Oct 142011

Habitat Crest @ ITPL Road

If you are going through ITPL road I am sure you’d have come across  a new project under development right opposite to the Zuri Hotel. The boards and posters are out. Habitat Crest is neither a villa nor completely an apartment but termed as villament, offering the features of a villa and an apartment, much like an independent house of 3 floors but with dedicated garden space.

Habitat Crest is from Habitat Ventures who are also developing an apartment project opposite to Brigade Metropolis on Mahadevapura- ITPL Road

Habitat Crest Options

The project will offer about 150 villaments in 30 towers. 5 types of villaments with each villament offering a 600 sft to 1250 sft private garden. Each tower will have upto two duplexes and a pent house

  • Sizes range from 2850 sft to 3350 sft

Habitat Crest Location

Opposite Zuri Hotel, Hoody Village, ITPL Road

Habitat Crest Price

As of 2nd week of August 2014, price range 1.81 to 2.32 crores

Habitat Crest Concerns

  • Not many projects from this builder, project execution could be a concern
  • Share yours

Habitat Crest Investment Plus Points

  • Project location is decent, not many big projects in the immediate surrounding though except for Prestige Shantiniketan
  • With only 150 villaments the project is neither too large not too small and looks ideal
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  52 Responses to “Habitat Crest @ Whitefield”

  1. Phase-I is almost ready and we are allowed to get our vehicles to the basement. I see a drastic improvement in the overall finish. Probably they were waiting for the stilt in the common ameneties building to get cleared up. Still there is not much clarity on the time the common ameneties building will take.

    Any information on when the handover is going to being ? It was going to be end-of-Feb/begining-of-March.

    I think the whole project is coming up really well and with no one simliar project in the vicinity, this is attracting a descent appreciation. As I was one of the first few owners, I am glad with the appreciation.

    Thank You
    –Kirti Kunal

    • ya really a fantastic project but early completion of the common amenities is required so also the final finishing touch of the overall project
      DR V S HOSMATH. 5C

  2. I had visited the site and viewed the model villament. G-flr/penthouse flats get acess to their gardens. whereas 1/2nd flrs have to got to top flr to their gardens. 1.49 to 2 cr is the price range

  3. It has also no movement of vehicles on the surface as all the cars are parked underground. So kids can play around.

  4. Hi,

    While the location and the place is really good. Can anybody tell if the disturbance of the railway track will be an issue as i understand that about 150 mteres from Habitat Crest there is a railway track and in a matter of 30 minute we could hear around 3 trains honking.

    The reason why i am raising this is as the Villament is for a big family wher we have parents who are old. Will it cause a disturbance and what will be the issue in the night time beause of the regular honking

    Can anbody tell if you have researched on this point or inside the apartment you fill not feel the noise.

    The above is an important factor for me to decide to go ahead or not.


    • Hi VM,

      As you mentioned the distance of the track is more than 150m which is reasonably away and don’t think is an issue at all. Too be honest we even didn’t thought of this to be an issue in the first place. Don’t recall any of people whom I discussed before buying raised this as well.

      There are many projects in the area which are more closer to the tracks…

      • Thanks KJ.

        One more point to ask is regarding lower duplex landsacpe. Will it get covered by the upper duplex landscape or penthouse lanscape which will not allow sunlight to reach the lower duplex landscape (garden/lawn)


        • Hi VM,

          All the lower duplex with garden at back will have direct sunlight at some point of the day (morning/afternoon/evening) due to the orientation of the project. If you look at the directions, one side lower suplexes are east facing and other side are west facing. Middle ones aren’t a great choice in that regards.

          But anyways, as there are no towering aprtment buildings immediatly next to the either side of the project,all the garden areas should get sufficient day and sunlight both.

          On a seperate note, I believe there re only few lower duplexes left and habitat is going to revise price for those soon (may be 10 days or may be 2 months).

          Hope it helps.


    • note that train noise is a big menace for apartments facing the track in shantiniketan – here the distance is about 80mtrs.
      mornings have plenty of chennai trains, who, for gods-knows-what reason, hoot a lot in this area :)

      • I live in this area and train crosses very very very frequently

        • Hi,

          I am getting a mixed reponse on my query.

          Just wanted to know if all you are staying that area and still there is no concern on the hooting of the train…then it sounds ok.

          I am not from Bangalore and hence need your advice.

          • Hi VM,

            In my personal opinion it should be ok as 150 m is a lot of distance plus you will be inside your house so that will also reduce noise if any.

            Rest is your personal opinion and how big you think this issue is. I am not even sure how big whitefield station is, surely can’t be such big station that trains are honking all the time.

            It could definitely be an issue for someone who has an apartment faving tracks directly (as someone mentioned from PS) but otherwise should be ok.

            Others, who are actually living in the area can comment on the same, I am living bit away from thh area so can’t comment on the same.

          • Just look at the map in this post itself and you can see how close PS flats facing tracks are to the tracks and obviously has teh sound issue. In comparision Crest is far far away.

          • i guess the train track closeby shd not be much of an issue unless there is a gate/crossing or a station approaching nearby…there the train drivers are required to honk while crossing, so instead of a railway line one shd be more concerned of a level crossing or an approaching station nearby. the PSN folks hear the honk pretty frequently because of the approaching statlite goods terminal . also in bangalore its very diff to avoid railway tracks completely as many good projects are next to railway tracks. PSN / Sobha crysanthimum / sobha amesthys ,sobha machite sobha amber …mantri splendour etc etc

          • suggest some good property Mr GJR rather than lamenting on peoples’ issues

    • Hi,

      I am an owner there and I havent come across any disturbance due to railway traffic. I have spend quite a bit of time there including early morning and late night. But I wouldnt be able to comment on 12AM-5AM traffic

      –Kirti Kunal

  5. hi

    i have seen their website of this project , felt little congested with optimum utilization of space. Can anyone tell me whether this is worth investing in.
    whether taking up upper duplex will have resale value and the availability of sunlight as buildings are very near to each other
    heard water availability is not adequate
    more suggestions are welcome since i am not in bangalore

    • Hi viswanathan,

      That’s a very valid point. We have bought one here and this was one of the main points of dicussion/concern for us. As the duplexes are almost touching each other ther eis very little space for sunlight to come in from the sides.

      however, habitat people agreed to show us by covering windios with bad sheets to have an actual feel of daylight. Although, we didn’t manage dto do taht but tehre were other people who we checked have done that and thir was still sufficent day light as side windows are quite big mainly in the lobby. Its not an issue for other rooms as its 2 sides open on front and back so there is enough light there.

      Overall we liked the amenities and space being offered for a okish price and hence bought it.
      You can join yahoo group specifcally created for owners if you want more info.


      I ahve heard that most of the gf units and PH are sold and only middle duplexes are remaining and theya re going to rais price again in couple of months time.

      Hope this helps.


      • Hi KJ,

        Since you are already a part of the Habitat Crest Family, Any update on the maintenance cost per month. I heard it is 3to4Rs per sqft which come to INR 11000 to 13000 per month. Is this true, if yes no point is considering as an investment.


        • Hi VM,

          That’s true. That’s what they have quoted for now but its not confirmed. Reason mentioned by them are like there is a high number of lifts (one in each block) so 30 in total, maintainence of garden areas etc.

          However, none of these still justify such a high maintainence cost. We plan to take it up to Habitat soon as a group of already existing buyers and I am sure we can get it manged to around 2-2.5 persft which is more reasonable rate for maintainece.Chaithanya Samarpan which is a beautifully maintained society with big garden areas and parks and clubhoyse only charges around 2.25 /sft so I don’t see a reason why maintainence should be any more in Habitat Crest.

          All top societies in/arond the area do charge in the same range of 2-2.75 /sft.

          In terms of investment, I can’t comment as its an individual pespective. We have bought it for our own use not for investment. Although, prices since have already increased by 25-30% and I am sure by the time project completes which should be by end of 2013/early 2014 going by current construction pace which is very fast, price will definitely increase another 30% or more from these levels.

          Hope that helps.


      • hi kj,

        thanks for your valuable information.

  6. The project looks a good one but the price quoted for the lower duplex/Penthouse is too high compared to the area and the other competitors in the market and the same location.

    Would like the team of Habitiat to comment if there are negotiation on price an option or simply non-negoatiable.

    • Hi KJ,

      Can you elaborate which othe rbuilsers/competitors in the area are giving a duplex in the same rate and with same facilities and area?

      I have bought one here after doing quite a bit of reseach and yes since I booked ground floor duplex prices have increased as ground floor duplex is always in demand. prices of the middle floor duplexes are still around the launching price range.

      • What i meant is the price for a villa is costing around 3900 per square feet in that locality. The variation cannot be 800 Rupees as margin between a Lower and Upper Duplex

        The price is is for the area while you see a huge margin between a Lower Duplex and Upper Duplex which i see as a concern.

        Awaiting updates from Habitat team on if prices are negotiable for Lower duplex with an option of a payment plan with suits Habitat to match the above price.

      • KJ,

        Can you please provide me your email id so that I can write you a separate email. I need some information from you regarding Habitat.



  7. Hi,

    Did anyone who bought the villament vet the documents before booking? I was given to understand legal document copies or scanned copies will be handed over only after the booking amount is paid. However, most builders of repute such as Prestige or Brigade typically share these documents so a buyer can vet these documents with their legal consultant before paying & booking the apartment. Can someone who has bought a villament share their experience on this?

    Vidhya Rao

    • Hi Vidhya,

      We have bought a villament in crest. Although, we were given the whole set of documents once we had deposited the intial booking amount we didn’t got it checked as many others in the group has already got it done. Kunal and few others who started this chat had got their checks done from lawyers I believe, they can shed more light on the same.


    • We did went to check this Habitat crest project, it seems nice but they are too adamant on giving legal papers, finally we checked the papers their only and asked them to produce few more relevant papers for which they asked to pay booking amount, We have canceled this project and are in talk with Nakshatra villas ACES Layout Brookefield also considering Vasvani Bella Vista Brookefield, they both are willing to give the legal papers without any token advance.. I still wonder why Habitat crest had so much of reservations….

      • Hi Sneha ,

        I am looking for new property in Bangalore. Could you please let me know what papers we should check/ you have checked before going for booking.
        Thanking you in advance.

        • Hi Rishi,
          My Brother is a Lawyer hence it was easy for me, I am not an expert however check for land titles present past etc thats most important, approvals from BBMP, BDA, BWSSB, BESCOM, and bank approval from strict bank like SBI, PNB ,BOB or HDFC, best is to engage an competent lawyer.

    • Is the ground floor or the penthouse, the better option? Which will have a higher resale value? Can somebody give their opinion?

  8. Dear Manoj,

    We have shared our Carpet Areas clearly in our offer sheet, from where you are sourcing the carpet areas in this blog. Once we have clearly communicated the carpet areas, where is the question of marketing gimmick. Further, we have provided our home buyers with the choice of measuring the carpet area to validate the same.

    Trust your fear / concern of marketing gimmick is laid to rest. When our communications are very clear, we are unsure about your intent. Please refrain from maligning,

    Habitat Ventures

  9. Hi Folks,

    I have got into agreement with the builder for a unit in Habitat Crest.
    I think my doubts w.r.t. ActivityZone(containing Tennis court etc) got sorted out. I am releived about that now.
    They shared a copy of the Sharing agreement which the builders have with the land owenrs. The sharing document mentions that the Owners appoint/nominate the developer to register a long term lease afreement in favour of the association of the residential component.
    This portion of land is in Valley/Drain zone and is being provided as an additional amenety area to the residential component.
    This is what I have to update.

    Please join yahoo group(HabitatCrest_BangaloreOwnerGroup@yahoogroups.com

    ) and share your details of units booked etc. This yahoo group is for owners/prospective-owners and wiould help discuss issues of common interest.


    • Finally, I booked one villament in the project. Just enetered into buyer agreement. Looking at the specifcations in the agreement I am quite hopeful that this project will turn out as I expect my dream home to be.

      Habitat has been quite fair in their dealings with me so far. So all looks ok for now.

      Really liked the layout and the unit plan. Lots of space and quite big size., excellent utilization of space and Carpet area of around 75 % (as promised) is not bad at all. I was just bit concerned about daylight in the villamnet as all the villamnets are next to each other but as Habitat has left big windows between villas to allow sunlight and air, i guess that should be ok.

      Clubhouse and faclities as promised if they come up wll really make this project a luxury project.

      I would imagine as this is the first big project Habitat ventures is doing in partnership with Pragnya funds they should be mindful of making this project as a showcase project for their future. If this come sup well than Habitat will surely gain a lot of plus points from it.

      Only concern is execution of the project as this is first big luxury project theya re doing and the quality. Fingers crossed they will live to what they have promised.


  10. Hi Vivek,

    My concern is project specific. Basically how undevided share is calculated and how they will ensure all the facilities they specified as part of the brochure is part of the plan.
    I found some discrepancy w.r.t. facility they claim will be developed but when I checked the plan, it isn’t part of it. Alongwith that a piece of land where a certain facility had to be developed isn’t part of the plan as well and hence excludes from the calculation of undevided share.
    The problem isn’t big here but needs to be sorted out. I am not sure how many are aware of this. Pressure needs to be mounted by multiple buyers then only builder will try correct such issues.

    Hence my advice to you would be, go through the plan papers(approved by competent authority) carefully and ensure everything is in place.


    Anyhow, my advice would be

    • Dear Kunal,

      Thank you for Booking in Habitat Crest and reposing your faith in us. We have sent the response to your specific concern. We will be happy to provide any further clarification in this regard. Our goal is give our home owners a home and community which you will cherish and we will be proud of.

      Warm Regards,

      Habitat Ventures

  11. I have started a yahoo group to bring together all buyers of this property.

    This will help us discuss issues of common concern.


  12. I have booked a villament unit in habitat crest.
    I have few concerns and if anyone else had booked or booking, I can share with them.

    Let me know if anyone else is making a booking

    • Hi Kunal,

      I haven’t booked in Crest but am looking to book an apartment in Aster. Can you share your comcerns with me ? Are they builder specific or projct specific. Your inputs will help me and other buyers as well.


  13. I had booked an apartment with the same developer in Kormangala about 2+ years back. However they did not gave me the apartment, probably because they found some other customer paying higher price. I called them numerous times, met them, called director; but nothing worked. Finally my booking was canceled. The only good thing was I did not lose any money & all my money was given back. Though I did not get the house promised by them.

    • Dear Gopal,
      We have no customer by Name ‘Gopal’ who had booked with us and where we returned the money. Since inception, we have cancelled a booking of only 1 customer, who is from Pondicherry, due to his inordinate delay in coming forward to enter into an agreement with us. Hence request you to refrain from spreading false information.

      Warm Regards,
      Habitat Ventures.

  14. Did anyone purchase any villament in this community? They are asking for Rs. 3950/sqft as the basic price. How does this compare with other such projects in the neighbourhood?

  15. It has also no movement of vehicles on the surface as all the cars are parked underground. So kids can play around.

  16. I had visited the site and viewed the model villament. G-flr/penthouse flats get acess to their gardens. whereas 1/2nd flrs have to got to top flr to their gardens. 1.49 to 2 cr is the price range

  17. Please share details of the project… looking forward to purchase a Villa .

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