). Big dumpyard is @stone’s throw from PT, daily hundreds of trucks carrying garbage move in front of PT, near by chicken/cement factory oozing smoke and smell, high price at area where no tenant will come to stay…We need to accept the fact.

        People can also look at Varthur-Gunjur belt which is 5-7 km from marathahalli, sarjapur road, whitefield and bellandur. Terrific location. Best value for money projects. Easy rental income. nearer to City. Rest is personal choice.

        • In my opinion, prices below 4800 per sq.ft., within city limits (5 to 10 kms from IT parks) and easy to rent or live are still conceivable. But once you cross that price range or distance from IT park, you are leaving a lot on fate. Good only for LOOOOOOOONG term investment, may be 5-10 years.

          • Calculation should be based on breakups. Do calculation for 1200 sqft ->if UDS is 40% 480sqft . Multiply by land price. U can say 70% of built up area . 840*1500 for construction area. Add a few lakhs for common areas. Divide the total by 1200 to get psft. Will you ever get 4800?

            In one aspect going for flat itself has lot of unnecessary overheads for peaceful living.

        • Problem of PT are known to everyone. There are good chance of both the problem (Mandur, CFF) getting resolved in next 6-12 month.
          I visited child centric homes project in Varthur last weekend. There are so many issues in that area
          1. Road is very narrow, once few projects on varthur/gunjur are over. It is going to be a nightmare. There is no scope of widening as well.
          2. Varthur lake is highly polluted. All project near lake are going to be not suitable for living (mosquito, stink, pollution).
          3 Specific to child centric home, sterling is un-professional builder, just google and you will find out, how many people are suffering because of him so many people have lost their hard earned money on projects by Sterling.
          4. I fail to understand, how so many celebrities are endorsing such a bad project.

          • When PT was launched in 2011 fourth quarter, I was one of the guy who visited the place and the same story was told by Prestige salesman that with in 6 months dumpyard will be shifted..its 3 years already passed and there is no chance that it will move also. Leave adjacent cement factory and chicken factory at all…they are not moving anywhere…atleast in next 10 years…Guyz please dont fall in trap of brand name and sales man promises..Friends please dont waste your hard earned money stuck in very very long term (but less return) investment.

            • You will find many educated fools who believe the sweet talks of the sales people and buy flats believing what ever sales people say is true.

              Prestige is now gearing to launch the Signature tower and the same story will start again. Sales people will say that the CFF is going out within a couple of months and people will book the flats blindly.

      • I can already see signs of real estate slowdown and stagnant prices. This is evident from teh full page advertisements of Sobha, Brigade, Salarpuria etc in TOI on Fri/Sat/Sun. Even on this forum, nowadays I see very few inquiries for apartments above 1 Crore. The interest rates are also not going to come down anytime soon so the only way for real estate to pick up is for prices to come down which I think will happen sooner than later. However, I do see demand for apartments in 40lacs to 70 lacs price range and for villas in the 1Crore range.

        • agree hari to your comments..I heared that RMZ strategy is to build homes under 65 laks..else all luxury product will become ghost towns..

          If a person buys a property for 2 cr..he can expect maximum 30k as rent…if we invest this amount in FD or Stock market..he or she can earn more

  6. Is there any website we can show a count down of shifting Mandur dump yard to the world( and to the CM)?

    For example:
    5 months and 3 days left to shift Mandur dumpyard
    People and respective authority can provide their progress/comments. What say?

  7. I have been checking development photos in prestige website, I noticed they are repeatedly posting almost same pictures for the last three months. Is there construction happening at all?

    • Tower 14 is the most affected one. In 3 years they are able to make only 10 floors. God knows how many more years they are going to take to complete Tower 14. On top of that, Prestige is saying that possession of all the towers will be given together. If that happens, the possession will be delayed by almost 18 to 24 months. May God give the buyers of PT and mostly to the buyers of Tower 14, peace of mind. They will be paying full emi and rent for many more months than they would have calculated initially. But anyway, this is no way in the hands of buyers. Its risk vs luck. I wish them good luck.

      • Thanks Vinay,

        When I contacted the prestige crm they told that possession will happen phase wise starting from tower 1-5 and later on.

        I think we are getting different info from different people.

      • Some of the owners/investors of Tower 14 are selling their flats for 3800/- which is one and half year old price. Looks like its a panic situation for the investors of PT. Appreciation has stopped for the last 1 year. No buyers. Even Prestige is not able to decide the launch of Signature Tower as they know, they will not find any buyer.

  8. Cost of houses pretty high, scope for reduction: RBI’s S S Mundra

    Residential property prices in India have a lot of scope for reduction as supplies are sufficient, a top RBI official said on Wednesday.

    “I believe there’s enough scope for housing prices to come down from the higher perch because of huge inventory piled up in several markets,” SS Mundra, deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India, said while nudging builders to reduce property prices.

    The unsold inventory across top six cities in India, including underconstruction and completed properties, currently stands at around 760,000 apartments as on June end as against nearly 734,000 apartments in the previous quarter, according to property research firm Liases Foras.


  9. 3BHK Apartment at Sobha Amethyst for rent is 21K. How much we can expect for 3-BHK in PT by the time it completes (probably next year)

  10. Puravankara Projects cracks 13% post disappointed Q1 results

    MUMBAI: Share of Bangalore-based Puravankara Projects have cracked as much as 13 per cent in last two sessions after the company disappointed the street with its first quarter results.

  11. Is there any yahoo group for the flat owners of PT? Can someone send me the name of the group?

  12. While I am not a blogger (guess am too old to adopt this style), but I owe one write up to this thread….for those who have put their limited hard earned money to buy this property to live. You must be worried…..Have many stories but here is the most relevant one: Me and many of my friends, with limited budget, bought Prestige Shantiniketan when the unfortunate building collapse event Happened. Value has tripled. But that is not important. The reason for our action is important. We knew about the builder and the vision on the project. A 10+ Acres central park is a dream in Bangalore. You know the rest.
    PT was very reasonably priced when we bought. Apart from office space, it has everything that Prestige Shantiniketan has. Vast expanse of central park that will be paradise for children and elders. Grocery store, ATM and huge club house inside. Its too far for air pollution and underground water wont be there in any project so why worry. We will have to depend on Tankers and RWH store like all the projects. Chicken feed factory is the calculated risk which should go away given the land price in that area. Bottom line, if you have invested for long term (Either as investment or to live), ignore what happens for 2 years. Old Madras Road connectivity and Mega development on Sai Baba Ashram road is happening as we speak.

    Now to the gentleman who does not have house in PT but writes half of the blogs here. I will request you to use your time productively. Either help community by helping people of Mundur. Or write to improve the place you have bought. You will live a more pleasurable and positive life my friend. Good luck.

    • Thanks Shivani, this is really encouraging for the people who have already invested.

    • But the fact says IT parks are very far. Big dumpyard is @stone’s throw from PT, daily hundreds of trucks carrying garbage move in front of PT, near by chicken/cement factory oozing smoke and smell, high price at area where no tenant will come to stay…please be factful instead of slamming other people covertly :) . accept the fact.

    • Shivani,
      A very good and realistic write up, i should say…..
      People here think that by commenting some negatives,the real estate prices will fall substantially and they would be able to buy a property at a discount……..

  13. Delhi housing prices dipped 1.5% in Jan-March

    NEW DELHI: Delhi’s apparently ever-increasing property prices finally seem to have hit a plateau. The National Housing Bank’s property price index shows a marginal decline of 1.5% in residential property prices in the city in January-March 2014 compared to last year. NHB’s RESIDEX, devised to track prices of properties in major Indian cities, reflected the same trend in 13 of 26 major cities.
    Overall, property seems to be a safe investment as in the seven years for which the Residex data is available, prices have appreciated in 24 of 26 cities. Compared with 2007, only Kochi and Hyderabad have witnessed a dip in prices; Jaipur and Bangalore have more or less remained stagnant.

  14. Mandur, Karnataka: An eerie sight of vultures hovering atop a 100-feet deep garbage dump yard greets people who come to this village, just 25 kilometers away from Bangalore. Mandur is an address no resident is proud of, with mountains of untreated waste, soaring towards the sky, seeping into the ground.

    It is a war between Mandur and the Karnataka government over the dumping of garbage in this area. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah requested for six more months so that the civic bodies can identify another dumpyard. But is this a new start of the same problem? Is finding another dumpyard the real solution to Bangalore’s garbage mess?

    55-year-old Narayanamma complained of acute breathlessness and nausea six days ago. Before her son, Murthy could rush her to a hospital, she died. Murthy and the villagers say – from the air they breathe, to the food that grows in Mandur to the water, all are severely contaminated.

    “I joined the protest at the dump yard for only three days. And I am yet to recover from the cough and fever, I have developed. In the last six days, I spent Rs. 1000 for medicines but my cough won’t go. I have rashes all over my body,” said Murthy Raja to NDTV. Another farmer Raghu says, “The water here is black. I grow grapes and mangoes. The water doesn’t help but destroy our crops.”

    • Bhola – This is ok observation…Are there any IT park planned with in 10-15 Miles? I heard there are few villas also in proximity. What are there comments??

      • Yes, there are many IT parks planned next to the PT so that the investors of PT can exit comfortably in the next 20 years.

        • That is Fantastic for end users…..:) Great News..:)

        • Bhola and vinay,

          I was looking for investing in brigade golden triangle – can you share your thought about that being on NH-4 vs PT ?

          Pls revert back on serious note.I liked that project and brigade is a good brand.Is that also nr mandur dump yard ?

  15. [...] dump yard, a new deadline of November 2014 to stop dumping may or may not hold. Please refer to the Prestige Tranquility project page for detailed discussions about this [...]

  16. I have been to this are and I feel that this area has lot of potential for growth. As per my knowledge around 10-12 thousand families will start living in this area. If you consider 3-4 people in each family around 30-40 thousand people. Every one of them needs grocery, health care and entertainment. This will create a huge demand and area will develop in no time. I think this is the right time to invest in this area.

    • Whatever you stated is correct and logical. But believe me, it is going to take another 20 years for the same.

      • Bhola, I am not sure why are you so against this area. I am sure this area will develop in next 1-2 years. I think around 2-3 thousand families will start living in PT in next 1 year. And lot of other projects will be completed by 2016. Dump yard and CFF factory are moving, New high way will be done by 2016. So I am not sure what else is stopping this area from developing.

        • Ravi – Everyone knows this since starting (3 years back) and all buyers are at winning situation…Please don’t spoil our entertainment…this is fun…

          • @Kamlesh You act very well. I dont think you are liking it fr your heart. On a separate note, I have also experienced the intense smell while traveling the place. Now coming to your point, you said all buyers are at winning position? Didn’t get that? Are you saying you bought it at 2800 odd and now can sell at 4000 odd? Who is going to buy at that price? Can you sell one at 4000 and and then post here so that neutral people like we are convinced? Recently saw Sobha city selling at 5000 at a much better location, Market is seriously down and lets see how the winning position of buyers continue?

            • rightly said, I dont think anyone will, not just in PT, but in that area itself , If anyone still buys, should be one who must have not done any research and blindly brought

              Basic requirement is air quality, water and electricity . If the garbage dumping is stopped, then its really positive for this project. For this to happen, not just people from Mundur, the investors from prestige and other project’s in that area needs to come down and fight for it and then cherish your rewards rather than exaggerating the prices . Prices wont rise simply unless the infrastructure and livable conditions are improved

              If i’m not wrong ,even the dumping started once the project began ,which the initial buyers would have never known. Remaining issues if the buyer has visited once, he could have easily noticed and is usual in cities

            • sobha city’s location is good??? Hah. Surrounded by graveyards. Atleast there is more chance of chicken factory moving rather than graveyards. Also Thannisandra is a very communally sensitive place; I would prefer bad smell rather than living in fear of riots considering the pace at which our country is moving.

              • @kiran if riots is a big issue, why so many construction activity in Thannisandra area? Graveyards are everywhere boss, it may not be there in PT as its an industrial area, but you never know, just see the area carefully. And I still dont understand why people expect to move industries from an industrial area (same applies to Brigade Lakefront also). Its like you occupy forest area and say animals are a trouble for us!

                • @Neutral, You are saying “Graveyards are everywhere boss”. Do you think next to a graveyard is a better location than next to a dumpyard?

                  • @Vijay what do you think?

                  • Sobha city is really hyped project, no one can understand why they charge so high prices without providing good clarity about surrounding areas, but for this issue investor needs to study . The land sobha must have brought for peanuts as its beside graveyard and then selling at high exorbitant prices using their brand name. I’m sure none of the current investors in sobha city project will ever trust them again, me neither. I had enquired with Vajram for one of their projects but didnt like the Thanisandra road.

                    I think Hennur road is better than Thanisandra

                    PT issue is not the same, dumping started after the project began ( please comment on this )

                  • @Neutral, Both are not good if they are sharing the boundary with the residential project. That’s okay If your flat is located at a certain distance from graveyard and smoke is not entering your house. If you don’t choose carefully, Some villagers come out in protest against dump-yards but nobody will open their mouth against graveyard as it is a need and villages are away from graveyards everywhere. If we are closed our eyes, the builders will list graveyards and dumpyards in amenities.

                    I bought a flat in PT for self use at 2628psft during the pre-launch in 2011. Price was not cheap as I was getting a similar flat in Whitefield from ordinary builders. I have chosen PT In a view that dump-yard is about 2 kms away from it. PT is a 38 acre project and my unit is away from factories as it is situated in a tower near GR Sun Villas. I don’t mind if the factories and dump yard are not shifted.

                • Can you forecast riots? I am just saying it is communally sensitive. I have stayed in that area (tannery road, frazer road, hegde nagar) for years and I know the are pretty well. And while people castigate PT for every wrong reason they turn a blind eye to the fact that while dump yard and factories move out; graveyards and drainage naalas cannot be easily relocated. And yet people do not say anything about these projects. Selective amnesia is it?

                  • @ Kiran Who said that, everyone knows sobha city is in between graveyard? If you say its not publicized, then thats ur ignorance. Or is it your selective amnesia?

                • @Neutral, CFF is moving by Feb 2016 and Dump yard is closing by End of this year. Do you think PT will be a good investment after moving these hurdles.

                  • @Neutral,CFF is moving buy Feb 2015 not 2016

                  • @ Ravi, give proper links if you have. uttering words has least importance here.

                  • What is your problem @Neutral? You have a signed copy from Chief Minister saying the dump yard will move. You have a official signed letter..
                    What else you need. Do you want chief minister to come to your home and take your blessing to move the Dump yard?

                    You go to CFF factory parent company and look in to their future plan and find out.

                    Go and do google search .. May be you dont know how to do that too .. that’s why you ask for link ..

                  • @Neutral, We have written letter from CM saying that it will move by end of this year? Do you have any proof saying it wont ?

                  • @Ravi, we do have written signed letters for metro phase 2 to be started by Dec 2013. Have they started? We do have boards at graphite India junction saying the flyover to be finished by 2012. Forget it even it didn’t start. And be more polite in answering questions. I was thinking about booking one in PT, but seeing the arrogance of investors, I am thinking twice now. In google search, you will find many things, how much is reliable and not reliable. Your shear arrogance show that you have booked in PT and struggling now :-)

                  • Please no one is struggling. When I called up PT last time for the TDS stuff and asked them why they have not raised the base price I was told that it was out of question since they did not have any more apartments to sell. Now contrast this with the likes of other prestige projects like prestige lakeside or sobha city where ads come out once in every week. Have u seen any ad for this project? Yes as buyers we do get perturbed when we see one sided discussions almost bordering on naricisstic rants saying how people are stupid to have bought an apartment here. When the seller is happy and buyers are happy, I wonder why the third guy on the street is so unhappy.

                  • @Neutral, I always write polite answers. But you are the one who crossed the line with words like “uttering” . I was sharing the information that I have and whats available on internet and other blogs.

                    Imagine that Dump Yard and CFF moves before PT possession. In your humble opinion Do you think PT will be a good investment?

                  • The problem with this community is that you can post as anyone. There must be a registration in place before posting the comments.

                    @Harshasagar, why dont you move it to the next step of making this forum similar to team-bhp, so that there is genuine and healthy discussion?

                  • @Ravi @ Kiran @Kayaar Leave it guys, let the blog be like this so that people like Vinay and Bhola can be free to comment and a neutral guy like me can get some info and decide on whether to buy or not. Otherwise this will be like an advertisement for the property. And to Ravi, my humble opinion is PT may be good for investment purpose (not sure though with so many good project launches in better locations in Whitefield latest being Assetz Marq), but for a person like me looking for end use, I think not appropriate. Anyway it was fun reading through all these posts.

              • Once upon a time Whitefield itself was a forest and a dumpyard….just rewind 30 years backwards.

                • 30 years back , many developed places in India belonged to forest area
                  But if you take Whitefield today, is there water available in this area ?

                • @ tony, whitefield was a proper village and not forest and never a dumpyard. Infact almost all of whitefield was farms. Dont mislead people.

                  • How do you know there was no dumpyard in whitefield? When we moved into HRBR layout 18 years back there was a huge dumpyard behind the fire station. It should have been atleast 20 acres of land. And HRBR layout was a BDA layout. And I remember whitefield when I used to visit Sai baba ashram in 1998. The ashram was virtually surrounded by all kinds of factories; they seem to have disappeared. I wonder how many years you have been in Bangalore to forecast the rate of growth and patterns of growth in the city.

                  • @ Kiran,
                    I said Whitefield was never forest and dumpyard. I have been in Bangalore for 30 years and know whitefield quite well. I never talked about industries! Please study ones comment before jumping into it. And who commented on HRBR layout? When we talk about oranges, don’t bring apple into the picture. Now since you have good memory, name the factories around saibaba ashram please.

                  • @neutral. My point that HRBR layout being a planned BDA layout had a dumpyard in the middle of it. And with development it went away. We always learn with analogies and extrapolation :) And regarding the factories around sai baba ashram I remember one distinctly “empee breweries” or something like that. old timers can vouch for that; it was bang near the railway line towards the ashram. I heard they have shifted to Kolar.

                • Not sure what are we trying to prove through these endless chain mails . If buyers are convinced that their investments have grown from INR 2600 to 4000 in 3 years, builders are left with no inventory to sell , then why others( who have no stake) need to argue unnecessarily ?

                  My only advise to all such folks is that please suggest alternate projects that can give similar returns, comes from No 1 builder with world class amenities & ready for possession in 10 months ? Name those projects if you are really concerned please else don’t blog just for the heck of it

                  • People are booking Shriram Greenfield apartments @3400/Sft and its possession is end 2018. I have not seen a single bad comment on their blog, If you compare Shriram Greenfield and PT any one with right mind will go for PT. I am not sure why people are so negative about PT. I don’t understand their point of view, If you don’t like the area then we should have all these negative things in all other surrounding projects. But no ..all the negative things are projected in PT.

                    Why some people are projecting PT as worst project in the world.
                    If you look at the return and end product which we will get, Its much much better than any surrounding projects.

      • you crazy?? 20 years?? Come on brother.. are you still living in the 5th Century BC???…you can reach the moon in 3 days these days!

        Any junk yard can be converted in to a city in a month these days.

        The entire sai baba ashram road was a mud road just a few years back. I remember similar negative discussions about the construction of the railway flyover construction few years back. One group of people speculated that the railway flyover will never be constructed and the hosakote road will never be tarred …but 6 years over and now we have a lovely road and a flyover in place.

        In the same way all radial roads connecting the airport will develop. Name one Prestige property that is constructed in an underdeveloped locality? First prestige comes and then the development follows..that is the trend. Same trend for any other big developers like Bridage et al.

        I have been following your negative remarks for quite some time now! Go and get a life buddy..!

        I have done my research and i am now in the process of investing in PT. Really good investment in the long term. In another 5 to 6 years, this property is gona be a prime property!

        The only negative factor is the chicken feed factory.. which will eventually get relocated. If you know in KR Puram.. there were many such industries that got relocated after Bridage and Prestige Shantiniketan started their projects.

        • thanks to Bhola , Neutral! & co.i have just purchased a flat at PT.

          best purchase imo……

          • @BBS Congrats! Have seen a real gem of a person now :-) I hope you bought at 4000 and think that as the best purchase! Awesome bro!

            • Neutral – We all know you are very happy :) . Vinay & Bhola, the PT experts are not sharing any valuable info now are days……

              • @Kamlesh, not as happy as you the few privileged first customers of PT who are trying to keep the spirits high. Yes I did consider PT quite sometime back and even few months back, but dropped the plan seeing the speed at which apartments are sold at Pashmina Waterfront, Brigade GT and PT :-)

          • BBS,

            If you don’t mind, could you pls share the cost at which you purchased? Is it a premium inside facing flat?Which floor?


  17. I’m not an investor in Bangalore, but I did research many flats in and around Bangalore from 2011 to 2013 Jan until I left for US. During my research days I used this website to learn Bangalore reality in a more realistic manner due to owner feedback on previous projects constructed by these builders.

    Today I thought let me go back to those old links in Harsha Sagar

    Really surprised by comments from Vinay and Bhola . I agree with you on your points, but just worry about yourself brothers. You need not worry for others. I have travelled in my two wheeler every nook and corner of Bangalore searching for the best apartments as I had to fit it in my budget.

    Provide good suggestions and then leave. All have their intellectual thinking capability , risk taking ability and some of them have their stars luckier than us, but we need not pester others by bringing overall negativity into it. Forget the NRI investors, but there are few people who have really invested their Indian salary and made investment and many might be first timers also , Don’t hurt them please …

    First flat is like a dream for many, once the first token amount is paid, you are literary living in it

    My reason for not investing in Bangalore is simple, no fresh water connectivity, and lack of pubic transport in majority of new projects and I cannot risk my small savings money at this age of 28 . I’m not so foresighted also to know what will happen after 10 yrs in some project’s . Basically my risk taking ability is poor

    But I have seen many areas developing in Bangalore during 2007 to 2010 , especially Whitefield area as I was working there and literally I missed the opportunity to buy in Prestige Shantiniketan when the prices fell during the incident , If I recollect I could have got a 3 bhk for 60-65 lakhs when one their under construction building fell .

    We shouldn’t be fighting here but support each other as we are investors and not big builders and lobby teams

    Tomorrow newer areas will develop and you can invest there , you don’t have to worry about others suffering , as every investor is thinking differently , some peoples click , others don’t.

    My personal favorite was Sattva Gold Summit but my budget was not sufficient to buy it all alone , still love it.I saw this building when I met Raghu from Orchid woods and was even trying to raise fund for the flat facing Salarpuria but didnt work out as my Dad invested in Mumbai and I had to pay 30% of the overall investment

    I just felt to write these , please dont take revenge ;)

    • vow, well said rahul. i liked the every point in your comment. there are people in forum who will be trying to bully you, but ignore.

    • Your statement “I agree with you on your points” gives me all the energy that I need to keep bringing truth about projects. I do not care what others thinks about me, I will keep writing whatever truth I come across. I have no problem people buying at PT, but they should know all the positives and negatives so that no one take them for a ride.

      • Dear Bhola, its fun to read your comments- makes our day seriously. You should be given a nobel award for being so concerned about all of us. Your selfless & ready-to-give-advice attitude is praiseworthy.
        Only disconnect is you make little sense. :)

        Also I heard you have your own 1 BHK apartment at Mandur that you are trying to sell for 6000 psft.. is that correct ?

        • Seriously, the investors of Prestige Tranquility are so insecure about it, they keep hounding people who raise points against it; The only reason many invested there i feel was that the launch price was so low for a brand like Prestige; i was getting an ~1800sft apartment for ~50lakhs+reg at launch time. But my reason for backing out was the area was not livable being industrial.
          The investors are playing games to keep the appreciation going and to cheat other buyers with their bullying tactics; i dont think any end user would want to buy there.
          People who can put money in and wait endlessly for all the negatives to go away can only invest; and not people who seriously want to live there; this is a fact no one can deny.

          • Yes, we dont know what percent of house is for end use
            In Bangalore, builders need not do marketing, investors will it for free

          • do we have any other thread related to Mundur area investments. This is simply spoiling PT thread, we have other projects also in that area

            I think Bhola and Vinay should start a new thread on this, interested people will join

          • Get ready to have a lot of health problems if staying in PT as there is big dumpyard there. Further it is very far from whitefield or any techpark so it is not advisable to purchase at such high price where health problems come free.

            • @Viksah
              I want to purchase an apartment in Brigade Exotica. What is your opinion regarding that development ?

      • Bhola – Your efforts will definitely make difference to society :) Keep entertaining. Anything new for PT??

        • My posts are certainly not entertaining for the investors. The moment I write one line, I get many back to back responses from the investors of PT.

          • Bhola – I don’t know about others but I am one of the investor and I really enjoy your comments. I am 100% clear that you know that none of the PT investor is losing here, it only a matter of variance in profit expectation. Also, If get office in whitefield or nearby area, I will definitely be using his house for self. Believe me if some of your type people will stop commenting, many of us will stop looking to this website.

          • thanks to Bhola’s comments….made me visit that locality and see for myself the development of that area.

            After seeing the locality myself, i decided to invest in the property myself!

            Great strategic investment for those of you who are looking for appreciation.

            • If you can list down the development things that you have seen in your visit to the area, it would be of great help.

              In my visit, I did not see anything but only factories and industries.

  18. Here’s one more set back for the buyers/investors of PT:

    BANGALORE: Every spell of rain brings in more misery for the residents of Mandur village. With heaps of garbage continuing to grow in their neighbourood, chemicals have failed to stem the foul smell enveloping the village. And the promise of the state government and BBMP to reduce waste dumped in the village remains on paper.

    On June 16, chief minister Siddaramaiah had struck a deal with striking Mandur villagers that dumping would be stopped by this December. The BBMP was told to look for alternative sites for dumping, set up bio-methanization units to process wet waste, increase the number of dry waste collection centres within the city so that waste to Mandur can be reduced.

    A month on, the BBMP has not zeroed in on any alternative land for garbage disposal. BBMP sources said site-searching missions to places like Kolar and Doddaballapur have been in vain.

    NS Ramakanth, member, BBMP solid waste management expert committee, said there has been not much progress on decentralization of waste processing. “Only two of the 16 bio-methanisation units proposed are functioning and they process only about 5 tonnes of waste. At this pace, it’ll take at least a year to put the rest in place,” he added.

    Manjunath Rao, a Mandur resident, said the village continues to receive over 200 truckloads of waste every day. “Residents continue to suffer health problems and these are only increasing,” he added.

    BBMP commissioner M Lakshminarayana said they need at least one or two months to establish bio-methanisation units and increase the number of dry waste collection centres. “We’re confident of reducing waste going to Mandur after a month,” he added.

    • down.. i have a questions for your problem with Prestige or investors..
      what is your exact problem..

      people have invested assuming these things will go away and unfortunately they are still there
      things will happen but will happen slowly in this country.. this is something all of us should be ashamed of ..

      I am neither an investor in PT nor I belong to Prestige or any property agency..

      • So you are a new character in this forum. Welcome.

      • Bhola is intrinsically an unhappy person. I can sympathise with him though; the inequalities in the society cause lots of prejudices and inequalities and this can alter people’s mind. But nothing can be done other than accepting it or becoming a revolutionary to change it. Just posting on websites do not make or break things :)

    • Bhola-O-bhola,

      As you say people are fools to buy there in PT, even though you pointed out all the negative aspects of it, which you claim no one likes to talks about. Now you have done your bit buddy, but people are fools and they will never change, they still keep buying, but I don’t understand how can you be such a bigger fool than them trying to elude everyone, going over again on the same crap.

      I am no way related to PT, but looking at your posts, if I am provoked to comment on this, then I can imagine the frustration of the people who have put their hard earned money.

      If it is just your intention to frustrate people who have already invested, or someone close to you have got it, but you missed to buy, then I would say you have done a decent job. I hope by saying this, you might be bit relieved. ;)

      So my dear friend, give a break to yourself and to all the fools around, everyone knows you have made your point. After some years(or whenever, to keep you happy), while the residents would are living there to their own satisfaction , I hope to see you in some other thread/forum cribbing over some issues of some other flat…

      I know you would hit back, get it on mate, I have nothing to lose ;)

      Good luck buddy.

  19. Hi

    We are selling our 3 BHK + study in Prestige tranquility 13175, west facing and east facing balconies overlooking GR sunvillas and Pruksha silvana. 1820 sqft area.
    If interested you may call 9902169352.


    • For the last 2 years you are selling 3-BHK apartments in PT. How many flats are you holding in PT?

    • Uma,

      You should have taken written permission from Bhola and Vinay before posting the add.

      Anything which happens related to PT, should be informed and accepted by them.

      They don’t have a life, other that tracking PT news.

  20. Is the signature tower launched? what is the current sft rate?

    • Signature tower is getting launched at Rs 6,000/-, however they are still selling the other towers at Rs 4,000/-.

      Some of the salient features of Signature Tower:

      1. Very near to the main road. Good for accessibility point of view
      2. Centralized AC, to give relief from the CFF and relief from the mandur dump yards.

  21. Garbage village Mandur has 375 sick residents

    BANGALORE: A health camp conducted by the government at Mandur on Monday found that most of the 375 participants are ill. The participants — residents of the village and neighbouring settlements — were found to suffer from various ailments which include respiratory problems, skin diseases and continuous headaches.


    • Thanks God. Finally govt conducted this camp. This report will go to high court. Government has given written undertaken to shift the dumpyard in next 6 month. Although it is 3-4 Km from GR villa, Pruksha and Brigade Triangle, PT, Brigade exotica, yet it it good that it will be shifted.

      • Ha ha, you guys are good in dreaming. You chalked out a plan for the future course of action? excellent.

        For your information, in 2011 itself govt planned to shift the dump yard and they asked 1 year time for that. If can see your calender, its 2014.

    • Good news for Vinay. Shriram Properties is going to launch “green field” project next to Tranquility. He will get another reason to crib about :)

      Oh BTW, happened to talk to a Nitesh marketing guy over the weekend. They too are planning to launch a mega project on NH-4 near to Budigere junction. So more reasons to crib coming in the future :) ….

      • Nitesh project is 0.5-1 km from Brigade Golden triangle towards Budigere
        I think it is an 8 acre project.

    • Did u not read the news that there will be no dumping there after 6 months? And the dumping is being phased out already.

    • Dear Vinay, you forgot to include the second half of the news

      ” Dr Chandrashekaraiah, however, said such health problems can’t be associated with the garbage menace. “We need a detailed study and medical examinations before concluding such things,” he added.”

      • Guys,

        Today while coming frm airport in taxi, even with the windows turned up, within the car , I was almost about to puke due to the terrible smell in that area.
        Smell started near the mandur village and almost right upto the stud farm at left side of road.
        I wonder how people will stay there. I wish the prestige high level people and the so called smart investors are made stay in those flats.

        The investors who knowingly have played a part in pushing the projects in this terrible area plus the ignorant and. Naive, happy go lucky people who purchase flats in this area are all to be blamed for whatever health hazards eventually happen in this stretch of land.

        Sorry for the harshness but people must be blamed, not prestige.


        • Half of Koramangala is built up next to drain & one can’t stand that smell. Same for Indira Nagar – Diamond district is next to a drain. You can get the stench sitting in Royal Orchid. List is endless. Wonder why people NEVER have any problems with such localities?

          • So why Mandur people are protesting? Please go there and tell them what you said here. Karnataka govt will be very happy with you and they may even recommend you for award from President of India.

          • Diamond district is pathetic in terms of smell! But i tried to get an appartment there… could not buy because it was way beyond my budget. I was willing to pay up to 80 lakhs in cash for a 3bhk… but i was asked close to 1 crore!

        • You might be right. That is why, Mandur people are protesting. Now govt has given written assurance to close it in next 6 month. If this at all affect the area (Brigade golden triangle, Brigade Exotica, GR, Pruksha), this is a good news for thousands of future residents who are going to move to this area.

          Vinay you do not have to be very pessimistic. Things change. Mandur is going to close in next 6 month and Chicken feed factory lease is going to be over in next one year. You looks very interested in this area. It is a right time to invest. You are wasting so much of your energy in researching about Budigere area, you should reward yourself with some good investment. Anyway now Shriram is also coming up with thousands of new flats.


        • How long have u been staying in Bangalore? I have been for the last 40 years. Seen diamond distrcict coming up near stinking naala, seen a jungle called whitefield develop into a cbd, Witnessed a jungle called bannerghata turn from elephant camp into human settlement. These are temporary factors mate. The only factor is that Bangalore has seen a 100% jump in population due to immigrants and housing is a necessity here. ANd this area shows promise.

        • You are not supposed to talk any negative about any project. If you got bad smell, close your nose and drive away. Why you have to come here and report? People here will tag you as competitor if you talk anything negative. Only see the positives and write that only.

        • that is why Prestige guys are called developers. They invest and develop places….convert them from dump yards and smelly factories in to livable areas.

      • As usual, the investors jumped in to protect their investment with all types of arguments.

        • I did a lot of research and finally decided to invest in Prestige Tranquility. Based on some information i got from sources that i can’t disclose… the govt has got lots of plans in that area and has a great potential for appreciation especially for those early investors. The fact that there is a dump yard close to PT and a chicken feed factory by the side is just a temporary hurdle that is currently being worked upon. Once these issues get addressed.. then PT will be surely remain a dream for those who had not invested early.

          • @Joji: What is the big deal in revealing those sources :-) Govt had lots of plans for bangalore in general. For ex: Graphite India flyover was sanctioned in 2011, its 2014. Hopefarm junction is supposed to be like hebbal flyover. Let them complete all these before moving to a completely under developed area!

            • What is the connection of Graphite India flyover to PT? Government can prioritize the development of PT because some of the great investors of our country have bought flats in PT. Government will not let their investment go to drains. After all government is for the development of people.

            • Well, there is no big deal…which is why i am not bothering to reveal. If there was a big deal about that i would surely have revealed. ;-) :-) )

              Well, i don’t think they will ever complete… but for sure they will touch upon all the places, which is sufficient. Afterall tell me what development government brings to a place other than roads and flyovers.??? Its the private people who set up hospitals, schools, and shops that make the place a good place to live in.

              As far as Budigere is concerned… all it needs is a hospital, a school and a few malls..and a few office spaces. which i am sure will happen eventually. Now don’t ask me when.

          • @Joji, keeping egos apart and investment gains apart, frankly tell when will PT be a liveable area? 2 years from now or 12 years?

            • PT is livable from the last decade itself. If monkeys can stay there, why can’t we. After all monkeys are our ancestors. Jai hanuman!!!

              • There are 150+ families already living in Pruksa villas next to PT. Every month dozens of families moving into this community, some of them are renting it out as well.

              • Bhola baba – The Pessimist, if it’s not suitable for you to live then you can live in your Palace. Why are you bothered about others and why are you spending so much of time in criticizing PT.

                We know that you live in a Palace where there is no Air pollution or Noise Pollution. Please send us your address so that we can visit you and see what we are missing.

            • Two years??? But CRM people says that the possession is going to start from the month of march 2015. Not going to happen is it ?

    • Vinay…..thanks for the info….I have heard that front road will get broad…..can you pls check and confirm if there is any news….

      • Our friend Vinay conveniently filters out news on road widening, World trade market opening up across the road, Aero park getting approved, Dump yard shift getting a formal nod in writing, from the government, Construction in final stages & entering the last year etc. All what he remembers to share is that the Mandur garbage dumpyard is right between PT’s club house & swimming pool :-)

      • Prestige sales guy would have told you that the road would widen and you fell in trap. Every road in Bangalore will widen for sure, but when may be after 1 year, 10 years or 20 years. That nobody knows.

        But why you are worried about the road widening. Is the current road is not sufficient for you to drive your car to and from PT? By the way, its already 3 years since the pre-launch and till no sign of road widening. People like you spread rumours and others fall in that.

        I do not assume things like you guys. Neither do I believe sales people and investors. I only talk about something which is a fact and and solid news in newpapers and all.

        By the way, did you get any buyers for your apartment. 100′s of enquiries, right?

        • Yes dear I are getting ultimate response on this property, high returns that I have invested. We also got the info that the signature tower is launching soon on higher rates…so put on hold :) …BTW do you think will prestige be able to sell signature tower or not?

          • As long as people like you are there in the market, prestige can even sell the mandur garbade dump.

            • Bhola – We understand your frustration. There are few more in this forum, you are not the only one.

              • I doubt if you have any understanding capability. People with good understanding capability do not buy houses near garbage dumps.

                • Bhola – Rs 2600 to 4200/4100/4000…:)

                  • No one is buying at that price. Its only on paper. People are not fool to buy houses near garbage dumps at such a high prices. I have seen some of your investor partners trying to sell their apartments for the last 2 years and they are not able to. Keep dreaming.

                  • My dear friend, people who really want to sell they are easily getting buyer for this property & people who do not have burning desire to sell they are all waiting. I will suggest you try some good property consultants, there are few more good properties prestige have in pipeline, which can give good returns.

                  • Mr Bhola, What price are you ready to pay? 2628? LOLOLOLOL!!! Get a life man …someone put in his hard earned money and if he is expecting good returns on it, whats your problem? And if he is not getting it, what makes you super excited about it? What interest do you have if someone has bought 2 or 3 or 100 flats in PT? What interest do you have if anyone is trying to sell a flat for last two years and not able to offload it? Why do you keep spamming the forum with useless talks? Why?

                  • Bhola – Nitish Builders are launching a property near to PT at very very low price… will they ever able to sell…huh..try it buddy don’t think too will pacify your frustration.

    • Was wondering that New Baldwin Int’l school is even closer to Mandur as compared to PT. I guess its midway, however never heard of any sickness etc for children going to that school. Any comments ?

      • Did you ever go and asked the parents of those kids? or someone should report it to TOI for you?

        • FMK – If the Kid’s parents says no they did not had any issue….some of our friends :) will go alongwith with their family doctor and certify that they are correct..:)

    • and some folks in this forum are sick already despite not being Mandur residents

      • Ha ha!!!… Well said FMK. In fact it reminds me that the doctors in the Mandur health clinic pointed that the health problem of the Mandur people was also contributed by psychological factors.

        • Mr eggy. With what psychological factors you bought apartment in PT? Did you think of making tons of money with your investment in PT and now left no where? No buyers for your apartment? Or do you still believe some psychological factors will convert your apartment from stinking house to gold house.

    • Agree… even more people across Bangalore have health issues due to pollution from the smoke emitted by the cars and trucks running on the roads… dust and noise is another health hazard. But that doesn’t stop anyone from working in Bangalore! :-) )

  22. Hi

    I am an NRI and invested in PT tower 2 2bhk. Can anyone talk about the construction status?
    Any idea when can we expect the possession ?


  23. Quoting a genuine news:

    “Chhattisgarh: 6 dead, over 30 injured in gas leakage at Bhilai Steel Plant

    In the biggest industrial accident in recent years, at least six employees of Bhilai Steel Plant were killed and over 30 injured after a gas leak on Thursday night. The victims included two deputy general managers.

    The incident occurred when repair work was being carried out in a section of the plant. Sources said a blast furnace reported leakage, and when officials and firefighters reached the spot, there was a blast in a nearby pipeline.”


    This is the risk people will have living near industries.

    • Vinay,

      I don’t think you understand the difference between small scale industry and large scale industry. There is a huge difference between Steel industry and a food processing unit.

      What are you trying to prove here.

      By your words, You cant live in any major city as the crime rates are very high in all major cities and risk of you getting killed will be statistically very high.

  24. I was considering PT for sometime now (to purchase directly from Prestige) but have decided to not go forward. It doesn’t matter what was the reason but price was definitely not the reason as there is nothing cheaper than this when you compare with similar brand and size.

    I just want to put my point here that this forum is for “potential buyers” and not for brokers/investors. A potential buyer would then be an investor and hence investors can share the positive thoughts but they can’t bully others who have decided otherwise. I am not posting here the reason why I have decided otherwise but that doesn’t mean everyone else should also do the same. I feel there is lot of vested interest on both sides and my take is that there is more vested interest on the brokers/investors side.

    Many brokers/investors here ask others to not write anything against PT – on what basis do they demand this? If someone is giving factually wrong information here – you then have every right to counter it but you can’t bully people around or ridicule them. If only positive information is all that you need then you please start a groups for investors and share only the positive information and “ban” all negatives. Many who visit this forum won’t even leave a reply because they don’t have time and they just got the necessary information already. Some stay back and write lot of negative posts mainly because of the “bullying” by the brokers/investors. They take it personally and start writing every smaller negative points to prove the investors wrong.

    I feel this can be stopped by just responding to factually incorrect posts and not to bully everyone who has done some research and have posted their genuine concerns here. People are not going to blindly believe this forum and they are going to do their own research and they will find which side of the story is correct and which is not. So, let’s not take this personally. PT may still be a best buy but people visit this forum to read about the negatives (mainly) of any project and then do their own research. We can’t deny them that “right”.

    • Good post.
      Same thoughts from my side as well.
      Those who invested/bought property, stop bullying others who post negative comments. If you have any point-to-point rebuttal to the negatives, please post them.
      Bullying the negative comment writers only increases the negativity about your investments.

      I too visit this site to know about the negatives of projects and not to hear too many pleasant things from those who invested; the pleasant things can be heard from the sales persons at the site as well!

      • If the matter rests at plain criticism and negatives, it would not be a concern, but these people are posting comments against people posting selling offers accusing them of greed statements like “your greed has blinded you” We’re talking about people wanting a lakh or two over accepted rates and they are greedy. The Extent of Criticism is almost activist like. Posting Links of Industrial accidents?? This is an apartment complex not a steel plant.PT is indeed a great project in the simple fact that is is about 12 KM from whitefield and was launched at a price no other reputed builder could beat. Even now at 4000-4200 PSF this is by the far the most value for money project one can find in Bangalore. People who stand for the project are not salespeople but people who’ve put their money into this project, home buyers and investors as this is sold out in most of its entirety. Yes, the project is in the vicinity of a Dump – 3-4 KM and yes there are factories nearby, But there is a possibility that the area will develop into a good residential area since anything else near whitefield right now is going above 4500-5000 PSF. I’m an owner in PT and I stand for this project just like 4 other folks in my office. We picked up flats together because it was affordable and value for money.

      • Dear Ajay, writing substantiated facts is absolutely fine & well accepted. What’s not amusing is when folks try to manipulate statements to their advantage.

        We all agree there are a couple of industries around & site is a few KMs away from Mandur, but when we try to sensationalize this saying ““Chhattisgarh: 6 dead, over 30 injured in gas leakage at Bhilai Steel Plant” or ” Till date only 850+ flats are sold out of 2300 and they are finding it hard to sell the remaining inventory. ” that’s what invite reactions, because its all being done with ill intention.

        Regarding Mandur, the good news is Govt has formally agreed to provide an undertaking to close this issue in 6 months time. See below -

        There are 10,000+ houses +villas coming in that area, so obviously there is some merit in the location. Already 1000+ families are staying around PT so the area is habitable, Prestige is undoubtedly the best builder of South & property has appreciated 60% in 3 years, World Market is coming across the road, Aero Park & road widening approvals are through. Aren’t all these positive indicators that all PT owners be proud of ?

        Every project will have positives & negatives & each buyer does careful evaluation against the offered price, before making any investment. In case of PT, long term positives definitely outweigh the short term negatives.

        I also challenge all those who disagree with above, to name 1-2 projects in similar price range, which are more superior in terms of brand, location & amenities. Share links to prove it & then lets discuss

        PT rocks !!!

  25. People visiting this forum, kindly note that two of country’s leading environmentalists have conducted extensive research and found PT to be a hazardous zone. It is located in territory which is housing some of the most dangerous waste producing pharmaceutical, chemical and biological agent manufacturers. This area is totally unfit for survival of any life form on earth. Our scientists strongly recommended to STAY AWAY from this project.

    And let me intimate you folks. These scientists have searched and researched every square bit of Bangalore. Every square inch of Bangalore (except 2 KM radius of Mandur Dump Yard) have been found to be extremely safe.

    Have a pleasant stay in Bangalore.

    Please note – all services and recommendations from our scientists are totally and absolutely free. And if you need to find the habitability index of your area absolutely free, please call 1-800-BHOLA-VIJAY.

  26. Thanks to this forum and some internal info I got regarding budigere development…. I bought a flat at tranquility for rs 4000psqft.

    Is a very strategic investment !

  27. Mandur tense after senior citizen dies

    BANGALORE: A 75-year-old woman died in Mandur on Thursday, sparking off a flash strike by residents who blamed the death on pollution caused by garbage dumped in their village.

    Note: This is not an assumption or guess or any story. This is a true news. There are people in this blog who may say that this is a fake news for vested interests.

    • Good….so some thing is going to change

    • I take this opportunity to thank you so much for the kind service extended to society and nation. I would like know your (and hopefully Bhola’s too) other areas of interest so that people can benefit from your vast knowledge and wisdom.

  28. Bhola/Vinay,

    You guys are not interested in buying PT and you have no idea how many apartments are sold. You just say PT project is the worst project. Then what are you doing in this blog.

    If I am not interested in any project I would not waste my time in that project blog.

    I really doubt your intention. I think you guys want it and can’t afford it. This frustration is leading to all these negative feedback.

    If you don’t want it why you did so much of research and still wasting your time here.

    I know it’s one of the best available projects. I have been to PT location. I have spoken to lot of people who knows the quality of Prestige Project and every one suggested me to invest.

    • The other side of the coin – When there are several grade-A projects in bangalore, why few folks are very particular about criticizing this one particular project? Though some of these folks are very pessimistic and discouraging each and every project, I didnt see so much of discussion happening on others.

      • Yes, I agree with you. So we should have these negative comments for every project in that area. But we don’t see Bhola and Vinay writing any thing on other projects.

        I dont understand whats the reason for Bhola/Vinay targeting PT. I respect the individuals opinion about the project. But I really don’t like people writing some negative comments with bad intention.

        Dont you think they are going little extreme in criticizing. I am in this forum because I am interested in this project .. But whats their purpose?

        Consider they want will being of people in that area then why they are not writing anything on the other projects in that area.

        I respect everyone’s opinion and that’s what we wont in these forums. But I really dont understand these guys.Why they are investing so much of time in this project forums.

        If you don’t like any project then you write your comments and move on to other project.

    • And you could only afford PT because this is the cheapest project in-spites of all the health hazards. When you can’t afford something good, you have to settle for less and keep justifying for the same. Normally Prestige price their project more than the market rate in that area. Do you guys have any idea why Prestige priced PT so less? Even they did not know that people with herd mentality will come in large numbers to buy flats near factories. People went in large numbers because of so low price and they thought the industries will eventually move out and they can make money. The entire area has been marked as industrial area and instead of factories moving, more factories will be setup there. Prestige management is not fool to price a project so less of this size and magnitude.

      • Vinay, You have no Idea what I can afford .. :) so dont think if some one buys PT does not mean that’s the only property they can afford. Any one who has invested money in PT has earned a good profit so far and I believe this project is gone be similar to PSN. The end product will be one of the best place to live in Bangalore.You note this day and we will talk in 2 years.

        When PSN stated many people argued the same thing that It will be waste of money .. no one will stay there .. its out side bangalore .. Now you see .. its one of the best projects in Bangalore.

        Vinay, There are many construction happening in this area and may be around 10-12 thousand families will start living in this are in next 2-3 years. This large population itself will attract lot of investment and surrounding area will develop with shopping complexes , hospitals and schools.

        • Why argue with illiterate people …. Just ignore them!

          No doubt prestige is a very good investment… I did my homework and I already bought mine few days @rs4000psqft….
          Few years back there were lots of industries in KR puram area and all got shifted when people started living there. So no worries! Just be patient!

        • just ignore… dont waste your time.

  29. PT is the worst project among all the prestige project. Till date only 850+ flats are sold out of 2300 and they are finding it hard to sell the remaining inventory. Current investors are not able to exit the project and that is reason there have been no price appreciation for the last couple of months.

    Even villagers are aware of the harmful effect of the garbage dumps and have been protesting but so called educated owners of PT have been negating the effect just for their personal gains so that the property appreciates and they make some money.

    • Once the Project is completed Mr Bhola and Mr Vinay will have to eat their words. Prestige Shantineketan level quality at such a low price will be value to many people. Garbage Dump is more than 3 KM away from PT. We wont mind living there, in fact looking forward to it.

      • PT is worst project in Bangalore/India/Asia/World/Galaxy…

        Mr Bhola and Mr Vinay, go and have a life now… You are free…. see carefully you will have a halo on head now….

      • @MJ Prestige Shantiniketan Quality! Thats itself shows the quality of PT :-) PSN is a place where lifts will breakdown, 13th floor fluctuates in the air like hanging gardens. Guys visit PSN, dont care about amenities, but go to any flat and see the quality.
        On a separate note, Mr Bhola and Mr Vinay are not complaining about quality, but about the problems being in an industrial area. Garbage dumps may be kms away, but what about factories sharing the boundaries? Same is the problem with Brigade Lakefront (may not as severe)

        • Have you ever calculated the profit earned by the investors in PSN. I don’t think it was a bad investment for investors and residents.

          Every large project will have its pros and cons. Its important to note that all investors in PSN are very happy with their investment. At least I consider PSN as a good investment.

          Now coming to the quality of the project. I heard good and bad about the project. But most of the residents want to continue staying there.

          • @ Raja, Nobody questioned about the profit. Humans are just so cruel that they just care about profit only even if its built sacrificing the life of so many people.

            On a separate note, we are talking about quality and not profit. Have you ever cared about profit earned from a Tier 3 builder at a good location? I had a 2 Bhk from not even Tier 3 builder and got it for 25 lks 5 years back, sold now at 85 laks. Even if I add loan burden, its much better profit compared to these Tier 1 builders, where you have take that huge loan. I am talking about end users not investors!

            • I have never seen any resident complaining about the quality of project. Its the people out side PSN complaining.

              I have never seen any one leaving PSN for quality reasons. Have you.

              I know few apartments have some problems with water leakage problems which was fixed in time. And I believe these problems will be there in any project.

              What do you mean by “Humans are just so cruel that they just care about profit only even if its built sacrificing the life of so many people”. Did PSN or Prestige killed some one to build their apartments.

              There have been few accidents in PSN because of individuals mistakes, that doesn’t mean that PSN is a bad place to live.

              • @Raja Open up boss. See the world from neutral perspective! Just talk to residents of PSN and get neutral feedback. When i pay 1 cr I expect some premium specs in there which is lacking in all of the 1cr projects currently running! Were you not aware of lift broken in PSN? What about the entire building collapse? Read this the incident if you are ignorant or seems to be acting like one:

                • Why_fight, I believe PSN is one of the best community to live in.

                  There is no point in arguing as the demand and appreciation of PSN value prove my point.

                  Yes I accept that there where few accidents in PSN. These have happened in many other projects in Bangalore and all over the world.

                  If you don’t like PT or PSN you don’t buy it. Its as simple as that ..

                  • @Raja, Buying and not buying is not the issue here and this forum is about pros and cons of each apartment and I am not here to argue. I just answered when I felt a neutral perspective is required and as I said many times before this is not a public forum and you can’t stop people from putting facts straight.
                    Please give us with suitable links about similar other incidents in Bangalore (forget World). Dont just make statements without proof! Give us proof.

                  • Why_fight – i presume you do not travel in Volvos because Volvos caught fire recently. I presume you do not even travel in Railways because horrible train accident have happened. I presume you do not fly because flights vanish into thin air. I presume you do not go in cars because cars from every manufacturer have caught fire.I presume you do not visit the market places because bomb blasts have happened so often in such crowded places. Oh yes. I know you’ll not own a prestige property ever in life because one building under construction had collapsed. Sigh!

                  • @Navdeep, Good sarcasm and dont think that I am embarassed by that.I have put facts in front of you when some one compared PT with PSN. I didn’t say anything about Prestige quality in general. And to this specific comment you made, I understand that you are one who does everything thats written there and still feel lucky :-) And why dont you add this line also to that, I dont want to have birth, because death is for sure. Give good solid facts and comment and dont spoil your name for making such stupid comments.

                  • @Navdeep, And if it hurts you so much, then there is something for sure. And neutral people like us understand it much more boss!

                  • Why_fight. Good that my post caught your attention. Firstly, please accept my apologies, I didn’t intend to insult you in any way. HS doesn’t allow one to edit the post otherwise I would have gone and deleted that. I accept my mistake. Sorry brother for that.

                    Your posts show that you are a very wise man, and I am sure that you know and realize that reality is never out there in black and white. I am surprised how learned people keep on portraying only one side of reality while giving a totally blind eye to other facts.

                    I would be glad if people like you while criticizing and telling people that boss by purchasing flat in XYZ builder you are making biggest mistake of your life, also tell people that see this guy ABC is the best quality builder having no issues in his or her construction.

                    I am sure you know a large percentage of houses/apartments are built in Bangalore by encroaching and filling up the lake beds. To me that poses bigger risk with rains softening up the ground below and causing stress issues in structure.

                    Agree, PT may be located near to a dump yard which may or may not close down. It is in industrial zone. But what do you have to say about the projects that are next to filthy stinking lakes, which are fed by city’s liquid waste and carry the hazardous chemicals from textile industry and builders selling them as “premium” apartments?

                    There are projects being sold next to crematoriums with smoke of those dead bodies burning entering the houses. There are projects right next to the quarries. There are projects that have roads going right through them causing serious issues. There are projects having high tension wires going right through them. Projects near to hazardous EM radiation zones. There are plenty of builders who haven’t delivered to commitment and cheated people. There are many projects which get stuck in legal issues related to ownership. There are many more who don’t build according to the plan. You can find ton of projects with such issues.

                    Every project will have some fly in the ointment. It doesn’t stop people from taking it as their homes. But when someone starts to target one single builder and one single project, it automatically creates suspicion that people have malicious intent. If your concern is safe housing and malicious practices by builders, please start another a new thread or start your own blog and write proper pros and cons of each and every project. We seriously need such informative blogs and posts.

                  • Why_fight, I never denied the accident happened in PSN. My point is the end product that we received is up to my satisfaction.If you ask most of the residents you may hear the same thing . And Its very difficult to satisfy every one.

                    These accidents happen every where .. If you search on internet news section you will get lot of search results and I am not interested in proving that under construction accidents happen. If you don’t wane accept it its up to you.

                    Why_fight, I am not trying to prove anything here, Just wanted to say that under construction accidents are very common .. May times they don’t make any news until some one gets hurt.

                    Just for your info following are the under construction accidents.

                  • @ Navdeep No problem man, I am in general a positive person and your wordings are taken in the right spirit. There is always a tendancy to criticize somebody like Prestige/Sobha/Brigade as they are called Tier 1 builders and they have to set some standard. But I feel that standard is not achieved in PSN.
                    @ Raja, What I was saying is if PSN was sort of benchmark project for Prestige, then all these incidents should be avoided, please dont compare that with Tier 2 or below builders as they are not taking as much money from an end user as these Tier 1 builders take.

              • Visit PSN during rains and you’d see the reality of Prestige’s flagship project!

                • Dear Rohit, none of the houses are water proof unless you are staying in one ? Water logging is quite common in Bangalore & you can see across all posh areas including MG road etc

                  Convince anyone to sell their 3 BHK at PSN at even 1 Crore & you’ll know what I meant.

            • Its very unusual. Not everyone will be lucky like you making such huge profit with an unknown builder. You are 1 among 1000 or might be 10,000 :)

            • No point arguining… there is no one video on youtube that has all likes with no dislikes no matter how good it is made. So is the case of PT. Leave it as is.

        • Hi, Can anybody validate the fact that the higher floors in PSN fluctuate? and also what does it mean? Does it mean it shakes or vibrates? I have not lived at higher floors in bangalore, hence want to be sure that buying a higher floor in PT will not have an issues.

          Besides that i am looking for a 1139 sq ft in PT towers 6 to 9 preferably between floors 4 and 8 at basic+ floor rise+ premium + transfer fees + TDS if applicable = 4000 per sq ft fully in cheque.

          Genuine Interested sellers pls publish flat number and contact details. Brokers please excuse.

    • Bhola/ Vinay,

      I think you might be living in best location and best flat in bangalore..
      You guys are the expert….I am planning to buy 1 more flat….any suggestion…..?

      • Since you are fond of garbage dump and its smell, I can suggest you Pashmina Brookwoods. This is much near to the Mandur garbage dump and has appreciated almost 55% in the last 2 years (from Rs 2,780 to Rs 4,200). The smell will be more stronger and so is the appreciation. Buy this one and you will not repent. You will get thousand of reasons to justify why it is near garbage dump and its benefit. Some if its benefit you can highlight as (while selling your apartment in the future):

        1. You can simply throw your garbage from your balcony to the garbage dump saving precious time and energy.
        2. You can get free cooking gas from the plant that is going to be setup by the govt.
        3. You can get free drinking water along with the Mandur villagers that the govt is supplying.
        4. You will have less guests coming to your house saving your time and money.

        • Vinay, He wants to buy a property which he likes and He is investing his money. You are reacting as if he is taking your money and investing it.

          Vinay, We all know you dont like PT project. Thats perfectly ok . You buy the property you like and you can afford.

          May I ask, which property you have purchased and At what rate you purchased it?

          • May I ask you how much you are getting paid by Prestige to write only the positive stories about PT. I am only highlighting the negatives because they are never spoken by the builder and the owners. I have no bad intentions. I want people to know both the positives and negatives and take decisions. People are not going to buy or sell properties based on my comments. People are going to verify each and every thing before buying. Why are you getting so much hurt if some one starts highlighting the facts. There are people in the forum who are only talking about the good things of PT because they have vested interest. Allow someone to talk facts also and let people verify and decide what they want to do.

            Why only PT. Because I have done a full research on PT as I was interested in this project in the beginning and later decided against it because of all those negatives I came across. I have personally verified each and every thing and have gone to PT many times. Finally I bought in Prestige Park View near Hope farm junction which is, in my opinion, better located and its near to my office and no factories near by, better connectivity etc. Let me know if you want to know anything further about me.

            • I was seriously considering PT along with my cousin who recently relocated from singapore…. but after reading so much -ve, i thought to verify and here are some inputs:
              I visited the site, it is too long from any development which can be said livable (seems to get the daily need you need to drive 10KMs).
              though there was no bad smell on the PT site, when i crossed a school which was half Km from PT, very bad smell every where till next 2-2.5 kms. I think if the wind flow is towards PT, this can be felt there as well. I am not sure this was from any factory or the dump yard though.
              Currently many folks are expecting 400-4200 psqft, which seems ridiculous man…. I could get projects from T1 builder, in hennur/sarjapur main road for that price, which will be completed in next 6-8 months. no need to tell about the develpment in those area. I believe it take 10+ years for budigere to be developed like Sarjapur or hennur road. they are 10-15 kms from majestic/mg road, near to metro route, ORR, ….. where the budigere stands as of now….. 30 km from majestic, 25 from mg road :-) ,
              No offences….. i am not here to decide about the worthness of investment here…. just my personal thought as a end user

              • ” I could get projects from T1 builder, in hennur/sarjapur main road for that price, which will be completed in next 6-8 months”

                Arnav- please enlighten us with the names of these T1 projects at Hennur selling at 4000.

              • Guys,

                I have purchased in PT for end use and i can confirm the concerns raised by Vinay is genuine.
                Yes, Mandur currently a dumpyard is 4-5 kms away from PT.
                Yes, PT is surrounded by factories and a bad smell is there most of the time.
                Yes, PT is currently approximately 10kms from any real civilization and far from MG road and Majestic.

                But here are the reasons i purchased:
                1. Prestige is a tier 1 builder and I will never get a Prestige project at 2628, which was within my budget
                2. Secondly with the good connectivity to KR Puram it takes hardly 10 minutes to commute this 10 km which is the same time i take to reach from Marthahalli to KR Puram.
                3. I expect Mandur dumpyard will be gone, which will happen within this year.
                4. The factories will sell out due to the rising land value due to ongoing development in this area which should take max 5 years.
                5. I dont want to stay in an overcrowded place like Sarjapur, which is middle of whitefield and electronic city(this is the USP of sarjapur), but wanted a middle for whitefield and manyata.
                6. PT offered ample amenities

                Now it is upto an individual whether they want to go ahead or not, based on their preferences. I felt it suits me and i purchased PT for end-use.

            • Vinay, I think you have your facts wrong, This area will be converted to Recreational area in near future. Otherwise BDA will not approve such large projects in this are. Every known builder has project or property in this area. Do you think you know better than the BDA and top builders. As I told earlier, in next 2-3 years around 10-12 thousand families will move in this area and they will build a large market demand and surrounding area will develop very quickly.

              May be you are in business of writing in forums for money not me. I have better things to do. But I am not gone keep quiet when some one talks with half glass view.

              • “This area will be converted to Recreational area in near future.” – is your assumption.

                You know something called CDP 2015 of Bangalore. In that, this area has been marked as industrial. CDP is revised every 15 years. That means, at least, for the next 15 years, the area is going to be industrial. I am not as good as you in assuming things, but after 15 years this area may be converted to residential or may be kept as industrial. This depends on the govt. Please find sometime to read about the CDP and then come and debate with some valid data. Dont always keep guessing in the air.

            • Vinay – What rate you got in Park View? How many cricket pitch, play courts, parks, Amphitheatre, children play areas are in this Property? Actually, the problem with Main road project is sound pollution…. I got one more from Salarpuria in the Main road but regretting it due to sound pollution…You need to do more research before investing in main road projects…

              • @Kamlesh Patel, Boss PT is bang on main road as well! There is lot of airport traffic in addition to the pollution from neighboring industries.

                • Why_Fight – The tower that I have flat is more than 500 meter from main road. So I have no issues with noise pollution. Garbage dump is 4-5 KM. Industries are there, but do you think the people living around this location are all sick. Moreover, I am neutral on the property as every property has its good and bad, is based on priority and budget of buyer….I actually feel pathetic about frustrated fool’s who have not invested in right time and spreading negativity of the location. :) :) :)

              • Park view is not on the footpath that you will get sound pollution. Even with that sound pollution is much better than stinking garbage and smoke pollution.

                You know what, a slum dweller cannot live in a Palace. For him a slum is more vibrant than a Palace. He will have cricket pitch and lot of other facilities in a slum but in a Palace, he will miss all these things.

        • Vinay – I really enjoy your comments Vinay and gained interest in Just curious to know how do you research property, do you Google as “Property near to Garbage” and then start visiting there or Pashmina Brookwoods and Prestige Tranquility are selected in your lucky draw to research :)


  31. Kamlesh Patel : 9663100550
    Following are the details of my property in prestige Tranquility, Bangalore.
    Flat no. 3051 & Area : 1991 (Tower 3, 5th Floor, 1st Unit)
    Rate : 4200 (Including – Floor rise and transfer fee. Excluding – Car Park, Deposits, VAT & Reg )
    This is premium flat – Pool/Clubhouse/Landscape/Fountain/play area facing. Open both sides.

    • Builder is selling at 4000. Why someone would buy from you at 4200, just curious to know.

      By the way, for the last 8 to 9 months price has stuck to 4000. Zero appreciation for the last 8 to 9 months.

      • There are two reasons. First the builder is giving the base price and he will add floor rise. My price is inclusive of that. Secondly, they have few leftover options and mine flat is having Premium location facing Pool/Clubhouse/Landscape/Fountain/play area facing. Open both sides. Hope this clarifies. Also I am not clear on what calculation your used to calculate Zero appreciation.

      • it’s an unnecessary fighting, see rate is depend upon ur negotiation, luck.
        In brigade metropolise rate is going on 6000-7000 something but my friend got it on 1610 aq feet 3 bhk on 75 lakh+registration , yea it’s market value is something 65 lakkh, same thing with brookefield keerthi flora apt, rate is some thing 6000 sq feet but my another friend got it in 60 lakh including registration, because buyer in financial crunch and she want to sell.

        • sorry market value of brigade metropolise 3 bhl some thing 95 lakh and keerthi flora 3 bhk something 80-85 lakh

          • Hi Sapan,

            When did your friend close this deal? around last month I got into negotiations with multiple sellers but could never manage anything better than 108-110 for a 1610/1630 unit , if it is a recent purchase then it is a steal even at 95…either that or I screwed up bigtime :( … stunned

      • @ Vinay, Builder has only 12 flats left (Plus Signature tower that he is yet to release for sale which is expected to launch at 5K) . Most of these 12 flats are 3 BHKs on the 19th floor & in the price range of 4200- 4350. You may want to call Prestige to validate that.

        I have a very simple question for you. What makes you hang around in this forum when neither you own a flat nor intend to own one ?
        From your comments its clear that you consider PT as the worst project on earth.
        Further, I don think you are a qualified blogger or a property consultant either, so fail to understand why are you still hanging around ?? Are you jobless & do this as a passion.. or you like being an unwanted advisor … or in search of a killer deal ?

    • 3 BHK flat for Sale at Prestige Tranquility of 1991 sft in 16th block mid floor.

      Price: Rs 3,500/-

      • @Naveen, Thanks for posting the link. Next time, read the complete details not just the headline. Actual price is Rs 3500/psft + transfer + floor rise + car parking. Did you ever think what the end price will be?

        • It will be Rs.3750/sq.ft(including transfer and floor rise) + car parking. Still a good deal for the buyer. However they need to check the direction facing and other factors.

      • So finally…you are buying this one……congrts..or will wait for price to go down further in next couple of years….

        • Do you think I am fool to live in midst of garbage dump and factories. i will better live on rent than living in garbage dumps.

          • Dear Vinay / Bhola, is Brigade paying your brokerage in cash or cheque for spreading rumours & negativity ? We know you missed the opportunity to invest at 2,628 & now frustration is creeping in when prices have crossed 4,200 in 3 years.

            Go & look for some C grade builder or continue on rent- buying Prestige is not your cup of tea !

            PT rocks !

            • I dont know about PT. But what I heard directly from the mouth of an investor is that he invested in Prestige Glenwood (which is 2km from this project) without visiting the location as he was abroad. Now he repents for it. He says the location is not good and he wont be able to sell it for next 5 years. Otherwise, he is a loyal investor to Prestige and always invest in Prestige projects.

            • Belief in myth gives people the confidence that real estate prices will continue to go up forever. In Japan this led to people taking on 100 year home loans, confident that there children and grandchildren will continue to repay the EMI because they would benefit in the form of significantly higher home prices.

              A similar sort of confidence was seen during the American real estate bubble of the 2000s. In a survey of home buyers carried out in Los Angeles in 2005, the prevailing belief was that prices will keep growing at the rate of 22% every year over the next 10 years. This meant that a house which cost a million dollars in 2005 would cost around $7.3 million by 2015. Such was the belief in the bubble.

              India is no different on this count. A recent survey carried out by industry lobby Assocham found that “over 85 percent of urban working class prefer to invest in real estate saying it is likely to fetch them guaranteed and higher returns.”

              This is clearly an impact of real estate prices having gone up over the last decade at a very fast rate. The confidence that real estate will continue to give high guaranteed returns comes with the belief in the myth that because population is going up, and there is only so much of land going around, real estate prices will continue to go up.

              But this logic doesn’t really hold. And if real estate prices could fall in Japan, even with the so called scarcity of land, they can in India as well.

              Economist Ajay Shah in a recent piece in The Economic Times did some good number crunching to bust what he called the large population-shortage of land argument. As he wrote “A little arithmetic shows this is not the case. If you place 1.2 billion people in four-person homes of 1000 square feet each, and two workers of the family into office/factory space of 400 square feet, this requires roughly 1% of India’s land area assuming an FSI(floor space index) of 1. There is absolutely no shortage of land to house the great Indian population.”

              The interesting thing is that large population-shortage of land is a story that real estate investors need to tell themselves. Even speculators need a story to justify why they are buying what they are buying.

        • Vinay – You are not fool but seems to be funny character…if you have decided to buy, then why are you thinking of living in rent……you can get good apartment in MG road or Koramangala or Indranagar or near any rose garden…:)

  32. Owners of PT are fighting for the removal of the chicken feed factory that emits very bad and harmful smell. But is it possible to get the factory removed? The factory was there much before PT came up there.

    I did some research and found that, in addition to the chicken feed factory that shares its boundary with PT, there are dangerous chemical/medicine factories within 2-3 KM radius of PT and some of them are:

    1. Glaxo Smith Kline
    2. Halosource technologies
    3. Grindwell Norton
    4. Om Pharmaceuticals Limited

    In addition to all that, the garbage dump in Mandur. Dumping may stop after may be 1 to 2 years but already dumped garbage is going to be there fore-ever. It will be health hazard to the people staying in the radius of 3-4 KM which is going to be there for decades. There are already reports saying that the ground water has got contaminated.

    As some people have already pointed out that some labours working in PT are falling sick due to all these problems. When I remember Bhopal gas tragedy, it scares me a lot. One of my relative had died in the Bhopal gas tragedy. Is it wise to buy and stay in PT? Balanced and unbiased comments are welcome. Please do not try to justify that people are living in Pruksha silvana and all.

    • Dear Vinay, if you think by cooking up stories & scaring residents with your baseless theories you will get a steal deal then I’m afraid my friend that its not happening.

      We have seen enough folks like you who try to act smart by throwing unsubstantiated comments in various forums, but eventually don’t get a discounted price.

      You can perhaps request for a discount instead & if you’re lucky, someone might oblige you.
      Thanks but no thanks !

      • Dear Mr ZMK, these are facts and not stories and even you know it if you own a property there. All the facts that I mentioned are easily verifiable unless if someone is blind.

        By the way, I forgot to add the following factories:

        1. Apoorva food processing unit, just next to chicken feed factory
        2. Eid parry
        3. Rajesh garment export unit, next to PT
        4. AND the more dangerous one, the small but big another garbage dump just opp of gridwell norton. This is in addition to the mandur garbage dump.

        I have done my research very well and open for any debate, if anyone is willing to.

        • @Vinay Excellent feedback, the so called Tier-A buyers have a feeling that even if they buy near garabage dump, its a heaven. I understand the frustration of 2300 buyers now!

        • Folks,

          Lets not get into fight here. Let us all give the facts and suggestions. When we are not sure lets make it a question for other genuine buyers to find an answer. Ex: In Prestige Sunnyside, folks raised concern about the effect of substation near by. I did my due diligence by talking to an electrical engineer, doctor and few others before concluding that the substation is totally harmless. Went ahead and booked an apartment there for end use. Also informed the forum about it. But one guy was unnecessarily creating panic wthout real facts. I replied to him with real facts but he was saying the same point agan and again without revealing his details. You can see the discussion in PSS forum. I ignored and stopped responding to him. Like that, let all us put real facts with data points. It’s upto the genuine buyers / sellers t investigate and then take a call. Let’s avoid unnecessary spat without actual data. I know this is not teambhp but lets try to make it as close to it.

          • Very well said Mr. KayAar. Its up to the buyer to verify all the reported facts and then take an informed decision. Buyers do not merely depend on harshasagar for making any decisions.

            • Vinay, Excellent responses. Vinay, I really appreciate your strive in educating readers with never say die attitude, I did found same results as you to stop my friend who wanted to invest to leave there. Good news is he got convinced and found a better place for his family.

        • Vinay,

          All these are very old issues, nothing new. Everyone is aware that factories are present in and around PT but it doesn’t make the area hazardous. The fact is that the entire area is planned to be developed as residential area in near future and all factories will shift sooner than later. If you talk about ground water quality, in true sense majority of existing bangalore doesn’t have clean water for drinking available. So, what are you trying to point? You are blowing this out of proportion and if there was no negatives it would have sold at Rs. 5000 or even more by now. So all your monologue will not influence a genuine buyer.


          • Who told you that the area is planned to be developed as residential area? The area has been marked as industrial area in the cpd 2015 plan. That means industries are going to be there for a few more decades. Do not try to misguide others just because you want to exit the project. Please refer to the cpd plan 2015 and then come and debate with some facts and data points.

          • @Andy, if these are old and known issues, why do you bother to react. Mr Vinay is only highlighting the knowns issues only.

          • @Andy, Agree with you on the rates. But are these points raised by Vinay to be discarded so easily. If you see Pruksa Silvana selling at all inclusive 1.08 cr (negotiable), there is something there. On 5000 psf, I dont think anything after Kadugodi flyover is selling at more than 4500 psf! I do feel that the stretch after kadugodi flyover till atleast Alpine Viva is very well developed residential area. Can you throw light why they are not selling at >4500 psf?

      • Dear FMK,
        If you are confident that you can sell your apartment at a high price then why do you bother replying to negative comments. In general I have seen that you try to potray a very rosy picture for PT while disregarding all the negatives. Any project will have its positives and negatives and one should have a balanced view.

        • Dear Hari, first of all thank you for keenly watching & following my comments. I am impressed.
          To let you know, I have purchased for end use so I am not here to sell it .
          Also I purchased it after a lot of due diligence & am a part of a lot of PT forums, so guess I am more updated on MY future society than the ones who are eagerly sharing stray remarks without complete knowledge.
          Each society will have positives and negatives & the very fact 2000+ families have chosen it a home and value has appreciated by > 60% itself speak volumes. We don’t need any more stray advice.
          PT ROCKS !!!!

    • Dear Vinay,

      Where were you when 2300 of were buying flats there.
      I have been crying and repenting after reading you message.

      Damn, we 2300 fools…

      Anyway,,. its a beautiful weekend,,, why dont you take a break and enjoy…
      Try Meeting Positivity…its a lovely thing.

      From 2300 less wise people….

      • Negative * Negative whether associative or commutative is positive Happy Singh!

      • @Happy Singh, Its your time to enjoy the lovely atmosphere because once you move in to PT, you will have to smell all those garbage and smokes. Till that time, you may enjoy the clean air. Have a nice day.

        • ha ha ha!
          Harsha you need to have a like or upvote button too for the comments.

          After reading most of the comments I am pretty sure this place is swarmed by loads of marketing guys from Prestige group.
          They launched this project three years back at 2600(I decided not to buy it, I was looking for my end use), considering most of prestige group project 2-3 years back were launched at 4k or higher rate. I am pretty sure the guys from Prestige themselves were not sure of the project thats why such a low price from a developer which tend to overprice at atleast 1000 Rs higher than prevailing rates in nearby areas.

          I dont know about smell and all. I visited the place, frankly speaking budigere area will take another 10 years to develop. Its to far from everything. PT will just be a ghost city with only investors flats.

          Also all this talk about secondary airport road is just a hogwash.
          Govt. in order to protect the interest of developers of newly built elevated expressway to airport will not even think about any secondary route to airport.

    • Dear Vinay,

      I have been living in Bangalore for quite some time now. Just like you, I used to scoff at various new projects which were seemingly outrageously priced and badly located. Few years down the line, things changed drastically and i have been forced to eat my words, while people made money investing in same very projects. You are free to keep posting all the negatives that you can, believe me, I have been doing the same few years back. But, all I can say you in the end is – all the best brother. You are going to need a lot of it.


      • So you mean to say, close your eyes and buy worst of worst property and simply hope that in the coming decades it will be better place to live. right?

  33. i want to sell my apt @ 4300 all inclusive.

    apt no 1147
    level 14
    tower/block 1 (premium)
    area 1153 sft
    pool facing.
    contact me on 9844051502

    pavan mehta.

  34. Hi
    We are selling our 3 BHK with study 1820 sqft flat -13175-tower 13, 16th floor, facing pruksha silvana villas, price Rs 4100 -including, floor rise, transfer. If interested you can mail me at

    • For more than a year you are trying to sell your flat and is still not sold out. Some one in forum tells that PT is one of the best project. PT rocks.

  35. Hi i have 2 bhk 1139, tower 6 flat no 2 facing inside, 11th floor, price 4100/- including floor rise, premium facing and transfer fee. Interested call on 9611686565

    • Ibrahim,
      i am looking for 2bhk in 3800psqft, max cash settlement. let me konw?

      • I wonder how the owners are quoting 4100-4200 psqft, while prestige itself is selling 2.5BHK for 4000 psqft (see many ads in various classified portals).
        Anyway….. still looking for a premium 2BHK deal around 3700-3800….any offers…

        • Hi Arnav, you may want to get your facts right. Prestige as a policy does not sell directly in open market, so not sure where you got the info that Prestige is selling 2.5BHK for 4K psft ? Anyways the current base price with all adders, is 4200 for premium apartments on middle floors. You of course will find transactions happening at a different (lower or higher) price point but those are one off deals depending upon tower, location & floor

          I can assure you, that you will endlessly wait for 3700 price point & by the time you realize that its on the lower side, prices would have moved by another 10-15%

          • i think my fact are right :-) , you can see those adv in common-floor. i am sure there is a wide price range in which deals are happening and 3700 is not un-realistic as i get many offers close to this.
            my only question in the forum is…. why there is no demand for 3BHK, and people are quoting even 3600 for the same…. Please dont question who is quoting 3600, search the net, you will find few….

          • @FMK, it looks like Prestige shares all their policies with you and you seems to be knowing Prestige more than even their MD.

            If they do not sell the apartments in open market, where do they sell?

      • @ Arnav call on 9611686565 or give your no

  36. Hi i have 2 bhk 1139, tower 6 flat no 2 facing inside, 11th floor, price 4100/- including floor rise, premium facing and transfer fee.

  37. Hi I am interested in a 2 bhk apartment at prestige tranquility. If any owner is looking forward to sell his property there please contact me at ambika dot prakash at yahoo dot com


    • I have 2BHK in prestige tranquility 1162 tower no 1 12th floor. My base price is 3800/sqft. Interested buyer can contact me .My e-mail id is and my contact no is 9008761209

  38. Hi,

    I am reading the posts here since few days, and developed interest in this project. I have visited the site this morning, and found it fairly OK for living purpose 2-3 yrs down the line.
    Now… I am willing to buy a 2BHK apt (preferably inside facing & D-D1 type), if someone is willing to sell at reasonable price, pls contact me(No brokers please).

    thank you.

    • Hi I have a 2BHK. 1162 SQ FT. 10 th floor, in Tower 7. Please provide your email id so that I can send the price breakup. I want to sell this as I hv booked in shapoorji pallonji..chamrajpet which is close to my office.

    • Hi I have a 2 bhk type F, 1162 Sq ft on 10th Floor. Please let me know if you are interested. Post your email id so that I can email the price break up and then you can see if you want to proceed with it.

    • Please send me your offers (to sell) @ superb0009 at the rate yahoo dot com,
      I expect to receive some realistic offers which can be converted into deal.

    • Guys Dont buy this Property. Its really a waste of Money. There is Garbage dumping done in the Backyard that is nothing but Mandur which just 1 Km from this property. Still the Govt of Karnatka is not cleared the Dumping which is from all parts of Bangalore. SO THINK BEFORE INVESTING

  39. I am back with some more insider information – Bhola

    Within 2 days there were 6 ads from owners of PT selling their apartments. PT owners are desperately want to exit the project but they are not finding any buyers. Obvious reason looks like the stinking factory just next to the project.
    I am selling my apartment in PT. Complete details are given below:

    Size 1636 sq ft – 3 BHK
    12th Floor, Level 13, Tower 3, Unit number xxxx
    Inside pool/garden facing
    Not on Bank loan
    Expected Base Price Rs. 3900/- (Non negotiable)
    Premium View, Floor rise & Parking additional as per original plan (Parking 2.5 lakh)
    I will bear the transfer charges.


    I am looking forward to sell my 2 BHK which is 1139 Sqft and in Tower 2. It is on 13th floor.

    The expected base price is Rs. 4000/- per sqft.

    You can reach me at ——— or at ——— in case interested.


    Would like to sell my apartment in 15th tower 6th floor. Inside facing with swimming pool and club house view.

    Please send a mail if interested to —– Or call me at —


    I wish to sell my 2 bhk apartment (1153sqft), in Tower 9 for 3950/sqft, facing towards sun villas.
    Looking forward to make an immediate settlement. Interested parties may respond soon.


    I am planning to sell my two bed room apartment, please let me know if any of you or your friends to buy.

    My Apartment is Tower 1, 4th floor,


    We are planning to sell our 3 BHK Flat in PT. Flat no : 13163, Clubhouse/pool facing, 15th floor.

    If interested, please call us at : xxxxxxxx for details.

    • Great compilation of 6 examples Mr Bhola. Get another 4 & make it 10

      Would you want to review a similar list of >1900 examples @ PT who are NOT selling ?

      Not sure what are you trying to prove in this forum by giving so called ‘insider ‘ information? You are just proving yourself to be a desperate outsider, I guess !

      No offence intended in case am sounding blunt…. I am just making my point.

      • Mr FMK, prestige has sold just 850 apartments in PT and they are strugling to sell the remaining inventory. 1900 is just jacked up number by marketing people like you. Good luck in achieving your target for this month. Do you think people of bangalore are fool to buy at current price near disease causing factories. You cannot make others fool beyond a certain point.

        • Dearest Mr Bhola, as an owner I’m struggling to discover your real intent for entering this forum & making unsubstantiated remarks. I cannot even refer you as a broker from Brigade, as they also keep polished guys

          If units sold were really 850 ie 30% of total inventory, then the sales team would not have been supporting resale at a Rs 100 transfer fees.
          No sales guy would be stupid enough to refuse all prospective buyers, unless he’s genuinely run out of units.

          Please remember we are dealing with Prestige here & not Bhola group of contructions

          On a lighter note (hope you won’t mind) …please meet any of the sales guy, offer them 3,900/- psft and ask for an available unit & you’ll get bhola ji ka thullu ! ;)

          • Prestige is supporting resale with Rs 100 as transfer fee if one has completed 6 months after purchase. They are doing it even from day 1.

            Prestige is now selling at 4000/- psft. If you want, go to their main office in Infantry road and find it out for yourself. Please remember, people of Bangalore are more smarter than you think. The days are gone when people used to buy properties based on sales people words. Now with easy access of internet, people are doing due diligence even before buying a mobile phone.

        • Dear Mr. Bhola,
          Prestige has already closed sales office at the site. Do you think any builder can close sales office before even half of the flats are sold. Except signature tower, whole project is sold out. Whatever is available is in resale only.

          • Come on why do you waste your time arguing with people who have got not better work in life :-)

            Just ignore them !

          • Tell me one thing, if you open a shop employing 4 people and in the last 6 months you did not have even a single customer visiting your shop, will you keep your shop open paying salaries to 4 people?

            • Bhola,

              Looks like you will have to shut your shop now. You are struggling for more than last six months and you have made best of your attempts ; -). No hard feel Bhola, but you are making this forum so alive, nothing less than comic show.

              - Andy.

              • Mr Andy, I don’t care what you and others feel about me. My task is to bring out the truth and let the potential end users know both sides of the coin. I am just helping people to take informed decision. I have nothing against Prestige or owners of PT. Since the negatives of a project are never spoken by the sales people, neither by the owners, the innocent end-users are taken for a ride. I am just bringing out the truth and nothing else. The problem is that when you start speaking negative, the owners of the project start tagging you as broker of competitors. Every project has positives and negatives. Why no one should speak the negatives of the project. Whatever I have said is not rumors or assumptions but facts.

                • Dear Bhola,
                  We got your point. Appreciate your concerns and thanks for sharing the details. Now can you please move on in life..

                  Good luck.

                  • Andy, Bhola,

                    I dont know about PT. But an investor, who invests on prestige properties across bangalore, was saying that his investment in Prestige Glenwood is a dead investment. He made the mistake of investing in it without even visiting the site as he was abroad. He said its too faar from the city and will take at least 5+ years . Someone else said that there is some legal issues too…Just curious to know if there are any other issues with glenwood project other than that what I came to know?

    • Well you could have put in the names, phone numbers and email addresses as well. It would helped us prospective buyers to contact the sellers.

      • This place is not for marketing your project but to bring out truths, pros and cons of the project. Satyamev jayate.

        • when they have people who have bought it and people who are willing to buy it what is ur problem? I am thinking of buying one because it has long term prospects like peripheral ring road, aerospace park etc. That is why I requested you to put the phone numbers.

          • Friends,
            I have checked with Prestige senior management and confirmed that chicken factory is running through lease and getting closed end of this year.
            During the hand over time the factory will be closed.


            • The bigger issue is not the chicken feed factory. Its that massive BBMP dump yard which has absolutely ruined the ground water in that entire area. I have looked this up, and unfortunately confirmed it to be true. The ground water is not potable.

              I don’t think that the BBMP dump yard is going to go anywhere in the near future. It is just too huge (close to 30 acres at least if I am not mistaken). There are 50 garbage trucks that visit that dump yard every night and dump Bangalore’s garbage. The villagers of Mandur recently did a protest march raising these very concerns:

              And even if it does, you just cannot clean up the ground water infestation. Terrible but true.

              • I am staying in whitefield and in our apartment we do not use ground water. Very few apartments in Whitefield have sufficient ground water. So even if ground water is not good who cares. We buy water!!

            • Nice try Mr. Sudhakar to make others fool. Sales people of PT made all of you fool and now you are trying to make others fool so that you can exit the project comfortably. Good keep it up.

              • Bhola, what exactly are you trying to do? Highlight the little flaws in PT and make a mountain of fabricated stories out of it? You are spoiling what ever little respect you have and anger the true owners. Things that we discuss freely are not to be shared in public. Atleast that the basic trust between the public and private forums. You have taken this to a whole new level and far from the real truth. Your credibility to be integral part of the association will be highly questinable. Wonder how your family treats you … and how much respect your give your family. Going by the looks of it, it should be a disaster. Pity you!

              • From your comments on this forum I feel your are really ill-informed. You will have to educate yourself more before commenting on topics . Whatever you seem to be posting seems to be what you are assuming. If so, please for the benefit of other readers state that u are assuming .:-)

            • Hi, I have booked a 2bhk in the PT. I visited the site yesterday and spoke with few people there..
              I was informed by few of them in the site office that we may get the hand over realistically and honestly by May or June, 2015. Although work in Tower 6, 7 and few other towers are going on well, the hand over will take another 1 year atleast.

              In respect to factory around no assurance was given about closing the same. It has been 3 years of waiting for me (Booked in Aug, 2011) but hopefully the project will be good to live in. They cited the reason of labour crunch and elections to be reasons of delay.

              Thought of sharing the above info with all the Buyers of PT.

              • Thanks for Sharing.
                I believe most buyers have already anticipated a 6 month grace time in the completion of the project. I think 6 months is also mentioned in the agreement. We should be OK, looking forward to seeing the project completed, another year will fly by before we know it.

    • Dear Mr Bhola,
      Only six out of more than 2200 flats. Search Brigade Metropolis on commonfloor, there are 134 properties on sale. Does that make Brigade Metropolis a bad option. In a big project like PT, there will always be people who would like to exit any given point of time.

      PS: Except one, all other seller in PT are now selling their properties for around 3900 psf increase of Rs 400 in last six month.

      • and the one who is supposedly selling at 3,600 or so is perhaps an acquaintance of Mr Bhola .. or who knows if he himself is drafting mails from a different Id ? Do we have the name & tower/flat number of the gentleman selling at 3,600 psft ?

    • This is not insider information, this is information available on every Real estate Site like common floor or Magic bricks.Please can you clarify on your status, are you an investor, Prospective buyer or agent and what is your reason for posting negative information about this project. Ofcourse there will be investors in every project who wish to sell. There is no reason of smell or anything. Its purely business. I was thinking of Selling as well and I was getting buyers up till 3950 per Sq feet within 3 weeks of looking to sell, but I decided to hold my investment for more time. There are sellers and buyers out there. As the Completion dates get closer there will be many flats for sale in PT just like any project.

      • People are not able to sell even at 3600 and you are talking about 3950. Who the fool will buy there at 3950? Come out of your dream and see the reality.

        • For your information I know several of my colleagues who bought apartments second sale at prestige tranquility @ 3800 recently. And there are several early birds who bought at 2600.
          The property is a hit among many who want tranquility in their lives :-) )))

    • Dear Mr Bhola,
      CFF near Prestige is a fact. Brigade metorpolis still has glass factories around. What will you get by creating PANIC.

      How do you want, owner, buyers and sellers to react. Owners are aware of CFF and will take appropriate step/action at appropriate time but with so much negativity, you might miss the bus who knows, the CFF might not be there when possession starts.


      • You did not miss the bus but got into the wrong bus. You can’t even take a u turn now. Good look if you find a buyer for your flat.

      • 2007-8 time frame, I was looking for property in Jaya Nagar/JP nagar area. I visited Elita Prominade and Brigade Millenium. Approach road and locality was shitty. I dropped investing in that project. Happened to visit the same area again recently and the whole area has got transformed. Same is true for ORR/Whitefiled/Marathahalli. These used to be godforsaken places one time. I would like to mention new airport road from Hebbal to BIAL – it used to be totally deserted place. Look at the development now.

        So any new project on the outskirts will have some issue or other which gets resolved in due course of time. People who can – they buy – others keep criticizing while the prices appreciate out of reach.

        Coming to the point of dump yard polluting ground water – FYI there is no groundwater left in most parts of Bangalore. People survive on tanker supplies – and you wouldn’t like to know where do they fill in the water from. I have seen a few borewells dug up right next to Bellandur lake, which stinks from miles. Forget about all that – Shobha projects next to ORR are built right next to Bellandur lake. It stinks so bad at times – you can’t even stand there for 2 minutes. Go and check the rates of those flats in resale.

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