Prestige Tranquility

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Jun 092011
Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility

Prestige Tranquility is a new project coming up on Budigere Road, Bangalore – also known as the access road to the International Airport Bangalore, from NH4/Old Madras Road.

Spread across 38 acres of land, the project is set to house a total of 2330 apartments.

Currently Prestige is running a pre-launch campaign with a pricing of Rs.2628/- per sft, with car parking charges extra. Approvals are in progress and are expected by end of July. Official launch of the project is expected to be on 25th July, there is also a hint that the price will be revised upwards by Rs.100 per sft.


On July 25th Prestige officially launched the Prestige Tranquility project, Ads were placed in several leading news papers announcing the much awaited launch. As expected there was a revision in the price and the official launch price ir Rs.2728, exactly Rs.100/- more.

Scheduled completion of the project is June 2014 Dec 2014 with a grace period of 6 months.

There would be about a total of 17 towers with the tallest being G+27 floors.

With Prestige Shantiniketan on ITPL road becoming a landmark project by Prestige Estates, this project on a similar scale with attractive pricing will be well received.

Public Opinion – Is Prestige Tranquility a right investment?

  • June 22 - With about 160 poll votes, we have a decent sample size to examine what most people think about this project, 47% think that Prestige Tranquility is a good investment, 23% don’t think so and  30% are not sure. 30% Not Sure – is a huge figure, the number one reason for this could be the location of the project
  • July 24 – With over 270 votes now and a lot more people being aware of the project and as well as people actually visiting the project site the results are getting realistic with 46% – saying YES, 27 % NO and 28% NOT SURE on whether Prestige Tranquility is a right choice. Compared to the last time when we examined the results the percentage saying YES remains almost the same but there is a 4% increase in NO

Check the latest results in Page 2.

Prestige Tranquility Location

With projects like “Pruksa Silvana”, “GR Sun Villas”, “Brigade Exotica”, “Signature Dreams” and “Signature Tulips” in the surrounding Budigere road may see some positive developments in the future.

Prestige Tranquility Options

  • 1 BHK – 653 sft and 712 sft
  • 2 BHK – 1073 sft to 1130 sft
  • 3 BHK – 1628 sft, 1797 sft and 2019 sft

Call 9980808080 to book the last few units in Phase 2 (ad)

Prestige Tranquility Pricing

  • 1 BHK from 20 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 2 lacs)
  • 2 BHK from 31 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 3 lacs)
  • 3 BHK from 45 lacs onwards (Booking Amount: 4 lacs)

The pre-launch offer is Rs. 2628/- per sq.ft (base price). The official launch price is Rs.2728/- per sft (base price)

  • Car park Rs. 250,000/-
  • Floor rise Rs. 15/- psft for each floor
  • Rs. 50/- Rs 75/- psft for premium units
  • Approximate additional charges
    • Bescom/ BWSSB- Rs. 100/ Sft
    • Adv. Maintenance – Rs. 42/ Sft
    • 1st year Sinking fund Rs. 42/ Sft
    • Generator for 2 BHK- 75000/- and 3 BHK Rs. 120,000/-
    • Exact charges of the above will be available in the next few weeks.
    • Service tax, VAT, stamp duty, registration charges payable at possession.

Prestige Tranquility Locality Review

Budigere Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch between KR Puram cable bridge and Budigere Road has very few large apartment/commercial projects. Pashmina Waterfront (8km) & Mahaveer Chalet (9 km) to name, and the stretch between Budigere Road junction (2 km) and the Prestige Tranquility project, is industrial and mostly barren, with the nearest shopping center easily 5 kms away. Baldwin International School would be the nearest school about 2 km away. Nearest Hospital would be in Whitefield/Marathahalli  (12 – 15 kms) or KR Puram (10 km)

Hebron Mall  is the biggest commercial project underway located right opposite to Mahaveer Chalet and about 9 km from Prestige Tranquility.

Beary’s Global Research Triangle (tech park) is located about 4.5 kms away. ITPL about 13 km.

The widening of NH4 to 6 lanes with 2 service lanes has reduced the travel time from KR Puram Cable bridge to Budigere Road to 15 minutes. Budigere Road also has easy access to Whitefield Road which is developing rapidly. As per the CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan) Budigere Road will be widened to 300 ft and is part of the ITRR (Individual Town Ring Road)

Large residential projects can trigger developments in the immediate neighborhood however this seems easily to be 3 to 5 years from now.

Prestige Tranquility Concerns / Issues raised by readers

  • Lack of facilities (shopping, medical etc) in Budigere Road
  • Industrial Animal Feed Factory right adjacent to the project, close to towers T17 & T1
  • Agro Food Factory close to towers T16, T15, T14
  • Other Industries close to T3, T4
  • Situated in the midst of an Industrial Belt
  • Premium flats are not being included in the pre-launch
  • Payment schedule not linked to construction progress – however representatives from Citi Bank and Axis Bank at the project site confirm that before a disbursal a construction status/valuation report will be requested

It’s best to choose an apartment facing the clubhouse / landscaping area, outer facing apartments would only overlook industries. For outer facing apartments its better to choose one facing GR Sunvillas or Pruksa Silvana in towers T6, T7, T8 & T9

Prestige Tranquility in Media
Ahead of the launch on 25th July, hoardings are coming up all over the city.

Here is one at Hope Farm junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad - Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad – Hope Farm Junction

Prestige Tranquility Ad

Prestige Tranquility Official Launch Ad

Prestige Tranquility Videos

Prestige Tranquility Entrance

Prestige Tranquility 360 degree view

Prestige Tranquility – Adjacent Industry


Take the poll


Do you think Prestige Tranquility is a good investment? What is your opinion on Budigere Road? Take the poll.

Other Projects that might interest you

Pruksa Silvana Villas/Row Houses – Behind Prestige Tranquility

GR Sun Villas – Behind Prestige Tranquility

Abhudaya Lotus Garden – Plots (review coming soon)

What do you think is a better choice?

Prestige Tranquility Buyers Group

Are you really serious about buying a villa/apartment in this project, then why not join the Buyer’s Group. It’s a well known fact that approaching a builder as a group has its benefits, who knows you may get a good discount. Of course you are only planning or undecided then you should leave a comment here or check out the forum.

Update: 12 Aug – With Prestige Developers the buyers group has not had any effect especially with Prestige being a large player in the market and the high demand seen for this project. However the Buyer’s Group does have some interesting discussions that you may want to check out.

If you already own an apartment in Prestige Tranquility then there is a google group dedicated to it which you might want to join.!forum/prestige-tranquility

Latest Pictures including Prestige Tranquility Floor Plans


Check out the whats going on in the Prestige Tranquility Forum

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan

Prestige Tranquility Master Plan


Share your views and concerns about this project with your comments!!


  1,286 Responses to “Prestige Tranquility”

  1. China home prices fall 6.1% year-on-year in April

    HONG KONG: China’s new home prices fell for the eighth consecutive month in April from a year earlier but were flat from March, adding to hopes that a property downturn which is weighing heavily on the economy is beginning to bottom out.

    But analysts warned any recovery in the market will take some time given a huge inventory of unsold homes, and said the property sector remains the biggest risk to the world’s second-largest economy, which looks set for its worst year in 25 years.

    That will keep pressure on policymakers to roll out more interest rate cuts and other stimulus measures later this year to boost activity.

  2. officially one person from prestige has admitted chicken factory not moving; this while the sales folks are sitting and bullshitting to wannabe customers for signature towers that it is moving in 6 months.

    from the PT owners group

    I got a call today from prestige that my unit in Tower-2 is ready for handover and the whole process would start from 1st June. She called me to give a heads up to arrange for remaining(bwssb/generater charges etc) payments. I asked about when is CFF moving out, she said Prestige have tried but now it’s upto PT residents to fight it out.

    fun times galore :)

  3. Hi,

    we are looking to buy a 3BHK in PT directly from the owner. In past few weeks we have been in touch with many agents/owners and obviously all quoted price around 4300-4500. I have few concerns before I purchase, and need guidance-

    >Whatever configuration / floor /facing apartment we demanded from broker, they were able to arrange an option for me. Saying that it is from investor’s quota. There is nothing like we ran out of choices. If all are from investor’s quota, they where are the real buyers.

    >Would it be wise to buy at the current price as it seems everyone else is selling.

    >Out of 2300 odd flats, I wonder how many are the end users, and how many would turn to move to PT within next 2 year.

    >Is there a group/community where actual end users are discussing their plans.

    >IMO CFF is definitely not moving, are there other industries in the vicinity which could harm the future of that area/project.

    As it seems PT will be livable in next 2 years only, we also considering salarpuria eastcrest which is right on the highway and be ready in 4 years.

    thank you,

  4. After a long wait finally Prestige Group has announced the opening / booking of signature tower at a very attractive price 4500/- per st for the first few only. call me on 9845014561 for more details.

    Harsha Request you to pass this post as this will be helpful for those buyers who have been waiting for a long time.

    • But who the fool will buy the flats with the stinking and polluting chicken feed factory just beside the building. Any person having the slightest of brain will not buy even at 2,000/- psft and that too, not for staying but to keep their buffaloes.

      • Sir.. Aap to jaan le ke hee maanege… I agree selling signature tower is tuffest job for marketing team of PT… that too after two area things have not gone well:
        1. Chicken Feed Factory
        2. Tresspass Notice on the 2.5+ Acre of front area…

    • Ibrahim, senior marketing manager of Prestige, am I right?

      • Dear all,
        Thanks for your beautiful comments.

        My message was for those who really feel that they has missed the earlier option.

        As on today also we have sold the flats, the buyers stood there for 45 minites and then issued the cheques.

        Been in the industry for more then two decades i have seen the up’s and down, good and bad, it is part of it. cannot change.

        When Shantiniketan was launched every one said who will go to that retirement paradise to live, no water, infrastructure, so on,price was 1845 per sft and today a 2 bhk goes upto 1.05 ( which is 6800 per sft). No one talks about A B C.

        The same here when PT was launched @ 2628 per sft everyone said it is jungle, …… …….etc, but they still did booking. Today it is selling @ 4000/- upwards.

        In few days the chicken will become chicks and buy to occupy. ):):

        Shortly Everyday morning we will have more then 1000 liters of Cow / Buffalo milk in the project. So your dream also come true):)))::

        • Ibrahim sab, your observation is correct about ups and downs and areas developing into chick areas.The day will come. But I can’t believe that even today people are queuing up to book PT. In one post you said 4500 and in another post you say that it is 4000, which one should people believe?

          • Dear Sir,

            Really appreciate your response.

            Sir seeing is believing, when you visit site you will see ( specially weekend) clients coming and asking the availability.

            This is my personal opinion only – Most of the time i have seen people talking negative about the project without even (SOME FACT) into the account, like :

            CFF : Prestige promised, they cheated, fraud, etc.
            Price : Over price, said one but giving another.
            Location ; worst, no infrastructure, Mandur dump yard

            If you do the survey and study the statistic i am sure you will not be able to find one single project which beat PT

            Currently builder has only signature tower to sell which is priced @ 4500/-
            in resale the price is 4000/- upwards.

            Once again my humble request i don’t intended any offence to anyone.

            Need any assistance in real estate do call me, not necessary that i will share my gyan only when you buy from me.

            • After a long time, I am back to harsha sagar. I know lot of people love me here and so I did a come back for all my fans.

              Here, I bring you one of the latest post in the PT owners google group posted by one of the owner.

              Sunoj, I agree with Sanjay. Of course you have a point too. We took forever to book our flat and the main reason was the ‘horrible smell’ that we encountered when we went to see the model flats.

              The sales representative told us a multiple of times that Prestige will buy the CFF land and plans to make a mall there. He also said it will be called ‘Forum Four’. We asked him to put this in writing and he said the management forbade him to put anything in writing as the talks with CFF owners had not been finalised. We did buy the story.

              I told this to Nalini the other day. And she refused to believe that any sales rep could have said so. I was aghast. I guess he was trying to fulfil his targets and we should have been more thorough.

              What is scary is that after escalating the price to 5500/- sqft, now Prestige is quoting 4500/- for Signature Tower. Does it mean that the CFF is not budging?

        • Then what made you to lower the launch price to 4500 after announcing 5500 a few months back. Is prestige becoming so generous to give chance to those who missed to book at 2628. Or is that you tried all possible options to move the factory and when the owner of the factory did not budge, you thought lets give a discount of 1000 rs psft and clear the inventory by promising the new buyers that factory will move out before handover of the flats.

    • I guess a few chicks I mean chickens would be interested. after all a feed factory that would be a great treat for their olfactory nerves would be very enticing to the chickens. Hope they can afford it.

    • I was interested to buy an apartment in signature tower but I saw chicken feed factory running next to it. My friend has an apartment in PT and as per him, it assured to him chicken feed factory will move from there but it is still running there. So I found suspicious to trust marketing guy and dropped the plan to book an apartment in signature tower. I like PT project so if chicken feed factory get removed in future then I will re-think to buy an apartment in signature tower but not now with chicken feed factory.

  5. 2.5BHK (1328sft) for Sale in Prestige Tranquility
    Price: Rs 5000 /sft
    1st floor, Tower 10
    Sale directly from owner

  6. Hello,

    Am looking for a 3 BHK in PT around 4000 . If someone interested, do mail or call me 9886481979.

  7. We have an exclusive 3 bhk with study 1820 sft on 5th floor, 5th block flat no 4, price quoted is 4500/- including floor rize and transfer fee. only genuine buyers call on 9845025663

    • Prestige is selling their signature tower for just Rs 4,500/- with exclusive amenities for the signature tower. Who the hell will buy from you?

  8. For all those who are interested in tranquility, I would like to bring in to your notice that a portion of the land of this project has been taken back by the government and a legal board has been placed there.
    This land which I am talking about is around 2.3 acres and was supposed to be a nicely landscaped area with water fountain and a garden.(As per the brochure).
    To me this is clearly an act of cheating. Luring the buyers by showing fancy stuffs in the brochure on a government land!!!

    • This was not part of the 38 acres of the land that is part of the agreement. It was just put on the brochure to represent the greenery in that land. Stop spreading canards please.

    • this 2.3 acers land is kharab land and it’s not a part of project as per the sale agreement also.
      mentioned on brochure but such type of marketing strategies all builder is doing.
      anybody notice at least prestige didn’t put under part of mater plan just see in this site only as they didn’t mark as a amenities else no builder wouldn’t loose a chance to increase no of park etc to show.

  9. Urgently required 2bhk 1139sqft if you have any direct owners please send details

  10. I am selling my 3BHK flat, 1636 sft in Prestige Tranquility. Tower 5, Level 17. Please mail me if interested (

  11. We have a few 2-BHKs and 3-BHKs apartments for sale in Prestige Tranquility. Details are as follows:

    Price – Rs 3,999/- psft (Non-negotiable) + floor rise charges + car parking + other charges.
    Possession: End of 2015 (tentatively)

    Note: No brokerage or transfer charges.

    This offer is till 31-Dec-2014

    Please contact: Sreekumar at

    • by the time *development* reaches PT, Modi’s Smart Cities will already be on the horizon. Moral? PT might stay the way it is today.

    • when one buy and finally moves in , it would be atleast 6000-7000 psft expenses,including everything.Bribes,registration,taxes,car park,amenities,wood work,bescom ,interest rate expenses etc. but how much rental return one can expect after completion.How long overvaluation or a bubble can sustain.

    • Please extend the offer for the next 5 year. I want to buy at Rs 3,999/- in 2020. I am not joking but serious.

  12. [...] Diagonally Opposite to Brigade Exotica, Old Madras Road. Adjacent to the now getting ready Future Group’s World Market on Old Madras Road. Other projects in the neighborhood include Nitesh Virgin Islands, Brigade Golden Triangle and Prestige Tranquility [...]

  13. Prestige Tranquility Date of completion
    Towers 1 , 2, 6 & 7 April – Jun 2015
    Towers 3, 4, 5 ,10, 11 & 12 June – Sep 2015
    Towers 8, 9, 15 & 16 Sep – Dec 2015
    Towers 13 &14 Nov – Dec 2015
    Tower 17 June 16

    • These dates are given by the builder. Initially builder proposed to deliver by June-2016 including 6 months buffer and when the time is nearing, they are giving new dates. I am not a fool to believe builder times lines until it is delivered. When the new dates approaches, builder will give new dates. Don’t be fool or try to make others fool.

    • So any possessions taken by end owners as of now ?

  14. Chicken feed factory (CFF) can be a big issue for buyers of Signature tower. PT sales teams trying to fool new customers by saying it will move out soon but later they are saying it’s not under their control.
    It’s better to wait and buy later the apartment in Signature tower.


      Good Luck Bhola, Vinay and Golu.

      • CFF lease has already been extended for the next 5 years and this has been revealed by the PT sales team itself. So enjoy staying in PT for the next 5 years.

    • I went to PT last week and enquired with sales guy about CFF factory movement, He says Prestige is unable to move them. He is asking us to give the complaint to Bangalore Polution control board for moving out CFF from this area.

      I guess same like mandur villagers, we have to do the protest with Bangalore PCB to move out this CFF……Very sad.

  15. got a mail from crm about the possession date for each tower. I am in tower 2 and the date set for possession is apr- June 2015. A big relief from the people who have been cribbing about PT that the possession is feb 2016.


    BENGALURU: Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has decided to advance its deadline to stop sending garbage trucks to Mandur. The trucks will not go to Mandur from Friday itself.

    After staging protests in July, the villagers finally agreed that they will allow trucks till November-end.

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah too assured them of the same. Now, the Palike seems to have advanced the deadline by over a week.

    Sridhar, a resident of Mandur, told Express that they have been informed that BBMP shall not send waste from Friday.

    “About 65 trucks came to dump waste at our backyard on Thursday night. Those were the last ones. We can finally heave a sigh of relief,” he said.

    BBMP sources said since the past four to five months they had been constantly working towards stopping waste disposal at Mandur. “We are happy that we could achieve this 10 days before the deadline. People had lost faith in us. We wanted to prove that we are not anti-public,” said an official.

  17. One of the best comment I came across in the PT google group recently:

    “Did anyone notice, possession is after Feb 2016.
    They might be giving false promises that CF Factory will be relocated by then.

    Signature tower, being the closest to the CFF, has the extra amenity of the aroma, I mean more aroma than the other towers.

    Just wanted to share – Not to sound Negative – With a hope that the CFF will move away –
    I visited this afternoon – Sunday – the smell from CFF was just unbearable. Most of the construction workers were wearing face masks.

    Bookings for Sig tower will have to happen only online or when the factory does not emit aroma.”

    And this is another one from the PT google group:

    “This might already be known, but today while speaking to PT CRM, I was told that CFF shifting is not something PT is actively tracking.”

  18. Prestige is selling the 800+ left out flats in PT at the price of Rs 5,500/-. But they won’t reveal all the flats at a time. They are trying to sell from the top floor. So when you approach them they would tell you that only 10 flats are available for sell and that too on the 19th floor. Once they sell 19th floor, they will sell the flats on the 18th floor and so on. I wonder, from the last 2 years, they are still trying to sell the flats at the 19th floor.

    • In my opinion some 500+ flats are left out for sale.
      Signature tower (all are available for sale)
      In all 16 remaining tower, some 20 flats are available for sale in each tower.


      27 x 8 = 216 (signature tower)
      16 * 20 = 320
      Total = 536

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