Apr 042013

Prestige Group is out with yet another pre-launch, this time its ‘Prestige Augusta Golf Village’ located at Hennur – Horamavu Cross. The project spanning about 104 acres will offer 460 villas and twin houses. Expected completion of the project is 3.5 years from official launch.


Prestige Augusta Golf Village

Prestige Augusta Golf Village Options

  • 3 BHK twin homes
  • 4 BHK

3 Villa types

  • Alden : 4,300 sft SBA with a Plot Area 4000
  • Bristol : 3,544 sft SBA with a Plot Area 3000
  • Carden : 2400 sft SBA with a Plot area 1800



Augusta Golf Village - Layout Plan

Prestige Augusta Golf Village Location

Hennur – Horamavu Cross

Prestige Augusta Golf Village Location

Key Distances

  • ITPL – 13 km
  • M G Road – 18 km
  • KR Puram Bridge – 13 km

Prestige Augusta Golf Village Price

As of April 5th 2013, the price is estimated to be in the range of 5500 to 6000/- per sft.

Prestige Augusta Golf Village Concerns

Concerns raised by users include

  • High tension wires cutting through the property, though a majority of it runs across the golf course a few villas would be affected. (Reference projects with similar HT wires are 10 Downing villas, Whitefield and Pashmina Waterfront Apartments, Old Madras Road)
  • Remote location with not many developments in the surrounding. Considering that the distance from ORR is about 7 km, developments should pick up. (Prestige had earlier launched Prestige Glenwood projects which was also at a remote location)

Take the poll – Is Prestige Augusta Golf Village a good investment?

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  1. Hello Manjushree Madam,

    How is this project interms of investment ??

    Pl let me know your thoughts – it is near Peripheral RING ROAD. Local Land Sqft is Rs 3000/- to Rs. 3500/- per sqft. (ASHA TOWNSHIP, Phase I & II)

    Is there any value ??

    Pl advices

  2. How far is the peripheral ring road from this project ?
    Pl let me know ! so that i can make an investment.


  3. What is the current rate for a Calden Villa?

  4. I am new to this forum. Recently bought villa in this project. The biggest advantage of this project, I feel, is more than 80% open space with golf course. I am very happy with the deal. Bought Bistol type villa for Rs 8100 /sqft.

    • Dear Naveen

      welcome . i am sure this development will be one of the finest place to live . Looks like you have purchased Golf Facing Villa . From the photos uploaded in the Website , looks like they are developing few Lakes ( Photo of Lake-1 has been uploaded) . Prestige have confirmed that the Walk Though will made available by next week . I am sure it will be interesting to watch

    • What is the resale price for East facing Alden (right on Golf Course)?

    • What is the current price of Bristol villa – resale or from the builder

  5. Hi,
    I am planning to take a villa at Golf village. What are the school options near to this? My kids are in new horizon public school, Indranagar. I am worried about the distance to Indranagar from this place. Any suggestions on this?


  6. I recently bought north facing Bristol type villa in a resale for Rs 8000 /sqft. I felt this project is very good in terms of size of project and huge open space, with its own golf course :)

    • All,
      I am looking to book Carden villa…per builder the only available ones are in the back i.e 377, 402 403 etc…please advise if these villa location have any issues…what is proximity of high tension wires from these villas?..any other concerns?.I have not been to the location…would appreciate your inputs…

      thank you

      • Hi Sanket – pl call me on 99011 31240.


      • 377 is south facing whereas the other 2 might have some kind of compound wall or net facing. what is the price quoted by builder?

        • hello all
          Are there any carden plans still available. Builder was quoting 7000/sq ft for the few plots towards the end few weeks back.
          These plots face a compound


    • Hi – lookig to sell my Carden 3-BR villa. Its much closer to the clubhouse and away from the HT cables.

      99011 31240

  7. Is there a dump adjacent to this project ?. I am interested in this project and I looked @ Google maps . There looks to be some dumpyard adjacent to this . Where I am looking at in Google maps :- search for sri siddhi sai concrete blocks , Channasandra . Take the kada agrahara main rd , in front of the same ,In the map you will see New BharathJyothi layout Road ,, The whole big propert on the right is PGV .You will see the site office in the map . The road in front of the site office ends just after the project . Look at the greyish content there spread across multiple fields , That is normally a dumping yard . Can somebody confirm what is that ? This is based on my past experience , I was about to buy a big villa from a reputed builder in kasavanalli area when Google maps helped me a lot and finally figured out through maps , it was surrounded by dumpyards .

    People who have visited that site , pls comment ?

    • Anil,
      did you speak with any sale executive ? what is the price quoted now ?

    • Its Mandur Dump Yard, its no where nearer to this project

    • Most of the Prestige projects are next to sewers or dumpyard, I think they get the lands for cheaper that way.. .I dont understand why they do this.
      Prestige in Kempapura & the one coming up near rajarajeshwari nagar are next to open sewers and they quote crores for it.
      Are we all getting fooled by these real estate people. Is not the prices unnecessarily hiked ?
      Its not just maintaining status we need to even spend our hard earned money rightly and help our nation by not helping these realesters hike prices by their whims and fancies

  8. I believe Total Environment has done a soft launch of their 100 acre project about 1 KM before PAGV. This would mean this area will get a big boost with such high end projects and will be sought after. My biggest concern was that as of now, this is in the middle of nowhere.

  9. Hi,

    Iam new to this forum. I have picked a type Carden@ 7000/- per sft. Really liked the project and the kind of development is planned in near future.
    Very happy with the overall planning. Prestige Guys told they have limited no of villas available, I am sure this is going to be one of the most sort out project.

    • I have booked a Carden Villa in this project yesterday for 7000 INR/sqft.


    • hi,

      i agree with your views as this kind of project has never been created. 100+ acres of land with only 460 villas and 9 hole golf course. Everyone would like to be associated with Golf but membership in clubs in Bangalore is big challenge rather impossible.

      Its affordable to buy a villa at 1.68 Cr and get whole of 100+ acres of land as part of the community.

      Happy to share my feeling, like many to add on as neighbours



      • isn’t it a commercial golf course (i.e. anyone can pay and become member)?
        land is anyway with builder, Right?
        most of the builders keep even club house with them now-a-days.
        Have seen ads for club house of prestige ozone near Marthahalli last year asking people to pay membership fee and join

        • As per the agreements, Golf course and club house will be owned by owners association (once formed). If association wants to open the golf course to public (to raise money for maintenance) it can do so.

        • Hi , i have bought Bristol villa exactly one year back ( during the Pre-launch) . As per the sale agreement ( that i have executed) , the ownership of the Golf Course shall be transferred in the name of the association subject to payment of registration fee/charges by the association/villa owners . Very trustworthy developer . Better all owners should ensure transfer of the tile ( golf course ) before the land prices go-up , which will have an impact on the registration fee . I suggest someone to take a lead to educate owners on this

          • Prestige will own and run the golf course + club house. Owner’s association will not be able to take it on in one year. This is usual practise. Infact both the golf course and club house will be open to outsiders. I wonder as owners what privacy we wil be left with. It will be fairly commercial.

            • Opening golf course to outsiders or not, depends on if owners want to take up full maintenance cost or raise money for maintenance. After first year, prestige is out of picture and its the decision of owners association.

              • Read the agreement.It clearly says club house is free membership for owners but use ‘on availability basis’ – i clarified this point with prestige and they said, it will be open to public – prestige will own the club house. Golf course is separate from club house.As regards the golf course owners have one year to take it on or else it will be run by prestige appointed company. so be aware that club house is def owned by prestige and golf course will also go to them. ask prestige if u dont bel me!

                • Hello Amit ,

                  You seem to have got it wrong . Point no 7A clearly says that the ownership of glof course will be handed over to owners association. I also spoke to Niraj who is project sales manager and he confimrs that the golf course ownership will be transferred to owners association .

                  • Ok maybe I got it wrong about the golf course but why are you not writing about the golf club??they are two different things….

  10. Dear All

    I have just purchased a property at Augusta, can anyone share the google or anyother group for owners interactions, please


  11. Dear Readers,

    I am happy to announce that FinanceBuddha a leading financial product distribution company in Bangalore is offering an exclusive deal to you not available in the market for this project.

    Special offer for Prestige Augusta Park customers, 10.25% fixed for 2 years from Citibank, with processing fee reimbursed to the customer from Finance Buddha. The rate is the best in the market, even lower than SBI. The project is now approved with Citibank.
    Interested customers can contact:- parth@financebuddha.com or call at +91-9886429660

    Date: 08-November-2013

    • Folks,

      My experience (+ some of my colleagues) with CITI bank is worst. Even i am a gold customer of citi.

      Home loan not recommended from Citibank. In case you wanted to switch to other bank, no bank will be ready to take over from Citi.


      • Hi,

        I would suggest you to go for LIC Housing finance because all MNC banks will have the same policy. i have a friend who has taken loan from LIC, they have given best services to him.

        Try LIC team

        good day


  12. Hi

    i have been told the rate is 6500 for Carden, is this a good investment at this rate?

    • If its north facing then its definitely good, since have seen people quoting upto 7000 in resale.


      • Hi,

        I agree with Prashant, some of the owners are quoting 8000 per sft since prestige has sold villas with golf course at Rs. 8500/-sft to 9000/-sft. This property has the potential to give investors good returns and owner a serene environment with lots of appreciation.

        Good Day


  13. we booked a Carden villa recently. Anyone knows what type of Games are available in this club house

    • Hi,

      As i have understood and seen the amenities listed in the Brochure, this will be one of the best club houses which prestige will be building at Augusta Golf Village. Once, i had been to Prestige Golfshire at Nandi Hills and the way prestige has built that club house and ambiance created by Prestige is amazing. To keep up the good work, prestige will make this place landmark.


  14. I have seen the area and indeed it is a desolate area devoid of any development. The question is whether this area and its surroundings would develop into a sought after locality after four to five years? And how much would be the appreciation of our investment? Development of an area lot depends on surroundings filled with residential buildings and commercial projects. Will it happen after five years next to Augusta Golf village? But one thing is sure about the project that since it is Prestige developers and thanks to their reputation and timely completion of all projects,it would be one of its kind project.

  15. Folks,

    I am interested in this project. How the construction linked payment plan by the builder by this project?

    Do we have to pay over 36 months? How much installment?

  16. Guys, I have booked a villa in Prestige Augusta Golf Village, I was wanting to bring in all villa owners on a platform, Hence created a Facebook group…This is a forum to connect the owners, share ideas, track progress & together make a better community.
    Consider this an Invite to all owners and potential buyers at the said venture…


    • Hi Sandeep,

      Congratulations on your purchase.

      What # did you booked and what price you got? I had booked a Carden in April.


    • hai
      whilst I have every confidence in prestige ability to deliver the project and their commitment , however I am disappointed to note their decision to drop bowling alley in their final brochure . I suggest , we all home owners write to them on an individual basis requesting reinstatement of such a wonderful sport .it is a wonderful family sport played by a group up to 10 person. This should happen now , as good bit of space is required in club house

      • Hello Syed/sandeep,

        I am Arun, currently living in Horamavu. I am considering this project (for living and not purely as an investment). However I have a few concerns. So asking these questions to people who have already booked:

        1) Regarding the High tension wire, how big a risk is that? Are there plans to divert the same OR is the provided buffer considered sufficient enough by you? It still goes over the golf course – any health risks, etc.?

        2) What about the approach roads, etc. As i understand this project falls in the green zone OR on the other side of the PRR road? So how good is the approach?

        3) Any practical ideas on the water table in this area as i guess getting water from the government will take ages.

        4) Finally any conservative estimates on the appreciation expected in ~5 years time.

        • 1. HT cable is not a concern. there is a buffer zone around it in which no construction will take place. I know someone in KEB and he siad there is no health risk. However putting such cable underground will increase the psqt by ten times, hence not a feasible option.
          2.Approach road is good.No problems there. 9 km to Frazer town.
          3. Water table is excellent here. 600ft.
          4. No idea about the appreciation.

  17. what isthe current rate at Prestige Augusta golf village for 2400 sqft villa?

  18. Are you dreaming? 50 percent of land goes for road and common amenities site which is owned by government or better word is developer need to give back to governement. In general in any villa project you only own the land which is registered in your name.

    Please come out of your dreams

    • Self working outside India since 1991 was not aware of the fact that roads and common areas within the gated development are owned by the government. Notwithstanding the same , assuming 250 nos are the twin villas of 1,800 square feet land size and Bristol and Alden are 100 nos each with 4,000 and 3,000 square feet land respectively , the total registered land area will be circa 1,150,000 square feet or say 26 acres ) . Assuming 60 and 40% is the ratio between saleable area and the land occupied by roads and common areas, the size of the land other than golf course may represents 43 acres. This means, the size of the golf course in circa 62 acres. I am sure the ownership of the golf course shall be held in joint names of all owners as an undivided share will not be registered in the name of the Govt.

      Simple calculation – (62 cares of golf course / 26 acres of the registered land in the name of the owners = 2.4 times or golf course represents alone 1.5 times of the registered land)

      The above are my personal opinion and may not represent the true numbers and facts. Just expressing my views.

      • Hello Syed,

        Your understanding about indian real estate market is not correct. Builders/Developers are not here for social service. They are here for making money and take their company to next level.

        First the concept of undivided land share is applicable only for apartment complex in which the same land (ground area) is shared by multiple owners. Hence, though you get SBA of X in some floor, you will have a ownership of land area (undivided land share) which is normally around 30 – 40% of your SBA.

        But when you buy Villa, you will get your own land share as only your house is going to come up on that land. Example: For Alden, you will get only 4000 SQFT land. You will not get ownership of any single sqft land more than this.

        What will happen to common (amenities) area including Golf Coarse?. It would be under the ownership of Prestige and they will have rights to use it for any common public and the revenue generated out of this Golf Coarse will surely go to Prestige and not the owners of the Villa or association. You will come to know about this at the time of signing agreement. In Bangalore, you can see many projects which comprise of commercial block (On the front side) + residential blocks (on the Back side). In all these projects, the flat owner’s UDS is calculated excluding the commercial area. The commercial area ownership and its revenue will go to builders packet.

        • Dear Nizam, Whitefeilder and VS – Thank you for providing information on the extent of the ownership in any gated community of the Villa (s) or apartment (s). Surely this forum offer abundant assistance for someone who is residing outside india for a long time

          The source of my comment on the Golf course was from my initial discussion with the Prestige at the time of booking. I understood from the discussions that the CARE of the golf course shall lie in the hands of the Owners association once the one year obligatory maintenance by Prestige expiries, thereafter the owners association will decide whether or not to extend the maintenance contact. I am not worried about the same, as my decision to buy a villa was purely on the ground of 460 villas in 105 acres ( Lot of open space and greenery )

          I have received any updated Brochure including specification from Prestige – After going though it , I am confident M/s Prestige are aiming for the Class A development which they are known for . I have 100% confident with Prestige

          The Perspective view of the golf course including the Aerial view is sign of the Class A development, which prestige is aiming for .

          • Syed,
            Can you plz share the latest brochure that has specification details. You can mail it to the owners (google) groups. If you are not a member yet, plz join.

    • Yes, you are correct, these norms apply to all project located in whichever they fall under. But it is a good fact that this gated community of 104 Acres will have only 460 owners with Golf Course and Dedicated club house. prestige will surely execute this in style and get good appreciation to the owners and themselves.


    • My understanding on the ownership of the golf course was correct . As per the sale agreement the ownership of the golf course shall be passed on to the owners association subject to payment.of registration fee . Prestige is simply great , they have fullfiled whatever they told me at purchase

  19. There is a gated community exactly opp. to this project which sells plots for Rs 1200/- I think it is wise to book some plots here rather than buying a villa in Prestige Augusta Golf. Anyway they have to open the Golf club for public membership otherwise maintenance is a nightmare.

    The gated community is called Shubh Yoga or something but I lost their contact number. I don’t know if they are BDA or something else :) but just saw their add and called them to get price info

    • Hi Mona,

      I know the project of which you mentioned. Though its opposite side of prestige, the land is neither dc converted nor BMRDA/BBMP approved , its green belt gramthana property.

      Just to caution , lot of GRAMTHANA property layouts have flourised in last 2-3 weeks to take advantange of prestige proximity. BEWARE

    • Selling price for any layout is dependent on the ratio between total land area and the saleable area .Plus the quality of the external infrastructure .i.e roads, club house , steet lighting so on influence the selling price . Most important factor for long term face value for any layout is the owners association . When it comes to Augusta golf village, a large acres of land have been set aside for golf course . The undivided share of the land is massive . 105 acres owned by 400 owners . Without adjutment for type of villa , land per owner is .26 acres , which equates to circa 11,550 square feet . Thus I have invested in type b villa

    • thanks mona, but Prestige projects are always valued much higher than any developers in Bangalore. i visited the shub yoga housing and found that there are 3 brother who own this entire land and divided them into layout and sold the same about 5 to 10 years back. there seems to be some differences coming up within the ownership. Therefore, i would certainly not take chance with my hard earned money and invest with some small time land developers. lot of my colleagues in the company has given positive feedback about augusta development that’s i have recommeded this to my cousin living in Delhi and others in USA.


    • i personally think , KANAKASHREE BYRATHI LAYOUT , LG LAKE DEW , FERNS MEADOWS and ASHA TOWNSHIP are far better option than shub yoga layout . anyway if any one wants to buy in green belt area then u have LG ROSE HERITAGE , which is a fantastic layout , which is close to 3000 acres of IT/BT/HARDWARE/ELECTRONIC AND AERO SEZ.

  20. I own a C type villa in this project….

    Owners group is created for this project.. please join ..


  21. I booked in 2nd week of April for a B type villa and have already paid the 20%. I picked one of the North facing houses quite far from the high tension wires. Booked at @6010 / sq ft.
    Overall I am optimistic on this project. The steady flow of visitors even during week days (visited mid afternoon on 2 working days and found people who were like genuine end users (wife and kids in tow)) and generally professional interactions with Prestige so far are good.
    Love the Mango orchard but I guess, most of it will be razed during construction. Let me know if you are an owner or considering to buy, i can share factors which i considered

    • @Vijay: I am an NRI and have not seen this location. But, I bought an A type villa, though my brother, during early pre-launch @ 5500/ sq.ft. This seems to be a good investment option. Any idea when the launch will be and did prestige got the approvals for bank loans? I haven’t spoken to them for last one month. Also, may I know what factors made you consider this venture.

      • Good that you got a price of 5500. The current pricing is 7000 for A type of villas. I did not go for A type purely because, rate of appreciation will be smaller. I am 50:50 on living there versus selling out and hence chose B type. Anyway congratulations. Prestige are very confident of having all approvals before end of August with a September start.

        Negatives: Many of the positives (listed below) is a bit of a “pipedream”. Hope Bangalore continues to grow and these projects are not having high percentage of investors feeding into “ponzi pyramid of speculators”. For example, Hebbal has close 1000 apartments in the 1.5 crore+ range which is clearly speculative buying and lots of sorry investors will show up in 3 years. Hope this is not one of those.

        Infrastructure development – Clearly, this area is not liveable today and cannot see it happening in next 24 months. So, we are all hoping enough “real buyers” show up leading to a thriving locality.

        Water – When there is severe scarcity for day to day use, how will they ever maintain a 70 acre+ golf course ?. It could go the Eagleton way leading to poor maintenance

        Positives: Potential for the location. I hear the railway underpass is approved and the road may get widened in next 3-4 years. Proximity to OM road, ORR, Airport is good.
        Prestige projects have been stacking up several good developments (Shantiniketan, St. John’s wood, Ozone, Oasis and the malls) and generally, proving themselves. Hence better than other builders
        So, bottomline, the biggest risks are: Prestige ability to deliver on the promise, development in the vicinity catching up. The million dollar question is, will the project shape up like Ozone in Whitefield (good project in a good area) or Eagleton (good idea, badly executed and stuck in an area with no development)

        • Greetings :I was led to believe that, the proposed Peripheral Ring Road (as approved by the cabinet during February 2013) shall pass through in close proximity (within one 1 kilometer) to the Augusta Golf Village. Any one has update on this.

        • Well I guess golfshire is a desert now..eagleton has many lakes and in a great shape all set to host big ticket events..golf shire seems to be a golf course without any grass left..such a sad state when a developer makes a golf course in a rain shadow region…

    • @Vijay, I booked in May far away from the wires at 6000psf but east facing. I am satisified with this investment and I am sure it will come up well . Only concern is time between pre-launch and actual launch…any thoughts?

      • As per my previous discussions with the sales team of Prestige they were indicating launch in the month of September . I am also optimistic that this investment will be good one .

      • I am not very concerned about delays, yet. The bookings have been robust and ideally Prestige should not have concerns in starting the project.
        With a congress Govt in place, Prestige should be cruising along with approvals. I heard they had obtained 3/4 of the 7/8 approvals which are needed

    • Hi People,

      I would have probably visited the ausgusta site 3/4 times and weighed the potential distances by reading in car.

      ORR – 8.2 km (horamavu)
      ITPL : 17 KM
      Airport : 23 km (suprise :) )

      Over all I am ok for this location as I have spent 3/4 years in horamavu/kammanahali/tc palya area and knows the potential.

      Seeing the future is north , this area will flourish.

      One more suggestion , any one having any idea how much would be the land price in 1 km radius from augusta location ?

      is it wise to buy land around in 850/900 rspsft ?

    • hi

      i went tp site yesterday to have a look

      looks good. few questions > is that area expected to become only villa area ? that is green belt area and prestige guys tell that they got BDA approval since its low rise and hasmajor green area left for golf course

      also has anyone seen agreement draft ? what are exit/resale clauses> what kind of appreciation one expect by the time its complete/ four years from now

      any internal modifications possible


  22. Is this project is near to the lands( 100 acres) brought by Total Environment Builders. any body has any idea as to when TOTAL will launch this project

    • No, that’s a different project , further to Prestige.

    • True . One of the agent had shown me the location of proposed total enviornment project . It is just 2 km before augusta golf village

    • I am also interested in the Total Environment project. Does anyone have any info. Their website has no mention of this project.

      • @Sam: I considered TE project as well but gave up due to:
        - TE is in no hurry to get approvals. The standard answer has been “we are in land acquisition mode” for over 6 months now
        - They have a better location
        - Their current plan is to finish by 2020. In this dynamic world, no body can vouch for a date which is so far away
        - It also appears like leveraging “land bank” to get funds so they can “get out of trouble” in existing projects which explains lack of plan etc

      • Hi, I came to know that total environment is acquiring land there from last 2-3 years but they are not successful in convincing and negotiating with the land owners and there are about 40 to 50 land parcels which belongs to several number of families. It does not seem to start in the near future.


    • Total is still acquiring the land. They plan to launch 2014 Dec – 2015 March. They are inviting investors at 2500-2600 / Sqft with a minimum commit of 4000 Sqft – Cash down of around 1cr. Now we have pre-pre-pre launch : )

    • total environment project , will be more than 100 acres.

  23. In one of BDA’s diagram, I see that peripheral ring road (incase if it becomes reality :) in future) is very close to this layout. Anyone has idea about this?

  24. I booked a 3BR unit last week. Decent project and golf facility is an USP not to mention double the share of undivided land size.

    Taking a 5-10 yr view that this area will see development and price will appreciate.

  25. High tension wires creates strong magnetic fields which affects our mind and body. High tension wires crossing over property is also not good as per Vastu.
    Think again before buying even if you plan to stay there.

    • With regards to power grid , prestige has left a sufficient buffer zone . golf faclility is an added advantage . Getting golf membership is very difficult . I brought bristol villa on the day of prelauch . Being a civil engineer worked over seas for almost 20 year .this project no doubt
      If built as intended .would be one of the best living place . As someone rightly said
      .un divided share of the golf course is much higher than the plot area of the villa.

  26. hi, may i know what approval is this project, like BDA or bbmp or gramathana.?

  27. What would be the best price for this project to go for? Any other projects to consider before taking decision on Augusta?

    • hey JK there are loads of options for you to choose from

    • Do you have a price option ? I guess their prelaunch rate is 5500-5700.

      • The least quote I got is 5500 for Bristol, north facing site. Anyone else got less than this quote?

        • Hi JK. Can you tell me from where you got the quote of Rs 5500 for Bristol ? They are quoting 6000 now.

          • That price was almost two weeks ago. Currently getting 6000 is good deal I think, given the high demand.

            • Almost all these constructions are joint developments. The landlord will have a share of 30 to 50% flats and the builders won’t sale 10 to 20% flats to get premium price at the end. On top of this, they have five years (till project completion) to sell the remaining flats. Hence, even if they can sell one flat also, they project it is super fast moving to increase the price. We all are falling those tricks.

              If we want to sell the same in future, we have to give huge discounts.

  28. I visited the site today. From outer ring road, it is little more than 7 KM. There is nothing in the vicinity except farm land. The sales guy quoted that already 80 bookings are done and the price has been increased from 5500 to 6000. He indicated that there are few slots for the 5750 price, but booking needs to be done by today.

    Not getting the confidence to go ahead for this location at 1.42 Cr, but this is an investor market and sure to get surprised in a week.

    • What exactly is the location ? I am not able to find Rampura lake mentioned in Prestige’s location map.

      • I also could not find the rampura lake, but if I look at the map, the the location is next to Marahondanahalli lake and most likely the last road name is Kada Agrahara Main Rd

    • it is very remote place. It is around more than 10 km from homavaru circle. Prestige is charging 6000/- per square feet which is too high for this remote location. We will have to wait for another 5-10 years to see development happening in this area.

    • I think you should go ahead! it is a very good project

  29. I visited this place. Access to the location is not good. Its remote place. Nothing is nearby

    • Things will change by the time it is complete. They will need 5 years to complete the project and will drive development around.

  30. Never get into the prelaunch offer..it takes 3.5 yrs in paper to complete the project..so in reality could lead to 5 + yrs if the real estate market is going to the good

    They are only collecting money and investing in another project..since builders do not have money its better to pre-launch as if there are mad rush among people to buy the villa. Collecting money from us and investing is interest free and we people pay the interest or EMI for this.

    The real estate market is going down as per the analysts. On top of this the market is going to be regulated soon so no body can do a prelaunch..

    Here is one article about the car parks that builders sell.. its good people are aware of all the
    fraud things being followed by the builder

    • We are continuously hearing that China’s real estate bubble is going to be bursted….. We may need to see another recession, if this happens.

    • people are buying like crazy during pre launch with investment in mind. I don’t understand who will they ultimately sell those to make profit, as there are so many apartments available. In 2 to 3 years time we will have loads and loads of flats vacant but no actual buyers.

      • i agree to the comments..There are close to 8 million flats vacat in india..Not sure when
        the bubble is going to burst. If people has got money then we can buy 1 and get free soon..
        really scared of real estate market.

        since it is election period..most of the black money invested in real estate will have to come out..so builders has started doing pre-launh just to collect the money from people.
        Eveyone would have noticed Nitesh estates now getting in plotted development..no cash ..so sell the plots..

    • bangalore north real estate market is good , it is untapped market , just wait for the launch , hennur road will c another 34 floor high end project.

  31. There is a high-tension wires passing through middle of property. I am not sure the implications but that is definitely a major weakness here.

  32. Is this a good investment, area wise?

    • Area wise this should be good but I think there is high tension line going across the project. Any idea from any folks in this forum?

  33. whats the price??

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