Unishire Terraza

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Jan 052013

Unishire Terraza

Unishire has announced the pre-launch of their new project called Terraza, the project spread across 2 acres will host about 182 apartments in G+14 floors. Expected official launch by 15th Jan. As per available details the approvals are under progress and are expected in this month of January.

Unishire Terraza

Unishire Terraza Options

  • 2BHK – 1420, 1430 Sqft
  • 3BHK – 1660, 1790, 1800, 1860, 1910, 1970, 2200 Sqft
  • 3.5BHK – 2005, 2100, 2516 Sqft
  • 4BHK – 2200 Sqft

Unishire Terraza Location

Located in North Bangalore , Thanisandra , Behind Manyata Tech Park .
Approach – From back gate of Manyta Tech Park , Gate # 5 , about 100 feet on the right

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Unishire Terraza Price

As of Jan 5th 2012.
Rate per sft at Unishire Terraza (Pre-Launch price) before Jan 15 is Rs. 3750/- + Floor rise Rs. 50/- from 6th floor and above.

Unishire Terraza Investments Plus Points

  • Attractive pre-launch price
  • Location is also great with Manyatha Tech Park just in the neighborhood
  • Proximity to proposed Nagawara Metro station
  • Choice of  Apartments that offer terraces/private terraces

Unishire Terraza Concerns

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  174 Responses to “Unishire Terraza”

  1. Hi,

    2 BHK flat on the 12th floor with super built up area of 1430 sqft for sale.

    If anyone interested, mail me on andy.unimac@gmail.com

  2. Hi,

    I inquired for one of the last available flats in 2BHK where they are charging for the Super Built Up area which is 1420 SQFT. where there actual flat looks like very less in terms of carpet area.
    Let me know if this is the correct practice from there side as i doubt i am going to pay more for less space.


    • Can you be a bit more specific? In this project, as per their floorplan brochure, you should be getting 72-75% carpet area. Are you saying actual flat dimensions are smaller than what is mentioned in brochure?

      • You cannot clearly understand the size of rooms unless you measure, during construction it is normal to feel that rooms are smaller, even the height appears to be less. So one has to measure.

  3. On further interaction, It turned out that they had included clause of 100000 rupees deduction written in the booking form itself. BEWARE of this unfair trade practices. READ all terms and conditions properly before SIGNING ANYTHING. FRAUD SALESMAN KAMALAKANT and my negeligence was the main cause for this :(

  4. Hello,

    We have booked E1-607 with Unishire Terraza. Please tell us how safe is the chicken store right infront of terraza’s gate??

    • I booked flat e1 607 with unishire group in terraza and paid an amount of 300000 to them. They told that they will not cut any money for any problems from their side and will cut 10k to 15k otherwise. When i cancelled the flat, I am getting an email from their side that they will just refund me 200000 only and that also only on resale of flat. they are planning to take “100000″ as cancellation fee. This incident itself brings out the reality about this builder. Old projects already had issues with quality and land issues. Now using these cheap tricks to earn money from customers.

      I can share email interactions if required.

      • Any organisation has a process of cancelation and I am Unishre will refund the applicable amount as stipulated in the booking form or agreement which you might have signed. Its advisable to completely understand the home buying process and do the necesaary booking without hurrying your decision and I am certian by now Unishire would have refunded. I am well wisher to new home buyer and these forums are very misguiding at times. Any growing organisations has a new set of policies laid out to make there is a set process and efficient business functionailty is acheived. Its one’s own reposibility to read all terms and conditions before signing any legal documents and most are ignorant enough to sign blindly and quarel over such issues. An organisation do not want speculations in home buying and such policies ensure there is a price stability and indeed a benifit for home buyers. All genuine home buyers seek guidance from your friends and families instead of judging yourslef through this blog. Competitors tarnish each others brand and at the end customer are misguided completely. Any further queries write to me at rajendra65cptn@gmail.com Thank you, Captn. Rajendran

  5. I visited the property last week and wanted to book near Manyata Tech Park. I asked them to show the documentations. They briefed me about all things and clear all doubt, the person I talked with was very polite he replied nicely and detailed about my all queries. They also mentioned that they are going to provide the all support and guidance for banking works. They already have link with some popular bank and they said that they going to help me with banking documentation requirements. They detailed about the completion time of the project and as I have seen there they seems correct because the development is in full swing and seems it will complete very soon. I was looking for 3BHK luxury apartments and after seeing all details I found that this is the thing I was looking for. So finally the booking procedure is already started hoping nice and long term relationship with them.

  6. I decided to step into the House of Unishire’s project and discussed it with my relatives. I guess it was a lot talked about and discussed topic with my family in Bangalore. I did a proper research and looked over the property dealings in and around the area and realized that practically it was a pretty good deal after all. They have very good customer care and sales staffs are also very honest and friendly.

  7. Buying a good home with good builder is not that easy you need to do lots off research before investing in any real estate development project, I was looking for the right option to buy flats in Bangalore I have done lots of research on internet and also talked with many persons who id familiar with real estate. Finally I booked 3BHK flats with Unishire the project name is Pentine Homes. They have delivered the project on time and helped us with all financial works also. All I can say they were very helpful and they have sense of responsibility for the customers. I also recommend my friend who was looking for 2bhk apartments and now he booked a apartments with there coming soon project named UNISHIRE Terraza, the project is under construction at Hebbal, near Manyata Tech Park.

  8. I have a 2BHK flat with Unishire, I think it was my very good decision and thinking them foe delivering the product in said time frame. I was also confused with negative comments in internet. So I asked some friends who are living in Bangalore from long time and know the scenario of real estate in Bangalore. I followed their suggestion and I am thankful for them know because these days finding the right place to invest in real estate is not that easy. My suggestion for those who are looking for investments in real estate ignore the negative feedback and proceed with the choice.

  9. Hi

    Has any one booked a flat recently. Can i get the current basic price in Unishire Terraza 2 BHK.

  10. Hi,

    I was looking to book a 3BHK at Unishire Terraza. Seeing the comments I am confused either to go ahead or not. I have liked their concept, Location and Configuration of Apartments. Could someone guide me to take a right decision. Price Quoted currently is 4500 and Is this price worth investing.

    • Hi AR,
      On the internet you will always find good comments, bad comments, sometimes from agents themselves who belong to builder/competitive builder.

      As far as Terraza is concerned, here are the facts: currently in no land dispute, construction in full swing, and more than 80% apartments sold out.

      Typically, I have found Unishire have good designs and follow it up with good marketing with a very competitive sales team. The CRM interaction is not so great though, they are more like people arranged just for communicating management decisions.

      Quality is iffy, and they have yet to prove that they can deliver a project with decent quality. (Ledge was average, and by the looks of it, Panamera will also turn out to be average in quality)

      Do not base your decision on an internet review. Pricing/risks etc. only you have to judge yourself. At this stage in the project, they should have all sanctions, property documents etc. Obtain them from the builder, read them all, get them evaluated by a lawyer if you feel the need and then take a decision. All the best!

      P.S. These comments are for Terraza only. Please do not take this as a basis for other projects. (Each project is different)

    • Hi,

      I’ve a 2BHK for sale on the 12th floor…If anyone interested mail me on andy.unimac@gmail.com

  11. Be very cautious in dealing with Unishire. One should not believe the sellers and developers at face value ever. The Unishire group is very skilled at sweet talking and making it seem like a world class builder. First visit their previous completed project and take feedback from the residents who have taken up the flat there. Then only decide whether you want to go ahead with Unishire group or not.
    Their completed project is “The Ledge” at Jakkur. Do visit it and meet the residents.
    I will not say it is a completely bad project, because it has many positives. But many things are negative as well and builder is yet to finish many many items.
    The biggest issue the residents at Ledge have is the land issue. A big chunk of land has been taken away by the adjacent builder and that has caused a lot of issue.

  12. In the agreement, they have mentioned the project completion date as three years from commencment date certificate issues by BBMP. And they still not have commencement certificate. As per search on internet , it may be a while when they will get it.

    So if they take more time then stipulated. Are we legally entitled for any compensation.

  13. Please be very cautious in your dealings with Unishire. I’m an owner in one of their properties. Their executives sweet talk you till the time they get money. After that, they never bother to answer your calls or reply to emails. They are very rude and act very busy when you go to their office and demand anwers. I dont know how many have experienced this but their sales executives call only when they need money and make indirect threats to take action against you even if the payment is delayed by a day or two.
    While I personally dont have any complaints on the quality of construction, I may suggest that you please visit their properties Ledge and Panamera before investing your money with them. Please speak also to existing owners to understand their experience with Unishire. I know of a situation in one of blocks of Panamera / Ledge where Unishire made arbitrary changes to the plan badly affecting the overall design

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