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Pruksa Silvana

Pruksa Silvana is a gated community project off Budigere Road, close to Old Madras Road/NH4. The project in Bangalore is a first in India by Thai builder Pruksa. Pruksa Silvana consists of 321 villas and 80 row houses. Originally planned as 238 villas and 200 row houses, the higher demand for villas in comparison to the row houses made Pruksa to go ahead with a plan change. The project kicked off in October 2010, however the official launch date was on 14th May.

Note: I have invested in this project. Please go through the comments completely, my views may be biased, hence I only list concerns here. You can however get in touch on e-mail: me@harshasagar.com for any queries about Pruksa Silvana

Pruksa Silvana Owners Group: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/pruksa/ . To join please mention your Name, Villa / Row House number & Contact Number

Update 9th May 2012:

  • Phase 2 villas (corner & park facing) are now open for booking, basic cost of villas 79 lacs.
  • Road from Whitefield Road – Old Madras road to Pruksa Silvana is now asphalted
  • Club House work 60% complete
  • STP work 90% complete
  • Few villas have been handed over, interior works are in progress
  • Community water tank completed and functional

Pruksa Silvana Options

  • Row Houses – 3 BHK,  1232 sft, 1242 sft and 1249 sft
  • Villas – 3 BHK + Study, 1632 sft

The first phase of the project has seen good response with over 50 villas being booked before the official launch date.

Pruksa Silvana Master Plan

Revised Master Plan (Jan 28th 2012)

Pruksa Silvana Location Map

Pruksa Silvana Concerns

There have been some common concerns with the project, some of them have been addressed by Pruksa India

  • The approach road leading to the project which is about 800 metres from the Budigere road runs through an industrial hub, this has been cleaned up and is planned to be tarred
  • Villas do not have balconies
  • Solar provisioning not provided in the initial design – addressed
  • Model villa lacked sunshades – addressed
  • Customizing changes not allowed – apart from small changes such as electrical changes other changes are not entertained, although this is primarily because Pruksa would like to stick to its committed delivery plans

With Prestige Estates launching Prestige Tranquility right next to Pruksa Silvana, Budigere road now a barren industrial stretch could see positive developments

Pruksa Silvana Price

Row houses are priced at 42 lacs/- and villas at 64 lacs/-. For more details check link : Pruksa Silvana

However we can see some posters where Pruksa is offering pre-revision prices for a limited period. As of 1st week of August there is 1.5 lacs discount on the base price for the Villas.

Revised Price Sheets – Jan 28th 2012


NEW COST SHEET Villa (Normal)

Take the Poll – Is Pruksa Silvana a good investment?

What do you think is a better choice?

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  1. I am interested in this property. But concerned about the Schools in the area. My kid is already studying CBSE 2nd std and i might want to stick to CBSE if i move to this area

    What is the nearest and good CBSE school ? I hear Chrysalis high is in 10 km range. how about schools like Deens ?

  2. Please let me know the current price/availability of row houses in Puruksha Silvana….


  3. I am interested in buying a villa around Whitefiled Road. Please let me know if this is a good option.
    Have people already occupied the villas or row houses? Is there any water problem?
    On google maps, I see that this project is very close to “Mandur Garbage Dumping Yard”. Isnt this a problem?

    • HI Rashmi,

      In case you are interested in the area, I have a 3BHK rowhouse for sale at GR Sunvillas. Please let me know if it is of interest. You can call me on nine six 20 three zero 432 four.


      • mohan – whats the size and expected price ?

        • Hi Annoy,

          Please call me at the given number for price. I am selling it at a slight discount to builder’s last sold rowhouse (all sold now).


          • I would be interested in the row house if the resale price is 60 lacs+reg. If you are interested, then let me know.

            • Hi Rajesh,

              Please read my earlier comments carefully. I have 3.5BHK rowhouse in GR Sunvillas and not in Pruksa.

              As far as price is concerned I am unsure about price in Pruksa but going by villa price (1.08 Cr + reg) 60 lacs for a rowhouse looks a pipe dream.


  4. They’re presently quoting 1.05 crores (87 lacs + VAT+Service Tax + Regn) for the 4 BHK Villas. They also mentioned that the row houses have been sold out. Looks like the row houses had much higher demand than the villas. Is anyone else considering to buy from Pruksa Silvana?

    • The reason row houses are sold is that they are only 80 in number. And with the prices going up in the last two years, row houses are the ones that are in the affordable range for many people.

  5. Hi,

    I recently booked a villa in Pruksa Silvana. Can somebody please tell me what is the VAT rule in karnataka. In the cost breakup Pruksa has approximated VAT as 14.5% of 70% of the Total Construction Cost(Base price-Land Cost). When I google for VAT in bangalore, everywhere it says it shoud be 4.5-5.5 % of the total cost…..

  6. My friend looking to buy EAST facing villa. Any one interested to sale…

    Please provide me email id

  7. Hi Harsha,
    Since you are also an investor in the project, I need some info about Pruksa silvana registration. Was the villa registered with land like individual plot??
    - Mukesh

  8. Can any one explain the Good and the Bad of Pruksa Silvana Villa, we are planning to book one.
    I heard the walls are made of compressed cement concreet, which is thin in size, how strong is it?
    is it really sound proof, or can hear the disturbing noise from neighbors

    • Hi,

      Pls. let me know the final base price for normal villa they offered to you.


    • Can any one explain the Good and the Bad of Pruksa Silvana Villa, we are planning to book one.
      I heard the walls are made of compressed cement concreet, which is thin in size, how strong is it? is it really sound proof, or can the neighbors hear the disturbing noise from neighbors Row house in Pruksa

      • you want to book villa or rowhouse? for
        villa it is independent so the sound is bound to your unit only.

        • How about in a row house as the wall will be shared with adjacent rooms. How soundproof it is in that case ? Considering the fact we have 4″ thick wall only on the both sides of the row house.

          Thanks for the info in advance,

  9. I am planning to sell my Row house in Pruksa, Corner site the row house without duct, Size -1249

    kindly contact me @ kshyamganesh@rediffmail.com

  10. Why is the price per sq ft of Pruska way higher (85lakhs/1632sq ft = 6037) than GR Sun villa (3660) and it is even higher than Habitat Crest villament per sq ft price…agreed the villas a affordable but for it comes with a lot of premium per st ft…why ? any comments.

    • my bad!! the per sq ft cost is 85lakhs/1632 = 5208…but still way higher compared to GR Sun Villa (3660) and Habitat (4150).

      • Because Pruksa is a Thailand builder,may be good Thai massage will be given to buyer with the villa/rowhouse. so is the more premium charged per sqft compared to indian builders massage treatment:)

      • The usable space in GR is not hugely more than that of Pruksa, You can see and compare. GR is somewhat because of balcony and terrace. So compare total price and not per sft rate.

        BTW – i have booked at GR so no bias here.


  11. Folks,

    Any idea – what is ongoing @ prukska ? From builder and resale?

  12. Planning to sell my ready to move in villa at Pruksa Silvana since I am moving out of station .. interested people can mail me at whiteravin@gmail.com …. Brokers please dont waste ur time .. looking for only genuine buyers

  13. I see potential in this area ( Budigere ). However, I am not sure if I should buy ( not for investment ) Pruksa or PT. I want decent living for my family with least hassle. Pls suggest

    • Pruksa is better than PT as PT has lot of bad odour due to the factories in the immediate vicinity.But,I feel Briagade Golden T is better than both the projects if it is launched on time.Personally I feel,a few kilometers down the line in Hoskote kadgoudi road is better with a premium of 400-500 Rs rather than Budigere.

      • Thank you Pk – appreciate it
        Not sure if I can wait for BGT to launch considering they have already closed registrations. I want to finalize something before Diwali.

  14. Has anyone started residing?

  15. Hi All,

    Iam intrested in Pruska Silvana. May I know latest Row house price.

    Thanks in Adv, Laxman

  16. We are also interested to buy a row house here. Is it true that a 24mtr wide public road will come inbetween the compound area?

    Please advice.

  17. Hello Harsha,

    Please let us know if any higway would go through Silvana and if so what all it would affect.

    Is it a safe investment?


  18. Pruksa June 2012 Newsletter is now available


    You can always check for the latest Newsletter at


  19. Hi Harsh,
    I am planning to buy a villa in PS , but worried about the highway going through the property…… And what is the cost of villa


    • Hi Parool,

      Highway issue already covered in this thread. Refer to older comments. Total Cost of Villa (including taxes + registration) is in the 85 lacs plus range (approximate). Haven’t checked the price recently.

      • Hi Harsh / Parool,

        The brochure for Pruksa says there shall be a 24m wide road. However currently they have only a 6m road either side and a small median and park in front of the houses. I dont see how a 24m road can be carved out of this without damaging the houses @ the main entry. Is pruksa risking this by assuming that the proposed Highway would not actually happen in reality !!!

        • It is a 12m road on each side of the median, but about 4m is currently covered by a small green area + some open space in front of each house on this main road. If and when the highway becomes a reality the the small green cover is what will be removed.

  20. i was wondering why the per sq feer price of pruksa silvana is so much more than GR sun villas? when there is a re sale will the ROI also be equivalent because frankly GR sun villas has better villas and better infrastructure as well? I agree pruksa silvan is a foriegn builder but then so what? is there any infrastructural superiority ? i asked the marketying guys myself and they dint seem to have too many reasons to give me .. so just wondering ..

    • GR Sun villas, Club House not to be owned by owners group rather only by GR. You would need to pay annual fees to use club house. This fees may be of the order of 50K. Also, owners need to pay maintenance as per pft rate. More than that GR will allow outsiders to use club house. So, actually GR is taking away club house and offering less price.

      • Has anyone booked villa/row house in pruksa recently? what is the current price? the area being so far from basic necessities (such as hospitals,shops,schools etc) will the place be really livable by the time of possession?

        • There are couple of schools nearby….
          New Baldwin International School
          Vibgyour high…just 4kms..coming soon at kadugodi
          Chrysalis high

        • Pruksa Silvana will not be livable for the next 3 months at least (looking at the current stage). I booked a Villa here in Dec 2010 and was promised possession by Dec 2011, but till date Pruksa has not got to a stage where it can be deemed livable. There is no BESCOM power yet to each Villa, the sewage treatment plant is not ready and there is a whole lot of construction going around which makes the place un-livable. My Villa has been registered as on Feb 29th but the keys have not been handed over to me till date and Pruksa says this is a separate event. Not sure which builder in Bangalore does this. From a growth perspective, you need to give this area at least another 3 years before it can fetch you returns, since a lot of projects around are coming up. In a year it has appreciated well, I had picked up a Villa for a base price of 57.5 lakhs and now the sale price is around 75 Lakhs.

  21. [...] Budigere Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch [...]

  22. I am planning to purchase row house in pruksa.
    i got a quote yesterday, prices are increased.
    Row house starting 47.5, villa starting at 74.18

  23. I am looking for a middle house in row house. can anyone please tell me exact price after including everythin

    • Revised cost sheets included. Check links in the price section above.

      • I know that of the owners are staying at Prussia now. How are the basic amenities like water,sewage, garbage, electricity and broadband(I donot know which provider is servicing that area)

  24. Hi Harsha,
    came to know that Pruksa has been using MIVAN technology for construction,
    Is MIVAN technology good for our Indian climate?
    is there any Pros & Cons of MIVAN technology?
    please reply……..

    • Hi Sarath,

      MIVAN is an advanced construction technology already in use in US, UK and Thailand. Pruksa has several projects in Bangkok where the weather conditions are comparable to those of Bangalore. In Bangalore I have heard that Salarpuria Greenage is also using MIVAN.

      From a customer perspective the advantage is actually faster completion of the project and delivery and increased carpet area due to thinner walls. A concern is actually the possibility of cracks appearing near walls and windows which is a known limitation of this technology, though these can be avoided by taking due care. Other concerns are the technology does not give you options for customization, electrical lines can implode and would require re-routing or a portion of wall to be completely broken down unless parallel lines are included.

      • I’ve purchased at Salarpuria Greenage and MIVAN is used for the project. The walls don’t need plastering and are surprisingly very smooth and even. Also the walls will not develop cracks since there is no plaster.

    • Hi,

      I am interested in booking a row house.

      If anyone has booked recently please provide your contact number.

      I have some doubts and would like to discuss.

      What is the current Price?


  25. Hi Harsha,
    I am planning to Buy Villa in PS. But going through this thread I got confused which mentions that PS 80 feet road is identified as state highway.
    can you please share your number, I would like to discuss.


  26. Hi Harsh, I am interested in row houses. I would like to know whether the prices are still same or their is an increment. Also please let me know the procedure to book as i am new to real estate. Please send your email address so that i can have a discussion with you regarding this.

    • HI Sonam, I am not sure when you checked the price of the row house, there hasn’t been any increment in the recent months. When did you last visit the project and what was the price quoted? You can write to “me@harshasagar.com” and I can help you out.

  27. Hi Everyone,

    I recently heard about the PS(Pruksa Silvana) when I enquired about Prestige Tranquility. I very much liked the place until I heard about the State Highway going through the heart of the project. But still I have a strong feeling in investing in the project. Since many of you have already invested in PS, could you please suggest or advice if I need to go ahead with my plan of investing ?

    Any suggestion is highly appreciated and would help me a lot.

    • If you go through the previous comments a lot has already been discussed about the SH. I don’t think the SH is going to be a reality any time soon, the PRR/ITRR and STRR have not progressed over the last many years even after announcements and land notification, these will be taken up on a higher priority when compared to this SH.

    • Hi Harsha,

      I am planning to book rowhouse on 80 feet road facing in pruksa silvana.Please let me know any issues.

      Any suggestion is highly appreciated and would help me a lot.

  28. What is the cuurent rate…They are saying 42L for Normal Middle Rowhouse and 64.5L for a Normal Villa.Hope Semi-Prime and Prime villas Costs More.


  29. pl get me details of the property

  30. What i think Villa should not be near by High rise buildings , what about ur privacy?….
    14-24 floors buildings so many windows and balconies is seeing you if one will go another one will come so you will feel very insecure(privacy point of view).
    yea it’s also there as per the construction of this project you will not construct 2-3-4 floor… and no balconies and no open roof….. uffffff,what a villa….

    • You know what it’s very good investment in comparison to traquinity any time, except the brand of prestige every other yardstick it’s better anyday

      • hi srini,
        i didn’t tell about investment point of view that is depend upon future, i just told what drawback i’m suspecting with this villas, it’s very valid because my one friend have a BDA site in kamanahalli , they were very happy till that time no high sky building near by but after that which openness they were feeling previously it suddenly ruined.. but such thing we can’t control.. and this thing we can assume from first day here because we know that 14-20 story building will come….
        sirni…. this things bad also and good also… bad i told….
        good because prestige is investing here that’s why we r thinking here at-least me and lot’s of people…. every one get to know this location by brigade Excotica and prestige Tranquility…

  31. Hello all, I have been to this area a few times recently. I am currently staying in Pai Layout, Old Maras Road and a prime reason for looking out is to have some “space” around us. Current area feels you sleep in the middle of a road (which we perhaps are).

    I have always had a weakness for villas so Silvana seems sorely tempting. But I am having below concerns wrt the plan:
    1. There is no privacy in the back-yard. You face into the other house.
    2. No closed utilty area. I either have to construct a closure in the backyard for my washing machine or move it inside the house to a bathroom.
    3. No balconies anywhere. Supposed to be a “European” design apparently. Not sure which part of Europe does not design balconies.

    Am I missing something (wrt the first 2 items)? How are you good folks who are going with Silvana planning to handle this? Your inputs would prove most helpful to me.

    Despite all these drawbacks tho, I am still seriously considering this against {restige Tranquility (PT). The TypeJ of PT appears to be the best plan where all my requirements seem to be getting met.

    I have one basic query for all those who have invested in either. As I mentioned earlier, I am looking for space and some good amenities, particularly parks and jogging tracks, within the gated area. In this respect, how does Silvana compare with PT? From their plans, the whole green area appears to be much lesser than PT. Any thoughts?


  32. I am planning to buy a villa in Pruksa Silvana. If anybody is interested in same then we can form a group and can ask for discounts. Pls mail me at kumarvikas2605@gmail.com or you can call me 9980406739.


  33. Hi Harsha,

    Since this 80ft raod issue has been discussed at length in the owner’s group, can you help us with what are the conclusions/actions from this discussion. What are the owners planning as a workaround/solution for this.


    • I think I conveyed most of what was discussed. The conclusion is gated communities are not recognized and HPA can always ask to open the roads for public access !

      • Gunjan,

        Agree with Harsha. If you do not want to take a chance then any gated community has an element of risk. That said, its business that will drive decisions. Authorities are benifitting from these gated communities as they are collecting good amount of tax but do not have to maintain them. Residents are collecting money and maintaining them.

        The only time authorities will like to gain access to a community is when they need it bad. In that case they will have to take responsibility as well and property prices on important roads always are higher. Yes a good residential place may start having business establishments at that time.

        If you have already bought at Pruksa, I feel you will benifit either way.

  34. Hi harsha,

    Have you heard anythin on Lotus Gardens @ bugigere–theres an ITRR passing right thru the layout. the guy says he will be getting a BMRDA approval withi 20-30 days. Would it be a good bet from an investment point of view…pls suggest

  35. Its interesting that in any layout if a road is more than 40 ft – its will be marked as highway!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quick question – There are 40 ft wide roads in signature tulip layout. Those are not marked as highway by any authority!!. If i go by convention as mentioned above, those road sud also marked highways. But they are not. Any reason ?

    • First point: where did we see the info about the Highway? In the Pruksa Silvana layout plan handed out by Pruksa themselves. Now neither of us have seen it on the HPA map… so unless I see it on the HPA map I would not be worried.Lets get the facts from HPA itself and then discuss. Other points to ponder is 1) whether all the other layouts execute a relinquishment deed for the common areas? 2) has HPA issued notifications for land acquisition? 3) The peripheral ring road was announced in 2005, the STRR / ITRR in 2007 and we have seen absolutely no progress.. even if there were to be state highway through this project I wonder when it would really materialize?

      • Hi Harsha, Balram,

        We did speak to the General Manager of Pruksa India and he said that this road was presesnt in the CDP, hence they had to leave the required space(80ft), else they would have left 60ft as well. It would be incorrect to say once Pruksa planned for the 80ft road, then the HPA made it as a road/highway. I believe since the builder was aware of this beforehand, they could have divided their entire property into two halves and could have 2 gates which could have kind of solved this issue.


  36. Hi Harsha,

    I feel that this project has received a good response because many people who have purchased the property here were not aware that there is a state highway going through the centre of this property. I did speak to some people and thay said Prukas had not conveyed this bit earlier(or if the people themselves did not do the necessary digging, am not sure). Coming up of this road would probably bring down the value of this property,as there would be issues wrt safety etc. We did meet senior folks from Pruksa at their marketing office and as of now they do not have any plans of buliding any road around the remaining 2 halves(they do not enough place to do this as well) which implies that this place would be open to public like any other mormal BDA house…We are currently paying a premium to buy this house because it is in a gated community, but I am afraid we may not get the desired returns later. If possible, can you mail me your no so that I could discuss this with you. Thanks a lot for the help.

    • Hi Gunjan,

      The issue regarding the 80 feet road and its extension has been extensively discussed in the owners group. One point to note is that the state highway was not an existing road, but after Pruksa formed the layout, being an 80 feet road HPA gave it the state highway status. The CDP too does not mention this road but mentions the STRR and ITRR which is not this road. The planning authority has to ensure that the roads are extendable and hence layouts coming in the neighborhood will be asked to extend this 80 feet road if possible, if you draw the 80 feet road as a straight line it cuts a portion of the GR Sun Villas, now look at the GR Sun Villas layout plan there is a mention of a 24 M proposed road, but its not in a straight line to the Pruksa road, so a possible extension is as marked in the map: Pruksa Silvana possible road extension (Image courtesy: Wikimapia & Google). I don’t think HPA is going to start notifying properties in the surrounding to extend this road.

      Also note that gated communities are not recognized you have this risk in any project.


      • Harsha,

        I disagree..

        1. Any 80 ft road inside a layout can not be given a name of state highway by any authority HPA just like that…

        2. This must be planned in bangalore/hoskote master plan for future and therefore, its marked like this.

        3. I verified both layour (sun villa n pruksa), this road has extended across the sun villa property also. Please refer master plan of sun villa n pruksa.

        • Roads greater than 40 feet wide are identified by the local planning authority… and I am sure this is because the roads and civic amenity sites have been relinquished by Pruksa and are handed over to HPA. Check the Map on the BMRDA website, State Highways are mentioned in Green Color and you see none between Bangalore East Taluk and Hoskote Taluk: Hoskote Local Planning Area Map

          Also the GR Sunvillas Layout Plan shows the road as marked in my previous post and its not a straight line extension of the Pruksa Silvana 80 feet road.

          • Hi Harsha,

            I’m planning to book a villa in GR Sun Villas but worried about proposed 80 feet road going through the property.

            Can you please share your contact details with me. I need to discuss with you.

            My email id is : vishi.bang@gmail.com

      • Hi Harsha,

        This road was notified to ensure better planning, looking at the current traffic congestion in bangalore. From your above marking, this road will continue close to New international Baldwin School.

  37. Hi,
    As of now , how many people are planning to move to the villas in Jan 2012. I think this number will bring a lot of difference.
    And also any customization was allowed?
    i feel the price per sqft seems to be higher for the amount area, they are offering?
    Does anyone know the land price in that area?

    • In a poll of 26 people about 17 had plans to move in. Customization allowed was mainly electrical, however there were some changes like adding a new window, modifying a wall which were accepted. Signature Dreams near Pruksa is quoting around 1500

      • Hi Harsha,
        thanks for the reply. I saw three different pricings.
        1. Villas – 55 lacs(in a forum), 59 lacs(in pruksa e-brochure) and 64 in their pamplets.
        2. Row house – 39 lacs(in pruksa e-brochure) and 42 in their pamplets.

        Did you notice this when you are buying?

        • 55 lacs is not correct. For a normal villa (not semi-prime or prime) 59 lacs was the initial price during the pre-launch – Dec 2010. 64 lacs is the price after the official launch in May. With the row houses there has been not much change, 39 lacs was the pre-launch price for the middle row house.

  38. Hi!

    I prefer prestige tranquaility instead of Pruksa silvana. Some of the reason

    1. Pruksa silvana (PS) total money outflow is immediate (nxt 4 months). While Prestige tranquality(PT) it will be over 3 years from now.

    2. In PS, you can not do any alternation. 3 inch wall 2,5 feet foundation.

    3. There is no balcony in PS villa.

    4. PS club house will not be a posh as PT.

    5. PS approach road is clustered by chicken feed factory n some other factories.

    Comments welcome

    • From an investment point of you I agree Prestige Tranquility is a better bet.
      The poll “Which project will give a better ROI over a 5 year period?” which compares Prestige Tranquility, GR Sun Villas and Pruksa Silvana too indicates this. Prestige could also have included some row houses and villas in this project, unfortunately its only apartments.
      Also Note:Prestige Tranquility post receives 10 times more traffic than the other posts, so reading the Poll results should consider this fact

      • I saw the PT design. They have more families per sqft than PS, I guess this is the new norm, now that land prices have soared. Builders will build taller apartments to accommodate more people per sq inch.
        Regarding the Clubhouse, again, one needs to compare how many would be using vs the size of hte CH.

    • There are Pros and Cons as I see and decision will strictly depend on ones need.

      1. Pruksa buyer can move in next 6-8 months and not suffer through Pre-EMIs for 4-5 years, while paying rent as well. But house payment is immediate so finaces are immediately needed.

      2. Both ways of construction technologies are proven. Per Sqft rate is a game that different builders play differently. Pruksa has per sq ft rate slightly higher but gives much more usable space in smaller sqft changed. Tranquility tells more sqft but usable carpet area wrt Pruksa is smaller. I think both are reasonably priced and good value for money

      3. One will be a Villa with huge Terrace and detached walls on all side. Other will have a world class Clubhouse and acess from a main Road.

      Main thing is that this is a very good upcoming area and currently reasonably priced. A good time to buy depending on ones needs.

  39. Harsha

    Which one give me a good return ROI ( 5 year horizon) Prestige tranquality or Pruksa?

    Any idea?


    • I would prefer a villa project, readers plz share your views.


      • I would agree, a villa project will give you better returns that appartments. Pruska villa project is very close to the Prestige traquility project. So in a way this will definietely help Pruska in terms of more development in that area. At this point of time it is far from being livable (practically)

        Only issue could be, this is the first project for Pruska and Prestige is a A category builder in Bangalore and hence a safer bet..

        Any thoughts?

      • Hi Harsha,

        i always looked at villas as the primary option from ROI. However, besides that, it also have better w.r.t privacy, balconies, terrances etc. reading all about Pruksa Rowhouses and Villas, would like your advice. Also, would really appreciate if this would be the right choice at present rates, that is, 42L for Rowhouse and 64L for a Villa.

        if you could share your phone# and preferred time, i would like to call you.

  40. Hi Harsha,
    I am also looking for a site for constructing house. I am not looking for investment.
    Why cant we think of buying sites nearby in signature tulips as a group and start construction of the house together.
    The advantage is, we can construct the house as per our design.
    I met the people who started construction in signature dreams. They are group of 3, bought together and start construction.


    • Hi Tojan,

      That is a good idea, the only catch is that you need to identify a group of people who are ready to construct, what percentage of people buying a site are actually considering of building, if at least 20% of the buyers are serious about constructing a house then it would be worth buying in that project.

      I completely agree that constructing a house would allow you to explore more design options and in fact will work out much cheaper. Why don’t you start a forum thread to identify people who are interested in buying and constructing in Signature Tulips…


  41. Harsha,

    What is this “24m wide proposed highway” inside Pruska silvana property? Any idea?


    • Since a road wider than 40 feet has to be recognized, the Hoskote Planning Authority has given the 80 feet road running through Pruksa Silvana the name SH 18 (State Highway status), whether or not the road gets extended on either ends is not known yet.

      • Harsha,

        Thanks for quick reply.

        I am bit confused – so this SH18 will add value to property or negative for this?

        Highway running thu property mean Gated community will be spoiled?

        What you think?


        • Hi Balram,

          Gated communities are not recognized (see link: Gated communities are illegal, says BDA chief ), all parks and civic amenity sites in any approved project are handed over to the local planning authority. Ideally they can be accessed by anyone, but in most cases this does not happen. The probability that a road will be thrown open to public access depends on what development happens surrounding the layout, mostly if there is a layout coming right behind Pruksa then they might be asked to extend the 80 feet road, but that too depends on the size of development. Since this is true for any gated community you should not be too worried about it.


          • Hi Harsha,

            Since this highway is already planned, chances that it will open for public sooner or later. Incase it opens, what is the kind of impact it will have on the property(positive/negative)…


            • Hi Harsha ,

              If this is the case SH-18 road is going to come in between the Pruksa silvana, then we can buy a separate land and construct a dream house …. , which will cost less the amount of the pruksa silvana …..


        • I see proposed 80 Ft Road as a good thing. I would love to have a property on Indranagar 80 Ft Road but can not afford it. When the city needs a Road like this, property value also go up significantly higher.

          For now, gated community will be important for safety security and quality of living. A buyer should enjoy it as long as possible..Probably a few decades.

          When this area will need this road along with other main roads nearby, owners can enjoy the appreciation in property value and buy another gated community a little further :-)

  42. Hi Harsha,

    I have been debating about investement in Pruksa Vs a site at Rashi Splendour (located off NH 207)

    Based on your comments above about investing in a project which has only investors… What is your thought on Rashi project. I did see few villas (more than 2 :-) that have come up there).

    It will also be helpful if can get your detailed opinion (blog post) on Rashi. Getting an experts comments is always helpful in knowing the +ves / -ves of a project which a consumer might miss out on.

    What is your opinion on this layout.


    • Hi Roopali,

      Thank you for your comment, please note that my earlier comment was specific to the comparison between Pruksa and Signature Tulips (having seen both of them personally). Also having invested in Pruksa I would prefer to refrain from comparing it with other projects.

      I would also like to clarify that I am not a property expert, the content is for information only, but with a blog post covering the project it is easier to collect comments and feedback on a project and a poll would give a broad overview on whether everybody thinks a project is a worthy investment. I will try to cover Rashi Splendour for the very same reason in a post in next couple of weeks.

      Why not trigger a discussion in a forum? My blog post would then link it to the specific discussion.


  43. [...] Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.1 km) and Prestige Tranquility (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the [...]

  44. Harsha,

    Quick question –

    Which will give me a good return (ROI)

    Pruska Villa or Signature tulip site

    As you know both are almost in the same area.

    Any tips?


    • Hi Balram,

      I have invested in a Pruksa Silvana villa and should not answer your question, but then again since the comparison is with Signature Tulips, I would definitely recommend Pruksa Silvana, because I know for sure that out of 400 houses at least 50% of them will be occupied. With people moving in facilities will definitely come up, and a prospective buyer will be interested in such a community. Whereas the problem with Signature Tulips sites is that every buyer there is an investor, and you will probably see no development for years to come, example is Signature Dreams next to Pruksa. From last 2 years apart from 2 houses under construction I don’t see any progress.


      • Hi, Harsha
        I am planning to buy a villa/row house in Pruksa. Through this forum came to know that you also have invested in the same. Can you let me know the expected current price for a row house? Also whether it will be safe to start living there at this point of time.

  45. is pruksa silvana is good for investment.

    • Hi Anjali,

      Whether or not it is a good investment depends on a several factors such as location, price, facilities, connectivity, neighborhood and future prospects. You need to make an informed decision.

      For a general opinion you can look at the results of the poll hosted on this page, this should give you a good picture of how others view this project.

      Request other readers of this blog post to share their views.


  46. [...] Road already has big projects such as Brigade Exotica (3km), Pruksa Silvana (0.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (0.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch [...]

  47. [...] Road already has big projects such as Prestige Tranqulity (3km), Pruksa Silvana (3.5 km) and GR Sun Villas (3.5 km) being launched in the first half of 2011. However the stretch [...]

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